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Welcome to

The Magic Box

A home for the now defunct UPN "Bronze"
Dingoes ate my board!

Welcome! This message board was designed to replace "The Bronze" linear message forum at the UPN's official website for Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Subject: maria

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Date Posted: Tue, Mar 28 2006, 5:18:44 pm PST

Is a nice site.
Subject: Kung Fu Cowboy

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Date Posted: Tue, Feb 14 2006, 9:50:32 am PST

Yay, someone responded! I, like you, have been checking every few days for new posts, to no avail. I'm sorry you don't get How I Met Your Mother where you are, I really like it.

Happy Valentine's Day to anyone who reads this!
Subject: EmilyBoo

Kung Fu Cowboy
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Date Posted: Sun, Feb 12 2006, 2:35:40 am PST

Yep, I'm still here on and off. I check in every couple of days in the vain hope that someone has anything to say. Sadly it appears that our beloved board is in decline.

Not being in the US I haven't seen either of the shows you mentioned, but I'm glad Aly is in something at the moment. Television in the Land Down Under hasn't improved, I'd watch the simpsons but I'm afraid I've seen all of the old episodes at least 5 times, and knowing that, I haven't been watching so I miss the new ones when they're on too :(

Apart from that it's cop shows, reality TV and Lost, none of which pique my interest.

See! There are real people still here! I know I saw em!

Apparently I still need to use the link at the top to post though...sigh
Subject: Hellooooooooooo

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Date Posted: Thu, Feb 09 2006, 8:43:24 am PST

Anyone heeeeeeeeeeeeerrrreeee???

So, how are folks enjoying How I Met Your Mother? I love it, and Alyson is as adorable as ever.

How about Four Kings? Anyone watching? I've watched a few episodes and thought it was alright.
Subject: R.I.P.

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Date Posted: Wed, Jan 25 2006, 10:13:55 pm PST

The Magic Box

Beloved Forum

Devoted Board

You gave us a place to talk, a lot.
Subject: Happy New Year!

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Date Posted: Sat, Dec 31 2005, 8:09:29 pm PST

Let's hope this is a better year!
Subject: OMG!! Look who's dropped in!

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Date Posted: Wed, Dec 28 2005, 4:19:28 pm PST

::picks herself up off of the floor & dusts herself off::

Um.. Hey? ::is sheepish::

I know it's been ages... But... How are you all?

Hope you had a lovely holiday and continue to have a wonderful New Year!

Subject: *gasp* Dirty post!

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Date Posted: Tue, Dec 27 2005, 1:06:05 pm PST

I just wanted to pop in and say happy holidays and all that stuff to everyone. Hope you all are having a wonderful December.
Subject: and god bless us...every one!

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Date Posted: Mon, Dec 26 2005, 11:20:43 am PST

i hope everyone had a great christmas, and happy hannukkah to those who celebrate it.

Subject: Merry Christmas

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Date Posted: Sat, Dec 24 2005, 6:10:59 pm PST

And Happy Holidays to all the Magic Boxers!
Subject: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Kung Fu Cowboy
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Date Posted: Sat, Dec 24 2005, 6:00:24 am PST

Well it's officially Christmas here [1am on December 25th [I just got home from celebrating with my foster-mother's side of the family]]

Denizens of the Magic Box have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Subject: It was the night before the night beore the night before..okay, it's not quite Christmas Eve

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Date Posted: Mon, Dec 19 2005, 1:47:47 pm PST

I’m a little short on time, but this year’s festive erm….flying stuff has had to move to the tips page due to Voy no longer allowing scripts in posts.

Hope everyone who celebrates it has a very merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all!!

Take care all!!!
Subject: Favorite Buffy moment

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Date Posted: Sat, Dec 10 2005, 7:49:01 pm PST

One moment??!!

ok, I'll try:

Season 4, Restless, Buffy, with black hair in the play Death of a Salesman, rants her diatribe against men to Riley in the cowboy outfit.

This is too hard!

Season 4, Hush: Willow's appalled expression when Buffy pantomimes the "staking" of the Gentlemen.

I could go on and on.
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Fri, Dec 09 2005, 3:48:43 pm PST

re the new releases

I've just read rumors on Whedonesque et al, that there is talk of a Spike dvd, or two. But it's still all just talk at this stage I think.
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Fri, Dec 09 2005, 12:19:35 pm PST

My daughter and Hubby are coming by for a couple days for Christmas as is my mom. We'll probably have Christmas dinner at her mom's (my ex). They plan to take a belated honeymoon in Thailand in January (her husband's mom is Thai). He has relatives there.
Subject: fly by

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Date Posted: Fri, Dec 09 2005, 7:57:08 am PST

ooh - people were here!

Almond - i will indeed give Fortune Teller your congratulations. she is very happy about the new baby. i am going over her house tonight for a chinese and some dvds. eep!

what was one of your favorite Buffy moments? - erm, i would have to say that the one where my heart really lifted (and i still get butterflies when i see it now)is at the end of once more, with feeling when spike and buffy finally snog! it's so passionate and unexpected when you think there will be an anticlimax when all the fun is over! i love that bit!

Subject: Swooping by...

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Date Posted: Thu, Dec 08 2005, 5:19:51 am PST

...to say "hello" and leave some {{hugs}} for all and sundry. I hope each of you are enjoying the holidays. *s*
We have had our tree and all our decorations up since shortly after Thanksgiving. Our apartment is so sparkly! Of course, it helps that I put in a lot of time cleaning just before Turkey Day. *g* I have all my presents bought and wrapped up pretty, and yesterday I finished getting the last of the cards ready for mailing - for everyone whose address I have, that is. Frowns at Kung Fu, who never did give her his real life address. Dogtrot and Gothic - your cards are already on their way. Some people will have to settle for e-cards, though. *g*
Now I can relax and do the things that come with the season. Watching holiday specials on tv, driving around at night looking at all the shiny decorations, making cookies with Girl-Not-A-Child, going to the mall and feeling superior to the frantic shoppers...
Oh! And last Saturday hubby, my two daughters and I went to a local production of The Nutcracker! All the dancers were between 8 and 19 years old, but they were very good. The costumes and stage settings were beautiful. We enjoyed it very much. The best part was seeing the theatre itself, though! It was a movie-house I used to go to as a child that has recently been restored to its former wonders. The walls look like a fairy-tale castle and the ceiling is a "sky" with little lights twinkling like stars in the night. So pretty! I can't imagine why anyone wanted to cover all that with boring plain-colored walls - but they did. Thank Joss it's back to its original condition! Well, all but two gargoyles that went missing from some "tower windows". I'll bet someone made off with them when the theatre was "up-dated". Fiends! Wishes SHE had beaten them to the gargoyles.....well, maybe not.

So what has everyone else been up to? Have you written your letter to Santa yet? Better hurry!

Dogtrot: I got your card - thank you! I was so happy that you included the picture from your daughter's wedding. *s* Are you getting together with her and her husband for Christmas?

What sort of DVDs are being released? (Yes, I know Buffy, but what makes them different?)

Gothic: I've gotten pictures from you (though not recently), but I don't remember hearing that Fortune_Teller is expecting again. How wonderful! Tell her congratulations for me, will you?

Kung Fu: Have you tried using the button Dogtrot mentioned at the top of the page? (It's a little to the left of the archives.) That one works better.

Don't ever feel it's too late to respond - we want to hear from you!

Just to keep the "Buffy spirit" alive, here's a question for everyone:
Off the top of your head (and no fair consulting transcripts or DVDs), what was one of your favorite Buffy moments?

Leaves coffee and cookies for the denizens of the Box - on a shelf high enough to foil the goat.
Subject: Kung Fu Cowboy, gothicwoman2001

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Date Posted: Wed, Nov 23 2005, 6:50:10 pm PST

There a a number of tv shows I like, but none approaches BtVS. I think it was a once-in-a-generation show. I just read more about a possible series of dvd releases on the whedonesque site. But I'm not going to get too excited, yet.
Subject: Let's not give up hope just yet...

Kung Fu Cowboy
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Date Posted: Wed, Nov 23 2005, 5:58:56 pm PST

Well guys it appears that most of us are still here, or at least that we stop by occassionally. I must admit to being a little lazy on the posting side in the last few months I've been kinda busy, then I try to post and the button doesn't work or I wait too long and I feel it's too late to respond.

I did finally complete my buffy DVD collection so I've been watching that a bit. It struck me that there are no shows on television currently that can catch my imagination like Buffy did [and to a lesser extent, Angel]. It saddens me that it's over and it's unlikely that it will continue in the future.

As for posting elsewhere I did post at the Bronze Beta for a while after the Original Bronze went down from the buffy website [a loooong time ago before the site was revamped the first time], but then I stopped and when a few months later I tried to post again I found I knew very few of the people there [apart from the ancient denizens of the Bronze of course; Mrs. Beasley, Old One, Thumper, Thoin and others I can't think of off the top of my head [HUGE S.O. if you're reading this by the way!]], so I felt a little unwelcome. Then I found that the Bronze was back up on the WB website, and I began posting there, but they shut it down *sniff* So with renewed vigour I found I had to post on the Beta to get my fix, and then I found The Magic Box, where I felt truly at home.

The fact that people have actually posted in the last few days gives me hope that perhaps we can resurrect the Box.
Subject: very sad

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Date Posted: Wed, Nov 23 2005, 2:46:12 am PST

oh, what a shame.

i guess that is that then. i miss it all too. will never forget the posting board party and meeting all the friends who i used to talk to on the board.

i e-mailed them all recently with new photos of my nephews, and the news that Fortune Teller is pregnant again, but no-one replied.

i guess the buffy dream is over.

Subject: fade away

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Date Posted: Tue, Nov 22 2005, 9:29:40 pm PST

Another tiny bit if the Buffyverse seems to be disapearing. I knew I would miss the show and web-community in its various forms. But I thought I'd be over it by now.
Subject: Entropy...

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Date Posted: Tue, Nov 22 2005, 4:22:15 am PST

...or evolution. People move on. I shall miss it.

The Magic Box was more than a Buffy message board. It's a meeting place for friends that allowed for creative expression and the sharing of information. This was the best alternative for The Bronze that I found - it had the same type of atmosphere in a more intimate setting. Too intimate, apparently, as our numbers were not enough to allow for attrition. :(

I'm terrible with e-mails. I put them off until I feel I can write without sharing too much that might bring down the person to whom I'm writing. Sometimes too much time passes and I feel as though it's too late to respond. Plus, I never do anything interesting. At least here, I could write nonsense in italics to entertain the troops.

Where are you mostly when you are on-line? I scroll The Beta occasionally, but I haven't seen you there lately. I tried posting there, but was never quite comfortable. I'm more "chat lice" than "deep thoughts". :)

By the way, writing in the box, then copying and pasting it into the other box seems to work. That's something, anyway. :)
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Mon, Nov 21 2005, 4:08:50 pm PST

It seems like The Magic Box has just about run its course. I don't think the admin is paying too close attention anymore...too bad what with the porn links and all. I've had a little trouble posting even with the top "post a new message link". Entropy...
Subject: Hi folks.

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Date Posted: Wed, Nov 16 2005, 7:57:35 am PST

I'm trying the link at the top of the page to see if it lets me post. I don't like it, though. It doesn't let me see what other people have written, so comments are difficult. Maybe if this works, I can type in the regular box, copy it, then paste it into this box.

I don't really have anything to say. I haven't been anywhere interesting lately, my days are filled with mundane matters, and I'm much too lazy to express an opinion on current events.

I think Buffy had a good run, and we were lucky to have it as long as we did. I try not to get too excited about new shows anymore, because it seems as though the "quality" programs don't last long. I feel fortunate that there are quite a few shows on at the moment that I enjoy.

Everyone getting ready for the holidays? I have some of my Yule/Christmas shopping done already. I told hubby all I want is the Serenity dvd.

Dogtrot: Looks like we'll have to put up with the porn links.
Subject: gothicwoman2001

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Date Posted: Mon, Nov 14 2005, 8:38:31 pm PST

It's hard to believe that about a decade has passed since the first episode of Buffy. They were all just kids!
Subject: i am here! it won't let me post!

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Date Posted: Mon, Nov 14 2005, 7:20:38 am PST

i am here! you will normally find me in the lurker loft, sitting in my specially made spike-shaped chair! lol

i miss buffy too. fortune teller and i are watching them all again. we watched series 2 eppies 2 and 3 the other night - first one with spike in - yum! i really miss him and drusilla. ft was struck by how young everyone looked.

Subject: posting from the top

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Date Posted: Fri, Nov 11 2005, 8:03:27 pm PST

I've had pretty good luck using the "post a new message" near the top of the page to get my posts to work.
Subject: hellooo, anybody home?

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Date Posted: Thu, Nov 10 2005, 4:35:17 pm PST

where'd everybody go?
Subject: Missing Buffy

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Date Posted: Tue, Nov 08 2005, 7:37:22 pm PST

I'm suffering Whedonverse withdrawal. I miss Buffy. There are several new shows I like this year, but the magic is gone. I miss the wonderful characters and the witty dialogue and the great stories. Everything else on TV seems pale by comparison.
Subject: Admin, help!

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Date Posted: Sun, Oct 30 2005, 6:22:07 pm PST

Please delete these offensive posts from our nice little board.
Subject: Rack_the_Warlock

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Date Posted: Sat, Oct 29 2005, 12:06:25 am PDT

It's amazing they mall made it. I heard stories about Ginger Baker. It seems I read somewhere that ticketsmwere about $1000!
Subject: A quick flyby

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Date Posted: Wed, Oct 26 2005, 1:43:48 am PDT

I should really be working but I just wanted to thank Gothicwoman, tarasApprentice and apprenticetotarasAppentice for their kind Birthday wishes.

I had a fairly quite birthday at my parents. Unfortunately when I got back home I had to catch up on the third course that I'm doing as I had an assignment due in this week. I also treated myself to an exercise bike. I managed six miles on the thing last night before I collapsed and teddy resuscitated me with the deliberators, although I'm pretty sure that your supposed to put them on the chest and not the head. Still, it also cleared up the headache that I had.

Dogtrot: re: Cream, yes all the original survive and are in the line-up that toured recently. I think that they're playing Radio City in New York this week.

apprenticetotarasApprentice: It's surprising just how many people seem to have there birthdays in October (does this have something to do with the cold weather in January I wonder?). Libraians are the best!!!. Hope that your brother had a good birthday.

Take care all!!!
Subject: from italy too

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Date Posted: Sun, Oct 23 2005, 1:18:28 pm PDT

a very belated (you can almost use it for the next year one)Happy Birthday from me too!..you were born three days after my brother, not sure if it was the same year thou..(essential information, eh?)

(sex, your speech was impressive)
Subject: Rack

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 18 2005, 10:19:40 am PDT


gothic already said it well.
Subject: just a quickie....ooer missus!

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 18 2005, 6:56:19 am PDT


i hope you get everything you wish for - you deserve it!

Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Mon, Oct 17 2005, 2:45:10 pm PDT

I've heard some domestic figures, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't broken $20 million (maybe with the overseas figures it's approaching that), and I've heard some talk that they needed $60 million to get a sequel. But I have no idea how reliable this info is.

My daughter's birthday is on Halloween, so it has always been a pretty big deal. This year she will be in San Diego, so I'm going to take the holiday off ( sorry trick-or-treaters).

I never really cared too much about the costume, it was just a means to get the candy!

One year I dressed as the headless horseman and carried a pumpkin around as my head. That was my fave.

There were combo birthday-halloween parties galore.

This year my trick will be turn the lights off, and my treat will be to watch How I Met Your Mother in peace.
Subject: Good morning all!

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Date Posted: Sun, Oct 16 2005, 6:45:39 am PDT

It's a beautiful fall day, and hubby and I are going for a drive to see the autumn color this afternoon. Yay!

tarasApprentice: Yes, thank you for sharing the interview. Are you going to the signing in LA?

Dogtrot: I'm glad you didn't miss your chance to see Serenity. I went to the matinee both times I saw it, too. The number of people there each time was less than encouraging. Do you happen to know how it's doing in the money-making department?

Just for fun:

Halloween Quiz

1. Are you celebrating the Holiday this year? How?

2. What was the one costume you always wanted to wear - but never did?

3. Out of the many costumes you've worn over the years, which was your favorite?

4. Have you ever thrown a Halloween party? What did you do to make it memorable?

5. Trick or treat?

Off to do.....something. I have a morning to kill before the fun part of the day begins. See ya! (To quote Teddy)
Subject: tarasapprentice

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Date Posted: Sat, Oct 15 2005, 9:20:30 pm PDT

thanks so much for posting Little Willow's interview with Amber and Christopher!
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Sat, Oct 15 2005, 9:17:30 pm PDT

I saw Serenity today. I did love it. There were probably less than 30 people in the theater though. Of course, I saw it at 2:30 pm. I hope it continues to draw enough fans to keep in in the theaters. It would sure be nice to have a sequel, but I guess it isn't likely since they were shooting for maybe $60 million.
Subject: Interview

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Date Posted: Sat, Oct 15 2005, 9:19:01 am PDT

I owe so many individual comments and replies. I'm not ignoring you guys, everyone in my life is getting ignored collectively! What? That doesn't make you feel better?

Little Willow sent a copy of the interview she did with Amber Benson and Chris Golden. Thought I'd share:

What is the origin of GHOSTS OF ALBION?

AB: Chris was approached by the BBC, who wanted us to
create an
show for the BBCi. Originally, they wanted something
more along the
of Buffy meets Jane Austen or something, but neither
of us felt
doing something so derivative. We ended up going for
a later, more
Victorian setting, and creating the Swift siblings,
who would be our

CG: Yep. The BBC pitched us an idea that they wanted
us to come in
develop. We weren't interested in their idea, so we
pitched them our

Why the name Albion for England? The family name
Swift? The character
Tamara etc?

AB: Chris has a friend named Tamara Swift, and we
ended up borrowing
name in sort of an homage. All the other characters
were given names
upon our own personal whims at the time we were coming
up with the
outline for LEGACY. Obviously, we chose to set the
piece in England
it was being created specifically for the BBC. Chris
came up with
the project GHOSTS OF ALBION, because Albion was an
archaic name for
England/Great Britain, mostly used in a poetic or
mythical context. I
personally think it sounds a lot more intriguing than
Ghosts of

CG: I often meet people and think they have wonderful
names for
In my novel THE GATHERING DARK there's a woman named
Keomany who is
after a bookstore clerk I met once while doing a
signing. In THE
a series I do with Tom Sniegoski, there's a sorcerer
whose last name is
Sanguedolce, after a department store clerk.
Sometimes names just
catch me.
When we were creating GHOSTS OF ALBION, I had recently
been to a couple
different conventions in Britain and at both of them,
spent time with
several Buffy fans who were really wonderful people.
One of them was a
lovely, softspoken school teacher named Tamara Swift
(who'd been made
up as
a vampire by Todd McIntosh the last time I'd seen
her). I loved her
partially because of the obvious connection to
Jonathan Swift, author
GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. I knew the name was perfect.

What made you pick the mythological and literary
figures that you did?
Personal favorites, or more of simply who fit the time
and style?

AB: We chose our particular ghosts because they were
figures, plus they fit iin well with the time period
we had chosen.
is a particular favorite of mine as a reader, but I've
learned so muc
Bodicea and Horatio as the stories have progressed.

CG: Byron was Amber's pick, for sure, and ended up
benefiting the most
(aside, perhaps, from William) from her mischievous
sense of humor.
was, I believe, my choice. Admiral Nelson is such a
and we needed someone to play the straight man to
several of our
Bodicea was a surprise choice. We originally had
another queen in
mind, but
when the team at the BBC suggested her, we agreed
Bringing our
version of Bodicea to life was a real pleasure.

After the success of the first GoA project, there came
a radio/audio
special, another animated project, a short story, now
a novel that is
to begin a series.
Which medium is the hardest to write for? The easiest?
Which was the
most of
a departure from how or what you normally write?

AB: I'd never really written prose before, so
creating the GOA novel,
ACCURSED, has been the biggest challenge for me. I've
always written
and scripts, so creating the animated scripts was much
easier for me.
learned so much from working with Chris, but I still
feel a bit teetery
my prose legs even as we begin work on the second GOA

CG: Don't let her fool you. From the moment we
started GoA: ASTRAY,
novella we did for the BBC (which is available in a
limited edition
hardcover as well), I knew Amber was a natural. She
had all of the
storytelling skills from her work on plays and
scripts, and is far
read than I am. She adapted very quickly to writing
prose. On the
hand, she was instrumental in helping me learns the
ropes when we wrote
scripts for the animated GoA adventures. I think the
collaboration on
scripts was easier, but working together on the novels
is more fully

GoA has been brewing for years now, with no end in
sight. Where do you
the Swifts in another year? Two years? Five years?

AB: Chris and I both hope that GOA will eventually
make it onto the
screen, but I think we'd also be happy moving the
project back to its
animated medium. Possibly creating an animated weekly
show for

CG: That'd be nice. The truth is, there's so much
potential here,
with the
history of the Protectors of every region of the world
and every time
period, not to mention just the adventures of William
and Tamara and
allies, that we could do comics, animation, TV,
movies, etc., and never
the same story twice.

How many books are projected? Will they all be
full-length novels? What
about the limited, signed editions from Subterranean

AB: Right now we are working on the second GOA novel
for Del Rey.
we'll be doing some brand new stuff with Subterranean
in the future.

Where will you be signing?

AB: In the first half of November, Chris and I will
hit LA, New York,
Boston, San Diego and San Francisco. We'll just have
to see where we
from there.

Which GoA character is the most like you?

AB: I feel like a mix between William and Tamara.
I've tried to imbue
with as much spunk as possible, and him with all the
poncy dialogue I

CG: Probably Nigel Townsend, our resident vampire.
He's an

What historical figure do you wish would haunt you?

AB: Today, Edgar Allan Poe. Tomorrow? Who knows.

CG: I'll stick with the GoA version of Bodicea, who's
naked all the

What other books do you have on the horizon, Chris?

CG: In December, my novelization of Peter Jackson's
KING KONG will hit
shelves. Then, at the beginning of February, THE MYTH
HUNTERS arrives
stores. It's the first part of a trilogy I'm writing
for Bantam called
VEIL. I'm having the time of my life on the trilogy.
I'm halfway
the second book now. It takes place in two worlds
simultaneously, much
STRANGEWOOD, with a lot of moving back and forth.
It's about a guy who
about to be married, who has spent his whole life
doing what his father
expected of him instead of what he really wanted, and
even though he
this woman, the marriage is going to seal the deal on
who he's going to
for the rest of his life. And the story is about him
discovering what
of man he really is, instead of what kind of person
his father wants
him to
be. It also has just about every mythological
creature I could think

What other films and TV projects, Amber?

AB: I have a film that I wrote and directed called,
LUNATICS, coming out soon, a comic called SHADOWPLAY
with Ben
and a couple of indie films I acted in this year,
along with a Sci-Fi
Channel movie called GRYPHON.

Any other collaborative efforts other than GoA?

AB: Chris and I are also working on getting financing
for a film we've
written called THE HEIR.

CG: And we have an original, non GoA dark fantasy
novella that we're
committed to doing. We're just waiting to get a
deadline on it.

--Little Willow
Subject: Weirdness.

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Date Posted: Fri, Oct 14 2005, 6:00:06 pm PDT

Every place I've been since I came on-line, I'm being stalked by big words. Not the "expand your vocabulary" kind of words, but the "what the heck happened to the font!?!" kind of words. It's like my computer screen took a really deep breath......and is just holding it. Forever.
This is a bit disconcerting.

Also, my back hurts. Really, really, REALLY bad. I want to cry. (I pulled a muscle that refuses to heal.)

Dogtrot: It was a silly theory. It's fun to speculate, though. *s*
I liked the end, too. ["Lost" spoilers - most recent eppy] It was nice to see the group spending time together doing something other than running from danger. They need to bond and become strong. I have the same feeling you mentioned that something really horrific is coming.
Also, did you notice in Hurley's dream at the very beginning of the episode, Walt was the missing kid on the milk carton he was drinking from?
[end spoilers for most recent "Lost"]
I hope they can keep up the good writing, too. So far, they're doing a good job being original and unexpected.

When are you going to Serenity? I'm excited for you. You are going to love it so much!

Gothic: Which "Lost" episode are you up to?

"Firefly" actually pre-dated the actors' roles in "Buffy" and "Angel". They did those after the series was canceled.
Mal and Zoe are much nicer than Caleb and Jasmine, don't you think? *g*

I have to get off now. "Threshold" is coming on, and it hurts too much to sit here, anyway. {{Hugs}} to all.
Subject: LOST

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Date Posted: Fri, Oct 14 2005, 8:20:31 am PDT

I don't want to spoil anyone, but I thought the penultimate scene of Wednesday's episode, featuring Hurley, was really touching.
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Wed, Oct 12 2005, 10:51:22 am PDT

sounds as good as any

I'm really curious how this will all resolve. And I'm wondering how long they can keep this up. The show is so popular that it's bound to run for several more years on momentum alone. I hope the ending is not cringe-worthy.
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Wed, Oct 12 2005, 2:28:14 am PDT

hiya! good to hear from you again.

FT is fine. both babies are lovely. j j has started teething, and daniel already has two! could go on but don't want to bore everyone!

i am enjoying "Lost" too - it's so creepy! i am not so far advanced as you though, so am resisiting the temptation to read the spoilers!

i never saw firephly - don't get the channel it was on. however, i saw "serenity" last week with suzanne and i thought it was great. i googled it the next day, and looked at the imdb site to see what the people had been in (love that site, i always do that after seeing a film). i was very surprised that the captain was caleb (evil preacher in buffy) and the black lady was jasmine in angel! i didn't recoginse them! also, the girl who reminded me of willow in character was "the goth girl" in dead like me!

Subject: Dogtrot

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 11 2005, 9:00:09 pm PDT

The Lostasaurus: [spoiler/speculation] This is really off the wall, but what if the "smoke" is really some sort of air-born metal particles sent out by the station to retrieve and/or destroy people? They swirl around the person, then the super-magnet draws them back underground. Or they swirl around parts of the person, and drag them apart! They ignored Locke the first time, because he'd already been "magnetized" - which is why he can walk again. Only it's starting to wear off, which is why he was being dragged away last season. How's that? *g* [/spoiler, etc]

Hubby's home from work, so I've got to *poof*. I'll catch up with you tomorrow. {{Hugs}}
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 11 2005, 8:23:36 pm PDT

speculate away!
Subject: Dogtrot

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 11 2005, 8:12:06 pm PDT

TC wasn't particularly likeable in Jerry Maguire, either - though the ending made up for wanting to smack him throughout most of the movie. *g*

I'll keep my fingers crossed for both you and your daughter, then! Have you seen any statistics on how Serenity is doing?

" Why is it that we who populate these internet sites are the only ones who seem to appreciate the fantastic talents of JW and Company?"
I've been wondering that myself! Everytime I watch my Firefly DVDs, I can't believe the show wasn't a mega-hit! People in general don't seem to appreciate quality, I guess. They just want bigger and better special effects and explosions, etc.

I'm not letting myself become too attached to any of the new shows - I'm sure that would ensure their demise. A channel I can get has started showing Stargate Atlantis recently, so I'm becoming hooked on that. I figure it's safe, because it's in its second year now. *s*

I didn't think to add the numbers up on Lost! That's interesting - thanks! I have a screwy theory about the monster and the super-magnet. Care to hear it? *eg*
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 11 2005, 7:43:12 pm PDT

I've never taken to Tom Cruise. I guess the only role I've come close to enjoying him in is Jerry Maguire.

My daughter is coming for a visit this weekend and has made me promise not to see Serenity til then. Now I'm hoping that it is still playing. I'll be crushed if I don't get to see it. Why is it that we who populate these internet sites are the only ones who seem to appreciate the fantastic talents of JW and Company? I know this is good stuff. What the hell is wrong with everyone else? sigh

Night Stalker is not at all like the original. I miss the humor. But it is better than I expected. It's a good, creepy show. It's probably doomed then.

I tend to think of the 108 button as an experiment, except for the monster that roams the island. It's been a while seen we have seen someone eviscerated and torn limb-from-limb as was the pilot. I think the writers are putting us all to sleep, waiting to unleash a blood bath all over us.

Oh, and 108 is the sum of the magic numbers.

I think the writers will surprise me.
Subject: Bad Boxer! No cookie!

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 11 2005, 6:47:19 pm PDT

I'm really sorry it took me so long to get back here. I've been having some personal problems, and I kept waiting for a "good day". It seems those are going to be scarce, so here I am anyway. *s*

Dogtrot: The wedding sounds like it was really nice - all the right touches, but casual enough to be fun. :) (I'd make a Top Gun reference regarding Miramar, but I'm annoyed with Tom Cruise.)

Have you seen Serenity yet? Or should I say, how many times have you seen Serenity? *g* I've seen it twice. I was really pleased with it (though Rack mentioned he was disappointed with the ending), but I'm rather afraid we won't be getting a second movie. The crowd at the theater was very....sparse....when I was there. I've tried to strong-arm encourage everyone I know to see it, but I haven't been having a lot of luck. People can't seem to get it into their heads that they don't need to have seen the series to enjoy the film. :(

I'm loving the new season of Lost! What do you think would have happened if [spoiler] they hadn't pushed the button? Do you believe something catastrophic would have occured, or is it just a psychological experiment, as Jack maintained? I'm leaning toward the former. (Apparently, so did Jack in the end. *g*) It would make no sense to set up such an elaborate testing station with all that equipment just to play mind games. OTOH, when would they have time to do much else if they have to be there to push that button every 108 minutes? (It was 108, right?) Desmond didn't mention any other duties, did he? Of course, he wasn't part of the original team. What do you suppose happened to the replacements? Do you think the French woman (forgot her name) changing the signal that was being sent out interfered in that? Prevented them from coming somehow? [end spoiler]

I'm also liking Invasion, and Night Stalker is pretty good, too.

Dogmeat: *Smootch* back! :)

Gothic: It's a shame about Smallville and the James-missing. We've only had a brief glimpse of him so far, but he's still in fine form! (Once he "reformed", that is. He started out as a sort of black ooze!)

How is Fortune_teller and the little ones? I've appreciated the pictures. *s*

Rack: I just popped something in the mail for you today. *s* Any plans for the up-coming special day?

"Is there still a chance for me to become a rock star I wonder?"
Now you know what to wish for when you blow out your candles! *g*

I think it might be safe to discuss Serenity here, if we use spoiler font. I'm curious - why didn't you like the end?

Kung Fu: Come back and tell us what you've been up to! I've heard rumors.....*eg*

Ghost: Boo who? *s*

Almond pulls up a chair, and waits to see if any lost Boxers stumble in.
Subject: Rack_the_Warlock

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 04 2005, 7:24:49 pm PDT

Cream was excellent! There are so many great tracks to choose from. My personal favorite is Born Under a Bad Sign.

Did Cream all survive to the present day?
Subject: your mum!

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 04 2005, 8:32:58 am PDT

dogtrot - thanx for response.

Rack - how are you? haven't seen you in ages! i've started watching that rock school, and i quite enjoyed it. but then, i did like the film, school of rock. i love jack black! i also noticed the similarities - like learning rock history. how cool is that? i would have loved to have had that opportunity at school, especially with a rock god like gene simmons.

i do get the feeling i missed out on a lot at school, because recently at the museum, we had a week of re-enactments. kids from local schools all came in dressed in WW2 clothes and had the full evacuee experience - spam sandwichs, bread and dripping, and hearing lots of old stories about the war. it was great, and the kids really looked the part. i would have dressed up if i could - i love that sort of thing!

almost makes you want to go back to school....hang on, maybe not!

anyhoo, had better get back to work. sorry for the ramble!

Subject: Behoove yourselves!!

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Date Posted: Tue, Oct 04 2005, 7:41:37 am PDT

There was a very interesting and somewhat unintentionally humorous series that just started on television on Friday. I should imagine that its "borrowed" from the states. It's called Rock School and the premise is that a rock star takes some music students and converts in into depraved mini rock gods (okay, minus the depraved bit). I know what you're thinking..this sounds like "School of Rock". Well, yep it does. Now I don't know which came first..all I want to know is why didn't Gene Simmons do this when I was at school?
Gene even told his students that you can be a rock star and barely be able to play an instrument, this explains groups like Winger and Night Ranger. Simmons also states that the lead vocalist isn't necessary the best singer in the band (A sideways snipe at Paul Stanley?) but this explains how Ozzy got to be in Sabbath.
Is there still a chance for me to become a rock star I wonder?

Anyway, this segways into this weeks Rack's track of the week

Bit of an old one this. Cream - a sixties blues/rock combo - are reforming to play a few gigs here and in the states.So I thought it would be nice to pick a tune by one of the forerunners to the mighty Led Zeppelin. So my totw is White Room.

Cream comprised of Jack Bruce on bass and vocals, Ginger Baker on drums and some up and coming guitarist called Eric Clapton on guitar. This was written by Bruce and Pete Brown and contains some nice imagery; "Silver horses run down moonbeams in your dark eyes" for example and indeed later we have
"Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her dark eyes", obviously they have a thing for eyes. But what makes this track standout is some excellent wah wah guitar work from Mr Clapton...wonder whatever happened to him.

Take care all!!!

Subject: gothicwoman2001

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Date Posted: Mon, Oct 03 2005, 4:49:58 pm PDT

Season One wasn't my favorite, but I think it was the perfect way to introduce the show and laid the groundwork for the rest of the series. I think they got the show on-track very quickly. They establsihed the characters right off the bat. I love to watch the early episodes too.
Subject: behoove - i like that word!

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Date Posted: Mon, Oct 03 2005, 6:39:39 am PDT

haven't posted in a while, so here i am, sending a message from my spike shaped chair in the lurker loft.

big hugs to dogmeat. haven't seen you in ages.

Almond - i don't think we do get Smallville, at least i don't. you might on cable. i only have the cheapest one, i don't get all the good channels.

am working my way through buffy again. have nearly finished season one. i really liked the way the feeling of it changed through the seasons, but you can't beat the first series for silliness, and getting lost in the story. it's far less uncomfortable than some of the later series, and good if you just want to cheer yourself up. any thoughts?

Subject: Dogmeat!

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Date Posted: Tue, Sep 27 2005, 7:55:49 pm PDT

Nice to see that you dropped by!
Subject: *smooooch*

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Date Posted: Sat, Sep 24 2005, 8:14:19 pm PDT

Subject: Wedding

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Date Posted: Wed, Sep 21 2005, 7:52:33 am PDT


The wedding turned out very well. It was held at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, about 20 miles N of San Diego, at about 3pm (my son-in-law is a Navy corpsman-medic-atached to a marine outfit). It was a sunny day but not hot (~75*). There were probably about 50 people there. Everything went really well. The groom's mom is a caterer and did the catering for the reception which was held at the house they are living in, just a few minutes from the base. One of the groom's friends is a photographer and took hundreds of photos. My mom and an uncle and an aunt were there. My ex was there and her mom and her brother were there. One of my daughter's cousins was there. The grooms mom and step-dad were there, his best friend was the best-man. Several of my daughter's friends from high school (she's 26-so these were old friends she kept in contact with over the years) were there.

Work is starting-bye for now.
Subject: Hi Dogtrot!

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Date Posted: Wed, Sep 21 2005, 6:20:23 am PDT

It's good to see you, too. *s*
Pst! You didn't answer my question about the wedding.

Maybe the critics saw episodes of HIMYM that we haven't seen yet? It's going to have to work hard if it wants to hold its own against Kitchen Confidential, which is in the same time-slot. KC is well-written, fast-paced funny stuff (so far - hedging my bets this early in the season. *g*).

I didn't really like Threshold until about an hour into it - then I became caught up in the story. Until then, I thought it was stagey/overly dramatic. (C'mon! Black helicopters landing while she walks her dog? "You've just become the most important person in the world!" Why didn't they just beat me over the head with the script while shouting, "Pay attention! There's serious drama going on here!") I thought the scientific premise was interesting, though. I'll keep watching it for awhile to see how it develops. Besides, there's not much else on Friday nights now. (I miss Joan of Arcadia! *snif*)

I missed the season premiere of Gilmore Girls! We had a power outage. A friend of mine from LJ taped it, though, and she's sending it to me. Yay! I thought last night's episode was real good. Loved the dog! *g*

Invasion and Lost tonight!!! *dances*

Hey Kung Fu! Are you unpacked yet? *g*

Gothic: James Marsters is going to be on Smallville this season. Do you get that show in the UK?

Got to get off-line and call the doctor for some test results. I just know I'll spend the rest of the morning waiting around for him to call me back. Oh, well, it's not like I had plans...

Subject: Hi Almond!

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Date Posted: Tue, Sep 20 2005, 7:53:00 am PDT

Thanks for the yummy treats.

I'm afraid I've got to agree with you re HIMYM. The critics have been fawning all over this show, maybe it will get better. But I wasn't much impressed last night. It was nice to see Alyson again, though. And I thought she was the highlight of the show. Threshold creeped me out plenty. I'm looking forward to Invasion. It was nice to have Gilmore Girls back.

It's nice to see some life here at "The Box".
Subject: Hello all!

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Date Posted: Tue, Sep 20 2005, 7:31:13 am PDT

The front door swings open, revealing a burdened figure in the slanting sunshine beyond. As she steps into the shop, it is seen to be Almond carrying a large hamper, which she promptly places on the floor next to the counter. Seeing that some kind soul has cleaned recently, she begins to unpack various items. A large pot of coffee for those who need to kick-start their day and another of herbal tea for those who don't appear first. Mugs, teaspoons, cream, sugar and honey follow. The goat, panther and imp begin to take notice - noses twitching - from their respective vantage points. Buttery croissants, soft fragrant cheese, luscious ripe strawberries, muffins stuffed with blueberries and crisp sugary cookies (as well as a stack of plates) soon grace the counter. Looking the repast over with an approving nod, Almond retires to her comfy chair in the corner.

I thought a little celebration was in order, since we all seem to be drifting back in for the fall season. *s*

So.....which new shows have grabbed your interest this year? So far, I really like Supernatural, Bones (with David Boreanaz), and Kitchen Confidential (with Nick Brendon, though his part was quite small). How I Met Your Mother (with Alyson Hannigan) was okay, but I don't see it lasting - which is too bad for AH, as she was very good. She deserves her own show, instead of playing a second string character with the likes of "Doogie Howser".

I heard some news at the Barge. "JOSS WHEDON will appear in episode six of Veronica Mars, playing a car-rental agent named Douglas in a scene with Kristen Bell. The episode will air in November." Cool, huh?

How's everyone been? Did you do anything interesting this summer (or winter, as the case may be)? How did the wedding go, Dogtrot? Tell us all the shiny details! *g*

And speaking of "shiny", go here to see the trailer for Serenity. Yay! Can't wait for the 30th! I've been seeing little trailers on TV advertising the movie, but the one I linked you to really gives you the feel of it all. *s*

I tried the new Magic Box quiz, but I didn't do very well. Could it be my Buffy Abilities are getting a bit.....rusty?

Last (but never least) I'd like to send belated wishes to an MIA poster:

Happy Birthday Gabrielle!

Hope you had a wonderful day, sweetie. I'm so sorry I missed it this year. :(
And POST occasionally, darn it! *g*

*lurking a bit*
Subject: Here comes trouble...

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Date Posted: Mon, Sep 19 2005, 7:58:16 am PDT

The cat flap that was the sole reserve for MissKittyFantastico swings to an' fro and the Magic Box's smallest and most bothersome inhabitant wends his way to the dark recess 'neath the stairs.

Hi everyone! I bring some news. Sarah Michelle Gellar is doing a film version of "Alice in Wonderland". However, this differs from the Lewis Carroll children's favourite in that it is based on a computer game where the lead characters eliminate enemies with croquet mallets - well it beats using pointy wood stakes I guess.

Also for your delight and gratification there is a new Magic Box quiz for you to test your brain power and Buffy knowledge on. I was even allowed to slip in a Charmed/Buffy cross over question and there's a sort of Lost/Angel one too!!

Subject: last post?

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Date Posted: Fri, Sep 16 2005, 8:40:55 pm PDT

Things have been so quiet here, I wonder if this will be he last post.
Subject: Scary

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Date Posted: Sat, Sep 10 2005, 10:36:10 am PDT

Subject: Behoove...lol!

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Date Posted: Sat, Sep 03 2005, 9:34:57 pm PDT

It is a goatish sort of word come to think of it. It must have a strange derivation.

Kung Fu Cowboy

It is kind of eerily silent here in the Box...like a dark and dank tomb. Spooky.
Subject: Goat?!

Kung Fu Cowboy
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Date Posted: Thu, Sep 01 2005, 9:39:26 pm PDT

oh no! The normal [as normal as anything that frequents the Magic Box can be] inhabitants of the Box have been left to run amock while the rest of us get on with our RL. Guess I'll just have to take care of 'em while you guys are busy...

Kung Fu dons a blue robe that seemingly came from nowhere and begins to tend to the animal denizens of the Box, as well as the normal run of the mill dust and mess that usually builds up.

He chases the goat away from Dogtrot's post and pulls a sack of lucerne from his robe [it's that kind of robe], which the goat immediately nabs and trots out the back to uncertain regions.

A seemingly freshly slaughtered lamb is next which he throws to the panther to keep it from eating either the imp or the goat.

...uncertain exactly what to feed the imp he hands it a menu. The imp snatches the manu out of Kung Fu's hand and just gobbles that up.

"hmm...ok that's all the living inhabitants covered now, what to do about this mess?"

Kung Fu picks up a broom and draws a spellbook out of his robe and starts to chant...
..the broom immediately takes it upon itself to sweep the floor, walls cieling and indeed anything else it decides it can reach, but upon having completed it's task will not stop!

Kung Fu reaches for his Extra Sharp battleaxe [which some kind person has left neatly in a corner and cuts the broom in twain. Shock! Horror! There are now two brooms sweeping madly! Kung Fu [who, at this point is beginning to look a little like Mickey Mouse] chops the brooms until they are little more than saw dust, then thinking quickly pulls out a flame thrower from his robe and burns the heck out of the still twitching fragments of broom. With that Kung Fu Cowboy throws off his robe and runs madly out the back door.

...All is now quiet in the Magic Box, and there is little movement except for lamb being eaten rather sloppily and an evil imp sitting on top of a bookcase with a terribly impish looking grin.

Subject: The goat ambles in......

The Annoying One
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Date Posted: Thu, Sep 01 2005, 6:17:58 pm PDT

.....and looks for a Track of the Week, as he's in the mood to dance. Finding none, he begins to nibble on dogtrot's post. He starts with "behoove", as it's a very goatish sort of word.
Subject: Six Feet Under

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Date Posted: Mon, Aug 22 2005, 7:52:23 am PDT

Hi Boxers!

I don't know if anyone here has been watching Six Feet Under on HBO. The last couple of seasons have been less entertaining in the opinion of some, but in last night's series finale the show went out with a bang. If you've ever seen the show, it would behoove you to try to catch a rerun of the series finale.
Subject: fly by

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Date Posted: Fri, Aug 12 2005, 6:39:39 am PDT

hullo peeps! have been lurking for a while, so thought i had better post, so you know i haven't disappeared!

tarasapp - what happened at the comic con? i wanna hear all about it!

Almond - big hugs, hope to see you again soon.

veggieburger - i signed that card, thanks for the info!

Kung Fu - good to hear from you. it's not just your keyboard with a screw loose - i have one too! lol

Subject: Hey Guys

Kung Fu Cowboy
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Date Posted: Sun, Aug 07 2005, 11:58:16 pm PDT

Hey guys, just thought I'd check into see how everyone is, and give you a little update on what I'm doing.
I recently went to Brisbane on a course for work [felt a little more like a holiday if you ask me]. As you may or may not know, Brisbane is in the other end of the country to where I usually hang out and being that is't winter here I was ecstatic to go to the tropics for 2 weeks.

THe only downside was that I moved the day before I left so I spent one night in my new place and had to go away for 2 weeks. I spent the last week wishing I was home so I could settle in.
Anyway I've been home for a week now, and now that I've got the net up and running again I just thought I'd pop in and let you know that I haven't dropped off the planet.

I was worried about our British Boxer's too, I hope you guys are all ok. This terrorism thing is terrible indeed, and I'm truly thankful that inside Australia we have thusfar been spared from such horrific incidents.

I did try to post a couple of things before I moved but I couldn't get anything to work. Maybe my keyboard has a loose nut on the end?
Subject: Sign an online birthday card for Andy Hallett

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Date Posted: Tue, Jul 26 2005, 10:01:09 pm PDT

Andy Hallett's birthday is coming up on August 4th, and there are a couple of sites that are doing an online greeting card that will be collected and given to him at the Angel Booster Bash. You can sign their online cards at:
Sign Andy Hallett's Birthday Card - AUg 4
OR here at:
Sign Andy Hallett's Birthday Card - AUg 4
Subject: Looking for a fic

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Date Posted: Sat, Jul 23 2005, 5:54:43 am PDT

I have been looking for a fic that I read several months ago - I can't seem to find it again.

The plot was: Buffy goes to LA post NFA to discover not only was Spike alive again, but dead again, too. She goes into a depression, holes herself up in Spike's apartment, and starts seriously drinking alcohol. Dawn and Willow discover what has happened and try to get her to sober up, but Buffy discovered that when she becomes very drunk she can see and talk to Spike....

Poor description, I know. I can't even remember where I read the fic - and I would really like to see if the author has finished it yet. I have never read a depiction of Buffy that was so startlingly genuine.

If anyone knows the name of the fic or the author... please - take pity on me and post the answer.

Thanks bunches!
Subject: why wasnt sara michelle gellar at the season 7 finale party????

Justine M
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Date Posted: Wed, Jul 20 2005, 10:38:05 pm PDT

why wasnt sara michelle gellar at the season 7 finale party???? that was a little disappointing . . . what did she have to say about being on the show and being the central character?
Subject: You have got to see this! LMAO

Lord of the Dance not the scary one
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Date Posted: Sat, Jul 16 2005, 7:58:22 am PDT

Angel and Spike have crashed the Wedding Crashers movie trailer.
Click here to watch it again:


*please do not send to anyone under 21 years of age.

In Theatres July 15
Subject: Going on "safari"....

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Date Posted: Fri, Jul 15 2005, 6:27:19 pm PDT

....until the new fall season starts. Hope to see you all then.

Take care of yourselves.
Subject: Hello all.

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Date Posted: Thu, Jul 14 2005, 6:43:04 am PDT

Thank you to those of you who humored me by checking in. I appreciate it. We may not talk as often as we used to, but I hope we're still friends, and I do worry. Too much, according to some.

It's nice to see a couple of long-missing faces, as well as a brand-new-to-the-Magic-Box one. At least, I don't think Jude has posted here before, but my memory is not what it once was.

I want to do individual comments to all of you, but I have to get off-line. We have dial-up and girl-not-a-child is expecting a call from a prospective employer. Plus, today is one of the high-lights of my week. Laundry day. Woo with a side of hoo.

*leaves to gather laundry*
Subject: Update and my new message board

Lord of the Dance not the scary one
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Date Posted: Wed, Jul 13 2005, 5:48:19 pm PDT

Hey there everyone!

I've missed you all so much. I've had a lot of deadlines the last few months. Some of them have been day job related (Yuck!), but some have been writing related. I should have some short stories coming out soon in various magazines and an anthology very soon. I will keep you all posted.

I have also added a message board to my website:


Please stop by and take a look. There is a TV forum there just aching for some Buffy/Angel/Firefly chatter! :)

Which reminds me...you probably already know, but Sci-fi is going to start showing Firefly! I don't know why I'm so excited about that when I have the DVD box, but there you go. I guess I'm hoping people who missed it and didn't fork out the money for the DVD will see it and go see Serenity this fall.

Well, anyway, just stopped by to say hey. Hope to be back very soon and stay much longer. :)


Subject: checking out

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Date Posted: Tue, Jul 12 2005, 6:55:01 pm PDT

just a quick flyby....on a...broom... (dont ask me!) o.O

a short "howdyyyy!!!" to the people who remember me...greyish...in a dark and spiderwebbed corner of their brains... :]

*short wave to aria* been over a year now.... :< *sad*

Subject: checking in

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Date Posted: Tue, Jul 12 2005, 2:55:12 pm PDT

Hey all :)

I am just getting back home from university and am busy with studying.

I am planning on going to the Comic Con on Friday and Saturday this weekend. The Serenity panel will be going on, Amber will be doing a couple panel discussions, Seth Green will be there and Nick Brenden too. I'll be back next week to tell you all about it.

Much love and sympathies to those of you in the UK.
Subject: Rack

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Date Posted: Tue, Jul 12 2005, 10:40:19 am PDT

Hey, Almond. I sent Rack an e-mail a few days ago and he replied to say that he is fine.

See you on LJ!
Subject: we're fine

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Date Posted: Mon, Jul 11 2005, 12:52:09 am PDT

Almond - thank you but we are fine. ft doesn't work in london any more, thankfully, and none of our family were there, as far as we know.

however, a friend of mine is still trying to contact her sister and aunty. they went to london to visit her grandma in hospital and haven't been heard from since.

it's so awful, what more can you say?

on a lighter note, i worked 13 and a half hours on friday for the VE / VJ day celebrations. It went well, and all the old veterans really enjoyed it, so that's the main thing.

also, good luck to Suzanne - it's her first day back at work today after having J J!

big hugs to all!

Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Sun, Jul 10 2005, 6:29:58 pm PDT

It's a medium event and they are doing it low cost. The fiance is a corpsman in the Navy, and they are going to have the wedding on base with the base chaplin. The fiance's mom has a restaurant (in Arizona) and is going to cater. I'm picking up some of the costs here and there. But it hasn't been very expensive (yet).

Yeah, where the heck is everybody? They had a sort of roll call (tiggy at the Beta Bronze) and there were apparently no Bronzer casualties in the UK.
Subject: Check in please?

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Date Posted: Sun, Jul 10 2005, 9:43:58 am PDT

Don't mean to be a pest, but I'm getting a bit worried about our Boxers in the UK. Please drop a line to let us know you're okay. (cc Rack, Gothic, Fortune, Lionhunter, etc.)

Dogtrot: Is your daughter planning a big event? Are you getting stuck with the bill? *g*

Sometimes I watch a show on the Style Channel called Who's Wedding Is It Anyway?. I can't believe the elaborate extremes some people go to when it comes to their wedding. I know it's suppose to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but c'mon! $8,000 for a dress? They could put a down-payment on a house for what is spent on a one day event. Of course, maybe I'm just jealous - hubby and I got married at the courthouse 'cause we couldn't afford anything else. *g*
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Sat, Jul 09 2005, 8:42:27 pm PDT

Cool! With the dvd sets we are going to become independent of the network hacks. Yay us!.

Only three more weeks to the wedding. My daughter is mostly living in San Diego now, so I'm a little insulated from all the commotion.
Subject: Dogtrot

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Date Posted: Sat, Jul 09 2005, 7:02:17 am PDT

Hey there! Sorry for disappearing on you again. I've had very little chance to get on-line lately. No wedding preparations going on here, but plenty of other things that take my mind off posting. I guess I'm a bad "Boxer".

It's really nice that you and your daughter get along so well. I envy you that. I think my reaction when girl-not-a-child finally moves out might be a sigh of relief at no longer having to walk the daily tightrope of "parental responsibility" verses "I hate you - stay out of my life". Good times.

In better news - guess what I just bought? I'm now the obsessive owner of all 7 seasons of BtVS! Yay! To heck with prime-time programming. I'll just watch my favorites over and over. I have Wonderfalls and Firefly, too. I think I'll start on Gilmore Girls next. I'm becoming a regular "dvd potato". *g*

Do you think everyone else lost the addy to this place?
Subject: anybody home?

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Date Posted: Tue, Jul 05 2005, 10:09:45 am PDT

Gee, another big lull in the action here at the Magic Box. I hope all in the US had a nice 4th. The three day weekend is such a joy! The weather here was pretty nice low to mid 80's. There was a nice local fireworks display (the aerial show was easily visible from my back yard, althouh my poor dog suffered from all the explosions.
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Mon, Jun 27 2005, 10:04:04 am PDT

She's pretty excited. The wedding plans are in a state of flux, although the major things (date, time, location, groom-*g*) are set. The invitations were mailed Wednesday.

I don't live in a big house, but it's gotten to feeling much larger with just me and the dog rattling around as she's been gone a lot the last couple months. On the other hand, the place is neater than it's been in decades! I'm sure I'll miss her when she finally moves out completely. We've always gotten along really well.
Subject: Dogtrot

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Date Posted: Sun, Jun 26 2005, 6:05:30 am PDT

Multiple congratulations to your daughter! Sounds like things will be frantic-busy in your family for the next few weeks. I hope things go smoothly. Is she having a big wedding? I'll bet you're really going to miss her when she's gone.

Sometimes hubby and I talk about moving when girl-not-a-child leaves the nest. We are both ready to escape the headaches close proximity to various relatives and ex-whatevers are giving us. Unfortunately, we couldn't go too far, as he'd have to stay within driving distance from his work. There's a nice town about 25 minutes away that I'm very fond of, though. Of course, I'd have to check out their library before we made any final decisions. *s*

What I'd really like to do is get a small place of our own in a woods somewhere. Far, far away from anyone. I could spend my days communing with nature and enticing the faeries out of their hills. I'm afraid hubby might go a bit nuts, though. *g*
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Thu, Jun 23 2005, 4:26:37 pm PDT

What a beautiful little baby!

There's some big doin's in my neck of the woods too. My daughter graduated (at long last) from college last month, is moving to San Diego and getting married the end of July. Everything is happening all at once!
Subject: Dogtrot

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Date Posted: Thu, Jun 23 2005, 10:55:43 am PDT

Thanks! *g* If you'd like to see a picture of her go here.

How's every little thing in your world? Life treating you alright?
Subject: Almond

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Date Posted: Thu, Jun 23 2005, 7:49:35 am PDT

Congratulations on your new "Grand" status!
Subject: Something Almond this way comes....

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Date Posted: Thu, Jun 23 2005, 6:49:19 am PDT

Such a seemingly simple question sure brought forth some thoughtful and interesting answers. Good job, tarasApprentice! I enjoyed reading everyone's responses. Do you suppose that - now that the show has been off the air for awhile - we're ready to start filling the void with a little discussion again? *s*

It was hard to choose one character because, as Gothic said, all of the folk who peopled the Buffyverse were given a depth not found in other shows, and the main characters had a richness of detail to them that still amazes me. A casually inserted comment, such as in "Amends" when Cordelia exposed Xander's family secret of heavy drinking, is followed by another dollop of detail, for example Xander mentioning the uncle with the drinking problem in "The Zeppo"(cc Kung Fu - I watched that recently, too!), and is later shown to be a significant factor in shaping who he is as a person - resulting in the sad outcome of "Hell's Bells". It just made one respect him more for over-coming the obstacles in his early life to develop into the admirable man he became as the series progressed. In what other ways do you suppose Xander's family problems affected his personality and attitudes through-out the series? Do you think it had anything to do with his ability to "see" more clearly than the others? In connection to this, I always found it interesting that he was the first to see the good in not only Cordy (cc Rack) but also Anya when everyone else was ready to dismiss them out of hand. He saw the inherent danger in Angel - and I don't think it was just jealousy that made him react the way he did to the Broody One. Perhaps his experience in dealing with the extreme changes alcohol can bring out in a person's personality caused him to become adept at looking beneath the surface.

I sometimes wonder if Joss had all our questions about the characters answered in his head before he introduced us to them. I imagine a file cabinet filled with thick biographies gathering dust somewhere as he moves on to other projects. It makes me want to plan a midnight raid on his old offices. Anyone up for a spot of B&E?

I have more to say *hears the concerted groan from cyber-space*, but I can't take any more time just now. We're off to the lawyer's office to sign some crap.
Before I *poof*, I wanted to mention that I've been having some trouble getting through the front door, too. (cc Dogtrot, EmilyBoo, Gothic). Please tell me the Box isn't about to do a magical disappearing act!
Also, for those of you who aren't involved with LJ, I have big though time-delayed news. Hubby became a "grumpa" in April. Which makes me "Granny Di" by marriage. (Hey, I'll take grandma-hood any way I can get it! *g* Babies to spoil! Hee!) A little girl born two months early now "graces" our world. She's still in the neo-natal unit of a near-by town, but she's doing well and should be home soon.

Got to run. {{Hugs}} to all!
Subject: it must be bunnies!

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Date Posted: Thu, Jun 16 2005, 3:11:59 am PDT

hey peeps!

some very interesting ideas there, a lot of which i agree with. i think the most complicated character in the buffy verse would have to be willow, as i have just started watching season one again with Fortune Teller and it is amazing how much she changed throughout the seasons. i won't say any more because i think the lovely Almond covered all the main points.

i agree with Kung Fu Cowboy's comments about oz. he was very interesting and complex, but in a very clever, subtle way. he was always so quiet, you wasn't sure if he was even listening to the conversation, then he would come out with some extremely acerbic, witty one-liner. man, i loved oz! i miss him!

thinking about it, you could write a thesis on most of the characters. they were all so diverse and had so many levels to them. the genius of joss whedon!

happy belated birthday wishes to tarasapprentice - sorry i didn't say it before - i didn't know it was your birthday because i didn't have time to scroll last time i was in here!

anyhoo, suppose i ought to at least pretend to be doing some work! lol

Subject: Thank yous

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Date Posted: Wed, Jun 15 2005, 2:06:20 pm PDT

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes everyone! :)

I'm still pondering my answer to the question I asked and I have to add that I love you guys because you didn't give stock, predictable answers.
Subject: Subject line goes here

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Date Posted: Tue, Jun 14 2005, 12:45:18 pm PDT

Happy birthday to tarasapprentice!

I haven't been able to get to the board since the last time I posted, I tried every day. *crosses arms and expects an explanation*

I like Almond's answer for the "complex character" question, so I'm stealing it.
Subject: we're still here!

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Date Posted: Tue, Jun 14 2005, 12:02:56 pm PDT

Wow. I thought the "Box" had been closed for good after being unable to log on for the last few days.
Subject: hey peeps!

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Date Posted: Tue, Jun 14 2005, 7:33:49 am PDT

grr - i haven't been able to visit this website in ages, it wouldn't let me.

am just about to go home from work, so don't have time for a long one.

good to see the board being active again. i shall have to think about the questions raised and post later.

for now, hugs to all!

Subject: oooh! A quiz...of sorts

Kung Fu Cowboy
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Date Posted: Sun, Jun 12 2005, 1:03:52 am PDT

Hi guys! I tried to post a few days ago but it wouldn't let me. Even when I tried to use the post link it wouldn't let me, so I think the problem was on my end but anyway...

I love the complex character question. The depth of the characters was one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's strengths. Here's my answer:

I believe that Xander was the most interesting character in the series. I suppose I liked Xander so much because I'm very like him but he always seemed so interesting to me because he was the Zeppo. In the final series the First saw him as a threat because of the fact that he saw everything from the outside, and I suppose to some extent this is a kind of "super-power" as most people in this world and the Buffyverse are quite used to looking inward all the time. Xander's primary motivation throughout the entire series was love for his friends. He would readily lay down his life for them if it was necessary [it just never really turned out to be so], and wasn't afraid to tell it like it is when it needed to be said. The episode "The Zeppo" where the Xand man had to deal with the zombies [or whatever you want to call them] showed that although he only wished to help his friends, he was capable enough to deal with the sort of problems one has to deal with on the Hellmouth, moreso than I think even he would have admitted at the time.

I had thought about trying to do Oz for this but it's difficult to take an in depth look at a character that typically speaks 10 lines or less in any episode he appears in. I love Oz and I do think he's extremely complex but any character deconstruction on him would take pages and I have neither the correct material to work from nor the inclination to do that right now, so I guess you'll have to be happy with Xander. He was always my favourite anyway :)
Subject: Happy Birthday tarasapprentice!

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Date Posted: Sat, Jun 11 2005, 8:30:04 pm PDT

I hope you had a fun day.

Hi Almond! Hope all is well with you.

Hi Rack_the_warlock!

Hi EmilyBoo!

re the Complex character question:

I'm not sure about the most complex character. But my favorite was Willow. I think AH is just a terrific actress, but the level of the talent is so high in BtVS that it's a close call. I think any of the main characters could have carried the show if they had decided to go on after season 7.
Subject: We control the horizontal…

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Date Posted: Sat, Jun 11 2005, 8:35:11 am PDT

Happy Birthday tarasApprentice!!!

Hope that your day is extra special.

In response to tarasApprentice’s question I too was going to say Willow but almond appears to have beaten me to that character. So, instead I’ll choose Cordelia Chase.
Cordy starts of a vain, self-centred, materialistic individual. The bane of both Willow and to some extent Xander. However, in series two she starts to undergo something of a transformation most notably about the time she and Xander start seeing each other. Although this seeing each other started out we them seeing each other in a broom cupboard. Cordy even became a fully fledged Scooby and even sort of saved Buffy’s life in “Beauty and the Beasts” until “Lovers Walk” where she and Oz caught Xander and Willow in a compromising situation. Blessed with an acerbic wit and a tongue almost as sharp as one of Buffy’s stakes, Cordy was also quite intelligent and was accepted by a number of reputable universities. Which makes a change as cheerleaders are often portrayed as being slightly dim. But it’s probably on Angel that Cordy really came into her own. Copping with the burden of prophetic visions (yes Teddy – just like Phoebe) and having to become part demon to avoid her head exploding as a result of them, she aided Angel and the Fang gang fight against a horde of demons, vampires and whatever Wolfram and Hert threw at them. In the end this cost Cordy her life, passing away in the final season of Angel but not without helping him from beyond the grave.

Subject: Do not adjust your television set...

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Date Posted: Sat, Jun 11 2005, 6:49:04 am PDT

It's really me. I come bearing apologies for my absence and cheesecake. Why the cheesecake? Because it's time to wish

Happy Birthday to tarasApprentice!!!

Hope your day is spectacularly special and fantastically fun. :)

{{Hugs}} to everyone. I need to do some serious scrolling before I attempt to make rational conversation - which I don't have time to do just now.
I will answer this, though:

"Who do you think was the most complex character in the Buffyverse? Why?"

I think it was Willow. At least, it could have been - if the time had been taken to explore a couple of things. Her journey of self-discovery could have been a fascinating event to watch unfold. I felt as though her trip from quiet geek to powerful goddess missed a few important stops along the way.
At the beginning, she wavered between being self-assured and dismissing herself as unimportant depending on the subject at hand. Was this the outcome of having parents who devalued and ignored her, or growing up in a society that valued conventional beauty and social skills above intelligence during the high-school years? Was her relationship with Oz an attempt to garner the respect of her peers or was it true love? If the latter, was Willow really gay, or was she bi-sexual? In later episodes, it seemed to be firmly established that her sexual orientation was "same sex", but that seems inconsistant to me given her emotional reaction to her break-up with Oz in season five. Was some of that reaction really fear of accepting the person she was beginning to realize she was? How does her life-long obsession with Xander fit in to this?
Then we come to the magic. I found it interesting that Willow didn't really gain power in that area until she bonded with Tara. Was Tara a magical catalyst, or was it that Willow was unable to develop her latent ability until she came to terms with her inner self?
I was annoyed (along with countless others from what I've read) that ME turned Willow's problem with magic from "power corrupts" into "Addictions Anonymous". It was obviously the former, as was proven by her ability to regain control after spending time with the coven in England and having her self-confidence restored. As any self-respecting Wiccan knows, it's not the magic itself but how one uses it that matters. If it had been an addiction, as so much time was wasted establishing, she could never have gone back to it without self-destructing.

Got to run, but I'll be back soon to read everyone else's thoughts on tarasAprentice's question.
Subject: Brup-ith-a

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Date Posted: Fri, Jun 10 2005, 3:49:41 pm PDT

Subject: my required subject title

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Date Posted: Fri, Jun 10 2005, 10:10:45 am PDT

Hey :) It's Friday. It's raining. But I have my track of the week to keep me happy. Let it keep you happy too!

Over The Moon from Rent

Last Night I Had A Dream
I Found Myself In a desert Called Cyberland.
it was hot, my canteen had sprung a leak and I was... thirsty.

Out Of The Abyss Walked A Cow -
Elsie. I Asked If She Had Anything To Drink.
She Said, "I'm Forbidden To Produce Milk. In
Cyberland, We Only Drink Diet Coke."

She Said, "Only Thing To Do Is Jump Over The Moon."

Sorry for the un-called for useage of capital letters. I'm too busy enjoying the sin of sloth to compensate.

A question. Who do you think was the most complex character in the Buffyverse? Why?
Subject: The Inside

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Date Posted: Thu, Jun 09 2005, 9:56:03 am PDT

I was expecting Amber Benson last night, but she's in episode 11, not 1. I hope it lasts that long. I liked it.
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