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Date Posted: 17:41:31 01/04/21 Mon
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 21)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Left Without Words 21"" on 17:32:58 01/04/21 Mon

"Left Without Words 21"

Deme peeked out from behind the curtain briefly as I quickly motioned for him to stay put and keep hiding until I could figure something out. Shit...who just 'pops over' to someone's house unannounced like this? Dangit!

"Sarah? Hello? Are you home?" Stephanie said, now getting closer to the bathroom door as I tried to hurry up and come up with some kind of a strategy. I didn't want her to pass by the open door of my room. I think Deme and I just sort of kicked off our shoes and tossed our clothes to the four winds in our mad dash to tangle our bodies up and start kissing so we could savor the moment for as long as we could. The last thing I wanted Stephanie to see was two pair of clothes on my bedroom carpet. That would be difficult for me to explain. Maybe not as difficult as Deme and I both standing together naked in this bathroom...but it's a close second.

Alright...ummm...ok...I might have to just...


I pressed my finger to my lips to remind Deme to remain silent, and then I tried to tighten the towel to cover as much of my lower body as I could manage. Geez, I thought this towel was bigger than this! Ah well, it's just going to have to do...

I opened the door and stepped out into the hallways before Stephanie was able to get by me. She suddenly jumped with a big of a squeak, startled first by the fact that I was even home. And then she squeaked again when she realized that there was only a single bath towel standing between my goodies and her wide eyed gaze. "Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh!" She said, putting a hand up and turning her head to the side to shield herself. "SHANE! What are you doing???"

"What am *I* doing??? This is MY house!" I said. "Stephanie...what are you doing here?"

"Sarah texted me and said she had a last minute school project to put together, and she wanted me to come help her out so she could finish it on time."

"How the hell did you get into our house?"

"She gave me a key..." Stephanie frowned. "WHY are you naked, Shane?"

"I was getting ready to hop in the shower until you came busting up in here like some kind of neighborhood burglar!"

"Well, where is Sarah?" She said, now raising her voice, and forcing herself to look away every time she caught herself looking down at my towel again.

"She went with my mom to the store to pick up the materials she needs from the art store. You'd know that if you took a few seconds to call somebody..."

"Don't yell at me!" She said.

"Well, go call her, then..."

"Go put some clothes on, perv!"

"I can't! My clothes...they're..." I thought for a second, and then I said, "They're in the dryer. Back of the kitchen, by the pantry...."

"I know where your laundry machines are...

"Well go GET them, then!"

"You can't tell me what to do! Go get your own clothes!" Dammit! Alright then...she wants to play games? We'll play games.

"Fine. Then you'll just going to have to see me naked. I'm putting my towel back on the bathroom rack."

"WHAT???" She gasped, and I pretended to drop the towel, letting it open up in the back as she shrieked and turned her back on me completely, still covering both eyes. "Omigosh!!! Eww eww eww!!!"

"Are you going to help me out or what? It's going to be awful hard to explain to Sarah why you were staring at her big brother naked. You're going to have to squeeze past me in this hallway to get to her room, you know? Not a whole lot of room. That's gonna be dick and balls all over your bare arm!"

"GOD, you're gross! STOP!" She pouted, and I let the towel flap around a bit more...lowering it a little bit until she couldn't stand it anymore. "Whatever. Just...keep your junk away from me!" She turned around to head towards the kitchen, and I was ready to toss Deme the towel and finish my mad dash to my room while giving him something to cover up with too. But...well, maybe I imagined it or something...but I could have sworn that I saw Stephanie secretly peek back around that corner to take a look when she though I wasn't looking. What the...? Get out of here! What is she doing?

I rushed in and threw the towel to Deme, and then hurried back to my room, bare assed, grabbing a few of Deme's clothes up in my arms and putting on a pair of my gym shorts from school. Where was Deme's shirt? Where did he put it? Is it tangled up in the sheets somewhere? Shit! I don't see it anywhere! Maybe under the bed?

"There's no clothes in the dryer, Shane! It's empty!" Stephanie called out. Damn, I was hoping to buy us a few more seconds. I noticed Deme poking his head out of the bathroom and I motioned for him to go back in as I just grabbed his pants and his underwear and got as close to the bathroom as I possibly could before quickly launching them all through the doorway and leaning up against the wall, attempting to look casual as Stephanie came back around the corner. "Why did you send me in there?"

"I thought my stuff was still in there. I don't know. Maybe my mom took my clothes out before she left or something. Sometimes she irons some of my stuff without me knowing. There wasn't like a basket in there or something...?"

"You still don't have a shirt on." She said.

"So? I'm not the one 'trespassing' here...or have you forgotten that?"

"Whatever. Just get out of the way and let me call Sarah. I'm not going back in there. Move!" She said. Not that I didn't notice her taking another little look at me as she walked by. What's got her acting all weird today? "You've got freckles on your shoulders..." She said But not in an insulting way. More like...she was just noticing them for the first time.

"Gee, thanks. I never would have known that without your deep insight."

"You suck, Shane." She grumbled.

"You suck."

"No, YOU SUCK!!!" And she went into Sarah's room, closing the door so she could make her call and talk in private.

I gave her a few seconds to get comfortable, and then I saw Deme peek out again once he noticed the quiet. I frantically beckoned for him to hurry out of there and to come to my room, and watched as we both finally got ourselves back to safety. Thank God. That was a little too close for comfort. We're super lucky that it was Stephanie and not Sarah. Sarah probably would have grilled me like some kind of old time TV detective before allowing me to get rid of her like that. I'd probably end up having to shove her in the hall closet with a pillowcase over her head before she left us alone.

I could hear Stephanie on the phone, even over Deme and I giggling like crazy from the thrill of getting caught. I smiled at my sweetheart, and reached out to straighten his t-shirt a bit, allowing my fingers to slowly crawl up under the fabric so they could feel the smooth and silky skin of his tender sides. Deme blushed slightly, but leaned forward to rub his nose back and forth against mine with a flirtatious grin...only to give me a sweet peck on the lips right afterward. You know how much of a sugar rush that boy gives me with his every touch. It nearly took my breath away, every time.

At that moment, I heard Stephanie's voice emerging from Sarah's room, and she was heading across the hall to mine. "Where did you say it was? Hold on, I'll ask him." She knocked on the door twice, but she was already opening it before I had a chance to react. "Shane? Sarah says that you have you have a package of the flat thumbtacks in your desk by the...by the...window..." She trailed off, her eyes widening as she saw Deme standing right next to me in the center of the room.

"Hello, 'Sarah's Friend'." He smiled, and I honestly thought she was going to melt into a puddle of infatuated love goo right in front of me. Sighhh...dammit.

"Omigod..." She said, a little squeal in the back of her throat. "Sarah! I'll call you back, ok?" And she, basically, hung up right in my sister's face. Geez! Can they at least try to control themselves when he's around? I mean...I get it. He's extremely hot. And it's not easy, having to look at him or speak to you without wanting to immediately jump his sexy bones and make out with him until your tongue hurts...but at least I put forth an effort when other people are around.

Then again...she's a girl. And he's a boy. Most people would probably see that as normal...so I guess she's never had to really hide it before.

"Hi...Dimitry..." Jesus. Her voice was actually trembling! Looking at her standing there, fidgeting wildly...her whole body was visibly shaking in is presence.

"It's good to see you again." Deme said, and I gave him a secret look to try to tell him not to indulge her any further in this madness. This was not a time to be using his addictively boyish charm.

"Have you been here this whole time? Hehehe, like...omigod. Why didn't you tell me?" She asked.

I swear, if that girl pees on my carpet like an excited puppy, she's getting a hard swap on the nose with a rolled up magazine!

"You sounded like you were on the phone to your friend. I didn't want to interrupt..."

"You could NEVER interrupt me! Only other people can interrupt me. You? You always have my undivided attention. Always. Whether you ask me for it or not, k?" She said. "So...what's been up?" Just then, Stephanie's phone rang again, and she almost ignored it, but it was Sarah again, so she was forced to answer. "What?!?! Huh? Ummm...you don't have to hurry. Shane is here. What's that?" Frustrated, Stephanie rolled her eyes a bit and said, "Yes...he's here too. No. Nothing! We're just talking, Sarah, that's all. Right now? Already. Ok. Alright, fine. Well, I'm here..." Stephanie sighed as she hung up the phone, and she said, "Sarah says she's turning the corner right now. She'll be here in a minute."

"Yay..." I said sarcastically, anxiously anticipating the moment when I could get a member of my little sister's brat pack out of the way so Deme and I could maybe find some other place to hang out instead. She's totally putting a dimmer on our sensual 'afterglow' right now.

She gave me a bit of a snarl, but cleared it up to smile at Deme again. "Do you think I can have a hug?"


"It's ok, Shane. I have unlimited hugs to give out." He grinned. He really was enjoying the extra attention, wasn't he? Big flirt! no wonder all of the girls overseas cried when he left town.

"Omigod, ok!!!" She said, moving forward almost fast enough to knock me over. She just wrapped her arms around Deme's waist and pressed the entire right side of her face up against his chest and inhaled deeply. "Wow...you smell good..." I waited, impatiently, for her to let the poor boy go so he could breathe again...but she held on for as long as she possibly could.

"You have enough 'hug' yet? Hehehe!" Deme giggled.

"Your accent is sooooo cute..." She sighed.

I'm giving her five seconds, and then I'm getting a crowbar and prying them apart. I mean, I know that Deme is just being sweet and all, but...get your hands off of my man! I'll hurt you if I have to! MINE!!!

Luckily, the car rode up the driveway, and before it even came to a complete stop, I could hear the passenger side door open and my mom's voice telling Sarah to slow down as she charged towards the house like a wild bull. I guess she felt like she had an investment of her own to protect. Sorry, girls...but you're both wrong. So you can waste all the breath you want, he's not swinging your way. Not this time. For once in my life...being gay is definitely working out in my favor.

I don't think I've ever heard Sarah move so fast, and even though Deme was getting a bit uncomfortable at this point, I have a feeling that Stephanie wanted to hold on long enough for Sarah hugging the cutest boy on Earth. Girls can be so conniving sometimes.

Sarah was like, "What are you doing? You said you were just talking!"

"We were just talking! But then Deme asked to give me a hug..."

"I told you that I was turning the corner!"

"Well, it took you too long!"

And while they were both standing there cackling like a couple of roosters before a cockfight, I noticed that Sarah's hands were empty. And that's when I hear my mom sort of struggling with two arms full of bags at the door. I was like, "Really, Sarah? Ugh...you two are ridiculous." I called out to my mom and told her that I was on my way to help her out with the materials, and Deme was quick to follow right behind me.

"Nooooo...don't go!" Both girls cried out. "Come back!"

"I have to help Mama with her bags. Hehehe! I can't be a bad guest." He said.

But Sarah was quick to say, "Let Stephanie go get it! She's a guest too!"

"Sarah! Omigod!" She gasped.

Deme and I just sort of shook our heads and went to the door, my mom had already dropped her house keys and one of the bags looked like it had ripped open a bit. Deme hurried past me, "Here, I can help. Which bag is heaviest? You want me to get this one?"

My mom was so grateful, smiling at him as she handed him one bag and me the other. "I do believe that you're one of the nicest boys that Shane has ever brought home. You know that? Thank you, Deme." She grinned, taking a breather before picking up her keys and closing the door.

With a sly grin, Deme raised an eyebrow at me and asked her, "So, our Shane brings home boys a lot, does he?"

My eyes sprung open and we both began to giggle at one another as I elbowed him in the arm to keep him from saying anything more. Then my mom started telling him, "Oh, all the time. When Shane was a little boy, he'd go outside...bring some random boy home. Walk down the alley? Bring another boy home. Go to the park? Walk home from school? He'd bring more boys home. He was probably the friendliest and most well known kid in the whole neighborhood. I don't really know how he even did it, to be honest."

"Mom..." I don't know, there's just something that embarrasses you about your mom between the ages of twelve to about sixteen. It's like...stop talking already.

"What?" She asked. "It's true. You were my popular little neighborhood superstar." She ruffled my hair as I shrugged away from her with a smile.

Deme said, "I would like, very much, to hear more about these boys that Shane is always bringing over to the house."

My mom was still a little out of breath, but she said, "Well, maybe in a little bit. I've got to wash up and get dinner started first. It's going to take me a little time to get everything together. But, you're more than welcome to stay for dinner with us tonight, if you like, Deme..."

My mom had barely finished her sentence before Sarah and Stephanie cam bursting out from around the corner like a couple of goddamn GOBLINS in a horror movie, squealing, "Yes!!! Stay for dinner, Deme! Please stay for dinner! That would be sick!"

I just kind of looked at them, frowned up a bit over the fact that I'm probably going to have to share a house with them for the rest of the evening.

Thankfully, Deme politely declined. "No, thank you, Mrs. Thompson. You are so amazing for asking me, but my Papa is making one of his specialties for dinner tonight. I can't miss it. So, good. Always one of my favorites."

"Really, now?" My mom asked. "What's he making?"

"He has a special recipe for Moussaka. Very filling. And he makes the beef and the lamb...ummm...'mixed'. And then onion and garlic, and red wine. So very delicious. Not even Papa Milo can make it better." He smiled.

"Oh. Well...I'm not preparing anything even close to being that fancy. Maybe we should all be going to your house instead."

Sarah was quick to say, "I'm cool with that!!!"

"She was kidding, 'Dirt Twerp'!" I said, hoping to shut her up.

"Perhaps not tonight, but Moussaka is very very tasty. I will be sure to bring you some next time." Deme smiled, and it was difficult for me to not just stare at him and swoon helplessly as if I had just discovered his stunning beauty for the first time all over again.

"Well, alright. We'll make a date out of it. Maybe your dad and the rest of us can make it a potluck dinner?"

Deme seemed a bit confused for a moment. He softly asked me, "What is 'potluck'?"

"Oh. It's when you and your dad make some stuff, and then we make some stuff, and then we all share together." I replied.

"Yes! Ok! This sounds great! We'll make plans!" Deme said, seemingly excited about the whole idea. "I'll cook something too. I will practice beforehand. Promise." Then Deme walked up to give my mom a hug, and she embraced him with so much love that I was almost starting to worry about her trying to steal my boyfriend's attention from me too. What the hell is WRONG with the females in this house??? "Next time we will dance some more too. My father has plenty of music."

"Sounds like fun, Deme. You take care. And thank you for all your help today." My mom said, just seconds before both Stephanie and Sarah came to wiggle their way between them for a hug of their own. I'd almost be envious of the affection being handed out so freely...but, as you already know...

...Hehehe, I got a LOT more than a hug from my Deme today! And I might be getting even more than that pretty soon. It all depends on when we can find another empty house to roll around in. They can't watch us all the time! And when they slip up...even for ten to fifteen minutes...

...We'll be waiting!



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