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Date Posted: 17:18:28 06/01/20 Mon
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 35)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Savage Moon: The New Breed 35"" on 17:07:50 06/01/20 Mon

"Savage Moon: The New Breed 35"

Thinking as fast I possibly could, I reached down to get the bathroom mat off of the floor. It was risky, but Isaac and I were both seriously out of options at this point.

"Listen...Isaac...I need you to break the bathroom window, and then fold up the mat at least twice so you can crawl out of it without having the shards of glass cut you if you can! Ok?" I whispered breathlessly.

"The window...it is so small..." He said, but I did my best to quiet him up immediately. Then again, knowing John Boy...he could probably hear every word we were speaking in that bathroom and mentally broadcasting it to Cyrus and the rest of my brethren without much effort at all. The only thing that made me think that I had a chance was the fact that I could clearly hear hi sneezing from the heavy dose of ammonia that I poured all over the floor. The scent was super strong for me, but it must have felt like a series of bee stings to his sinuses.

"Look, look...I know that it's risky, but once you break that window...the others are going to come running. I'm going to need you to wiggle your way out of that window as quickly as humanly possible! You understand?"

"I can still barely see..."

"FEEL your way over there and back towards the sound of my voice! Go! Do it now!" I said, just as John Boy's sneezes and wheezes were approaching the door. I hurried over and slammed my back against it, hoping to hold him off. "Can you feel the glass???"

Isaac climbed into the bathtub and reached around to see if he could find the window. "I can feel it, yes!" He answered. "Should I break it now?"

Just at that moment, I could feel John Boy's body slam HARD up against the other side of that bathroom door! I could hear the wood crack, and the surface caved in slightly from the impact. "Ungghh!!! No! Not yet!" I said. "Come back over here! To me!" Isaac hesitated, not understanding me...but I didn't really have any time to explain, as John Boy's claws were violently scratching on the other side of that door! "Come here! C'mon!!! By the door!!!"

Isaac began to feel his way around in the dark, reaching out for the sink to guide him. Then he stepped forward, and I felt him reach his hand out to touch my chest. "What do we do?" He asked.

"Listen, don't take this the wrong way, but....UNGGHHH!!!" I grunted as John Boy smashed his broad shoulder up against the door again, nearly knocking it off the hinges! I'm sure that he would have knocked it down by now, but the shampoo on the floor was hindering his ability to dig his claws into the floor with much force. Then again...I still had some of the ammonia and the shampoo on the soles of my sneakers, and it was difficult for me to hold my footing as well. I wouldn't be able to take more of this, so I had to speak quickly. "...Isaac...the others are going to peg you for being an easy catch. I'm betting on it."

"You're betting on WHAT???"

"Hear me out!" I said, and I could hear John Boy's ferocious growls as he tried to rip that door apart. "They're gonna come for me before they come for you. I'm almost sure of it."

"How do you know that?"

"I can..." I tried to regain my footing as the door behind me caved in a little bit more, the doorknob being knocked loose and falling down at my feet. John Boy's terrifyingly savage howls pouring into the empty bathroom to echo off of the walls, his heated breath blowing against the back of my neck. "...I can feel it, ok? I can feel it!"

"That doesn't put me at ease, Wesley..." He said.

At that moment, I felt some of the intense pressure being taken off of the door, and I stretched out my hearing to capture the sound of John Boy's clawed feet moving away from the door and further back into the room to get a running start and crash it in. I wouldn't be able to keep him back after that.

"Ok...on the count of three..." I said, "We're both going to move away from the door."

"NO!!!" He whispered aggressively! "We can hold him off!"

"No, we can't! TRUST me on this!" I said. "Go to the right when I say so! And when I tell you to RUN, you head back through the dark for that fucking window! You SMASH it! And you get the fuck out of here by using that bathroom mat to shield you from the shards of glass! HOLD ON TO THAT FUCKING KEY!!! Ok???"

"Where do I go???"

"You head for the shed on the side of the house! You climb up on top of that shed and you get to the roof of the cabin! Ok?"

"But, Wesley, I...!!!"

"COUNT OF THREE!!!" I snarled, just as I heard John Boy heading back towards the door as fast as his slippery feet could take him. "ONE...!"

"Wesley!!! I don't know what we are doing???"

"TWO!!!" I said. "Figure it out!!!"

And then, ust as John Boy's shoulder was about to hit the door with enough impact to knock us both down, I roughly shoved Isaac to the right and pressed is back up against the wall. "THREE!!!"

John Boy was expecting a great deal of resistance against that door, but was also planning to run right through us if necessary. However, but jumping out of the way of the door, he crashed through the door with hardly any resistance at all, and while using so much force to knock the door down, he overcompensated and came crashing into the bathroom with us while Isaac and I crowded each other over by the sink on the other side.

John Boy's body looked massive, even in pitch black darkness. A hairy ball of fire and fury. He practically 'fell' through the door as it was immediately broken to pieces. His feet were still a bit slippery as he fought to turn around and change direction, sensing us in the corner of the room instantly...so he kept sliding for a few feet until he fell backwards into the bathtub. His body ferociously spinning and lashing out to get a foothold again.

God, I hope this works!

It was only seconds before John Boy was back on his feet and charging in my direction. He was practically salivating over the thought of snking his teeth into me...and that's exactly what I was hoping for. I only had a split second to yell over at Isaac and say, "GO! NOW!!!! Go go go!!!"

Isaac couldn't see at all in the darkness, but he had an idea of where the window was after our split second practice run. So he hurried over and banged his shin against the edge of the bathtub, alerting John Boy to his presence, causing him to turn his head with an angry growl and SNAP at him as he tried to tear off a limb as he hurried past.

I did the only thing that I could do, and I gripped two handfuls of the fur on John Boy's neck and YANKED back as hard as I could. His head snapped around, and he quickly took a bite out of my arm, causing me to scream out in pain. But I kept holding on as I heard Isaac smash the bathroom window, and his feet kept slipping a bit as he tried to shimmy his way through the narrow exit as quickly as he could, shards of broken glass be damned.

The only reason that I was able to hold John Boy back for as long as I did, was because his senses were disoriented and his clawed paws were still slightly slippery enough to be dragged back across the slick tile of the bathroom floor. I struggled and I strained and...for a moment...I looked over at the bathroom mirror and saw a deep golden glow beginning to burn in my eyes as my strength increased and I pushed myself beyond my usual limits.

"Urrrghhhh....*GO*, Isaac! Get out of here!!!" I grunted. And as Jhn Boy felt me gaining the strength to actually hold him back, he lunged forward, causing my fingers to actually rip patches of hair out of him and fall on my ass as he attempted to bite down and grab a hold of Isaac's ankle and drag him back into the bathroom with us. Luckily, Isaac was fast enough to fall out of the window and land on his back on the ground outside.

That seemed to truly anger John Boy in a way that I had never seen before. Even in the pitch black darkness, I could see the glimmer of his bright silver contacts staring me down with a vengeance. I scrambled backwards, not knowing how much of the 'wolf' within me I'd be able to use to defend myself against his attack. But for now...running away seemed like the only good idea.,p>

I scooted back as swiftly as I could, coming out of the bathroom and trying to roll over the couch to put some room between us. My sense could never be as good as John Boy's were, but I could still hea him moving around. I could still hear his breathing. Come ON!!! How the fuck does this werewolf transformation thing work??? I used it before! Why not now? Grrrrr! Get mad! Get desperate! I don't know...I thought this would be easier. Maybe not so much when I'm under this kind of pressure.

All of a sudden, I heard screams coming from outside, and it sounded like Isaac was having a rought time getting to the roof like we planned. But John Boy didn't give me enough time to react. He was easily able to pounce on me from over the other side of the couch, and my back slid a full five feet before we came to a stop. But the ammonia on the floor was still a heavy stench in the air, and I rubbed my palms in it, holding it directly up to his nose while trying to keel him from biting into either one of my shoulders, or...god forbid...my neck!

John Boy howled for a moment, violently shaking his head in an attempt to get the pungent scent off of him, and I felt his claws dig deeply into my side, my shirt suddenly flooded with warm blood as he attempted to gut me right then and there. But his overwhelmed senses caused him to cough and shiver again, and in that split second moment of weakness...I rolled over to bang John Boy's head on the side of the coffee table and inflict enough of an injury that I was hoping would buy me a minute or two to at least get back up to my feet.

I had no idea whether I was going to make it out of this alive or not...but my survival instinct had kicked itself into full gear at this point. So if they take me out...it won't be an easy win. That I can guarantee.

I scrambled to another side of the room, still hearing Isaac shouting, but it sounded like he was higher up than he was before. Maybe he was just scared? I don't know. But if he was on top of the shed, that might keep him safe for at least a couple of seconds before...

...FUCK!!! John Boy!!!

I was just able to move out of the way as he lunged at me again. I could still barely see anything at all, but when I fell back against a nearby wall, I reached out and felt a heavy bookcase next to me. My fever began to burn as I used some of my added strength to knock the bookcase over, spilling it's contents onto the floor and quickly shuffling myself underneath it as the top stopped at the back of the couch.

I was crawling over books and candles and whatever other debris the owner of this cabin had on his shelf. And, with a bone chilling ROAR, John Boy jumped on top of the bookcase with me barely able to move underneath it. He clawed angrily at me, trying to reach me through the spaces in the shelves as I did my best to dodge his near lethal strikes at me.

I swiveled right, and then left...but John Boy's claws were so fast that they caught me anyway. Slicing through my flesh like it was warm butter. A few times he even went at my face, and at one point...I was scared that I had just lost a fucking EYE!!!

Hiding under the pathetic slant of this wooden bookcase was not going to protect me for much longer. So, even though I was almost certain that John Boy would be able to catch me with ease, I faked right for a second, and then rolled out on the left side. He growled in frustration as he saw me roll to my feet and head for the front door, but as he charged forward, I slamed the door shut to see if I could hold him still for another few seconds.

But, when I looked over my shoulder to see Cyrus and the others standing there, waiting on me, I knew that wasn't going to do me much good either.

So I let go of the door, just as John Boy came bursting through it, and I ran my ASS off to the other side of the house!

"WESLEY!!!" Isaac called out to me, and I saw that he was up on the roof of the cabin. So I dug my heels in and slid to a stop just in front of the shed next to the house. There was an old barrel next to it that I was quick to hop up on so I could get to the roof of the shed, and then hopefully reach the roof of the cabin as a whole.

But...the second I got a foothold and pulled myself up on top of the shed, I could hear the heavy breathing and Earth rattling stomps of Kriegar in full werewolf form moving towards me at top speed! His body frame was monstrous! All muscle! And as he dashed forward at top speed, I had to leap up as high as I possibly could to catch the roof of the cabin...just as Kriegar completely BLITZED his way through the fucking shed and knocked the whole thing over like he was tackling a football dummy! The noise of splintered wood and broken glass was so loud that it echoed throughout the woods for miles around. The only thing that saved me was Isaac, reaching down to give me a hand on the roof's slanted angle.

As he pulled me up, I found myself breathing so hard that I could barely regain my balance as we both traveled up to the roof and looked over to see the truck in the front yard...still too far away for us to reach it without getting dragged and devoured by the ravenous monsters attacking us.

"How are we supposed to get to the truck?" Isaac asked.

"SHHHH!!! They can hear you!" I said, frantically looking around to see what I could see. Kriegar was pacing, angrily, back and forth beneath us...and I could hear John Boy kicking open the front door beneath us. I spread out my arm in some kind of lame attempt to keep Isaac safe, but I doubte that it would do much good at this point.

"Always so difficult!" Cyrus said with a playful sneer. "You're not leaving me any choice here, Wesley! Trust me...there's one dog in our pack that you don't want me to take off the leash!"

As I looked over at Cyrus, I could see him holding on to an actual frayed rope that was tied around Dexter's neck. And Dex was practically spinning himself into a murderous frenzy just trying to get loose. I had never seen him so hungry, so vicious. He was turning around in circles, his eyes glowing a bright gold, and even Cyrus was having a bit of trouble holding him back.

Dex began to change right in front of my very eyes, his curly blond locks now covering his whole body as he adopted a new, animalistic, stance among his brethren, growling and drooling and spitting and glaring at me with the most evil and malicious look that I had ever seen from him. It was as if he didn't recognize me at all as anything other than the enemy. His chest was heaving, his teeth were gnashed together in a sinister growl...and I think I began to realize why all of the others feared Dexter most of all.

I didn't know what to expect from him BEFORE he had turned feral on us! How the fuck was I going to know what to expect now?

Cyrus saw the look on my face. He felt the fear in my heart. And with a gleeful nod...he let go of the rope.

With an insane SHRIEK, Dexter broke free and charged towards the cabin with a level of wild bloodlust that I had never seen before. Rabidly foaming at the mouth, he began to scratch and claw his way up the side of the building, tearing out splinters of wood along the way...scrambling up so fast that his own nails began to bleed from the strain! "You picked the wrong night to pull this shit, Wes!" Cyrus smirked. "It's a BAD moon for Dex tonight!"

Horrified, I tried to move to the other side of the cabin's roof, making sure to keep Isaac right there beside me. But just as Dex was reaching the roof, we both looked over the side to see both Shank and Razor lurking down below us, looking up with a snarl and circling around each other like a pair of twin sharks waiting for a meal of fresh meat.

The truck was still too far away for us to reach, and I was beginning to panic in the worst way. I tried to concentrate. Tried to FOCUS! But my body wouldn't transform. Maybe I was too scared to bring out my inner wolf. When I was in a union with my pack, and had full confidence in the dominant nature of Cyrus' leadership...changing was easier. But now, I was all alone. And I don't even know if changing into my wolf form would help me much anyway at this point.

Come on....there's got to be some kind of 'alpha' in me somewhere! Trying to get out!

CHANGE, dammit! CHANGE!!!

Before it's too late!


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