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Teenage Discipline Memories
Welcome, this forum is here to discuss what discipline parents used when you were growing up whether it was spanking, groundng, or restrictions or a combination of either. This forum and postings should not be or contain sexual material or content.

Subject: here

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Date Posted: 17:10:19 10/13/11 Thu

Hi Aarron:

Great to hear from you. That's okay if you can't answer back right away, I find myslf with school, homework, other things I can't sometimes too!

My dad doesn't know I have discovered this forum, but I'm okay and I believe with the open mind he has that he would understand and especially my asking questions which is the purpose of the forum. As for what part of the USA I'm from, I would rather not say, and hope you will understand?

None of my buddies have sisters either, but we have girlfriends and believe it or not they get spankings at home, but don't do alot of details and comparison like me and my buddies do. It might interest you though, they get spanked bare butt by each of their mom and with a hairbrush.

Us guys have openingly discussed quite a few of spankings/paddlings with the girls, whether it happened at school or at home. For school, the girls usually know about as it's hard to keep a "secret" when any student gets a paddling from a teacher, coach or principal. Word spreads fast about a butt(s) getting "smoked"!

You metioned "watching" some fellow students in your classes get spanked/paddled of a few swats. etc.? What was it like for them to get spanked/paddled, did get it bent over and on seat of pants mostly "sit spot", do any yellping or play the Mr. Macho role? Were they embarrassed getting it in front of the class, cry, find it hard to sitdown at the desk afterwards, etc.? I bet you could have taken a paddling/spanking like this pretty good, huh?

How does one find the father/daughter/parenting sites your talking about discussing spanking? Are these TRUE HAPPENINGS? I hope not "weird" stuff, as if it was and my dad knew and discovered I "checked" those kind of sites out, I might find myslf not being able to sitdown for a week!

About my football playing, I play wide receiver and my buddies play offense too! We'd like to have an undefeated season, so we'll see.

I'm not into NFL games, unless a team is getting some ATTENTION and then I'll "check" them out on TV or in newspapers!

Our school football is taken SERIOUSLY!

That is COOL that you was a distant runner, track and cross crountry athlete. Did you and your teams have some winning seasons? Did you ever see in the locker room some red butts while undressing/dressing or came time to shower of recently paddled butts of team mates, and they become a topic of discussion? Did you set any records for your distant running or track & cross country? What years in HS did you do this? Win any awards?

It is common at our school to see on occasion a few red butts like this, and I and my buddies have been owners to display and "share" what happened to our recently paddled butt with them, etc.

You mentioned you was in college? Did you belong to a fraternity and do the paddle swats with fellow frat members? If so, how about sharing?

About the wooden paddle that my dad uses on me, it has 12 drilled holes in it, and length of the blade about 15" measures across so that both of my buttcheeks will become "crisom" red when my dad finishes with me and wideth is 4" wide, and being OTK like my dad does me, and even my buddies getting paddled this way by their dad's, my dad has enough room to swing really good and land that paddle across both my bare buttcheeks to paddle them REALLY GOOD! He has no problem swinging that paddle and making contact! BELIEVE ME!

OTK position like my dad has me, he really can get at the "sit spot" of my bare butt, and like I mentioned he usually spanks all over to make my butt red and sore, gives some licks to the top of my butt near the start of the crack area which is really tender to swats received and my dad can work his way down from that top/middle area down to my "sit spot" and he mixes the swats up to land all over, thus why I kick my legs and squirm my butt alot! My buddies's dad's spank/paddle them same way, and I mentioned I've been spanked by their dad(s) and mine has spank/paddled them when needed-resultings in alot of "SMOKING BUNS!"

So you tried the ole Clench buttcheeks routine too, huh and your uncle discovered you doing it, but didn't tell you to stop it but gave your buttcheeks extra, harder licks to see if you would and YOU DID? Those swats had to made your buttcheeks "dance" I bet? How many extra swats you figure you earned doing that?

You mentioned you was a skinny guy? Did you have kinda of a skinny/athletic small built butt your uncle paddled? I'm skinny myslf and my butt is kinda of small in size, not big cheeks, despite I have heighth, and weightlifting has made them tight; besides what God and Mother Nature have given me. That paddle my dad uses or those I've gotten at school really tan the cheeks up, like your commented and I will admit too, CRISOM RED BUTTCHEEKS for end results. (Pardon the pun there).

I get the "point" in your color description, like your butt got and mine does too. I like your descripted word "bulls eyes" what a drilled hole paddle will leave on a butt, whether it is bare or jean-covered; no matter what, those "cherry red rings" APPEAR! Sometimes can leave raised "spots" and those are what a guy really wanted to RUB feverishly to stop from hurting! I belive from my own paddling and watching buddies get their bare butt paddled, that from each swat the paddle leaves a raised "ring" and then another swat on top of the raised "ring" again really adds extra pain. Would you agree? It would be like hitting that raised "ring" and then swatting it to try to flatten it down from the raised position, thus making the buttcheeks field they are on all the more sore!

I'm wondering now, and I won't know until I expeirence it, if the stand up, put your hands on wall or closet frame while bent over some, paddling I want to "check out" and my buddies do too, if that will REALLY cause bare butt sticking out to HURT more then OTK paddling, and that is what I want to know.

Like I say I got a tight butt and getting paddled in the stand up position I could see about clenching my buttcheeks tighter and see if there will be less pain, or if my dad will notice and tell me to stop it, after all this paddling will be for real and for punishment! My dad won't be afraid to tell me to stop, but like I say when I get it OTK of dad he doesn't know if I'm clenching of what!

Hey, you mentioned some guys you know got paddlings, bend over with their butt stuck up into the air and placed their hands on their knees? Who came up with the idea to spank that way? I bet that position can cause to real "damage" to a bare or covered butt? Was this done some in your school by teachers when they paddled or your principal? Did coaches in your school paddle for discipline? Some have at our school, and my butt alone or with buddies' butts have been "SMOKED" getting paddled! Private and in front of the team! What a show at shower time I bet you can imagine for all to see, I bet you think? It was!

You talked about or asked if any I or buddies ever got a strap applied to our butts, bare or covered? Never have or I'm not sure I would like to. That would really hurt-BAD! One of the guys at school got his dad's belt used on him, he was made to lay on his bed, had a pillow placed underneath to raise his butt up more for a better target and so his dad could easily strap his "sit spot" and he told how his dad would bring the strap/belt right down on top of this buttcheeks, too!


His butt was dark color then that, and he didn't feel like sitdowning for a couple of days or tried to and hurt to much!

I believe you just got the paddle, no belt or do I need to check back in your original thread to see for sure?

I wouldn't want a belt used on me, laying down on bed or standing up for it to make contact with my bare butt, but I believe my dad will just stick to using the paddle on me and not a belt seeing how cooperative I try to be and he sees the after effects on my butt after paddling has done good to leave me with a sore, red butt with pain!

Oh, you wanted to know how old I am? I'm a HS Freshman, age 14!

Yup, I consider myslf LUCKY and my buddies do too, that we each have a caring dad who will take the time to paddle us to punishment us so we won't want to do "other serious things" that could get us into trouble. LIke I say, I'll take a paddling any olday, maybe my butt won't agree that I made the decision, but I guese "it" can and has gotten used to accept what I and "it" gets! Have a loving dad, and I will do anything to plese him, including to try to be a well-mannered/well behaved teenager, but it doesn't happen all of the time!

That paddle hangs in my room, I'm not ashamed for my buddies to see it, know they know that it has made contact with my bare butt, and they have witnessed it to see it happen before as I don't know if I mentioned or not but, I've gotten paddled in front of them with it by my dad and my dad has used it on ther butts to "SMOKE" their cheeks when they've done wrong and have their dad's permission to paddle them and I've gotten paddled by their dad's before for to, and all have been bare butt and not embarrassed to have happened!

That was a neat phrase: "RED BADGE OF COURAGE" you commented about my paddle hanging for all to see and talk about. That paddle sure leaves RED, and it take courage for me to cooperate when I HAVE to get my bare butt paddled! It would be worse if I didn't! I'd hate to think of what color ups past "CRISOM" which my bare butt would be painted that color if I didn't cooperate. What do think it would be for a color? Some buddies joke, "I have a fire engine red" butt!

So for the standing up paddling that I want my dad to give me to compare, I'll keep my mouth shut and let him do as he wants and sees he needs to do to paddle up my butt. It's to be punishment and would be CRAZY for me to give instructions. Knowing my dad, he'd say, "Travis, who is the father here and who owns the butt that needs paddling? I don't need instructions. I've done a pretty good job so far, young man. Will you agree?"

This would be where I would answer back to him, "Yes, sir!" and more then likely rub my bare butt, before it get's paddled and I don't want to make my dad anymore angry to give him ideas to make the paddling worse, which I'm sure you'll agree?

Thus, going back to my safety concern and my dad finding out that this idea for a stand up paddling was suggested online, and not from a close buddy I assciate with everday inperson at school or in the neighborhood!

About that lexan paddle, until I find out more about that myslf I'm not asking my dad about it and giving him ideas. I bet that "thing" could paddle up a bare butt worse then wood, but I'm NOT that curious yet to find out!

Aarron, I appreciate your sharing answers and comments with me. I hope we can continue to do so, and I will be glad to share "THE END RESULTS" what I experience to receiving a stand-up paddling like you got; and I have buddies who plan on suggestion MAYBE to see if their dad's might "SMOKE" their buns like this, too!

Gotta go..keep in touch and I will too. Nice Talking with you, dude!
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Subject: Worse than anything.

LeeAnna (:*()
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Date Posted: 17:33:20 12/08/11 Thu

While most people say that their parents spanked them with their pants down my dad, and notice I did say dad, was worse. So my dad is a BIG man and a very strong man. So my spankings hurt no matter what, but the worst of all was when HE forced me to remove both my pants and my underwear. I am a girl! Do you know how long my ass effing hurt after that? Plus his belt has an inscription on it! It was never fair either! If my mom yelled at my brother, dad would find some reason to yell at me and give me a belt. Mom tried to protect me but most of the time she couldn't. Plus since my dad is perverted so is my little bro so that means when I would get the spankings, he would be around a corner somewhere watching.
Subject: Re: Spanking with a jock strap or g-string

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Date Posted: 09:55:32 12/23/11 Fri

I feel all spankings, strappings or paddlings should be bare but would be ok with jock, g-string, thong etc.>Coach, what kind of paddle do you use on the boys
>Shape,size, thickness, material, etc.
>Also, do teachers spank boys in class, or in private?
>I find it strange that female teachers are not allowed
>to spank the boys.
>>Misbehaving in the showers is a safety issue and under
>>my supervision is an automatic paddling, almost always
>>a minimum of 3 pops and sound ones at that.
>>Depending on the misbehavior I might order the student
>>or students immediately out the shower, tell them to
>>get dressed and then report to me or indicate once
>>they have finished showering and dressing to report to
>>me. Either way I paddle the culprits and send them on
>>their way with a sore bottom.
>>Spanking the student with my hand on the spot would be
>>a violation of the school guidelines for administering
>>corporal punishment.
>>No, if a female teacher needed one of the boys in her
>>class to be paddled another male teacher would
>>administer the punishment.
>>>>It's a junior high, students in all grades can be
>>>>disciplined with a paddling.
>>>>The principal, most teachers and coaches can paddle.
>>>>Whether a student is paddled over his school pants
>>>>pe shorts just depends on the circumstances. Never
>>>What if a boy misbehaves during showers? Do you tell
>>>him to put on his pants first before you spank him,
>>>just spank him nude on the spot?
>>>Maybe just a hand spanking on his bare butt will do
>>>the crime is not too serious and does not merit a
>>>Do female teachers also spank the boys? Is this done
>>>in class or in private?
Subject: Spanked

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Date Posted: 21:52:21 12/10/11 Sat

Lance and Leeann reminded me of my own spankings. I know how Lance feels as a teenager getting his bare bottom spanked in front of his mother, as both my parents spank me and my sister and usually the other parent watches.
But Lance you are lucky if ONLY our mother sees u get spanked, like Leeann's brother sees her get it I am also spanked in front of my younger sister but at least I also see her spankings so I feel sorry for Leeann if her brother spies on her spankings but doesn't get it also. How old r u Leeann?
I am 19 now and not spanked much, but all thru high school I got my panties pulled down alot and now I still worry about it when I'm home from college - and my sister still gets it.
Interested in sharing more if you want,
Subject: Is a 13 year old to old to spank?

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Date Posted: 05:57:15 12/10/11 Sat

I'm 13 years old, and my dad spanks me bare butt using a paddle while bent over a chair.

I think my dad should stop spanking me like this and change to using some other kind of punishment for me.

Sure the spankings hurt, but having to bare my butt now at my age is starting to be embarrassing, even in front of my dad.

Sometimes my Mom watches me getting spanked like this, and she sees all me up front before I'm made to bend over and then she stands there to see how red my butt is getting!

Any comments?
Subject: Spanking Upgrades

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Date Posted: 19:37:38 12/01/11 Thu

My parents used spanking as punishment almost exclusively on me from age 5 to about 16. Obviously during that long time stretch the spankings changed with age. You can say that my spankings got upgraded. I recall spankings at my youngest being nothing more than going over my father's lap for a few swats of his hand. My dad then upgraded to his belt. At those times, i got spanked on the spot. No talking, no funny business just a belt wrapped around my jeans once or twice. My next upgrade was the 'after dinner' spankings. These spankings would be the more formal type where we (bro and me) would get lectured before taking our turn with the belt. The number swats received also increased...while before we would get one or two...now we would be looking at 6 or more to the seat of our pants. However, the most memorable upgrade happened when i was about 12. I still remember sitting at the dinner table while my mom told my dad the trouble i had caused that day...most of it involved the neighbor's kids and making a mess of their basement (not important). My dad then said the famous words that we all knew meant something different, 'Son, sounds like you and me need to have a little talk.' I had heard these words before and knew exactly what 'talk' meant. I actually had had a 'talk' with my father a couple weeks prior. The next words I never expected to hear - my mom says, 'Hope you're wearing thick pants!' My dad quickly added, 'That's not going to matter.' I obviously heard this but i did not really know what was meant. So I started preparing myself for the belt - I hated getting the belt. The sound of the crack on my butt, the sting, followed by the warm uncomfortable feeling. Hated it. The only saving grace was my dad did the belt rapid fire. He would lay ten licks in 5 seconds. Sure it felt like forever at the time, but he could have dragged it out, but he did not. So that night, the time had arrived and so the routine goes, my dad led me into the basement where an old couch and chair sat in a corner. We talked (he lectured) about being of the age of becoming a man and needing to take full responsibility for my actions, learning from mistakes and not repeating them. The actual talking portion this time seemed to take a long time and really started getting anxious - i could not tell if he had decided not to spank me at all or if he was really pissed. Perhaps the thick pants didn't matter because a belt was not involved? My dad finished talking and stood up from the chair. I was still sitting on the couch. He took his belt off and ordered me to stand up. I guess I was getting the belt afterall i thought. I started tensing up inside thinking about the swats. I stood up and so far everything was going as it did 2 weeks prior. Next my dad would say to get over the end of the couch and the belting would start. He didn't...he stood for a second and said, 'we need to stop having these talks - pull your pants down!' I stood there frozen. He said again to pull the pants down. A panic ran through my body. Sure as a little kid, my hand swats may have been pants down once or twice. but here, my dad is holding a belt and ordering pants down. I started to cry and plead. My dad stood firm and told me that I needed to learn respect and to drop the pants. I still could not do it. My hands could not move to my pants waist. He reached with his hand and unbuttoned my jeans, tugged on them to until they were a few inches below my underwear and bent me over his propped up leg. I think he knew i was in too much of a panic to bend over as normal. He laid 6 on me and then announced that the next 3 were for not cooperating. I was sobbing and my ass was on fire. I had never felt anything like that before. The belt is a completely different animal on the pants than it is pants down. My dad made sure he covered my ass with that belt. That session kept me straight for months. Sure it was only 9 swats but it was nothing I had felt before. My dad and I did have more 'talks' and this became the new norm. I knew better now and cooperated better-maybe not fully cooperated-but enuf to take the swats. Who else had a memorable spanking upgrade?
Subject: Email me

Marie downes
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Date Posted: 07:18:12 11/28/11 Mon

Hi i'm marie i have an irish dad and a mom from texas i got my butt busted growing up any girls or guys want to email me
Subject: Girls getting spanked

Neva (Happy)
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Date Posted: 06:37:50 11/24/11 Thu

l get spanked lots of times for being naughty, l always deserve it
Sometimes its a hand on my bare bottom while l'm over the knee or sometimes it's a paddle on my bare bottom while l'm laying on the sofa
Subject: Spanking a younger sib

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Date Posted: 16:04:32 11/09/11 Wed

I was beginning to think that little sister had wised-up and learned how to behave. She has gone more than a month without a spanking. Until today, anyway.

She was supposed to come home from school directly today. It is her turn to do some cleaning and Mom had told her that she had to be home and doing her chores before doing anything else. She should have been home by 3. I got home at 4:30 and she was not home and her chores were not touched. I started the chores for her and she waltzed in after 5.

Mom will be home soon and she is just now finishing her chores with my help. Just like before, she is begging me to not tell.

I have agreed to not tell except she has to give me half of her allowance for the week; my labor has value. She is also getting a spanking from me tonight. Mom is going to her 2nd job tonight. After Mom leaves, little sister has a date over my lap.
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