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Teenage Discipline Memories
Welcome, this forum is here to discuss what discipline parents used when you were growing up whether it was spanking, groundng, or restrictions or a combination of either. This forum and postings should not be or contain sexual material or content.

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Date Posted: 17:29:30 10/13/11 Thu

Hey Travis, somehow my message & your reply got buried in archives & there it has no way to reply, so here's another start over.

First the CNN special last night was an hour & thought it was good. Sad in away to hear tales of bullying. Found out there will be a continuing segment each evening all this week. If folks allow tv & doesn't interfere with studies or homework, you might want to check it out on AC-360 program. Sounds like they might do the hour replay next weekend too.

So this was your first time to get swats at school for a smarting-off mouth?? Guess the previous ones then in K-8 were other violations. Always have a male teacher/princial that did the swats or a few females too?

We didn't have any firm phrase for a visit to the office, but some guys would say growing up I recall it was "The Trip" or "The Walk". The time mom said I threatened her & dad took me to our basement for a strap whipping, he said something like--we're taking a trip to the basement. It was to intimidate me a little I think to freak me some that it was going to be a WORST tanning. When your dad has shared stories of his boyhood spankings, he say he got another at home if paddled at school?? In your opinion, is it better at your age to bend over like done at school or over the lap as your dad does your paddlings?

When we 3 reported after school as instructed, the paddle was already out & lying there for 'action' when we got there & he picked it up toward the tail end of our chew out. I was #2 of the 3 of us to assume position. I too thought---this can't be happening!! In another weird way, I wanted it to happen I guess cause other guys I knew had gotten swats at school & I wondered what it felt like--I sure found out. All 3 of us had a big red patch dead center & lower butt cheeks. No welts but small ringlets where holes in paddle bit us. The damage check was just a guys thing routine. I did a subtle rub taking out my billfold & comb to bend over & for sure after.

When you & dad talked after dinner, you said it was in the bedroom--your parents' room or your room?

The prickly heat feeling made briefs stick to skin & jeans just rubbed in general the surface. It was more reaching back to pull jeans & shorts away from skin than a rub. I was some uncomfortable sitting at the table but didn't squirm or wince or give any indications cause I didn't want any questions ask as to why!! No never did tell folks.

Gotta go for now Travis. Hope your week stays cool dude
Subject: Anybody like to email may especially girls

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Date Posted: 09:31:47 10/20/11 Thu

Would anybody like to share emails about their spankings girls especially but men welcome also
Subject: here

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Date Posted: 17:30:44 10/13/11 Thu

Hi Aarron:

Good to hear from you again, and glad I'm not bothering you? I sure appreciate you answering my questions, and I will yours as well.

Glad to hear you believe your uncle was "fair" in giving the paddlings to you, and somewhat to your sis, but I still believe he should have allowed her to be just bare bottom.

You mentioned you stood in your closet doorway frame more as a teen getting paddled then your sis. It's suppose to be like that, dude! At least my parents have talked about it this way and you read studies in the newspapers where it's normal and natural for us guys to get more paddlings then girls.

I think it's because we take more "risks" and think we won't get caught at it. I know I've done some stupid things growing up and never figured my butt would have to pay the price for my "risk taking", and I bet growing up you had your share of "taking risks" and I know I have and you probably did too, but there were times I didn't think it was wrong to do somethings until I was discovered, challenged why I did and was told it was wrong to and that I had to be punished to teach me a lesson to not do that again. Sometimes it took and a few times I was a "repeater" at it and got my butt smoked again for a message to learn from.

Did you growing up, young and as a teen, find yourself like this, maybe doing something and you got into trouble and maybe paddled and then you did it again later on and got a paddling worse? I have, and my butt got paddled longer for a lesson that I should have listened the first time!

Yup, in warm weather months I usually just wear shorts and boxers underneath and no shirt, unless I have to if I'm going to place, etc. I get a really good tanning this way, of course my butt remains as white as snow unless I earn it a "tanning" and then I'm completely nude for awhile. I wear sandals, no socks, so that's my warm weather clothing. Was you into dressing like this growing up? If you was, then when you earned yourself a paddling you didn't have much to take off either!

I play baseball and some basketball during summertime because I play them during school months, and football too, so sometimes I dressed accordingly. Speaking of football, our team won last night and we are undefeated for the season.

Sometimes during not so warm weather months I go shirtless around our house, so those are times you can say I've gotten paddled sooner in the nude, too!

You mentioned seeing some paddles at school when you attened, but you never yourself got paddled? How'd you come to see those paddles? Witness some buddies of yours getting swats?

I've had to do that before when I got into some mischief at school while growing up, I and some buddies and I got school paddlings together by principals, teachers and a few coaches! Nothing serious now for the mischief, but we were told our behavior was not acceptable. We found that out again at home when each of our dad's paddled us again!

I like your idea to tell my dad that a "buddy" gets paddled standing in the doorway frame of their room closet and not bent over to get their butt paddled, and maybe I could see what effect if there would be any different for paddling?

How's that, to ask or suggest to my dad? Like I say, and you said it too, I'm getting paddlings for punishment and not for fun and there suppose to hurt my butt to help remind me my behavior is not acceptable when I do something wrong, so really my dad is calling the shots how I should get paddled.

I talked to a few buddies of mine last night, about this standing up paddling and not bent over, and they are curious to what difference in "pain effect" of more or less it might have.

Question for you, that was brought up, and you kind of answered it some in a previous thread you and I talked about. I asked you that while you got paddled standing up because your butt isn't bent over to be tight if the paddle swats might have caused your buttcheeks to "bounce" some and make the paddling hurt more and you mentioned that sometimes your cheeks "danced" you thought.

Would it have helped you better if you had thought to clench your butt cheeks tight together so there wouldn't be any "bounce" and maybe cause less pain, or didn't you think about doing this or didn't know it mattered and would help you feel maybe less from the paddle swats?

You agreed about if a person is bent over, like me how I get my butt paddled over my dad's lap that my butt would feel the paddle swats more and hurt by not being loose. For sure, for me, and probably because I have tight butt cheeks (it's probably resulted from my lifting weights for conditioning for school sports and I've been blessed by God and Mother Nature to have?) and I will feel the swats on my bare butt more when spanked.

One of my buddies mentioned he was told that if a person bent over getting spanked, and it would work while standing up getting spanked I bet in your case, that if the person getting spanked clenched their butt cheeks tight together while getting all their spanking swats that a person's butt would "hurt less" for pain.

Neither of us have heard this until now, but did you ever and would you agree that to be the truth? Did you ever try that while getting paddled standing up, or think to, to clench your butt cheeks together to try to get less pain to your butt, and did your uncle tell you not to do this if he knew you were doing this?

I'm not trying to be funny or a wiseguy, really Aarron!

My buddy mentioned that a buddy of his told him this, and the buddy said he did it sometimes and it worked for him, but last few times his dad "discovered" he was doing this and told him "to stop the clenching and keep his butt cheeks loose so his butt could feel the punishment pain it and he deserved for getting into trouble!"

So, I'm wondering if a guy would do this, if it really works for getting less pain to your butt? I've been thinking about trying this "clenching" next time I get paddled, but like I mentioned I have a tight, firm butt as it is and don't know if it would help me or not. All I know is that my bare butt really gets sore and hurts, like it's suppose to, when I get paddled laying over my dad's lap, but I guess this might be another "experiment" to try and check out?

If my dad agrees to paddling me standing up, I could try the clenching of my butt cheeks to see if there is really any truth in this theory or not, less pain, unless you have informantion to share that you did this getting paddled/spanked standing up?

You are right about being bent over my dad's lap is the "classic" spanking/paddling position to "safely" spank a bare butt. I guess the tailbone would be up higher so there would be less chance to accidentally hit it to cause hurt and damage to it.

Reason my dad likes this way, and I do too, is that my dad has a better way to "pin" me down and my butt is positioned great for spanking. My dad holds me close up to him with his left arm across my back, and my butt is centered and my legs free to allow me to "kick" some, which my dad allows if I don't do alot of squirming and try to get off his lap, but of course the paddling HURTS and I will do some squriming and kicking of legs which he says and I agree is "natural" for a guy to do, and it tells my dad that his paddling me is doing good, besides him watching my bare butt turn from white to red and sore for hurt!

And to have the holes drilled in the paddle to "add" extra hurt is, like you say, "should be an extra insentive to keep from having my dad to apply it to my butt!"

I'll agree to that!

I try to not get into trouble or mischief, and I try to remember how that ole paddle feels across my bare butt, swatting it until it's red and sore and "ON FIRE!", but I slip up sometimes, and you did I bet too, because you got several "stand up" spankings in that closet door frame, right?

Did you forget sometimes, how that ole paddle of your uncle's felt on your bare butt?

Speaking of paddles, where did your uncle keep that paddle at he used on you and your sis? My paddle my dad uses on me hangs on a nail beside of my bed in my bedroom. It served two purposes there: (1) it's suppose to remind me to be good and (2) it's easy and quick to get to when my dad needs to use it on me as most of my paddlings take place in my bedroom!

So, you say you heard about a Lexan Paddle and it's made of a high grade plastic and is not suppose to cause brusing like a wooden paddle does, but still gives the "BURN"? I wonder how bad a "BURN"? Worse then wood? It would have to be flexible some, wouldn't it so it wouldn't crack or break? Having drilled holes would really "BURN" too!

Sounds kind of wicked! I hope my dad doesn't know or discover about a Lexan Paddle. I don't think I care to find out. I'll stick with the "wood finish" my dad tans to with!

My dad does a "GREAT JOB" paddling me and he doesn't bruse my bare butt doing it, and maybe he's "checked" into how not to? Did any of the paddlings your uncle gave you caused your butt to be brused, other then the "normal" fire engine read after a paddling? I get that color and crisom red sometimes and not so red...maybe more a dark pink...get the picture?

Standing up paddling needs to have the swats more to the butt on the "sit spot"? Wonder if I will have to tell me dad this, for safety purposes? That is, if I can get him to try paddling me in this position! Can't have swats to the middle of the butt? Check!

Are you laughing, about all of this? I know, I'm a crazy teenager guy, wanting to try something "new" right?

Hey, that was nice of you to say all the neat stuff about agreeing that my dad doesn't like paddling me, even though it's his fatherly duty to help keep me in line with love by paddling me. I know he doesn't like to paddle me, but I'm glad he does. It's better punishment then getting grounded like some kids at school get, and this punishment WORKS for me and my dad!

It sounds corny, probably, but my dad has said the old line, "son, I hate doing this, paddling you! It hurts me too, sometimes more to have to do it, but I do it with love and I care about you and if your doing something your not suppose to be doing I would rather you feel pain on your butt, discomfort now, and not have to feel more pain in some other way or situation that you or I couldn't get you out of!"

I know it's hard for him, Aarron! I love my dad, and for him wanting to do this for me. I have buddies who's dad's do and feel the same way in paddling them and caring about them this way, too!

I guess America would be better off, if there were more BOTTOMS UP getting punished this way?

Thanks for you advice, that "if a bad idea pops into my head, that I should remember how the feel of the hardwood was, popping on my bare butt, and that will convince me it might not be a good idea after all!"

Your a great friend to tell me this, thanks Aarron. Nice talking with you, and I look forward to hear from you when you have time.
Subject: here

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Date Posted: 17:28:30 10/13/11 Thu

its moderated and the perverts are kept out:

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