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Childhood Spanking Memories
Welcome, this is a forum to discuss memories and experiences of spankings received during childhood. All posts must be approved. No sexual content will be permitted. Multiple posts under different names from the same ISP address will not be approved and the poster banned from further posting.

Subject Author Date Msgs
spanking surveyjames t19:54:28 07/31/14 Thu96
Waiting your turn to be spankedCorey20:59:30 04/27/15 Mon7
What makes a spanking memorable to you?Dan17:29:47 10/20/17 Fri-2
implement of choiceZach16:21:46 08/29/17 Tue-1
Spanked by MomHeath17:36:06 01/27/15 Tue53
How were you bared?Bryan20:07:37 09/21/16 Wed-22
First bare bottom spankingMarie09:36:55 08/28/14 Thu-7
Oldest age for bare-bottom spankings by opposite genderMatt08:09:07 07/13/13 Sat54
Teachers that were memorable for their discipline.Kim19:48:04 01/10/18 Wed-1
Spankings While On Vacation / Travelling?Joel19:10:30 01/12/16 Tue14
A few memories... bared (detailed)JohnJay16:39:52 02/24/18 Sat1
Faking sickness to miss schoolDan16:59:18 10/13/17 Fri1
Why spank naked?Jer16:07:20 12/18/17 Mon-8
Punishment/Spanking WeekPaul04:16:54 11/26/16 Sat-4
Saying yes to a spanking.James6509:14:10 04/07/18 Sat1
Things I was told about being spanked.Jamis07:02:38 07/30/17 Sun-2
Colour of spanked bottomsDavid B.13:05:10 02/24/18 Sat1
Over lap with the beltSandy00:21:35 02/22/18 Thu-1
Were other punishments ever added to your spankings?Kevin15:46:19 10/05/15 Mon33
Public bars bottom spankingTyler Storm11:12:43 03/11/18 Sun1
TearsClaire11:13:26 06/05/14 Thu27
ChoicesAdam12:12:55 12/27/16 Tue0
Spankings by OthersDan18:02:59 11/01/17 Wed0
What age belt or paddle were introduced?Jesse22:16:09 05/02/15 Sat17
Mouth soapingNathan14:43:48 12/18/17 Mon1
AcceptanceAddie18:17:13 09/07/15 Mon11
How many belt licks or paddle spanks?Keith21:19:39 05/12/15 Tue17
Bare bottom spankingsJames11:37:25 07/02/14 Wed97
What was the most stinging thing you ever felt on your bottom?Lisa12:54:25 10/22/16 Sat-25
Parents talking about spanking with friend's parents?Luke20:19:10 02/28/18 Wed-1
The ritualAlan15:44:42 12/29/13 Sun39
Bare Bottom Birthday SpankingsGary Steven06:49:24 01/20/16 Wed-5
Oldest age for over the knee spankingJames03:56:44 05/31/14 Sat123
Spankings over my mom's kneeDan09:56:42 10/25/17 Wed-8
Has anyone gotten spanked in front of friendsJustin11:57:18 08/29/12 Wed21
School Paddling Experiences?Laura19:33:32 12/08/15 Tue0
waiting outside the principals office and hearing the person before youJimi11:23:16 09/04/17 Mon0
Most Public PlaceEmily13:38:33 08/27/14 Wed32
Bedtime SpankingsJanelle13:37:31 05/01/17 Mon-1
"After a good spanking"Lisa10:46:32 01/07/18 Sun-2
Doctor's appointmentZach13:00:27 02/02/18 Fri0
Question for DanClayton12:33:14 11/26/17 Sun0
The way it was.JimmieD04:54:45 02/03/18 Sat0
The spanking you didn't getDan16:10:57 12/06/17 Wed0
Which is worse?Lisa05:36:46 01/11/18 Thu0
Football Team PaddlingMatt (Wimberley)08:20:34 12/19/17 Tue-1
When things got roughDan17:50:03 11/14/17 Tue-2
Some schools seemed to paddle a lot and others not as much. Why, in your experience?David12:20:07 10/25/17 Wed-1
First beltingDan17:45:56 01/21/18 Sun0
Most Embarrasing SpankingLori07:39:09 11/30/15 Mon-5
8th Grade PaddlingDan08:20:04 10/06/17 Fri-1
Worst spanking = Last spanking?Jer14:04:08 12/10/17 Sun-1
Over stepping my boundsDan10:11:39 10/08/17 Sun0
A spanking that never happenedJer13:39:42 11/05/17 Sun1
How was your spanker dressedRob10:31:06 01/06/18 Sat0
SleevesRob01:31:24 12/15/17 Fri1
First spanking with best friendDan11:21:30 10/04/17 Wed0
Scheduled SpankingsJanelle13:27:35 01/09/18 Tue1
Elephant's ChildDan09:30:24 10/10/17 Tue1
Did you ever compare spankings with other kids?Jason19:21:50 12/08/14 Mon6
After the spankingJer19:41:49 12/26/17 Tue1
That feeling....Lisa12:33:08 12/27/17 Wed1
What's It LikeAlex14:19:56 11/23/15 Mon17
My first spankingJames09:44:58 01/21/17 Sat1
Worst spanking I ever wittnessedJer21:16:45 11/03/17 Fri0
Which parent would spank you?Nathan04:55:06 11/07/17 Tue1
ForgivenessAlan10:20:11 09/16/17 Sat0
Crying, is it necessaryJer18:42:29 12/19/17 Tue-2
Paddles with holes?Jer13:40:31 12/16/17 Sat-1
Bottom or thighDave05:41:04 10/08/17 Sun-1
How long should a spanking hurt?Jer21:38:47 12/17/17 Sun1
Tool of choiceRob00:36:23 12/13/17 Wed0
Paddled after thinking you were off the hook.DJ6308:44:42 02/14/16 Sun5
Thanks to the ModJer16:49:11 11/21/17 Tue1
Bare bottom corner time.Kim19:26:08 12/10/17 Sun0
A boy who intentionally got himself spankedJer16:25:53 12/06/17 Wed1
New forumDaniel09:10:08 12/08/17 Fri1
Your postModerator for Kim08:55:39 12/10/17 Sun1
Setting a boy upJer09:43:58 12/08/17 Fri1
Ever Receive An Apology?PeterK5006:24:44 12/01/17 Fri1
Got CaughtGina08:06:44 01/21/17 Sat0
Spanked for stealingJer16:30:48 11/20/17 Mon0
Did you ever resist?Jer11:29:21 11/28/17 Tue1
When I moved up to the big boy paddleDan16:36:50 10/09/17 Mon1
No School Rules I can rememberDan16:28:41 10/24/17 Tue1
Automatic responsesJer17:05:43 11/21/17 Tue1
Threatened by an employeeJer19:38:18 11/23/17 Thu1
Chore charts and spankingDan15:51:14 11/01/17 Wed1
Unusual childhoodsJer20:24:10 11/22/17 Wed1
Spanked for Bad GradesJanelle08:35:10 09/20/16 Tue-5
Count, thank, ask for more.Jer18:12:56 11/14/17 Tue1
Consequences of Misbehavior at ScoutsDan09:05:53 11/03/17 Fri1
Plagiarism is CheatingDan16:51:59 11/01/17 Wed1
Kneeling on rice or gritsKevin04:40:18 12/15/16 Thu-4
Misbehaving after a warning...Lisa12:12:49 04/19/16 Tue10
Brought home by the Military Police at 10Dan13:20:01 10/08/17 Sun1
Worst spanking ever!!!Lisa12:07:39 04/20/16 Wed-5
A liberating revelaionJer23:08:40 11/06/17 Mon1
Spanked before schoolDan02:42:01 10/13/17 Fri0
PaddlingJackson08:24:29 09/05/17 Tue1
Funniest spanking I ever wittnessedJer13:48:58 11/04/17 Sat1
Coach's paddlingsJeremiah20:29:45 01/08/17 Sun0
Parents making a paddleDan14:36:45 10/08/17 Sun1
The Day I Lost My MarblesDan15:44:06 10/25/17 Wed0
Songs that got me spankedDan17:15:32 10/20/17 Fri1
Spanking LineDan13:21:06 10/12/17 Thu0
Why I disliked kids who were not spankedDan16:22:43 10/15/17 Sun1
Don't hide the paddleDan10:27:56 10/23/17 Mon1
Halloween Non-SpankingDan15:49:03 10/31/17 Tue1
How freely the paddle was used in school.Jimi04:32:52 10/26/17 Thu1
Why do you post here?Dan17:00:56 10/10/17 Tue1
Mind your Ps and Qs.Dan11:13:22 10/08/17 Sun1
Questions and comments on the forumDan14:02:10 10/08/17 Sun1
A spanking(s) I never will forgetDan18:52:20 10/02/17 Mon1
Spanked All the Way HomeJanelle11:57:46 11/02/15 Mon6
Getting swats at schoolLandon J.04:42:16 07/10/14 Thu6
School RulesKevin23:33:48 07/21/15 Tue23
Wait till your dad gets homeSean06:29:49 04/12/16 Tue20
School Trip SpankingsDan17:32:20 10/19/17 Thu1
A painful memoryDan (Sad)18:36:56 10/17/17 Tue1
Disobedience and Disrepect will get you a spanking every timeDan10:41:57 10/12/17 Thu1
Brother's birthday partyDan17:02:46 10/16/17 Mon1
Second grade spankingsDan03:12:47 10/10/17 Tue0
Snipe hunting and spankingDan15:34:12 10/14/17 Sat1
How I was spankedEmily11:24:22 08/10/17 Thu0
Like Father like sonDan18:18:19 10/10/17 Tue1
So maybe it wasn't as funny as I thoughtDan16:36:03 10/10/17 Tue1
My brothers and I spanked on a family tripDan17:44:14 10/09/17 Mon1
A spanking I knew I deservedDan18:21:19 10/06/17 Fri1
Don't make me stop the car!DannyF20:56:41 09/20/16 Tue-5
Things said during a spankingSteve 5310:33:48 11/04/14 Tue21
PADDLE LIFT UPJee16:29:23 09/14/17 Thu0
Baring RequirementsMatti14:39:19 11/18/16 Fri-5
Conversation about the pastAllen Brown12:04:49 12/02/15 Wed2
Ever witness a memorable spanking? Either in public or privateAndy13:15:37 03/23/15 Mon11
Layers of ProtectionAdam15:31:35 10/03/16 Mon-13
Did the paddle ever get displayed at school and not used on someone?David15:32:33 07/12/16 Tue0
PositionRob23:01:46 07/14/17 Fri-5
Summer Camp spankingsJohn15:27:45 07/31/17 Mon0
What kind was the paddle?Keith19:44:20 06/07/15 Sun34
How was your fate decided at home after being paddled at school?Jamis02:54:35 08/24/13 Sat51
Count, thank you, ask for another.Jeremiah19:29:03 02/27/17 Mon-1
Spanking Not ForgottenJoeR16:23:03 09/22/13 Sun17
ImplementEmily11:17:44 08/11/14 Mon30
Spanked or groundedLisa10:51:54 08/06/16 Sat-18
Fli-back paddleJohn07:00:25 05/11/17 Thu1
Consider not cooperating?Cynthia11:26:01 05/17/17 Wed0
Who wants to go first?Matti15:14:00 11/15/16 Tue-3
BarefootD.J.13:56:09 03/30/17 Thu1
School Paddling Experiences?Matthew10:17:56 01/13/17 Fri0
Why Bare?Cory08:00:07 05/16/16 Mon4
Did anyone ever volunteer for or request a spanking?charles10:28:05 05/14/14 Wed27
Which of your parents was the angriest disciplinarian and how did you know?David W17:14:21 01/07/17 Sat-2
Re: spanking surveyJohn Warrior (Fearful)03:51:04 05/30/16 Mon1
Spankings you didn't deserve.JackP22:35:16 07/08/16 Fri-5
Memorable Spanking PromisesJanelle12:16:29 02/22/16 Mon6
Different implementsHunter21:40:49 01/21/17 Sat1
Second Punishment ModifiedAlan11:34:21 07/29/15 Wed-2
Other Hispanics Spanked?Miguel09:27:16 01/20/16 Wed7
spanking on ChristmasNathan23:21:02 01/22/15 Thu39
Re: Oldest age for bare-bottom spankings by opposite genderTanya11:00:52 03/05/16 Sat6
Which was worse, now or later?Grumpy12:49:31 02/24/13 Sun16
Talked into taking a spankingLisa10:34:53 11/28/16 Mon1
Vacation Bible schoolAllen Brown13:57:19 09/28/15 Mon3
Implements stingAdelynn04:13:03 11/10/16 Thu0
Re: Worst spanking ever!!!Steve07:40:55 05/25/16 Wed1
Re: What kind was the paddle?Walt23:04:27 04/21/16 Thu2
Spanked for Running AwayJanelle11:04:34 11/07/16 Mon1
Struggling before a SpankingRainman10:30:54 06/02/15 Tue12
Re: How was your fate decided at home after being paddled at school?Laura G11:26:08 10/19/16 Wed1
hairbrush spankingAdelynn20:05:59 04/10/15 Fri15
Covering your bum?Bryan20:02:47 09/21/16 Wed-2
Who spanked you most often, other than your parents ?JackP14:22:19 04/10/14 Thu41
Marie M to Jack PMarie M22:22:53 09/26/16 Mon1
dropping trouzach18:06:43 10/31/15 Sat16
Re: ver have a spanking interupted?Keith09:43:26 05/25/16 Wed1
What was the oldest age you got it bare at home?Brian06:09:27 12/27/09 Sun194
Punishments in the SummerAlan10:28:26 06/20/16 Mon7
Archives: 12345678 ]

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