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Subject: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Kill NA in Enga
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Date Posted: Mon, May 14 2007, 03:58:05pm

National Alliance - the regionalistic Asian backed party has let Enga down. It needs to be weeded out from Enga.

Don Polye has been used by NA. NA doesn't respect Engans.

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

YBO Kiak
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Date Posted: Mon, May 14 2007, 04:35:49pm

please "kill NA in Enga", this comment is too shallow. Lets not scapegoat to taints one's integrity. Excuse me, i'm not a NA supporter! I support leaders with remarkably good qualities.

well, DOn Polye is a smart and clever young politician. If you wanna talk about Political Party Inefficiencies and imbalances, please stick to the topic. Don't try to be like a street preacher who finds other bible verses as referencing evidence to support a unsubstantiated ideaology. That's not good!
Rather lets talk about the quality of leaders Enga should present to the Parliment to bring positive quality developments. Hope this clearifies your brain! If yu have no alternative then this, better stick to the comfort of your chair and read what other critics comment on political issues in the province and the nation.

get a life

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[> [> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

YBO Kiak
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Date Posted: Mon, May 14 2007, 06:29:36pm

I like your comment! we want more of this discussions! meaning to say, open minded discussion rather than seclusive critism!

good man, 61

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[> [> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Trupela West Enga
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Date Posted: Mon, May 14 2007, 07:49:54pm

He he he ........... my friend, too late !!!!

West Enga has already formed a formidable group with NA, called the West Enga Movement.

NA for West Enga..........!

Lets close the discussion here, its no point discussing something which may not eventuate..........Follow the tide, Follow the Reality

The issue is now closed............. !

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Mon, May 14 2007, 06:14:56pm

We have to cut out such comments and attitudes. it is uncalled for. If you think NA should not be forming the new government, exercise your democratic right through the ballot. Educate your tribesman and other engans who will listen to you about the weaknesses of NA and suggest alternatives to them to vote for. Enga has had enough of killings and other rash attitude problems that has bogged down its growth for so long. Intellectuals like us who have the ability to read and write the whitemans language should be agents of change in our province. suggesting such negative actions will negate the progress of our province and ultimately our country.

Personally I do not like NA primarily because of he Somares but I like Don Polye as an Engan MP representing us through the second highest political post in the country. That in itself should make us proud as Engans. If we want somebody better in his place or or in the DPM or PM post, the onus is on each one of us to elect competent MPs into power this GE.

New Town

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Kill NA in Enga
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Date Posted: Tue, May 15 2007, 05:06:21pm

Governments are formed by political parties.
The main building block of any party are elected individual MPs.

If the party has a fishy, rotten and tainted image, I am afraid the building blocks of that party needs to be be discarded just as much as a single rotten apple is bad for spells disaster for the lot in the bag.

NA has NEVER put in any sound policies, laws or reforms for that matter to achieve anything tangible in the years to come. Most of them have been half-hearted. Instead they rode on the increase in commodity prices and fruits of the Morauta Reform era.

Anyone green behind the ears who has been to school beyond Year 12 can attest to this.

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Tue, May 15 2007, 05:45:28pm

Kaim you are not wrong.

NA has never achieved any thing tangible over its term in power. It has ridden on policy platforms initiated by earlier governments (for instance Mekere Morauta's). Further, the commodities prices at the world market has also contributed to the state of the economy. It is now taking all the credit for the brief welfare of the economy.

If we must remove NA, it is also a must that we install a better government in the new term. If we fail to do so it will cost ourselves and the country dearly. Like I said the onus is on all of us to decide well who our leaders should be after June 2007.

I only hope and pray that Enga sends in competent persons in the 6 seats that we have so that they can possibly go on to form the new government.

New Town

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Wed, May 16 2007, 11:38:45am

For those that do not know or are unaware, these are some of the colours of National Alliance Party.

1. To National Alliance - Sepik is Papua New Guinea
This is demonstrated by the rampant nepotism in appointment ministers, MDs/CEO's, Secretaries to Depts, Chairmans and Board Members to critical state institutions. A head count would make one's head spin.

2. The Mafia in Government departments squandering millions of Tax Payers money. Look at Finance Dept, Forestry amongst others. Somare himself is personally involved in endorsing and approving illegal payments to fake claims.

3. National Alliance turned a deaf eye to the striking Nurses, teachers and other government employees for better pay and working conditions. Instead, they rewarded themselves with 100% housing allowance and gave each MP a parting gift of K900,000.00 each.

4. National Alliance stifled the debating and parliamentary procedures by enforcing too many adjournments and sittings.

5. National Alliance is driving the National Debt up to the roof nearing almost K3 billion as I write. Most of these borrowing came from internal sources. So NA's contribution to the Nation's debt stands at K3billion thus putting the total national debt to K8billion.

6.National Alliance sold Ramu Nickel to Chinese state companies for peanuts.

7.National Alliance is extensively funded by the Malaysian Logging company - RH, a major destroyer of PNG's virgin forests. RH treats all PNG workers in logging sites as slaves and subhumans and abuse them with the support of PNG police.

.....the list is endless.

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Wed, May 16 2007, 12:04:00pm

I agree with all the points you guys have made regarding the ruling party. Very impressive list... NA happened to have stepped in at the right time to ride high on Sir Mekere's hardwork.

When Sir Mekere passed all the reforms, he had all the criticism from political rivals and even ordinary people. His un-popular decisions voted his party out in 2002 General Elections. Even though those decision like, the Banks and Financial Institutions act, the Central Banking Act, Political Parties Integrity Act and the privatisation of PNGBC, were un-popular, he stuck by his guns because he was and is still the visionary leader Papua New Guinea needs.

NA stepped in to get the glory from those reforms. As a result of the reforms, Banks have operated more profitably and are extending to other remote ares, for instance, ANZ was based in major centres but now it has taken its operation to some provinces. Foreign Reserve levels were record high for PNG because of good commodity process and the Central Bank independence. For the first time in the history of PNG, there was no vote-of-no-confidence.

Fiscal discipline filters to the society as a whole, ir affects Foreign Exchange Reserves and consequently exchange rate, it also affect the small people. This government was running high on huge mineral tax collected from mining and petroleum companies as a result of huge revenue to to high international prices. As a result, government spendings have been contained. They continuosly were running budget surpluses, not primarily due to fiscal discipline, it was due the the huge windfall from Mineral taxes.

I salute Bart Philemon, who was also a visionary Treasury minister. Because of his vision, he start the Disctrict Roll-out program, which has seen postal and telecommunication, banking and treasury services being brought right down to the districts where the people are. Now someone can call from Laiagam and not waste bus fare and take the risk travelling to Wabag. I salute Bart for his initiative.

If you talk about NA.. SOmare has been fighting a lone battle to discredit Australia. Many people said, Sir Mekere's reform agenda's favor Australia, IMF and the World Bank. They were wrong as results have proven. We are living in a global village and we need to think globally and act locally. If we think and act locally, we will never make it anywhere. Each country needs each other to push them forward in their development agenda's. I am raising this point because, when senior Somare was asked to remove his shoe in Brisbane, he felt his pride being defeated. He was looking for ways to get even with Australia. He did get his chance when Moti was escaping from prosecution for molesting a child in Vanuatu. Somare assisted a child molester and a phedaphile to escape prosecution just to get even with Australi.

Somare is childish and cant manage this country. If he had stepped aside to let a young Papua New Guinean lead the party to the 2007 elections, then they would stand a chance. By the way it looks the old man has grabbed hold of power and cant let go, only death can do him apart with power.

My vote does not go to NA, i feel sorry for Don Polye, a first time parliamentarian, becoming the Deputy Prime minister. I hold high regard for him and i sure hope all Kandepens see this and show it in the ballot papers.


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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Wed, May 16 2007, 04:59:50pm

Good summary!

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

NA on chest beat drama for nothing
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Date Posted: Wed, May 16 2007, 05:14:47pm

viewpoints - Wednesday 16th May , 2007


So what is Petromin going to do for PNG?

Petromin is the rebirth of Orogen Minerals that was sold to Oil Search by the Mekere Government.
This sale formed part of the financial and superannuation reforms package undertaken by the Mekere Government, including the sale of PNGBC and as well as changes to the NPF, now NASFUND.
These reforms have helped the turnaround of the PNG economy for the better, otherwise the economy could have gone to its lowest levels, thus becoming a failed state.
Sir Mekere, including those around him at that time (Anderson Agiru included) are the heroes and saviours of this country, whether the citizens of this nation know it or not. The privatisation of PNGBC was the cornerstone of this country's foundation to economic success because it (PNGBC) was the “milking cow” for corrupt PNG businessmen and politicians.
How they benefited? PNGBC gave them big...big... millions in loans and after a while, ran back to the Government to “write-off” as bad debts, and so on! Sir Mekere saved this country from sinking!
And this NA and Somare did nothing and I mean nothing for this country but he is claiming “big man” tactics and doing his “chest beating” around the country with this unsustainable so-called “free education” dream.
Back to Petromin ... a private consultant, believed to be a son of a white missionary born and raised in the Sepik has been engaged by the Grand Chief, the father of this nation, Sir Michael Thomas Somare on millions of kina as private consultant to revamp the Orogen concept.
And as yet the PM is not satisfied, appointing his cousin, Joshua Kalinoe to head Petromin.
Jobs for the boys, isn’t it?
And guys ... the election is due in June so let us all make educated and rational decisions when going to the polls.
We can have millions and thousands in properties or bank accounts but leadership is very important.
They provide the fence and security to our future and our children’s future.
We must vote for political parties and candidates under colourful people like Sir Mekere Morauta, Bart Philemon, Sir Rabbie Namaliu and Anderson Agiru for Southern Highlands regional seat.
We must make a change in this coming election if we are to put PNG back on the road to recovery.
PNG is tired of recycling old politicians, it is time for new blood to take the lead.

– Kali Walu
Kagua-Erave, SHP

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Les lo NA
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Date Posted: Thu, May 17 2007, 12:37:56pm

National Alliance tops the list in stealing money and abuse.
Can such a political party be trusted again ????

News Thursday 17th May , 2007

Copper used to bring in money


A POLICEMAN’S home address was used as the business address for two ministers and their supporters to bring millions of kina from overseas for projects that are under the spotlight.
The projects were destined to happen in the Balimo area of Western Province.
Members of the Balimo community in Port Moresby have decried the actions of the key men, saying they believed the money was supposed to be for the development of Western Pro-vince, not for the purposes set out by the leaders.
According to papers, the policeman is a brother of one of the ministers and he lives and works in an area near Port Moresby.
His address was used by the cattle masturbation company executives to transfer funds and for the directors and executives of this company to be able to come to Papua New Guinea to carry out a study on the Balimo airport.
Spokesmen from the Balimo community in Port Moresby including officers from Western Province called the Post-Courier yesterday to explain that apart from the 10 per cent equity controlled by the Mining Department and that belonged to Western Province, there were other projects where the spending of funds needed to be accounted for.
They said they were aware one of the ministers approved the expenditure of development projects under the Western Province People’s Dividend Trust Account (WPPDTA) in February, last year, and that they were yet to see development on these projects.
These included:
◦ The K9.2million infrastructure development;
◦ $US1.8 million (K6 million) Israel agro industry project;
◦ K16.33million Balimo airport development project;
◦ K800,000 Middle Fly communication project; and
◦ K170,500 Balimo telecommunication project.
They said these projects were not funded under or part of any existing mining project agreements, however, were submitted under the WPPDTA guidelines for approval.

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

NA under attack
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Date Posted: Thu, May 17 2007, 12:50:19pm

NA's hope in Kandep under attack from genuine Kandepens!


viewpoints - Thursday 17th May , 2007

Kandep fed up with the Deputy Prime Minister


I write in response to USK (Post-Courier May 15) I wish I knew where he lives or comes from. As a true Kandepen, I wonder if USK has seen the grief-stricken photograph last week on the front page of the Post-Courier of travellers pulling PMV trucks in the extremely bad road conditions in Kandep, the very electorate of the Deputy Prime Minister, whom he or she seemed to praise. We the people of Kandep have suffered in silence for many years without any proper services and are fed up withpeople like Deputy Prime Minister or cronies like USK to talk smart without knowing how the Kandepens or people in other remote areas are suffering from basic services like road maintenance, health and education.
USK, for your information, if you are not from the Kandep electorate then I want to tell you this, the Kandepens are fed up and are at loggerheads with the so-called Deputy Prime Minister because of his boasting and a lot of hot air that he speaks. We the people feel that we don’t come from an electorate where the very elected member is the Transport Minister and deputy prime minister. USK, have you seen in media that the country is campaigning against NA to completely uproot it? We want to change this nation (by changing these selfish leaders) and bring tangible developments. So USK, stop making unsubstantiated comments.

– Wage Wane

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[> [> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

YBO Kiak
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Date Posted: Fri, May 18 2007, 04:08:49pm

OK! lets put an end to this discussion because the best summary is done by "Cool_guy1"....

but lets keep Enga's young and vibrant politician and leader, Don Polye. Maybe the Party (NA) be errased but for the good of Enga and PNG lets keep DOn Polye. IF one can follow the events of the NA encounters, Don Ploye stands out very clear though he is undermined by the Somares.....

Gud luck

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Fri, May 18 2007, 04:41:23pm

ost -Courier , Friday, May 18, 2007

"NA failed to further reforms".

The National Alliance Party-led government failed to further reforms despite "swimming in money", Port Moresby North-West MP Sir Mekere Morauta has lamented.

Giving an assessment of the Somare Government's ability to carry on reforms instituted by his 1999 -2002 Peoples Democratic Movement government, the former prime minister said it was five years of wasted opportunity.

"In the last four years, the Somare Government has been swimming in money, engendered chiefly by high mineral and oil prices; in part by the reforms I introduced; and in part by the fact that Bart Philemon when Treasurer hid the keys to the safe. But we have not taken the opportunity given to us by these factors and pushed ahead with reform, “ Sir Mekere told students in a seminar at the University of Papua New Guinea.

While the Government has praised its handling of the economy and its success in keeping expenditure under control, the PNG Party parliamentary leader said the Somare regime did not institutionalise the fiscal restraint that became an economic management trademark of former treasurer Bart Philemon.

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[> [> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Wage Wild West
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Date Posted: Thu, May 24 2007, 01:59:46pm


Can we take a different approach on this issue ?

First and Foremost, NA was the Ruling Party for full five year term from the last Parliarment, thanks to the Law of Integrity of Political Parties. Don Polye was the ONLY candidate under NA Ticket to a Win seat in Enga in the 2002 General Elections. He was again, the ONLY Engan MP to be given a Ministrial Portfolio when the NEC was formed. Lately, to be appointed to the countries second highest office.

Under what circumstances and conditions NA has failed Enga. I do personally salute Hon. Don Polye (DPM) for changing the negetive image of Enga to one the powerful province in the Country.

As Engans and Kandepans, where is your appreciation to the NA and the current Government?

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Informed Voter
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Date Posted: Fri, May 25 2007, 03:24:03pm

The postings below is only a sneek preview.
Apparently, the articles appeared on the same paper and date.
The public informed opinions from the different spectrum of the society indicates how SELFISH, CORRUPT and IGNORANT National Alliance Party really is.

Those who blindly continue to support NA are either naive or are detached for the realities of life with their heads burried in the sand.


Focus Weekend Edition Fri - Sun May 25th -27th May , 2007

The Government has the responsibility to regulate mineral resources development. The ill-advised enactment of the Mineral Resource Authority Act, 2005, will shut our government and the industry will regulate itself.


The politics of mineral law

MINERAL resource is a vital commodity. It is of economic, political and strategic importance.
Law on a very important national heritage such as mineral resources must be tested for its appropriateness.
Government has the responsibility to regulate mineral resources development.
Ill-advised enactment of Mineral Resources Authority Act 2005 will shut out government and the industry will regulate itself.
There are daunting truths about the Government’s enactment of the Mineral Resources Authority Act 2005. Yielding to pressure from World Bank and European Union the Government gave away its regulatory responsibility and compromised policy making powers.
On a lot of legal issues for review, the Justice Department did not review and advise the Government.
The Government was deceived about European Union funding of the Mining House. The recently opened Mining House has no relationship with the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).
Mining House is one of the 10 projects funded by the European Union.
The Mineral Resources Authority is linked with two projects, namely, the geological mapping and airborne geophysical survey. These two projects were linked with the Mineral Resources Authority to bring Geological Survey of PNG into the Mineral Resources Authority.
Initially, Geological Survey of PNG objected to being part of the Mineral Resources Authority.
It was Mining Minister Sam Akoitai who rolled Geological Survey of PNG into the Mineral Resources Authority.
Timing for the signing of the financing agreement with the European Union was not properly arranged. As such the Prime Minister signed the agreement instead of the Minister for Treasury. Perspectives of rural people on mineral resource development under the Mineral Resources Authority were not obtained when the Mineral Resources Authority Act 2005 was enacted. Their members of Parliament did not lend any help. They failed to debate the Bill.
Mining Minister Sam Akoitai sought to allocate ministerial responsibility over the Mineral Resources Authority to himself.
It is now confirmed that Mr Akoitai had no ministerial responsibility over the Mineral Resources Authority.
Having no ministerial responsibility over the Mineral Resources Authority, he sought to exercise powers he did not have.
Minister Akoitai advised the Head of State to commence the Mineral Resources Authority Act 2005.
He (Akoitai) got various industry bodies to nominate candidates for Mineral Resources Authority board membership.
Minister Akoitai protected the papers on applications to non-existent positions from being brought to the attention of the Secretary for Mining. In doing so Minister Akoitai prevented fraud from being exposed and dealt with appropriately.
The Mineral Resources Authority was to have replaced the Department of Mining.
It was thought the Mineral Resources Authority would get PNG out of regulatory troubles to utopia. Talking about utopia, regulation was punctuated as the major reason for Mineral Resources Authority replacing the Department of Mining.
It is now clear the primary reason is money. Money by itself is useless. Many big businesses in the past have failed in the world because of bad governance.
Mineral Resources Authority has all the credentials for bad governance. It does not have vision. It does not have mission, objectives, strategies and values. These are minimum requirements. The Mineral Resources Authority has already failed these minimum requirements for good governance. Governance also requires respect for rule of law.
Legal advice given to Minister Akoitai is that he has no political or statutory responsibility over the Mineral Resources Authority.
Mineral resources is at the heart of politics in many countries. The New International Economic Order was founded on mineral resources. It was said to be receding in the past but there is an air of resurgence. Hugo Chavez is reported to have nationalised mineral resources businesses in Venezuela recently. Last year Evo Morales nationalised gas fields in Bolivia. At home we have heard a number of leaders calling for the review of mineral resources law.
Most wars were fought over mineral wealth.
The recent Gulf crisis was initially over oil and subsequently overtaken by terrorism.
Our own Bougainville crisis has its roots in the exploitation of mineral resources on customary land. The Government did not use its regulatory powers to address the plight of the Panguna people thereby escalating their grievance into a major crisis.
Ok Tedi has a number of supplemental agreements negotiated by shareholders and rubber-stamped by Parliament. The regulator becomes a taker. Many other issues are variously raised. Tolukuma has health and safety issues, Ramu has the political issue of land ownership, Kainantu has the technical issue of reserve, Simberi has the issue of security of tenure, Sinivit has an environment issue with its leaching process, Hidden Valley has the gold royalty issue, Porgera has relocation and the illegal miners issue, Lihir has issues on implementation of integrated benefits package and the relocation of Kapit people.
To give away its regulatory responsibility the Government is reneging on its core responsibility. It is giving to an entity that does not have a vision. It is like blind leading the blind.
Doing service is the work of public service. Regulation is a public service function.
The Mineral Resources Authority is said to avoid public service rules just for the money.
“Role playing” of public servants especially chief executive officers keeps a lot of them still in the service. Saying no to the “rule” is suicidal. Often open debates occur when truths are revealed.
When the Secretary for Mining raised a breach of the rule of law and due process relating to his removal, senior leaders of Government were tightlipped.
When no is no, ministers think that removal is the answer. Far from the truth. Truth is, find the reasons and address them. This is leading to solve issues.
Truthful professionals will provide objective opinion and advice. Ultimate decisions are for responsible leaders to make.
Knowing governance rules, principles and practices is vital.
Role playing flourishes in unclear situations and circumstances.
Decision to keep truth is not easy. It requires sense of professionalism. Very often many professionals compromise their professional integrity.
Putting up a professional argument can be viewed with great suspicion.
Use of words to explain a vital point can be misinterpreted to suggest other motives. Getting to the truth is the best way to deal with professional opinion and advice. Being politically sensitive is written in the heart of every leader. No yielding to pressure is political sensitivity. It is professional to face the truth.
Governance is willingness to sacrifice for the truth. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Knowingly avoiding or breaching the law is reckless.
It is very rare for leaders to humble themselves. Humility is a virtue. Respect for Government is worthless if Government does not reciprocate with respect for professionals. Getting a pay packet is not the only driver for many professionals. Other non-monetary things are also important.
Sometimes leaders use dubious means to get at professionals. They use other staff, individuals and politicians.
Power has two main limbs. Position power and personal power.
They can exist together or separately. A politician usually has position power. He or she takes a decision on the basis of position.
Personal power is associated with a professional.
He or she has specialised knowledge or skill based on which a decision is made, advice is given, or action is taken.
What is important is the outcome of the use of power.

James Wanjik is the former secretary for mining


viewpoints - Weekend Edition Fri - Sun May 25th -27th May , 2007

Western Governor did not pay for students’ fees

WESTERN Province is the largest in PNG. We know that we have enough resources to cater for the population in Western Province. Right now we need human resource, highly educated people of Western Province to play a role in different fields of employment to develop the province.
Our Governor Bob Danaya has misled the people.
In January, the Office of the Governor informed the three electorates of Western Province in a circular that any student who was accepted for higher education for higher institutions in PNG would be given half payment of their school fees. Hundreds of students made their way by boat to Port Moresby. The students went to their respective institutions and waited for the half payments which the Governor has promised. For five months these students had suffered living in hunger in Port Moresby. They visited the Governors office many times but the securities turned them away.
They tried other means by going to the Governors house but were once again turned away by securities who were all from the highlands. The students talked to securities through a spy hole advised by his security for reasons. Most of the students have gone back home with only a few having paid for their school fees.
We have a serious problem in Western Province. Is the Governor aware of what he has created? We need human resource, manpower for the next decade.
If he has done nothing for the development of the province then there is no point for him to campaign now.
The order of the day is that we, the people of Western Province want Bob Danaya back into the medicine field treating children in the hospital and not politics.
This the type of bad government Western Province has voted in the past. Please let’s not make the same mistake again.

– Swamp Tiger
Western swamps



viewpoints - Weekend Edition Fri - Sun May 25th -27th May , 2007

Immigrations staff must be investigated

THE level of corruption in the immigration division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is becoming increasingly rampant.
Our report of officers being paid large sums of money to grant Papua New Guinea citizenship to foreigners raises extremely serious issues which require urgent attention.
Investigations were carried out on similar reports in the past but it appears no action was ever taken against those responsible.
Now, these reports are surfacing again. What is going on, we ask.
The immigration division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for one of the most sensitive functions of the Government. It cannot allow unscrupulous officers to work in that division.
The public are entitled to know what the Minister for Foreign Affairs Paul Tiensten and his department secretary are doing about this problem. The head of the division and all officers implicated in the corrupt deals must be immediately suspended from duty as a matter of sensible conduct pending an investigation by both the fraud squad and a high level government investigation team headed by a senior lawyer.
The Chief Secretary to Government must take the lead in ensuring this is done. The Public Service and the whole Government system has been branded as being corrupt and what is happening at the immigration division is one more confirmation of that.
We have stated our view that government officers found guilty of white collar crime and corrupt practices must be given much tougher punishment under the law. Such people should be sent to jail for life. They do not deserve anything less.
One of the highest priorities of the incoming government must be to tackle corruption head on. It should do this by setting up the Independent Commission Against Corruption with wide-ranging powers to tackle corruption in both the public and private sectors and also powers to prosecute people before the courts.
Corruption has crippled PNG and is choking it.
The political will to tackle this disease is no longer there, at least not with the present government. Under their regime, corruption has flourished and spread. They have done nothing to prevent it.
PNG needs a new government that will fight corruption with impunity. We need a government that will ensure the public service is free from corruption and that public servants who engage in corrupt deals or theft of public funds or receive money from other people to do favours are locked up behind bars for the rest of their lives.



viewpoints - Weekend Edition Fri - Sun May 25th -27th May , 2007

Wealth Department brushing our claims aside

THIS is the only response that we the residential doctors, dentists, pharmacists, medical imaging, laboratory scientists and health extension officers have been receiving after our confrontation with the Health Department several weeks ago. I’d say we have been fooled and cheated again. These are some of the many excuses given by individuals from the Health Department and the Department of Personnel Management for the delay:
* NO funds available from the Treasury Department,
* NO file numbers,
* Responsible people never present in the office,
* University producing more than is required; and the most recent,
* System cannot deliver the funds entered, just last week Thursday May 17 to pay us this week. The public has to be aware that we the health professionals are the main public servants, who work around the clock everyday looking after the sick, being exposed to sicknesses and are still able to deliver health services to the citizens of PNG. And not being paid for five months now is tyrannical for these departments to continue to delay our payments.
Such excuses come about because of inefficiency, neglect and wrong people in such positions.
So those of you interested in the health profession, think twice because you can see how we are being treated and of course brushed away with the well known “next fortnight!”. If no pay next fortnight, names will be mentioned in the media.

– Worn-Out Warrior Princess PMGH


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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Anti NA & PAP
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Date Posted: Sun, May 27 2007, 06:19:53pm

The National Alliance is a mafia.
It is headed by Grand Thief Sir Michael Somare.
His right and left hand men are Patrick Pruitch and Arthur Somare respectively.

The naive media officer who thinks she can cover their graft is Bertha Somare.

The stench and filth have become so much so that, everyone is becoming sick of NA

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Educated Voter
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Date Posted: Tue, May 29 2007, 02:16:07pm

viewpoints Tuesday 29th May , 2007

PNG cannot afford to make the same mistake

Election time is upon us again and there is so much noise in the air and so much writing on the wall.
I personally do not support any one candidate or party, but I have not missed casting my vote since I became eligible in 1982. I only support policies and integrity of candidates.
With campaigning in full swing, I have noticed some media reports which I feel compelled to respond to. The ruling National Alliance (NA) party-led coalition is making a loud noise about the state of the economy and how it has set a record in the history of this nation and so forth.

I find this disturbing and a half-truth, as there has been a lot of assistance in the status quo from within and outside that the current government had little or no control over. And no one is blind or should be surprised that the world prices improved and together with the steady stock market movements. To say that the NA-led government turned this country around is a slap on the faces of some prominent people and organisations, outside of NA.
Most notable is that of the recent Mekere-led coalition government in 1999 that put in pieces of very important legislation changes, one of which gave the next government after the 2002 election a free ticket to hold office for the Parliament’s duration of five years.

Even grassroots in this country now know what that meant. That the Government can go about its policies without having to worry about by-elections, or a vote of no-confidence, which were the thing of every parliament since Independence. Also it is a slap in the face of Bart Philemon.
Everyone knows what he did as the longest serving Finance and Treasury Minister.
While all due respect must be accorded to the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare as the founding Chief Minister and Prime Minister to take this nation into independence, nothing more has happened after that.
Yes, he was the head of successive governments straight after each election since, but the members of those teams did nothing significant, nothing more than build personal empires out of the resources belonging to this nation. Go out to the rural areas or see the deteriorating state institutional buildings, roads, bridges, and lack of medical supplies and rampant law and order problems.

I therefore would like to see all educated citizens of this nation vote with their brains if they are serious about changing this nation to move forward.

I think this nation needs Sir Mekere Morauta, not only as an elected leader or a leader of a party, but he must be allowed to lead like-minded leaders returned after the election. He must also be allowed to direct this nation.
PNG cannot afford to make the same mistakes or do guesswork any more.
Over to you, voters.

– Educated Voter
via email

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

Kambi (Enga Yaraooo)
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Date Posted: Tue, Aug 14 2007, 12:06:23am

After much was said before the elections on eliminating NA, it has bounced back and actually did very well in Enga. We can only hope and pray that good and better days are ahead for PNG. I still don't believe the voting population was educated well. I just wish the voting populace that voted Powes Pakop to the NCD governors seat voted for the rest of the seats in PNG.

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[> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Tue, Aug 14 2007, 12:33:06pm

Hi Guys,

I wish to share with you all an experience I had when I was travelling to Europe last weekend. I was on a trip to Denmark (home to blue eyed blonde girls) and I had the chance to have a cup of coffee and a long chat with one of these angels at a cafeteria in Copenhagen. At the initial stage of the conversation, she asked me where I was from and I replied PNG. She then went on to say "oh is it that tiny island in the South Seas?". That phrase wrecked me....I felt as if I was punched in the guts by a heavyweight. I don't remember the rest of the conversation which seemed to went on for a lifetime. I couldn't stop thinking about that....until I realised how tiny and insignificant our country is to the rest of the world. They see us a small country with some number of people....that makes me wonder if that blonde angel was also seeing a group of Sepiks, Engans, WHP, SHP, Morobe etc.....

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[> [> Subject: Re: NA has failed Enga - NA therefore has dug its own grave in Enga

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Date Posted: Tue, Aug 14 2007, 02:02:04pm

useless story what are you trying to say? that you can chat to blond girls? try and stay in line with the topic discussion here.
And of course PNG is a small country in the pacific. I am proud to call a Papua New Guinea my home as it is culturally rich and unique when compared to the rest of the world. If I were you talking to this girl I would be proud and speak highly of my country rather than puting my head down and pondering over her comment. Your a bloody bad ambassador!

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