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Date Posted: 00:00:05 07/20/22 Wed
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter Six)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "After Practice 6"" on 23:55:10 07/19/22 Tue

"After Practice 6"

I can’t really explain what it was that felt so ‘naughty’ about taking my clothes off in front of Dallas the same way that I had taken them off in front of my other teammates a million times before without ever blinking an eye...but there was a different vibe to the whole act that I never really felt before. And I’ve always been gay...and I’ve always been in gym locker rooms with other super cute boys before. I mean, it’s not like I’ve never had a wandering eye when it came to watching them undress. But I think this was the first time that I ever contemplated the idea of having another boy stare back at me, you know? It made me a little more self conscious than usual.

Suddenly, I found myself blushing at the thought of him taking any extended peeks at me. Blushing even harder when it came to fighting the urge to peek back at him too. Because I really REALLY wanted to look! Oh GOD, did I want to perv all over him in the worst way! So, I guess that made things a little bit more cumbersome than I imagined it would. What can I say, there was this thinly laced frosting of lust added to the whole activity that I couldn’t ignore, even if I was struggling to be a ‘gentleman’ about it all. Hehehe! Dallas was too damn HOT to simply pretend that he wasn’t standing just a few feet away from me while barely wearing any clothes at all. It made it kind of hard for me to breathe, if I had to be honest.

I tried to secretly grab a few mental snapshots of his body whenever I thought he wasn’t looking. Those beautiful legs of his...his well sculpted buns...his abdominal muscles, gentle but still visible, blessed with a shallow navel that looked so cute that I couldn’t help but want to get down on my knees and make out with it. Hehehe! And a promising bulge in the front of his briefs that made me salivate at first glance. Jesus...I should have been over here changing next to him the whole time that he’s been a part of the team. What have I been missing out on???

As I put my team jersey on, I noticed Peter and Bruce walking past us to go out to the soccer field, and they definitely gave me and Dallas a ‘look’. I mean, it wasn’t anything too weird or judgemental, I don’t think...but it was a look, nonetheless. Something that said...this isn’t normal. You know?

I almost wish that I hadn’t noticed it. All we were doing was changing into our uniforms. It’s not like I had his back and shoulder pressed against the lockers as kissing him with full tongue while reaching my hand down the front of his pants...

...Not that I hadn’t thought about it...

So what was the big deal? Why even consider that something to pay any extra attention to?

I don’t know. But whatever imagined moment that I had swimming around in my head between me and my brand new crush seemed to be suddenly shattered by having them look at us like that. Even Joe walked by and turned his head to raise an eyebrow with a smirk. They didn’t say anything...they really didn’t throw any negativity our way at all. But I think I was beginning to understand what Dallas was talking about when he mentioned the hassle of even having to deal with the issue of him being gay at all. I felt it. It wasn’t hateful or cruel...but it was still there. It was an added pressure that I had never felt from them before...and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all. How can something that feels so normal and natural to me be treated as some kind of ‘oddity’ by the people who already know me and have been my friends for so long? It shouldn’t matter, should it? I don’t know. I’m asking for too much, I suppose. I mean...even I found myself intrigued by the fact that Dallas was openly gay when he first joined the team. So...am I any better? Will there ever be a day when two boys can admit to liking one another and have it be just another day? An attraction between two human beings who want to be together?

As much as it hurts to say it...I doubt that will ever be the case. Not in my lifetime. I’ll just have to grow up and deal with the added pressure all by myself. Because Dallas Nicolero is one of the greatest boyfriend catches of all time! And that’s saying a lot, considering that I’m only 14 years old. I’m not going to let a few awkward looks stop me from treasuring him with every beat of my panicked heart. That, I can be sure of.

“You ready?” Dallas asked, standing behind me with a big smile on his face. Oh GOD, I wish I could kiss him right now!!!

“Yeah. Totally.” I sighed.

The locker room was emptying out, and we were sure that Coach would be coming in to tell us to hurry up and get our butts out there to get moving soon. But, before I was able to close my locker and lock it up, Dallas softly brushed some of his brass blond hair out of his eyes, and he grinned at me. “Has anybody ever told you that you have an amazing ass?”

I gasped slightly. “Wait...what the…?”

“It’s true.” He whispered. “I’m impressed.”

“I thought you weren’t the pervy type, hehehe!”

“I lied. I’m totally the pervy type.” He said. “And even if I wasn’t before...you’d be the exception. I just didn’t expect your ass to be, like...that hot. That’s all. Christ, I had to gnash my teeth together to keep my tongue in my mouth.”

“Stop!” I giggled. I needed to detach my eyes from his flirtatious gaze before I found myself getting hard. NOT a good idea for soccer practice!

“Nice and round...”


“I could see myself grabbing two handfuls of that. I liked it. It’s super cute.”

“You’re so silly!” I blushed.

“Doesn’t make it any less true. Hehehe!” And once we had both locked up and were ready to go out to the field, he winked at me and said, “After you, playboy.” Making me laugh again as I was sure he was watching my ass the entire way outside. But I kinda liked that though. I even put a bit of an extra wiggle in my hips to show it off a bit more.

Damn...now I wish I had taken a closer look at his ass too while we were in there. Maybe later.

The coach lined us all up and set everything up for an afternoon scrimmage that kind of pushed us beyond what we usually go through during practice. I mean, it wasn’t so tough on us that we couldn’t keep up with the demands of the coach’s plays...but it felt a bit more taxing than our usual run through. I suppose our next game was going to be a big one, but I felt a sense of pride and honor just watching Dallas handle that ball with a level of expertise that was mesmerizing to watch. Hehehe, those sexy legs and quick feet could dribble that ball up and down the field with hardly and stress at all. And when the coach split us up into two teams, Dallas and I had to face off against one another. And I won’t lie...he was better than me. He really was. I nearly twisted both ankles on multiple occasions, just trying to keep him from faking me out. But he had some serious tricks up his sleeve! If I leaned right, he wet left. If I dodged left, he jerked right. And sometimes he could kick the ball up and bounce it on his knee to get past me and spin around to get control of it all over again in the blink of an eye. Fuckin’ showoff! Hahaha!

At one point, I just had enough, and I charged after him, wrapping my arms around those tender slender hips of his and tackled him to the ground, both of us laughing wildly as I pulled him down to the ground and tried to hold him still. “What the hell??? No fair!!!” He cackled, kicking his legs and trying to get away from me as I held him tight, and some of the players on my team got the ball and kicked it down to the other goal. “You suck for that!” He snickered.

“That’ll teach you to make a sucker out of me!” I said, and tickled his ribs as he laughed even harder and eventually rolled away from me.

The coach blew his whistle, and shouted, “Alright, alright! Let’s get back to business, fellas! Straighten up. We’ve got more plays to run before practice is over.” Then he he said, “Damn good hustle, Dallas. Make sure you bring that same energy to the game this weekend, you hear me?”

“Nothing less than my best, Coach!” He said. Then he turned around to offer me his hand to help me up.

I was on my feet, looking at Dallas, eye to eye...and I almost felt faint from the rush of infatuated lightning shooting through me in that moment. Especially when his sweet little dimples gave away another one of his hidden smiles. His bashful beauty was so alluring that it was difficult to reacquaint myself with the rest of the world once I got myself stuck in its radiant charm. It really did hurt to be so close to him, and still feel so far away. What a maddening conflict he created within me.

Once practice was over, we all went back to the locker room, and I noticed that the other boys were still sort of watching me as I went to go change clothes in front of Dallas again. I mean, I had moved my lock over there and put my clothes on that side of the room...so why wouldn’t I? Right? And, on the surface, I told myself that it didn’t matter and so I had no need to care. But...deep down...I could still feel that pressure bugging me. I can’t explain why. It just did. Whatever. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. It is what it is. There’s nothing else to be said about it.

Dallas and I smiled at each other for a moment before lifting our team jerseys up to change back into our street clothes. He has a really cute tummy, you know that? It makes me want to do more sit ups or something to get some adorable abs like the ones he has. I need to go on Youtube and find out how to be so sexy.

We didn’t say a word. Just smiled at one another. And then turned around to grab our clothes out of our lockers and put them on the bench. Everybody was playing around in the next row of lockers, so we were pretty much there all by ourselves. And when it came time for me to take my soccer shorts off, I looked back over my shoulder to see if he was watching. Hehehe, then I tilted my head back and lightly moaned out loud as I very slowly and seductively slid the back of my shorts down over the curve of my ass. “Unnnnggghhh….” I said with an exaggerated breath.

Dallas immediately began to snicker to himself over my brazen display. And when I bent over to take them off, one leg at a time, with my cloth covered bottom poking out for him to enjoy, he turned bright red and raised his hand to cover his face as he tried to fight off a flurry of giggles that he was sure he wouldn’t be able to control once he got started. “You are such a freak, Trey...” He said, shaking his head.

“Oh man...it’s so hard, trying to keep this beautiful, extra hot, piece of sexified boy ass under wraps all day. Whoooo…feels good to let it breathe for a while.”

“I’m not gonna let you break me.” He said.

“Will you grab it for me? Give it a little massage?”

“Trey...hehehe, dude, c’mon!”

“Go ahead. Touch it. It’s like a little foam pillow. Grab it. I know you want to.”

Dallas started cracking up, turning away from me and rushing to hurry up and get dressed himself before I tempted him into doing something that might get us both a bit more than the occasional sideways look from our teammates. He was so shy sometimes...and it made me tingle from head to toe. It really did.

Everybody left the locker room, and Dallas and I were outside...ready to go home. But I can’t say that I was really ready to leave him just yet. There was just something about being around him that brought a light to my life that I couldn’t generate on my own, you know? He felt like the missing piece of me. The one answer to every question that I’ve ever had about myself. How did he consume so much of my brain’s bandwith in such a short amount of time? And how was I ever able to function as a rational human being before he came into my life. I, hoestly, don’t know how I was able to experience a single moment of joy at all until I saw the reflection of it in those big, Bambi brown, eyes of his. He was special in a way that truly left me speechless...and I felt so lost when it came to trying to express that to him in a way that he might understand.

“So...do you think you can walk home with me, or…?” I asked, causing those deep dimples to show up once again as Dallas lowered his head and allowed those golden locks of his cascade forward to curtain his pretty face in the cutest way ever.

“I suppose I could make some time to do that, hehehe. Sure.” He said.

“Cool...” I whispered, and we started walking, side by side...both of us trying to find a way to start another conversation that didn’t feel strained or forced, now that we knew how we felt about one another. Not so easy. But fun to figure out though.

“You were playing dirty back there...tempting me with that hot ass of yours.” He giggled, leaning over to butt me with his shoulder.

“Just wait until you see it completely naked.” I teased.

“I’d LOVE to!”

“Hehehe, I’ll bet.” We kept walking, and I just couldn’t get over the utter grace of his profile. It gave me chills to think that I might be able to press my lips up against those soft cheeks and lips of his someday soon. You know...when I stop being so chicken about it all. “So...how does this work? You and me.”

“Work? What do you mean?” He asked.

“Being...you know...’together’.” I said. “Boyfriends and stuff.”

“Oh. Ummm...I don’t really know. Hehehe, I was kinda hoping that you would lead the way on this whole thing.”

“Me? I’ve never had a boyfriend before in my life.”

“Well, neither have I!” Dallas smirked.

“Yeah, but...you’re out of the closet or whatever. I figured that you would be a little more educated about this sort of thing.”

“You figured wrong. I’m just as lost as you are.” He said. “I mean, I’ve read stories online...but they kinda skip over this part of the process. They just get naked and start boning each other relentlessly until the story is over.” He laughed a bit, and then asked, “Do you wanna go somewhere and start boning each other, Trey?”

“YES!” I chuckled. “But...I don’t know. Maybe we should build up to that part for a little bit longer.”

Dallas smiled at me, blushing all over again. “I kinda like that idea.”

Thinking about it a bit more, I asked him, “Do you, maybe, wanna go out on a date some place? Like...a movie? Or go get some pizza or something?”

“Omigod, you’re so cute!” He said, squirming slightly from the idea. “I think...like...yeah. I’m down to go do something like that. I think it’ll be fun.”

“We can get a large pizza and some sodas. I know a really cool place a little bit South from here. You don’t mind taking the train or anything, do you?”

“No. Not at all.” He replied. “I’ll get all dressed up, and you can wear something that shows off how hot your bubbly ass is, and then we’ll totally make out at the end of the night. And then we’ll make plans for you to take me like the savage you are. Hehehe!”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” I laughed. “A date isn’t a date without me being a total savage, is it?”

We giggled about it for a bit, but there was a moment when Dallas looked me directly in the eyes...and I felt myself swooning from the intimacy of the contact. He said, “You’re the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me, Trey. Honestly...you’re like a fairy tale come true. Thanks for...you know...liking me.”

“You don’t have to thank me for liking you, Dallas...”

“I know. Maybe that came out wrong. I just...ugh! I’m trying to tell you that...you’re my dream boy. You really are. I can’t really put the words together the way that I want to...but I want you to know that you couldn’t be more perfect. I just appreciate being able to have you in my life.” He said. “Being gay, I kid of expected to spend a whole lot of my life alone. Being looked at as strange or different. I can’t say that I’ve ever been abused for it...but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a really lonely feeling sometimes. And you come along and just...you made it go away, Trey. I just wanted to thank you for being...well...you.” he giggled. “If that makes sense.”

What, exactly, am I supposed to say in response to that? “I get it.” Were the first words that came to mind. And I told him, “Don’’t worry. You’ll never be lonely again. Not if I have anything to say about it. I’d like to stick around...and keep you close. If you’ll have me.”

“Deal.” He replied, and he came in to hug me around the middle while I draped my arms over his shoulders. And, almost involuntarily, I let my lips deliver a lingering kiss on the side of Dallas’ sexy face! Hehehe! Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. We parted for a moment, that intense eye contact reconnecting us in a way that left both of us breathlessly giddy. “K...so...pizza? Maybe tomorrow?”

“I’ll check with my mom. But, yeah. I’d love that.” I said.

“M’kay...” He said, backing away from me. “I lov...err...I’ll see you. Later. Or not later, but tomorrow. I’ll just...whatever. K. Bye, Trey.”

Was he about to say ‘I love you’? Like, out loud??? Whoah! Should I say it back? Should I say it first? Wait...he’s walking away! Give me a second to think before...arrrgghhh! And he’s leaving! I missed the moment. My brain wasn’t working fast enough!

Maybe later. I can do things better when I have a plan in place. Shit...and now I need pizza and soda money! I’ll beg my mom for some cash...but I’m going to have to do it in a way that doesn’t involve me taking another boy out on a date for the first time. That should be...interesting. Yikes!

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