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The Week Courtesy of Ernie Koneck, Pageant Consultant (ernie@misshollywood.com)

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Miss HI Webcast

Subject: Miss Mississippi Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 01:04:20 11/23/14 Sun

Miss Amory - Taylor Cos (2014)
Miss Belle of the Bayou - Molly May (MSOT - 2012, Talent Prelim, 4th R/U-MAOT)
Miss Central Mississippi - Allison Judge (New)
Miss Clinton - Hannah Hathorn (2013)(2011)
Miss Deep South - Abigail Wilbanks (New)
Miss Delta Blues - Meredith Thomas (2014)
Miss Delta State University - Katie Busby (New)
Miss Dixie - Kendall Pasley (New)
Miss Hattiesburg - Ivey Swan (2014)
Miss Hinds Community College - Maggie Shoultz (2014)
Miss Historic South - Hannah Whitlock (New)
Miss Leaf River Valley - Michaela Moore (2014 NFT)(2013)
Miss Magnolia - Bethany Cuevas (2014)
Miss Metro Jackson - Kaylee Scroggins (New)
Miss MS Delta Community College - Hannah Leflore (New)
Miss MSU - Randi-Kathryn Harmon (2014-2nd R/U, SS Prelim, QoL)(2013)(2012)
Miss Natchez Trace - Carol Coker (2014-Top 10, Prelim SS)
Miss New South - Arrielle Dale (2014-NFT)(2013-NFT)(2012)
Miss Pearl River Valley - Morgan Burnett (2014-Top 10)(MSOT - 2008)
Miss Pontotoc - Nikki Fauver (2014)
Miss Pride of the South - Reed McNeel (New)
Miss Red Carpet City - Leighann Pacific (2014)
Miss Riverland - Laura Lee Lewis (2014-1st R/U, Prelim Talent, MS Sweetheart, Natl Sweetheart-3rd R/U)(2013-2nd R/U, Prelim SS) (MSOT - 2009)
Miss Southern Heartland - Kristen Furr (2014)
Miss Southern Magnolia - Briana Exum (New)
Miss Tombigbee - Alivia Roberts (2014)
Miss Turtle Creek - Holly Howard (New)(2013-Cinderella Internationals-Top 10)
Miss University - France Beard (MSOT - 2011)
Miss USM - Hannah Roberts (2013-1st R/U, Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss William Carey University - Katie Sims (New)

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Subject: Miss Colorado Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 01:47:54 05/10/15 Sun

Photos: http://www.misscolorado.org/#!2015-contestants

Maya Aggen (New)
Katie Bidus (New)
Harli Bowers (OR-2013)
Cassandra Buttner (New)
Emilie Cavoto (New)
Stevie Glasoe (2014)(2013)
Emma Jobson (2015-Top 15)
Ashley Johnson (New)
Kelley Johnson (IA2014-Top 10)
Kayla Kline (New)
Alisha Lee (UT2013-Top 10))
Taylor Liptack (2014-Top 15)(2013-Top 10)
Kate Manley (2013-3rd R/U)(2012-2nd R/U)
Alexandra McNider (New)
Kayla Murray (2014-Top 10)(2013-Top 10)
Janelle Orsborn (2012-Top 10)(2011-Top 10) (COOT - 2009, Spirit Award Winner in Orlando)
Shannon Patilla (2014-4th R/U)(2013-1st R/U)
Amanda Pedrianes (2014)
Gianni Perri (2014-Top 10)(2013-Top 10)(2012)(2011)
Ashley Poulson (New)
Kristin Schubert (2014-Top 10)(2013-4th R/U)(CO Cinderella Teen ’09 – Top 10 at Nationals)
Sarah Sill (New)
Beth Sonnema (New)
Monica Thompson (New)
Bella Vitale (2014-Top 10)(2013)
Meredith Winnefeld (AZ2014-Top 10)(AZ2013-Top 4) (COOT - 2011; Top 8 at MAOT)

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Subject: Domestic violence platforms are becoming overplayed, while this is still a pertinent issues I cannot find one state without a contestant with it as her platform. I am not saying nobody should go for this clearly Kira won.... But there has to be more original platforms. - different from Kira's and former Miss As

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Date Posted: 12:06:05 05/22/15 Fri

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Subject: In honor of the last David Letterman show---tonight!!!

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Date Posted: 17:56:47 05/20/15 Wed

Tonight is the last Late Show with David Letterman program....the show taped in New York ends tonight a 23-year-old series on CBS...and even more years before on NBC.

To honor David, who frequently had pageant winners on his show, see these YouTube videos. The last interview of a Miss America...and probably the last guest appearance of a Miss America (doing a top ten list):

Kellye Michele Cash, Miss America 1987 here in September 1986:

The last Miss America on for a top ten list, Miss America 2004, Ericka Dunlap of Florida in September 2003:

And David also had several Miss USA winners on his two network evening talk-comedy shows, the last Miss USA was likely California native Miss USA 2014, Nia Sanchez of Nevada shown here in this video:

So watch tonight on CBS....who knows maybe Miss America 2015 or Miss USA 2014 will be a surprise guest tonight!!

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Subject: The Miss America Who Wasn't

No name
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Date Posted: 16:40:34 05/24/15 Sun


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Subject: Kate Shindle was elected as new president of Actors' Equity!

No name
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Date Posted: 17:02:07 05/21/15 Thu

Actors' Equity Association ("Equity"), the U.S. labor union that represents more than 50,000 professional actors and stage managers, today announced the results of its 2015 national council election, with all seats effective immediately for three-year terms.

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Subject: How many state pageants are telivised live? Please name your states.

Wanna know
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Date Posted: 02:01:34 05/23/15 Sat

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Subject: Miss Kansas Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 19:30:14 11/05/14 Wed


Miss Andover - Julia Jones (New)
Miss Augusta - Hannah Wagner (New)
Miss Barton County - Hannah Maddy (New)
Miss Black and Gold - Alyssa Rivera (New)
Miss Butler County - Kiah Duggins (2014-Top 10)
Miss Capital City - Jade Dowling (New)
Miss Cottonwood - Allison VanNahmen (New)
Miss Cowboy Capital - Whitney Winter (New)
Miss Cowley County - Calley Watters (New)
Miss Dodge City - Dakota Derstein (New)
Miss Flint Hills - Bridget Carter (New)
Miss Garden City Fiesta - Sophia Hernandez (New)
Miss Golden Belt - Courtney Blankenship (New)
Miss Great Plains - Ashley DeWitt (2014)
Miss Greater Topeka - Misha Reed (New)
Miss Greater Wichita - Annika Wooton (2014-Top 11, Miracle Maker)(2013-Top 10)
Miss Hay Capital - Angela Thomas (2012-Top 10)(2011-Top 10)
Miss Heartland - Cassie Lohmeyer (New)
Miss Johnson County - Jennifer Salva (2014-1st R/U)(KS Sweetheart-2014)(2012-2013-Miss Czeck-Slovac US National Winner)
Miss Lawrence - Amanda Johnson (New)
Miss Leavenworth County - Meagan Johnson (2014-3rd R/U)(2013)(2012)
Miss Liberal - Allyson Nondorf (New)
Miss Lyon County - Allie Routh (New)
Miss Meadowlark - Maci Johnson (New)
Miss Metro Kansas City - Hannah Fox (2013-Top 10)
Miss Midwest - Michelle Page (2014)(2012)
Miss Neewollah - Caringtyn Julian (New)
Miss Royal Purple - Carolyn Fitzgibbons (New)
Miss Santa Fe Trail - Savannah Kelley (2014)
Miss Sedgwick County - Hannah Langley (2013-4th R/U)(2012-2nd R/U)(2011-2nd R/U)
Miss Southwest - Baleigh Munsell (New)
Miss Sunflower - Katie Marx (New)
Miss Topeka - Mai-Thy Ta (2014-Top 10)(2013)
Miss Walnut Valley - Kristen Boxman (KSOT - 2013)
Miss Wooded Hills - Haleigh Kierl (New)

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Subject: Miss Connecticut Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 18:39:55 11/08/14 Sat

Miss Bristol - Gina Salvatore (2014)(2013)
Miss Forestville - Jillian Duffy (New)(CTOT 1st R/U-2014)
Miss Greater Rockville - Danielle Sturgeon (New)
Miss Greater Watertown - Natascia Simone (2014)
Miss Hockanum Valley - Pippa Leigh (New)(Semi-finalist - Miss CT Teen USA 2015)
Miss Litchfield County - Joanna Shields (NH-2014)(CT-2012)(CT-2011)
Miss Naugatuck Valley - Jonét Nichelle (New)(Semi finalist - Miss CT Teen USA 2014, 2013; 4th R/U 2012)
Miss New Haven - Cara Ann Cama (2014-Semi finalist)(2012-State Academic Award)(2011-Miss Royal Teen America)(2010-Miss Teen New England)
Miss Oxford - Kaitlyn Bogue (2013-Top 10, Prelim Talent Winner)(2012)
Miss Southington - Valerie Voccio (2014-Top 10)(2013-2nd R/U)
Miss Stamford - Fiona Lowenstein (New)
Miss Windham County - Colleen Ward (2012)
Miss Wolcott - Alexa Farrell (2014)

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Subject: Miss California Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 17:01:43 11/18/14 Tue


Miss Anaheim - Julia McCurdie (New)
Miss Anaheim Hills - Missy Mendoza (2013)
Miss Bay Counties - Julianna Johnson (2013)(2012-NFT)(2011)
Miss Blythe - Grace Quist (New)
Miss Central California Regional - Caelin Nieto (2014-Top 12)(2012)
Miss Central Valley - Victoria Alberti (New)
Miss City of Orange - Paula Verkuylen (New)
Miss City of Sacramento - Ashley Ott (2014-1st RU, CA Sweetheart, Top 10-National Sweetheart)
Miss Clovis - Taylor Coloka (New)
Miss Coachella Valley - Tanya Nunez (New)
Miss Contra Costa County - Angela Laird (2013)
Miss Covina - Vivian Tang (New)
Miss Culver City - Cristina Bequer (2014)
Miss East Los Angeles - Emma Andreini (New)
Miss Fountain Valley - Jessica Matthews (New)
Miss Fresno County - Keri Allred (New)
Miss Garden Grove - Shannon Galipault (New)
Miss Gavilan Hills - Michelle Bush (2014)
Miss High Desert - Kiara Farrow (New)
Miss Hollywood - Joelle Posey Grager (2014 NFT)
Miss Inland Empire - Madison Givens (2014)
Miss Kings County - Tiffany Richardson (New)
Miss Lake County - Narumi Mitchell (New)
Miss Los Angeles County - Jillian Smith (2013)
Miss Marin County - Isabella Gardner (New)
Miss Mendocino County - Shyanne DeMarco (New)
Miss Merced County - Malina Meza (New)
Miss Napa County - Hazel Payne (New)
Miss National Orange Show - Lauren Brady (2011)
Miss North Valley Regional - Morgan Edwards (2014)(2012-Top 10)
Miss Northern California Regional - Molly Crawford (2013)
Miss Orange Coast - Bree Morse (2014, 2nd R/U, SS Prelim Winner, Overall Interview Winner, Miss Congeniality)(2013-Top 12, EG Prelim Winner)(2012)
Miss Orange County - Caylynn Simonson (2014-Top 10, EG Prelim Winner)(2013-1st R/U, EG/SS Prelim Winner)(2012-2nd R/U, CA Sweetheart)(2011-Top 12)
Miss Placentia - Pooja Somaiah (New)
Miss Redwood City/San Mateo County - Emily McNiel (2014)
Miss Sacramento County - Kelsey Cardamone (New)
Miss San Diego - Diamond Alexander (New)
Miss San Fernando Valley - Kim Bebo (2014)(2013)
Miss San Francisco - Felicia Stiles (2014-4th R/U,Prelim Talent Winner, Prelim SS Winner)
Miss San Joaquin County - Harleen Dahliwal (New)
Miss Santa Clara - Jessa Carmack (CAOT - 2011)
Miss Sierra Nevada - Carley Ryckman (2013)(2010)
Miss Silicon Valley - Melissa Bowling (2010)
Miss Solano - Arielle Sumilhig (New)
Miss Sonoma County - Athena Brattin Cain (New)
Miss Southland - Rita Garabet (2014)(2013)
Miss Sunrise Seaport - Kellie Olsen (New)
Miss Tri-Valley - Lauren Berlinn (2011)
Miss Tulare County - Samantha Rhoden (New)
Miss Tustin - Danielle Weniger (New)
Miss Ventura County - Jane Kennedy (New)
Miss Yorba Linda - Cheyenne Kotick (New)
Miss Yosemite Valley - Izamar Olaguez (2014-Top 15)(2013)(2012)

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Subject: Miss Maryland Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 16:26:00 01/20/15 Tue

Miss Allegany County - Shea Sullivan (2014)
Miss Annapolis - Kendall Smith (2014)(2013-Top 10, Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss Anne Arundel - Destiny Clark (New)(2015-Miss Maryland USA-4th R/U)
Miss Appalachia - Arcadia Ewell (New)
Miss Baltimore - Katelyn Millison (2014)
Miss Belair - Shenice Lewis (2014)
Miss Black Eyed Susan - Taylor Faulkner (New)
Miss Carroll County - Taylor Steed (2014-Top 11, Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss Charm of the Chesapeake - Paige Dutrow (2014)(2013)
Miss Cumberland - Megan Kiley (2014)(2011-MDOT Semi-finalist)
Miss Frederick - Emily Gallagher (2013)
Miss Free State - Briana Rorher (2014)
Miss Frostburg - Amy Wigglesworth (New)(2013-Somerset County Miss Fair Queen)
Miss Historic Maryland - Katie Pedito (2014-Top 10, Prelim Talent)
Miss Mason Dixon - Morgan Lash (2014-2nd R/U)(2013-Miss Teen Maryland United States)
Miss Northern Maryland - Kari Colona (New)
Miss Patapsco - Brittany Brown (New)(2014-MDOT-1st R/U)
Miss Potomac - Katerina Rice (2014-Top 11, Prelim SS Winner)
Miss Queen State - Ebony Rose Sherrill (2014-1st R/U, Prelim SS, MD Sweetheart)(2013)
Miss Rocky Gap - Nabilah Kabir (New)
Miss University City - Margo Huffman (New) (Miss Maryland Teen USA 2015, 2nd R/U)(Distinguished Young Woman of MD)(Miss Teen DC International)(Miss Teen Maryland International, 2nd runner up at Miss Teen International)(MDOT 2010 nonfinalist)
Miss Washington County - Audreanna Colombo (2014)(2013)
Miss Western Maryland - Amber Butler (FL-2014, Community Service Award)(FL-2013)
Miss White Oak - Cynthia Ford (2014)

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Subject: It's seems as though no one discusses Kira here. This board used to be full of what the current Miss America was up to. What happened?

No name
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Date Posted: 22:23:36 05/22/15 Fri

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Subject: Updated Contestants and Judges Information for Miss DC

No name
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Date Posted: 00:21:20 05/22/15 Fri



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Subject: Miss Alaska Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 04:35:26 05/19/15 Tue

Charity Beier (New)
Lillian Crayton (2013-4th R/U, Miracle Maker Award)(2012)
Zoey Grenier (2014-3rd R/U)
Serena Hannon (New)
Ashley LaMoureaux (New)
Carolyn Layne (2014)(2013-3rd R/U)(2012)(2011)
Bridget Lloyd (New)
Annie Margeson (2014)(2013)(2012)(2011-Semi-finalist)(2010)
Izabel-Lauren Neddeau (New)
Carson Nelson (New)
Malie Russell (New)
Seldovia Tadina (New)

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Subject: Miss Mississippi OT contestants

No name
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Date Posted: 16:02:59 05/22/15 Fri

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Subject: Miss Florida Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 19:05:35 11/18/14 Tue


Miss Altamonte Springs - Sydney Jalali (2014)
Miss Apopka - Sarah Davis (New)
Miss Boca Raton - Kalli Kearney (2014)(2012)(2011)
Miss Broward County - Allyson Walker (New)
Miss Central Florida - Music Meier (2013)(2012)
Miss Coral Gables - Lerato Seane (2014)(2013)(2012)(2011)
Miss DeSoto Heritage Festival - Jercoiyn Waiters (New)
Miss Daytona Beach - Courtney Sexton (FLOT - 2008)
Miss Florida Citrus - Summer Foley (New)
Miss Florida Gator - Kierra Janay Brown (New)
Miss Florida International University - Torya Whittaker (New)
Miss Gainesville - Rachel Smith (2013)
Miss Gold Coast - Ludwig Luizaire (New)
Miss Heart of Florida - Megan Cromwell (2014-Top 10, Prelim Talent Winner)(2013-Top 15, Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss Homestead - Amber Woods (New)
Miss Jacksonville - Kalen Dennis (2014-3rd R/U)(2013-1st R/U)(2012-2nd R/U)(2011-1st R/U)(2010-NFT)
Miss Largo - Lauren Nielson (2014)
Miss Longwood - Amanda Hatcher (2014)(2013)
Miss Maitland - Eugenia Akins (New)
Miss Manatee County Fair - Haviland Kebler (New)
Miss Manatee River - Sara Zeng (MD 2014-4th R/U, Prelim & Overall Talent Winner)(MD 2013-2nd R/U, Prelim & Overall Talent Winner)
Miss Miami - Crystal Ruiz (2014)
Miss Miami Beach - Stephanie Capon (New)
Miss Miami-Dade - Tyesha Hudson (New)
Miss Nature Coast - Brittany Johnson (2014)(2013-Top 11)
Miss Ocala - Arianna Beyer (2014-Top 15)
Miss Orlando - Kelsey Beck (FL 2014-Top 11)(MA2013-4th R/U)
Miss Orange County - Chloe Lupo (2014-2nd R/U, Prelim SS Winner, FL Sweetheart; Top 10 at National Sweetheart)(2013-3rd R/U, Prelim EG and Interview Winner)(2012-4th R/U, Prelim SS, EG Winner)(2011-Top 15)(2010)(2009)
Miss Osceola - Brandais Austrino (2013)(2012)
Miss Palm Beach County - Kayla Foreire (2014)
Miss Pasco County - Katy Sartain (2014-QoL Winner)
Miss Pasco County Fair - Victoria Humphrey (2014)(2011)
Miss Pinellas - Courtney Jones (New)
Miss Ponte Vedra - Leila Sabet (2014)
Miss River City - Kyndle Dennis (New)
Miss St. Petersburg - Tiffany Jockers (2014)
Miss Seminole County - Maya Weisman (New)
Miss Suncoast - Abigail Cunnane (2014)
Miss Sunshine State - Taylor Gonzales (New)
Miss South Florida - Taylor Mathews (2014)(2013)
Miss South Florida Fair - Anisa Kornegay (New)
Miss Tampa - Sidney Resmondo (New)
Miss University of Central Florida - Brittany Vasile (New)
Miss University of Florida - Mary Katherine Fechtel (New)(FLOT - 2010, NFT, Photogenic Award at MAOT)
Miss University of Miami - Ashlhea Louis (2012)
Miss West Coast - Courtney Nathe (New)
Miss Winter Garden - Elisha Sayed (2014)
Miss Winter Park - Gloria Nix (GA2014-NFT Winner)

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Subject: Kira has arrived at the Billboard Music Awards!

No name
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Date Posted: 19:41:55 05/17/15 Sun

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Subject: Road to Miss America Board

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Date Posted: 20:16:05 05/20/15 Wed

At this point there are threads open on the Road to Miss America board for all state pageants except Puerto Rico, since we've not seen anything about contestants yet from them.

The Road to Miss America Board can be found at www.voy.com/241665/. Remember you can participate even if you didn't post a pick in the first three pageants!!

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Subject: To all judges, please share the system you utilize to be sure you haven't judged a young woman before. If one judges frequently, could be hard to do.

No name
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Date Posted: 10:30:07 05/22/15 Fri

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Subject: Help with interview suggestion

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Date Posted: 06:10:24 05/22/15 Fri

I need help. I have a second interview and am not sure what to wear. I wore a skirt and shirt but I'm not sure if I should go with a dress or not. Or any pics you can post would be greatly appreciated

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Subject: Miss DC Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 18:36:15 05/14/15 Thu

Micah Ernst (New)
Maya Everett (New)
DeJanee Ferrell (New)
Gianna Gagliardi (PA-2014 Top 11)
Emily Gentile (New)
Kiersten Gonzalez (2014)
Sydney Hall (New)
Haely Jardas (2011)(2010)
Charlene Jean (New)
Judy Mabone (New)
Cara Marrero (MD-2014-Non-Finalist Interview Winner)(MD-2013)
Alana Morrell (New)
Bailey Roe (New)
Bria Stone (New)
Krysten Thomas (New)
Tori Vogel (2014-3rd R/U, Interview Winner)
Anna Wheeler (New)
Amelia Wolf (2014-2nd R/U, SS Winner, DC Sweetheart)(2012)(2012 - 3rd R/U, Miss DC USA)

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Subject: I have a contestant who finished in top 5 last year at state pageant. Good in all phases...only issue is her hair cannot hold a curl to save her life. Any tips, tricks or advice on the best tools or products to help stick straight hair?

No name
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Date Posted: 10:01:03 05/21/15 Thu

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