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  • Test message for Lance -- butcanuproveit, 01:04:45 05/30/03 Fri
    Get the idea Lance? A situation that can to the best of my knowledge only be overcome with continuous diligence.

    You may now remove this non-existent post which is only a figment of both or immaginations and relegate it to the outer fringes of cyper space.

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  • For Josie and Jeremy -- Sprite, 20:54:15 05/29/03 Thu
    I was reading an article about children in a newspaper today, that was discussing how people can have the same gene pool (brothers and sisters) and yet turn out to be so very different. This columnist was describing different types and one of them reminded me of someone Josie dreams about and has been missing...a certain slutty rawk star.

    Since you've been missing him girl child, maybe this will keep you happy until he comes rolling in.

    Those of you who know him best, read this and tell me if it's not our Lance!
    (I will post it in the reply)

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  • Eric Robert Rudolph captured in North Carolina - article in response. -- E.J., 10:40:16 05/31/03 Sat
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  • If you want to read news about gay rights issues -- Pete, 08:55:14 05/30/03 Fri
    you don't have to go to gay new's sources anymore. Just check out any fundamentalist or conservative site on the web and you will find their "news" is dominated with stories about the "gay agenda".

    Today from CNS, conservative news service there are 6, yes I said SIX stories about gay rights and all of them are written with an anit-gay spin unless they are copied from a reliable source such as the Washington Post.

    Isn't it amazing that at a time when the economy is in the toilet, wars and rumors of wars abound, tax cuts and national deficit is all thats being discussed in Washington, these six stories are considered MAJOR NEWS to the conservatives?

    Here they are in the reply

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  • Cut and paste news -- Drew Greyfox, 20:10:42 05/29/03 Thu
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  • WOOHOO -- Bester, 21:17:59 05/28/03 Wed
    I gotta job. WOOO!!! lol, you are now all officially reading a post by a hotshot lawyer . Well, not really. But I got a summer internship at a major law firm here... that is essentially a 90% guarantee of a job when I graduate next year, as well as a kickass summer job for this year. I'm so happy, and totally relieved. I had interviews with 5 firms, but only got thi sone offer... I thought for a while I hadn't got ANY :(. But I did :D. Yaaaay! lol.

    *dances happily*

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  • Please read the poem BEFORE you glaze over with boredom, lol. This is a topic that is important to me. -- Bester, 06:44:28 05/29/03 Thu
    I'll preface this by saying I didnt write it... but I think it has a great deal of relevance to any member of the gay community. I'd be interested in people's responses.

    A Kiss (David's Reconciliation with Absalom), by Michael Field

    The fury of a creature when it drips
    Wer-fanged, and thirsty with the desert dust
    The clench in battle on a sword that must
    Ravish the foe, the pang of finger tips -
    Joy of a captain in recovering ships
    Joy, verity of a long-buried lust
    Delightsome to the flesh, is the thrust
    Towards Absalom of the king's tarried lips.
    And, lo, beneath that awful benison,
    A thief's face glittered, sniffinf at the gems
    Of the bent crown as they were cassia-stems;
    While the young years heard but the rolling on
    Of chariots, and a tumult, broke amain
    By rumour of an aged monarch slain.

    I quite like the poem. Now, the interesting bit. Michael Field is 2 women. It was the pen name of Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper. They lived together for most of their lives, most likely as a lesbian couple. This poem has quite explicit male homosexuality between biblical figures. Many others of their poems were based on translations of fragments of Sappho, the famous lesbian poet writing on Lesbos hundreds of years before Christ.

    And when was this poem written? In the LATE 1890S. And except for a few feminist critics, they have been ignored since the 1920s. We can't afford to do this. We, ladies and gentlemen, have a history. We are not a product of a corrupt and degenerate modern society. Fags, Homos, Perverts, Inverts, we are not. In fact, the terms "sexual inversion" and "homosexuality" were coined AFTER the writers of this poem were born. We existed before the straights came up with names for us. We are the ideological descendants of a line of warriors, poets, artists, statesmen. From the sacred band of thebes, down through several european monarchs, E.M. Forester, Martina Navratilova, so many others I could name. We can't afford to forget any member of this history.

    Why is this so important to me? Because every community needs a history. Sure, gay people are less visible than many other communities, but we are not invisible. We have our history, our literature, our heroes. This is why I study literature. Literature is our past. And our past is who we are. I'm a good law student. I'm in the top 10% of my class. If I dropped the lit and concentrated on the law, I could be in the top 2 or 3%. But then I wouldnt be being true to myself.

    Be proud of Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper. And be proud of yourselves.

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    Where the hell are you - baby!?????????

    Unless ya having fun ( doing whatever) there's no excuse

    of not showing ya gorgeous self around here but if ya feel

    good and have fun you can be away a little longer.

    Never mind the fact that I miss you and Im so sick

    of having sex with the SAME guy every damn night.

    I mean, I know what sergio looks like by now, every damn

    inch, so boring! same person, same body yada yada yada

    Same minutes LOL

    I need variety!

    Kidding, it's not that bad but it's not that good either.


    Take care Lance, have fun and be happy.

    You such a great person,wish you all the best and I wish

    when you have the time that you'll post again cause you're

    a person that one tend to miss alot, and I miss you :)



    "Alright serge, Im coming, Stop nagging, dammit!"

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  • ·.,¸,·.*,¸·´*¯`·­*´"¯)`'·.*,¸·´*¯`·­(¯`*¸,¸,.·*´*(¯`'·.,(....::i like the 2nd clue:....¸,*.·*'´¯)¸,*.·*'´¯)¯`'*·¸*(¯`'·.*,¸·´*¯`·­)¯`'·.,¸·* -- (¯`'·.,¸(¯`'·.,¸·´¯`·­jErEmY·´¯`·­,.·'´¯)¸,.·'´¯), 23:31:36 05/22/03 Thu
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  • Something to think about -- lokisdad, 22:38:39 05/27/03 Tue
    My little sister is home safe and sound from Operation Iraqi Oil Theft.

    here's a flash movie to check out

    Lest we forget the true meaning of Memorial day

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  • Unembedded news and other peculiarities -- Alie, 12:46:58 05/25/03 Sun

    What's been going on lately?

    Poodle Blair drops his whitewashing lies one by one and shows that his "not against UN" pledges were nothing but bullshit. US serf Aznar wants a law that makes anti-war prostest a crime in Spain. Butcher Sharon kills everyone who isn't Jewish in Israel and everyone who wants to report about it. Deliberate murder of journalists seems to have gotten a common sport for the Israeli as well a for the US military. Small wonder, they have the same policy advisers. My own (Bavarian) government is making roundtrips to the Bush mob and is brown-nosing them so eagerly they can see the light of day at the other end. Even my German government is trying to get out of the doghouse. Needless to say, I don't agree with them.

    No doubt, the US of Bushistan are on the road to totalitarism, only that their worthy leaders are calling it liberty. The only question that remains is whether it's still a two-way road with enough room for a U-turn in 2004, or is it already a oneway road? A while ago I asked what the US constitution says about presidential elections under martial law, and it seemed it doesn't say much. I wouldn't be too surprised if Bush started to mention FD Roosevelt in one of his next speeches. But I shouldn't say that - whenever I thought I wouldn't be surprised if this or that happened during the whole Iraq mess I could read about it in the news shortly after (including Saving Jessica Lynch).

    One thing's for sure, the USA aren't a democracy, I've known that for quite a while. How comes? Some enlightened redneck from Texas explained it for me in a newsgroup a few days after 9/11. He said he's glad that the US are not a democracy because if they were, everything would be much worse. He's glad that the US are a republic, so something will be done against those dirty Arabs who should all be killed, no matter what. After some questions it turned out that he thought the US are a democracy when the Democrats are in power and a republic when the Republicans are. It also turned out that he was not the only one who thought so. Small wonder so many US Americans support Bush the scoundrel and his neocon mob and accept that their democratic rights are pulled off one by one. After all, who needs that democratic nonsense, that's only for unpatriotic whimps.

    Bush and his neocon mob are busy as ever threatening, bullying and harrassing people, countries, humanitarian aid organizations, probably all the world and their dog. They are still trying to keep out humanitarian relief groups who don't want to work with the Pentagon (i. e. deliver their money and supply to the Pentagon so that more money stolen from US tax payers and the Iraqi people can fill the pockets of Halliburton, Bechtel, and other friends of Bush and his junta).

    At least Bush and the neocon mob are officially acknowledging now that they invaded and occupied Iraq. Thus Iraq hopefully gets at least a little bit of the protection the Geneva convention grants occupied countries.

    I'm posting another motley collection which drew either my ire or my interest.

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  • Cut and Paste News -- Drew Greyfox, 23:25:36 05/27/03 Tue
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  • Barney vs. Strom -- Pete, 14:34:19 05/28/03 Wed
    A group of 11 congressmen yesterday asked Attorney General John Ashcroft to drop federal charges filed against a South Carolina war protester.

    Activist Brett Bursey, 57, was arrested in Columbia in October for carrying a sign that read "No War for Oil" in a crowd of well-wishers who had gathered to welcome President Bush.

    According to local press reports, Mr. Bursey was asked to give up his sign or go to the designated protest site in a less-visible area of the airport.

    Mr. Bursey was arrested by local police and originally charged with trespassing. Those charges were dropped, but U.S. Attorney Strom Thurmond Jr. picked up the mantle and charged Mr. Bursey with disregarding perimeters set up by Secret Service for presidential visits.

    "There is no plausible argument that can be made that Mr. Bursey was threatening the president by holding a sign which the president found politically offensive," wrote Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, and 10 other House members in their letter to Mr. Ashcroft. "It was not his presence in the area, but his presence holding a sign that was expressing a political viewpoint critical of the president that caused his arrest."

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