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Subject: Forum Temporarily Closed

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Date Posted: 13:53:23 06/08/01 Fri

Due to current life demands that are eating up most of the time available to yers trooly, the Forum is temporarily closed. I need time to regroup and I can't be around to moderate the Forum for a while. Since there are certain...um...unsavory elements currently stalking my Forum, I think someone should be watching this place. But since I can't do that watching for a while, I decided to put things on hold for a while. I can always be reached through the email addresses provided on my site. Everyone is welcome to keep coming back to check out the site. I hopefully will clear up the current life drama that I find myself living these days soon. Until then, thanks to everyone that has come here for a bit of honest discussion.

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Subject: Last Rebuttal

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Date Posted: 07:32:26 06/11/01 Mon

Damn, I think that I've earned some sort of Internet "harrassment target" badge by now.

Since I started this site, it has been repeatedly visited by people I used to know and work with...for more on that story go here and here. Suffice to say they come to the site and cause mischief sometimes. The most recent form of this mischief involved dozens of pseudonyms under which they posted a flood of dross. My Forum’s archives were getting pushed to their limits thanks to the never-ending nonsense posts of just a few people. At least one of them means no harm, but the others get carried away...on purpose.

I am very busy with my life right now. I have many other things to do these days rather than monitor the Forum, waiting for them to start trouble so that I can nip it in the bud. Most importantly, I need to find a new job. That and a million other things that have come up since I lost my last job. So forgive me if I have better things to do than mess around with a couple of no-lifes looking to have a bit of fun at my expense.

Anyway, one of them (they always use very clever pseudonyms) came to the Guestbook this weekend under the name of "Trebble" and said:

"So people post things that you do not agree with and you censor them by taking down the forum?"

These people think that they're pretty clever. And to a point they are so. But they have this line that they won't let go of: every time that I take down the posts they leave, the ones that either attack me or others personally or only serve to disrupt or spam the site, they come back and say that I am censoring them. Like I have said before, I don't consider it censorship if I take down a slandering post or a post that has nothing to do with my site or current events or the subject matter of my site.

They also call me pompous and pretentious for enjoying the things that I write about and quote from on my site. They're very intelligent people. But in my opinion, they are the kind of intelligent people that use their intelligence for selfish reasons. They use it to intimidate and belittle others. They use it to make up clever, oh so clever nicknames and post to a site that belongs to someone they once knew and now have some mysterious grudge against. I keep saying "they" but just one might be the culprit. In the end, it doesn't matter.

To you people at the "Big F", you know who you are. We've played this game for months now. So you want me to change my site around and be more security-conscious, more paranoid? I don't know. I know that I believe that I never did anything to provoke you. Whatever.

You've come here again and again, and sometimes you attack me saying, when the personal arguements we have held in this public forum raged, that I should not be displaying such a personal conflict for all to see. But guess what? You've made this part of my life public. You've made this part of my Internet life a fascinating sociological occurance, as far as I am concerned. I want people to see what you and I have said. I want those that have been plagued by people like you that I've been through the same thing. As far as I am concerned, you are part of the Internet elitists and the "digerati", and you have been trying to project that image onto me, calling me pretentious and pompous

For every one of you, I have come in contact with people, the people that have emailed me and the people that have contributed to the site, that think I am one of them. Someone to be seen as a peer. Someone they did not find elitist just because he likes philosophy.

So okay, I have lost some of my Internet innocence and trust. I will be cracking down on the Guestbook and the Forum, looking for the disrupting ants. Like I have always said, honest discussion is welcome and "spam" directed at me or others will not be tolerated. Call it house rules, grafted from the rules of the chatrooms. Call it my pretention if you want, when I take down your never-ending posts that push my archives to their limits almost bursting, loading all sorts of clever pseudonyms into the deal.

I am thinking about open the Forum again soon, but in what way? Do I let the little ants that have been swarming over my site force me to make the forum a place that is password-protected forever? Do I now have to ask people that want to use the Forum to apply for passwords in order to use it? Or do I open it up and have to come in and clean house after they come in to spam? I am trying to keep the Forum open and easy to access, but there are people out there that are trying to prevent that, it seems. Like I have always said, all I want in the forum is real discussion, and not playtime where some people can attack others and cause a mess for me to clean up. I'm not your babysitter anymore, in other words.

Thanks for the memories. Go find somewhere else to play.


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Subject: Speaking of kids and guns...

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Date Posted: 05:46:59 05/31/01 Thu

Idaho Kids Holed Up at Home, Resist Police
SANDPOINT, Idaho - Police played a waiting game on Thursday morning, hoping that six children holed up in their rural home for two days would break their silence and talk to authorities offering help, a Sandpoint officer said.

Police overnight kept a vigil outside the house on a dirt road in a hamlet near Sandpoint in northern Idaho, and would try again to end the standoff with the six McGuckin children, aged 8 to 16, that began on Tuesday, an officer said early on Thursday.

With their father recently dead from an illness and their mother in police custody, the children ignored officers' attempts to negotiate with them on Wednesday, instead unleashing several ``vicious'' dogs on the police, the officer said.

``Everything is status quo this morning,'' said a Sandpoint officer. ``We're hoping things change this morning.''

The standoff began on Tuesday when police arrested the mother, JoAnn McGuckin, 46, on a warrant charging felony injury to a child. An officer had lured her outside with the offer of taking her to a store.

Their father, Michael McGuckin, died several weeks ago of an illness, the officer said.

After the arrest, police went to the home and tried to contact the children with a loudspeaker to take them into protective custody, but the children would not cooperate and locked themselves in the rundown home, the officer said.

The dogs, described as vicious by police, were going in and out of the house since being released by the children on Wednesday, the officer said.

The officer, who declined to be identified, said police feared that the children might have guns and were patiently waiting for them to shed their fears so the stalemate doesn't evolve into something more explosive.

I'm not sure how this will figure in to the gun arguments we've been having here. How do the gun banning people see this situation? I know I could just assume that this is more fodder for your thoughts, but then again, maybe not. I don't want to assume. I sorta feel for the kids, and I kinda see their point of view. The kids are supposedly afraid of being split up and sent to different foster homes. That's what I heard was one of the cops' theories. I am not sure if that has been confirmed yet. I wonder if that is the intention of the authorities. BUT, if that IS the case, I think me and my siblings would have fought to stay together. Not sure that we would pick up guns to wage that fight, but I am sure we would resist somehow. I thought that "releasing the hounds" on the cops was a good way to defend the old homestead, though.

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Subject: Not to hammer a point, but...

Rodney Reel
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Date Posted: 05:36:32 05/10/01 Thu

Check this story out. Pay special attention to the part about how he found the gun.
14-year-old boy denies he planned to kill teacher
May 8, 2001
Web posted at: 6:32 PM EDT (2232 GMT) CNN.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (CNN) -- A 14-year-old boy charged with murdering his language arts teacher testified Tuesday he had no plans to kill the man he called his favorite teacher.
Nathaniel Brazill showed little emotion on the stand during two hours of testimony. He described pulling out a handgun on the last day of classes last May when Lake Worth Community Middle School teacher Barry Grunow would not let him talk to two friends in private. Lake Worth is the city just south of West Palm Beach.
Brazill had returned to the campus after being sent home earlier in the day for getting in a water balloon fight.
Brazill, who was 13 at the time, said Grunow did not appear to be "taking him seriously" and so he cocked the gun to let him know it was real. He said Grunow told him to "get that out of my face."
"Immediately after that, that's when the gun went off," he said.
Brazill said he did not recall pulling the trigger and he believed the gun's safety was on. He said he remembers clutching the gun with two hands and trembling with tears in his eyes when he was pointing the gun at Grunow.
Why did he have tears, asked his attorney Robert Udell.
"You're standing there thinking about what's going on and that makes you sad," Brazill said.
"You realized what you're doing is ridiculous?"
"Yes," the boy responded.
He said he took off running after the gun fired and pointed the gun at another teacher who was moving toward him. "I told him, 'Don't bother me,'" Brazill said.
With teachers, students and at least two officers in pursuit, he ran toward a nearby park to call the police to turn himself in, he said. But before he did that, he saw an officer he knew from a recreation center, told him what he had done and turned himself in peacefully, Brazill said.
Why didn't he just stop after the gun went off?
"I was scared ... scared of what was going on," he said.
Brazill described Grunow, a father of two, as a "nice guy" and a "good teacher" who "made his class fun."
Grunow had given him an "F" on a progress report about a week before the shooting, but Brazill said he had no ill-will toward his favorite teacher and that he had completed the necessary work to pass the class.
"Are you a psycho?" Udell asked Brazill.
"No," Brazill said.
"Are you demented?"
"What does that mean?" Brazill asked.
"It means are you a cold-blooded killer?"
"No," Brazill said.
"Did you mean to harm Mr. Grunow?"
Brazill, wearing a dark sweater, collared shirt and dark tie, portrayed himself as an average student who made decent grades in school with an occasional "D," typically in science class. He said he was a boy who liked to "joke around with his friends" and "liked to make people laugh."
He said he hoped to enter law enforcement one day and said he once wrote the White House about his hopes of becoming a Secret Service agent protecting the president.
About a week before the shooting, he said, he found a gun and bullets inside a cookie tin in his grandfather's room. He was looking for a telephone at the time, he said, and thought he was going to get a cookie out of the tin. Instead he saw the gun.
Brazill said he thought, "Oh, wow, a gun." He said he then hid it in a bag with five bullets, hoping that his uncle would show him how to shoot it during a coming trip to South Carolina. Two days later, he said, he showed the gun to two friends.
On May 26, the day of the shooting, Brazill was suspended and sent home early because of a water balloon fight. He said was extremely bothered by the suspension and wanted his grandmother's and aunt's help to try to clear it up.
But, he said, he never asked them for their help because his grandmother's car was being worked on and he could not find his aunt. He went home and got the gun.
"Why'd you take the gun?" Udell asked.
"I was just carrying it. I didn't have any plan of using it," he said.
His testimony ended for the day before cross-examination.
Earlier in the day, the prosecution rested its case. Brazill was the first witness called by the defense.

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Subject: Why the Dylan Worship?

Cool Guy Fly By
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Date Posted: 09:33:29 06/06/01 Wed

One word for Dylan: Shower.
Two more words: Lice Inspection.

Many more words: Hendrix made your Watchtower sound like a homeless guy playing with a string tied to a broom handle.

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Subject: Good Pseudonyms

Hank Chinaski
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Date Posted: 11:08:13 06/06/01 Wed

Who has the best posting name in here so far. There are some good ones. I think we should paradigm our asses off by voting on the top 10 or 5.

Cool Guy Fly By
Zisel Ben
Paul Molive
Stanton R. Jazzercize
Poopy Poopy
Clement Fizz
Western Wally and Eastern Ernie
Rodney Reel
Crunked Out
Adalai Stevenson
Sir Peter Wafflemuffin, Lord of Assberry
Long John "Kitty Stretcher" Silver
Neo "Geo" Metro
20" Dubs
rakesh punjabi
mr man
Rob Base
Vin Deisel
CL Smooth
Rutgers Reject
Sticky Dicky
King Mob
Blue Rubber Butt
Mr. Bill
Bizel Zen
Lil' Hoe
no one of consequence

And don't forget the good ones from the guestbook
BumbleBee Willy
Miho Hatori
Yuka Honda
Yo Mamma
Troy McClure
The Crumpet Strumpet
Timmy O'Reiley
Fozzie Bear
Dale Earnhart
Diamond Joe
Dirty Whoring Bastard

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Subject: Dear lord

Sir Peter Wafflemuffin, Lord of Assberry
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Date Posted: 07:42:28 06/06/01 Wed

I say, see what you filthy, uncouth Yankees are doing to us here?

Police Seek Unapologetic Flatulent Officer
LONDON (Reuters) - British police sought a flatulent officer Wednesday after a family complained that a policeman broke wind in their London home during a drug raid and failed to apologize.

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed that the Department of Professional Standards was investigating a charge that an officer broke wind in the complainants' hallway but did not apologize to the homeowners.

``We can confirm that the department is investigating an incivility charge during the search of a home under the Misuse of Drugs act,'' the police spokesman told Reuters.

The Daily Mail newspaper Wednesday printed a letter from Scotland Yard to the officers involved in the drugs raid informing them of the complaint.

``An allegation has been received from a person in the house that one of the male officers broke wind and did not apologize to the family for his action...the complainant felt it was rude and unprofessional,'' the letter stated.

Police did not confirm what discipline the officer might receive if found guilty of breaking wind.

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Subject: Shave?!?!?!?!?!

Dr. Stanton R. Jazzercise
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Date Posted: 08:33:48 05/31/01 Thu

I know a number of young women who want their boyfriends/husbands to keep their chests completely shaved. I do not understand this at all. Is it simply personal preference, or is it a result of the feminist backlash on male dominance. Do women want to assert their role as leaders, and are they asking men to shave their chests to appear more boyish, thereby making them seem less able to handle a position of authority, either within a relationship or within society. Perhaps the paradigms are shifting in the male/female relationship. Is that really a new thing though?

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Subject: It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe

Zisel ben
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Date Posted: 15:53:41 06/01/01 Fri

Whoever posted the non-factual "reference" that Bob Dylan said "Go pick me some cotton boy" is an Idiot.
In fact, In the actual words of Bob Dylan,

Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth,
Blowing down the backroads headin' south.
Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth,
You're an idiot,
It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe.

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Subject: I got crazy silly gumby gold!

Rodney Reel
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Date Posted: 05:15:56 06/01/01 Fri

Someone once said that we live in the Look At Me Generation. People out there want to draw attention to themselves. Ten years ago, it was through being an alterna-turd by styling your flannel, long purple hair (which I had), and ripped up jeans. Then we went through that goth/skater/jackass phase where it with huge ass pants, makeup, blue hair, and all that shit. NOW, people are driving the hooptie mobiles down the street. Why the hell are people buying a $15,000 Honda Civic only to put $30,000 of crap into it. Spoilers so high that they don't clear tollbooths. Rims so big that the tires look like rubber bands. The lights all cleared out. Fart cannons on the back so the engine sounds like a bike w/ baseball cards in it. And don't forget the thumpin' homie base so loud that you feel the music before you hear it. WTF.

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Date Posted: 09:59:02 05/24/01 Thu

I was waiting for someone else to do this, since by all accounts there's Dylan "freaks" on the Forum, but since no one else has acknowledge the date, I'll do it:

Happy birthday to Bob Dylan, who turned 60 today, the 24th of May, 2001!

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Subject: global paradigm shifts

rakesh punjabi
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Date Posted: 16:35:10 05/26/01 Sat

i want info regarding global paradigm shifts

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Subject: Don't Look Back

Zisel ben
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Date Posted: 12:16:22 05/23/01 Wed

"This Web site is dedicated to the exploration of the ever-changing scope of human consciousness..."

Nice job, Anthony, just wanted to give you the pat on the back for being a shuper web mashter. :)

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Subject: Blogger is BACK!

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Date Posted: 06:34:16 05/26/01 Sat

Actually, BlogSpot is back, so that means my blog is back. About time. The guys over there had to deal with major server loss, so their job wasn't easy. But it's all there, but I can't seem to get my oldest blogs back up. Oh well, I'll keep working on it. Anyone interested in reading my blog, go to paradigmshifts.blogspot.com. Later!

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Subject: Blogger

Rob Base
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Date Posted: 11:44:25 05/25/01 Fri

How long has your Blo been down?

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Subject: Damned Sixers

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Date Posted: 08:53:09 05/25/01 Fri

Yeah, I was sitting there last night, watching Browny get that award, and then hearing the HUGE Philly crowd, in true Philly style, booing the Bucks starters as they were introduced, then the friggin techno intro for the Sixers (complete with pyrotechnics...I felt like I was watching that "Running Man" movie), and I was thinking to myself: Watch the idiots lose.

And they lost.

Yeah, great way to honor your #1 coach, guys.

Then I think back to the pregame hooplah, and behind some sportcasters I saw this girl who was flipping out and jumping around and cheering, and she had a sign that said "I'm at the game and YOUR not." That's my capitalization, not hers. And that sign gave me a bad feeling. The dumb giving us a foreshadowing of the stupid Sixers giving the game to the Bucks.

I have an English degree. Words mean a lot to me. In fact, they are often PROPHETIC to me.

IF they get to play the Lakers (we might have another long series ahead of us, but I think we'll get there), I don't have a good feeling about that.

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