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Teenage Discipline Memories
Welcome, this forum is here to discuss what discipline parents used when you were growing up whether it was spanking, groundng, or restrictions or a combination of either. This forum and postings should not be or contain sexual material or content.

Subject: Spanking vs Whipping -- Part 2

Rick to Travis (REPLY)
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Date Posted: 18:16:48 10/07/11 Fri

Hi Travis,

I started a new block since the other one was getting too long & message might be lost.

Your brotherly bonding with your buddies sounds really cool & a good option as an only child. I had a younger brother but did similar bonding with a few best friends. I too had a wonderful mom & dad with plenty of hugs, open talks, support, bonding, etc as you spoke of also. I know they loved us both & even getting spanked in our house was a sign of love & care.

Yep, I opted a few after school paddlings (jr/sr years) to get out of after school detention. It was 3 swats = 1 hr of detention. Went to the office rather than detention room & v-principal took you in individually. Went in & cleaned out back pockets & leaned on the desk. Took your 3 pops on the seat & left. Ya'll a little butt rub was a routine as was a stop in the 'john' for damage check.

The cutting school in 8th was 5 swats (jr high max) with a solid paddle rather than drilled wood as in HS. We were called out of 1st period so we both sat on busted bottoms the rest of that day. Sophomore year was 10 swats (max) & it was already after school. My 10 were worth it though watching the other dude get his & him in trousers while I was wearing Levis. We both had to pull up shirttails out of our pants as well as empty pockets. He wimped a little taking his & proved to me he wasn't the tough guy he & others thought.

My dad usually stripped my backside as a kid if I was to go over the lap for a spanking. As we got older, it was 'get'em down boy' & then we either leaned over his propped up leg or bed/chair in our room to get a paddling or when older a whipping. His belt for sure exceeded the paddle when it came to a bare ass spanking. Other than at school, my dad did all my spankings. If I messed up away from home, I was sent home & my folks called--leaving I sometimes overheard my buddy get the start of his whuppin.

Among closest friends we did the traditional age+1 spanks for a birthday & in fun too, bet our butts on a game's outcome or traded swats to test endurance--sometimes the challenge was strip to your boxers or even boxers down.

If I had a session with dad when he got home because of a school note or greounded by mom for something at home, it was usually resolved soon after dad got home & changed his clothes. I either sat at the table with a fresh whupped backside which did wonders to kill an appetite or missed my dinner grounded to my room & probably early bedtime.

Hope this covers what you ask Travis. What do you recall as the spanking at school or at home that concerned you most that your butt had a good one coming? I dont think mine were any easier or less sore as I got older--how about you?

We can talk more later. Try to keep that teen backside of yours unpaddled. Dude, from a guy who lost his dad a year ago & misses him even more than I thought I would--keep that bond with your dad as tight as you can. Sounds like he loves you Travis from things you said--think of that paddle sting as tough love & that he cares.
Subject: Spanking a younger sib

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Date Posted: 20:02:50 09/08/11 Thu

I am 14 years old and still get spanked by my mom. She uses a paddle with drilled holes on my bare butt. It hurts like Hell. I have been getting paddled ever since I was 6. Before that she used her hand.

I have an 8 year old sister. She too gets paddled when she gets in trouble. Yesterday, I saw her with some other girls she is forbidden to be around. I told her what I saw and that I had to tell mom. She begged me not to tell and even offered me a month's worth of her allowance to not tell. I would not take her money.

I did not want to see my sister paddled but she did need to be punished. I finally agreed to not tell mom on 1 condition; she would have to take a spanking from me.

While we were home alone this afternoon, I had her take off her panties and lie across my lap. I slapped her bottom hard with my hand. I did not expect it hurt my hand as much as it did. I spanked her chubby little cheeks 20 times and got her crying. I then used my sandal to give her 10 hard cracks and that pushed her to real tears with kicking and begging.

What a new experience!
Subject: Re: Parents ever discuss their spankings

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Date Posted: 13:06:43 10/05/11 Wed

>I was raised by a single mum we lived with my
>grandparents till i was about 9 or 10 my mum talked
>about the spank walk my granddad did i.e. Walking her
>around the house and spanking her butt as he went
>along sometimes my mum would get granddad to spank me
>if she felt her's weren't strong enough she always put
>me across her knee but a few times if granddad didnt
>think i deserved it he told me to the bathroom for the
>supposed spanking and he would clap his hands to mimic
>the sound of his hand on my bottom then put water from
>the bathroom tap on my eyes and i would go back to the
>living room clutching my bottom

Wow John, that was sure some deceptive act you and your grandpa set up. Did you initially suspect the first time when grandpa took you into the bathroom, you were really getting spanked? He ever spank or paddle your young butt for real?

After age 9/10 when you & mom no longer lived with your grandparents, was it mom solely who spanked you or your spankings stop? Was there ever mom's boyfriend or a stepdad later in the picture who gave you a man-size butt tanning?

So not so much my mom talking about when she was a girl but I knew my grandpa spanked & later gave whippings to my dad as a boy & so it was a tradition past on. If I could believe there was no aggeration on those stories, one could say my dad good worst butt bustings from grandpa than I ever got but then dad was raised in the 60s when spankings were more social accepted norm and the 60s were a more rebellous time from what I heard so maybe dad got a few for some really stupid pranks he & guys did back then.
Subject: Belts and Bachelors

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Date Posted: 18:42:36 10/02/11 Sun

I am of the age where all my friends are getting married or have recently married. As a result, I have attended more than a few bachelor parties. While some have been more exciting than others, I have noticed one common theme whenever strippers are involved. This is true whether we have gone to some of the finer establishments in town or had entertainment arrive at someone's house. I am not sure if this is 'tradition' or simply a rite of passage. In almost every case, the bachelor will get his ass beat with his own belt. Some of the ones I have seen have been quite severe with up to 10 licks. I am curious if this is an old tradition that has been going on for years and years or this is something rather recent. The last bachelor party i went to was 6 months ago and the bachelor took 6 on his boxers at a strip club. I am married and I too, had the special treatment 5 years ago. I am curious for those who may be older if this was the norm a decade ago, 2 decades ago, etc. I understand it is all in good fun and we all laugh at the guy that who is getting his ass smoked, but i recall thinking the next day after my bachelor party - did I really get a spanking in front of my friends?
Subject: Spanking vs. Whipping

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Date Posted: 21:18:15 09/15/11 Thu

Did your parents differentiate between spanking and "whipping"? Mine did. A whipping was much more serious and more painful. When we got spanked it was just hand to bottom, usually clothed. But for a whipping we always had to get undressed and they used a belt or strap. Also, spankings were just on the bottom but when I got whipped I got it pretty much all over. Whippings lasted longer than spankings. I don't think my spankings were abusive, but my whippings were because my parents whipped use hard enough to cause welts and even draw blood sometimes.
Subject: A case study: Spanking a Boy in front of a Girl

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Date Posted: 15:31:17 10/03/11 Mon

The following is posted at the forum on naked guys embarrassed in front of clothed girls.


However, I'm posting it here, too. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it.

Date Posted: 15:26:57 10/03/11 Mon
Author: Pete
Subject: Case Study: Strapping a Farmboy in Front of a Love Interest

The following is a case study from a researcher very interested in the opinions of those on this board.

The event in question occurred in a rural area of Iowa. The teen we'll refer to as Farmboy is 17 and lives and works on the family farm. His father is a very strict disciplinarian who believes in the old saying, "Spare the rod, spoil the child." Farmboy is interested romantically in a girl a year younger than he is. He has not made any overtures.

On the day of the event, Farmboy had left the gate to the barn open for the third time after being warned by his father not to do so. The father, furious, approached his son who was bailing hay while talking to the girl and her friend. Seemingly oblivious to the females, the father scolded his son loudly and, using vocabulary the son knew well, ordered him to strip, assume "the" position and prepare for a spanking. While the son pleaded, presumably to avoid the spanking but also out of modesty given that the two girls were being allowed to witness the punishment, the father removed his leather belt and demanded that his boy get into place immediately. The son, fearing his father, reluctantly did as he was told, enduring not only 5 hard CRACKS of the belt to his bare ass, but also putting on an unwilling show for the giggling females.

The photos at the following link are from the scene:


- Do you believe the father did the right thing in ordering that his son strip completely?

- Do you think the position the boy was told to assume was the best for the situation?

- Do you think the girls benefited from watching?

- Do you think the son benefited from the punishment?

- What lessons do you think the son and the girls will draw from this experience?

- What suggestions would you offer to improve the discipline?
Subject: Re: Childhood spanking leading to Fetishes?

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Date Posted: 12:41:53 09/29/11 Thu

>>As for me personally, I was spanked often as a
>>teenager and I did not find them exciting when they
>>were happening but I was aroused by them later (and to
>>this day). I know I did deserve every spanking I got
>>and am glad my parents did what they had to do at the
>>I feel I turned into a moral, respectful, productive
>>member of society (who is the parent of fout children)
>>because my parents spanked me when I needed it. PLUS,
>>I got this awesome spanking fetish from
>>it...seriously, I love my spanking fetish! Thanks,
>>Mom & Dad (who are both passed away now)!!
>>Does anyone else feel this way?
>Quite the opposite really. The arousal and lingering
>fetish was about the only benefit I derived from
>parental spankings. I was a sullen, disrespectful
>child and rather mean spirited towards my younger
>siblings who often bore the brunt of my ill will
>towards my parents. I did not deserve half the
>spankings I got. Mom was ill tempered even when sober
>and Dad was too weak to stand up to her at any time. I
>despise authority and to this day hold nothing but
>contempt for those who claim to hold it over me.
>Although I suppose I tend to regard that as a positive
>as well.
I cannot believe you feel "guilty" or "happy" about an arousal during a spanking ( or later)....shit man....just about happens to most of the male generation receiving or giving a spanking...it's NOT sexual.....just the adrenaline ...increased hart beat....etc....it's totally physiological .....NOT sexual.....Oh...man ....even GIVING a whipping....the very same can happen.....thinking about it AFTERWARDS can create the very same "problem".....funny enough nobody are willing to say they've "enjoyed" the spanking.....???? Maybe I'm only talking for myself .....but I'm damn sure some of you maybe thinking the way I do..hopefully....HeHe!!

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Date Posted: 11:24:51 10/03/11 Mon

Please go to voyforums childhood spanking memories 2 and post about anything related to spanking disciplinary and sexual and anything else you like it has been lying idle for months
Subject: Nudity as Punishment

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Date Posted: 21:29:35 08/14/11 Sun

Since the title of this form says any discipline given growing up,not just spanking, I think there should be a discussion about punishments involving shaming with nudity instead of spankings, which was a common form of punishment, in my neighborhood at least, when I was growing up.

Even from the posts on this forum it seems that nudity combined with spanking was very common.
Naked or bottomless cornertime was also common in my time.
I knew several boys, near or into their teens, who got this punishment by nudity quite often in their families, no matter who was at their home or visiting, and I saw a few of them myself.

Do any readers here know of, or seen, such shaming punishments, or had them themselves when growing up?
Subject: Re: Childhood spanking leading to Fetishes?

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Date Posted: 07:58:47 09/29/11 Thu

>Fastolff refers to parents who "deliberately inflict
>physical pain and mental humiliation under the guise
>of acting in the child's best interest".
>I do not criticise any of the views in this thread,
>but as a parent who uses the rod on his two boys, is
>it possible that I cane them for their own good? Yes
>it causes them pain and humiliation, but that is the
>method of punishment I choose to use to keep them
>within the rules.
>I could say that my reasons for using corporal
>punishment are to do with a dislike of the
>alternatives. I do not want to deprive them of their
>activities or confine them to their rooms. Those
>punishments seem harsh to me. I could withhold their
>spending money, but what they get they need.
>There is another factor though. Caning my boys arouses
>me. Does anyone have views on whether a spanking
>fetishist should punish his children the way I do?
>To come back to Reb's original question, I do not how
>I bcame a spanking fetishist. It started before I was
>caned at school. I was aroused when other boys were
>caned but only felt pain and shame when I was caned

Oh man...I don't think you're a spanking fetishist at all....!! getting aroused during a spanking or when other boys were caned are just normal....happened to most of us....unfortunately 99% of men just won't admit it...!! You can contact me on johling@webmail.co.za if you wish...I don't think it's appropriate to discuss the "problem" here...
Subject: Parents ever discuss their spankings

John keane
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Date Posted: 07:49:38 09/27/11 Tue

Did your parents ever discuss their spankings with you my mum did sometimes
Subject: Enema with a Spanking

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Date Posted: 04:04:55 09/04/11 Sun

>Subject: Enema with a Spanking
>Date Posted: 08:20:46 03/30/11 Wed
>How many of you parents have combined an enema with a >spanking? My two teen daughters, ages 13 & 16. frequently >are disciplined in this manner, especially for severe >things like smoking. I give the spanking first, either by >hand or combined with the belt, and then administer a two >qt. enema. This gives them more butt pain when they have >to sit on the toliet to expell. They also seem to be much >more behaved after this treatment. Any teens want to >comment on receiving the spanking/enema punishments?

My mother did the same thing to me and my brother and sister when we were teens and I'm following in her footsteps today.

If the girls haven't been too naughty, I usually give them a choice of a spanking or an enema, but I spank them on their bare bottoms with a hairbrush and I spank them pretty hard so they almost always choose the enema. I use an enema bag for their regular Saturday enemas, but for a punishment enema I use an eight ounce bulb syringe with a long thin plastic nozzle.

I give all punishment enemas in the bathroom. I like to fill the sink with very hot soapy water (Ivory and lots of suds) and then sit on the toilet and put a towel on my lap. The girls know what to do and they also know that if they don't cooperate the hair brush is sitting on the sink and they'll still get the enema, so their pants and panties are usually hanging on the clothes hook and they're ready for their enema when I sit down.

I pull the naughty girl over my lap and she supports herself on the bathtub while I give her the enema. I fill the bulb from the sink (I love the bubbling sound it makes!) and then pry the girl's cheeks apart with my finger and thumb so I can insert the nozzle into her rectum.

I barely stick it in the first time because children who need punishment are often constipated and there's no telling what you'll find if you stick it all the way in. I insert the nozzle a half inch or so and then squeeze the rubber bulb. This usually gets a reaction from the girl which is what I'm looking for. I hate it when they just lay there while being punished.

I refill the bulb and stick the nozzle in farther for the second bulbfull and squeeze the bulb a little more vigorously. By the third bulb, I'm inserting the nozzle all the way in and the nose of the rubber bulb is buried between the girl's cheeks. I squeeze the bulb as hard as I can so the girl still can feel the soapy water squirting into her bowels.

I try to give at least one bulbfull of soapy water for every year of their age so the youngest gets eight squirts and the oldest gets eleven. After they've taken their quota, I will give them a few more until they are obviously full and very uncomfortable and then I'll give them two more. After the enema, I'll let them lay across my lap for a while while I talk to them about why they're being punished and the enema does its work.

I clean the enema syringe while the girl poops her enema out. When she's done, the enema syringe is sitting on the sink next to the hairbrush and I ask her if she's going to be a good girl now or if I'm going to have to use them again. She invariably says, "No!" but it's a rare week when I don't have to punish her again. It does keep their bowels clear, though, so the time is not wasted.

I very seldom have to spank my girls unless we're not at home, but if I do they get an enema afterwards too because I firmly believe that most bad behavior is caused by constipation.
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