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Date Posted: 09:02:08 12/18/21 Sat
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter Ten)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "GFD: Fanboys 10"" on 08:25:13 12/18/21 Sat

"GFD: Fanboys 10"

I was actually surprised at how evenly matched Parker and I were at this game! Hehehe, it was actually...challenging, you know? I'm so used to playing with my other friends who don't really know the 'GFD' movies and the characters all that well, or playing with my younger cousins who are barely much more than button mashers who keep using the same attacks and keep falling for the same counters over and over again. Parker was actually telling the truth when he said that he was skilled in knowing the nuance and finesse of well timed video game assaults, switching between offensive moves and defense tactics, with a few dodge attacks and some awesome reversals too. Well, I'll be damned! I've finally found myself some hardcore competition in this fighting game for once.

Dion was super strong, and when I could connect a few harsh blows or hit Parker with an expertly timed combo...I could take down his energy bar in a major way. But he was using Jun...and Jun could be sooooo fast, that if I slipped up even for a second, he could rack up a bunch of unanswered hits on my character that would even us up again almost immediately. And then...JUST as I was about to activate my 'kill shot super move'...Parker rushed forward and Jun whipped my ass something awful with a 17 hit combo that sent me spinning to the ground and ended the match!

"What the...??? That's total BULLSHIT!!!" I said in shock.

But Parker just grinned at me and said, "Too slow, dude! You need to focus. Work on those reflexes a bit more. Hehehe!"

"Fuck you! We're going again! Same match up!" I giggled.

"Hey! It's not like I didn't warn you that I was dope! You just chose not to believe me..."

"We'll see. I'm just getting warmed up."

"If you say so." He teased. "Where do you want to fight? The Lot? Navy Pier Anchor? Subway? Dash's Sanctuary?"

"Let's go to the IceZone! I want everybody to see me beat you down to the floor and take pictures!" I said. So he moved the cursor over to pick the next location, and I got ready to show him what I was made of this time around. I'm not going out like a sucker, that's for sure.



Parker and I both started off strong, trading blows back and forth as though we were playing for some kind of extreme cash reward if one of us won. Even though it was just a game, I have to admit that there was a certain erotic element to it. At least for me there was. We were just sitting side by side, our minds and emotions interacting with one another on an almost intimate level...if that makes sense. Our eyes locked on the screen...our skillful fingers manipulating the buttons on those controllers as we leaned and rocked and wiggled next to each other. Pulses racing. Breath getting short. Each one of us trying to dominate the other in a sensual combat that seemed to leap right off of that screen and cascade down into our laps. I can't imagine anything better than playing this game with my new sweetheart right now. This was deeper than mere competition. This was a bond. I could feel it, and I know he could feel it too. Because he shivered every time his excited leg touched mine.

He kept up with his usual strategy of quick attacks and rapid combos, but I was beginning to learn his patterns at this point. I wasn't going to fall for them as easily as I did the first time...and I was swiftly figuring out when to block, when to dodge, and when to strike. At one point, I jumped forward, causing Parker to turtle up with a blocking position...but I faked him out. Instead, I moved forward and grabbed a hold of his arm to break it over my shoulder and throw him across the screen.

Down to his last little sliver of energy, I charged at him with an attack and knocked Jun flat on his back! Causing Parker to grunt in playful frustration. "BASTARD! Hahaha! Nice!"

"Who's the one who needs to focus now, huh?" I said, smugly.

"Don't get cocky! That's just one round..." He replied, and then planted his feet flat on the floor as he leaned forward to give this next round even more of his undivided attention.

Looking at him like this, a little bite into his bottom lip, his eyes staring a hole in that TV screen...his bright eyes glowing with the splash back...I couldn't help but to find myself breathless all over again. My God, was he ever beautiful. Enticing to a degree that almost seemed artificial in its flawless presentation. It was so surreal. Not so much that a boy could be this stunning and downright 'pretty' in real life...but the fact that I could actually be sitting here, right next to him, playing a game with him, talking to him...knowing that we've kissed each other before. That was the part that kept trying to wake me up out of a dream that didn't exist.

My brain just can't compute how something so perfect can be so real...



Before I could pull away from the extreme beauty of Parker's profile, he had already begun his first multi hit combo, and I had to shake myself out of my trance to get my head back in the game. Jesus! A full 36 HITS???? Really? I barely blinked! Dammit!

"You're slacking, Kevin! You trying to let me win or what? There's no honor in that." He smiled.

"Oh, you're going down! I'm gonna wipe that smirk right off of your face!" I said, now getting back to the act of pummeling Parker into the IceZone dancefloor. "Looks like they're cheering me on, dude! Im wiping the FLOOR with you right now!"

"Whatever! Check this out!" With a single high kick, Parker launched me into the air and began a combo that juggled me for a couple of hits in succession. And before I could hit the floor, he triggered his super move...the camera zoomed in on his character...and the whole background went completely dark as he got ready to deliver the kill shot! "Jun Mega Focus, baby!!!" I suffered so many cinematic hits from all corners of my body that I swear I could feel them all in the pit of my stomach! The last blow flipping me, ass over elbows, in slow motion as he took the second round from me.

"GAHHH!!! You lucky son of a bitch!" I growled.

"Luck had nothing to do with it. You left yourself wide open."

"Your MOM left herself wide open...the last time I came over here when you were out of town!" I laughed, and his eyes widened as he began to crack up as well. "Oh shit! Sorry! Hahaha!"

"Dude! She's, like...right down the hall! Hehehe!" He said, but still giggling madly at the fact that I got a little bit carried away with the trash talk there for a moment. "Still...that was pretty funny though." He smiled at me, and I smiled back. His eyes met mine...and even though his bedroom door was wide open, he suddenly jerked forward to kiss me on the lips. It was quick and it was sudden...but the spontaneity of it warmed my heart just the same. I found myself short of breath...gazing upon him as though he was the most magical creature on Earth. Who knows? Maybe he was. At least to me he was.

I just hope that it won't be too much longer before we can find some time to...



I snapped back to the screen and was quick to block his initial attacks before he was able to get the jump on me like last time. I fought back and he stopped me as well. "Nice counter!" I cheered.

Back and forth we went, the timer running down as we both brought our best skills to the table and really had a serious throw down as the IceZone lights and the massive crowd screamed for us in the background. Parker got some pretty expert hits in, but then again, so did I. We were both at half energy now, doing everything that we could to win this round and break the tie. I sent out a super move as soon as I found an opportunity...letting the camera zoom in just as Dion's eyes went completely blank, causing all of his emotions to shut themselves down, unleashing a fury of spin punches and kicks on Jun that pushed him all the way back to the wall. "Noooooo!!!" Parker squealed.

"Bam, bam, bam, bam!!! You're done, dude! Completely FINISHED!!!" I said, but was surprised to see that Jun had just a sliver of energy left after my super move was finished obliterating almost everything that he had left.

Parker and I both got super nervous and started mashing buttons like crazy, trying to get one last hit in...and DAMMIT!!! He just happened to catch me with a foot sweep at the last second...giving him the third round and winning him the match.

I cried out in defeat and fell back on Parker's mattress as he stood up to gloat over his victory. "Yeah, baby!!! Who's the king??? Say my name!" He shouted, and as much as I hated to admit it...I had to give him props for a game well played.

"Alright...new characters this time. I'm done playing games with you now." I told him, trying to save some face. "I'm taking Max this time..."

Things got a bit quiet in the room for a moment, and when I looked up at Parker, he was giving me this really soft, tilted, smile...his eyes staring at me as if he were seeing me for the very first time. "Hi..." He giggled.

"Hello..." I said, feeling a definite blush take over my face without even really knowing why. And it made me wiggle slightly, just knowing that he was totally enamored with me in that one golden moment. I think we were both sort of 'stuck', and then he stepped forward as I sat up on the bed...feeling the pull between us getting even stronger as we discovered a moment of weakness that we were helpless to defend against. I heard myself whimper softly as Parker's lips connected to mine with the sweetest pressure. I can't explain why beating each other bloody in a video game was such a turn on for us today, but it's not like I was all that hard to turn on anyway when it came to him. He spun my emotions so far out of my control that my only way to hold on was the hope that he'd be able to catch me if I fall.

And I was definitely falling. Falling hard.

Our tongues began to mingle as we closed our eyes and he leaned me back on the bed...climbing on top of me. I could hear him moaning lightly, still stifling his involuntary cries of pleasure as we gave ourselves over to the feeling and risked getting caught for just a few fleeting moments of love. I could feel him pressing himself into me and my hands slid down his back to his waist. I was soooo hard that it left me breathless. And so was he. I could feel it. His stiffened length rubbing itself up against my own, causing me to tense up and completely relax simultaneously. The softness of his plush lips caused me to clutch to him even tighter. This yearning...this craving...it began to intensify. And as I felt myself beginning to lose myself in the passion surging through me, my hands slid further to tightly grab at the globes of his well sculpted ass as I raised my hips to increase the friction between us.

All to the repetitive soundtrack of that 'Gone From Daylight' fighting game's character select screen.

I'm never going to be able to play this game again without thinking about this. Hehehe!

We got away with about as much as we thought we could before Parker forced himself to pull back a little bit and look down at me, his hand gently petting my hair as he rubbed his nose against mine in the cutest way. "You're really beautiful, Kevin. You know that?"

"If you're trying to get me to throw the next match, it's not going to work..."

"Hehehe, shut up!" He said, and gave me another brief kiss on the lips. "Who's the king? Go ahead...you can say it. I won't tell."

I rolled my eyes, "For NOW...you're the king."

"Damn straight."

"I still won that first game, you know?" I told him, and we heard someone walking through the house...meaning that his nosy mom was on the prowl again to find out what we were doing.

Parker was quick to roll off of me and search for his video game controller, picking it up just seconds before she peeked her head around that open door. I tried to look for my controller too, but I think I accidentally kicked it under the bed with my heel while we were making out. Whatever...we've got our backs to her. I'll just, like...fake it, or something.

"Boys? I made a few pizza rolls in the oven. I know you said that you weren't hungry, but they're hot and ready if you guys want some." She said.

Both Parker and I were too scared to really turn around and face her. Do I look guilty? Something tells me that I might look guilty. I feel kind of guilty. Am I blushing? Shit...I'm still hard as a rock. We were both sitting on the bed and turned around from her, but I was still paranoid enough to feel like she could see my boner anyway. It was so clumsy and weird just having her be right there behind us, doing her 'detective work' like this. I mean...what if she figures out that we're acting a little bit out of character all of a sudden? What do I say? 'Sorry that I just had your hot son's tongue in my mouth a few seconds ago while letting him dry hump me on the bed?' What if she kicks me out of the house? What if she tells my mom? What if she calls the COPS??? Can she call the cops for something like this? I don't know! You can call the cops for pretty much any reason these days.

"Ok. Thanks, Mom." Parker said, starting another game to make things look legit. Thank goodness that he was thinking straight enough to answer her, because my head was dizzy with a million thoughts at once when she asked.

She walked back to the kitchen, and we both realized how long we had been holding our breaths as we finally let out a long sigh at the same time. We smiled at one another, and he leaned over to butt me with his shoulder. An affectionate collision that I was quick to return. "Jesus, that was close..."

"I know, right?" He grinned. But after a few seconds, he gave me a concerned look and said, "Look, I'm sorry about...you know...all of this."

"All of what? What do you mean?"

"Well, I wanna...spend some real time with you, ya know? I didn't expect us to be 'under surveillance' like this the whole afternoon."

"Awww, dude...it's cool. This is totally chill. I like it here." I assured him. "Besides...if this is what we can get away with under surveillance, I don't know if I'd be able to emotionally handle any situation without it. Hehehe!"

"Thanks, Kevin, but...it would be so much cooler if things were a bit different, right now. You know what I mean?" He said, slightly disappointed.

"Yeah." I said, and reached out to touch his leg. At least it made him smile. We were both still super hard though. "Say...why don't we go out or something tomorrow? Just to go."

"Go out? Where?"

"I don't know. Does it matter? At least we'll be able to talk some more. You know, without worrying about that stupid open door." I smirked.

"I could always close it, you know? There's a lock on it..."

"Yeah, and then I'll never be invited over here ever again. That would suck." I said. Then I got an idea in my head. "Let's take the train downtown tomorrow. You got a little bit of cash on you?"

"Hehehe, a little bit." He said. "Are you being serious right now? You just wanna walk around downtown and look at stuff we can't afford all day while trying not to get run over by a swarm of reckless cab drivers? Hehehe!"

"Unh unh...I was thinking..." I gave him a wicked smile. "...Let's go to the anchor."

Parker's eyes widened immediately. "Wait, what? You mean, like...Navy Pier?"

"Yeah! Dude, let's do it!" I grinned. "It wont cost us anything to just walk along the pier, chill out by the anchor for a while, and then come back. C'mon, Parker...we're lucky to live in the actual city where our all time favorite book was written, and our all time favorite movie was filmed! We can totally go out there and see it firsthand in real life."

"Hehehe, I've seen the anchor at Navy Pier before."

"Not with me, you haven't." I said bashfully, our eyes connecting again and almost pulling us in for another intimate kiss or two.

"Can't argue with that." He said softly, and flirtatiously brushed some of his pure gold locks back with his fingers as he nodded and said, "Alright. I'm game."

"Really? Cool!" I said. "We can do the whole 'Justin and Taryn' thing for real. Hehehe, it'll be awesome." I could feel the sweetest tremble in my chest, and asked, "You want to meet at Gary's comic shop tomorrow? We'll take the bus to the L train, and we can just walk to Navy Pier from there."

"I'll be there. Around noon?"

"Noon it is. Ok!"

"Cool..." He sighed, and then he looked at me and said, "You don't, like...want any pizza rolls, do you?"

I tried to play it casual, even though my mouth was starting to salivate over the idea. "I'm not really hungry."

"Me either."

"But...they are pizza rolls."

"Hot out of the oven." He said. "Cheese is still probably hot enough to burn our tongues."

"That sounds...painful..."

"And yet...so worth it." He smiled at me, and I smiled back. He quickly kissed me on the lips and jumped up to hurry towards the kitchen to grab the lion's share of the snacks, I'm sure.

"Hey! Wait up!"

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