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Date Posted: 15:05:47 12/19/22 Mon
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 28)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Left Without Words 28"" on 14:42:52 12/19/22 Mon

"Left Without Words 28"

The sensation was rising up within me so fast that it was nearly impossible for me to sit still. My young bottom began to wiggle all on its own, Deme’s soft and wet lips sliding up and down my excited shaft...and every time I thought I’d be able to keep from losing my control, Deme’s extremely tight little orifice would swirl up and suckle lovingly on my extended digit, and I’d immediately get all hot and bothered again. So unbelievably tight. How on Earth did that boy expect my erection to squeeze into such a narrow tunnel when my finger, alone, was being crushed on all sides like this?

I could feel Deme’s body shiver and shake as I began to kiss and lick the smooth insides of his thighs, rocking back and forth sensually as the tender skin of his wrinkled sack glided up and down my cheeks and face. The intoxicating fragrance of his smooth, heated, skin...Jesus! It was too much. I was going to lose it. I was sure of it. I can’t hold it anymore. I CAN’T!!!

With a bit of an urgent tap on his squeezable behind, I tried to warn him that I was being completely taken over by that familiar feeling...the fluids rising...the balls tightening...my legs stiffening up...

Tremors began to rumble throughout my helpless body, head to toe, as I felt my shaft swelling and I fought to prolong the ecstasy of the mind-blowing hysteria for as long as humanly possible. But I think that ultimately made me cum even harder than I would have if I had just relaxed and let it go. I pushed my finger as far into my boyfriend as it could go and sucked on his inner thigh hard as I clamped my eyes closed and raised my narrow hips off of the bed to unleash a torrent of hot seed into my lover’s sucking mouth. The explosion left me soooo breathless! My toes curled up and I had to ride out the multiple thumps and pulses of a powerful orgasm before forcing myself to gasp for air and start breathing again.

The sounds that came out of me in that one moment of bliss...wow. Cries, yelps, and whimpers...an entire symphony of sexual release. And my legs began to tingle with numbness as Deme continued to suck me for all he was worth. The idea that my selfish sense of immediate gratification was pleasing my boyfriend at the same time was so insane for me to comprehend. It was really driving him crazy to swallow my offering down as I writhed in a state of total bliss beneath him. I could feel the texture of his tastebuds as his moist tongue slithered all around my blushed tip...growing more and more sensitive by the second. He began to lick over these tiny little spots that caused me to jerk and gasp and feel as if I was about to slide right out of my own skin until the stimulation became too much for me to bear.

My flat stomach heaving with labored breath...I had to press my feet on the mattress and twist and turn my body to try to slip free from Deme’s sucking lips. I was really overwhelmed at the moment, and it was way too much excitement for my teen body to handle all at once like this. I needed a break. I needed to breathe. But Deme wanted every last drop of me, so it was a bit of a struggle to worm away from him, his head following my erratic movements, his longish hair hanging down to brush and tickle my legs as he gripped my ass with both hands and attempted to hold me still.

Eventually, I had to REALLY get him to stop, and pulled myself free from his embrace, giggling out loud as the last few remaining twitches caused my shaft to jump a few more times before it ran out of juice. I was huffing and puffing as though I had just finished running the mile in gym class. I could barely keep my eyes open, and when they were open, my vision was blurry at best. If it hadn’t been for the feel of Deme squeezing the round cheeks of his sexy bottom together around my finger...still lodged deeply inside of him...I might have passed out completely.

Licking my balls from above and kissing my legs...Deme began to hump and grind his hardness into my chest. He was out of reach for me to reinsert him into my mouth, even though I was thirsty for another taste of him. Instead, he seemed to get much more of a thrill of having me push and pull my finger into his warm gelatin mass of soft, wet, muscle. So I kept doing it, cherishing the soft moans that it brought out of him...a slightly deeper penetration occasionally making him gasp and tighten up even more. I was trying to be careful so I wouldn’t hurt him at all...but I have to admit...it was kind of hot to have his whole body react that way to my sensual surprises. Hehehe! It was getting me hard again.

I closed my eyes as fantasies of actually making love to him like this on a daily basis began to make my heart race all over again. Imagine us, like...being a real life couple. In a house all our own, with all the time and comfort and privacy we could ever want. To just...walk around naked, and kiss and make out and have sex every time we get even a little bit hard. I’m sure there are a bunch of adults who would be sooooo jealous of us and would tire themselves out making sure that we could never enjoy our lives, our bodies, and our sexuality, in such a healthy and loving way...but ‘what if’? You know? What if the whole world could just leave us alone and let us...truly embrace this excitingly youthful level of utter euphoria without having to explain or excuse it? Without being shamed for it. Without worrying about getting in trouble or treated like we don’t know what we’re doing right now. What would be so awful about enjoying these virginal moments and exploring one another with all of the unconditional love that we have to give? As I lay there, my body buzzing with a sensual hum that most people will never ever know, or have probably forgotten about from their early experiences with sex...I really doubt that I give a damn about what anybody else thinks. I’m in bed with the one boy on Earth that makes all of my worries vanish with a single kiss. The most beautiful boy that I’ve ever laid eyes on. And he’s mine. Can you believe it? He’s all mine.

Feeling his arousal reaching a point where Deme seriously craved a release from his torture...I felt him begin to hump himself more urgently into my chest. With him upside down in our 69 position, I opened my eyes and watched the beauty of his taut young ass moving back and forth in front of my face, his snug little hole practically glowing with a pinkish hue around my finger. I could feel his erection sliding back and forth, leaking little sticky trails as his ample bottom rubbed over my erect nipples. He held on tight, now thrusting harder until we were both enraptured to the point of wiggling in unison, whimpering softly from the intimate contact. I didn’t even realize that I was fully hard again until my shaft began to ache from its insatiable yearning for him.

And it was then that Deme became breathless, and I surprised him again by pushing my finger as far as I could into him at the last second...causing him to go racing over the edge of no return.

He clenched up so hard that I doubt I could have pulled my finger out of him if I tried, and with a few monstrous spasms...his erection began to heave thick ropes of sticky semen all over me...squirting on my chest, then between our bodies down to my navel, and a few shots even went further to soak the soft collection of pubes that I had at the base of my shaft. Oh God...it was so erotic that I nearly came again from the feeling of it. The heat. The slippery mess. The overwhelming tingles. Everything about that moment was perfection, tenfold. And by the time Deme caught his breath and brushed some his hair back, lovingly tucking it behind his ear...even though it fell back down into his eyes again seconds later...we were both just trying not to swoon over each other to the point of losing consciousness. Because, honestly...a nap has never been more tempting than it was at that moment.

Is it possible to orgasm TOO hard? Is that, like...a thing? I don’t know. I think we both came pretty close to reaching that level of divine bliss today. Who among us could survive a constant supply of intense, Earth shattering, climaxes like this? How would you find meaning and purpose in anything else in your life when you had this to come home to every day?

Damn...I want to MARRY you, Dimitry Tomopolous! I really do!

Oh God...what a way for me to spend my afternoon...

It was only Deme’s relaxing body that allowed me to finally slide my finger out of the sensual clutch of his constricted ring again...his long, drawn out, sigh breezing over my thigh as he rested his head for a moment and attempted to float back down to reality again. And we just lay there like that for a minute or two before he began to roll off of me and swiveled his slim body around to come up and lay his head on the pillow next to me. Inspiring an immediate round of soft kisses as we purred ourselves back to a functional reality. And once we allowed ourselves to stop making out long enough for our eyes to connect...we smiled at one another, and I felt the rise of goosebumps on my skin as Deme lightly caressed my cheek. He really was in love with me. I could see it in the reflection of his dark golden honey colored eyes. He made me feel his affection for me. He made me feel wanted, trusted, and safe. I can only pray that I do the same for him.

“My beautiful Shane...” He whispered.

“You’re so perfect. You know that?” I whispered back, kissing his sweet lips once again. “That was...I mean, like...every bit of that was awesome.”

Deme’s hand slid down the side of my neck, but when he got to my chest, he looked down as his palm came into contact with the slick nectar that he had pretty much hosed me down with. He looked at his hand, and then found a clean spot on me where he tried to wipe his hand clean.

“Hey...” I giggled, causing him to snicker quietly in return.

“I’m sorry. I make a mess of you.” He smiled.

“Doesn’t bother me any.” I grinned. “I would have made a mess of myself anyway, if you hadn’t...you know...”

“Hehehe, I swallow it all. Very warm and good.” He said, and then kissed my lips again. “I hope you will be fast in making more for me. It tastes just the way I imagined my love for you would taste.”

Geez! Where does he come up with this stuff? “I love you too.” I said, instantly realizing how boring and mundane that must sound in comparison to some of the things he’s said to me over the past few weeks. “Are you sure your dad’s not going to come home any time soon? It would be a little bit awkward getting...you know...’caught’ all snuggled up and naked like this.”

He shook his head, kissing my lips again. “Not if Papa left dinner for me to make. That means he won’t be home until after darkness, possibly. So...I think we have the house all to ourselves. At least for a short while. So we won’t be catched by him. Or...erm...caught. Caught by him.”

Deme’s Greek accent always gave me the wiggles, highlighting and bring an extra cute ‘tilt’ to the simplest of phrases whenever I heard him speak them out loud...but those few sentences that he shared with me right now? They may have been the most erotic, hi-octane, words ever spoken by one gay teen boy to another. A house all to ourselves? Omigod...I’m the luckiest boy ALIVE right now!

“Do you want to share some dinner with me tonight? My boyfriend.” He said.

“As long as you don’t cook it yourself. Sure.” I teased, and tried to keep a straight face as Deme’s jaw dropped and he pinched my side. “Owwww!!!! Ok ok ok! Don’t! Hahaha!”

“You make fun of me, even after I swallow all of you! You never play fair!”

“Hehehe, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention to me.”

“I always pay attention. You know this.” He gave me a mock pout, and it was so adorable that I jerked forward and kissed him deeply on the lips again. “You cheat...but ok. I feel all better now.” He giggled. I moved forward to entangle myself with him all over again, but he put his hand on my shoulder to hold me off for another few seconds. “Shane, hehehe...you are still messy!”

“Wait...what? It’s YOUR spooge, not mine!” I laughed.

“Doesn’t matter. You are going to get it all over me and my bed. Let me get something to clean you.”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Stay here. I will be back in a quickie...” Deme said, and he escaped the latest flurry of my infatuated smooches by swinging his sexy legs over his side of the bed and standing up to leave the room, I assume, to get me a washcloth or something. Hehehe, it seemed kind of silly to me for him to even think about it this much...but it was also kind of cute too. Especially since it gave me a chance to see Deme walking around his room and around the house stark naked as though it was nothing. He did it with the kind of confidence that just threw all modesty right out of the window, and his comfort level with his own nudity was kind of turning me on. I guess, growing up with my mom and having a little sister running around the house at all times, I had developed this subtle sense of shame when it came to me walking around naked. Not Deme though. It was like he barely noticed his beautifully exposed body at all. Is this an overseas type of thing or what? I could seriously get used to this. Hehehe!

I heard some warm water running in the bathroom and Deme came back soon with a wet washcloth to wipe off my chest and stomach for me. I reached for it, but he playfully slapped my hands away and decided to take care of the clean up himself. His swipes with the cloth were slow...and soft...with him occasionally looking into my eyes to share a smile as he tended to my every need. Oh God, I’m SO in love! This is CRAZY! Hehehe!

“Am I clan enough to share your bed with you now?” I grinned.

“I don’t know yet. Let me taste.” He said, and he leaned down to lick my navel, sticking his tongue inside and moving it around inside until I got ticklish and put my hands on his head to push him off of me. I giggled out loud as I told him to stop teasing me, and he said, “Still a little salty. Like butter. I better clean you up some more.”

“You’ve done enough, mister. Hehehe! Can I just relax for a bit now?”

“I will allow it. But only because it’s you.” Deme said, and he laid his head on my chest, looking down as I felt him lightly running his fingers through my thin pubic hairs. “It looks so cool to me. I can’t believe that such a thing exists like this. It is like...miracle.”

“Hahaha! A miracle? What...my pubes? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard them referred to in THAT way!” I said.

“It’s the truth! So red. I can’t stop staring at it. I’m not used to this...but I like it.” He said, and then he slid down to give me one long suck before coming back up to lay his head on my chest again. “I think it’s sexy.”

After being so different from all of the other boys in my gym class, I never thought that I’d be able to take so much pride in my ginger colored pubes, a bright and angry shade of red….but Deme made it kind of cool. I even found myself spreading my legs a little bit wider to give him a better view of them. It’s not really something that I’ve ever done before. Feeling even more free and unrestricted by any previous that I’ve ever had about my body being ‘on display’ like this...it just made me feel another wave of arousal wash over me, and my shaft began to harden again. I didn’t really have any way to hide it from him, so when he saw it, and moved down to start sucking on it again, I asked, “Are you sure this is ok? I mean, what if your dad comes home earlier than you expect?”

“Not gonna happen.” He smiled. “I want you and me to enjoy this moment, k? For us to be boyfriends. This is my dream. All I have ever dreamed. But...with more ‘red’, hehehe!”

“Quit making fun of me.” I chuckled. “I was almost starting to feel comfortable here.”

That’s when Deme craned his neck up to lovingly kiss me on the lips, his tongue slipping between them as he slid his leg up and over me to rest on my hip. “You make me wild, Shane.” He said. “I want to make you wild too. And now that we have time to ourselves, I will do whatever is needed to make sure that you leave me more happy than when you first got here. Deal?”

“Sounds like a plan to me, babe.” I smiled, and he kissed me deeply once again.

“I love it when you call me your baby. I love it so much.” And he rolled over onto his back, pulling m on top of me as he raised his legs to wrap around the small of my back, his soft heels positioned just above my cleft and interlocking his ankles as he tried to pull me even closer to him.

As we began to make out with a renewed fever, grinding our hips and regenerated erections together, I was feeling like...

...Omigod...are we doing this right now??? What do I do? Can I, like...make love to him right here and now? Like, all the way? Will I be any good? Holy shit...I did NOT expect my day to go in this direction! Am I shaking? I feel like I’m shaking!

Deme wants a real lover...and I just...I hope I can be the boy he’s been searching for. Only time will tell, I guess...

And with the way he’s kissing and pawing at me right now...I may not hav a whole lot of time left to figure out how this whole things...ummm...’works’, or whatever.



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