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Subject: 60 Years Ago

No name
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Date Posted: 07:43:22 10/22/14 Wed

Colorado - Sharon Kay Ritchie – 18 - dramatic monologue – “The Murder of Lucrice”
1RU Oregon - Dorothy Mae Johnson – 18 – dramatic monologue – “MacBeth”
2RU Chicago - Florence Gallagher – 21 - vocal - “Love is Where You Find It”
3RU North Carolina - Clara Faye Arnold – 18 – dramatic monologue – “Sabrina Fair” – PSS
4RU Oklahoma - Ann Campbell - 21 – speech / furniture design display - PSS
Top 10
Alabama - Patricia Byrd Huddleston – 21 - operatic vocal – “Pace pace mio dio”(La Forza del Forstino) - PT
Arizona - Beth Andre – 18 - comedy monologue – “What Do I Do Now, Mr. McLeod?”
Florida - Sandra Wirth – 19 – fire baton twirling – “St. Louis Blues” - PT
Hawaii - Barbara Mamo Vieira – 22 - Hawaiian Hula dance / vocal – “Blue Hawaii” - PSS
Massachusetts - Virginia E. Maffucci – dramatic monologue – “The Button” - PT
Arkansas - Charlene "Cherie" Marie Bowers – 18 - vocal – “I Want to Be Evil”
California - Barbara Jane Harris – 20 - vocal – “Over the Rainbow”
Canada - Dalyce Gail Smith – 23 - dramatic monologue – “The Yukon”
Connecticut - Audrey Vivian Figlar - 20- Charleston dance
Delaware - Joanne Loraine Sakowski – 19 – vocal
District of Columbia - Judith Anne Dunkle – 19 - vocal
Georgia - Jeanine Aleatrice Parris – 22 - dramatic monologue
Idaho - Judy Lynn Voiten – 19 - vocal / guitar – “Western Folk Song Medley”
Illinois - Marian Elizabeth Cox – 20 - vocal – “If I Loved You”(Carousel)
Indiana - Carolyn Sue Turner – 19 - chalk talk
Iowa - Kay Taylor – 20 - tap dance – “French Maids Dreaming of Marriage”
Kansas - Gail White -19 - piano
Kentucky - Ann Shirley Gillock - 20 - organ
Louisiana - Jan Aline Johnston – 18 - dramatic monologue
Maine - Janice Elaine Vaughan – 18 - dramatic monologue
Maryland - Carol Jennette – 20 - fashion display / speech – “How to Pack a Suitcase”
Michigan - Margaret Ellen Devereaux -20 - piano
Minnesota - Marlyse Lee Reed – 20 - dramatic monologue – “L’Aiglon (The Eaglet King of Rome)”
Mississippi - Carolyn Cochran –19 - dramatic monologue
Missouri - Sharon Frances Knickmeyer –20 - filmed synchronized swimming - NFT
Montana - Berta Mae Huebl – 21 - vocal
Nebraska - Sandra Elizabeth Speicher – 20 - speech – “Teaching Handicapped Students”
Nevada - Vivienne Mae Potter –21 - dramatic monologue – “An Address to the Jury”
New Hampshire - Margaret Aldred Johnson – 18 - dramatic monologue
New Jersey - Patricia Elmira Campbell – 18 - dance
New York City - Diana Deutsch – 18 - art sketching
North Dakota - Mary Ann Gibbs – 18 - vocal
Ohio - Marguerite Elizabeth Garr – 18 - vocal / autoharp – “Old Black Joe”
Pennsylvania - Pam Ulrich – 23 - dramatic monologue – “Prayer Recitation”
Puerto Rico - Gladys Rodriguez –18 - withdrew due to illness
Rhode Island - Claire May Emerson – 23 - dramatic monologue
South Carolina - Martha Dean Chestnut – 19 - piano
South Dakota - Connie Darlene White -20 - piano
Tennessee - Patricia Anne Williams – 19 - operatic vocal – “The Student Prince”
Texas - June Prichard – 23 - filmed rodeo horseback riding
Utah - Suzanne Poulton – 21 - dramatic reading
Vermont - Phyllis R. Reich – 18 - vocal / dance
Virginia - Betty Sue Mathews – 19 - vocal – “There’s No Business Like Show Business”
West Virginia - Mary Lou Fryman – 21 - operatic vocal – “Italian Street Song”
Wisconsin - Margaret Carolynne Walls – 18 - toe tap dance
PPS - North Carolina - Clara Faye Arnold – 18, 5’3, 107#, 35-24-35, blonde, blue
PSS - Oklahoma – Ann Campbell – 21, 5’6, 117#, 36-24-36, brown, brown
PSS - Hawaii – Barbara Vieira – 22, 5’8, 130#, 36-24-36, brown, brown
Florida - Sandra Wirth won preliminary talent even though she dropped her baton twice. The newspaper report said she received overwhelming applause from the audience because her twirling was so exciting.
Miss Idaho's talent may have included yodeling, but not certain
If anyone has more information or knows of missing talent song/play/etc. selections please let us know.
Thank you.

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Subject: This is for Mallory Hagan or any other pageant girl who can relate

No name
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Date Posted: 20:25:15 10/22/14 Wed

When you first moved to new York what did you do to make new friends? I'm about to move from a very small town to Atlanta and I don't know anyone. I've never had to "make friends" because my friends have been the same people since first grade. The reason why I'm asking on this platform is because I trust former title holders and value their opinions and strive to be just like all of you. So any advice for me? Also if it helps I'm 21 and just got my associate degree and will be transferring to a bigger college.

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Subject: How do you sign up to get a Christmas card from your miss state and miss america herself ??

No name
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Date Posted: 18:56:01 10/23/14 Thu

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Subject: https://archive.org/details/MissTelevision1950Contest

Take An Hour And Watch This! So Much Fun
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Date Posted: 11:59:44 10/23/14 Thu

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Subject: My Format Ideas for Miss America Broadcast

Ernie Koneck
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Date Posted: 23:04:28 10/12/14 Sun

Overall, the biggest problem I have with the telecast is that what the general "non pageant" public sees does not represent what the program is all about, it is often demeaning to the contestants (this year in particular), and a viewer who didn't understand the ins and outs of MAO judging will generally not understand how or why the winner wins. So to address these concerns, and to get some self-respect back in the program, here's what I would suggest. Note: It's highly likely this format would require more than 2 hours, but hey, it's one night a year. And all the live awards shows usually take 3-4 hours, so I don't think the length is a big deal.

Contestant intros: Girls introduce themselves, mention their educational background/status, and identify one benefit of the program (other than scholarships) that they have received from competing in the program. (Note: In rehearsal, the contestants, would each have to identify 3 main benefits, then one would be chosen by the producer for each girl, so everyone doesn't say the same thing. Also, the order of intros would be non-alphabetical to separate those contestants who did mention similar/same benefits.) Finally, for each girl, there would be a super on-screen showing how much scholarship money she had earned to date from MAO, including any awards presented during pageant week.

Top 15: Personally, I prefer seeing 15 compete on final night over 10. The more the merrier. And I may be in the minority on this, but I think the eliminations after each competition make for a more exciting show. The top 15 would be based strictly on competition scores from the 5 areas of prelim competition. There would be composite attribute scores, but those wouldn't come into play until the top 5. So the 15 semi-finalists would actually start the night even - all prior scores eliminated.

Also, there would be no switching to a 6-10 scale on final night, and competitions would be judges at face value, NOT taking into account their ability to do the job. As far as I'm concerned, their ability to do the job is captured in their interview score, and to a lesser extent in the other 4 competitions combined. If they have made the top 15, chances are they can do the job of Miss America, some better than others of course, but no one at that point would be an embarrassment to the organization.

The only scoring change I might suggest is to increase on-stage question to 10% and cut swimsuit to 10%. Also, on-stage questions would NOT be about their platform (mostly what you get are girls repeating the 30-45 second "sound bite" about their platform they have all perfected by the time they get to MA. As a result, in about 80-90% of the cases I've seen personally, their answers don't directly answer the questions they're asked. So instead of platform questions, I would focus on questions they might actually get asked as Miss America - interesting items from their resume, current events - but only if they are directly relevant to young women (i.e., nothing about ISIS, but education funding, sexual assaults on campuses, frat & sorority hazing, how millenials plan for their careers in an uncertain economy, rising costs of higher education, should everyone go to college, etc.)

So the top 15 are announced in random order, and still photos of each girl in ss and gown are shown, as well as a very brief sound bite from their interview.

Top 15 would first compete in evening wear (20% of their final night score). Based strictly on that competition, 12 would be announced as moving forward to the 2nd phase of competition, and 3 would be eliminated. And the 3 eliminated would be announced in placement order, 15th thru 13th. Each eliminated girl of the night would be given 20 seconds to express her feelings at that point. (I believe 99% of all contestants would say something positive, but if the occasional rogue contestant is bitter and shows it, so be it. I think it reflects poorly on her as an individual, and not on the program.) Now, since most people don't see Miss America live and in person, evening wear would also serve as a "videogenic" competition and judged not only on how the girl looks live, but on how her looks translate to video. The judges would view videos of each contestant's evening wear presentation, which might take the format of a "red carpet" appearance with a "reporter" asking about her dress. (Please, no more Tony Bowls or anyone dressing ALL the contestants.) The reason I put evening wear first, is that it would most likely eliminate the semi-finalists who are the least attractive. The 3 eliminated contestants would receive "Emerald" scholarships of a certain value (higher than any non-finalist scholarship).

Top 12 would compete in talent. Now this might be confusing, but I'll suggest it anyway. The 12 talents shown on the broadcast live would be the 12 highest scoring talents of the pageant. Some of the final night 12 would certainly be in that group, but some wouldn't. This way, the most talented non-finalists would be showcased instead of contestants who are strong in everything but talent. For the contestants in the top 12, who don't have "top 12" talents, 30-second clips of their prelim talent performance would be shown, and their prelim talent score would carry over onto the final night tabulation. It's the best way I can think of to stop making the talent competition a joke to the rest of "non-pageant" America. Talent would account for 30% of the final night score. Again, the eliminated contestants would be announced as finishing in either 12th place or 11th place overall. They eliminated duo would receive "Ruby" scholarships - higher value than "Emerald" but not as much as the 10 survivors will get. During talent, there would be pop-ups on the screen but they would be more like "graduated Magna Cum Laude in 3 years" and not "is afraid of the dark." Every pop-up fact would be something that makes the contestant look good, not silly.

The top 10 would be determined based their combined scores from talent and evening wear. So the actual split in scores at that point is 60% talent./40% evening wear, so you most likely eliminate the least talented contestants among those remaining. The top 10 would compete in swimsuit, accounting for 20% of the final night score, primarily because no one wants a chubby Miss America. In this case, contestants would be judged not only on their live presentation, but on photos taken while they model. The judges would view the digital photos as well as the live presentation, so this becomes a "photogenic" competition as well. The audience would see the digital photos when the judges do, so they can make their own evaluations. After swimsuit, 3 finalists would be eliminated, and identified as 10th, 9th and 8th place. This elimination would be calculated as approximately 42% talent, 29% evening wear and 29% swimsuit. The 3 eliminated contestants would receive "Sapphire" scholarships - again, more than the Ruby and Emerald awarded to already eliminated semi-finalists.

There would be 7 finalists remaining after swimsuit. Each of these 7 would participate in the 4th and final round of competition, on-stage interview. Notice it says "interview" not "question." A journalist or former Miss A would be given the job of conducting a 2-1/2 minute interview with each of the top 7. About 3/4 of the interview would be devoted to getting to know the contestant, based on info from her resumé. The remaining 45 seconds or so would be a current event question, preferably of the same type as the prelim on-stage questions - items of concern to young college women, not world crises that are more suited for the President or Secretary of State. (Personally, I think it's great, in a way, that the pageant forces contestants to learn about current events, but really, when was the last time any of you saw a Miss America being questioned about the Middle East - there's always a crisis there - or solving the problems in our messed-up political system or the economy. If they really knew the answers to those kinds of issues, then the prize shouldn't be a scholarship, it should be a position in the President's Cabinet! Seriously!)

Now the person conducting the interviews would have been given all the contestant resumés and platform statements ahead of time, to prepare the more personal questions they wanted to ask. The current events questions would be on a "Wheel of Fortune" spinning wheel or a dartboard, and the contestants would spin the wheel or throw the dart, and whatever question was closest would be the one they get - so it doesn't look fixed for anyone. Plus it might lend itself to funny moments (say a girl can't hit the dartboard to save her life.) Also, each of the final 7 would be assigned a number based on the random order in which they were called, and the questioner would draw numbers out of a fishbowl to determine the order in which the final 7 were interviewed. The on-stage interview would count for 30% of the final night score. I would borrow the old USA sound-proof booth and have the girls called out of there one at a time. They leave the stage after their interview. The on-stage interview is a chance for the audience to get to know more about each finalist, and an opportunity for the contestants to express their individuality.

So at this point (are you still awake?), there is one final elimination based on all 4 competitions - 30% interview, 30% talent, 20% swimsuit, 20% evening wear.) 5 finalists are announced as the 20XX Court Of Honor, and 2 are awarded "Diamond" scholarships, more than the other semifinalists but less than the top 5. They would be identified as 7th and 6th place.

With the final 5, the competition scores are now eliminated and the "composite attribute" scores assigned after prelims come into play. They account for 50% of the final results. The other 50% is based on the final ballot the judges now fill out. The big difference with the current final ballot is that it isn's so heavily waited to the winner ( e.g., 10 pts for 1st, 5 for 2nd, then 3, 2, 1. Rather it would go back to the traditional ballot weighting - 10 pts for 1st, 8 pts for 2nd, 6 pts for 3rd, 4 pts for 4th and 2pts for 5th. I think this weighting makes it less likely that a judge can bury "their choice's" closest rival.)

So while the judges are balloting additional non-finalist talent winners are announced (the ones who actually performed during the talent competition would have been announced at that point) with brief clips of their talent, along with non-finalist interview winners, and overall winners in every competition.

Finally the four runners-up and the winner are announced.

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Subject: What happens to her family when a new MA is crowned? Are they escorted to another location where they get to talk to her or do they have to wait, if so how long?

no name
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Date Posted: 15:32:33 10/15/14 Wed

Also what happens to MA in the 24 hours after she wins?

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Subject: Ernie Got me going. My ideas for the telecast.

mouth of the south
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Date Posted: 18:29:32 10/17/14 Fri

I agree with Ernie on how the pageant outcome should a bit more understandable to the public. Here is how I think we can, in a realistic way, make that happen.

Opening- There is something so exciting about seeing all the contestants dancing onstage. A fun opening number with lots of choreography to a mix-up of the hottest hits during that time would be amazing.

Intros- Each contestant will introduce herself and her major(with the name of her College on the screen under her title so she won't have to say it) without the cheesy "From the state..." parts.Stating their majors would show how smart and accomplished they are. If the cheesy intros were cut out that would leave so much more time, at least 10-15 minutes, for something else in the show.

Semifinalists- I do agree that a top 15 should be kept, but only a top 15. Not a top 16. No gimmicks . Give the America's choice winner a prize package or something. As each top 15 semifinalist is called, show a snip it of a good moment of that contestant in interview, talking about how she has benefited from the MAO. That way there will be diverse responses instead of just focusing on scholarship amount, many will state scholarship amount they've received, Confidence growth, perseverance, Health and fitness development, impact of platforms, and so many other ways.

Top 15 competes in swimsuit, then announce the top 10 from there. Let the top 10 compete in talent. It does not have to always go Swimsuit, Evening gown, then talent. Many state pageant hold talent in the middle and it works out fine. After talent, let the top 10 compete in Evening gown.

After EG, the top 10 will change into their cocktail/interview dresses for OSQ. From the top 10, pull the top five, ask them the questions, competition over. Easy. Not too many confusing gimmicks, eliminations, and other stupid stuff. Miss America is not a reality show. The Oscar's and the Tony's are iconic award shows that are modern, but still have a way of keeping their class and elegance of their shows in tact, and their ratings are wonderful. Let Miss America do the same.

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Subject: Who were the NF talant and interview winners this year?

No name
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Date Posted: 16:20:57 10/16/14 Thu

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Subject: The new Miss NY is a great twirler. Video included

No name
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Date Posted: 19:16:17 10/15/14 Wed


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Subject: How much of your states budget goes to scholarships?

No name
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Date Posted: 13:13:11 09/22/14 Mon

Let's see what the numbers really are.

>>>What percent of your states total budget goes to cash scholarships? <<<

I'm asking that someone from each state post theirs.

Here’s how to determine it:

Go to Guidestar.org and search for your state’s program. There you will find their IRS form 990s (which they must submit as a non-profit) from the last 3 years. Use the most recent year reported please. Here I’m using Ohio as an example:

Ohio 2011 (for Miss Ohio 2012)

Grants and similar amounts paid (Line 13- Current year). $50,221
Divide that number by:
Find Total Revenue (Line 12- Current year). $328,537

That’s the percent of your state’s budget that goes to scholarship. = 15%

Please post state, year, total revenue, scholarship $, and scholarship %:

Ohio, 2011 (MissOH 2012 ), $328,537, $50,211 = 15%

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Subject: Talent selections performed in Atlantic City

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Date Posted: 01:01:20 10/11/14 Sat

Someone in the archive asked for the talent selection so they could update Wikipedia. Here you go:
AL -Caitlin Brunell – Dance en pointe -“Let It Go”
AK -Amalia Delgado -Vocal -“Mercy on Me”
AZ -Alexa Rogers – Lyrical Dance - “Human”
AR -Ashton Campbell -Vocal -“Via Dolorosa”
CA -Marina Inserra -Vocal -“Bring Him Home”
CO -Stacey Cook - Tahitian Dance -“Runaway Baby’”
CT -Acacia Courtney -Ballet en pointe – “Don Quixote” (Kitri Variation)
DE -Brittany Lewis - Jazz Dance – “Let There Be Love”
DC -Teresa Davis -Piano -“Malaguena”
FL -Victoria Cowen – Lyrical Dance -“Note to God”
GA -Maggie Bridges -Vocal -“Bridge Over Troubled Water”
HI -Stephanie Steuri -Hula - “The Prayer”
ID – Sierra Sandison – Vocal -“Forget About the Boy”
IL -Marisa Buchheit –Operatic vocal -“Je Veux Vivre” (Romeo & Juliet)
IN -Audra Casterline -Vocal -“Over the Rainbow”
IA -Alysa Olson -Vocal -“ How Could I Ever Know?”
KS -Amanda Sasek –Vocal “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”
KY - Ramsey Carpenter – Violin – “Sally Goodin” & “Orange Blossom Special”
LA -Lacey Sanchez -Vocal -“Not for the Life of Me”
ME -Audrey Thames - Comedic Monologue “Yma Dream”
MD -Jade Kenny -Ballet en pointe – “Everybody Dance Now”
MA -Lauren Kuhn -Piano -“Valse Dramatico”
MI -Kaitlyn Maviglia –Theatrical Jazz Dance -“Be Italian”
MN -Savannah Cole -Vocal -“House of the Rising Sun”
MS – Jasmine Murray – Vocal – “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”
MO -Jessica Hartman - Jazz Dance – “Steppin’ Out with My Baby”
MT -Victoria Valentine –Vocal / Harp -“I Won’t Give Up”
NE -Megan Swanson -Vocal -“You Raise Me Up”
NV -Ellie Smith –Vocal -“Somebody to Love”
NH -Megan Cooley -Vocal -“On My Way”
NJ -Cierra Kaler-Jones – Contemporary Dance -“Listen”
NM -Jessica Burson – Jazz Dance -“Steam Heat”
NY -Kira Kazantsev -Vocal -“Happy”
NC -Beth Stovall - Operatic vocal –”Chi Il Bel Sogno di Doretta”
ND -Jacky Arness –Jazz Vocal -“Feeling Good”
OH -Mackenzie Bart -Ventriloquism -"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”
OK -Alexandra Eppler – Contemporary Dance -“Titanium”
OR -Rebecca Anderson -Vocal -“For Good”
PA -Amanda Smith -Vocal -“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”
PR -Yarelis Salgado –- Flamenco Fusion Dance “We Will Rock You”
RI -Ivy Depew –Flute & Piccolo -“The Devil Went Down to Georgia
SC -Lanie Hudson -Clogging -“Think”
SD -Meridith Gould – Lyrical Dance “You Raise Me Up”
TN -Hayley Lewis -Vocal -“I Who Have Nothing”
TX – Monique Evans - Ballet en pointe - “Requiem for a Tower”
UT -Karlie Major -Dance -“Forget About the Boy”
VT -Lucy Edwards -Vocal -“You’ll Never Walk Alone”
VI - Ashley Gabriel -Vocal -“Rolling in the Deep”
VA -Courtney Garrett -Operatic vocal -“Parla Piu Piano” (Speak Softly Love from The Godfather)
WA – Kailee Dunn – Vocal - “Someone Like You” (Jekyll & Hyde)
WV - Paige Madden -Vocal -“Gravity”
WI - Raeanna Johnson –Lyrical Ballet -“Hallelujah”
WY -Jessie Allen –Contemporary Dance – “Feeling Good”

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Subject: Miss America prep

No name
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Date Posted: 16:34:26 10/10/14 Fri

So what diets do the girls go on before MA? Is there a secret or do they mostly count calories? Maybe something like the paleo diet or Jenny Craig? It always interest me to find out the prep for MA.

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Subject: Miss America 2015 SS Competition

No name
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Date Posted: 03:55:58 10/05/14 Sun

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Subject: Miss Indiana Audra Casterline Talent at MA

No name
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Date Posted: 15:49:54 10/05/14 Sun

if it didnt post, it's here:


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Subject: Miss America Top 5 and their OSQs

No name
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Date Posted: 03:43:02 10/05/14 Sun

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Subject: Countdown to Miss America (full show)

No name
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Date Posted: 03:45:59 10/05/14 Sun

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Miss Georgia Shows Off Her 3D Printed Shoes

No name
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Date Posted: 14:54:11 10/02/14 Thu

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