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Date Posted: 00:14:46 12/10/20 Thu
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Part 1)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "A Whole Other You" (Repost)" on 00:09:07 12/10/20 Thu

"A Whole Other You"


My heart nearly leapt right out of my fucking THROAT as I screamed out loud in terror!

My little brother, Andy, had definitely gotten me GOOD that time! Being away at college for the past three months had softened me up a bit, and left me completely vulnerable to his little 'scare tactics'! It had been a game that we had been playing since we were little, and I was always better at it, being almost five whole years older than he was. Now that I was 18 and he was halfway towards being 14...the game was a bit more evenly matched. In fact, I was starting to think he was developing a rather significant advantage over me. Hehehe, I gotta be honest, it made me kinda proud of the little bastard! After all the times that I had jumped out from around a corner and nearly made the poor kid wet himself...I guess I deserved a little payback.

I was clutching my chest and trying to catch my breath as Andy doubled over in a boyish fit of laughter, his silver braces glimmering in the light of my bedroom. "Oh, you think it's funny, do ya?" I said, my heart still trying to return to a somewhat normal beat pattern after being scared half to death. Knowing Andy's big weakness...I knelt down next to him, and began to tickle his sides mercilessly, causing his already hysterical laughter to bubble out of control. And when he couldn't take any more, I kissed him on the top of the head and gave him a hug for a well executed game of 'scare the living shit out of your big brother'. He was certainly enjoying having me home for Christmas break. I can't even remember the last time I had seen him so happy. And here I was thinking that he'd be overjoyed to play an 'only' child while I was gone.

"Jesus, Mike! The look on your face! Hahaha!" He had to brush his longish dark brown hair out of his face as he tried to get the strength to get back on his feet. "Who's the master NOW?" He smiled proudly.

"Hey now, don't go getting cocky on me. My holiday break isn't quite over yet, munchkin."

"You're NOT gonna get me! You're all old and soft now, forget it."

I gave his frail little body a shove, and he nearly tipped over. "You just make sure you keep your eyes open. And keep an extra pair of underwear handy...just in case."

Andy and I were never really the kind of brothers that stayed at each other's throats twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Not even when we were growing up. Sure we had the occasional argument, and as boys...well...let's just say that our parents had to deal with a lot of broken windows, furniture, and any other damage that we could cause during sudden bursts of teen testosterone. My mom used to have to literally 'drink' herself sane on rainy days when both of us had to stay in the house. Hehehe! But all that aside, through some kind of strange twist of fate, Andy and I had personalities that actually complimented one another enough to be...well...'friends'. Close friends, in fact. His youth energized me, and my experience was something he truly looked up to and admired. In our house, it was Mom and Dad that were usually the enemy.

"Guys? The pizza's here." My dad called from the downstairs, and Andy and I got up to wash our hands so we could eat.

Andy was bouncing around so much that it was like he was on a whole new high that I had never seen before. "Mike, dude...you should TOTALLY take me to the indoor miniature golf place tomorrow! It'll be like last year, when you threw that club and almost hit that guys wife in the head with it! Hehehe!"

"Aren't you EVER gonna forget that?" I asked him as he grinned at me.

"Hell no! That was funny as hell! He got all mad and stuff!" He said. "C'mon, it'll be FUN!"

"Sorry, bro. We'll have to go during the week or something instead."

"Why? Are you kidding me? Everybody goes on the weekends. It'll be lame during the week."

"No can do. I'm spending time with Amy tomorrow. I haven't seen her in months."

Andy was still smiling, but I could hear a bit of a boyish pout in his voice. "Well...we haven't seen you in three months either. Can't you just go see her afterwards? We can go, like, extra early or something."

"Nope. Sorry. Amy said she wanted to spend the whole day together. And I'm not gonna disappoint her."

"Awww, why would you possibly want to spend a whole day with her?"

I smiled at him, "I'm pretty sure I don't need to go into detail about that And if I do...then that school Health class is not teaching you what it should be teaching you, kiddo." And I turned out the bathroom light before he finished drying his hands. He was quick to follow me out and walk down to the stairs right behind me, still begging all the way. "Forget it, Andy. Hehehe, I've already made plans. We can do it another time, I promise. I've still got another whole week and a half here. So don't sweat it."

"Whatever. You and your girlfriend. Psh!" He said, and I gave him a playful poke in the ribs as we got to the dinner table.

It was one of those dinners where my mom and dad keep asking me questions about college life and what I had planned to do with my girlfriend Amy while I was back home. How pointless is that? It's basically where I pretend that I haven't been drinking and smoking pot and partying and that I wasn't planning to bone my girlfriend as hard and often as this Christmas break would allow. And my parents pretend to know about all of the things I just mentioned. Hell, even Andy knew what the deal was. But I guess that's 'civil' family conversation for you.

"So are you and Andy going to the indoor golf place tomorrow?" My dad asked.

"NO! He's hanging out with stupid Amy instead." Andy smirked. "So they can suck face all day long, like always."

"Quiet, you." I said, threatening to toss a biscuit at him if he kept it up. "Why don't you take your friend Danny with you? He lives for that kinda thing."

Andy rolled his eyes. "Um...yeah. THAT'S not gonna happen." He said.

I was a bit confused, and my mom told me, "Evidently, Andy and Danny aren't best friends any more."

"What? Are you serious? I thought you guys were 'blood brothers' and all that." I asked, which only got Andy to look at me like I was just being childish.

"Please! Danny is SO 8th grade. We're in high school now." He said, looking down at his plate. "Besides...he was being weird about...'stuff', so...you know, whatever."

Nothing really struck me as odd about it. Boys grow up a bit, little thing change, and the more they find their own identities...the more they begin to realize how compatible or incompatible those identities are. Hell, the friends I had in Junior High and the friends I had in high school were two completely different groups of people. It happens. But Andy seemed to get kinda quiet after that. And Andy is almost never quiet.

"It's all about 'Devon' now, right?" My mom asked with a grin. "Now those two are inseparable. I think that boy eats here more than he does at home."

"Yeah." Andy said, and his eyes glanced at me for a second before going back to his plate again.

"You and Devon could go to the golf place tomorrow, or you could help me and your father set up for the church yard sale." She told him, and Andy kinda snickered to himself.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun. Being around a bunch of 'church people' on a Saturday afternoon."

My dad laughed. "Well, it's either that, or wandering the streets looking for trouble."

"I like that one better." Andy smirked. "I'll find something to do, don't sweat it."

As much as I wish I could change the plan and spend some quality time with my baby bro...I needed Amy in a BAD way. Being faithful to a long distance relationship in college is NOT easy, believe me. But I managed to be a good boy over the last few months...and now I wanted my reward. My warm, wet, tight, reward.

Later on that night, I was getting myself ready for bed, and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. But when I came back, I noticed that my bedroom door was closed a bit more than it was when I left, and I could see a hint of my brother's shadow through the sliver of space between the hinges. Sneaky little bastard I knew he was waiting for me, but I wasn't about to be his scared little victim twice in the same day. Instead, I walked up to the door, and quickly swung it open to lightly bang him in the head with it. "Oww! What the...?"

"Nice try, pipsqueak! Now get outta here! I need my energy for tomorrow."

"Hehehe, I'll bet." He said. "When are you leaving?"

"I don't know, probably around noon. Why?"

"Can you drop me off at Devon's house when you go? The bus sucks."

"Yeah, it's no problem But you're on your own getting back. I won't be home until late." I told him.

"Cool. Thanks." He looked like he had something else to say, but instead of just letting it spill, he just kinda fidgeted for a few seconds more. "It's good having you home, Mike. Really. Sometimes it's like I don't have anybody to talk to....you know...about....'stuff'."

"What's on your mind?"

"Nothing!" He snapped back. "I just...I kinda missed you. That's all."

"Whatever. I missed you too. Now get out of my room." I smiled. "Oh, and in case you were wondering whether or not I was going to get you back for scaring me half to death...I most definitely will. So keep that in mind every time you walk past a half open door over the next week and a half."

"No you won't, I'm too good for you. Just admit it."

"Ok. We'll see." I told him, and then I saw him fidget just a bit more. It was so strange, as Andy was usually the one to blurt things out right away. I guess little insecurities kick in for everybody once the hormones start pumping. But he just left shortly after and closed the door behind him. He's becoming a major weirdo these days.

The next morning came quickly, and I took a long hot shower, preparing for a marathon sex fest that I was hoping would leave me both sore and satisfied by the end of the day. I was already getting hard just thinking about it. I did manage to keep my eye out, just in case Andy was up to one of his dirty little tricks. But I guess we were at a temporary truce until I gave him his free ride to his friend's house. Which meant that I got a chance to relax my nerves a bit. At least until I found a good opportunity to freak him out so bad that he never pulls another scare tactic on me again. Mom and Dad made us a quick breakfast and went out to go do their church yard sale thing. They actually tried to get ME to drop by for a little while. A politely offered request that I managed to dodge like a fucking bullet in the Matrix! Nooooooooo church work for me today! I'm looking to break as many commandments as I can before the sun sets!

I waited for Andy to get himself together, looking at my watch every five minutes as he took a super long extended shower. Jesus! What is that kid doing in there? Not even masturbation takes that long! Finally he came out with his damp hair neatly tucked behind both ears, smelling like a newborn baby, and dressed up like he was going to model clothes for Calvin Klein. "Are you READY now?" I asked him.

"What? It's like 12:15, chill out."

"It's 12:18, actually...and if I had been the bus, you would have just missed your ride, buddy boy." I told him, and splashed on a little aftershave. Amy loves the smell of aftershave. We started towards the door, and I noticed that Andy wasn't carrying anything with him. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Like what?"

"Well...I don't know. Don't you usually bring a bag of tricks with you everywhere you go? Video games, controllers, strategy guides, notebooks, and all that shit?"

"Don't be childish. Let's just go." He said, and walked past me to go out the back door. Hehehe, did my little brother just call ME childish? It's ONLY been three months! Who knew the munchkin could mature so damn fast?

"Well, excuse me." I mumbled to myself. We got into my car, and he was practically bouncing around like a little puppy on his first car ride. This 'Devon' kid must have had some set up at his house for Andy to be so damn excited to see him. I was actually kinda curious to see this new 'best friend' of his, but the second I pulled up to his house, Andy jumped out of the car before it even came to a complete stop, and told me he'd see me later.

He shut my car door and asked, "So you're not coming home until late, right?"

"Well, not TOO late. But I probably won't make it in time for dinner."

"Ok. And...when do you think Mom and Dad will come back?" He asked.

"Ummm...a couple hours I suppose." I said with a confused look.

"A couple of hours? So you think, like...around four O'clock or something?"

"I don't know. Why?"

He shook his head and said, "Forget it. It's nothing. I'll see ya later! Thanks for the ride, you're awesome!" And he skipped away from my car to ring the bell. That boy gets more weird by the hour.

I drove on over to Amy's house and pulled up in her driveway. I double checked my breath, triple checked my hair, and got ready to make a sexy appearance at her front door. However, while my eyes were expecting to see the lovely bod and soft breasts of my cheerleader girlfriend...what came to the door was...um...NOT that! Instead, there was a very large man...and I mean 'large', with a beer gut hanging out of his heavily stained white wife beater t-shirt. He had enough stubble on his face to almost qualify as beard, but not quite, and had what looked like muffin crumbs in his mustache. And then he had on these cutoff jean shorts that seriously just made you almost scream out loud, 'OH, WHAT THE FUCK???' Yeah...that pretty much ruined my sexual appetite for the next hour or so.

"You sellin' something?" He said, a deep voice grumbling out of what little neck he had.

"Uhhh...is Amy home?"

The horrible hog beast looked me up and down, and then shouted out, "AMY! Some boy's at the door for you."

He stood right there, staring me in the face and refusing to open the screen door to let me in until she got there. She had to squeeze past his belly just to come out and see me. "Hey!" She said with a smile, and she hugged me around the neck as the big man went back to spread his titanic ass back out on the living room couch "Wow...how ARE you, Mike?"

I gave her a weird look, and peeked back at the manatee sprawled out on her couch. "I'm...I'm good. Really good. Great, in fact." Then I looked her in the eye, seeing her trying to cover up a shit eating grin. "Soooo....what's going on? I kinda thought...you were gonna have the house to yourself today. What happened?"

She cringed a bit and said, "I know...Mike, I'm sorry! Really! My dad kinda found out that we were supposed to spend the weekend together, so..."

"So he left you with a 'bodyguard'???" I said.

"It's my Uncle Joey. He didn't want me doing any 'fooling around' while he was making deliveries out of town today."

"THAT'S your Uncle Joey? The one that used to run TRACK in high school???" I gasped.

"Yeah...." We both looked at him again as he finished off a warm beer, and burped with enough inner gas to cloud the room! "...He's mellowed out since then."

"Buuuut...he's gonna leave soon, right? Because you worked out some kind of miraculous plan for us to be alone?"

"Mike...I can't." She said, and I felt my spirit sink instantly. "I'm sorry! Really I am! I had this whole weekend planned out for us, and then my dad read my text messages on my phone to my friend Sarah, and everything got all..." She began to get emotional on me, and I didn't want her to think that I blamed her for it or anything. So I just tried to think of an alternative.

"Well...I've got the car. I mean...maybe you and me could 'go' somewhere? My house is empty for a few hours if you wanna get some alone time." I held her lightly around the hips and placed a kiss on her lips. But I heard Uncle Joey clear his throat, and I had to put some space between us.

"I can't. He won't even let me leave the house with you. He's a total Nazi about me getting pregnant" She said, making my eyes widen.

"When have we not been careful? We ALWAYS use protection..."

"I know, I know...but my Dad and Joey are just using the whole 'accidents happen' concept as an excuse to keep me from having any sex at all. They said no babies until after college."

"This is ridiculous..." I sighed, trying not to seem to frustrated. Even if I could feel my balls turning a pretty shade of blue as I was standing there.

"I'll make it up to you later, ok? I promise! After this weekend, I'll find a way to sneak out. But..."

"But for now, no nookie for the kid?" I said, and she slowly shook her head. Great. So much for my weekend of hot passionate 'catch up' sex.

"Look, I'll call you the SECOND that I can get away, ok? I PROMISE!" She said, and Uncle Joey cleared his throat again, as if to tell her that our less than intimate conversation was taking too long.

"It's alright. I'll call you this week some time then. K?"

"Thanks for understanding, Mike. I love you." She said with another quick kiss.

"Love you too." I would have liked to say good bye to Uncle Joey and say that it was nice meeting him, but...you know...why lie?

I drove home feeling the disappointment weighing me down, forcing me to look forward to a couple days of total boredom. I'm sure Andy will be happy to hear it though. Dammit....now I'm horny. I'm gonna wear her out the first chance we get, I swear.

I pulled up to the back of the house, but I had forgotten to put the garage door remote in my car before I left. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten that I had taken it out when I went away to college. So I decided to just make it easy and park on the street somewhere. I guess everybody was home for the holidays, and had visitors on top of it, because parking was nearly impossible. I finally found somebody pulling out of a spot about a block away from the house, and decided to take it before I lost the chance. Then I walked home and kicked off my shoes. Ah well, if nothing else, I could have some peace and quiet. And...once I use it to jack off like CRAZY...I'll be able to enjoy that!

I had myself a nice 'squirt', and then watched TV for about a half hour. It was nice to stretch out and not have to worry about anything for a little bit. Something I felt I could do even better downstairs with the big screen in the living room. So I got up and turned my TV off, and walked out of my room. Just as I was coming down the stairs, I heard some voices outside of the front door.

I heard a key in the lock, and knew that it had to be Andy and one of his friends from the way he was practically 'dragging' the poor boy in through the door. "Come on! It's ok!" Andy said with a grin.

"Are you sure this is ok?" The other boy asked.

"Yep! Don't worry, Devon! My brother's gone, my parents are gone...we've got the whole house to ourselves! For, like, HOURS!" He told him.

Ohhhh, this is TOO good! Andy is definitely up to some kind of mischief, and I'm gonna nail the little punk for it! Hehehe, the bigger the trouble, the better! Then a wicked thought crossed my mind. More sinister than all the others. Not only am I gonna mess up his little private party...but I'm gonna get my revenge by scaring the living SHIT out of him and his new buddy, Devon! He's gonna jump right out of his skin! I won't get a better opportunity than this.

I quietly crept back away from the stairs and looked for a place to hide. I could literally jump out of any corner up here and get the desired effect, but I wanted him to get TOTALLY comfortable before I sprung out like the goddamn boogie man! I looked for a place to hide. A GOOD place. His closet! I could hide in his closet in his room. He's gonna bring that boy up here eventually, and that's the perfect place to catch him. Hahaha, this weekend isn't going to be so boring after all. No WAY he's topping this one!

"Mom?" Andy called from downstairs, just making sure that the coast was clear. "Dad? Mike?" With no answer, he got the hint, and I stopped hearing any kind of noises at all for a moment.

So I moved stealthily into his bedroom, and stepped into the darkness of his closet. I left it open just a crack so I could see out of it, and there were horizontal slats in the door that would give me an idea of where there were in the room so I could find the right moment to launch my attack.

I waited for a minute or two, wondering what the heck was taking them so long. I could see if they had turned on the TV downstairs or something, but they weren't even talking. It made me wonder if maybe he had figured me out, and was looking for me. But, after a few more minutes of waiting, I heard footsteps coming upstairs. This was it. I had to get ready. I wanted to scream LOUD! This has to be the scare of the century!

"I don't know, Andy. What if somebody comes home?" I finally got a look at this Devon kid. He was certainly a little heart breaker. Nicely styled, short blond hair, light blue eyes...he looked almost 'pretty' to be honest. Maybe a year or two older than Andy, but who really keeps track of their friends' ages when you go to the same high school, you know?

"NOBODY'S coming home! Hehehe, relax My brother's gonna be smooching with his girlfriend all day long. I double checked the garage, both cars are gone. We're fine." Andy assured him "And even if they do, we can hear anybody drive up to the house, AND we can hear the door if it opens downstairs. We'll have plenty of warning either way."

Curiosity took over, and I thought that this was WAY Too good to miss out on! What is he up to? Did they find some porno mags? Maybe they swiped some booze out of Devon's parents house? Or maybe...maybe they're gonna spark up a joint or something? It's gotta be something big for Andy to go so far out of his way to keep it such a secret.

"Ok. If...if you say so." Devon said nervously.

"Now come here. I've been waiting all week for this. I want it." Andy said with a smirk, and Devon stepped closer to him. Ok, so this is it. I'll wait until they reveal the big mystery, and then I'll do it!

I put my hand on the closet door, ready to jump out any second, and then...then...something went...'wrong'.

Devon stepped toward my 13 year old baby brother, and ran his hands softly through his hair while Andy placed his hands on the other boys waist. They shared an intimate look with one another...and I...I think my heart stopped. I mean, my eyes knew what they were seeing, but I don't think my brain was really able to process what was going on here. It just looked....weird and wrong. Backwards. Almost surreal. Andy tugged gently at Devon's belt, bringing them even closer...and then they...they KISSED each other! On the LIPS!

And...and not just a little peck on the lips either! But a big, passionate, HUNGRY kiss, that little Andy looked as though he had been waiting his whole life for! I found it hard to breathe. I felt my hand shaking, and quickly took it off of the closet door for fear that I might open it by mistake. My brother Andy is...he's GAY??? Since when is he GAY??? I don't remember him being GAY when I left for school!!! What the fuck was going ON here? Is...is this Devon boy RAPING my little brother??? But just as the thought crossed my mind, I heard Andy moan and whimper out loud, their lips smacking as they tongue kissed and rubbed themselves all over with both hands. Devon doesn't seem to be...'forcing' Andy to do anything. I mean, Andy looked twice as excited as he was. And when they started grabbing each other's asses and kissing even harder, I felt a wave of sheer TERROR wash over me out of nowhere, and all I could think of was getting out of that room without being noticed. This was NOT a good idea! NOT a good idea at ALL!

Omigod...they're STILL kissing! Oh...oh shit...ok...I can't let him know I'm in here. I can't...I mean...this is not the way to find out about....um....this! Shit! I looked back through the crack in the door...and they were STILL fucking making out like crazy! And now they both had boners and....UGH! BAD IDEA! BAD IDEA!!!

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