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Subject: Straight forward question - Any woman here enjoy the sight of a naked young boy ?

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Date Posted: 02:25:46 01/28/15 Wed

Pleeeeeeeeeeease be honest and don't worry about being judged .I am asking the question and i wont judge you
Subject: punishment

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Date Posted: 09:14:20 02/27/15 Fri

My mum and her sisters used to burn me with cigarettes as a punishment or to make me do things they would also beat me with a hairbrush or their hands on my penis and if I got erect they would laugh and do it harder then make me kneel with my mouth open and use me as an ashtray while taking turns to burn me i loved every minute of it
Subject: Re: strict petticoat discipline

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Date Posted: 19:18:24 03/08/15 Sun

My son is 12 now, and I still require him to wear very short pants for dressing up. He wants to wear long pants like the older boys but I prefer to see him dressed like the little boy he still is. He makes a big fuss when it's time to get dressed up but I am very strict with him about wearing short pants. I lay out the clothes he will wear on his bed and place beside them one of his nighttime diapers and a rubber panty along with his leather strap. If he puts up any resistance he knows I will give him the strap and then put the diaper and rubber panty on with his little shorts over. Usually I am able to get the short dress pants on him without too much trouble.
Subject: New forums on Female Superiority & Petticoating

FS Forum Moderator (Welcoming smile)
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Date Posted: 08:38:31 03/23/15 Mon

Readers of this forum may also be interested in two forums I moderate under the direction of different Superiors:

Female Superiority:


Please visit and post.

Your obedient servant,

Subject: aunt use enema

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Date Posted: 09:23:50 09/28/14 Sun

my name is sally 16 -yrs- my father and mother was died and I live with my aunt called Jane.
my aunt Janet is sadistic woman when she want to punish me she use enema.
she asking me to pulled my panties down and lay on my stomach on bed then she insert the enema nozzle into my anus .
I'm poor girl .what can I do ..I live with sadistic woman.
Subject: Tickling

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Date Posted: 19:25:28 01/04/15 Sun

Anyone thugh of tickling as a kind of soft punishment, for one the boy or girl have done something bad but not that much to spank them. It happens that my son really goes ballistic as soon as I tuoch him (where I know he's sensitive) and is also really embarrising for him, specially in front of family or friends.
Have thught about it? any experiencies or recomendations?
Subject: Do any women here spank boys bare in front of visitors or friends?

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Date Posted: 19:16:46 02/28/15 Sat

My stepmom would often spank me completely bare in a standing position in front of her friend.
Subject: Hard spankings for boys 11 to 13

Another mum
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Date Posted: 12:38:15 02/10/15 Tue

Wondering how many here administer hard bare bottom spankings to your sons age 11 to 13? I believe this is the best age for teaching young boys a good lesson. How old is your son, and how do you do it?
Subject: Children spanking

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Date Posted: 05:06:55 01/22/15 Thu

I am mom to 3 kids, a son, 12,a stepson, 8, and stepdaughter 9. I also care for my 3 nieces and nephew 13, 11, 9 and 7.
I would like to chat with other parents about their spankings.

I am looking for someone to provide detailed instruction for my girls on how to spank the boys, from undressing to inspection to after the spanking. I have decided that they should be allowed to assist with spankings.
Subject: Re: Moms(or any other women) using very naughty techniques to punish or humiliate son(other boys)

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Date Posted: 05:10:20 01/13/15 Tue

Are there any other women here that use a "by the balls" approach, by either holding, or squeezing the son's (or husband's) testicles?

I find this a very good way to encourage cooperation!
Subject: Woolworth humiliation.

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Date Posted: 13:29:31 01/17/15 Sat

If you remember when Woolworth's was still around they used to sell these stretchy nylon shorts of all colours. They were fine for boys up to the age of about 13 however would get increasingly tight for older boys. Unfortunately my mother decided at the time that these made perfect play shorts. At 16-18 they did fit but were drum tight over my buttocks. They were also pull up style with no flies. When I was 16 my mother bought 12 pairs of the things. She said they made perfect cheap play shorts for me. They left nothing to the imagination. The stretched nylon molded itself around my buttocks and crotch. They also offered very little protection when I was punished. Not least because they were so tight I wore them with no underwear. They also had these bright and garish colours. One pair bright red, another navy another yellow and yet another a strong pink. It was intensely humiliating wearing such shorts but my mother said that I should be grateful that she got such a good cheap deal.

I once went over the back of a chair and my mother caned me over those shorts. She gave me 12 strokes, some of which landed on the portion of my buttocks revealed when the shorts rode up. The caning was agony and the marks remained for at least a couple of weeks.
Subject: Erect Penis During Punishment, Though Small, is No Obstacle to Sending Junk E-Mails

Billy Carter (pinkly enthusiastic)
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Date Posted: 13:07:17 02/15/15 Sun

Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion on the topic of whether spamming is naturally correlated with small penis size. There was no evidence, but everyone had a theory.

Finally, someone has gotten some real information. American Lawyer Media has looked into it, taking advantage of their convenient position on the front lines of unsolicited mailing and their general genital inadequacy.

It is exactly as you suspected. Not only do the ladies reject them for obvious reasons, but it turns out that everyone hates them because of the unsolicited commercial e-mail.

If you need more information, get in touch with any of the experts:
  • bcarter@alm.com
  • cseering@alm.com
  • dbrown@alm.com
  • fwhite@alm.com
  • jlitvack@alm.com
  • klitvack@alm.com
  • kmichielsen@alm.com
  • lizzo@alm.com
  • mmiller@alm.com

If you want to be informed of the next study, or if you need to have your mailbox filled with pink goodness, you should talk to the next level support personnel --

Remember, all the mail is fully guaranteed. If you find any of the spam to be of inadequate quality, just write and a fresh supply will be furnished. New York's finest pink mailers will just punish your electronic mailbox!
Subject: Anyone else use nappies for punishments?

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Date Posted: 22:15:34 09/07/14 Sun

I have a daughter who is 7 and I use nappies on her to correct her behaviour.

Just 2 days ago I had a friend of mine round who has a 6 year old son. My daughter thought it was funny to throw toys at him so I decide that she was going to get nappies for at least the next 4 weeks.

When she did it I grabbed her and pulled her over my knee. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers and smacked her bum as hard as I could. My friends son was given front row seats in seeing the entire punishment take place so as to increase the distress for my daughter. I sent my friend to get the changing mat, nappies some wipes and the packet of suppositories I keep in a wardrobe in my bedroom for these occasions.
When my friend got the stuff down I took her skirt off as well and kept her over my knee. I then gave 2 supps to the boy and let him put them in. This my daughter really squirmed to.
I then pushed my finger up to make sure they were high enough and then I put her nappy on. As usual the rules were no taking her nappy off or she would get a 2 hour spanking and a painful enema and the toilet was locked.
She was dressed in just her tshirt and her nappy.
I then stuffed a dummy in her mouth. She is allowed to remove it to speak, eat or drink but that's it and then it goes right back in. Disobaying that rule gets the same punishment as taking her nappy off.
When the supps started to work and she did a big poo in her nappy my friends son started to laugh. I didn't stop him in fact I encouraged it as this is what she deserved. I then got her back over my knee and let him rub the mess all over her bum. I changed her 2 hours later.
Subject: my sister use a belt for punishment

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Date Posted: 06:30:05 01/22/15 Thu

I'm Robert 14 old I live with my sister and her boyfriend.
my sister 29 old she is pregnant so she is nervous.
when my sister want to punish me she spanking me with a belt on my bare buttocks.
why my sister do this with me.
Subject: short trousers

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Date Posted: 03:19:15 01/23/15 Fri

My mother's most shockingly absurd punishment was to put me back into short trousers for the slightest misdemeanour.
To make the punishment most effective the shorts had to be inordinately brief and snug.To add to the embarrassment and humiliation the time I had to spend wearing shorts was entirely at my mother's and it was obvious to other people why I was wearing them.
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