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Authorship Scam
The New Science Order

This Forum is about how a University becomes a fraud. That one professor among the other 2000 can be a crook, is conceivable. But when the University and the government started a war against me - the victim of the fraud, they exposed, in the documents, the conquest of Science by The New World Order. These documents say: Intellectual slave labor, backed by the Communist demagogy, becomes a rule for the new century. Why did the officials engage themselves in this impossible travesty? The explanation that I had offered is this: the politics of the ugliest kind; in terms of social change, I presume, - a double reverse discrimination; in simple words - some are more equal than others here. And where is the celebrated free Western press? It does not exist anymore. And what about the police removing the victim of fraud from the campus for writing something? Still a free country? Why, 15 years ago, I became the enemy of the State after accusing Ellen Larsen of fraud? Why, one of the criminals, Ian Orchard, is on the Police Advisory Board? Still another side of the story: do you trust the administration of science at this University? This University, persecuting free speech and the whistleblowers and silencing the press and the witnesses, is now acquiring the techniques capable of producing very big mistakes. Do you trust them?

Communist Fraud wants a pound of your brain! Are you ready for this operation?
If not, there is a space for you, here.
And there is also a space for anyone who would offer some alternative explanation.


Back to my Web site

Go after rights you can get in court in right jurisdiction. -- Clarence Darrow, 15:17:32 03/26/02 Tue

I assume that your research concluded with some new and valuable results. If they did not, then your research was not of the high level you claim. If you did have some new and valuable results from you research, you have an original author's copyright in the experesion of that new and valuable idea. Register your research with the copyright office in the country you wish to sue in court and sue whoever you think or your lawyer thinks has made un-authorized derivative works of a copyrighted work. This gets some sharp barbs if the unauthorized and therefore copyright infringing works get into the United States, for there is a statutory damage provision of hundreds of dollars per copy of the infringing article or book.
Don't argue moral issues, hit them in the wallet! If this is used in publications with 10,000 copy circulation in to the U.S., you might get millions. Canada may have statutory damages for copyright infringement, so that could doubly hit any infringer hard.
Do not waste you energy moralizing the rightfulness or wrongfulness in the academic courts. Get your day in civilo court. Let me know how it turns out.

Clarence Darrow

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[> Re: Go after rights you can get in court in right jurisdiction. -- Michael Pyshnov, 15:11:35 03/27/02 Wed

Why do you think that the law will work against copyright violation, when it refuses to work against fraud?
Where do I get a lawyer, when not a single law firm wants this case?
I am not discussing loss of moral values, I am saying that the rule of law must be restored and criminals must go to jail. This is why I put documents on my web site to be seen by people who were not yet subverted.

In particular, for the claim of copyright violation you need passages from the original text to be copied, but there was no such original text: I was told not even to bother writing my thesis, it would not be even considered. The papers in question were not even written by me, but by my supervisor who put her name on them fraudulently, it's her text and I do not dispute it.
She, also, wrote a review paper when I was still there; she wrote it literally a week or two after I finished some crucial experiments. She asked me if she can include in it my research and I said yes. I, however, asked her not to publish there these latest results because I wanted them to appear first in my thesis. She agreed. But when I received from her the reprint of this review, I found that she put these experiments at the end as the ones that she is sort of planning to perform. (They, of course, were, as a matter of fact, already done by me!) I asked very politely why she published them contrary to our agreement. But, what this prostitute of science could answer? She said that I don't know how science is published! Then, reading this review, it became clear to me that it was written solely for publishing my research! There was not a single reference (among some 160 references) to her own work, there was no such her work! But, there was a reference to one my earlier paper.

The theft and the fraud is in the fact that I worked and I developed the theory and ideas and technique, while all this is published under her name (and in her own words).
Even the word "plagiarism" in its popular meaning does not describe this crime accurately, because there was no my published or unpublished papers on the subject of my Ph.D. research which were plagiarised. However, part of the definition of plagiarism indeed includes passing off the ideas and work of another man.

In U.S., such things (false claims of scientific achievements made with the use of governmental money) bring FBI people to the lab to gather evidence. In Canada, well, you can see in my documents what is going on in Canada.

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[> [> Re: Go after rights you can get in court in right jurisdiction. -- Clarence Darrow, 20:44:06 03/27/02 Wed

I know you must be furious, but do not let that get in the way of your legal rights and how to get your day in court. It is interesting that you defined plagarism as:" part of the definition of plagiarism indeed includes passing off the ideas and work of another man.", since that is very similar to the Common Law tort of unfair competition.
As for copyright infringement, you must show a substantial taking of the expression of your work. If your work and your experiments were new when they were taken and published by your supervisor, then you should have a good case against her for a substantial taking of your copyrighted work and of unfair competition by using your research to publish similar to the disertation and/or articles you wanted to publish.
If you want your day in court, see a torts lawyer who specializes in copyright infringement and unfair competition. If you wish to tilt at windmills, so be it.

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[> [> [> Re: Go after rights you can get in court in right jurisdiction. -- Michael Pyshnov, 08:44:49 03/28/02 Thu

Right, unfair competition. Here is what it amounted to.
My Statement of Claim says "malicious breach of fiduciary duty". Larsen, as a fiduciary trusted with all my data, had to care for preservation of originality of my research as it had to be published as my Ph.D. thesis. (Note also that I had no obligation to publish any articles in the journals.) As the law of fiduciary goes, fiduciary has no right to compete (fairly or unfairly) with the beneficiary in the related business. Obviously, there can not be any "fair competition" here as I had to disclose everything to her as supervisor. Her position as trusted supervisor prevented me from guarding my research from her as I would do with a stranger. Moreover, science encourages the exchange of ideas; researchers have to rely on honesty of colleagues.
What she did was not just a competition, but fraudulent claiming of my achievements as her achievements, and, on the other side - in university settings - stealing, taking away the credit which, otherwise, I would get for my ideas and work as a Ph.D. student. At the same time she prevented my writing of the thesis, i.e. certification of my work with my authorship and copyright, and she even removed me from the lab on a false pretext. In her later explanations, she gave two different versions of this pretext.
Larsen did not publish "similar" things, she published the very same things for which I had to get academic credit.

There is no lack of proof: the U of T admitted that she repeated/replicated my experimants, and that my research was based on my own previous, published article, etc. There is a good dozen instances of Larsen's lying in the documents. Her credibility would be totally destroyed in the first hours of trial.

There are 22 law firms in Ontario specializing in intellectual property (on Law Society list). Of them, 19 firms declared "conflict of interest", i.e. close connection with U of T. One guy said he had no time for me and one firm had no money for me and also too busy. And one firm answered this: "There is not much intellectual property here, it's more just a fraud". The Institute for Intellectual Property also is "in conflict".

Where do I go to get my rights?
There is a Human Rights Association here (the right of authorship is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The Head of it, Allan Borovoy, very well known figure, said: "Forgive me, forgive me, I can not take your case." The second person there after him - Daniela McLaughlin - was a technician at the same Zool. Dept., close friend of my supervisor, Larsen. Her husband, H. McLaughlin (did Ph.D. in the same Dept.; presently - Ontario Science Centre) became co-author with Larsen of one of the stolen from me articles (see my references).
There is Ontario Human Rights Commission; they consider only "discrimination" cases.
And another thing. One of the branches of cell biology to which my reserch gave new understanding is, presently fashionable, stem cells research. I see many articles where the understanding is very poor, many misconceptions about fundamental facts. Do I have to say: "There was my research in the U of T, showing such and such things, but, sorry, it was stolen"?

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[> [> [> [> Fraud, Human rights, and Mr. Pyshnov -- usg17, 03:32:55 11/27/02 Wed

I think that GSU expertise is heavily involved in this matter. It looks to me that a number of different people with expertise in many different areas have created this document and that GSU is using this case as part of it's power struggle with U of T.
For me, this has now become an interesting puzzle to solve.

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[> [> [> [> [> GSU -- Michael Pyshnov, 06:34:28 11/27/02 Wed

Which document was created by a "number of different people"? GSU Appeal? It was created in this way: I proposed a short version. They expanded it. Then, for more than a month, I was coming to see James Hoch and each time a couple of words were changed. I looked after keeping it correct with respect to facts and documents. He would then take it to the "executives" of the GSU to check political correctnes of each new amendment. The "executives" would introduce some mistakes again. There were about 6 such turns. I never was allowed to see these "executives". In three years of my attempts to urge GSU to do more than this Appeal, they were not moved. James was lying, trying to maintain hope in my mind, saying FOR THREE YEARS: "next week GSU will discuss your case at the meeting". GSU was THE organization which had to defend me and if they had done it in a minimally proper way - the problem would be solved in one month. But, everybody wanted the victory for the criminals, absolutely everybody who had any power. Why they issued this Appeal? Apparently, U of T needed to warn professors to stop stealing, they did not need the next such case (yet, it happened in another Dept.) GSU at every step works together with administration, there is no power struggle (except one for the public spectacle). The problem was also that I was polite, never said: Why the hell you are lying for three years? And they took it as my naivety and were satisfied with such situation very much. See my link "Protest on campus" for more on GSU.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> GSU -- usg17, 21:12:38 11/28/02 Thu

The above reply to may earlier post looks 'authentic' but would also be exatly what I would expect if this is a 'cover' for a GSU operation aimed at the U of T administration. Even if GSU works hand in glove with the 'administration' sham or real power contests are still possible.
There is a 'Michael Pyshnov' who lives in what appears to be public housing in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. But -for me - the puzzle remains 'what is the role of GSU?', 'what is the relationship of this whole project to the the U of T 'administration'?', etc.
In my own personal experience at another University such convoluted relationships seem to be routine. I know - from personal experience - that a 'power structure' like a major University controls and can unleash a variety of powerful yet 'deniable' forces.
For me the puzzle remains. Best wishes to whom ever I am corresponding with. If the previous reply came from 'Michael Pyshnov' then a Happy Holiday season to you and may 2003 be a really good year for you.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> Their role -- Michael Pyshnov, 07:14:28 11/29/02 Fri

Their filthy role was played from the position of a party which was on my side, of course, not really on my side. This is a traditional Canadian game - "We do not play, unless we play both sides" - to the tune of the national anthem.
The goal - to drag time; to bring me, as quietly as possible, to the moment of my death. What can make it more quiet than supplying me also with people who are "on my side"?
That will not happen the way they are planning.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> GSU friend, foe, or both -- usg17, 03:26:30 11/30/02 Sat

Your reply seems authentic. I also had an experience where the person who helped me may have also organized the effort to destroy me.

Again, may you have a really good 2003 and - if there is a God - may blessings flow to you.

I feel that I have had similar experiences and at this moment my health is good, I have some money, and I think I know how to deal with 'THEM'.

Best wishes and sincere good will to all who read this.

Feel free to write to me at the above e-mail address. However, if you have the expertise to find my real name, I would consider it a gesture of good will if you did nothing or at least went no further than sending me an e-mail but did not publish my name in any other way.

Again sincere best wishes and heartfelt good will to all who read this. I have the misfortune of knowing too much of what the system can do and how it can do it to anyone who questions what splendid human beings and sincere professional they all are.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Thanks -- Michael Pyshnov, 05:53:27 11/30/02 Sat

Thanks. Thanks.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Michael Pyshnov -- usg17, 03:46:41 12/01/02 Sun

Mr. Pyshnov:

I hope that you do not fing the following question annoying, but in the appartment building that you live is your appartment on the east, west, north or south side of the building; how far is your building from young street, is it east or west of young street?; is your building next to a public park?; what floor do you live on; is you building a hollow square?; how long does it take to walk to the nearest subway stop?; etc.

p.s. I have no problem with GSU involvement in this project. Mr. Pyshov was dealt with shabbily and GSU is doing a service to the academic community by publicizing this case. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY. Even though I am a retired Proffessor, I declare without hesitation or reservation - Professors have too much power over Ph. D. students and administrators have too much power over Professors. Also, politicians have too much power over the administrators, business people have too much power over politicians, money has too much power over business people, and last but not least a feeling for human decency has too little power over all the players in this game.

Again, best wishes and if God exits then also God's blessing for all who read this.

As we consider the meaning of this holiday season, may none of us find ourselves crucified and if they think that they have succeeded in destroying some of us, may we appear to be resurected from the dead.

May the force of human solidarity triumph over fear, greed and intimidation. May those who know how to make us tense and nervous decide that they can accopligh their legitimate purposed by using gentler, more civilized methods.

Once more, a great and happy Holiday Season to all who read this. GOD BLESS!

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[> Replies to messages are much more easily read, and therefore more interesting, if they are written entirely on the "message subject" line,so that reades do not have to click in order to read them. All you have to do is write the whole thing in the "message subject" line and not down in the box where it says type youre message here. -- Nancy, 20:18:15 09/10/02 Tue

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I really don't know what to make of all this. -- Gataca, 13:13:05 03/23/01 Fri

I'm not sure how to take your story. I just read about this for the first time. I see no motive in why they would kick you out of your PhD. I am a UofT Graduate Student, and also in Genetics. I find it hard to sympathasize with what you are trying to say, partly because of the way you are saying your message. Slandering others, will get you no where.

And I really doubt that so many people would cover something up. I'm sure that atleast one of those proffesionals whom have had a part in all this would do the proper thing and not get involved in illegal activities.

I wish you well

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[> Re: I really don't know what to make of all this. -- Bezinqo, 08:11:18 03/27/01 Tue

Hello everyone,

Academics are certainly not saints, and I think M. Pyshnov's story is credible. Personally, I find it heartbreaking to think that academic fraud could be widespread in our universities. However, I have seen the grotesque and unethical ambitions of people up close, both in academia and industry, and it does not surprise me. I believe scientists have always been corruptible (they are just people, you know...), but certainly in today’s world the pressures to be rotten seem to have increased everywhere.

Having said this, though, I must strongly object to the suggested anti-Semitism that runs throughout Mr. Pyshnov’s text. Mr. Pyshnov, if your supervisor did in fact "steal your ideas", it is not because of her ethnicity (I have Jewish friends who hold absolutely the highest ethical standards). You will find selfish, stupid, greedy people in every group (including, I dare say, in your group, Mr. Pyshnov). Mr. Pyshnov stop this nonsense, it just detracts from an otherwise serious problem.

Finally, the whole question of who "owns the research" should be discussed. It seems to me that in publicly financed research the university, and ultimately the public, "owns the research" (although I don't think one can apply a property model to it). However, the originator of the ideas, discoveries, etc. should be duly recognized by his peers and the university. On the otherhand, no researcher whose research is financed by the public has the right to withhold results. The leads me to a few questions:

1. Did Mr. Pyshnov deliberately withhold results, or did he feel the results were premature?

2. Why didn't Mr. Pyshov publish jointly with his supervisor (this is customary, although I know often the supervisor does little to deserve his/her name on the paper)?

3. Did Dr. Larson not adequately cite Mr. Pyshnov's work in her later publications?

Given Mr. Pyshnov's description of the case, an acknowledgment in a paper is not sufficient, if Mr. Pyshnov made the initial discoveries. A full citation is required by Dr. Larson. She should cite published or even unpublished work and give him full credit. If she did not, the university and journal to which she submitted the papers should conduct an investigation and allow Mr. Pyshnov to submit an erratum or letter to clarify his contributions (and also allow Dr. Larson to clarify the misunderstanding or absence of an earlier citation).

Anyway, all of us must bear up under injustice, and strive to make the world a better place. No doubt there will always be unethical people (more than I care to think about...), but with kindness, clear argument and resolve (NOT WITH ANTI-SEMITISM AND SUSPICION!) the truth will be known...


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[> [> Re: I really don't know what to make of all this. -- Michael Pyshnov, 07:46:53 03/28/01 Wed

I would like to post a reply again.
#1) Only politically immature people can see antisemitism in my letter. I simply can not explain the cover up in any other way, but as Jewish (and other) political influence. I guess, you understand that I am not anti-women (although, antifeminist); what makes you think I am anti-Jews? There is not, in my letter, any suggestion of the connection between stealing and ethnicity. I am 100% behind my letter. If you think that I am wrong - try yourself to explain the silence of the media. Go to Varsity first. Ask them for an explanation of why for three years before I wrote this letter and came to the campus, they kept silence and now continue this for 8 months, only proving that my letter is correct, namely, that POLITICAL AGENDAS are to blame for this complete breakdown of democracy. What do you personally think of the political regime that prohibits such story from becoming known to public? Not communists?
#2) The question "who owns the results?" has nothing to do with my accusations, which are strictly about my authorship that has been falsified. This University is trying to obscure this issue as much as they can. WHAT ON EARTH DOES MONEY HAVE TO DO WITH THE FACT OF AUTHORSHIP??? Let them own the results, but I did Ph.D. research to receive the CREDIT FOR BEING THE AUTHOR OF IT! Larsen and three other people took the credit, falsified authorship and she and UofT say that I did practically nothing in five years.
#3) You ask: why I withheld the results? I never did.
a) Larsen published some of my results before, with my complete agreement.
b) her M.Sc. student did her thesis based on my ideas and my experiments, with my complete
c) when I refused to sign the 1987 manuscript for publication, she withdrew it from the journal. Not she or the Dept. raised the question about my "withdrawing the results".
d) Larsen and the UofT now say that my research was worth nothing. How comes that my results suddenly appear important and I appear wrong for "withdrawing results"? The secret is that they did the fraud, that they are continuing it and that they, simply, became entangled in their own lies. Since
the fact of plagiarism is so obvious, they now have to say that she published my work, because these results needed to be published ("salvaged"). But, thousands of successful Ph.D. dissertations just stand in a library and are never published. How comes Larsen made 4 (four) papers out of my dissertation (and claimed the fifth paper, although it does not even exist), but I was kicked out? This is the main question and the answer is only one: I was removed fraudulently. All these things are explained in the section
"Ruthless science fraud.." on my web site. You will find there also an array of her lies, unbelievable, if they were not right there in her own documents.
#4) Are you trying to say that Larsen's fault is that she did not acknowledge my work properly? It's the same as if you would sentence a killer to spend one day in jail for not aiming two inches away from the victim's head. As I said, there is a host of other things here, documented, which show that she did FRAUD. There are documents showing that Orchard and Dewees CONTINUED THE FRAUD.

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[> Re: I really don't know what to make of all this. -- JG, 15:05:48 06/22/01 Fri

The five year rule is common in most Universities - five years to finish after admission to candidacy as a Ph.D. student. It is generally enforced even when there is no financial aid involved. I think that Mr. Pyshnov tried to force Ms. Larsen to get him an extension or do whatever was needed to be done so that he would get his Ph.D. He lost in this attepted power play - he had/has no power.
In many ways his behaviour is typical Ukranian behaviour, where they caused a famine by slaughtering their animals, etc. as a protest to collectivization, endured ruthless retaliation from Stalin - net result - terrible famine and then both sides blamed everything on the Jews. Somehow, the Jews tricked the Ukranians to behave irresponsibly and Stalin to behave ruthlessly - or so they said. In any case, the Ukranians got even with the Jews by helping the Hitler and Stalin had his doctor's plot, etc.

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scifraud -- S. Ray DeRusse, 20:15:10 12/28/04 Tue

Well I just cannot believe that squeaky clean altar boy looking white people can be so mean. RRRRIIIIIGGGHHHHTTT. We are also battling scientific misconduct, fraud and discrimination from the UT system and other school here in Texas. It is massive folks. The conspiracy of silence you claim is correct. You can never get a peep out of an accused scientist unless you take them to court. Please visit our web site and see our sci-fraud section. <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.bccmeteorites.com">http://www.bccmeteorites.com</a>

S. Ray DeRusse and Bill Cutler

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Replay to 2 messages by JG -- Michael Pyshnov, 07:38:36 06/25/01 Mon

1. My supposed "power play" demanding extension. You are making a bad mistake: I never demanded or asked for extension and did not need to. See documents 6 and 7. These letters from the Department and from Larsen, both dated Oct. 18, 1985, said that I had one more year and that extension is possible after that year. Yet, within three months (Jan. 24) my program was terminated. (They said - in April, if...bla...bla. But, the "if" was never given a chance, there was no meeting.) On that day I was told that my research doesn't deserve Ph.D. I tried to dispute this many times, unsuccessfully. But, in less than a year
following my departure Larsen sent three papers with my discoveries, stealing them. It was not my "power play", it was fraudulent use of power by Larsen and others.
2. I know nothing about Fong. About Ukrainians: don't torture people, don't take away from them what they produced with their hands and don't take away their land UNDER ANY PRETEXT, i.e. don't make available too much lies for yourself. Please, understand, people are not born into this world just to dispute every lie or discuss every fraud perpetrated on them. They suffer for 15 or 50 years and, alas, they go to war.
3. About locomotive: when one comes to University he is not coming to the tracks, nor he expects a den run by thieves and liars. Do you seriously believe that Birgeneau doesn't know what is going on and, in addition, for some mysterious reason is reluctant to know? They made any lie available to them.

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[> Re: Replay to 2 messages by JG -- JG, 08:46:53 06/25/01 Mon

I still can't tell what really happened at U of T . The 'power play' idea was just a guess.
However, your blaming everything on 'jews, communists, etc.' serves no useful purpose and may be the real source of your troubles. If you talked this way when you were a graduate student at U of T, it would have been virtually impossible to give you a Ph.D. The powers that be may simply not have wanted to have someone who talked this way identify himself as a Ph.D. graduate from U of T. These faculty members and fellow graduate students may be people who you think of as supportive of you cause and Ms. Larsen may have simply been chosen to be the 'bad' person who denied you the Ph.D. You (and I) simply do not know what really happened. Agreed that being the principal author on a published paper falls very far short of being given a Ph.D. and would have allowed Larsen and others to pursue this topic further by citing this one published paper(If that paper had been published).
If you wish to study what happened to Fong, just go to any Law library in the USA and look up the 'Fong vs. Perdue' case. You may also find it interesting to use Lexis/Nexis to find out what cases since have used 'Fong vs. Perdue' as a precedent. To me, the Fong case is a frightening example of how the system deals with a troublesome person. Also, I am assuming that the Fong case involves massive perjury - I am guessing that Fong is not a very nice person but that he is telling the truth and that almost everyone else involved in the case - including the judge - is mostly lying.
By the way, I have a Masters degree from U of T and so I am somewhat familiar with that particular University.

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[> [> Re: Replay to 2 messages by JG -- Michael Pyshnov, 09:03:27 06/27/01 Wed

Dear JG!

1. I use the words "Jewish Communism" in this sense: Jews were first to understand how the economy run not by the private people but by the salaried employees (state-run or corporate-run, practically the same) combined with monopoly on mass media can enslave the population; they (not each of them, not every British was an imperialist either) remain the main think tank and the main profit taker of this regime*.
You, may be, are not noticing yourself that when you say that my political remarks or beliefs would make "virtually impossible" to get Ph.D., you are proving my point. Political persecution is here. Can. Charter that does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of political beliefs, is here. Only completely open speech, completely ignoring the threats and pretending that you are still in the free country, can help.

2. No, I had not "talked this way" before:
a) Larsen says - "he left amicably" (doc. 25 and repeated by the department - doc. 26); this is not true since I was outraged by how she disposed of me, but, indeed, she had no complaints for my behaviour. Before that, the relations were friendly, which, and this is very important, allowed her to do what she did without immediate reaction from me. She had not just chosen "to be the bad person" (this I could never prove), but she committed crime, fraud. Please, notice, among many other things, that in the paper that she offered me to publish (with my name first) the number of experiments done was omitted. Later, she herself claimed "hundreds of discs..." I don't care if her ways of coming to the fraud can be verified, but there is no single important fact needed to prove the fraud that can not be found in the documents. (See also my comments in the List of
b) I did not realize for many years that political side can play such role as to completely preclude justice. When I started to suspect this (and there were many instances showing this, in academia, in court and with the media), I still kept silence for obvious reason of unpopularity of such accusations. The first time I spoke openly was on July 19, 2000, in letter to CBC Pres. I could not stand blatant defiance of law and clearly politically motivated silence of the press. 14 years was enough; people were asking - "What kind of power does she have to resist for so long?", but I would only shrug my shoulders.

Along with my personal situation and my intolerance toward the present political situation, there is another factor that makes me fight to the end: it is the value of my research. This is also why I went into such depression when my program was trashed. I had shown the way, in time and in
space, how cells divide in the organism. I proved that arrangement of cells in tissue (never previously connected with this kind of function) gives the material basis for developing particular shapes of organs. This research remains unique and valuable, far, far exceeding any Ph.D.
requirements. It is ridiculous to say that it did not deserve the degree. Ask Larsen about it and quote her own words from the papers. In fact, my theory and this direction could have and should have given employment, so to speak, to many researchers. One day it will; and my goal is to make sure that the deeds of this University will be remembered. Not as brain drain, but as kill brain.

*Two things will kill Jewish Communism: 1. The law making the sales figure, not the profit, subject to taxation. (No tax exemptions. This will blast corporations, including media, doing business on taxpayer's money and showing dividends of less than 1%, and return not only power to the people, but also the decent products to the shelves.) 2. Absolute freedom of speech.

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[> [> [> Re: Replay to 2 messages by JG -- JG, 00:24:21 12/28/01 Fri

Looking at these massages again I see that you still do not get what I am trying to say. JEWS ARE SIMPLY NOT VERY IMPORTANT IN THIS WORLD. NO MORE THAN SOME OLD WOMAN WHO WERE BURNED AS WITCHES HAD SPECIAL POWERS TO CALL UP THE DEVIL OR HELP OR HURT ANYONE. Most people including jews are hurt primarily by their own ethic group because these people are generally closest to them and in the best position to help or hurt. I am vertually certain that 'christians' did not want you to have a Ph. D. from U of T and Ms. Larson was chosen as the person wth the short straw partly because she was jewish.
When a person is wandering on the battlefield of life, it is generally helpful to know who is shooting at them, who is neutral, and who might offer them a glass of water.
I have no way of knowing how good you are as a scientist, but it seems to me that you have much to learn of how to distiguish friend, foe, and neutral.
I hope that I am pouring water on a garden and not gasoline on a fire.

Best wishes to ALL.

p.s. Since this website is public, I hope someone learns something useful from it.

p.p.s. I have found this web site both enlightening and rarher sadly discouraging.

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[> [> [> [> Re: Replay to 2 messages by JG -- Michael Pyshnov, 13:05:18 12/28/01 Fri

One point you missed: Larsen STOLE my research. And ALL, I repeat, ALL MY STRUGGLE is for the OFFICIAL ADMISSION OF THIS FACT. (Of course, this admission shall necessarily be followed by a number of consequences, for me, for her and for those who covered up the fraud.) But, it's this simple thing - honestly comparing the articles - that cannot be done. Yes, I have this expert admission - from the high authority, President of Canadian Genetics Society and another professor, but they are not those who could take administrative measures and, by the way, refused to go public.
And here the question of political influence arises. Why the officials who should have honestly compared the articles and taken administrative measures, instead, continue their lies for 15 years? Why newspapers and academia and all "society" and "community" are silent?
In Univ. of Michigan, Prof. M. Perlmutter stole ideas (not the degree) from Dr. C. Phinney and the Court said - fraud and gave Phinney $1.6 million. But, when Phinney complained, Univ. covered up. She said: "It's like going to police crying about rape and then being gang-raped by the police." She said she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, sometimes throwing up as many as 50 times a day (from: The Ithaca Journal). After the conviction of fraud, Perlmutter was again determined not guilty by the University. Not a political influence?
Naturally, I write a lot about the regime, its powerful elements and conditions that continue for 15 years making justice impossible. This is an extraordinary crushing power against elementary truth, nothing like it (save for wars, African Negroes slavery, etc.) was ever met with. If made public (by way of public inquiry or even just by a newspaper), this story would make people to think about THE WAR WITHIN society that is going on. But I need one thing to be established first - that Larsen stole my research. The rest of the story will find its explanation.
The trick is that what I wanted to establish - the theft, COULD NOT BE ESTABLISHED IN A NORMAL WAY FOR 15 YEARS, DESPITE THE FACT THAT EVERY BLOODY OFFICIAL KNOWS IT AND ALL BLOODY "POLICIES AND PROCEDURES" ARE "IN PLACE". Do I need to repeat it all from the beginning?
I am 61 and much worse than Dr. Phinney ever was, the bloody provocation still continues.

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[> [> [> [> [> Re: Replay to 2 messages by JG -- JG, 13:57:53 01/02/02 Wed

You still don't get it. Many people are victimized all the time by those who should be trustworthy and those of us who are lucky learn to minimize the damage. In recent years a dentist who I thought was great destroyed one of my teeth, caused an infection that was extremily painful, and charged me $1600 dollars. Eventually, three dentists salvaged what was left of the tooth, treated me royaly and all together only charged $1500. Yet, they refused to say that the other dentist had done any think than make a 'honest'. Last year, a doctor who was treating me for a cholesterol problem almost killed me and the crucial action that may have saved my life was taken by me before I found other doctors to work with. When faced with evil, fraud, incompetence, malevolance, etc. all a normal person can do is take 'evasive action' , get on with their life, and give a prayer of thanks that they still have a life to get on with.
The 'rodney king' phenomenon is very rare and people who hope to win big by having someone acknowledge their victimhood are at best waiting for a ship to come in that never sailed and at worst simply to the evil, poison, and malevolance in the world.
The main reason why I have taken so much time with this topic is that it reminds me how lucky I was when I chose to just 'walk away'.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> Re: Replay to 2 messages by JG -- JG, 00:20:21 01/05/02 Sat

To further clarify my previous comments Mr. Pyshnov, I believe that you have been 'set up' by some very evil and vicious people who are using anti-semitism to put their jewish competitors at a disadvange. Such people are also capable of using rape to deal with female competitors, accusations of witchcraft, communism, anti-communism, christianity, anti-christianity, etc. to defeat competitors with whom they can not compete on a level playing field. Such people usually thing that a game in which the other guy is disarmed, tied up, blindforlded, etc. while they have a gun and a badge is a 'fair' game.

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im just a kid -- rk, 19:54:30 02/29/04 Sun

i wont even try an type smart. kinda funny how i found this page im doing a 5 pg assign due in a week...i had a few months to prepare and finish this paper, but after reading all this i kinda feel ashamed so thats one plus outa this page ill try hard to finish it. ironically its a 'media assigment' find articles and talk about it from an anthropological perspective. i settled on a video being distributed by an indymedia site based in oregon im covering which had a link to ontario and then fraud in uni. to be honest im surprised to an extent because the numbing effect of the way we children whose parents have income enough to buy a tv set are raised doesn't paint a picture of an unfair world...except when they focus on the 'refugee'. im not here to contribute just thought id share a thought. the negative is that now im greatly discouraged to continue in university...not cus of this whole phd stealing stuff i wouldnt reach that level if i tried a million times but this dishonesty is applied to everything in our daily lives and the amount of disinformation is becoming greater and greater. instead of growing up on a farm and growing crops then breeding like rabbits and growing more crops...it feels like were born in a city an we pump money in a system that feigns freedom of choice an then pump some more til we die..or get that bmw an die happily i think mr.Pyshnov is right in his anger and those who both oppose and support him are right. why? because if either werent right then the world would be a happy happy place so i conlude with goodluck to me with my dropping out in the future and running a fram in africa and good luck to u i hope u get what u want...b4 and not after u die sincerly student in ontario

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U of T -- Michael Pyshnov, 08:41:00 01/14/04 Wed

Yes, this article shows how dirty is U of T.
U of T spent hundreds of thousands dollars on Larsen's affair and on making it hidden from public.
I talked to people who were involved in Oivieri affair (Dr. Durie) and wrote to the same newspapers that published it, but nothing could be published about Larsen.

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U of T -- J. Adam, 14:45:21 01/06/04 Tue

Dear M.P:

While some people stil questioning whether what heppen to you is true or not, I want to till you that I beleive it is true becasue similar things happen to me and still with other poor people. One of these was a non-english speaker who was not even given a chance of expression.

The question is. Why?

IS it because of the victim's vulnerability or the agression and power of the beast. My be it is because of both.

Whether it is the second or the first it seems that U of T is totally scrowed up and this is not the first story in the line..

Read if you like:
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://post.queensu.ca/~forsdyke/peerrev5.htm">http://post.queensu.ca/~forsdyke/peerrev5.htm</a>


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same Mary . different hat ! -- Nowhere Man, 08:48:19 12/19/03 Fri

Read this :

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.geocities.com/wliao.geo/">http://www.geocities.com/wliao.geo/</a>

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first impression -- group of supporters, 12:51:25 12/11/02 Wed

Dear Mr. Pyshnov,
you are not alone. When you came to this country you thought that you escaped from communist hell to a freedom heaven. Well, it turned out, that here same things are done on even larger scale. You have to realize that they are much more skilled than Russian leaders in lying. They were using you, this is a sad reality and they don't consider you a human being. You are a foreigner with no rights. Now, look at the scale of terrorists attacks against them. First time in their history they have to face the sad reality too. We are complitely against terrorism and we hate to know that innocent people died, and we don't like muslims either. Just realize that what happened to you, probably, has happened to other foreigners in this "heaven" and may be something even worse. All you have to do is to fight against them with their methods. Your problem also is that you are using "right" ways, and these ways are hopeless. Their propaganda is desined to keep naive people under control and to do anything they please.

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[> second impession -- Michael Pyshnov, 14:39:44 12/12/02 Thu

Thanks, people! Sure, I never imagined myself in the situation I am in now. You are thrown into the war in an instance. How can you even find out what to do? People who you thougt are normal people, in an instant became your mortal enemies - they already are bribed, but you don't know this. You can never get accustomed to this and you continue talk to people normally. Only, each time the lessons of war are repeated. Finally, you remember Lermontov's: "Harun bejal bistree lani, bistrei chem zajaz ot orla, bejal on v straxe c polja brany..etc." And you know you can't run farther, you will turn and answer.
You, however, are wrong about Moslems - their civilization is beautiful, their art - also. They lived like brothers under God's law, never had "social problems"!! They are brothers to Orthodox Christianity - also a prophetic morality in the centre of all. Only the bastards with very far-reaching calculations might want any hostilities between them and Russia. (In the Balkans, it's unfortunately historically different).

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[> [> Russia and Moslems -- JG, 01:33:20 01/08/03 Wed

If Russia does not want problems with moslems, what are they doing in Chechnya.

People forget that in previous centuries the Russians practically exterminated moslem populations that they were at war with.

Immigrants are often treated badly, but, the Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, etc. do not exactly have a great record of being nice to stragers in their midst.

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[> [> [> ENOUGH, MR. GOLDIN, THE VICTIM OF HOLOCAUST! -- Michael Pyshnov, 08:04:45 01/08/03 Wed

You have posted 18 messages here posing as JG, SOF, usg and OG, from the same place at the University of Maryland. Yet, you say in your New Year's message that a drunk in your residence is more important than the subject of this forum. You write often on unrelated subjects. Your New Year stupid message really had to be removed, but I left it thinking that you yourself would realise it's enough.
But, your object is probably to clog this forum, to make anything related to the University of Toronto fraud and anything unpleasant to you personally (you say you are a Holocaust survivor) unreadable. I am afraid that your next message will be removed if you continue doing this. I call people like you the Holocaust deniers because you deny the possibility of the next Holocaust when Jews continue defending their criminals and defying all laws, rules and norms of behavior.

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[> [> [> [> Enough !!!! -- JG, 07:17:03 01/14/03 Tue

Whether Pyshnov is or is not a real person, this last message shows that a real anti-semite is not open to any kind of rational data, discussion, reason, etc.

If this message is not removed, let it be a lesson to all who read it of what a truelly closed mind looks like.

I am trully concerned about 'fraud' in academia and elsewhere. My messages were aimed at the general public.

This is a public forum ????????

Who ever controls this forum, can not only erase messages, but also create false messages, modify messages, etc.

P.S. People who know the 'truth' are seldom interested in the truth.

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[> [> [> [> [> This forum is now "moderated", damn it. -- Michael Pyshnov, 05:45:16 01/15/03 Wed

The above message from Mr. Goldin is not removed, but it's his last. I had now to set "moderated" option for the forum.
If you are looking for the details of the U of T fraud and my answers to questions posted by readers, please, scroll down.
If Mr. Goldin wishes to discuss his own agenda he has this option: Setting his own forum and giving me the URL of his forum which I will post here, so that he and others will not be deprived by me of the right to be heard.

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[> The weak and the vulnerable -- SOF, 23:28:53 12/15/02 Sun

It is not 'foreigners' but anyone vulnerable that is treated as a piece of s**t but most of the population. I have been given much disinformation that caused me big problems by people trying to sell me something. I have been sent on wild goose chases by people giving me useful information just to get my gratitude even though they must have realized that eventually I would classify them as either fools or malicious.

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If Pyshnov is a real person -- jg22, 06:09:37 12/25/02 Wed

Season's greetings and a happy 2003.

We just had a fire in the building in which a drunk almost killed himself and some of his neighbours - the fire alarm failed.

So, life goes on and people have other things to worry about than corruption in academia.

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Note -- Robert L. Kocher, 00:13:31 03/07/02 Thu


I see your anger and frustration. You have probably been wronged in the matter.

Having said that, universities are intrinsically self-protective arbitrary and corrupt tenured bureaucracies in which students, graduate, or otherwise, have no rights. Students are to be used and abused subject to the eccentricities and interests of professors. There is no outside authority able to penetrate that system unless you are a favored minority and can claim civil rights violation.

You are looking for justice here. You won't obtain it. Is there lying, deceit, and corruption at universities. Certainly. That's a major reason people become faculty members. The beautiful ivey-covered walls around schools are to keep the outside world out, and the privileged corruption inside safe.

I've spent 30 years around colleges and universities in one way or another. On occasion, I have been robbed blind by people taking my published work and republishing it in their name. In other cases, I've seen lives ruined out of amusement or sadism. That's the way it is. The schools are lousey with it.

I wish I could help you, but I can't. The people you are dealing with have comfortable lives and you asking them to disturb those lives when they have it made. They are not going to do it.

You are going to need to find a way to heal, and go on with your life.


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[> The reality is different. -- Michael Pyshnov, 09:18:15 03/07/02 Thu

In this case, the criminals (not as you say - arbitrary bureaucrats and eccentrics) have to part with their "comfortable lives" and go to jail. "Interests of the professors" here are criminal interests. What you call "outside authority" does exist, it's a criminal justice system. But, the state with the system of justice that would protect only a "favored minority" should realize that it has declared a war to humanity.
I can not go on with my life, not emotionally, not otherwise. After 1986, no one wanted even to talk to me. At one time I was thinking of changing my name, but what would I say who I am and who I was? To 1993, I was practically dead, half time in bed, half time walking around the city, without any income, ashamed to eat and ashamed of everything I became, my family destroyed. I will not bother you with further descriptions. In 1993 I left my "home" for shelter. It was very hot day, but people can not stay there inside
during the day, so after a couple of hours I went to the library and said: What is this laboratory doing now? In my time, my work was their main interest. There, I found the stolen papers, but could not read, my eyes not reading. I
went back home next day and said to my wife: give me some time, she stole my work, now I will go to court.
I did not have a single normal day or single normal night sleep since 1986. I am going through hell, but, as I said before, my reaction remains normal, fully corresponding to the circumstances. That I can not go on with my life, in a
sense that people who are not in a war go on with their life, is not my fault.

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money -- OG, 16:10:25 01/28/02 Mon

Mr. Pyshnov,

When GSU at U of T collects money in support of your cause, do they tell you how much money has been collected, who contributed, etc.
Also, who decides how the money is spent?

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[> Re: money -- Michael Pyshnov, 09:04:33 01/30/02 Wed

1.This account was created 4 years ago for legal fees so that I could go to court.
2.About year and a half ago there was ab. $430 collected and I took all since I needed to print documents. When I asked GSU to print them on their copiers they charged me considerably more that the street price, so I printed myself. Of these money, $300 was a donation from one professor which I received personally and brought to this account.
3.GSU never put any article about me in a campus newspaper or advertisement to collect money, although there were such promises repeating week after week. I actually talked always to one person there. I asked to talk to their executive committee, but never was allowed. This committee could never even hear my case, saying week after week for years that they did not have enough time at the last weekly meeting.
You can see more about GSU on my List of Documents page and on Protest on Campus page.

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[> [> Re: money -- JG, 22:29:53 02/02/02 Sat

What further legal action are you contemplaiting and how much money do you need to collect for this purpose?
Where did you get the knowledge to prepare document 35?
How did you obtain documents 17,10,14,19,25,etc. ?
Who prepared document 36?
Your comments regarding document 40 shows a certain knowledge of legal terminology. How did you obtain this knowledge?
Given you legal knowledge, have you considered going to law school as you next career move?
What is your worst suspicion regarding Larsen? Why do you think you failed to get a Ph. D. ?
Why are you so hung up on conspiracy theories, why can't Larsen just be a Supervisor abusing her power?

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1. I am up against a mafia which made any legal action impossible. No witnesses can be found, exactly as it was with Italian Mafia.
People are intimidated. U of T sent a letter from their lawyer to every Prof. in the Department to prevent them from talking. I NOW ADDED 3 DOCUMENTS TO MY WEB SITE, BLACKING OUT THE SIGNATURE OF THE PROFESSOR WHO WROTE THESE LETTERS (HE SENT COPY OF THE SECOND LETTER TO THE U of T PRESIDENT ALSO). READ THEM! (From the link ADDED DOCUMENTS on my List of Documents (last item on the List). In the third letter he says: "...some think that you have a legitimate complaint, but are not willing to get involved". This conspiracy must be put on criminal trial, but the mechanisms of prosecution are subverted also.
I spoke to Eliot Marshall of "Science" magazine and he was ready to publish this case (he said: "No, there is no such thing as "salvaging" of research"), but "Science" was subverted also, nothing was published.
2. A large law firm would take this case without money and get all fees from the defendants later (in fiduciary case it is normal). Numerous law firms refused for "conflict of interest". Many others are scared and said this to me. U of T can make the cost of such trial into millions and drag it into decades. THEY CAN DO THIS BECAUSE THE PRESS IS SILENT. IF NEWSPAPERS COULD REPORT THE EVENTS, NOTHING OF THIS SORT COULD HAVE HAPPENED. Normally, the fees involved would be around $100,000 (in the case of professor's plagiarism in Ottawa, costs were $30,000).
3. Every my document was made by me alone. In mid-November of 1993 I went to law library and on the 8th of March of 1994 I handed Statement of Claim to Larsen and the U of T officer. I continued studying relevant law. The case is prepared for Discovery (called Deposition in U.S.) and trial. I acted as a lawyer for myself in the preliminary court proceedings, including one before Court of Appeal (successfully there). Documents 17,10,14,19,25, etc., were obtained through the court procedure called production of
Affidavits of Documents.
4. Why did I fail to get a Ph.D.? Because Larsen and others stole it. And because before they stole it they took care to get rid of me - see the "academic" decision.
5. "Why can't Larsen just be a Supervisor abusing her power?" - Of course, she is. What you call "conspiracy theories" are explaining why she and others are still not in jail; "theories" are related to the cover-up that is continuing now. I am not trying to explain her criminal abuse of power, dishonesty, fraud, etc. by a conspiracy theory.

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I looked at the documents you suggested - the recently posted 3 documents. I presume that you notice that the person who wrote that letter is very careful not to comment on the merits of your claim but is only critical of the procedures used and the lack of clear criteria of how this type of problem should be dealt with.
Also, I am still curious why you do not use your legal expertice to become a lawyer or paralegal, etc. This would strenghten your position, allow you to help others, etc.
If you need $30K or even $100K, I do not see how GSU can ever collect such a sum. However, if you got a law degree, the problem would become much more solvable.

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Good Luck -- NLC, 13:26:08 01/20/02 Sun

I am involved in a similar (though far less egregious) dispute with my graduate advisor. I am saddened by your story and disgusted, but not surprised, by your university's response. My former institution (at least the department chair) also stands by the rights of a PI to have others reproduce a grad students thesis work and publish the results with only an insulting note of thanks in the acknowledgements.
I think serious reforms need to be made in graduate education and data ownership policy.
I have gotten repeated advice from both friends and persons supporting my former advisor to drop my dispute and move on with my life and career. Clearly, after devoting five or more years of your life, relatively unpaid, to something, it is hard to walk away without proper credit. In general, grad students don't lead a well balanced life. It is offensive to let a supervisor "get away with" such an abuse of power.
After reading on your website about your dispute that has claimed 15 years of your life, I realize that I need to focus my energies in a positive direction and not let my former advisor (coincidentally also a Jewish woman. If I was being oppressed by a man my case would be much stronger.) continue to make me miserable. I hope I can find some way to make peace with my problems.
Have you sought therapy and did it help you?
Good luck. I hope that even if your complaint never results in justice for you it may precipitate some reforms or at least educate some future students/scientists.

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[> Re: Good Luck -- Michael Pyshnov, 12:57:19 01/21/02 Mon

Thank you very much for your good wishes. Some notes:
While Larsen gave me an "acknowledgment", she as a matter of fact said in the 3 papers that it wasn't me but her who did the work and developed all the ideas, specifying nothing in the "acknowledgment". There was Canadian case (Boudreau v. Lin, 1997) in which Prof. Lin plagiarized student's work. The judgment is very interesting, also saying that Lin did not quite understand the work. In my doc. 45 there is an American case mentioned. These things are illegal, they cannot be defended.
"Data ownership" - there is really no such thing.
If it's an academic work (as was mine), anyone can exploit the data as soon as they are published; only the author has right to publish them. In my case, they usurped the right to publish, which can find some moral (but not legal, and, so, bearing all cost of infringement) justification only if data are of paramount importance. Yet, they continue to insist that the data were not scientifically important, not even to deserve the degree. Moreover, if data were deserving publishing to the degree that my right to publish had to be violated, nothing prevented them from saying whose are the data. The fraud is quite obvious.
Now, if the research has commercial value, the commercial application can be protected. Again, it's not that someone owns the data. I would think that new concept of "ownership" of data has more to do with stealing authorship and preventing the author from exercising his rights. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 27(2)) says: "Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author." (Note the words "moral and material" and "scientific"; it's the basic human right!) All intellectual property laws say the same. No "policy" can remove this and I doubt that even a signed contract specifically removing author's rights will be upheld by court as legal, considering also the fact that, usually, at the time of signing no data even existed. If anyone tells you that university MONEY allows it a "share" of your right of authorship, tell them that a student who bought an essay on internet, had paid for authorship and therefore can not be just called a plagiarist.
Next: I never sought "therapy". In my upbringing, "therapy", i.e. believing that someone knows you better than you know yourself and letting him to "change" you would be a joke. (When one goes insane, psychiatrist would be the man, not the "therapist".) My reaction was, simply, never abnormal.
I know that this society presently believes in "therapy", but let me say this: they are not only charlatans, they are politically motivated. It's the same communist goals of Freud and others, first, to persuade people that they are animals, second, to disable people. And what can be more disabling than giving up your control over yourself! Or telling you that there are hidden springs inside you of which only "professionals" know? My upbringing tells people to value what makes you different from an animal, it rejects pre-Christian pragmatism, it tells you that people around you and the older people in particular, give you advice based on the experience of many hundreds of years. Would you not believe them and start believing in communist charlatans who now teach woman how to give birth to children, proclaim legitimate "experimenting" with mind-altering drugs and with practically everything that was an abomination only, for centuries, and make general impression that civilization is just about to be born by progressive "change"?
My upbringing firmly prescribes to defend civilized world in any war against it.
I can only advise you to establish yourself, first, in a sound position (what I could not do as everything was taken from me), but then to go back to your grievances, yet watching that limitation period not expired. My guess is that everything (as it is generally in life) depends on the number of honest people who will agree to speak publicly. No one ever found peace with his problems under "therapist", unless abolishing himself and his self-respect. And you find peace remaining with yourself and your self-respect.
Last: my efforts not only did not induce reforms, they persuaded people that struggling with these special criminals is useless. In fact, these very special criminals like what is going on very much.

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Mankind -- Pierre A. Rinfret, 09:59:22 03/30/01 Fri

I am 77 years of age;lived through the great depression,and WWII to say nothing of the cold war. Witnessed the evil of Hitler, Mussolini Stalin and all the petty despots and murderers in Africa and Asia (including the Vietnam holocaust)from my childhod until today. The middle east is a disaster and the killing will never stop.
Mankind is basically mad. Why should Pyshnov be surprised or infuriated. He is a witness and a victim of the insanity of man. Give it up; get on with your life. Tell them to DDT and go prove yourelf to both you and them!
Regards and respect, Pierre Rinfret

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[> Re: Mankind -- OG, 00:09:17 01/10/02 Thu

Unfortunatly, Mr. Pyshnov is mostly his own victim as well as a victim of his hopes and dreams. Those supporting him have their own axes to grind and are willing to let Pyshnov be a martyr for their cause. As far as I can tell, the supposed villain 'Larsen' is completely innocent of any wrong doing. Mr. Pyshnov is attacking the wrong target - which is himself, his supposed supporters, and the very real political and administrative corruption that is pervasive not only in Universities but all 'power' organizations. As soon as science, religion, or anything else becomes a source of money, power, or prestige certain people show up, take over the organization or system, and use it for their own purposes. For instance, before oil the big money maker in Arabia was robbing the pilgrims and even selling some of them into slavery. That is what control of the holy sites was all about. One can find similar examples in Christian, Jewish, Communist, Born-again, New age, Etc. history. Remember, we recently had a 'gure' who needed a different rolls royes car for every day of the month and whose followers were pioneers in the use of biological warfare for political purposes.
As far as Mr. Pyshnov is concerned, dreams are hard to give up when it is all one has. Remember, some orthodox jews are still waiting for the Messiah and some of the born-again still try to suggest that 9,11 was a punishment of America for it's 'sins'.

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[> Re: Mankind -- SOF, 06:07:49 01/11/02 Fri

The key to understanding Mr. Pyshnov's situation is GSU at the University of Toronto. Mr. Pyshnov may have a legitimate grievience but his rantin, raving behaviour does not help his cause. Mr. Pyshnow may in fact be a victiom of some truly evil people who told him that Ms. Larsen is protected by her 'Jewishness' because of the holocaust. If any one set Mr. Pyshnow up this way and if there is a Hell that person belongs there.
Meanwhile, the problem of abuse and exploitation of graduate students is real and deserves attention.
I have sent a small contribution to 'The committee in Support of Michael Pyshnov' c/o GSU at U of T.
Although I would like to see this matter pursued, I also feel that the GSU has different priorities than Mr. Pyshnov. It is possible for them tho win and yet for Mr. Pyshnov to loose.

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Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- John Doe, 16:42:29 10/02/01 Tue

You appear to be suffering from some severe
mental disorder.

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[> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- Michael Pyshnov, 20:58:46 10/02/01 Tue

Well, consider this. I have been subjected to the mental torture for many years. I am being persuaded that I am not the person I am and that I didn't do what I did. Others stole my brain and continue to impersonate me and I have no means of stopping them. They stole what was me for most of my life and stole the results of this life. A woman is bearing a child for only 9 months, but try to steal this child from her! I know, the times are now different, children are traded, thoughts and opinions are fitted to be sold, the values changed; my sufferings might not be understood by you.
But, I also had no means of simply earning a living for 15 years because one is only worth what his credentials, given to him by his superiors, are. And mine were stolen by my superiors. My credentials now are: lazy, procrastinating, etc. This is in the Statement of Defense; these are the credentials given to me as the way to save criminals from jail. And I can not do anything about this because there is no one who wants to see the proof of the superiors' fraud.
In your culture, in similar circumstances, to appear sane you would cooperate with the torturers and start
calling yourself John Doe. Or you already do?

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[> [> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- John Doe, 15:01:29 10/31/01 Wed

No, I think you had this mental disorder *before*
the alleged "mental torture". Even if not, simple
having one's research stolen is not going to turn
a normal person into a ranting anti-semitic lunatic.

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[> [> [> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- Michael Pyshnov, 19:48:54 10/31/01 Wed

Your logic was this:
1.This person is anti-semite. (I know you truly believe this.)
2. So, let's first call him insane, which throws away his accusation of fraud.
3.Oops! He is not insane. Let's go straight now - call him anti-semite. No one in the last 50 years was able to defend himself against this. "Anti-semite" means also "lunatic". "Anti-semite" means he was not robbed. It also means that she is innocent. His research was only "simply" stolen. The question now is only - how we are going to punish him.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn't answer your message at all, but we write here also for others to read. I think you should reserve "anti-semite" label for the real occasions and not to defend every Jewish crook with this nuclear blow. This is a deplorable Jewish tradition. I, by the way, did not say anything anti-semitic.
Did you hear the expression "All White Jury"? This is not an anti-white expression. That all mass media is in the Jewish hands is well known, so, why can't I blame Jews for suppressing the story? And this is not a small thing. All you know today, all your judgments, your mood and your relations with others - is a product of mass media. It stands above the Court and above Government and tells you how to judge their decisions. And YOU can only send in your opinion, so they measure their own effectiveness. YOU are
never heard, except when they chose you as YOUR voice. We have a tragic situation here. If you have preserved in this nightmare your sanity, you should tell every Jewish friend to reassess the old tradition, to start looking at sufferings of others with understanding, even if they are caused by Jews.

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[> [> [> [> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- John Doe, 15:54:33 11/01/01 Thu

You wrote nothing anti-semitic? I'm sorry, but any
normal person would find your material completely soaked
in anti-semitic ranting. If you can't see that, it
just more firmly suggests that you are mentally ill.

It's not a matter of "oops, he is not insane". I think
you definitely are mentally ill *now*. What I was wondering
about is when this mental illness *first* really took
effect. The best theory, based on the documents you
supply, seems to be that you had some kind of serious
mental problems back in the mid 80's that seriously
affected your ability to do work. The Zoology
Department may not have treated you as well as they could
have here, given that they say you could not continue for
"personal reasons", and apparently don't attempt to show
any sympathy for your mental problems, not even recognizing
them. But then it occured to me that they were trying
to help you by not alluding to this problems explictly in
a text where they could later come back to cause you
problems. Did you seek professional help at the time,
and did they help you at all to do so?

Tell me just one thing, that may help to partially
change my mind about whether or not you are suffering from
severe delusions. Maybe the Jewish Communists are running everything, bugging your phones, and persecuting you personally for being the only brave man to dare stand up to them. But what specific evidence do you have for one particular single claim of yours: that Professor Larsen's "main line of business" is really not being a professor of zoology but rather is "the real estate and other enterprises" [sic].

This seems very unlikely to me.

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[> [> [> [> [> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- Michael Pyshnov, 10:29:24 11/03/01 Sat

How your psycho/anti-semitic theory can explain away the following:
Larsen said (Document 25):
"In the retracted work, wild-type discs were compared to mutant discs, in the second paper, discs from two mutant strains were compared ....".
However, the titles of these papers are:
1) Cell Patterns Associated with Normal and Mutant Morphogenesis in Silver Stained Drosophila Imaginal Discs.
2) Cell Patterns Associated with Normal and Mutant Morphogenesis in Silver-impregnated Imaginal Discs of Drosophila.
The second title again claims normal and mutant, not two mutants. In the text of this stolen paper, she used word "non-Ns" instead of "normal".
There are no limits to her prostituting of science.
Are you trying to hold me responsible for her theft, fraud and lies?
Then you suggest that I am ill (secretly?) and U of T kept it a secret for my own good, but they removed me from University. You, writing anonymously, found this secret. And you say that your theory is based on documents. You quote the words "personal reasons" from some (?) document as hinting at my mental illness. There are no such words there.
The closest to these were Larsen's words: "he... decided for reasons of his own that he does not want his work published" when the "reasons" were that I accused her of stealing my work but she did not want to disclose real reason to the Editor. She said (in the same document 19): "he became unable to do more research" and said that my status was
changed, but, later, she changed this version, did not say that my status was changed and reported to the Chair of Dept. that I left when my "money ran out" (Document 25).
When you pervert the contents of the documents, hoping that some naive reader will not see them, I don't think anyone would allow you to post such stuff under John Doe. You will not be able to post here and take more of my time, unless you deal strictly honestly with the documents.
Now, you have a proof of multiple Larsen's businesses - go to:
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://ca.geocities.com/uoftfraud/docC.htm">http://ca.geocities.com/uoftfraud/docC.htm</a>
or just add docC.htm when you are on my web site.
Yes, she is not really a professor of Zoology, but a fraud.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- I am jew, however I disagree with both of you !!!, 23:57:35 12/27/01 Thu

Something similar happened to me more than once. The people who tried to do it to me were mostly my fellow jews although I have also had many encouters with 'Goyim' who made it clear to me why 'auswitch' was such a popular idea in it's time.
Yet, when I was at my lowest point and my life was probably in danger 2 jews and a few christians tried to push me over the edge while a jew, a catholic, and a born again christian did what they could to save me. One of jews who tried to push me was very ostentatiouly 'orthodox' and the jew who did the most to save me was primarily motivated by the fact that they did not want a body on their door step, which would have made everybody look bad. That is, the person who did the most to save me also saved the bacon of those pushing me because they had 'gone too far'.
Mr. Pyshnov you are extremely anti-semitic because this attitude is the sea in which you grew up and probably still inhabit. While jews are not remotely as important as many 'goim' and some jews believe, people do control their childred, families, and ethnic groups and believe me Mr. Pyshov I am 'very' familiar with your ethnic group - more familiar than I am with my fellow jews.
What happened to you has happened to millions. Some survived the experience and became stroger as a result, many did not survive, some survive but were broken, and some just survived.
Which catagory do you wish to end up in.
As to 'john doe', there is a well known science fiction story where 'fireman' burn houses. But, in the world of the sane pouring gasoline on a fire is not a fireman's role. If you achieved anything 'john doe' it was to give aid and comfort to those pushing 'ZOG' theories, etc.
Bad things happen to good, bad, and just normally flawed people. The crucial point is what we do next if a choice is still available to us.
I hope Mr. Pyshov that you follow my example and learn to enjoy life anyway.
As to john doe, therapeutic language does not a therapist make.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- Michael Pyshnov, 13:52:52 12/29/01 Sat

In your encounter with bad people you kept thinking along the ethnic lines and you now are explaining motives along these lines. Yes, there are historical causes for this way of thinking, and I am not saying that your bad people did not act along these lines, but these lines will not disappear until you FORCE yourself to stop thinking that any "fellow" Jew had to be on your side. You chastise previous messenger for helping ZOG ideas, but you do the same. A lot of cooling down is needed and a lot of traditional thinking must be trashed. The press must be freed to discuss very unpleasant things.
When a Jew steals, only very few people will say: that's because he is Jewish. I am not one of them.
But, when thief does not go to jail, when you see officials engage in crazy, impossible cover up defying each and every law, when victim hits the wall of conspiracy, this victim starts looking at the circumstances, the person of the thief, his connections, and, (in this day and age) - at the degree of the thief's political immunity (which in this day and age supplemented and far exceeded in its effect bribes).
PLEASE, UNDERSTAND that the victim and a huge number of other people who will say: "he does not go to jail because he is Jewish" do not have to be anti-semitic. And, here, I am one of them. But, wait! If, in addition, the thief is a she and a leftist - the case is more than clear. Yet, I did not say any of this for 14 years, not before I had more direct evidence and from a number of sources. This evidence is continuing to accumulate (THE GOD DAMN PRESS IS SILENT). It started when Pres. of Can. Genetics Soc. told me (phone, recorded) that I have to keep quiet because of the Jewish Holocaust. I was shocked and could only say something like: "But some Jews did not remain quiet and took rifles" which was of course a stupid reply. And, what, on this forum, is most discussed? - My "anti-semitism". Why? Simply because the fact of this crime IN ACADEMIA, COMMITTED BY THE ROLE MODEL is intolerable to you, for the wrong, ethnic reason. There existed, for 14 years, ways to avoid all the "ramifications" if the role model was so dear to the officials. Why they didn't do it? Because: 1)animal hatred for me since I caught the model red-handed, 2)belief, not unfounded, in their invulnerability. Larsen, by the way, did what she did with this belief.
Finally, no one has any right to give me "anti-semitism, mysogeny bla bla" BECAUSE THE PRESS IS STILL SILENT. I will never get tired asking WHY IS THE PRESS SILENT?

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> PRESS SILENT -- Almost fell in the same trap, 00:05:39 01/01/02 Tue

The press is silent because this matter is of no importance to them.
The December 30 Sunday issue of the Washington Post has a story of police miscunduct. I know that the problem is very old and only recently has it been dicussed in the press.
If you go to the library and look at this article you will see that there are much bigger problems in this world than very poor treatment of a graduate student. Also some things that happened to graduate students at a local university make your story into a children's pillow fight. Stealing research from graduate students and then not giving them a degree is as common as traffic accidents. I heard faculty brag at a faculty meeting of how badly they treated graduate students who challenged them. I also know that many faculty give only lip service to truth, justice, intellectual integrity, etc. I once had a senior faculty member tell me that even if a certain reserch project led nowhere, it would be considered a big accomplishment if it brought in some NSF money. Another 'great scholar' told me that my concern with TRUTH was very imature and naive and he said the word truth is a very special tone of voice as if it were the ultimate 'obcenity'.
In some of my problems I was 'set up' by both my ethnic group and people who have no use for my ethnic group acting together. As far as people who should be in jail but are not, jews are a very small percentage of this group simply because there are not that many jews in a position of power.
I think that you were 'set up' by people who have very little use for either jews or your ethnic group. Just like Iran and Iraq - you guys can kill each other - is probably the attitude of those who set up to both jews as well as your ethnic group.
The people that I suspect 'set you up' tend to be kind, humane and humanitarian superficially in public but are actually prejudiced, heartless, brutal inside. Backstabing, dis-information, and false friendship are some of their favorite methods.
You are a victim of 'dirty' politics and 'games people play'. As I said above much worse has happened and is happening right NOW to many thousands if not millions of people.
You may wonder why I am taking the time to write long messages - because they help me get my thoughts in order and deal with similar problems and if my comments help someone else that is a bonus from my point of view.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: PRESS SILENT -- JG, 23:41:21 01/08/02 Tue

To further clarify my comments, I will tell you a little more about myself.
I AM a holocaust survivor and I am sickened by the way this 'event' has been trivialized by both jews and others.
The ruins of concetration camps have become religious relics and tourist attractions that various groups are trying to control to further their own purposes.
This is an old story where christians say to jews, 'You killed Christ' and jews reply, 'Christ was a jew and you killed him'.
The sloggan, 'Remember the holocaust' is routinely exploited in the most trivial and venal manner by all sorts of people for many different purposes.
People used to be accused of denying 'God', so now they are accused of denying 'the holocaust', etc. Very little has changed.
Survivors like me 'feel like vomitting' every time this 'bloody shirt' is waved just to raise some money, promote a cause or pet theory, or threaten those who go their own way in life, etc.
Anyway, as I said before, I give thanks every day that the attempt to lure me into a similar 'trap'. Some friends told me to 'walk away' and with considerable reluctance, I did walk away.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2002 to ALL who read this.

A thousand years from now I am virtually certain there will be no evidence left on earth that any of us even existed.

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[> Re: Get help, Mr Pyshnov -- OG, 04:46:49 12/26/01 Wed

I think that this type of comment is an insult and not a helpful or well meaning comment.
We are all crazy to some degree but people who make these kinds of comments under the pretext of 'good will' have even bigger problems than Mr. Pyshnov.
I myself almost fell into the same trap as Mr. Pyshnov and the people who tried the hardest to push me into this well were the same ethnic group as me. Some of them were very ostentatiouly religious and even tried to bring me closer to 'God'.
There are, in fact, millions of people in the world with either bigger grieviences than Mr. Pyshnov, strager ideas, or both.
Using medical terminology this way is, in my opinion, much uglier than anything Mr. Pyshnov, his friends, allies, or enemies have said.
This type of use of medical terminology reminds me of people who torture out of 'love' or burn people at the stake to 'save their souls', etc.
A minimally decent human being either says nothing, is openlly hostile, or genuinely wellmeaning. While, 'ZOG' may be either a delusion or a vicious tactic as part of 'dirty' warfare, using therapeutic language to insult and provoke is another for of 'dirty' warfare.
I feel that 'John Doe' is just another version of the 'ZOG' crowd. In fact, it seems to me that the likely real purpose of 'John Does' comments was to push
Mr. Pyshnov furhter in the direction he is currently pursueing.
So John Doe, while I do not agree with Mr. Pyshnov I would be less happy share a foxhole with you than with him.

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European-American Student Union -- Paul Vogel, 09:59:03 08/29/01 Wed

Your story will get far-wider coverage if you contact the ESU, which fights against this kind of racial/ethnic/religious/socialistic oppression, or the National Alliance, at www.natall.com

Good luck in your vain attempt to seek any true Justice from your ZOG and ZOU and ZOS and ZOMM, ie., Zionist-Occupied, Government, University, Society, and Mass Media.

You are really going to need it.

Best regards,

Paul Vogel

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://pub4.ezboard.com/bcosmotheism">http://pub4.ezboard.com/bcosmotheism</a>

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[> Re: European-American Student Union -- SOF, 04:12:50 12/26/01 Wed

Mr. Pyshnov:

Surely this post should make it clear to you what sort of people you have as allies. I feel that your grieviences are real but exagerated. But blaming all your problems on 'ZOG' will help neither you, the world, or the human race.
I have had similar problems. In my case they deliberately tried and occasionally succeeded to make me as angry as possible, to nurture any delusions I might have, and even eventually to encourage legal action.
I somehow succeeded in avoiding all the traps. It took them twenty years to convince me that 'I might be happier elsewhere' and when I finally left I got three years of pay but freedom to do what I pleased as well as a $25K going away bonus. Nevertheless, when I have any residual contact with them, they still try to send me on some will goose chase while telling me that they are concerned about me and hope to hear from me now and then to let them know that I am OK. Basically, lots of people get 'screwed' in various ways and those doing the screwing know that if one has any future left one must forget and walk away - thus cutting one's loses.
So far you have chosen to not walk away. If you persist in this direction, they will brobably write on your toomstone that he hit his head on a stone wall for all the years after leaving U of T without doing any visible damage to the wall. This will suggest to any one looking at your toomstone that you had a very hard head but that the contents within were of unknown quantity and quality. The choice is yours.

Best wishes for the new year. I plan to spend the new year getting on with my life and ejoying what I have instead of mourning what I lost.

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Don't Give Up...your struggle or your love for science. -- P.P., 14:33:01 12/18/01 Tue

I do not believe that anyone as intelligent as yourself would dedicate so much time, and passion, to a cause were it not true. Though I am young, I too have seen many injustices and I congratulate you on your unwillingness to be silenced.

I was just wondering if you'd ever reconsider returning your focus back to science? Have you ever considered continuining your studies/experiments at another university...or perhaps abroad, where your abilities and talents would be recognized and nurtured?

It would truly be sad if this unfortunate event prevented you from a field of study you love and belong to.

I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and that the truth prevails and the victor be recognized.

Best regards,

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Anti-1984 Union -- Kurt Riner, 12:55:04 11/25/01 Sun

There had been organized a new political movement
Anti-1984 Union.Our goal is to struggle against
the political and administrative system of the
modern world which resembles to the highest degree
the famous book,and a partial phenomena of which is
The New Science Order.Those interested are invited
to apply for further information.

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Your Problem -- a Friend, 16:13:57 10/23/01 Tue

Please tell me how i can help, and i will do so... i feel for your situation

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Open Source Science Needed - bioinformatics.org -- Logician, 19:01:49 08/25/01 Sat

Science is in a shambles. Open Source software is a step
in the right direction, and there are some attempts toward
Open Source Hardware, but Open Source Biology is probably
quite a ways in the future.

Sadly, I am entirely incompetent in biology, but the
volunteers at bioinformatics.org might be able to help.

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Fraud and Fong -- JG, 01:47:30 06/21/01 Thu

You may wish to find out what happened to Fong at Purdue University. You behaved foolishly, emotionally, and with a lot of wishful thinking - expecting way too much from others. Something similar happened to Fong except that his fate was much worse than yours. Just before he was arrested by the KGB my step-father was told that when you stand in front of a locomotive you get run over. Your problems are mostly of your own making and things could have been worse - what Perdue did to Fong . When I called AAUP about the Fong case they told me that the Fong file was by far the biggest file they had involving any teacher with a complaint but that I could not see any of it due to confidentiality. The person I spoke with foung the whole Fong episode very amusing and had a good laugh while we talked about this matter. I offered to pay to have parts of the Fong file at AAUP Xeroxed and sent to me but they kept telling me that everything was confidential partly to protect Fong's privacy.

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authority trumps mind -- Richard MacLean, 13:51:57 02/16/01 Fri

Mr. Pyshnov:

Although I am not a scientist (a graduate English student, rather), I am familiar with your case. While I do object to some of your self-defeating rhetoric - such as your frequent pejorative references to 'political correctness', the left, and the Jewishness of your opponent - your argument is irrefutable. This is clear in the special pleading and casuistry (i.e., the absurd claim that science is a 'community' in order to defend plagiarism) that Larsen indulges in in her statements to the GSU.

Larsen's behaviour, and her protection by the U of T brass, reminds me of nothing so much as the impenetrability of the Catholic hierarchy (this is not a slur: I am a Catholic, and a conservative one at that). As it has been manifested in your case, this practise - this sort of inflexible and exclusive authoritarianism - has no place in the practise of science. It is antithetical to science.

I wish you luck. And I thank God I'm not a scientist.

Richard MacLean

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[> Re: authority trumps mind -- Michael Pyshnov, 05:34:15 03/17/01 Sat

Hi, Richard!
I thank you very much for your good wishes! And, here is about your objection. I did a good work in science, which is basically a search for truth in Nature. Why should I now avoid telling the truth about society?
Why no amount of "anti-Capitalist", leftist activity is "self-defeating" to anybody? Praising "Satanic
Verses" and their author and smashing the heritage of people who, unlike Jews, have produced
material culture of heavenly beauty, was not self-defeating to anybody and apparently was well paid
by the media. And, unlike Verses, my letter is only about political matters. Did you say
"self-defeating" joking bitterly and you admit the dangers of not following the party line in Canada?
Why nothing is self-defeating to the media? What did I say so different from the Fifth Estate
program on Homolka which opened with Trish Wood saying that society is not prepared to give life
sentence to a female? Three days ago, on March 14, CBC TV asked questions about the influence of the
monopolized media owners on the content of articles. Govt. panel is set up to study...
Don't you have a feeling that any argument against my Open Letter seems ridiculous for the simple
reason that the story is still prohibited?
I would have no problem to apologize to people who never took advantage of their exclusive,
protected by Canadian Communist laws position in "disadvantaged groups", but who, mistakenly to
be sure, took my letter personally. But not before that gang rape is stopped.

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