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Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Investigations
Welcome to the Paranormal Investigators forum. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with the paranormal.
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Subject: Buy currency online

Tommy (Lustig)
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Date Posted: 20:50:46 03/28/19 Thu

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Subject: marijuana for sale

don pablo (sales)
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Date Posted: 08:08:48 03/08/19 Fri

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Subject: where to buy medical marijuana at choupweed.com or whatsapp +14345150781

dr.choupen (420)
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Date Posted: 14:37:32 01/26/19 Sat


















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Subject: HELP!!

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Date Posted: 14:17:01 07/10/17 Mon

My name is Joe I am from a small town in upstate NY with a very dark past. I am writing to you to hopefully get some help or to be pointed in the right direction to find out what happened to the town many years ago to cause such tragedy still till this day. So a little about my town its name is Schaghticoke NY (with it comes Valley Falls and Johnsonville all the same town really) a small country town right on the Hossic River with a connection to the clival war. Another known name for Valley Falls would be the Powder Falls for the gunpowder mill that use to thrive there. We still have to this day underground bunkers where they use to store all the gunpowder and are a known hot spot for spirits most common a little girl with a white dress and bonnet who cry’s and will disappear right in front of your eyes. But she is not the reason for the darkness the darkness is that half of the towns youth for the last 100 years all seem to die. In one year alone in 2009 10 kids all similar age passed in crazy accidents 2 boys who were twins crashed there quads into each other killing one another there sister killed herself a year earlier then a boy and his girlfriend crashed his car on a clear day in the afternoon killing both of them then his brother fell to his death on the bridge it is unknown whether he killed himself or fell. My close friend Keith Tremblay just last month crashed his motorcycle at night witch doesn’t seem crazy but when you add in that he could probably ride a bike better than anyone in the world didn’t play around he had no alcohol in him was going the speed limit in his right lane and the car behind him said that they saw something run in front of him but were not sure what it was he laid his bike down and crashed but it was his helmet that popped off but when they found it it was still tied and strange that it even came off There has been multiple fatal car accidents and motorcycle accidents one kid was a MMA fighter and Body builder who was shot in the head by home intruders there has been so many I can’t even list them all to you the most recent was a man that wasn’t even from town but was at are local bar Lewis Tavern who went missing on his bike on his way home and was found dead 3 days later there has been 9 people that have died leaving that bar I believe it has some connection to whatever cures is on this town the bar has been around since the prohibition and was used as a secret bar/ice cream shop I know there is something going on in this town you can feel it and I hope you can help me get either info or help please help me save what is left of my friends and this town.

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Subject: Lady in white

Dar shaw (Curious)
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Date Posted: 11:47:50 07/09/17 Sun

Hi! I have an experience I was hoping some of you could advice on. I defiantly believe in ghost/spirits. I have had some experiences where I knew a spirit was in my presence but never saw a full aspiration...until last night. I was at a guy I have been dating' s home last night. He had told me before the house was haunted, but the upstairs area was where the activity was.. We were watching a movie when a figure appeared in the hall going to the kitchen, about 10ft from us. The figure was walking when I noticed it, took 2 steps and faded in motion. I must have gone pale bc my date was like "what's wrong?" I told him I saw a person walk in front of the window. He immediately took it as I thought someone was in the house. He searched outside and around the house...no one but us, I knew I saw a ghost but did not want to freak myself out or him. This morning, after I left, I told him I knew I saw a ghost. He then tells me he didn't want to scare me, but he could feel the spirits presence active last night. I discribed her to him and he was like "yep! That's her! Was she in white or black?"

My question for you all, who have more experience in this is was she trying to tell me something? She was in white. I know "lady in white aspirations" are typically from heartbroken spirits. Was there a reason she showed herself to me? Could she be against me continuing this relationship, or a sign it's right? Or, am I just over thinking thinking a simple paranormal experience?

Thank you all for reading and any comments/advice u have for me!

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Subject: Mandatory medical procedures and similar events - polls with testimonials

Knut Holt
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Date Posted: 05:55:22 05/09/17 Tue

Interesting polls about events in childhood, teenhood and adulthood

Collected, edited and analyzed by Knut Holt


Please also see his websites with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex




You can use these polls to tell your own history or the history of someone you know about.

Alien abduction - investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events, like abduction for surveillance and experimentation by governments or mafias



Extended, mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia - where the kid undergo endoscopic inspections in the intimate zone and other body areas, extensive ultrasound inspections, ex-rays of several body zones, intrusive specimen collection and body function testings:



Poll about cystoscopy or bladder inspections in kids and adults:



Secret, intimate, intrusive medical exams and procedures under anesthesia on kids and adults:



Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:


All the polls also have a message board. The individual stories of each participant will be published here. Here you can add comments or ask questions.

Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex

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Subject: Crop circles are a hoax made by the authorities to make the population confused

Knut Holt
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Date Posted: 16:13:09 03/29/17 Wed

Crop Circles - What are They and What Causes Them?

By Knut Holt

To read more about health, fitness, psychology and sexual methods:


In some areas around the globe one often find plants in crop fields or grasslands laid down in geometrically regular and complex patterns, usually in a circular fashion. This phenomenon, called crop circles, is steadily gaining a heavy attention in mass media, and has also created an immense subculture with a specific belief structure and a lot of social activity.

Crop circles are regular geometrical patterns that can occur in crop fields or grasslands. Within the patterns the plants are laid down in specific directions. The plants will often be sharply bent or halfway broken at a specific point near the ground. At this point the stalk can look more or less exploded or scorched as by heat.

The patterns typically consist of circles, rings, bows or other rounded elements laid out in a symmetrical manner and often connected with each other. The whole pattern can be small or large, 5-50 meter in diameter, and sometimes very complicated. Since they first gained broad public attention, they have grown in complexity, and each year seems to have its own fashion regarding geometrical pattern. They are usually produced during the night. They are seen all over the World, but the south of United Kingdom seems to show the highest frequency of this phenomenon.

Many of them have been revealed as hoaxes made by groups of people walking coordinated in the fields with planks under their feet, but not all of them can easily be explained this way.

Whatever causes them, there always seems to have been some force rotating or sweeping in a specific direction and thereby breaking and pressing the plants down. Sometimes people have seen light balls hovering over a place where crop circles have been found afterwards. Sometimes local stormy weather with swirling winds and heavy rain have occurred at the time of formation. Crop circles also tend to form at areas with underground waterways. Here are some possible explanations apart from the obvious hoaxes already mentioned:

Under certain physical conditions, a swirling wind may become stable and then spawn secondary swirls in a regular geometrical pattern, which again can spawn tertiary swirls so that you get a fractal structure of vortexes in the air with interconnections. At the bottom of these vortexes, the plants will be pressed down by the rotating air. Such swirls will also tend to contain electrical gradients that cause discharges, so that they can be seen as lightballs. Such discharges can possibly also cause internal explosions and scorching at specific points in the stalks of the plants.

Temperature gradients or gradients of electric charge from the soil up to some altitude in the air can possibly provide the energy for such swirls. If the energy in the gradient is released smoothly, air will be set in regular circular motion. Small sidewinds from such a vortex will trigger energy to be released in nearby places so that daughter swirls are created.

Another mechanism of formation can occur if the temperature at a spot in the ground is very different from that in the air and surrounding areas. Air will be heated or cooled over that spot. This will cause a wind up from this spot or down towards the spot and air to blow along the ground towards or from that spot. Such winds will always cause the air to swirl at the central point and regularly spaced vortexes in the area around.

Then you have the possibility that the circles are hoaxed, but with sophisticated technology, for example by drones that one lets fly over the fields, or by robotic ground vehicles set down by a drone. The drone or vehicle will move along in a specific preprogrammed geometrical pattern and press the plants down. If the drones used are of the vertical take off and landing type, they will blow air downwards and press the plants down this way. Drones can of course also carry specifically designed tools that force the plants to bow down and lie.

Some private persons or clubs with a solid budget could carry out this activity just for fun or because they get economical gain from visiting spectators or from selling books and films, and farmers may get paid for allowing crop circles to be made in their fields. But you also have the possibility that certain governmental, military or research organizations secretly make crops circles for various purposes.

One purpose of such organizations can be a large scale psychological and cultural experiment. Another purpose can be to create a certain structure in the psychology and culture of people that makes people more easy to lead and manipulate.

A purpose can also be to turn the attention of especially curious individuals away from certain governmental activities over to something that will occupy their curiosity more or less permanently and lead it astray.

Probably the crop circles were originally only a natural phenomenon that local people kept wondering about without a broader public being aware of them. But eventually a broader international public got interested in the phenomenon and speculations that these could be caused by extraterrestrials with important messages for us began to occur.

At this point, individuals, clubs and governmental institutions got the idea that they could secretly make their own crop circles in order to use the public attention for own purpose and gain. By now we probably have a situation where several instances of various kind compete with steadily more sophisticated technology about making steadily more spectacular crop circles, and with embedded messages with steadily stronger psychological effects. Those doing this may operate lonely, but have a mutual gain from the activity of other crop circle makers. And of course the natural phenomenon still occurs.

As already mentioned, many believe that extraterrestrial beings produce the phenomenon in order to signal their presence and leave certain important messages to be interpreted by humans. This explanation may not be impossible. But there is very little within the phenomenon that cannot be explained as natural processes or as the result of human activity with varying degree of technical sophistication, from the quite simple to state of the art drone technology.

Knut Holt is an internet based consultant and marketer focusing on technical and scientific items. He is also interested in health and fitness and in the investigation of strange phenomena. Please go to this web-site to read more about several scientific subjects, and to find smart products in the categories health and fitness, RC models and hobby, electronics, car equipment, and jewelry.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Knut_Holt/25995

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sandra (holloman)
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Date Posted: 18:57:44 03/18/17 Sat


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Subject: please help

Jolene Eastman
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Date Posted: 21:43:21 01/05/17 Thu

i am looking for help to validate this photo i took at thr Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. It was taken in the Lombardi Dome. At the time, only 3 people were present. My husband, the bartender and myself. So who is this man in the photo? You can clearly see my reflection taking the photo and then you can see him right below my armpit. There is no way that he was there whem i took the photo because we were on the second floor.

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Subject: Ghost?

aki (:/)
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Date Posted: 13:53:29 12/07/16 Wed

a spirit lived in my room for a weekend during my 7th grade. i fed it and it left.

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Subject: Knocking around 3am

Laurel (Concerned mood)
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Date Posted: 04:20:48 11/29/16 Tue

I was woken up by knocking around 3am last night. I was to scared to get out of bed to check the time until 3:45.I awoke my old man (he says he doesn't remember) & he said it's protecting us. Soon after a large blue orb with what appeared to be a star or cross materialized right next to me. As I've tried to type this message the # 9 keeps getting inserted of that has any meaning.

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Subject: empathic

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Date Posted: 20:01:44 07/25/16 Mon

I'm an empathic sensitive. And lately I've been having these Attacks for a lack of terminology. Everytime I pass a certain place in the woods all I get is this over whelming sense of fear and dread. Yet sometimes it's malice and danger. And it's preventing me from doing one of the things I love.

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Subject: evp accident

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Date Posted: 19:26:26 01/26/16 Tue

I work at a historic plantation in Williamsburg with over time since converted in a mutilty family timeshare facility with a historic land mark sits. OK a inspection was done of a room and I had to go repair them at the time being in the room made me feel uneasy and kind of sick I asked the inspector what else was wrong in the room and they stated it felt heavy so out of curiosity a recorder was put in the room and played back after cutting noises such fridge and HVAC system out played it back and filter out the white noise the further I cleaned the audio thev evp's had been revealed I got excited as I could understand every other word they laughed and they where looking for someone in the bathroom very casual sounding Nick names had been said like I hear a voice near the recorder stated she had to show it to Mr Tell well back in the 1600's the plantation belonged to the tellaferio family which since she seen the recorder and had to tell. This is when it gets weird the persona in the next piece got strange then scared me forcing me to delete all the files it was like summer night time sound like crickets and frogs then a whisper stated Satan's coming then there was screaming scratching and more screams after hearing this section of the recording it was wtf delete and oh my god wat have I done and tapped into after filtering what it was I heard a faint whisper of a girl stating she couldn't see me driving me to clean it up then getting a whole different set of evp's under her. It has been a known fact the guest have claimed to see a little girl figure at the foot of there beds. Should I have be concerned about opening a door or whas it just human paranoia. It was 4 seconds of sound to determine everimental then ruled no everimental causes for noise.

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Subject: ghosts

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Date Posted: 15:35:55 10/14/13 Mon

I have had experiences with ghosts since I was a child. It started with my friend henry when I was 7 years old. He was very real to me but invisible to others, Throughout the years I have heard voices, seen shadows, faces, orbs, I have been touched. My hair and my back has been stroked, I even had something lie down beside me in bed and was comforting until I realized I was alone. haha Anyway, I have lived in many places but have always had paranormal activity present. I have seen objects move, I hear thumps and walking and doors slam/ I am not afraid of these ghosts. However, I felt compelled to go to a cemetery close to our home. my husband has negative feelings for this place, The old folks claims demons could be seen fly inside the church. It is old as it was built in the 1800's/ We rode our 4wheeler to the first cemetery way in the country. there is no church just tombstones. I t was dark, no moon or rain or wind. I captured many different colored orbs. We then went to cemetery with the church. My husband would go no further than the driveway. I captured orbs on and around the church. A week later I wanted to go back. We went to the old church first and I got orbs many in the same positions as a week earlier. I also had my husband take me past the church a the other cemetary and I got pictures of the graves. After we got home we found faces inside the church windows. One is truly demonic looking. I took pictures after we got home but before we went inside the house .We had orbs all over the place. It was a dark, moonless night like the previous time we took pix. I captured 2 ghost shapes in our bedroom window facing the front of house and a pix of a male child in the same window but in a different shot. I also got an image of a man in the living room windows in 2 pix I took. I noticed the next day a pix in the living room curtain. Its just a head but is a male and looks wicked. We rode fri. night. Saturday night I experienced chills, shakes and a cold that was going through my back into my chest I was also very tired and felt like my energy was drained.. I was dressed for winter even though it was 90 degrees. I am wondering what caused this reaction. WE HAVE BENOVOLENT ghost in our house. We hear the footsteps, the thumps the whispers, the odd behavior of our dog. We hear music, see shadows, hear footsteps. My husband ahs been pushed several times. Pictures move on the walls and many other events. I just worried that I may brought back a ghost. I feel the energy of the orbs allowed the faces to appear. we have orbs already in the house we have seen in pix, on camera and lights that streak into rooms we have seen these with our open eyes. The spirits seem to pass through here. They come and go. If there is fear or anger it can seem to give them more energy to do more. we strive not to be afraid and we never are angry at each other. I had an experience a week after the cemetary trip where someone touched my hair and patted my back. This was in the morn, before I got up. I haven't been sleeping well. I wake up at 2 or 3 am. I feel uneasy, I have had door knob rattle when I am on the porch from inside of the house, doors are being closed that are open at night, I feel like something is staring at me or planning to get in the bed with me at night, It takes a lot to scare me as I said I have had experiences since I was a child but this is new. MY husband says n nothing came back with us but I do wonder. he lived in this house 18 years before we married and had many paranormal experiences and has actually eat night now and feel better, I often feel sad or depressed or so tired I feel the house drains my energy. We did take pix of the old cemetary in the daytime the one without the church and we have faces in the stones. I also took pix in our yard and house at night a couple days ago and we had a black smoke like mist full of orbs and orbs in several pix. We also had a dog head in our bedroom window. I believe my husband and I are both sensitive and are able to see, feel and hear ghosts. We are also drawn to certain places. I would like to know if this experience after going to the cemetary is normal or what? I haven't been back my husband doesn't feel its a good place and only went because I made him. I just had to go. I still am drawn there but I feel its best to leave some things alone. What do think? I would like to know if anyone has had the chills and symptoms I had. I know my husband has but not lately. His response to the cemetary was short of breath, nausea and fatigue. I would like any advice or anyone who has had this experience or understands it to respond. I think it was a reaction to the spirits. I have a lot of electricity. I cant wear a watch and I know the pix drained my fully charged camera battery after I took the pix. So that's my feelings on the matter . Please share yours. Thank you

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Subject: i dont know what do anymore

aubrey (angry and scared)
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Date Posted: 20:56:38 11/29/15 Sun

I don't know if this site is real but I can't seem to find anyone I've gone thru Shit before but I can't controll myself any more everutime someone says something little I'll edplode I feel tense in my chest feels of hands around my ankles I've found marks on my body my sister's girl friend claims to practice witchcraft and I feel that she hasbrought something into my house I've woken up with pictures of rly scary figures that I have no memory of drawing can't stop ttwitching my fingers and toes I feel as if I'm going mad pls tell me if I am crazy or if thheres something happening too me cuz I'm tempted to block up all vents and doors cuz I'm so terrified of whats going on I'm only 13 and I've already been thru stuff like this but they seem to keep coming back pls help me I'm doing all that I can and it doesn't seem good enough

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Subject: Free Games

Free Games
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Date Posted: 19:33:25 07/12/15 Sun

Come Play Free Games

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Trevor Matthews (WHAT THE FUCK)
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Date Posted: 03:11:51 06/10/15 Wed

DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE, FOR A PERSON TO BECOME POSSESED BY A SPIRIT, if they had a third eye or sixth sense and were open to other idealisms ? COULD A SPIRIT TAKE CONTROL OF A BODY?, like for instance, IF A PERSON HAD A SHOUTING MATCH WITH GOD AND BLAMED HIM FOR YOU PLANNING TO COMMIT SUICIDE, and say Perhaps, A Person or Persons in your Family had been born with Viels overs their faces, or a 3rd eye, or a sixth sense. COULD A SPIRIT CONTROL A PERSONS ACTIONS AND WORDS??

I KNOW, Vulgar Rap Music May Not Be Your Thing.



its actually deeper then that though.







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Subject: I found a way to see them and hear them

Alisses XXavier the Rhinos (The eyes of R.a.h Anubis box)
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Date Posted: 14:00:30 05/07/15 Thu

I like to remmein anonumous the story is long so let me get right to it you need a receiver that captures the static sound and image of high and low vibrational sound pitch like the some animals can hear high sound like the dogs and foxes the sound moves fast so you need to follow the sound up and down to get a clear sound affect like talking in to a walkie talkie the demantions moves up and down the rabbit hall that is why you need to be at the right moment to see them or hear them clear like the middiums have to get it to atrance of low vibrational mind to hear them the sound is very low and very high so need to built the receiver that follow the sound now with the image you need some type of radiation to see them I know radiation is hard to come by so the device is call Anubis box the eyes glass is call the eyes of R.a.h need to watch for the hound dogs couse they will kill you if they see you one way or the other need protection symbols every where you go couse I have seen it you can also hear and see Aliens with it like the grays beware they will kill you as well who know in whar kind of trouble you will get us if they find out remember me as Alisses xxavier the Rhinos past on what you have learn to all paranormal invet goodby

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Subject: I have 3 ghost in my house

Samantha harmening
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Date Posted: 14:10:49 06/08/10 Tue

My name is samantha harmening i am 21 years old i just moved into my house in indianapolis indiana. the second i moved in i felt there was something else there with us. I dident think much about it until my children started staring off into the house and my 3 year old son would say mommy ghost ands not just being scared he was serious. I statrted taking my video camara and investigating the evidence i got was frightnigng but the more i investigated the less i was scared and the more interested i got into finding out what was in my house. From the information i got i found that i have a man a woman and there cat haunting my home. No matter what time of the day if i pick up my camara i will get a spirit orb and most of the time i can get there form they are always red, red eyes red spirits but i know when the orbs are zooming past me they always disapear. please contact me i know my house is the answer you need i have many pictures of the ghost and videos of the orbs thank you please help me.

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Subject: ghost attachments

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Date Posted: 15:49:30 11/02/14 Sun

I have this friend who has twin girls. In taking pictures separately or apart there is always something there with them. it doesn't matter where they are or who they are with. One picture is with a group of friends and you can plainly see a ghost foot and the ghost face with her. The ghost doesn't seem harmful or violent but when tension arises in the household that's when different things happens. We are interested in seeing what we can do or why the ghost has attached itself to the twins. Please message me!! Thanks in advance!

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Subject: Caught on camera (Proof)

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Date Posted: 09:30:26 10/16/14 Thu

Decided to record to test out the new video camera, accidentally left it running when we went shopping, got back to find this shocking footage.


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Subject: Ghosts in Edinburgh

Jessica cicatiello
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 02:17:49 10/10/14 Fri

This is a video taken on a recent trip that I took to Edinburgh, Scotland. My family and friends have been fascinated with the videos I took in our hotel room at night and have encouraged me to share. In the video, the more I was interested in the lights coming towards me, the faster they came. Some people see a face which I do not. Any thoughts or explanation would be greatly appreciated.


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Subject: help

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Date Posted: 19:48:40 09/15/14 Mon

The house my wife and i just moved in has more activity then we know what to do,
We need help please.
What ever it is, it attacks my wife.
Email me ASAP Please

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Subject: ideas destroyed

Will (at peace now.)
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 00:40:40 08/21/14 Thu

I have what others only dream of. If the researchers are legitimate and show up...well, you'll see.

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Subject: Cassandra

Amanda Craigo
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 17:29:55 08/04/14 Mon

Have you seen Cassandra?

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Subject: NEW Paranormal activity at The Hell House- Ellicott City

steve meter (serious)
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 11:45:44 07/23/14 Wed

TRUE / recent paranormal activity report: Hell HOuse / St. Mary's College - Ellicott City, MD


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Subject: Please help me!!

Kristin Collins
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 01:39:50 05/17/14 Sat

Can someone please help me? I have had enough and don't know if I can take much else. I live in a home/rented that apparently was very much loved by the previous owner. I found out from the landlord that it was her Mother.. still the landlord laughs and doesn't quite believe me. This spirit, Buena Long loves my kids but scares the poo out of me! Actually I guess she scares my son as well since he still sleeps in bed with me and his Daddy at 8 yrs old... I've heard her, seen her and felt her. At a BBQ, I had a group of people see a stack of cups be picked up and thrown on the floor when I had never told anyone about the spirit... needless to say, we don't get many visitors now and my son hasn't had a sleepover in over a year. Fast forward to tonight. My outside flood light recently starting acting weird and I just wonder if it's a message. I swear it was interacting with me. Clear dits and dahs of morse code! I just don't know morse code.. I made two videos that total less than 3 minutes and just want to know if someone out there might know morse code and help me decipher this message if in fact it is a message. I can't sleep knowing that there could be something that is trying to get my attention... I can send you the video via email. Please someone help me!

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Subject: Jiro Taniguchi & Kawakami - Los Aos Dulces (Tomo 1) | Tested

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Date Posted: 12:56:44 03/29/14 Sat

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Subject: Microsoft Office Home And Student 2007 Activation Keys 5

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Subject: Sinner (Rizzoli & Isles 3)

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Subject: looking for affirmation (houston experience)

william melber
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Date Posted: 02:58:38 02/10/14 Mon

Has anyone seen anything at the Bayou Place music venue in Houston Texas? I had a candle thrown at my head by a previous owner of the venue from way back when...(I was told later by an employee who was not surprised). It occured during a concert at a sold out show. Scared the sheet out of me.

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Subject: Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Investigations with your FAV Celebrities!

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Date Posted: 12:13:00 12/31/13 Tue

Join the SYFY Channel Ghost Hunters, The Haunted Collector John Zaffis, Josh Gates and Erin Ryder from Destination Truth, The Deep South Paranormal cast, Ghost Mine cast, and more at Ideal events. Visit our website to browse ghost hunting dates of some of the most historic places in the United States. Yes, you actually investigate WITH the celebrities, enjoy and meet & greet, lectures and more. www.idealeventmanage.com - Events all year long!

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Subject: Ghostly photo in the Philippines

R.L. McMullen (At a loss.)
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Date Posted: 03:15:30 12/16/13 Mon

I am an ex-Pat living in Negros Oriental province, Republic of the Philippines. Today I was shown a photo of what appears to be a "ghostly" image of a woman.
The photo was taken by my girlfriend's nephew in the family home. The three photos are of the granfather and a friend in the livingroom. The third photo shows an image, to the right, of a female with slightly swollen features and the appearance of the first stages of de-composition. The image shows from the head to approximately the waist and is somewhat transparent but easily recognizable as a woman.
The photographer used a cell phone and swears he did not see the image when he framed the photos and no one in the family knows the woman and all swear she was not there in the home. I have seen many photos like this on paranormal shows but I am at a loss to explain how the image appears in the photo.
I have saved the photos and have been trying to contact anyone who would accept the photos and can see no way at thse site to upload them. I absolutely do not believe in "spirits" but I don't know how the image comes to be in the photo.

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Subject: Spriit

Jennifer (Wondering)
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Date Posted: 16:42:32 10/04/11 Tue

Hello I've been in my house for about 4 months and several times since then the bathroom sink comes on by it's self. Also if you walk to the back of my propery you feel a present of someone watching you. can anyone help me with this I don't believe it is here to hurt anyone but I would like for it to move on and have some peace

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Subject: voices caught on cell phone

TT lynn
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Date Posted: 19:48:49 11/04/11 Fri

hey my name is trista we recently had a wedding at my moms house and my cousin was recording my other cousin snoring and when we played back sounded like a demonic voice talking who would i send it to to get it decoded? i can hear a few words like feel and burn and way.

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Subject: About paranormal activity Featured on Nancy Grace show

Denise Phillips (desperately seeking help)
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Date Posted: 19:36:26 04/25/12 Wed

my daughter lives in Shattuck OK, her friend is moving into a home where they have both been pushed down stairways, heard laughter,and have been touched when entering the top floor. This home is at 100sth olive st. in shadduk ok. the friend is moving into the home on the 1st of may 2012. everyone in this town in frightened to death of this residence and we are desperately seeking someone to listen and help them. I promsied i would try to find them help. my daughters name is joan peterson, 621 olive st.

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Subject: how to cleanse yourself and house

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Date Posted: 02:19:20 10/26/12 Fri

My daughter feels as if she has something attached to her that follows her. She would like to know how to cleanse herself and her home. Any suggestions? I know about smugging but can we do more? Thanks for any help you can give.

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Subject: Indian Burial Ground/Stalker Ghost

Amber Curry (paranoud)
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Date Posted: 17:35:38 03/28/13 Thu

Hi my name is Amber and I think I have a spirit or demon or something that is following me because everywhere I go I feel that something is watching me. On top of this me, my mom, and my sister have been hearing voices and seeing shadows in our home. My sister found an arrow head here while digging a few years ago. Do you think that she could of disturbed someone?

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Subject: Tooo Many Lost Soul's

Xavier 56 Day's (LOST)
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Date Posted: 00:42:43 05/07/13 Tue

My daughter would alway's get upset when i would buy antiques with mirrors in them.She would say why am i bringing more ghost's in our home.My daughter pasted in august 2012 it took 56 long and painful days one night we came home from the hospital around 1:30 in the morning i was woken up by my grandson talking to a man in his bedroom. So i asked him what the man was wearing he said hewas wearing a brown suit a tan scarf and while the man was talking to him he was tucking his scarf in his suit and he had a silver cross around his neck.The man told him that he was floating around up there as my grandson pointed to the ceiling.The man seen his mother she looked upset so he asked her what was wrong she said i am in a coma i cant get to my kids could you please give them a message for me and he said ok TELL THEM TO BE STRONG AND I LOVE THEM then the man left lights have been flickering i hear noises then i take pics its like a snow blizzard in my home. I have pics of drawings inside of my mirrorrs you can only see when u take a pic.I have orbs round flying even caught one coming out of my bedroom mirror.Theres sooooo many in my home PLEASE help me i know they have been with me for a long long time every thing makes sence now all the storys from friends and family that stayed in my home is my home a port hole or are they coming in because im so heart broken and so loost with out my daughter r they getting energy from my sorrow?

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Subject: our new old home

maryjo clement (perplexed. and curious)
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Date Posted: 00:36:51 06/20/13 Thu

My son and moved into a house in johnstown, Colorado and every video we've ever taken whether it be in the house or outside we catch ghost voices when we play them back. We never hear them at the time of the video but there's some very disturbing conversations when we play them back. I even sat on the porch and asked out loud is there a man named Elijah or Elijah here and he answered me uh huh. An other one he says but you can't see me. And another he says I have a secret about you. But the worst is of people chanting and a man says it's a demon. And a woman says just leave her alone then a girl screams like she's being tortured or something. My husband refused to move in the hpoo use wuhh th me saying he had bad c.f. ones. So now we've split up. And a actual ghost manifested itself in front of my son when he was playing some slip knot. I hate the music also but it sc.f. a red my 28 year old son so bad he refused tok come back in the house for hours while I was at work.o

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Subject: SCARED!!

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Date Posted: 10:34:03 08/13/13 Tue

I have been slightly sensitive my whole life but nothing that really bothered me. Last night when I went to bed I had a very uneasy feeling before going to bed. I was home alone and eventually fell asleep. Around 1:30am I woke up to someone holding me down on my bed but no one was there. what do i do?

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Subject: HELP ME IM SOO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay Hastings (flat out scared)
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Date Posted: 21:55:55 04/20/12 Fri

heyy im Lindsay n i need desperate help cause things are happening at mine n my boyfriends appartment n i cant take it anymore

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Subject: Informationn about Ghost

Tanmoy (Bharati)
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Date Posted: 01:36:43 11/10/13 Sun

Dear all,
I am giving you some information .I think that you know about neutrino particle ( Not neutron ) ,which are located in all around us and in every place universe. Neutrino is a group of particle . You also know the theory of relativity of scientist Albert einestine . According to that theory every heavy mass object creates a space surround it . Neutrino Is a heavy weighted particle compared to its size . Its size is less than an electron particle . In an atom , there is proton at the centre and electron particle moving around it in orbits due to electromagnetic attraction and both neutralizes each other and makes the atom non charged or non ionized .If atom breaks and any electron is displaced from its orbit then the an atom becomes charged or ionized . If proton breaks , then that creates neutrino particle or god particle . It has been proved by scientists in an experiments in a big tunnel of 24 kilometers . In this tunnel worm hole were created. worm hole is small hole inside time . worm hole is the small example of black hole in this universe. Black hole have heavy mass and density . For this reason it sucks time and inside black hole times becomes zero . So it is possible to go to future through black hole . Worm hole do the same thing. The only difference between Black hole and Worm hole is that only small particle can pass through worm hole , but big object can go through black hole. Neutrino particle are two types. Positive and negative neutrino particle . scientists calls them father and mother neutrino particle . Human soul and its every thinking and made of Positive and negative neutrino particle . Suppose a living human loves eating . His eating thinking has positive and negative particles and they are neutralizing each others and makes neutralize bonding and makes the eating thinking. Same as every character and thinking have positive and negative particle neutralizing each others and makes that character or thinking. When a human dies ,then these bonds breaks and positive neutrino particle and negative neutrino particle are separated and they becomes charged or ionized .Negative neutrino particle remains in dead humans body .( Because human muscle always reacts by any negative particle . Electric current are the flow of negative electron particle in opposite direction. For that reason human muscle reacts by electric current.) So after death all positive neutrino particle comes out of humans body. Since neutrino particle are heavy weighted particle , for that reason this particle creates a space surrounds it. So all positive neutrino particles those are separated from dead humans body , create a human shaped space and these positive neutrino particles are trapped in this human shaped space. So these trapped positive neutrino particles do not scatter . This positive neutrino particle filled space is called soul or ghost. In Hindu religion there is god of death ( Yam), who comes few days before of our death to take our soul with him after death. This God of death is created by the negative neutrino particles which extracts from millions living human mind for their belief in God of death. Such as human mind creates his own god by negative neutrino particle. Every charge or ionized particle creates a electromagnetic field surrounds it .The electromagnetic field created by negative neutrino particle of God of death , attracts the electromagnetic field created by trapped positive neutrino particle of soul or ghost and neutralizes each other and makes bond with god of death. For this reason the soul or ghost goes with God of death. If God of death doesnt come close ,few days before of death of that living human , then after death , the soul of that dead human will flee away. For that reason street dogs see this god of death and becomes worried and barks. I think you know that before few days of death of a person street dogs barks. In case of motor accident ,Positive neutrino particles of soul of dead people cant make bond with negative neutrino particle of God of death.Because motor vehicle have speed . For this reason God of death cant be present at running vehicle at proper time and proper place. So in case of motor accident death , the souls of death people moves freely for ever. Street and dogs also see these fee moving souls and becomes worried and barks. For that reason you will see that sometimes barks , but nobody dies. Street dogs cant differ between God of death and free moving souls. Now come to Soul . Since soul is created after breaking the bond between positive and negative neutrino particle after death of a person and every character and thinking of that living person are made of these positive and negative neutrino particles , for that reason Souls will have same character and thinking as that person have , when that person is dead .That means if that living person is good then after death ,his soul will be good soul. We know that ,when an atom breaks then it release energy in surrounding environment ( Such as Nuclear bomb) and surrounding environment becomes hot and when positive and negative particle makes bond to form an atom, then they sucks energy from surrounding environment and for that reason surrounding environment becomes cool. For this reason souls positive neutrino particle always makes bond to any negative particle ( May not be neutrino particle)from surrounding environment to form atom and to form atom it sucks energy from surrounding environment and surrounding environment becomes cool. For that reason where there is a soul , that place will be cool. Soul always want to show himself to living person. This character of a soul comes from the character and thinking of that person ,when that soul was that living person. Because any living person cants live lonely . A living person always want come contact with another living person. So soul of any living person will have same character and thinking. Since soul is made of positive charged neutrino particle , only infrared eye can see positively charged particle . Dogs , tigers , cats have infrared eyes . Infrared eyes also can see clearly at night . So these beasts can see soul . Human Doesnt have infrared eyes. So Human cant see charged particle or soul. Human can see only a collection of infinite number of atom. When positively charged soul get success to collect sufficient number of negatively charged particle and forms an infinite number of atom , the living humans eyes get to see these collection of atom in a place or in a space of human shaped. Then living human tells that he has seen a ghost. In haunted house souls doesnt get any negatively charged particles from electrical wirings to form atom ,if there is no current flowing in the

wiring of that house. If there is electrical current flowing in the electrical wiring of that haunted house , then positively charged neutrino particle of soul takes electrons from electrical wiring to form atom. Since neutrino particle is smaller that electron, so to neutralize one electron needs more that one positively charged neutrino particles. We know that current is the flow of negatively charged electron in opposite direction. If soul takes electron from electrical wiring to form atom , then the amount of electric current will decrease in the electrical wiring . Then the lights of that haunted house will be off. Yes that is true. Where there is soul in haunted house , the lights of that house will be off. Since electrical wiring has constant flow of current , for that reason soul cant keep the lights OFF of that house constantly . The light of that house will be ON again. That means , where there is a soul in a house , the light of that house will ON for few seconds and next moment the light will be OFF for few seconds. For the same reason soul can control the electronic TV, radio Phone etc. Suppose a person has entered in a haunted house with his mobile phone and camcorder and electrical main switch of that haunted house is OFF. Then the soul in that will start collecting electron from mobile phone or from camcorders battery to form atom. Because battery is a storage of electron. For that reason if you enter in a haunted house , where electrical main switch of that house is OFF previously, then you Will not see any soul instantly . After few hours you will see the ghost or soul . Because soul will take electrons from you mobile or camcorder battery and will form atom and will become so called ghost, then you will see that ghost. If your mobile of camcorder battery works for 10 hours , Then after few hours ,of entering into the haunted house ,your mobile or camcorder battery will work only for 3 hours . Because most of the mobile or camcorder battery storage electrons has been taken by soul of that haunted house to form atom. If you enter in a haunted house without any electronic storage devices, then soul starts collecting electron and negatively charged neutrino from your body and mind. Our body contains electrons too. First the soul irritates us or make us worried to weaken us mentally. Then in that weaken mental situation some bonding of positively and negatively charged neutrino particle in your body and mind breaks and they are separated . Soul then collects the negatively charged neutrino particle to form atom . Soul then tries to get more negatively charged neutrino particle from your body and mind. Then your body and mind weakens day by day. One day your own soul leaves your body and that foreign soul occupy you body and starts controlling your mind. What that foreign soul wants ,your body follows his command. Any person whose number of positively charged neutrino particle of his own soul is greater than the positively charged neutrino particle of foreign soul , this person never be attacked by any ghost of foreign soul. In Exorcism priest or Church father gives extra positively charged neutrino particle to a ghost attacked person or to a person whose body has been occupied by foreign soul partially. The own soul of that person starts taking extra positively charged neutrino particle from church father or from priest and when the number of positively charged neutrino particle of his own soul is greater than the positively charged neutrino particle of foreign soul, then the foreign soul loose control on the persons body and this foreign soul leaves the body. Then the person becomes ghost free. This is exorcism. We know that soul born again and again .Every soul earns some new positively charged neutrino particle in his every birth. These new positively charged neutrino particle of character and thinking are earned by his work and effort in every birth. Every soul carries old positively charged neutrino particle of his previous birth. For that reason every persons present thinking and character will be influenced by the character of his previous birth. In every birth a person looses some positively charged neutrino particle that was earned in his previous birth. A soul will born again ,when the new born child will have same number of negatively charged neutrino particle In his body and mind which is same as the number of positively charged neutrino particle of that soul ,which will born again. For that reason a soul of a person borns again in the next day after his death and a soul of another person takes time of 1000 year to born after his death. In Past life regression therapy, positively charged neutrino particle of the soul of a person is passed through the worm hole (tiny hole in time) to see the past or future of that person.

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Subject: ''religious'' orbs

Fanny Bonney
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Date Posted: 20:03:00 09/15/13 Sun

Hello, my family and I went to an old abbey in France (I'm from Belgium but live in North Carolina with my son and husband) this summer and I took pictures of a main outside wall (the ruin of an exterior wall of the church) and on the bottom you can see an orb, well actually 2. One being the shape of a cross. The Christian cross... the other one (above the cross) is rounder but is ''layered'' like 3 orbs within each other, the middle one being lighter. It also has a big faint outline. Then on the next picture, it is no longer a cross but the shape, the silhouette of God or Jesus... I was so shocked when I saw the pictures!! When I went back, I took more and you can still see the round orb and on and another one, 2 faint orbs but they are more spread. Several people are buried just steps away from that spot. Counts (and their wives) priests, lords... I've always believed in ghost or entities but I had never before taken pictures such as these. The fact that the orbs a religious symbols and we're in an abbey is very startling. I would never try to falsify a picture, especially not to fake a cross or the silhouette of God. That to me would be blasphemous. The orbs are blue (the rounded orbs darker that the cross and silhouette). I thought you might be interested in this and I'm also very curious to know if you have ever heard of or seen such peculiar orbs. Do not hesitate to contact me! (the abbey is: Beauport Abbey in Brittany, France) Fanny Bonney

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Subject: Looking for work

Daniel (help!)
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Date Posted: 16:26:47 08/13/13 Tue

Just got certified in Paranormal Investigations and now Im trying to find a group to join. Willing to travel almost anywhere (live in VA at the moment). Ive always been into the supernatural and now im looking to make it my living. I have an open mind, and Im accepting of anyones religion or personal preferences.

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Subject: Your Investigation at Embassy Suites

Geri Griffin (Frustrated)
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Date Posted: 13:04:00 04/07/13 Sun

Your investigation at Embassy Suites in Charleston should be redone. There are two ghosts that I met - one was half head who is a very sweet boy that likes to sleep with women and the other is a icy cold bitch of a woman from (it looked like by what she wore) the 17th century. You should have one person stay away and the other go to sleep. We stayed on the 4th floor in the atrium. When we returned I posted the following account:
My sister and I visited the Embassy Suites for three nights in late August 2003. The only thing I knew about the hotel was that it was very old and I knew we would enjoy the history of it. On the first night I awoke very abruptly because I felt as if pressure was being put on my neck. In the morning I asked my sister if she had noticed anything unusual. She told me someone had tried to get into bed with her. She was paralyzed by his hold, but he leaned over her shoulder so she could see him. She did notice half the head and sandy blond hair. He said "I'm not so pretty". He told her his name which she could not remember when she awoke and told her to tell them he was looking for his pocketknife. We laughed about it that day but my sister was very nervous. The next night as she slept on her stomach she felt as if someone had laid on top of her and grabbed her hard. She told him he was hurting her and he relaxed his grip. When he left she peacefully fell asleep was was feeling like she lost her mind the next day. She asked me to trade beds with her, but finally I told her he had put hands around my throat and obviously liked her better. That evening I went to the front desk and told them I was settling my bill early because we had met their ghost and if he turned up again we would be leaving in the middle of the night. When we arrived upstairs the Manager of Housekeeping came up and asked to talk with us. She confirmed that this was their ghost and that the hotel does not want their employees to talk about it to guests. She said she had things thrown at her and cupboards opening and closing - carts wheeling across the room by themselves and reinactments going on in the mainhall of ghosts from the Citadel. She stressed that the ghost was harmless and most people just let him sleep with them. My sister was upset. I offered to stay awake and keep watch and sleep in the car on the way home. I was up until nearly 2 with the tv on but finally I gave up and shut it off. There was a certain noise before he showed up which was like a crack. When I shut the tv off the crack came and my sister was awake immediately - she turned back on the tv and began silently praying while I turned over and went to sleep. I was awakened by someone grabbing me from behind in a tight bearhug - so tight I could hardly breathe and I said your freightening me - he relaxed his grip but did not let go - instead he leaned around so I could see his face - or half of it. There was more to it and it seemed like he had taken me to a huge hall with a black box, but I shook myself awake - I felt as if I had been drugged and told my sister that he had just visited. We left the next day and now we very much do believe in ghosts. They should give him back the damn penknife!!!

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Subject: Ghost man

Wes Larson (Cofused)
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Date Posted: 19:11:06 10/22/10 Fri

I was in my parents room watching my sister and I turned around towards the closet and saw a figure of a man, I thought I was seeing stuff so I told my sister to get out of there, well I was in there the next day watching her and in the same spot, I turned around to see if it was there and there was a ball of light spinning that went into the ceiling. I don't know if I'm seeing stuff or experiencing ghost activity.

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Subject: 666 (sign of the beast)

Jamie (Scaryed for my friend)
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Date Posted: 21:07:46 03/22/13 Fri

Hi my name is Jamie im 19 years old and still in high school i have been talking too my friend Donovven Mattis and his house was build on top of an old cemetery and he remodel the hole house when him and his family first moved in inside and out and i know thing about this kind of stuff also he has been having dreams and getting werid calls saying 666 witch is the sign of the beast and there was devil workship done in the house i dont live in the same state as he does but he told me they found an upside dont cross with a teddybear on it and there was a pentigram on the ceiling in his bethroom but they painted over it and i believe that the house being build on top of the cemetery angured the deamon and the remodeling made them even more upset and a while back his brother egged the deamons on and what they didnt know is who they egged on was the devil himself and that is who the beast is and now thing are getting worse for him and for some reason they are targetting him and no one else but i cant figured out why please help my friend! ! ! ! ! ! ! I live in Aztec New Mexico my friend lives in Lake Elisnore California ive been helping him with this stuff and i think it is trying to cause him to go crazy or drive him into killing him self and his family to no one else has experienced any of this stuff in the house that i know of but i am finding out more from him and it seems like every week and sometimes not at all i believe this is just the begining and its gonna start to get worse this isnt the first time stuff like this has happend. when this last happened he said the lights were going on and off and found some stuff but cant recall what it was but i do remember it was devilworkship related. My cell number is 505-360-5961 contact me if u can his phone is down and i can get you his number and i just found out that he found a werid cube thing in his garage that had kill on it and the first time the tv were turning on and off by there self every morning at 6:06 and the doors were slaming but that was it but i worry that it is gonna hurt someone. Please PLease help he doesnt have any way for u to contact him right now but call me and i can probably tell u more. ok im finding ot more more by the secound his house cant be found on a map or online for like GPS. not making this up! he also found a neckless that was all rusty and black and had 666 on it and a doll that was all burnt and had a messing eye and an arm ripped i believe they were used for witchcaft but black magic suits this situation more. Contat me please dont care what time it is and im more likely to answer my phone then email.

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Subject: haunted pistol

James Kirkgour
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Date Posted: 10:50:03 03/17/13 Sun

I bought a Taurus PT 24/7 Pro DS last year. Earlier today, while playing around with an EMF detector on my phone, I noticed that my pistol put off a field of 5500- ish milligauss. I have experimented with this detector program many times in the past, reading fields off of tvs, toasters, microwave ovens, lamps, cars, trucks, fuse boxes for houses, screwdrivers, axes, hammers, and more. Those items, both powered and un powered, put off some kind of EM field usually between 500 and 3200 milligauss and normal background reads at about 330 milligauss. Why would my pistol, which doesn't have any kind of power source, put off an EM field 2 1/2 times the power a 65" flat screen tv puts out(~2200 milligauss)?

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Subject: orbs and mist in pictures at my house .

arlene hinote (amazing)
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Date Posted: 07:21:34 02/08/13 Fri

my sister was telling me about orbs in pictures she was taking at her house .i went with her and we both took pic .amazing .then we had a cok out for my husband and i took pictures and there were orbs in them.well we went back up to my sisters .and i know this sounds crazy .but we went that night back up to her in laws house who have both passed and took pic and .we got to messing around talking to them and we would ask them to leave and come back and they wold.well i got to aking pictures pretty regular here at nightand not only orbs but a mist started coming sometimes sometimes takes a shape and sometimes not. well afew times wen i turned to come in house i felt a hand slide across my back lightly .asked it not to do it anymore and it didn,t got only a couple orbs in house.i asked the spirits not to come in house,and they don,t and the beroom door has not opened any more .they are intelligent.wish i could send you pic and you mightcould tell me about what mist is .amazing and a little scarey .

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Subject: Curiosity

Jim Hughes (interested)
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Date Posted: 13:11:27 07/14/12 Sat

I love watching the different paranomal investigating shows that come on television, and; I am somewhat of a sceptic. According to the Bible, it says that "to be absent from the body, is to be present with the LORD". It makes me wonder as how a disembodied spirit can roam (haunt) a specific location, when it is preached that a saved person goes to heaven & a lost person goes to hell. Therefore, I would love to take up the challenge and go into these "HAUNTED PLACES", and see for myself. Its funny to me how Catholics are always at the center of these "GHOST / POLTERGEIST" encounters. Being an independent baptist myself, I would LOVE to see what would happen if a true born again Christian were to walk into an actual haunted house and start singing songs like; "Victory in JESUS". I wonder how long the ghost would stay there after that? Wouldn't that be a sight for television? Think of the story head-line: "GHOST FLEE FROM CHRISTIAN IN HAUNTED HOUSE". Kinda funny isn't it?

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Subject: Check this out

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Date Posted: 01:50:32 12/06/12 Thu

Check this link folks:


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Subject: Ghost Hunt/Paranormal Investigations With SYFY Channel Ghost Hunters & More!

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Date Posted: 18:23:25 12/03/12 Mon

Go on a ghost hunt, paranormal investigation with your favorite celebrity tv stars from SYFY Channels, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, The Haunted Collector and more!! Get your own evidence, enjoy lectures, meet and greets and more! Locations all throughout the United States! Visit www.idealeventmanage.com for events and locations. Join us!

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Subject: green Orb??

Dana Mooneyham
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Date Posted: 16:46:50 11/25/12 Sun

I was wondering if someone could look at two pictures that I took.In the pictures there is a green orb.When I took the photos the green orb was not there. In one it looks like a person is standing by the tree.I was alone on a bike trail in the woods. There was no one around me or near me. In the other picture I took different pictures of the same images. Just at different angles/distances. But in only one is the orb present.I have not edited these photos but have zoomed in close to the green image. I would really like to know if I could send them to you to view.

Thank you,

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Subject: Need Help Understanding the Paranormal or need help with an investigation?

J Roth
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Date Posted: 15:24:52 09/19/12 Wed

If you have something happening to you or your home, there is help and information that we can provdie.

Please contact B.A.P.S. for more details or visit our website at www.bridgetonafterlifeparanormalsociety.com

We are a team of paranormal investigators who help those better understand the unexplained and how to deal with each expierence. if we are unabale to help we can certainly put you in touch with someone who can....

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Subject: i don't know what to think?

Ryan Stahl (creeped out)
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Date Posted: 10:46:28 08/30/12 Thu

So i have never believed in the paranormal stuff always blew it off as hollywood magic. but last night somthing happened i can't explain. we moved into a town home in evanston, wy about a month ago and ever since our 4 year old has been telling us about a guy named johny that won't leave her alone, i blew off as an imaginary friend. well last night she came flying down the stairs and told me and 4 other adults who were watching a movie that johny was in her room and really mad. i was like ya ok whatever, then she stops stares upstairs and says go check my bed. im like ya why, and started up the stairs at that time i hear tramendously huge slam and jump. i continue up stairs and her 600 lb solid wood bunk bed had flipped over. now this bed takes to very strong men just to move around and was up against the wall solid there is no way in hell it just flipped over. then once everyone calmed down and we put her back to bed we sat in the room for a bit apon her request till she fell asleep, while waiting for her to fall asleep the curtain rod with for solid screws holding it to the wall ripped out and hoved for a min then dropped to the floor. someone please tell me how this is possible........ please

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Subject: Make contact

Lina (serious , seeker , believer)
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Date Posted: 13:04:47 09/09/12 Sun

Hi .
I do believe that ghost and spirits exist in the world .
I have lost a close relative of mine .
I just want to know if he is at peace . If he is watching over us .
What should I do , to get a contact with him ?

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Subject: orbs

Martin G
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Date Posted: 06:30:03 07/03/12 Tue

Perhaps if you cleaned your camera lenses once in a while you'd have less pictures of EHEM!!! 'moving orbs'...

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Date Posted: 17:05:30 03/05/12 Mon


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Subject: creepy!

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Date Posted: 21:20:13 02/27/12 Mon

Hello. My name is stephanie. Im 14 years old. And i strongly believe in the paranormal... I live in Maryland, and I've always felt as though something is with me in my house, we moved here ten years ago and I've been scared sense. I watch a lot of paranormal shows on tv, and read about it online. Last year i went to a place in ellicot city called 7 hills. I had an experience that i could never forget. I've heard rumors and never really believed them, but when i was there in the car around the fourth hill by the crazy abandoned hospital there was a black car following us, so we pulled to the side to let them pass, and all of the sudden it vanished into nowhere. Then in one of the buildings by a foot bridge i was pushed and swore something was yelling at me to go away. I am terrified of this kind of stuff. My house creeps me out. I hate being home alone. I always feel like something is watching me. And always have a bad feeling that something will happen. Im so scared. /:

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Subject: Investigate With The Ghost Hunters

Learn, Gather Evidence
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Date Posted: 10:08:18 01/13/12 Fri

Investigate with SYFY Channel's Ghost Hunters! Learn from the pros, gather your own evidence, meet your favorite celebrities and go on a ghost hunt. See website for scheduled dates and events. www.idealeventmanage.com

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Subject: Possible Bad Spirit

Ruby Kilts
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Date Posted: 23:18:18 01/09/12 Mon

I Have A Niece Who Lives In Tennessee Who I Have Been Talking To In Regards To Her And My One Nephew Getting Scratched Markings The Same On Her And Her Middle Son Other Activities Have Been going On In Her Home But Only To Her And Her One Son She Is Very Scared And I am Scared For Their Safety Can You Give Me Some advice To Give Her On How To Rid Her Home Of The Spirit I Know Sage Is A Thing To Use But Need Information On How Exactly To Do It As Well As Holy Water Etc .Any Advice Will Be Very Helpful And Appreciated .TY Ruby

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Subject: I need some advice

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Date Posted: 14:26:30 01/05/12 Thu

Hi I need some advice because I have some gifts and I need some help with ways to control them in a way.
I will explan more if needed but i have a hard time talking to people about it.

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Subject: lots of orbs

mike capra
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Date Posted: 11:10:33 07/23/10 Fri

Im in osage city ks the building I own at 609 611 market street was built in 1885 by the ioof international order of odd fellows and we have all kinds of pics of orbs 5 in one pic 20 in another alll kinds of things happen here such as banging on walls at 3am running though building at 2am can u people help me out to get rid of these things call me at 785-760-1684

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Subject: Is this Ghosts or demons?

Austin Lee Webb (Fearful)
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Date Posted: 23:45:01 10/28/11 Fri

ok over the years there has been a number of awkward things that have happened, when i was about 10 i went down my stairs and looked into my sisters room near our cellar and saw something with a white figure fly past her door i ran upstairs and for 8 years or so nothing happened. In the past couple years weird things have happened again. The one night when i was downstairs i was playing xbox and there are 2 doors that lead into my sisters room which has a door that leads to the cellar. There was no windows open or breeze and one of the doors slammed shut on its own. The next night my dog who never growls at anything was looking through our laundry room which is right outside my sisters room and she arched backwards and started to growl i thought maybe someone had broken in my house but when i checked nothing was there. In the past 2 years i just also started having REM Paralysis where you wake up paralyzed and i could hear loud footsteps immense pressure on my body and ive heard weird language. Another time during the day i was home with my mother and heard my father mother and sisters voices like in a low tone, I went to sleep downstairs the one night and had my phone on charge underneath my pillow and under my back and woke up with it wrapped around my neck 3 times. I don't know if these are ghosts or demons or a random coincidence? PLEASE SOMEONE GET BACK TO ME I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. For some reason no one else is around when these things happen to me

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Subject: Language!!

Betty (Sad)
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Date Posted: 14:34:30 12/17/11 Sat

I love watching your show.Please tell me why you have to use such filthy language..I know people who do not have an education,& they use these words.For educated people,you surprise me.You use this language,then you call on God.I am a Christian,& I couldn't speak this way.I do love your watching your show,but if you don't clean up the show,I want watch it or allow my grandchildren too.

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Subject: ParanormalInvestigators.org

PiORG (happy)
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Date Posted: 14:28:12 12/02/11 Fri

The Premier Internet Portal for paranormal activity, discussion, photos, videos, and the international directory of paranormal investigators. Coverage: Ghosts, demons, possessions, and sightings.

International Paranormal Investigator Directory (click here to view)

FREE Standard Membership: Voice your opinions through our international paranormal portal. Click here for free membership

FREE Paranormal Investigator Membership: For serious paranormal investigators only. Click here for Investigator membership (a free service)

FREE Directory Listing: Click here to ADD your investigation team to the official International Directory of Paranormal Investigators (members only)

REPORT PARANORMAL ACTIVITY? REPORT Paranormal Activity (click here)- REPORT Supernatural Activity (click here) (requires free membership to protect site from spam)

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Subject: DeadLine Paranormal

DeadLine Paranormal (New)
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Date Posted: 11:04:45 11/14/11 Mon

Greetings Paranormal Brothers And Sisters In The Paranormal Community. We Are A New Paranormal Group In Pennsylvania. We Would Like To Introduce Ourselves To The Paranormal Community Through Message Boards And Society Pages To Reach The Non-Mainstream Fans. Come And Check Us Out When You Have A Chance.


Thanks To The Paranoraml Investigators For Allowing Our Post.

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Subject: Plamsa Spirit

Bruce Russo (Spooked)
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Date Posted: 13:26:15 11/07/11 Mon

I was in my yard yesterday 11/6/11 and happen to be taking some picures of some cleanup from a tree that fell. I took two pictures of the corner of the yard and on the 3rd picture there was suddenly a large green (approx. 10"-12" in mass) of energy about40' away. There is substance within the green mass and a brownish energy omitting from the rear and about 6 white energy spots within it. It is very clear to see when you zoom in on the picture. It's absolutely amazing and beautiful to see this thing. It was there as if it were watching me and allowing me to take it's picture. I really would appreciate someone taking a look at this photo from my visitor. once you see it you will know this is no photoshop crap!! I've seen alot of pictures over the years of ghosts and spirits and the like but this the most incredible thing I've ever seen! Please email me and I'll be more than glad to share this photo. Maybe someone out there will have some idea or knowledge of what it might be.
Sincerely Bruce Russo

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Subject: Orve with actgual face in it

isisbarbosa (:) just curious)
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Date Posted: 00:16:21 09/27/11 Tue

Hi, I have 2 pics that I took this month I just review them and found 2 orves with a face in them, I would like to send them to you just to hear your thoughts and if there is any meaning to this.
They are very clear.

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Subject: There is paranormal activity in my home! I need help!

Terrie Hammer (very scared)
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Date Posted: 15:34:35 09/22/11 Thu

There has always been some kind of activity in every home I have lived in. It has elevated since 2006. It now is scaring my grandchildren, husband and exspecially my dog. I need help getting rid of this thing! I have had paranormal investigators here before from Miami, they said, maybe, but it didn't show itself. It later attacked my husband again. It ran through my hallway and scared my grandchildren. My daughter and husband saw bread being thrown from the top of refridgerator, and a 6 pack of beer knocked of the desk. my dog was kicked a few weeks ago as we were headed out the door. It new we were leaving for a few weeks. I am scared and I am alone in my home. Please call me @ 239-455-7811. There is sooooooooo much to tell, and I am afraid, Please Please help me. My name is Terrie Hammer.

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Subject: Seeing Image

kathleen cammarata (confused)
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Date Posted: 10:58:43 09/16/11 Fri

Why would my daughter see herself in a image outside her body? It wasn't til she saw a photograph of herself did she realize that the shadow she's been seeing was herself.

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Subject: Help, what is this...

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Date Posted: 02:31:57 09/05/11 Mon

Hello, I am hoping to ask your opinion or advice on a situation,
I am 39 yrs old and had a horrifying experience in my grandmothers house
23 yrs ago which I remember like it happened yesterday. Recently about a month
ago my aunt encountered the same situation. It happened to be we seen the
same thing 23 yrs apart. I was in the basement laying in bed and all the
sudden there was a creature looking at me It was an entity laying over me
staring in my face with huge red eyes that I will never forget. The same thing
happened to my aunt except the eyes went from green to red. Now there were
other times in this house ( my aunt still lives there) that I seen what I
assumed to be orbs flying they never scared me or made me nervous I always
felt a peaceful feeling with this. But the thing in the basement was different,
I could feel it was trying to terrify me, I was paralyzed with fear and couldn't
even move, the same thing happened to her. There has also been other situation
that have occurred in this house. We are wondering have you heard of anything
like this before and if so , what might it be. Please get back to me either
way, we are both waiting to hear from someone

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Subject: What could these be?

Kris (scared)
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Date Posted: 01:52:21 09/05/11 Mon

I go to a university in Pennsylvania. On nights that I cant sleep, I walk around campus. On several of my walks, I have spotted a dark figure. My friends have also seen this same dark figure while walking with me. The scariest moment, which was also the closest I have been near him, was walking near a lamp post. My shadow was cast to my left, while a mysterious man's shadow was cast the wrong direction.

This is not the only figure I have seen. At my parents home, around 10pm every night while getting ready for bed, I would watch a white orb float from the attic door and make its way up to my ceiling light. About 10 minutes later, I would come back down and come right up in my face. If I said nothing, it would stay for 10 to 15 minutes, right in front of my face. I never felt threatened by whatever it is, so sometimes on nights that I really wanted to be left alone, I would politely say something like "I am sorry, but I really need to get some sleep tonight. Could you please not shine so bright in my face tonight?" Only when I said something to it, would it float back to the attic door and disappear.

I was wondering what these could be and if anyone has experienced anything like this before?

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Subject: On you guys

The lyrian (Annoucment)
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Date Posted: 05:41:32 08/24/11 Wed

All of us believers are begining a new religon of Faith that is very different then all of the previous religions on earth. Your are studying the afterlife from an scientists perspective which to me is the best way to study it. By the way I'm not christian I'm pagan. Some of you the ones that release spirits from your burden make you a kind of living-for-the-dead grim reaper (without the grim). I used to be scared of the ghosts of the Indians of Junipine Estates in williams AZ but my dad said to me once "Isn't it great that we have this home we can escape to and crazy stuff happens?" And I realized he's right it is fantastic. Last time I went up there something like a low growl came form the open window but nothing was out there. And I know the Indians havent experienced white men who are not affraid of them when they do stuff so they don't do stuff anymore really. So now I say bring it on. Do everything you can spirits. Rock my world. Exuast yourselves until you get tired and want to do stuff to people who are affraid of you or go to heaven, chill there for a while and then come back to hell and start over where you left off.

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Subject: Hola consejo

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Date Posted: 13:23:40 08/19/11 Fri

Hola me llamo Marisa desde niña he vivido fenomenos parnormales o cuantomenos extraños.Ultimamente en las fotos que hago en mi casa salen orbes y desde entonces mi salud no esta muy bien ademas cada dia estoy mas agotada y los medicos no encuentran una explicacion.Nose si tendra que ver una cosa con la otra pero si alguien pudiera arrojar un poco de luz a esto y me pudiera aclarar si la aparicion de las orbes puede que tenga relacion con mi estado lo agradeceria un abrazo

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Subject: question

Tayler Torrez
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Date Posted: 23:51:34 08/13/11 Sat

I have always been interested with parnormal investigatons.I was wondering how one becomes a paranormal investigator? I have had alot of experiences with paranormal activites.

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Subject: please read

stacy sonnier (curious)
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Date Posted: 23:30:14 08/12/11 Fri

i have seen stuff in my younger years that has made me fearful i would like to be not fearful. i just would like to learn about what ya'll do, and how investigate also i am not looking to be on tv and i'm not looking to be paid for it. i'm just wanting to see if i'd like doing this kind of thing. i am a housewife i only watch my boys play football and deal with my daughter being sick, i'd like to do something for me. if u'd give me a chance to see if i like this kind of thing i'd be very grateful.

thank you for your time in reading my letter. sincerly, stacy sonnier

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Subject: Extreme Paranormal Activity

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Date Posted: 13:03:52 08/08/11 Mon

Just to inform anyone here who are having problems with the paranormal realm and need answers to questions, not answered here. I came across this page by accident and read several Posts of people who are having unexplained activity in their lives and homes. Please feel free to check out our website and email us with any questions or concerns. Thanks!


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Subject: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! DEMONS AND GHOSTS!!!!!

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Date Posted: 17:04:02 06/14/11 Tue

I Valorie have been followed by spirits since far back as i can remember, but lately for the past 3 yrs. they have become violent to my children, husband and even spitting on me.

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Subject: Ninjas Versus Pirates Game

Red Beard
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Date Posted: 15:37:54 08/06/11 Sat

Here, I play in the pirates side. You can't beat me!

Y8 Games

ninjas versus pirates game free games

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Subject: casino games

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Date Posted: 18:01:43 08/05/11 Fri

Open in a new window

Casino games. Play poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, and more!

Gaming fun!

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Subject: US military operation(paranormal)

Marin Cristian
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Date Posted: 08:42:34 03/31/11 Thu

Hello, my name is Marin Cristian, I live in Arad, Romania. At the beginning of 2010 I started to feel that I have a living thing in my body(moving beneath my skin), moving my eyes and face when I watch TV. Now when I wach TV my whole body is like a string puppet, moving my arms and legs on certain words. I can anticipate words and have visions.
This is a video of me watching live CNN on the internet:
0:20 (we're looking at)
0:44 (struggling to find direction)
3:45 (distance)
8:10 (is up)

I think this is not a disease but a religious and military matter. How can this thing be studied in a controlled environment? My work is valuable, please contact me.
Thank you.

P.S. I have reason to believe that there is a USA military operation in my home, there are all sorts of sounds and lights confirmed also by my parents and friends and other stuff that I would like to speak in person with an intelligence officer.

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Subject: Paranormal investigators

Essy Mac
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Date Posted: 21:15:06 07/20/03 Sun

Is there anyone who makes money from paranormal investigations. For instance charges someone to stay in their 'haunted' house for the night to see if anything can be caught on tape?

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Subject: Jumpy, skiddish dog staring at the window all day

Kay (Help Me figure this out)
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Date Posted: 16:44:19 06/27/11 Mon

A lot of weird things have been happening over the years in my house, but I mostly ignore them. This past year, however, has been absolutely crazy! My dog has suddenly become skiddish and nervous and she stares at the window above the living room door all day. She use to be a happy playful dog. Now I hardly recognize her. I can't get her to look away from the window even if I offer her treats. A few nights ago, the alarm on my security camera in the spare bedroom kept going off, so I took a look and there was at least 100 Orbs that seem to be coming from the floor and floating up to the ceiling! Some of them were clear, I could see right through them and some of them were solid. They almost looked like bubbles. Can someone tell me what's going on in my house?

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Subject: Following Demon

Mike (Scared)
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Date Posted: 21:38:23 06/26/11 Sun

Since i was little i was tormented by a demon. Ive had nightmares everynight, falling asleep in my bed and waking up in different parts of the house, my friends and I have witnessed shadow figures, hearing footsteps clear as day late at night, and my house burnt down christmas night in 01. I moved and all my nightmare went away n feelen fine for a few years until i went back to my old house n picked up some things n now its back haunting me again! It has already pulled me off my bed! Im so scared, n never been as scared in my whole life now because i know what it is and dont know how to get rid of it.

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Subject: Dont know what to do

eat my grits
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Date Posted: 10:45:29 11/10/10 Wed

i am at a loss for words. Both of my kids which were attached by a spirit last nite. And i need to know what to do for them. They will not sleep in there own room.

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Subject: orbs

Kristen (help)
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Date Posted: 02:49:05 04/11/11 Mon

I have been living in my house for about 4 and a half years. We used to have two cats that were deathly afraid of my daughters bedroom and the upstairs..they would crouch and stare at the door for hours. If i try to bring them in there, they would freak out until we left the room. I have a baby monitor set up in my 6 year olds room. We see orbs on a daily basis. I have recorded some on my camera and have freaked out my entire family. T he orbs range in size and move at different speeds. They seem to show up when my daughter is argueing she doesnt want to go to bed. It has gotten worse...my daughter has refused to sleep in her room for the past two nights. This usually happens once every 3 months. My 4 yr old son wont even sleep in his room. He says he saw a shaddow of a man just staring at him and came out screaming. I have never seen this shaddow. My husband and I have heard footsteps and doorknobs turning. My kids live in fear once it gets dark. They will not go into any room unless we go in first and put the light on. I just want to find out who is frightening my children. Can you help?

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  • Re: orbs -- rich (helpful and honest), 22:44:34 06/02/11 Thu
Subject: paranormal investigation

anthony (wondering)
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Date Posted: 01:17:58 04/26/11 Tue

hey im 17 and im verry interested in being a paranormal investigator i have had numerous encounters with spirits and i wanna learn all that i can and hopefully captur a picture of a full body aperition like the one i saw as a kid

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Subject: Orb on photo of cave church in Cappadocia, Turkey

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Date Posted: 16:22:17 05/14/11 Sat

On my 10th photo on this page a clear "orb" showed up.

Do you think it was something on my camera lens? An angel?

Thoughts appreciated.



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Subject: paranormal evidence

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Date Posted: 12:10:55 04/16/11 Sat

I wanted to drop you a line, in hopes that you would check out some evidence that I personally got on a tour of a home in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I winter there, and decide to take on of the "ghost Tours. I was accompanied by my husband, and I brought along my digital camera, as well ad my digital camera. This was the very first time I ever tried to obtain any form of documentation using equipment. I am psychic, and have sat in on several EVP's sessions, and helped the investigators speak with spirits. Helping them with locating spirits in a home, opening dialog.

The name of the home I toured was, "Stranahan House". The minute I entered I knew it to be full of energy, and many spirits. I knew I could communicate via telepathy. I did get good results with obtaining three class A EVP's.

I asked a woman spirit . "How died here?" she answered "a child".
I asked , "do you know I am speaking to you? " The woman spirit spoke to a male spirit "She spoke"...
One male spirit was upset about a male person from the tour entering a bedroom. He said to me "tell him to get out" you can hear on the EVP "tell him"...
I got several other EVP's however they are very hard to make out.

With my camera. I asked the woman, "can you materialize so I can see you"?
she walked in front of a mirror, and I snapped a photo, you can clearly see her coming into a form, seeing her face in the mirror.

I have added a link below, where I documented my evidence. I hope you will stop in and have a look. Being psychic, I am somewhat excited about what I captured.


Best Regards Sharon

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Subject: Dealing with the Paranormal at work

Pam Dymock
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Date Posted: 04:24:42 04/07/11 Thu

I am a member at Pouth Point Lifesaving Crew in Cramerton, North carolina and some say the building has a ghost they call Fred. The building is 23 years old and some unexplained things have happened over the years. The the last few months for example: we see a shadow figure walk up the steps, hear footsteps when my partner and I are in the same room, things falling on the floor when no one is in the kitchen, figures looking in the front window and walking down the sidewalk. There are many many more. We would like for you to come and check it out. Thank you in advance for your time. Pam Dymock

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Subject: Afterlife, Talking to the other side

Jay Pitts (enlightened)
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Date Posted: 21:06:11 01/17/10 Sun

On June 28, 2009 my mother crossed over. Before she left I asked her to
contact me from the other side if she could. She did and still does.
This is no joke. This is a breakthrough. Literally. I had this
agreement with my mother for years. One of the last times I spoke with
her she told me she thought she would be gone soon. I told her when she
got to the other side to look for the technicians. In the chats I am spikestuf she is repitts.

spikestuf: You log in, then you are gone almost right away. Must be a
touchy interface between this side and yours. Wish I knew how to fix
spikestuf: can you talk?
repitts: Serve others.
spikestuf: hello??? mom???
spikestuf: don't know how to begin doing that
spikestuf: fought the IRS for years, all it did was keep me poor
spikestuf: i have some issues concerning public health to take to city
spikestuf: tell me what you think i should do
spikestuf: i am all ears
repitts: Others not yourself
spikestuf: you can't be more specific?
repitts: fill a need
spikestuf: jesus was here to serve others, got him murdered by the
spikestuf: and no one would step up to defend him
spikestuf: a poor loser like me can fill a need?
spikestuf: i use to like to think so, still do i guess
repitts: Each can
spikestuf: give all our family their my love
repitts: Start small
spikestuf: like hospice work?
spikestuf: sitting with the sick and dying?
spikestuf: or take on some monsters?
repitts: Small then grow with it
spikestuf: what cause?
repitts: Others
spikestuf: find william cooper on that side
spikestuf: he was my mentor
spikestuf: milton william cooper
spikestuf: he was trying to be selfless
spikestuf: or seemed to be
repitts: Focus
spikestuf: i can barely focus just on paying my bills, but i see your
general point
repitts: Look inside not at "mentors"
spikestuf: so there are things to find inside me i don't know about
repitts: Focus
spikestuf: focus in what way?
repitts: Improving self to allow serving others
spikestuf: that i understand
spikestuf: somewhat
spikestuf: don't leave now
spikestuf: please
spikestuf: have you made an effort to contact lori yet?
repitts: Ponder your personal improvement
spikestuf: okay
repitts: Opportunities abound
spikestuf: i will have to become a hermit for awhile but I can do it
repitts: Stay connected to others
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: i am almost always worried and depressed. I will just have
to try harder to rise above that
repitts: Don't fight just to fight
repitts: Find the joy in little things
spikestuf: i already know how to do that
repitts: Snow is beautiful
spikestuf: haha, yes mom it is
repitts: Laughter is music
spikestuf: i will enjoy the snow even more when the transmission in my
car finishes dying, lol
spikestuf: i love music
spikestuf: i learned a harmonica song for you, Song Sung Blue by Neil
repitts: Diamonds are a girls best friend
spikestuf: must be why i don't have a girlfriend, lol
repitts: People can be diamonds
spikestuf: yes, but just because i find one i think is one doesn't mean
they are
spikestuf: my judgement is only human
repitts: You be the diamond. Look inside
spikestuf: have you tried to email Lori?
repitts: Dreams can comfort some
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
repitts: Dreams can comfort some. To each their own connection
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
spikestuf: trying to make sure i am not talking to some kind of bot
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
repitts: No need. Dreams can comfort some.
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: did grandmaw tell you i spoke with her in a dream, several
years ago?
repitts: All things are possible in dreams
spikestuf: I still want you to email lori.
spikestuf: i don't care who tells you on that side it's a bad idea
repitts: Rest, dream, love yourself. Peace
spikestuf: dont leave
spikestuf: who was that old woman poking around your place after you
crossed over?
repitts: Never leave. Always there. Peace
spikestuf: there is no peace on this side but what we find in ourselves
repitts: Look inside. Don't fight just to fight
repitts: Peace. Learn to be still
spikestuf: do you always know when i am near my computer?
spikestuf: i mean, if you want to?
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: stop making me cry, lol
repitts: Tears can clear the way
spikestuf: somehow i know you are right
repitts: Rest, peace, patience
spikestuf: why email me and not lori, makes me look like a fruitcake,
repitts: Dreams can comfort some. Each has their own path
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: you know i am going to send all this to lori
spikestuf: so anything you want to say to her, say
spikestuf: her and i talk now
repitts: Connections, peace, tranquility
spikestuf: dont stop there
repitts: Look inside, find your path, persevere
spikestuf: if it's my path, then isn't it a selfish path?
repitts: All have a path
repitts: Use your path for good
spikestuf: i thought i have been
spikestuf: don't know what to change about what i do other than
cleaning up my personal life
repitts: Waste not intellect and energy on fighting
spikestuf: that i understand
repitts: Look inside. Find clear path
spikestuf: i am surrounded by conflict and turmoil, fear and insecurity
repitts: Look inside
spikestuf: look inside for what?
repitts: Path free of conflict
repitts: Fear, insecurity part of progress
repitts: Grow past these
spikestuf: this world is set up to keep us in negativity
repitts: Look inside. You determine your outlook.
spikestuf: was grandmaw right when she said faith could move mountains?
repitts: Faith is peace, tranquility
repitts: Mountains are transient
spikestuf: yes they are, all things must pass
repitts: Focus on the peace, not the mountains
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: what can you tell me about the other side?
repitts: Rest now. Awaken and be peaceful
spikestuf: are you censored in what you can say to me?
repitts: Live one day at a time. Strive for a single clean, selfless
repitts: Grow daily
spikestuf: what kind of job should i be looking for?
repitts: What needs done?
spikestuf: nothing selfless about the struggle to survive
spikestuf: on this side
spikestuf: what needs done? I use to think i knew.
repitts: Rest, dream, awaken positive and determined to help
spikestuf: okay you need to go now?
repitts: You have needs. Rest, work positively
spikestuf: it seems to me a truly selfless person would have no need
whatsoever for this world
repitts: One needs to take care of oneself to be able to help others
repitts: Rest
spikestuf: can we talk again soon?
repitts: I am always in your heart
repitts: Rest.
spikestuf: what do you do with your time on that side?
repitts: Rest now. Dream, awaken refreshed and focused
spikestuf: okay, so you don't want to play question and answer anymore
right now?
repitts: Rest. Have peaceful day. Help one person
spikestuf: help them to what extent?
spikestuf: i mean, i deliver people pizza all day
repitts: One small, selfless gesture can make a difference. Rest.
spikestuf: okay
repitts is typing a message.
repitts: Rest peacefully........
spikestuf: i will mom
spikestuf: still don't know what you do with all your time on that side
repitts has signed out. (1/6/2010 9:19 PM)

I sent mom an email last night. Asked her: what was the name I had for
chocolate milk as a small child? Got a reply on instant messenger this
morning. Her first word...

spikestuf: good morning mom. Although I wonder if you have night and
day on that side. Maybe it's somewhat different.
repitts has signed back in. (1/11/2010 11:51 AM)

repitts: Cochibur

[pronounced: Koch-e-bur] -Jay

spikestuf: thats right
spikestuf: no doubt whatsoever i am talking with my mother
spikestuf: makes my heart soar
spikestuf: now i can stop letting people make me feel bad for claiming
i still talk to my mom
spikestuf: i may be poor but i am an enlightened man
spikestuf: you know there are a thousand question i want to ask you
spikestuf: lori is going to flip out, lol
spikestuf: tell scott i really miss his guitar since i play harmonica
every day now
spikestuf: i better get out of this room and start my day
spikestuf: Love you mom!!!
repitts: Patience
repitts is typing a message.
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: thank you mom

repitts: =)
spikestuf: hi mom
spikestuf: wish i had your happiness, lol
repitts: Takes time
spikestuf: i'd have to lock myself in a room, drink nothing but water,
and fast for a week just to get my system clean again
spikestuf: my health isn't that great, mental, spiritual, or physical
repitts: Physical?
spikestuf: i smoke over a pack a day and putting on weight
spikestuf: i got back problems too
spikestuf: a few weeks ago i slipped and fell out of bed which is 4
feet above the floor, landed on the back of a metal chair under my left
spikestuf: i could barely walk for two weeks
spikestuf: think i had blood in my urine too
spikestuf: but don't worry about that, it's all transient, lol
spikestuf: and cousin doug who i rent from, he makes 5 times the money
i do, and he is 5 times the negative person
spikestuf: he is wrecklessly decadent
spikestuf: dad wont let me stay in his basement
spikestuf: so you know why i say my family doesn't need me
repitts: So not true
repitts: Patience, focus, sobriety
spikestuf: use to have my college transcript for my job hunt, someone
stole my backpack out of my car couple of years ago, it was in it
spikestuf: cant get another because my student loan is in default
spikestuf: and with the best paying companys doing credit checks to
deny those employment with bad credit makes me feel doomed sometimes
repitts: Look within, serve others
spikestuf: it gives me some comfort to know you are still with me
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: "You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking
that brought upon the problem." -Albert Einstein
spikestuf: I am trying to take your advice to heart.
repitts: Takes time
spikestuf: You learned much about the human race on that side you
didn't know from this side?
repitts: Definitely
spikestuf: Well, it doesn't seem right those of us on this side are
denied that knowledge.
repitts: Be determined
spikestuf: You always seem to know when i am near my computer, don't
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I knew you were going to say that, lol.
spikestuf: I guess you know everything i say to other people too.
spikestuf: long pause... lol
spikestuf: I can still laugh at myself. At my general condition in all
this we humans swim around in.
repitts: Laughter is good
spikestuf: I don't get enough of it for sure.
spikestuf: No wonder i want to hang out at the bar and drink.
repitts: Not good
spikestuf: Can you post any links from youtube you recommend?
spikestuf: Can you watch youtube on that side?
spikestuf: Ever heard of a book by Gary Renard called "The
Disappearence of the Universe"?
spikestuf: i gotta pee, brb
repitts: Remember, patience, focus, sobriety, help others
spikestuf: knowing the path is one thing, walking it is another, but of
course you are right
spikestuf: I will be back in a little while
spikestuf: i don't know how much attention you are capable of giving me
from there, or want to, or to what degree
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: will we always be able to talk like this?
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: is there really a mystery planet coming to cull the earth in
spikestuf: you knew that question was coming, lol
spikestuf: i am going to go down the street and buy a lottery ticket,
back soon.
repitts has signed out. (1/12/2010 6:18 PM)

Last message received on 1/12 at 6:15 PM
spikestuf: should i care about my dog so much or get rid of him?
spikestuf: dad has told me i should get rid of my dog, over and over

spikestuf: you caught me at a friends house helping them with their
computers, lol
spikestuf: I was just reading about some of the stuff NASAs space junk
has been finding in space.
spikestuf: Say anything you want, please. lol
spikestuf: Whats on your mind?
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety
spikestuf: not 100% sure about the focus part but the other two parts i
am more easy with
spikestuf: trying to stay busy with productive hobbies and out of the
spikestuf: sat night though is karaoke night at the bar, i practice my
solo song and tune to get better with the band
spikestuf: bills open door
spikestuf: i do the mick jagger thing, sing and play harmonica
spikestuf: maybe by focus you mean i should get a new resume together
repitts: =)
spikestuf: lol
spikestuf: i got fri and sat off
spikestuf: but i kinda like the little loser jobs i take, no one
expects very much of me, lol
spikestuf: buddha said all pain in life comes from wanting things
spikestuf: i will shut up a bit let you say something
repitts: Family, focus, patience, sobriety...
repitts: laughter
spikestuf: are you allowed only a certain number of original words per
spikestuf: LOL
spikestuf: you can't just email me a road map of how to live my life,
repitts: Prayer
spikestuf: now there is a new word here
spikestuf: how is the correct way to pray, to offer up ones idols
before God?
repitts: Listen to your heart
spikestuf: i hope you don't talk to me like this only because you know
i will be dead soon or some ironic reality like that
spikestuf: i don't have any plans for killing myself soon
repitts: Absolutely not, you have a future.
spikestuf: If i get aggressive in the job market, alot of people are
not going to like me.
repitts: Don't fight just to fight.
spikestuf: like some of the people i interview with
spikestuf: okay, i will not focus on the negative
repitts: =)
spikestuf: to hell with i will bug the city for a job till they hire me
spikestuf: what do you think about me doing substitute teaching?
repitts: Continue to focus...
repitts has signed out. (1/13/2010 7:58 PM)

spikestuf: all the bad vibrations in our family have got to go. This
family must heal.
spikestuf: welcome back mom
spikestuf: you asked me to look inside. I found family issues first.
spikestuf: and i figured out what to pray for last night too
spikestuf: please say something
repitts: =) You are headed in the right direction.
spikestuf: this isn't easy. I promise to stay on the path.
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I am praying for my higher self to take charge of my life,
and the lives of those I affect.
spikestuf: I have a long difficult road ahead of me with this.
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety.
repitts has signed out. (1/15/2010 3:37 PM)

[This entry is a partial reconstruction of our chat because like a
stupid person I forgot to save the chat before I closed the box]

spikestuf: what was the first elementary school lori went to?
repitts: babeck
spikestuf: what was dad's favorite walt disney character to imitate
repitts: donald duck
spikestuf: what was the first car dad bought you when we lived on
repitts: blue sunbird
spikestuf: what were our house numbers on delhi and maplewood
repitts: 808 and 304
spikestuf: what did i hit scott in the eye with when we were children
on delhi drive?
repitts: lawn jart
spikestuf: when your brother tim had a motorcycle wreck and you and
corky went to see him where was he?
repitts: Nevada
spikestuf: when we lived on Maplewood and you first went back to work,
where was that?
repitts: Middletown News Agency

01/16/10 11:00pm

spikestuf: like a stupid person i closed the chat box before saving
last night. So later on today i would like to repeat some of that
spikestuf: i did turn the auto-log back on so it will never happen
spikestuf: that was a wonderful chat we had last nite, mad at myself
for dropping the ball
spikestuf: i will be back much later today, meeting a new friend for
the first time
spikestuf: back
spikestuf: waiting patiently
spikestuf: still waiting patiently
spikestuf: anxious to talk
spikestuf: welcome back mom
spikestuf: what was dad's favorite cartoon character to imitate?
repitts: Donald Duck
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: who were our neighbors on each side of us on delhi drive?
repitts: Burt and Leturgy
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: what did I hit scott in the eye with in the back yard as
small children?
repitts: Lawn Jart.
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: where did you go back to work at when we lived on maplewood?
repitts: Middletown News Agency
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: Who is my sister Lori's biological father?
repitts: Don Mays
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: funny i could not remember his name until the exact moment
you started to type it, lol
spikestuf: you are my hero mom!!!
repitts: Unique individual
spikestuf: isn't everyone?
repitts: =)
repitts: Sober?
spikestuf: absolutely, even missing karaoke night
spikestuf: flat broke too, lol
repitts: Happiness comes from within.
spikestuf: it certainly does
repitts: Job?
spikestuf: i work at dominos now
spikestuf: pizza driver
spikestuf: looking for a better job
spikestuf: not easy since for a 40 year old my resume is a sick joke
spikestuf: hate to change the subject but i gotta say...
spikestuf: the team who have labored so long to help us make this
connection must be some of the finest minds amoung the human race
spikestuf: i wonder how many teslas and edisons and einsteins are there
helping us
spikestuf: restores great faith in the human race in my heart
spikestuf: my cup runneth over
spikestuf: please give them my admiration and gratitude
spikestuf: and you found them!!!
spikestuf: this is the cutting edge of human progress in my opinion
spikestuf: this is there with the discovery the earth is a sphere and
rotates around the sun, or bigger
spikestuf: this is the bridge between science and religion
spikestuf: where the rubber meets the road in the progress of human
understanding of the universe and of itself
repitts: =)
spikestuf: i am so happy you agree, makes my heart soar!!!
spikestuf: i have to share these chat with everyone, the world
repitts: Well, focus, patience, sobriety and
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I love you mom!!!
repitts has signed out. (1/16/2010 11:05 PM)

Last message received on 1/16 at 11:04 PM

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Subject: demons shadows and orbs

emry (content)
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Date Posted: 18:05:25 03/23/11 Wed

i would like to show you something. but i would like to say something first. for years i have seen a creature/demon and his shadows. i was placed in nut huts only to learn i was better off telling them i see dancing lollipops. i took videos one day and i for sure quit taking my medication years ago... i have to find comfort in these creatures who at times torture me in my dreams. i have died and been in a coma time and time again. i am desperate to find my way home to them again. ( seriousness i have no suicidal tendencies )
may i ask a personal question that i do not need an answer to? is it not better to be watched over and loved by dark angles than to be watched over and loved by nothing at all? i do not ask for your help in ridding of my countless demons, if they were to leave me i would be lost in the darkness forever... but i thought you might find my videos... entertaining.. the blogs are the things they do to me awake and in my sleep when they seem... upset with something i am doing.
the countless times i have died, i have found sheer comfort in the darkness with the shadows. i have much love for life and everything it has given me, i would not trade 1 extra day of life for single moment good and bad, my experience in life has brought me so much joy even tho i have been a terminal patient since 05, not expected to live past 06... i am 31. i rest my head at night in peace knowing if i die while i sleep, they will be there to guide me home.
there is a small segment of them whispering back to me. i kept the videos as long as i could so there was no editing in them. many times my camera turned off, batteries drained. once again i do not want my shadows to vanish, i just thought you would find the videos.. entertaining to say the least... they will not stay up for long. my whole goal was to meet someone i have been talking to for years about this demon of mine. so i set out to film them for him.. i suffered greatly for playing with the shadows and quit filming. i can see them with out the camera. i have seen them forever. i am honestly just happy someone can see them too....
i have to let you know i do not want you here, the disturbance will be disastrous.. i just want you to see and pick it apart. i cant keep them up there forever, these shadows are very upset with me right now... the views are climbing and people are afraid of things they cannot see, when one should only be afraid of what stares back at them in the mirror..

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Subject: HELP!!

Amanda Sweeney and Cassy Obermeyer (sacred and confused and nervouse)
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Date Posted: 08:38:03 03/07/11 Mon

Ok it has been 11 years today since we have first started to see and hear and feel the presents of a ghost. other people think we are crazy but we both know that somthing is following us. Electonical devices turn on by them selfs. everytime we try to record a song or record us talking we hear eather a man in stactic or growling. There has been alot of stuff levitating and we are seeing flashes of white lights. electricity has been going out or flickering. when nothing else in the house is doing the same thing. The doors open and close by themselves. And we are very restless. I am (17) and Cassy is(15). There is also demonic cats in the homes.

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Subject: please help me

ms.lee (confused)
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Date Posted: 02:33:56 03/01/11 Tue

please help. i feel like a freak. technological devices freak out, especially electronic devices, when i'm upset. this is very intense and i'm frustrated and confused. it's bad tonight. lights are flickering my computer is shutting off and the people im with cant make calls on their cell phones. what could this be

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Subject: spirits

luna (dance)
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Date Posted: 21:32:12 02/26/11 Sat

dear paronaormal investigsters,
i hear voices and the ask me to play with them and tell me to help them some are childrens and some are adults. there is also a dark man voice who tells me to kill or hurt someone. is it in my hed or do i hear spirits? please help me find out

thanks for listing

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Subject: Black Cloud

Linda (Help)
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Date Posted: 15:26:00 02/26/11 Sat

The other night as I was laying in bed, what appeared to be a black cloud moved above my bed and stayed there for a few minutes. This is the first instance of anything like this happening to me. Does anyone know what this could possibly mean? Have you ever heard of anything like this?

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Subject: My Friend Need Help In A Serious Way

Denver Ruff (Scared)
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Date Posted: 19:04:40 02/19/11 Sat

Hello, my name is Denver Ruff, and I am writing to you on behalf of my friend Alan Shepard. We live in Bennington Vermont, and he is very scared and I am praying constantly for him, and can't even go into his house.
I have actually only been into his house three times. The first time I was there, I asked him if there were things going on in his house that he couldn't explain. I could feel EVIL, PURE EVIL, creeping up on me from behind out of a little cub-by hole that is in his kitchen. I said "That is where it is coming from." and he turned white. No joke. He thought that no one would ever believe him. He never even told me he had been having problems! He has been trying to find help, and knowledge for years he said. I am in tune with energies, and spirits, and won't go into his house after he told me what he is experiencing.
He told me that he has times that he has something sitting on his chest and he can't breath, or move. He says he can see it coming and can't stop it. And today he told me that it is happening more and more. Twice a day and stronger daily. His doctors think that he his seeing things, and may be schizo, but I have known this guy for about 20 years, and yeah he has some problems, but he is far from crazy!!! He also said that he can't sleep, because of all the banging and things moving. He has things, pens, books, lighters, etc. disappear right after he puts them down. Which I have had happen to me in my younger years, and still with pens. Anyway, he has lost a lot of weight in the past couple months, and to be honest, is looking like a Vampire he is so white!!!!!! Alan is a really good kid at heart, and he doesn't deserve to be tortured. He is basically held hostage in his bedroom at night, he said, because this thing paces and bangs at his door. I am scared for him. And on top of this, he has a fiance, and little girl in the house with him, that are also being messed with. Not as much, but I have seen many things in my life, and have delt with many entities, and am scared to say what this thing is. One of the things you do not call the name of. He has a picture on his phone of this horned thing, and two other spirits, one light, one black. The horned figure has wings, and has his arm outstretched toward the other two. It is scarey, seriously scarey.
I am sorry to write like this, but don't know what to do for his family's well being. Being a Christian, I can't just turn my head and run when my friend needs spiritual help. He has very little money. And I am not in a position to help in that way right now either, because I am getting married in June. This sucks really bad, and have run out of people to ask. There are no "demonologist" priests around here that we have found. Can You Help Him?????? You can reply to this e-mail. He gave me permission to talk to you, and send this letter. He doesn't think anyone believes him, and is scared to talk about it, because he thinks he will get put into a hospital or something. Which, around here, wouldn't suprise me.
Thank you for at least reading this, if you have, and please, if there is any way you can help, Ryan, Call us A.S.A.P. Day or night. He doesn't sleep. And I barely do right now either. This is serious, and is VERY REAL. It is the strongest energy I've ever felt, and I've been to every state on the main land, and seen some crazy things. Thank You.
Praying For Help,
Denver Ruff

P.S. I tried to send an email to you and it didn't work. Not sure. But really wish I could have asked for your help privately. It's cool though, whatever, he needs help. Thank You

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Subject: Haunted

Amanda Hoffman
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Date Posted: 07:55:00 02/09/11 Wed

My name is Amanda Hoffman i'm 19 years old. I just moved in to my first apt Dec 22,2010 with my husband 19, and 2 year old daughter. after 2 weeks of living here my daughter came running out of the bedroom screaming monster. At first i didn't think anything of it until last night 2/8/2011. My husband, daughter, and myself was at the top of the bed and the dog was at the bottom. Then the next thing we hear is the dog snarling and growling and my dog has never done that. She left the room and wouldn't come back all night and she always sleeps with us. We have no money and are looking for help, it takes everything we have to pay our bills. My husband only works at McDonalds. Please..can you help us??

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Subject: just need to know

christy jackson
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Date Posted: 17:36:21 11/21/10 Sun

I'm just wandering I'd anyone has smelled like moth balls or mildew out of nowhere. I was sitting n my bedroom wrapping Xmas gifts when I got really emotional and smelled moth balls. Is this a ghost. I had lots of bad experiences in my old house. Seen a really scary girl who wasn't there. This spirit harassed me for over 2 years. When we got out new house everything was back to normal buy lately things hav started happening again.

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Subject: EVP Analysis

Mark Woodruff
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Date Posted: 00:10:48 01/28/11 Fri

Our team caught a EVP the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhjeFpOBpFs the details of it are in the video description.. What are yalls opinions on it?

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Subject: Pyrokinesis

Nat (strange fires)
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Date Posted: 14:30:07 01/08/11 Sat

There's a very strange case in a city near mine in Chile, Southamerica. People, including local authorities and firefighters, have witnessed how fires have started alone in a familihouse 8 TIMES! I thought you might find this interesting.

Here's a link to the local newspaper (in Spanish):


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Subject: paranormal warning?

Becky R
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Date Posted: 21:25:10 12/07/10 Tue

All my life Ive had things happen around me.
With a ghost best friend at 5 yrs old to conversations in my 20's
Something happened today though and it was weird.
I was in walmart and i felt this pressure on my back.
Like someones hand on my back and it was pushing me out the door.
I havent seen anything in the news abotu walmart so why would this entity that has been with me since i was a kid push me out the door?
Could it be a warning or something? Looking for ideas of what it could mean.

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Subject: Caught an apparition on camera!

Katy Stephenson
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Date Posted: 11:07:48 11/26/10 Fri

My Aunt caught what we believe to be a full body apparition on my cousin's cell phone camera. I am more than willing to share the photos with someone who might be able to authenticate them for us. This is the first time this has ever happened and we are not typically into paranormal sightings. Does anyone have a suggestion? The photo is very convincing...we would appreciate any guidance...Thanks! ~Katy

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Subject: I can help

Tiffany (generous)
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Date Posted: 03:18:43 09/06/10 Mon

I can seee into the future in my dreams of events minor and major in life. It used to just stem around my family, but now I have opened up and not been scared to see othere things. I can only see future events in an almost coma like state or asleep. I have and feel , and know there are beings all around me. If you know the penny poem, I have about at least 20 pennies dropped into my life every day. I cleary felt someone sitting next ot me the other night. I felt the couch go down. It's ok. I just wish people would belives there is a reason to believe in hell and pergoratory and heaven, or just that there is an afterlife. Where it goes form there I haven't seen. I could be of help, or just another freak:, I am older now. I have accepted the job, or burdance that has been placed on me. PLeases let me help, or I have to face the numerous spirits on my own. Tiffany

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Subject: Ghost

Mark Grove
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Date Posted: 13:36:06 11/15/10 Mon

Please view or video at Mag7898 youtube we need some advice thanks .

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Subject: hauntings

christian (scared)
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Date Posted: 19:31:14 11/14/10 Sun

I think my house is haunted and I keep seeing sprits or appritions everyday and I feel like im being watched and At times it feels like it gets extremely cold at times I have set items down and go to grab them and then I find them in other spots (no person in my house touches my stuff with telling me)I have waken up with scratches on my body and sometimes when Im changing into othr clothes I feel scratches I just dont know what to do!!!

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Subject: i need ANSWERES

casandra (confused/worried)
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Date Posted: 21:04:20 11/12/10 Fri

im twenty three years old 11/12/10 since i was young i have had wierd things happen to me but as the years have gone on ive noticed no matter where i go theres always a presence my family has a way of knowing when somethings gonna happen some call it intuition or six sence i call it a curse i have a way of knowing things i shouldnt when i was sixteen i had a nervous breakdown after a friend and i came across a secret room in a house my mother was renting on the door way it said get out but to see it you would have already had to enter the room a few days after that i saw a man in a brown leather jacket walk by my mirror and there was noone in my room other then me since then i have had horriable expieriences with the paranormal world such as scratching on my bedroom dorr and rattling door handles one night when i was younger my mother was sleeping on the couch and something was sleeping in her bed i thought it was her till i went down stairs and saw she was on the couch when i went back upstairs nothing was there that house had such a chill in it that when you went up the stairs it felt like your chest was gonna explode when we moved the next house we lived in had the same feeling in it but nothing really happened there but then again i didnt live there very long i moved into my own lil apartment with my daughter and everything was fine until i head my toilet randomly flush after that it went down hill i had a friend over and we were sitting at my kitchen table and her hat was thrown off her head then every picture i took i wasnt the only one in the picture so i moved again my next apartment wasnt so bad it just had that eerie feeling like something was watching you and before i moved out of that apartment there was some photos taken and again there was spirits in the photos not an orb but an actual persons face but again i moved and know where im living things are happening again ive had plants fly across the room fosits turn on toilets flushing my daughter saying she sees someone in the shower when theres nothing there feeling unsafe and like somethings always behind me im starting to wonder if its the same spirit trying to get my attention or if its something else trying to harm me like i said my family isnt the normal type we all have something different about us me i have the curse of spirits always around me atleast i hope its spirits and not demons what am i suppose to do how do i stop this i need help before something happens thats not fixable

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Subject: Answers maybe?

Sheryl (help)
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Date Posted: 17:59:05 10/24/09 Sat

I have had paranormal activity around me for a long while now. I need to know somethings though and am not sure where to find answers. How do you know if it is a spirit or a demon? Can a spirit travel? There are plenty other questions but these are my 2 most important ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.

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Subject: Need to know if this is my friend

Jamie Bristow (Amazed)
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Date Posted: 20:12:16 11/04/10 Thu

I have this picture from yeaterday 11/3/10. We had a gathering for my friends death that took place on 10/25/10, at this park where we all wrote on balloons thoughts to send to Ryan. I took some pics and one of them sent shivers down my spine. It is an orb that has a cross in the center of it. I would like for someone to take a look at it and tell me if it is what I think it is..

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Subject: is my area haunted

phil (confused)
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Date Posted: 18:18:15 10/30/10 Sat

awhile a go a girl died at the top of my neihgbors driveway in front of the mailbox my mom knows how she died i forgot but when me and my sister were little i was 4 or 5 at the time i think but i dont remember that far my mom does she said me and my sister used to talk to a little girl that just came over and left all the time. later on in my life me my mom and my sister all saw the little girl walk through the front window and pass out the back door she had a light blue dress green eyes and strawberry blonde hair almost red of color but light like blonde looked from like the 1800s

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Subject: Tonight!!

Tune in!!
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Date Posted: 17:44:30 10/28/10 Thu

**TONIGHT** Thursday, October 28


PAST PTS (Paranormal Talk Show/Music Show)

70's Night! Music videos from the 70's plus all the paranormal talk you could ever want! Join Host Brandon Kreitzer with Co Host Patrick Szewczyk & our special guests Roy & Denise Hall hosts of ParaTrek TV on PTN & Founders of Southeast Florida Paranormal.

Other Topics: The PAST Team, Investigations, Future Investigations, Funny Videos, 70's Night Music Videos (over 90+ 70s songs will be featured during this show), Denise & Roy LIVE & a whole lot more. You don't want to miss this!

So come join "PAST" as we walk you down memory lane of the 70s.

Showtimes: 9pm est/ 8pm cst / 7pm mst / 6pm pst

Show can be watched from your computer!

Show will be under the ON DEMAND section Friday Oct 29th if you cant watch it LIVE.

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Subject: it comes and goes

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Date Posted: 01:12:00 09/23/08 Tue

Hello PRS, my name is Gina and I have some psychic & paranormal experiences throughout my life. 1) When I was 15 I was saved at a Christian rock concert and a demon presence tried to attack me that same night. There was a cross, nailed, above the stairs inside my room. I sat straight up in the middle of the night and the cross was upside down. As soon as the spirit knew I recognized his handywork... the cross flew off the wall and fell to the bottom of the stairs to my bedroom door. I Participated with ouiji board with twin cousins, I think I was 13/14 years old. 2) 2002-my best friend died and my Grandmother followed suit a week later - right before my final (college). 2 weeks later, in my dark apartment, I brushed up against a dark man in my dining room. I turned back to get a look and asked, "Donnie?" My best friend that had recently passed away. The shadowy figure smiled and said through a hissy noise said, "No." Look! I'm Catholic, so I started praying and told the dark entity that he was not welcome here and that my son & I had the Lord to protect us. He vanished, but I think I may be attracting demons b/c they know I'm vulnerable - single mom with a toddler. Should I be concerned for my son's safety? Or for mine? ginakathleenb@gmail.com

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Subject: omg

charly (scared)
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Date Posted: 07:48:54 10/21/10 Thu

theres somin in my basment i in southhaven,msplease cme investigate my house it only happens on halloween

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Subject: my grandparents house

ross (concerned)
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Date Posted: 17:21:30 10/20/10 Wed

i recently bought my grandparents house. they both die away from home. myself and my girlfriend has had encounters with we believe my grandmother. she never met her before but has seen glimps' of her night gown pass across the door ways when turning around from felling a presence. i feel presences all the time more a night .. my girlfreind has had the blanket ripped off of her while awake... i have felt someone brush up aginst my feet while lying down i hear her slippers scratch at night sometimes... my girlfreind is afraid to sleep at my house and im concerned about liveing there also.... what do yall think ? thanks ross

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Subject: true believer

deana (happy)
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Date Posted: 21:42:26 10/18/10 Mon

i am a true believer in the paranormal.... when people say that they have seen those big dark human shaped shadows, wow!!!!! i have had my own personal experience and the shadow i seen was over six or seven feet tall, and solid black,this entity was blacker than black. usually people see them out of the corner of thier eyes, so they qeustion "did i reallysee that" well i did and i looked up from my seat, and watched as it passed in front of the doorway...scary,trippy,and exciting at the same time. also i have had my name spoken plainly in my right ear, now that was scary !!!!! i will never forget the things we encountered at my friends house.. psr keep doing what your doing.......

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Subject: Ryan

Rick H.
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Date Posted: 21:08:46 10/17/10 Sun

I am a believer in the super natural,as i am a caretaker of a cemetery and have witnessed various thing through the years. This being said I find you to be the biggest phony, I have an extremely hard time to take you and your work seriously. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my thoughts on this with you at length. The cemetery i take care of is in Nova Scotia and as been featured on a TV show called maritime mysteries. I have also lived in several haunted homes. So my point is you are extremely egotistical and fake.

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Aaron (I felt honored to be able to capture this image)
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Date Posted: 23:24:39 10/16/10 Sat

I captured a face above a Cemetery in Kansas city yesterday during a ghost tour!

If your interested in seeing the image please contact me!

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Subject: could this be paranormal

Amanda (confused)
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Date Posted: 13:57:13 10/12/10 Tue

I live in my grandfathers house, Him and his twin brother both lived here at one time. My grandfathers twin past away in the house and my grandfather jus passed a couple of months ago. Since my grandfathers passing ive experienced quite unusuall experiences. My toilet seat will slam down for no reason, my blinds will fall, My air-conditioner turned on by its self. Also my nieghbors live very close, i was walking down my driveway and as i past my neighbors garage it popped open and no one else is around. Ive never felt scared of threatened by this, but i would like to know if maybe my family members are trying to contact me??? I Need a professionals point of view please.

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Subject: Paranormal Gifts

Jeremy (Balanced)
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Date Posted: 23:52:58 10/02/10 Sat

I've recently felt a spike in my paranormal abilities as well as the activity around me and others I know I was wondering if this could have something to do with me tapping into the paranormal world to date I've had dealings with all sorts of benevolent spirits and demons but I've always managed to drive off most but there was one event where my friend had to grab me to snap me out of a trance when the room we were in started to turn dark and I felt as cold as ice.

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Subject: Haunted Teen Help me

Ben (Makes me feel sick to my stomach)
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Date Posted: 23:59:14 03/07/08 Fri

In the basement of my new house I feel a negative energy in a certain corner. I have no idea who it is but I don't think he/she is friendly. Help me identify it. I want to get it out.

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Subject: Different paranormal gifts

Felicity Caines (Curious)
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Date Posted: 18:50:34 07/20/10 Tue

My name is Felicity. I am 18 and live in Southern California. When I was 6 I had my first paranormal experience. I was sitting in the house where my mother, father, brother and I live. My brother's grandmother had recently passed away because of pneumonia. The night she died, I had a dream that she came to me and told me to tell my brother that she was happy and no longer in pain. The following morning we received the telephone call from the hospital. Since then I have been able to see people's auras, hear people's thoughts, and see those who are no longer with the living. I would like some information on what I should do and if there are any research groups I can join.

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Subject: My Trailer

Wendy Funkhouser (scared out of my mind)
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Date Posted: 09:09:42 09/10/10 Fri

we have lived here for going on 3 years now and in the beginnig things were ok. it was just little things and it wasnt that offten like the bedroom ceiling fan doing one complete turn on its own and then stoping in the same place that it started in and the fan had been off for a good 3 months cause it was winter. our bedroom, bathroom door closing on its own when ever it feels like it, those things really didnt bother me all that much, but about a month ago me and my husband went to bed like we always do we layed down and he turned and faced his wall and i turned and faced mine just like every other night. about 10 - 15 mins later i got a hard poke in the middle of my back like it was with one finger i thought my husband was trying to say something to me so i turned and asked him "what" he did not answer so i shook him a little and asked " did u say something" and he let out a big long snore he was sound a sleep. 2 weeks later he went to go and take a nap in the bedroom and i stayed out in the livingroom watching tv, when he got up later he told me that someone had put the palm of thier hand on his behind and gave it a slight push. we have came home to our central air shut off and its a switch that u have to move to the middle, down is ac and up is heat, and its got a cover over it. in the front bathroom there has been stomping on the ceiling just when i go in there. last night my husband layed some money on our coffee table and it was folded in half we woke up in the middle of the night and came out to get a drink and the $5 bill was unfolded turned around laying flat on the table in front of my spot of the couch. my husband says my cats unfolded the money and smoothed it out and turned it and layed it in font of my spot but i just cant see that, but if im wrong please let me know, im kinda a shut-in and my house was the one and only place i felt truly safe and comfortable but now im terrified to even alone. if u have any answers to my problems i am more then willing to listen and do what ever needs to be done. please help.

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Subject: Anyone else experience this?

Greg (interested)
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Date Posted: 00:16:46 09/26/10 Sun

Alright, I've had so many different psychic events, it'd be hard to list them all. It started at about 8-10? Quite possibly earlier. As far back as I can remember I've been able to sense energy, take on others emotions, have had future events shown in dreams, visions, spoken to me, cryptic sorts of sequential visions, re-occuring dreams, and more. At about 16 it became overwhelming because of rejection, and isolation that eventually lead to hospitalization. When I turned 18 my social life didn't exist, and I was alone; an otherwise troubling situation for most, I found that without anothers opinion and judgement, my premonitions, voices, and visions became much more bearable, and easier to understand. What I cannot understand is the ability to hear anothers thoughts, feel anothers feelings, sometimes even live anothers life. Not by chance, occasion, or temporarily, the more I push my consciousness into my sub consciousness, I realize this is persistant 24/7, 365 a yr and has been probably my whole life. I wanted to know from professionals, prospectives, and people whom are in touch with similar happenings, what their experiences with these things are. A few things which have stuck permanently, and have been happening my whole life, is my ability to imagine; not typical imagination, but traveling through my memory almost, if I need to think of the quickest way somewhere, I map it out in my mind. Not being able to "read minds", but being in situations where there's alot of static energy around, someone comes close, and I hear in my head what comes out of their mouth within 2-3 sec. after their words are finished in my head. I've had enounters with deity's, demons, the dead, darkness, but not many angelics. These things aren't very easy to discuss, due to perceptional judgements, and largely the "mental health stigma". I feel the need to mention, these are not made up, if anything they've been toned down. I'm not looking for more than someone here to share experiences, or more imporantly a professional in the field to give me tips to hone in. Thank you for anyone who exposes these truths most can't accept, and for those who accept them.

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Subject: Two Spirits

Jeremy (Nervous)
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Date Posted: 14:07:03 09/04/10 Sat

Hi I was reading some of the post and felt like maybe people here would understand me and not think I was just crazy. I've been able to see auras, ghost, animal and human, people's strong memories and feel others emotions since I was a child. I always thought of it as normal at least for me. But one thing I know that is abnormal about me. I believe I have two spirits in my body. One is mine and one I call Oblivian. I have died four times in my life and always come back some how. All my deaths have been because of not breathing ie. drowning or choking. I was wondering if anything like this has been seen before. Similar to possesion maybe.

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Subject: my brother jeff.

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Date Posted: 16:23:23 08/20/10 Fri

Hi there. my name is steve and i would like you to send my brother the equipment page for ghost hunting so he has some ideal of what this stuff cost from camera's to EVP and EFM stuff here is his e-mail jexe@marketingwerx.com thank you.

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Subject: EVP

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Date Posted: 07:56:20 08/04/10 Wed

Point Lookout Lighthouse Investigation EVPs

December 03, 2005
We were in the basement being quiet when what appears to be a full phrase is uttered. It sounds like gibberish, but we think the voice is saying: Hey(eat the quat).

I listened to this several times. Sounds to me like "Please be quiet"

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Subject: Idk what it is

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Date Posted: 20:42:06 07/29/10 Thu

My husband was outside last night when he herd a weird sound and he turned to look and he saw a white blurry figure and i cand find anything on white figured like how he dicribed it. he said it was about 6ft. tall and was just standing there and then he herd the weird sound again and it streaked across the yard like lightning. anyclue what we should do or what kinda spirit it may be?

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Subject: My friends house

Stephani Riggs (nervous)
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Date Posted: 10:16:14 07/25/10 Sun

this is at my friends house. His house is crawling! I have seen and heard things myself there. He has had experiences there, not limited to him being attacked in his sleep. I am concerned it's a negative energy.
He has a recording studio that is sound proof in the house. I was in the room laying down a track when someone blew into the mic. They thought it was my, I said no way. We checked the computer to see which mic it was and it was one furthest away in a corner. Also something was behind a curtain in that room. Well I was told later that a window was behind the curtain and it is covered because people see faces in it.
Everyone took pics with different cameras and everyone got pictures of orbs in it! The home has a big story to it. A few have died there. I live in MN now, but this house has never left my mind. It would be amazing for someone to check this out.

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Subject: I can make evps look like old news

shawn schloesser
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Date Posted: 13:40:46 07/17/10 Sat

I have done what no person before me has ever.Ive invented a machine that proves life after death once and for all! With my machine you can have a back and forth conversation with the dead in real time. Dont belive me? Try it, put it thru every test you can think of in any enviorment. I'll even take a polygraph test on top of that! There is no faking this.

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Subject: vortex photo

donna oliveri (abducted missing child)
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Date Posted: 20:16:01 07/13/10 Tue

When I was abducted from my house in Missouri and brought to NY I have a photo of me and my new mom at 3 years old with vortexes going inside of me and 3 people above me looking for me.I have seen two from waist up ghost of my father who died in 1970 and my mother who just died.I did not know at the time I was taken because I have been so traumatized i am afraid of my recurring dreams but I decided to face them and I have taken a DNA test for a girl in Missouri

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Subject: whats going on with me???

colleen (confused)
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Date Posted: 03:32:43 07/06/10 Tue

hi my name is colleen i am 20 years old. i want to know if someone can help me figure something out! since i was a little girl i get flashes of different things that have happened long ago! one story is that when i was talking with a girl i live with all of the sudden there was this girl with long blond hair about fourteen yrs old that i couldnt stop thinking about, i have never seen her before in my life, she just pops in my head and i cant stop thinking about her, so i ask the girl that im talking to if she knew a girl about 14 with long blond hair with like an angelic face and she started crying and then she told me that a girl she used to know who was her best friend was murdered when she was fourteen while babysitting her sisters and theres no way i would have known that what i want to know is what is happening to me am i a medium or psychic or an empath. when ever im with someone i always pick up on there thoughts or feelings and some times it scares me because i dont know how to handle it sometimes. i want to know if its something happening to me or if im just a freak of nature who gets lucky with answers all of the time! i want to know if this thing thats happening is ok or something i should get help in!! please write back if you can help me or explain what might be happening to me!! thank you!!

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Subject: Does anyone else think that this is a fake website?

Traz (Disappointed)
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Date Posted: 02:34:59 06/28/10 Mon

I checked out the case studies or the incidents investigated and I realized that all of the picture evidences are of orbs??
In fact, it looks like a lens flare. Very common with camera's and could easily be photoshoped with just a few clicks.
All the incidents investigated by you guys were of orbs? and all the evidence in the pictures are of lens flares or a light?? haha people like you seem to paranormal activities a laughing matter for some.

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Subject: Possible activity

Brad Uyeda
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Date Posted: 23:42:22 06/02/10 Wed

I just moved into a house built in the 70's and every so often a die (from a set if dice) appears in my kitchen cabinet. Now we don't own dice. Also my 2 yr old son comes running out of his room from a deep sleep around 3 am. Should I be concerned yet?

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Subject: pyschic

Josette Piva
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Date Posted: 21:12:40 06/15/10 Tue

I have been seeing the future for a while now and I think I have the ability to sense the presence of ghosts when they are around me I have been feeling the future for a while and I really don't know what to do with my gift maybe you or someone else you know can help me.

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