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Date Posted: 00:01:48 02/07/22 Mon
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter Eleven)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "GFD: Children Of Sunset 11"" on 23:57:03 02/06/22 Sun

"GFD: Children Of Sunset 11"

Can't lie and say that kissing Colby like this didn't have my whole world spinning around me. My blood was racing like a runaway fox, and I couldn't slow down or at least pace myself to keep from making a mess all in the front of my britches. It was rising up awful quick, and I was enjoying it too much to push his hand away. I started contemplating just letting it happen and hope that he did notice, but as I got more and more lightheaded, with Colby's tongue dancing in step with mine with an even greater grace than it was before...I knew that my reaction to exploding out of my tip was gonna be too much for me to even keep standing, much less hide the violent storm of shivers that was sure to take me over the edge when them pulses came knocking.

Should I warn him? Make up your mind, Deke! You ain't got a whole lot of time left to say something.

"Colby...?" I said, softly...ashamed of my situation, but trying to keep it from getting worse.

"Yeah? You ok?" He asked.

I could barely bring myself to look him in the eye. "I'm...I'm much better than ok. I just...I'm feeling a little bit on the wicked side right now. I wasn't sure what you might think about something like that, but...I've done taken a real liking to you and I didn't want to hit you with no surprises. If you get me?"

He seemed a little confused at first, but as he looked down and saw the front of me twitching while I tried to hold on to my squirts for dear life, I think he and I came to an understanding of what was happening down there.

I looked away from him again, wishing that I hadn't said something so rude. Momma always told me, 'If you feel awkward saying it in a church, you should feel awkward saying it anywhere.' I reckon she was right. I swear, if I could kick myself for ruining such a tender moment, I sure would. It's hard to get more stupid than that.

Lucky for me though, Colby just took a hold of my hand again, and he smiled. "It's alright, Deke. I've taken a liking to you too. You know that." He took a step closer, and moved his hand up to my wrist. "May I?"

"May you what?" I asked.

"Come here and see." He said, and he gently gave me another little tug to press my hand up against the hardness in front of him. I think it was pure instinct that caused me to snatch my hand away at first. Involuntary reaction, sure enough. But Colby looked me in the and whispered softly, "It's ok. Promise." And he held my wrist until my hand relaxed some, opening up so that I could reach out and press the flat of my palm against him. My ears was pounding as my heart beat sped up. Flexing so hard that it became a chore for me to get my breath right. Colby was even harder than I was from the feel of it, and yet soft and pliable at the same time. I ain't never touched another boy's parts like this before. I was almost scared to hurt him. Way too shy to give it a rub. But Colby just closed his eyes for a moment and let me feel him out for a moment.

At first, I just slid my palm down slowly, and then back up to the top of it again. It was warm. Sexy. And it jumped a little bit when I slid over it. It made me smile. Almost giggle out loud from how 'alive' it felt. It was then that Colby opened his eyes and looked down at his hardness and mine, both of us poking out like two angers on a coat rack. "Hehehe...well ain't we a fine pair?" I said, and he chuckled a bit himself.

He kissed me on the lips, and he said, "I like being paired up with the likes of you, Deacon Porter. Makes me feel special. Like one of the brightest stars in the night sky."

"I feel the same, Colby. Lord knows I do." I said, my voice trembling nervously. I can't say that I'm used to feeling like this, but actually trying to find the courage to say the words to another fella like me? That's a whole other level of crazy. I mean, I know it sounds like I'm being weird...but if I thought I could dress myself up and stand before God and the church to make Colby my bride to be right here and now, well...I don't think I'd have any misgivings about it. No sir. He makes me happy in a way that makes me wonder if any girl in town could ever have the same effect. Something about Colby's presence just lets me know that...this is where my heart is supposed to be. And where it's supposed to stay from now on.

Who am I to argue with a blessing like this? I just wish I could show him off to my daddy and my friends. One good look at him, and they'd have to understand why I'm so out of pace for him, right? They've got to see how beautiful he is, inside and out. I know he's a boy, but...how are they going to pretend that he ain't worth sharing a bed with? They can't deny it...can they?

He began to kiss me again, and I could feel his tongue back in my mouth again, getting me all riled up to the point where that blissful feeling started rising inside me again, and I had to break our lips apart before I passed the point of no return. "Hehehe...Colby..." I blushed.

"What? What's wrong?" He grinned.

"Go on, now. I'm getting ready to make milk all over the place if you keep on kissing me the way you do." We both giggled for a moment at the idea, but Colby lightly brushed his fingers through my hair and looked me straight in the face.

"Far be it from me to stop you." He said, and I wasn't quite sure how to respond to him over a comment like that...but when I felt him opening my pants up and leaning me back against the tree...now lowering himself down to his knees, I found myself quivering at the idea of what he had planned to do next. "You just let go whenever you feel you need to, ok?"

"I don't...I don't know what you mean..." I said, and then I felt him loosen my pants until the began to fall down to my knees, with me rushing to hold on to them as fast as I could. But Colby just kept grinning at me and tried to hold me still as he took them all the way down to my ankles, and left them there. I felt a little frightened, seeing as I ain't never been naked in front of somebody like this. not since I needed help with my bathing as a little boy. I was sooooo hard. I felt exposed, looking all around me as though the whole town could see me standing out in the wind like this. But as I looked down and felt his bare hand touch my tenders down below...holding them with all the care that you would use with a baby bird...I fought to simply let them good feelings run through me, trusting Colby to keep me safe. It felt good. Really good. And when he moved in to kiss the tip with his lips, followed by a slow circle around it with the wetness of his tongue...I felt my knees buckle and pressed my shoulders roughly against the bark of that tree to keep myself from falling over.

So, I reckon it's not just me that dreams about having him in my mouth like this. He, obviously, has been dreaming about it too. I thought, perhaps, that I was having some sort of a freaky delusion where such a thing was possible with another boy my age...and I held it all in for fear that anybody who caught me entertaining an idea like that would look at me with the kind of brutal shame that I seemed to be looking at myself with. Turns out, I ain't the only one.

Lord Bless...can I make Colby my wife? I don't ever want to be apart from him. Not ever again. Not if it feels this good.

OH MY!!!

Suddenly I felt this really warm sensation swallowing me down, almost all the way down to what few man hairs I had down there...and my eyes sprung open as wide as they could go as I saw Colby's soft lips slide me in...the wriggling of his tongue licking me on the underneath until I found myself wiggling my toes just to handle the sensation of it all. I felt chills on the inside. A weightlessness, like jumping out of a tree and falling to the ground below. But where that only lasted for a blink or two...this was like a continuous fall. Never-ending. Pulling and pushing and making me feel like I could fly.

It was too much. I didn't want it to stop, but as I stood up on my tiptoes and reached down to hold on to Colby's shoulders, gripping his shirt with both fists until I was worried that I'd tear it straight off of his backside if I wasn't careful. And then...after a moment of shifting from one foot to another, I told him, "Colby...back up. Turn me loose, now. I don't think I can hold it." But he kept going strong, and I got anxious and scared, as this decision to stop it wasn't mine to make any longer. "Colby! Oh God...oh my...unnggghhh..."

Before I had a chance to say anything else or move my hips to pull myself out of his sucking lips, I began to shoot something awful. More than I think I ever done shot before. It felt so damn good that it almost hurt...having it jump and spasm like that. And despite the bad manners of ust unloading on him like that, he just kept sucking on my hardness. Drinking and swallowing as much as he could. I could hear the slurping noises he was making as it flooded his mouth, and he put his hands on my rear end to keep me lodged deeply inside his tender embrace of me...still licking, still sucking, still swallowing...until it became too much for me and I got real tingly and sensitive around the tip...eventually having to push him off of me and stumbling back a step or two before remembering that my pants were puddled around my ankles, and I tripped over and fell backwards down in the dirt. Breathless and sweating...trying to get my heart to calm the heck down before it got all twisted up and stopped on me. I didn't even mind having my bare bottom in the sand, just so long as I got a chance to shake off those darn boyish tickles before they swept me away to God knows where. I couldn't take it. Not for another second.

Oh wow! I ain't never felt nothing like that before. Never a day in my life. I started thinking to myself, "No wonder matrimony lasts forever! I wouldn't wanna give up nothing this fine either!"

Giggling in this really adorable way, Colby came down and laid next to me, putting his arm over my chest and kissing me on the cheek with a big ol' smile on his face. "You're looking a little flushed there, Deke. Hehehe!"

"You ain't telling nothing but the truth. I feel like I been to the moon and back, twice, after that." I felt myself squirming a little bit, and I felt obliged to tell him, "I sure am sorry for spilling into you the way I done. I tried to let you know that it was coming. I reckon you didn't hear me."

"No. I heard you." He said, cheerfully. "I wanted to taste it when you spilled off. I liked it."

"Hold on...you did? I mean...it wasn't gross to you or nothing?"

"Nope. Not at all." Colby told me. "Tasted pretty sweet if you ask me. Makes me almost wish that you had more to offer."

"Hehehe, you must be telling me tall tales now."

"Quite serious, actually. Maybe...if you want to stay for a spell...you can work up some more for to take down. Besides, I can get used to making you feel good. It makes me feel good too."

Flattered beyond belief, my brain started working its way around it all, and when I saw that he was still poking up towards the sky, I got it in my head that I might want to taste some of this sweetness for myself. It couldn't be anything less than straight perfection if it came from Colby. Of that, I was certain. I wanted to try...but I felt a little shy about asking.

Colby caught me looking him over, and I grinned under my breath. "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry." He said. "You can go on and look if you want to. I've been looking at yours too."

With a touch of hesitation, I asked him, "You mind if I touch it?"

"Not at all. Feel free." He said, and rolled over on his back to let himself stand proudly in front of me. I still ain't quite used to being a part of anything like this. Until Colby came along, I never would have thought something like this would be allowed. Fellas don't kiss other fellas. And they SURELY don't touch each other's pieces as if it was their own. I felt awful guilty for even having such an unrestricted look at it, but...seeing as we were out here alone and all...I didn't expect a gambler's chance of ever being in this position ever again. So I sort of reached my hand out to feel the length of it. My fingers were trembling, my lungs were only a quarter of the way full, and my heart was still putting itself through hard labor and has been doing it since I first traveled out this way and saw Colby face to face again. But I wrapped my fingers loosely around it, and I gave it a fine stroke or two. I looked up at Colby's pretty face as he moaned quietly and closed his eyes, arching his back ever so slightly to enjoy the thrilling sensation of my virginal touch. It encouraged me to keep going, so I squeezed it a little bit harder, and then I stroked it even more...soon moving in to kiss and lick at the side of his neck to increase his feelings of joy. I was doing it. I was really doing it. And the most beautiful boy that I ever laid eyes upon was enjoying every second of it.

I could feel a lust bubbling up within me, and as I thought back to what he just did for me a few minutes back, my shaft getting hard all over again as though all of this was brand new...I got to thinking if maybe I could get me a taste of him too. I always did wonder what it would be like. Something about the act itself seemed so private and so special to me. I wanted to do that for him, the way he done it for me. So I reached on in and brought his pants down a touch...just to get a look at it for starters.

It was just as pretty as the rest of him. Much more heated too. I could feel it when I wrapped my fingers around it, the soft skin feeling as though it was going to melt right there in my hand. Colby turned his head and kissed me deeply on the lips, his hips lifting themselves up as he pushed himself into my clenched fingers. Our kissing became even more feverish for a time, but as I felt a little bit of sticky liquid running through my fingers, I figured that he was pretty close to letting go himself. I didn't really know if I was ready for this...but I knew that I wanted to be. And that was more than enough to smile warmly at Colby, and start moving down further to see just how special this night could get for the both of us.

I couldn't believe how much his looked like mine...and yet, so different at the same time. I just wanted to feel it all over with my hands and fingers first, but I couldn't deny that I was salivating over the prospect of finally getting myself my very first taste of another boy. I know I was quaking a little bit on the inside, but I had come too far to stop now. I wanted this. I wanted it more than anything.

So...with a few more strokes, and using my other hand to wipe some of the stickiness off of the tip top of his manhood...I leaned into him, opened my mouth, and I fulfilled my long time fantasy of sucking another boy in between my lips for the very first time.

Oh wow...the flavor of him was so divine. And I liked the way his legs spread open and he shivered a bit once my tongue came into contact with him. He had all the right odors about him, and his taste? As pure and clean as a preacher's wafer during Communion. I wanted as much of him in my mouth as I could get, but found that I had a little bit left over once his hardness reached back far enough in my mouth to make me wary of the consequences of possibly going any further. As more honey leaked out of the tiny split at the top of his shaft, a slightly salty, tangy, flavor added itself into the brew. It was a bit startling at first, but once I got used to it, I really liked it. It made my tongue feel slick and I moved my head up and down to massage his trembling hardness as his legs wiggled and he whispered my name in the wind.

It was more erotic than anything I could have imagined up until this point. Why would any fella go chasing the girls in town around when they could be having the time of their lives with a boy like this? I couldn't get enough. I started moaning too, just because I loved the aroma and the naughty flavor of his hardness sooooo much. And then...even though he tried to give me the same warning that I gave him a few minutes prior...I also gave him the same answer. My silent response was to keep sucking him down until I felt him swell and tighten and let out a boyish little squeal as he spilled over and I found myself with a mouthful of a much more potent tasting offering. Thicker. Creamier. Saltier. And in much more volume...shooting like a water pump nozzle and splashing the insides of my sucking mouth all over until I was forced to pull off of him in order to find time to breathe. And even then, a few more squirts came bubbling out to leak over the back of my hand and into his pants as the spongy head twitched and flared up multiple times...trying to recover from such an amazing explosion.

I turned him loose, my hand sticky from front to back, and I had no way of cleaning it off of me. Colby laughed at me and offered me his shirt to wipe my hands off. An offer that I refused at first, but he insisted. So he cleaned me up and giggled some more as he saw me still trying to swallow. Even though my mouth was empty now, I felt like I still had some of his seed sliding down my throat, and I was trying to get it all down into my belly, but it was sure being stubborn about taking its time.

"Hehehe, you are so beautiful, Deke." He grinned, and he took my hand to lay down on the ground next to him again. Both of us staring up at the stars, and just...reveling in the moment. "Didn't taste like you thought it would taste, did it?"

"It was...alright, I 'spose." I fibbed, still trying to swallow enough spit to get rid of it all.

"It takes some getting used to. It's o. I understand." He sighed.

I looked at him, and I kissed him on the cheek. "I'm glad I did it. And I'm glad that it was with you. Nobody else."

"Me too." He said. And we held hands as we continued to stare upwards. All of those magical lights in the night sky...and not a single one of them could match the sparkle in Colby's eyes at that moment. He made a completely different person of me tonight. He let me know who I am. And I wouldn't trade that person in for anything. Not for anybody.

As far as I was concerned, this was my life from here on out. Who could ask for anything more?

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