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Date Posted: 16:57:48 08/29/23 Tue
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter Three)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Sneak Away 3"" on 16:54:47 08/29/23 Tue

"Sneak Away 3"

Even while the opening credits were still rolling. I couldn’t control my intense craving to keep looking over at Adler on the other side of that couch. He was so pretty to look at. It seemed like it would be a totally ridiculous moment to claim that I was deeply in love with him...but I don’t think that I’ve ever felt this way about another person before in my life. My chest felt so constricted, my breath so short...and my heart was beating so hard that I felt like everybody else in the room could clearly hear it pounding, even over the television as loud as it was, and the movie that it was introducing to the rest of us.

Even more than that, I couldn’t move or adjust my sitting position without accidentally brushing against Adler’s foot again. I mean it was light and unintentional, but I got such a thrill and chill from having my toes brush against him like that. Multiple times. And every time it happened, Adler sort of turned his head to look at me again, and I’d whisper, “I’m sorry.” Or maybe just mouth the words in his direction, and he really didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, there were a few times when his sock foot brushed against mine too...and I began to blush so hard that I was thankful for Steven having turned out the lights ahead of time. I would have looked like a total clown right now if he hadn’t.

The movie got past the credits and started building up the characters and the tension, as movies usually do in the first act...and as Adler worked to get a bit more comfortable, his foot touched my foot again. Except, this time, he sort of flexed his toes a bit more and really allowed them to trace the curve in the deep arch as a slightly ticklish sensation washed over me. But I didn’t dare crack a smile, as he was looking directly at me at the time. There was this hidden instinct that was trying its hardest to get me to pull my foot away from his...but I didn’t allow it. We both had our knees up under that blanket, but I didn’t have the courage to stretch my leg out any further for fear that someone else in that room might actually catch us rubbing our feet together. But, I have to admit...there was something that felt extremely….ummm...naughty about it. Especially when I allowed my own foot to rub up against the side of his too. It wasn’t some kind of apologetic accident after about five minutes of this going on. There was this unspoken erotic element to it that I couldn’t quite explain...but it excited me just the same. Wow! Who ever thought that lightly playing footsie with Adler Prince under a blanket in a room of other people who might suddenly expose the game and laugh at us for being totally weird would be such a thrilling fucking experience? Because, I’m being totally honest when I say that I could barely breathe...if for no other reason than he was allowing me to do this with him at all.

Oh God...I was soooo hard! It HURT to be this hard! And it only got worse when Adler and I both looked away from the movie to make a sensual eye contact with one another that we didn’t bother to break. He stared right at me...and despite the cowardice in my heart that was constantly telling me to look away...I stared right back at him. In that moment, we had more sex with our gaze than I’ve ever had with anyone else in my life. I mean, that’s a pretty low bar, considering my experience with anything even remotely sexual outside of a multitude of wet dreams and a shamefully obsessive habit of after school masturbation. And I mean shameful! I jerk off like it’s the only thing keeping the lights on in that house. I had to start buying my own tissues to keep my parents from getting suspicious enough to start asking embarrassing questions.

Wait...where was my head at again? Oh yeah! Playing footsie with Adler Prince in a room, with other people sitting right there with us, under a blanket. YEESH!!! This is weird! Even if it’s in the best possible way!

The movie played on, and the few people left at the party seemed to either be really into it, or they were too tired to really care all that much. Either way, Adler and I kept allowing our eyes to search around the room to make sure that nobody was paying us much attention. But only for a moment before we found ourselves looking at each other again. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced anything like this before. It was so brazen, you know? I was so sure that interacting with a boy that I really REALLY liked would be a lesson in extreme patience and angst and nervous fidgeting before I could even work my way up to even being able to talk to him or maybe touch his hand. A part of me was kind of suspicious that reaching this moment was so short on doubt and misery. It just sort of ‘happened’, you know...and Adler didn’t back away from it. So I decided to test it and see just how far I could go with such a romantically motivated series of sudden events.

Allowing my leg to straighten itself out just a little bit, I let my toes brush lightly across the soft, smooth, flesh of his calf muscle on his right leg. Spongy, but athletic...perfectly shaped. I felt really nervous doing it, as I wasn’t exactly sure if I had been reading all of Adler’s signals correctly. It was just this last minute jolt of cowardice and doubt that made me want to second guess everything that’s been happening over the last hour or two of us interacting with one another in such a friendly way. It was kind of blowing my mind to not have him pull away and recoil in horror from my intimate touch. Scary, yes...but at the same time...it was kind of cool.

We locked eyes again, hiding our activities under that one blanket as everyone else was focused on the TV screen. Imagine my rush of warm shivers when I felt Adler lightly rub his foot up against my leg too. We were both a bit too scared go any further than the knee at first...but as minutes of us sliding each other’s feet against one another like that, thrilling us with a ticklish sensation mixed with a breathless eroticism that had both of us wiggling in our seats...a sensual level of maintained eye contact constantly urging us to go even further...some of that initial fear began to melt away. And that’s when this full body tingle took control of me in a way that I had never known before. I mean, this was like a next level sensation that wrapped me up from head to toe in a matter of seconds. And once I surrendered...I felt like I was falling. Just...falling.

Moving up past his knee...just by a few inches or so...I felt so excited that I was worried that my heart would actually burst from the over stimulation of it all. I let my toes sort of make these slow circles on the inside of Adler’s thigh, and when I saw him briefly close his eyes and lean his head back to softly sigh to himself...I got all hot and bothered again. Omigod...I wish that I was barefoot right now! I have been looking at those sexy legs of his all night long in those camouflaged shorts...and I wanted to feel that skin. That soft, hairless, flesh that has been tantalizing me since I first saw him there, drinking some of Steven’s fizzy punch. But I’m more than happy to deal with this for now. Believe me! So don’t go thinking that I’m not beyond being grateful for even being in Adler’s presence and close enough to touch him at all. Just having him hold my hand for longer than a few seconds would probably make me spontaneously erupt like Mount Vesuvius in my pants and force me to run home to change before I’d be able to enjoy the rest of the party. So this kind of contact was almost more than I could bear!

I can’t breathe! I swear...it’s like...SO hard to breathe right now!

As Adler stretched his leg out a bit more...his sock covered foot started to rub my thigh too, and it was even going higher up than I dared to go at first. The sensation took my breath away, and I involuntarily gasped a little bit louder than I thought I would. It cause Steven to look back at me over his shoulder to see what was going on. I was terrified that he’d see us sort of fooling around under the blanket, and that he’d completely ruin it all by drawing any attention to it or getting the rest of the party to laugh at us. Which would be a total nightmare of a ‘forced coming out’ story!

But, instead he just wrinkled up his forehead and scoffed, “There isn’t even anything happening in the movie right now? What are you all tensed up about?” The movie? OH! Right...the movie. I had pretty much forgotten all about that! And just at that moment, there was this HUGE jump scare that came out of nowhere, causing everybody else in the room to jump and curl up in a tight little ball as they stifled a scream from what they were watching. Including Steven, who was now going right back to being super involved in the flick he was showing us. Well...’them’. I had my mind on other things.

Adler looked at me and the cutest little smirk broke out on his adorable little face! Omigod, he was soooo beautiful sometimes! I wish I could work the kind of magic that a boyish smile like that inspires with little to no effort at all. Jesus!

Despite the added thrill of possibly being caught doing this, Adler and took a short break to cool down a bit before we got back into anything physically stimulating. It didn’t last long though. I mean, we had missed so much of the movie at this point that there was no reason to try to figure out what was going on now. Besides, all I could think about was being able to kiss him. I know that this sex idea is hot and all...but I kept looking into those brown eyes of his and getting all faint and dreamy over the idea of possibly being able to kiss him. You know? Like really kiss him. What would it be like to have to beautiful lips pressed against mine for any length of time? It would be a religious experience for me! Just making out with him would push me over the edge. I’d be in love with him forever. How would I be able to help myself? He’s just too damn cute and awesome to not have to fight the urge to drop dead at his feet every time I laid eyes on him. That’s one thing that I’m sure of.

Our feet started to lightly rub against one another after a few minutes of behaving ourselves...and then he straightened out his leg again, his perfect, cloth covered, arches sliding their way up the inside of my thigh. It made me a little bit nervous, as it went further up than it did before. And I was super hard and throbbing at this point...so if his foot slid up any further...then he was certainly going to be able to tell that erection was totally out of control at that very moment. And yet, his foot kept moving forward. Maybe only a few inches at a time, but it felt like a country mile to me. I was so breathless. I could barely sit still, and I stretched my own leg out, more for balance on that couch than anything else. And that caused it to travel further up his leg as well, making me tremble with fear. Or was it excitement? Or maybe just a combination of the two. Horny vibes, I suppose. Yeah, that sums it up pretty well...with a touch of urgency and confusion sprinkled on top.

This time, I felt my toes touch the ‘lip’ of his shorts. I hadn’t planned to presume that it would be ok to go any further than that, to be honest. Already, I was pushing things past the limits that I’ve ever experienced before. But after seeing Adler silently turn his head to look at everybody else in the room, all of them still transfixed by the images on the TV...I began to wonder if he had plans to do exactly that. His eye met mine again, and he reached under the blanket to touch my foot while I did my best to keep from overreacting to his sensitive touch. He just sort of held my foot for a moment, and then slid his hands down to lightly rub the skin on my legs. I didn’t even have any peach fuzz yet, but he really seemed to like touching me there. He gave my calves a light squeeze, and I could feel his fingers teasing me all over. Dammit! I REALLY wish that I was barefoot right now!!!!


Adler smiled at me, but his eye were making love to me in the most intimate way imaginable. Neither one of us ever had to whisper a single word between us. There was something going on here that was so unspoken, so wordless...that saying anything at all would have probably gotten in the way of truly enjoying what we were feeling in that moment. And I was so fucking turned on that I, literally, nearly came in my pants when Adler looked me in the eye and took a hold of my sock foot...pulling it up between his sexy legs and straightening my leg out all the way to press the bottom of it against him. Fully hard. I could feel it jump a bit when it made its first contact. He held it there...letting me feel it on the bottom of my foot...and then tilting his head back a little bit again as he scooted down to get closer to me.

Was this even happening??? Adler Prince is basically humping my foot! This all just seems so surreal to me!

I whimpered a little bit, and then cut it short as I remembered that we weren’t alone in there. But I pushed my leg out even further and wiggled my toes a bit, moving around a bit more to pleasure him as best as I could. Who would have ever thought that a little bit of foot play could be so fucking HOT???

Adler began to wiggle a little bit more, really getting an over stimulated amusement out of it all, and as he kind of began to frown up a little bit, I honestly think that he was getting really close to having a full blown orgasm over it! Geez! Does it feel that good? Then again, I’m just a boy myself. So anything other than my own hand must feel pretty damn amazing. So, as Adler began to grind his hips into the deep arch of my foot, his body trembling with delightful tremors of total bliss, I decided to let go of the fear and took a hold of one of his feet too. I just stretched his leg all the way out, and I figured that I could easily feel how unbelievably hard he was in his shorts, so why worry about him feeling the same when I pulled his foot in between my legs too? You know?

“Mmmmmph...” He moaned, trying to keep himself quiet as well. He closed his eyes again for a moment, but they opened up again as I let him feel the full length of my erection and began to press myself against him. It was like his foot caressed my hardness in such a beautiful way. It titillated every last nerve ending and responsive shock that my meager inches could hold. Every movement made me twitch and twist in ways that I couldn’t predict until they nearly tossed me right off of the sofa and sent me sliding right out of my own skin! Omigod! I don’t know how much more of this I could take! Especially when the emotions took control, and I began to massage the sides of his foot, also slumping down on the couch to push my hardness into his sexy arch over and over again until I began to think that I was going to have myself an ‘accident’ right here in front of everybody in that room.

It seemed that Adler was a bit further along than I was, and he moved his other foot down to the floor as he began to raise his hips up and clench those incredible butt cheeks of his...really pulling my foot against himself until I saw him slam his eyes shut and bite his bottom lip as he fought to keep his writhing body still and his cries of passion shut off from the rest of the world by choking them up in the back of his throat.

I could feel it. I could feel the exaggerated pulsing of his young shaft as it pushed up against the bottom of my foot. I was so fascinated by the idea that I was actually making Adler Prince CUM...that I had completely abandoned all thoughts of satisfying myself. I don’t think it really registered in my brain that a boy as cute and amazing as Adler would actually be able to have an orgasm. I don’t know why I had that locked away in my brain or whatever...but it’s true. He actually squirts just like the rest of us lesser boys do. Wow.

I wouldn’t have even known that he was sweating if it hadn’t been for the dark brown hairs sticking to his forehead. That, and the fact that he was breathing so hard. I wiggled my toes against him again, but he suddenly jumped and gasped, pulling my foot away as he lifted the blanket to look down at his sensitive member and attempted to get his heartbeat back under control.

He pulled his sock feet away from me, and spun his legs around to sit up straight on the couch, still keeping his lap covered, which I’m sure was super wet and sticky at this moment. It made me wonder whether or not I missed my moment to cum too. You know? I thought we were having fun.

“Hey, Steven?” He asked.


“Do you mind if I use your bathroom real quick?”

“What? Yeah. It’s right over there. What are you asking me permission for?” Steven said.

“No, I mean...like, another bathroom.”

“Fine. Whatever. Just go upstairs. It’s across the hall from my sister’s room.” Steven was still too focused on the movie to really pay attention to anything more. And even though his whole body was tingling with post-orgasmic bliss...Adler managed to get up on his feet, and hide his still half hard boner from everybody, as he walked up the basement steps in wet and soggy shorts, searching for a way to clean himself up without any of us being able to see him.

I just...I just sat there.

I can’t believe that we just did that? What happens now? What do I say to him when he comes back? Are we still going to share a blanket after this? Should we stop before we get caught? What the hell made a hottie like Adler Prince pay an attention to me at ALL???

This whole thing is fucking insane!

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