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Irish Dance Message Board - Southern Region
Welcome to the Irish Dance Message Board for the Southern Region. This board will be moderated to maintain a friendly, fun and supportive forum - in true Southern Region style! If you read any message that you deem inappropriate please email me @ srmessageboard@yahoo.com and I will remove it at your request.....Thanks...Have fun and enjoy!

  • Does everyone like ifeis? Do you pay via PayPal or credit card or both ? Pros? Cons? -- Feis organizer, 16:52:09 05/08/18 Tue
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  • When does the Facility Fee paperwork for Florida residents come out for NAN's? -- SR, 08:45:44 06/04/18 Mon
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  • Anyone know what cities are being considered for hosting SRO 2019? -- I know it's early, juist curious, 21:32:51 05/29/18 Tue
    Typically there's a draft of possible locations circulating, but I haven't seen anything about rumored proposed locations

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  • Double Feis Weekend in Mid Atlantic 6/16-6/17 -- Feis Committees, 18:19:07 06/02/18 Sat
    Just a reminder there is an upcoming double Feis weekend opportunity in the Mid Atlantic Region. Denogla is hosting on Saturday June 16th in Northern NJ and the Flynn School is hosting on Sunday June 17th in southern NY. The venues are an hour a part. The Flynn Feis is new and will have perpetual trophies for all Prelim and Open comps and awarding sashes for all recalls. They also announced a Secret Sash competition for their grade level dancers where they will be awarding sashes for the winners of all ages and all levels in either the reel, slipjig, treble jig or hornpipe. They will reveal which competition at their Feis!! Both feises close this week so if you are interested, sign up on feisweb soon! Questions? Check out our syllabuses or email us!

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  • NANS split -- Curious, 18:16:11 05/30/18 Wed
    Does anyone know when the splits for nationals will come out??

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  • So Walsh Kelley schedule is posted for the weekend and our Sign Up Genius as live for appointments -- Karen/Celtic Curls, 11:30:39 05/31/18 Thu

    see you soon!

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  • Anyone know if we can walk from Hyatt Regency to Dance Halls. -- tia, 10:01:07 05/31/18 Thu
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  • Destination last chance feis before Nationals -- Grand Canyon State Feis -- GCSF Comittee, 12:03:39 06/01/18 Fri

    Why not feis in "The West's most Western Town?"

    The Grand Canyon State Feis is the Western Region's last chance to perfect your dances before Nationals.

    June 23-24 at the Double Tree Hilton Paradise Valley Scottsdale, Arizona.

    It's a beautiful location at an incredible rate of only $81 per night if you make your reservation by June 12.

    Register at iFeis.net by June 8 to avoid a late charge.

    We hope to see you there!

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  • Feile Rince Charlotte is there a schedule out yet? Not sure where to look for it. Efeis or WK site? -- DM, 07:16:25 05/29/18 Tue
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  • Worlds 2019 - wondering if a lot of overseas dancers will skip worlds next year due to N.C. location. Have heard grumblings. Thoughts? -- Tnx, 19:15:17 05/27/18 Sun
    Totally curious. Did a lot of UK dancers skip when it was in Boston years ago? Or Montreal back in '15?

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  • Any hotel recommendations for WK Feis? We are coming from the north, so just south of Charlotte would be ideal. -- -, 12:36:38 05/31/18 Thu
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  • NANS split -- Curious, 18:14:37 05/30/18 Wed
    Does anyone know when the splits for the American nationals will come out??

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  • Need a room for NANS July 1st and 2nd -- 3Dancers, 15:08:53 05/29/18 Tue
    I am looking for a room at the NANS venue in Orlando for July 1st and 2nd if anyone has one to sell!

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  • Regions for Oireachtas -- Dancer, 08:25:13 05/29/18 Tue
    So we might be moving to MD from PA but as of now I plan to travel to classes with my current school. I really don’t want to switch. For Oireachtas would I have to switch to Southern Region? Or can I stick to my region?

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  • Hurley Feis - fantastic brilliantly run feis. Congrats to you all again! -- See you in '19!, 19:12:24 05/27/18 Sun
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  • Vendor suggestions for Feis -- Nikki Fincannon, 11:52:16 05/27/18 Sun
    Helllo, I was wondering if anyone could give vendor info or ideas for aboriginal area!

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  • Does anyone know when the Southern Region typically releases the daily schedule and syllabus for the Oireachtas? -- DM, 13:05:25 05/27/18 Sun
    Thank you!

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  • NANs room available 6/28-7/1 at Rosen Centre -- Ann C, 13:44:31 02/22/18 Thu
    Room available with 2 doubles at Rosen Centre in the NANs block for 6/28-7/1 (3 nights). Could be shortened to 2 nights if needed. This is ideal for families with dancer who competes on Saturday, 6/30. Room rate is $149/night plus tax. Rosen Centre is closest overflow hotel to the host Hilton. Please contact if interested.

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  • Does anyone know about what time Holy Angels wrapped up last year? -- Thanks!!!, 10:17:07 05/22/18 Tue
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  • Hotel Room Available at Hyatt June 29 - July 2 for NANs -- Lauren, 19:11:19 05/27/18 Sun

    I have a hotel room with 2 queen beds available at the Hyatt Regency Orlando from July 29 - June 2. The room is $169/night ($507 total) and was booked as part of the block, so it includes wristbands. There is a non-refundable deposit that would need to be transferred that totals the cost of 2 nights ($338). Please e-mail me at LEM413+NANs [at] gmail.com if you are interested (replace the [at] with @ in the normal e-mail convention).

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  • Are the times provided for the Orlando Feis "will not start before" times or "estimated times". Fine either way. -- New to this feis, 11:19:05 05/17/18 Thu
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  • Hurley Feis - what time would you plan to arrive if your dancer is dancing right after lunch? There aren't any times listed for lunch, but I would imagine it would be around the noon hour? Would they move comps before lunch if running quickly? Coming from a distance and don't want to be too early. -- -, 15:57:46 05/26/18 Sat
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  • Nationals hotel room available, Rosen Centre, 6/30- 7/3 -- slc, 10:42:15 05/26/18 Sat
    Arrive Sat 6/30 and depart Tue 7/3 (3 nights). $149/night; deluxe double room

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  • Does efeis post competitor lists? Cannot seem to find it on the website. -- DM, 13:19:07 05/25/18 Fri
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  • Thank you, Hurley Feis organizers, for posting the stage schedule so early! -- Such a help!, 19:39:21 05/22/18 Tue
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  • Anyone know how schedule for TX Capital & Live Music usually goes? Looking at flights -- Thank you, 08:53:55 05/17/18 Thu
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  • Camp Rince Ceol (CRC) -- CRC Office, 16:46:15 05/23/18 Wed
    Camp Rince Ceol, the largest and longest running Irish dance camp in the world is still accepting registrations. Instructors from Lord of the Dance, Riverdance and Fusion Fighters will work with your child to enhance their technique and inspire them to achieve their goals. All this while having summer camp fun in a safe environment.
    Session 3 in NY is full and now closed, space is available in all other sessions but limited. Go to our website to register. Hurry though, registration closes June 1st!

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  • Carolina Twin City Feis - wonderful first feis! -- MBN, 20:36:59 04/22/18 Sun
    This was a wonderful feis, that was very nicely organized. Very friendly volunteer staff that was so helpful! We can’t wait to come back again. I hope more parents and dancers will consider coming next year! It was so worth it!

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  • Volunteer in the Nans Costume Shop & Hang Your Costume for FREE! -- LuAnn O'Rourke-Boyd, ADCRG, 09:06:23 05/22/18 Tue
    The "Reel Deals Costume Shop" at the North American Championships is in need of volunteers. Volunteers hang a costume for FREE!

    This shop is volunteer-run for the benefit of the event and we need willing volunteers. Volunteers may hang 1 costume for FREE for each shift worked.

    Dressmaker Special! Dressmakers may hang up to 5 of their own "off the rack" dresses in the shop's new dress section in exchange for volunteering 3 shifts.

    Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080c4aa9a62ba3fa7-naidc

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    RESERVE YOUR ROOM BY FRIDAY for Minneapolis June Double Feis Weekend!! -- No name, 16:42:44 05/21/18 Mon (75-168-101-116.mpls.qwest.net/
    June 16th
    Northern Mid-America Championship
    Offering $500 cash prize and Perpetual Cup for the winner of the Brian P. Mulhern
    dance-off competition!
    (Includes all 1st, 2nd and 3rd place OC winners)

    June 17th
    10,000 Lakes Feis
    The popular fish trophies will be back! :)

    Rooms & Venue: The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel

    -World Class Musicians
    -Receive valuable feedback from Mid-America Oireachtas adjudicators
    -Great practice for those attending the North American National Championships
    -Wonderful selection of vendors
    -Fun summer events nearby for the whole family
    -Event photographer - Rince & Repeat
    (She will be in Minneapolis June 16-20th to do private photo shoot bookings Please visit their website for more information- http://www.rinceandrepeat.com/destinationshoot/

    REGISTER NOW @ www.feisworx.com

    www.nmachampionship.com ~ www.10000lakes.com

    See you in June!

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    @nmachampionship and @10000lakesfeis

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  • Will Orlando split prelims into single ages if there are at least 5 from each age in the comp? -- Have they historically done this?, 07:22:51 05/22/18 Tue
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  • Any idea how the Hurley Feis schedule runs? We are trying to decide if we can make it. Oldest to youngest? It has been a few years since we attended. -- -, 06:30:56 05/16/18 Wed
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  • Coming from out of region to New Orleans next weekend...what is the norm for when schedules usually available? -- TIA, 20:12:11 05/15/18 Tue
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  • Coming from out of region and wondering if my open dancer can wear her blinged solo dress? -- blingyesorno, 14:41:51 05/20/18 Sun
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  • Does anyone happen to know if the Magnolia feis and Louisiana state feiswill be soft-shoe first for open champions -- Thank you, 15:48:39 05/20/18 Sun
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  • Dongan Feis Entries being Accepted on Feisweb -- Dongan Feis Secretary, 07:12:00 05/17/18 Thu
    Join us July 21st in Albany, NY, for the Gov. Thomas Dongan Feis.

    New this year: traditional sets, monitored dress room ($5 per dress)

    Dongan Feis

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  • Legacy - would you please post judges for Charleston competitions -- Could not locate, 17:50:49 05/09/18 Wed
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  • Judges & Musicians for Legacy Double Feis Weekend -- Feis Committee, 05:39:30 05/17/18 Thu
    We are very excited to announce the confirmed adjudicators and musicians for our upcoming Double Feis Weekend in Charleston, SC!

    Sheila Bremer
    Kathleen McGinty Lane
    Mary McGinty
    Patrícia Gilchrist Kelso
    Sinead Gilchrist-Starkey
    Kathleen Keady
    Browyn Kelly

    Brian Glynn
    Chris McLoughlin

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  • Fancy at feis in New Zealand? -- L Doyle, 18:19:22 05/16/18 Wed
    An invite to all American dancers to our feis 'down under'.
    All details on our website:
    adnd our facebook page:
    All hotels within walking distance but billeting also available.
    Entries now open on www.feisentry.com

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  • Back to Back Chicago Feiseanna - June 16 and June 17 -- Mullane, 22:03:51 05/15/18 Tue
    We would like to cordially invite you once again to the Mullane Godley Feis and the new Father's Day Feis on June 16 and June 17 at the MAX-McCook Athletic Center.

    We have a great weekend planned. This is a great tune-up. Saturday's Feis provides three rounds in front of nine adjudicators in both Preliminary and Open Championship. This is a great tune-up for dancers competing in the North American Irish Dance Championships with comments for 9 judges on Saturday and a different 3 judges on Sunday. New this year, all grade competitions will be split at 22 dancers.

    •Online registration via Quick Feis
    •International Panel of Judges and Musicians
    •Low split count for grade level competitions of 23
    •Free comments for Grades available online at QuickFeis
    •3 Rounds and 9 judges for both PC and OC on Saturday
    •Medals for each PC and OC round - 50% awarded
    •PC will have normal 2 Rounds on Sunday
    •Teddy Bears and special award ceremony for our First Feis dancers on both days
    •Synchronized Team Treble Reel competition on Saturday for Cash prizes
    •Free comments for PC and OC available at results
    •Live streaming of Awards though Facebook Live
    •Rotating Panel of Adjudicators
    •Podium & Sashes for Top 5 in PC and OC
    •Special gift for all the Father's in attendance on Sunday
    •Special Father's Day fun team competition with cash prizes

    We anticipate that Sunday's Feis will be over no later than 3:30 p.m. Plenty of time to take dad dinner.

    Visit mullanegodley.com for more information

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  • NATIONALS Room available, Rosen Centre 6/29-7/3 -- ljh, 05:57:10 05/15/18 Tue
    Room available for Nationals arrive Fri June 29 depart Tues July 3,2018. 4 nights 1deluke dbl rm. $149 per night.

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  • Holy Angels Feis - nearby hotels? -- SR mom, 18:42:30 05/07/18 Mon
    Any suggestions for hotels close to the venue for Holy Angels?

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  • Heritage Irish Dance Company nearing cap. -- Feis Entry, 15:29:36 05/14/18 Mon
    Heritage Irish Dance Company welcomes all competitors to our feis on June 24, 2018 at our new venue. Entries are on www.feisweb.com.

    We have a cap of 700 champ and 1250 total.
    Unpaid entries have recently been deleted. If you intend to attend our feis, please register and pay so you don't miss out on the feis. There is plenty of room for solos and we encourage you to attend too.

    There are NO ENTRIES accepted at the door.

    We have ceilis, hardshoe step down the line, treble reels, trad sets, soda bread competitions in addition to your solo and champ competitions.

    The syllabus is online at https://www.heritageirishdance.com/

    New judges still being added.

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  • How do other schools deal with that "one dance family?" You all know - the dancer that "thinks" they are the best in the world, acts like the best in the world, talks like the best in the world and the parents, who are probably worse. They all talk non stop about how they aren't treated like the best in the world. Problem is, although talented, not even the best dancer at their school. The dancers shy away and so do most of the parents.Any tips on how to deal with this all day, every day, every week? Ruining the joy for everyone involved... -- Annoyed (one of many) DM, 14:39:56 05/04/18 Fri
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  • McGrath Feis- Hardshoe or softshoe first in PC? -- NCD, 19:52:32 04/21/18 Sat
    Can’t find info on syllabus.

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  • Detroit International Feis -- Detroit Feis (New Dance-Off Competition), 19:38:30 05/13/18 Sun
    New to the 2018 Detroit International Feis is the Breda McGowan Championship Award. This is a Dance-Off open to OC dancers who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in competitions 710, 712, 714, 760, 762 and 764. Qualifiers are automatically entered at no additional fee. Competitors will dance a set dance of their choice. This competition will be held on the raised stage. Please join us June 2 as we inaugurate the Breda McGowan Championship Award at this year’s Detroit Feis. Winner will keep a beautiful crystal trophy. See the Detroit International Feis Facebook page for a picture of this Award. Registration continues through May 13 without a late fee. Online Registration will close May 29 at noon. Register today!

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  • Trying to decide if we should drive to Orlando from DC for NANs. Do most split it in two days? Is it bad for the dancers legs to be seated for a 800 mile drive? -- who's done it? Feedback?, 12:28:45 05/13/18 Sun
    Airfare is pricey per person, plus rental car, especially b/c its a holiday weekend. Thoughts? Pros and cons on driving vs flying that distance? Need advice... Thanks...

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  • *~*~*~ NATIONS CAPITAL FEIS - JULY 21 -22, GRADE EXAMS JULY 23 ~*~*~* -- feis, 10:11:17 05/08/18 Tue
    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the Nation's Capital Feis at QUICKFEIS.com

    July 21 & 22 at the Sheraton Premier Tysons in Vienna, VA
    Grade Exams (1-10) will be held Monday, July 23rd, Grade Examiner: BG Patrick J. McCafferty

    Plan now to join us for a weekend of dancing and fun!

    Please check the syllabus for full details.


    ☘️Four $500.00 Dance Scholarship Competitions!

    ☘️Adult Competitions on Saturday - All single adult competitors will be refunded $20 from the Family Fee at the feis

    ☘️Lots of unique competitions – Showcase Style, Combined Music/Dance, Hard-shoe Exhibition Extravaganza, Parent Child(ren), Family Ceili, Music, Song, Art, Baking

    ☘️Exciting opportunity for dancers to join us to dance at the Capitol for an “Exhibition of Irish Dancing" on Saturday with commemorative photo

    ☘️Room specials at the Sheraton $89.00/night under Nation's Capital Feis Room Bloc.

    For INFO / UP-DATES check the website: www.NationsCapitalFeis.com or our FB page @NationsCapitalFeis
    QUESTIONS e-mail: LoveNCFeis@aol.com

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  • Hello, I am looking for a hotel for NANS from June 27th to the 30th. Would prefer for it to be at the Hilton Orlando. -- Diane, 06:12:13 04/30/18 Mon
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  • College/Oireachtas question: DD is applying for 2019 admission into Universities in Nashville and Houston. She wants to continue dancing through college. -- Midamerica Mom, 20:50:41 04/01/18 Sun
    Her teacher doesn't give lessons via skype and does not permit his dancers to be coached by an outside TCRG. This means she would have to transfer to a local school once she is accepted. Since she would be attending a Southern school, I don't think she would be able to compete in the Midamerica Oireachtas. Would she be able to compete in the Southern Oireachtas instead? I am really confused about how this works, so any helpful information would be appreciated as we plan ahead. Thank you !

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  • Pilates for Irish Dancers Workshop in DC! Presented by CELTICORE - Driving distance from MD/VA/PA -- Celticore Pilates, 17:53:50 05/02/18 Wed
    Attention all DC/MD/VA-area Irish dancers:

    Sending along details about a new PILATES FOR DANCERS class series, which will be held at the Fuse Pilates studio (at Foxhall Square shopping center, right near American University in Northwest DC). The class will be led by, Joe Duffey (Celticore Pilates founder, NASM-CPT, a former dancer with RIVERDANCE and cast member on Broadway with Michael Flatley's LORD OF THE DANCE, & also a Pilates instructor at Fuse Pilates).

    We are introducing this special 5-week workshop series, beginning THIS SATURDAY, May 5th, 3:30-4:45pm.

    In order to provide additional effective cross-training for Irish dancers, the class will introduce dancers to classical Pilates movements as well as strategic elements of the Fuse Method in order to target technical aspects needed for dancers of all styles. It should be a great way to bring together DC area dancers of all styles (we are expecting some dancers from Washington Ballet and other academies as well!)

    The class is suitable for dancers of all ages & skill levels, and will work on elements such as TURNOUT, CROSSING, POSTURE, CORE STRENGTH and so much more! The class will be especially beneficial for dancers training for NANs!

    There are a limited number of spots available, so please sign up ASAP! Dancers can also drop in for any number of the class sessions.

    ***Sign up at this link: http://bit.ly/pilatesfordancers ***

    This is an amazing opportunity to get to work with Joe Duffey in person, in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Note that the workshop is strictly fitness / Pilates instruction. Also, there is a Starbucks in the entrance in the mall which is a great place for parents to hang out during the workshop! Mats & all equipment are provided.

    Please feel free to e-mail the Celticore team at info@celticore.com with any questions!

    Hope to see you there!

    [Learn more about Celticore Pilates at www.celticore.com]

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  • Legacy by the Sea and Legacy Lowcountry -- Feis Committee, 09:25:31 05/03/18 Thu
    Registration open now on efeis.com for our June Double Feis Weekend in beautiful Charleston, SC.

    Legacy by the Sea Feis – June 9th
    Legacy Lowcountry Feis – June 10th – DRESS DOWN SUNDAY (Feis T-shirt & Black Bottoms, no Wigs!)

    Plenty of on-site parking, food trucks and concessions at a beautiful new venue, Ashley Hall (http://www.ashleyhall.org/).

    Musician and Adjudicator list will be shared soon!

    Room Blocks
    Holiday Inn Express Charles Medical Area
    250 Spring Street
    Charleston, SC 29403
    $169/night, includes breakfast & parking
    Group Code: IDF
    Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham
    2455 Savannah Hwy
    Charleston, SC 29414
    Group Code: LEID

    Hampton Inn
    255 Sessions Way
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
    Group Code: LID

    Holiday Inn Riverview
    301 Savannah Hwy
    Charleston, SC 29407
    Group code:¬¬ LID

    ***SOLD OUT***
    7401 Northwoods Blvd
    North Charleston, SC 29406
    Discount code: IDC

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  • Doyle Corrigan Dance Family Needs your Help -- Janet, 17:21:52 05/09/18 Wed
    One of the Doyle Corrigan London ON dance families(Hughson) has suffered a series of devastating losses over the past month and we have set up a GoFundMe Campaign to support them .After suffering the devastating loss of two family members in the span of one week, now one month later, they find themselves homeless after a fire tore through their home on May 8, 2018. Please help if you can.

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  • Holy Angels Feis -- ID mum, 19:14:38 05/08/18 Tue
    Does anyone know the adjudicators for this feis May 26?

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  • Off topic but GO CAPITALS!!!! For all our dance/hockey families! Woo hoo! -- ok. Done. Thx. :-), 06:04:30 05/08/18 Tue
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  • For those of you that have made the drive from Savannah Georgia to Orlando how long did it take approximately -- Thinking about driving down for Nationals thank you, 15:06:25 04/21/18 Sat
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  • Hurley School Feis - Registration extended to May 13th with no late fee! -- Feis Committee, 17:02:47 05/07/18 Mon
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  • what were the awards at the Atlanta feises this weekend? -- ?, 07:44:30 05/07/18 Mon
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  • Has the Oireachtas location for 2019 been set? -- Curious, 06:05:02 05/01/18 Tue
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  • TWO NEW ASHBURN VA FEISEANNA!!! -- QuickFeis, 10:42:43 05/06/18 Sun
    Both in Ashburn Virginia (Rock Ridge High School)

    Saturday June 9
    Sponsored by the Claddagh Dance Association

    and at the same venue ...

    Sunday June 10
    Sponsored by the Mugginvan School of Irish Dance

    Registration open at www.quickfeis.com

    Thank you for supporting both these great events!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone 😊


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  • Anybody taking MARTA to the Georgia Feis this weekend? -- Traveler, 13:08:12 05/02/18 Wed
    My Dancer and I are flying to Hartfield Airport late Friday night and were considering taking MARTA public train to the Westin Perimeter North hotel where the Feis is hosted. Can't find any clear information about whether MARTA runs Friday nights (after 10pm). I've written them a message on their Facebook page and have heard nothing back.

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  • Four Provinces Feis Lost and Found -- McDC, 16:42:00 05/04/18 Fri
    There were several items left at our Feis last Sunday, including a dress bag (with a dress in it), hard shoes and wigs. Please contact us at Fourprovincesfeis@gmail.com

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  • Irish Open Feis & Belt ☘️- August 4th Dublin, Ireland. Wonderful opportunity to dance at the prestigious Helix Theatre for dancers in grades/prelim and Open Championships. Entries now open on jigstep.com. Full details on www.irishopenfeis.com -- info@irishopenfeis.com, 03:34:49 05/03/18 Thu
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  • This may be a silly question, but is there a list of "casual" (for lack of a better term) feises somewhere? -- Thank you!, 19:06:54 04/09/18 Mon
    My daughter loved how easy the Rose & Shamrock Feis in Lancaster was (no wigs, no solo dresses), and frankly I enjoyed the change too! Are there other feises that do this?

    I've heard someone mention a t-shirt feis before? Any recommendations or upcoming feises to look out for?

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  • Bun wig -- Pretty please!, 19:58:11 04/30/18 Mon
    Can someone recommended a 'fuller' bun wig with natural looking curls?

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  • The "Real" Cost of running a feis- See inside for the break down -- Retired feis chair, 08:14:01 05/01/18 Tue
    Let me start this off by first thanking every studio that puts in the time and effort to get a feis up and running. This is no easy task with lots of work hours from everyone, all of whom are volunteers. Hopefully by the end of this, those of you that complain about the cost will realize the investment that is put into these things and have a greater respect of what is involved. If you are teaching your dancer that it is all about the trophy and winning then they are missing out on real point of competition- getting feedback and gaining the experience of being on a stage with other dancers that share their love of Irish Dancing.
    So here are the rough breakdowns:

    Feis Hotel or Location- $250-1000+ per room
    Today more hotels are charging higher fees for room use especially if room blocks are not filled. Yes we can all use our points and stay somewhere cheaper but by doing so, the feis then has to pay a higher rate for each of the rooms they are using. In the past, filling a room block was the main requirement but this is no longer the case. Hotels are charging room fees and requiring room block to be filled.

    Judges- (+$10,500/feis) thats $500 and up per judge/day plus their hotel, food, transportation, air flight. (roughly $1500/judge) More if you flew someone in from far away.
    Everyone wants a new judge to see their kid dance so that means paying no less than 7 judges to attend your feis. Have to have back ups in case someone gets sick or can't come last minute. Something that every feis has had to deal with.

    Tabulations company- Contract fee $2-$5 and up per dancer Most companies now charge this fee during registration. Some feisanna add this as part of family fee.

    Stages- $3500-20,000 and up
    Love those big stages with plenty of room of your dancer to show off their kicks. Trust me the feis paid out the nose for them, especially if they are elevated. Some studios have tried to save costs by investing in their own but even this requires man hours and storage space to keep these. Those stages don't build themselves.

    Medals- $2-7+/each (roughly $2000-4000 per feis)
    Medals are not cheap especially the good ones. But even the "cheaper" ones will cost the average feis about $3 each.

    Trophies- $8-$30+/each (Roughly $10,000-25,000/feis)
    Cost about $1 per inch (so 16inch trophy about $16)

    Champ Awards- Roughly $10-$40 per item to be awarded
    This can vary greatly per feis and their budget. Beleek, Lenox, crystal, etc isn't cheap. Add in those much loved sashes at $8-15 each and your kid has just earned back your entry fee in prizes.

    Alternate Prizes (versus trophies)Cost $3-10/item
    This can vary as some feisanna try to follow their theme which is quite clever and puts a unique spin on the prize that your dancer goes home with. Funny thing is more parents complain about prizes and completely overlook the happiness in his/her kids expression at getting something different.

    Programs- Cost about $1-3 dollars per program
    This cost is usually added into the family fee or billed seperately.

    Admission Fee- Roughly $15-25 per family
    This fee again helps to offset other expenses such as programs, office supplies,etc.

    There are so many other details but I wanted to get the main costs put out there for people to see and gain a better appreciation for the costs of running a feis. Most costs are incurred before the close of registration and come out of the studio's pocket.

    As a dance community, we need to support these studios that are taking the time and effort to put on a feis. We need to recognize that they are doing this out of love for Irish dance not out of love of making a profit. If Feisanna were sources of profits, then every studio would be trying to do them not just a handful.
    And lastly, feisanna are run by unpaid parent and family volunteers. They need and deserve your respect. They are doing a tough job and many of them for the very first time ever. We all know the first day is rough and it can be hard to get up and running. By the second day, everyone, including the beginner dancers, are pros. If you are a new parent to dance, hit up other parents on how things work versus asking the stage people. They are busy enough just trying to make sure everyone gets to the right place. As parents, we are setting the example for our children on how to behave in stressful situations and how to treat others in those situations. You would be surprised how many dancers apologize for the behavior of their parents side stage.

    Anyway this is long and I am off my soap box. Hope this helps educate a few of you. Feel free to add to any costs that I have overlooked.
    Happy Dancing!

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  • When is SRO 2019- Thanksgiving is very late 11/28. So will SRO be 11/29-12/2 or weekend of 12/7. Thanks -- DM, 17:38:34 05/01/18 Tue
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