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Date Posted: 11:46:04 12/04/22 Sun
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter Eight)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "A Home Foor Christmas 8"" on 11:10:50 12/04/22 Sun

"A Home For Christmas 8"

And yet...with Blake sitting right there next to me after we were JUST making out a few minutes ago...I felt like my whole body, heart, and mind, had suddenly turned to stone. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I just wanted to kiss some more. I, literally, couldn’t think of anything else.

But it’s like...what am I supposed to do? I can’t just force Blake to let me stick my tongue back in his mouth. Everything was going so great! How did I mess up the momentum? I need to fix this. I need to get it back, and fast before the moment gets lost forever.

I pulled the blanket up a little further on my shoulder and snuggled in close again, wrapping my arms around his waist this time and giving him a squeeze. It worked last time, right? What happened after that? We started ‘talking’ or something and I think I got all wrapped up in his captivating presence all over again. I talk too much. I should just shut up for a bit and see what happens, you know? Maybe keep my thoughts from swirling around in my head long enough to, like...I don’t know...make a ‘move’ or something. Gosh, I want this soooo badly!

Blake was so warm. So soft, but like in that slender, spongy muscle, kind of way, you know? I could feel him breathing. I could hear his heartbeat through his lightly expanding chest, and I began to tremble ever so slightly when his arm pulled me in and he gave me a sweet kiss on the top of my head. “This is...so cool...” He said, just above a whisper.

I was going to say something in response, or maybe joke around a little bit about it...but chose to keep things simple before I got all off track again. I just smiled up at him and nodded. “Uh huh...”

Then I buried myself in his embrace again and held him tight, just trying to enjoy the intimacy of the moment. It wasn’t until I loosened my obsessed death grip on his midsection and allowed my hug to slide a bit further down that I noticed Blake feeling a bit more uncomfortable. It’s not like he cringed or anything...but he did suddenly take in a sharp breath and held it for a moment, attempting to slide a bit further down towards the end of the couch. It was a bit of an unexpected reaction...but it only took another second or two for me to maybe understand why he did it.

Even though we were covered by the blanket...I couldn’t help but to notice something hard touching the back of my forearm. An obvious tent that jumped a little as soon as it made contact. A teen boy’s erection...wild and free in MY sweatpants! And as these tingly little tremors rumbled through me from realizing what it was...I felt Blake sort of bring my arms back up around his waist, blushing deeply enough to even be seen by the flash of our Christmas tree lights alone. He giggled a bit, but he seemed so embarrassed. “Heh...sorry. It does that sometimes.” He turned his head, afraid to even look me in the eye.

Should I ignore it? Or should I...like, can I just touch it? Or maybe I should wait for a second for him to feel more comfortable? Ugh...see? This is why I wish I was more experienced with this sort of thing. Ask me to HIDE my sexuality? No problem. I’m an old pro at that one. But asking me to express it in a healthy and natural way with a willing partner...and suddenly I’m flying blind.

“It’s ok.” I said, hoping that it didn’t make him feel weird or anything. “Mine does too.” I giggled.

“I know, Aric, but...we were kissing, and everything was so warm and loving...it kind of set me off, I guess.”

“Dude, seriously...you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’m cool with it if you are.” I smiled at him, and when he fought through a bit of his self imposed shame, he looked at me and smiled back. He kept the blush going strong, but I thought it was really cute. Especially the way the dark pink shade matched the bright blue glory of his magical eyes. Oh God, was he ever dreamy! I swear.

Afraid of detaching us from yet another golden moment for the evening, I just sat up straight and leaned in again to kiss him on those sweet and tasty lips of his all over again. I held it together as well as I could as we melted back into that super familiar rhythm that we had going before, and soon we were moaning and tongue kissing softly all over again. I wanted to completely lose myself in the thrill of it all, but it was seriously difficult to relax. Every firework in my brain was firing was firing off all at once, making me wiggle and squirm from the overwhelming ‘wow’ of being able to take an active part in this real world lucid wet dream of mine. Even though we were side by side with no space between us, I could feel myself trying to scoot just a little bit closer to him. His tongue was so soft. Being able to suck on it gently and have him do the same to mine only heightened my already overflowing adrenaline rush...and I did my best to angle my arm in such a way where it could reach out to touch the hardness that was oh so close, but still felt as if it was miles away. It went from just a few deliberately ‘accidental’ bumps...to actually rubbing the back of my forearm back and forth across it.

This was the most erotic thing that I had ever done before. I could feel my heart rattling around like a school bell just beneath my ribs, my breath getting so short that I only dared to take brief gasps between kisses to keep myself conscious. And as he caressed me behind my ear with the most delicate of boyish whimpers...I found myself dizzy with a craving that, quite frankly, frightened me a little bit. It was an emotion that I didn’t really know what to do with. And my lack of practice and experience with this caused my courage to shrivel up to a size so small that it was only the fear of having him know what a dumb old virgin I was that kept me from pulling away from him.

I was so stiff that I felt myself twitch a few times in my pants, and I was worried that I was on the very edge of a full blown, extremely wet, orgasm. One that might let go of itself control at any second. How embarrassing would that be...having to do another load of laundry the second the first load was finished.

Blake eventually leaned back a little bit, and he seemed concerned. “Aric...I mean...you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“If...if I don’t want to what?”

He stumbled for words for a second or two, before telling me, “I don’t want you to think that the only reason I came over here to hang out was, like...to take advantage or anything. Don’t get me wrong! Everything that you did for me...it was really sweet, and I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe. There are people out there with a lot more than what you’ve got who would give a lot less. I’m sure your karma or whatever is fully fueled up through next Summer, just by letting me come in from the cold for a while...”

Baffled, I had to stop him. “Wait...you think I was just doing this to be...nice?”

“Well...no.” He fibbed. “Not really.” I think the idea made us both a touch uncomfortable, but he was quick to add, “I just didn’t want you to think that I was just doing this to, like...’pay you back’ or anything like that. I mean, I meant what I said before...about seeing you at the strip mall and thinking that you were really cute. And after talking to you a few times, you turned out to be really fun too. And you bring me into your home, give me clothes, and wash my stuff...give me hot chocolate...I guess I’m just a little bit overwhelmed. Does that make sense?”

“Ummm...to be totally honest...I don’t think I know.” I grinned.

Blake put both of his hands up to the sides of his head and ran his fingers through the blond locks of his hair. “Shit. Hehehe! I’m sorry. I’m probably putting too much thought into this, aren’t I? I do that on occasion.”

“Blake...” I said, kissing him lightly on the cheek. “...I’m not doing any of this because I feel like you owe me anything. I’m doing it because you’re insanely gorgeous, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve had the biggest crush on you for weeks now. Hehehe! If all it took was some hot chocolate, a load of laundry, and some fun and engaging conversation, to get a chance to make out with you under a blanket on my living room couch...then I’ll take it! You can take advantage of me any time!”

“Hehehe, I’ll definitely keep that in mind from now on.” He teased, and he gave me a quick peck on the lips to seal the deal. “It’s really ok with you if I just stay here and make out until my clothes are clean and dry?”

“Your clothes?” I scoffed playfully. “Dude...I didn’t come right out and say it or anything...but, if you want...you can spend the night here. I mean, if you want to.”

His eyes opened wide with a gentle gasp, taken aback by the offer. “Wait, are you SERIOUS???”

“Of course, I’m serious! You can stay the whole weekend. It’ll just be the two of us. It’s Christmas! I’d much rather spend it kissing you than sitting in this big house all by myself. I’ve got plenty of room. And besides, you’re supposed to be helping me celebrate my very first time being able to stay home alone. So, you know...you should stay here. With me.” I said, trembling as I awaited his answer.

Blake hesitated for a moment. He even gave me a sideways look to make sure that I wasn’t trying to fool him with some sort of devious trick. But then he says, “Are you sure it’s ok to just...’chill’ here for a while?”

“I’m gonna make you feel hella guilty if you don’t.” I said. “Besides, if I really wanted you to ‘chill’, I’d send you back out into the snow! Have you seen that mess out there? There’s no way that I could ever be that heartless.” Blake seemed to relax a bit after I said that, but he didn’t really give me an answer to my invitation. I guess I’m just going to have to lock all of the doors and hide the key or something to keep him here. This is too damn cool to let it slip through my fingers now. “Can we relax now? Hehehe!”

He turned his head to look at me, and he leaned in to start kissing me again. I can’t say that I knew where all of that surprise swagger came from, but I’m glad that I was able to use it to feel at home. He lightly rubbed his nose against mine while tenderly rubbing my ear. “Thanks, Aric. Nobody’s ever been this nice to me before. Not without expecting something in return. You’re going to revive my faith in humanity one of these days, you know that?”

“You’re supposed to share during the holidays. So I guess you could say that I’m simply doing my part to follow tradition.” I smiled. “Now kiss me some more. I’m losing my marbles over here.”

“Yes, sir...” He smirked, and our lips returned to the passionate liplock that they were enjoying so much before. Magic. Total magic.

It wasn’t long before I began to enjoy the feel of his hardness on the back of my arm again, and I became a bit more obvious about touching it as often as I could. Blake moaned quietly, and this time...instead of trying to scoot down in his seat to keep it from me, he widened his legs and let it rest on me. It was a bit bigger than I thought it would have been, with Blake being so slim and cute and all. I was pleasantly surprised. And after having it lay across my wrist, I felt this growing collection of nervous jitters running up and down my spine, my heart now jackhammering out of control as I began contemplating moving my hand low enough to kind of...well, to maybe...take a hold of it. You know?

It was a scary thought at first. Everything was going so smoothly and we were both having a good time just where we were, but...the urge to venture further was rapidly beginning to outweigh me insecurity about even trying such a thing. Because...where is that going to lead if he says ‘no’? Then again...

...Where will it lead if he says YES?

Minutes pass as though they were hours, and I could feel Blake getting increasingly awkward with his positioning as his hardness was being stimulated to the point of near soreness. I just...I didn’t want to mess this up, but...ok. I’m going to do it. I’m totally going to do it.

As I kissed him deeply to hopefully distract him a bit, I lifted my arm over his state of arousal...opened my hand...and I wrapped my fingers around his rigid shaft. Well...as well as I could manage through a pair of sweatpants. I just clutched it in my hand and felt it throb and swell as Bake moaned even louder and pushed himself into my grip. It was the sexiest thing that I ever could have imagined, having him thrust his hips up like that and get even harder in my excited grasp.

I gave him a few awkward strokes, my hand sort of twisted around in a half backwards position, but he loved it just the same. So much so that he broke our kiss and leaned his head back on the couch with his lips parted and his eyes closed. “Oh wow...keep going. That feels so good.” He whispered. The look of utter euphoria on Blake’s face, still illuminated by the dancing lights of our Christmas tree, was absolutely breathtaking. I stroked him a few more times, and he began to shift a bit as an erotic fever ran through him, and he had to put his hands down on the couch cushions to stead himself as he thrust up again. Then again. He seemed to really be getting into it now, and I was so turned on that my deepest, most secret, fantasies decided to take over the whole show for me. And without so much as a second thought, I took the blanket off of my shoulders and found myself sliding down to the floor, pushing the coffee table back, and moving in between his legs. All while being careful not to kneel on one of his pretty little sock feet. Hehehe!

Blake’s response was to spread his open legs even wider in anticipation, his hand now reaching down to entangle themselves in my hair as I put my hands on his thighs, giving them a firm rub and a few squeezes before taking notice of a dark dot at the very tip of his throbbing shaft. Wet, with a touch of sticky nectar, and a sugary sweet fragrance that was so very faint, but intoxicating just the same. I wanted all of him at once, but as he was watching me, I pretty much dove for his balls first...rubbing my entire face, my nose and lips, back and forth and in slow circles all over the heated area. Blake’s grip on my hair got a bit tighter, and his knees raised up slightly as he ended up on the balls of his feet...feeling me sniff and caress his entire groin area. A scent of pheromone filled boyish musk mixed with the lingering essence of the soap he used for his shower. I had never been so enchanted by a boy before in my life, and now here I am...praying shamelessly at his sensual altar...and loving every last second of it.

I raised my head slightly, and I noticed that the wet spot had grown to twice its original size already. The temptation was too much for me to fight, and I stuck my tongue out to lick and lave over the spot...getting a bit of his sweetness, but mostly just cotton material. It wasn’t enough. Nowhere near enough.

“Heh...Aric...we’re doing a lot more than kissing right now.” Blake moaned breathlessly.

“Oh...” I said. “Ummm...do you want me to stop?”

“You want to stop?”

“No, I said, do YOU want me to stop?”

Blake lightly shook his head with a grin. And with that little green light, I let my hands momentarily crawl up under his shirt to feel the smoothness of his flawless skin, and the tender muscles of his heaving stomach...before sliding them back down and taking a hold of his waistband and slowly pulling it down.

There was only a small tuft of a blond patch that came into view first, followed by the ‘slap’ of his length against the area just under his cute little navel as the elastic finally released it from its confines. An exquisite cut, tight at its rosy blushed tip, and a well designed maze of soft wrinkles covering the duo of beautiful nuggets displayed down below the base of it. I was lightheaded from the heat I felt coming from it. Had it been any hotter, I would have broken a sweat for sure.

Blake sort of peeked down to see what my reaction would be to seeing him naked like this. It can be a bit of a stressful experience for a virgin boy...wondering how you add up according to the expectations of your very first sexual partner. Something that I was sure to go through myself tonight if he’ll have me.

But as I grinned up at him to let him know how impressed I was with the look and size of him, he grinned back at me, I and I touched it for the first time. Skin to skin. And I parted my lips to slide my very first teen boy erection into my salivating mouth.

What a wonderful world!

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