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  • ROTFLMAO!! I clicked the link for ex gay john paulk and read this quote... -- dante, 08:42:18 05/21/03 Wed

    Paulk said guilt over his lies forced him to tell the truth. "Finally the Lord said to my spirit, 'You know, John, you are My son. You are accountable to Me, and you must walk rightly before Me. You must be honest with Me, and you must be honest with man...and then Satan can't hurt you,'" Paulk said.


    This guy is quoting "the Lord" like they talked on the phone for a few minutes! It's like reading Betty Bowers! LMAO!

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  • HEY HO -- Josie, 06:01:19 05/21/03 Wed
    Just want to say a huge fucking thank you to Mitchy Bitchy

    instead of writing shitty e - mails you can stick to what u

    do test FANTASIES about MY boyfriend.

    CONGRATS to Drew and Nick I laughed my ass off when u said

    that certain things are PRIVATE LOL Hahahahahahaha

    No comments :)

    Yeah count down Serge, cause when Drewie is with nickie

    Im getting a hikey! LOL


    And ,,,,,,, well we have an agenda hahaha *blush*

    Its gonna be awesome I missed him so freaking much.

    My sabih, Cecilai a friend of mine is coming with me and

    then I have the room for myself a week;)

    Okay I hav eto clean 20 cabins now, im in a fucking hurry

    caus ei had to open an account in denmark and that took an

    HOUR so now my boss is mad but its not my fault!

    Okay I love you


    BTW: M. Bitchy I really enjoyed the mail :)especially the

    part of u having to take viagra Hahaha

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  • I can't take the suspense! -- Sprite, 21:25:08 05/20/03 Tue
    What is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?? My God, I was looking at it earlier and there were updates on that web site practically every hour on the hour today!!

    I swear, everytime I look at it, it's different!!!!

    Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ::pouts so adorably:: Please?

    OMG, honey, the curiosity is killing me! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

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  • Serge you are the sweetest! Thanks for adding the countdown at the top of the main page. Now everyone can join in the celebration! *does the happy dance* -- Nick, 18:48:32 05/20/03 Tue
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  • Bush Is Seeking Newer, Smaller Nuclear Bombs -- ien, 12:32:57 05/20/03 Tue

    Bush Is Seeking Newer, Smaller Nuclear Bombs
    by Paul Richter

    WASHINGTON — A dozen years after the Cold War's close raised hopes for an end to the nuclear threat, the Bush administration is embarking on a quest for a new generation of nuclear bombs that are smaller, less powerful — and that the Pentagon might actually use in battle.

    In the administration's view, the frightening size of Cold War strategic nuclear weapons diminishes their deterrent value today: No one believes that the United States would use them against a smaller foe. As a result, they argue, the United States needs the option of smaller nuclear weapons to deter the terrorist groups and rogue states, such as North Korea, that are today's foremost dangers.

    Although officials insist that they have no present plans to build such bombs, recent steps make it clear that they want to fully explore their options, and get the deteriorating U.S. nuclear weapons complex in shape so they could move to quickly develop and test such arms, if the order comes.

    This month, the administration is taking a step toward a new generation of weapons as Congress moves to repeal a 10-year-old ban on the development of small nuclear arms. Over the protests of outnumbered arms control advocates, the Senate Armed Services Committee on Friday voted 15 to 10 to lift the ban; the repeal language is expected to survive as the defense authorization bill moves through the full House and Senate this month.

    In the same bill, the Senate committee approved $15.5 million to conduct further research on a huge nuclear weapon, called the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, that would be used to destroy deeply buried targets such as weapons stockpiles or enemy leadership sites.

    The panel agreed to spend $6 million to research other advanced nuclear weapons concepts. And it earmarked $25 million to enable the Pentagon to resume, if necessary, the nuclear weapons testing that President Clinton suspended.

    The moves dismay arms control advocates.

    They fear that by developing small nuclear weapons that could be used in battle, the United States is legitimizing weapons that have been all but unthinkable, encouraging other countries to build nuclear arsenals, and undermining arms control treaties. They maintain that such bombs aren't even needed, because of the enormous capabilities of conventional precision munitions.

    When Congress imposed the ban on small nuclear arms in 1993, it appeared to take one more step away from the age of nuclear weapons.

    The United States already had disposed of most of its smaller, or tactical, nuclear weapons, and U.S. and Russian officials were busy negotiating to get rid of the thousands of strategic nuclear weapons as well.

    Other states of the former Soviet Union were taking steps to get rid of their weapons, and it was widely understood around the globe that having a nuclear arsenal was an obstacle to countries joining the prosperous Western world. It appeared that nuclear weapons would be, at most, a secondary security issue.

    Yet these hopes began to fade as the 1990s ended and it became clear that unstable Third World regimes still coveted the bomb.

    Pakistan tested its first nuclear weapon in 1998. There were signs of increasingly international traffic in nuclear materials, and worries about the nuclear aspirations of such states as Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

    Even before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, U.S. officials grew alarmed that nuclear bombs might fall into the hands of groups such as Al Qaeda, which sought martyrdom, and might not be deterred at all.

    When President Bush took office, it was soon clear that he and many on his team had a different view of nuclear weapons.

    Bush trumpeted his desire to sharply cut the U.S. and Russian strategic arsenals, and he signed a Treaty of Moscow under which the countries pledged to cut their strategic arsenals by two-thirds over 10 years.

    Yet arms experts note that unlike other recent presidents — including Ronald Reagan — Bush did not declare his desire for a world free of nuclear arms.

    And while there are differing views within the administration on arms issues, many senior officials have made no secret, in previous careers, of their doubts about arms control treaties. These include John Bolton, undersecretary of State for arms control and international security, and Douglas J. Feith, undersecretary of Defense for policy.

    The administration says it is committed to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty of 1970, which aims to limit the spread of nuclear technology. Last week, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell issued a statement praising its goals.

    But privately, many administration officials say the treaty's weakness is evident in the cheating by North Korea. They contend the treaty can't restrain any country that seriously wants to break the rules.

    The administration withdrew last year from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia, which had prohibited defenses against long-range missiles in hopes the step would discourage a nuclear arms race. The administration has also refused to push the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which seeks to ban testing as a way to block the building of nuclear arsenals.

    As they have expressed doubts about traditional arms control, officials have sketched out their thinking on nuclear policy.

    In its Nuclear Posture Review of 2001, the administration urged development of a wide range of new nuclear capabilities, and said the United States might in some circumstances use nuclear weapons against countries that do not have them: Syria, Libya, Iran and Iraq. It said the United State should consider moving preemptively against countries that are developing chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

    Administration officials also believe that they need to be flexible in developing and using nuclear force because in the new environment, threats may develop quickly and come from unexpected quarters.

    "The nuclear weapons enterprise has to be ready to respond rapidly and decisively," Linton F. Brooks, acting administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, told a congressional committee last month.

    As part of that effort, the administration has been pouring money back into the nuclear weapons manufacturing complex, which maintains the remaining weapons stockpile at numerous sites around the U.S.

    Spending on the nuclear complex averaged $4.2 billion a year during the Cold War, and bottomed out at $3 billion in 1995. This year, the administration is proposing to raise spending to $6.4 billion on the complex, which has about 100,000 employees.

    Included is spending to refurbish various labs and facilities, to buy new plutonium cores for nuclear warheads, and to restart production of tritium, a gas that increases the force of thermonuclear explosions.

    "There are upgrades all across the complex," said Stephen I. Schwartz, publisher of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

    Opponents can try to stop any new bomb-making program by holding up appropriations for research, development and manufacture.

    But arms control advocates acknowledge that's harder than it seems. Since many lawmakers see nothing wrong with research and development, and once a weapons program is big enough to provide large numbers of jobs, it gains broad political support.

    Copyright 2003 Los Angeles Times

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  • ... -- Drew Greyfox, 08:51:50 05/20/03 Tue
    State monitored war protesters

    Intelligence agency does not distinguish between terrorism and peace activism

    By Ian Hoffman, Sean Holstege and Josh Richman, STAFF WRITERS

    Days before firing wooden slugs at anti-war protesters, Oakland police were warned of potential violence at the Port of Oakland by California's anti-terrorism intelligence center, which admits blurring the line between terrorism and political dissent.

    [full article in reply]

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  • Hey ho! -- Josie, 01:40:43 05/20/03 Tue
    TBW: Thanx 4 all the mails GUYS, yeah they really come rushing in!


    ANYWAY I said I wouldnt complain if I didnt have to clean

    deck 2 so I won't - my boss said that no one likes being

    down there and that we take turns well honey my turn is

    over :) I woke up at four in the morning drinking these

    pills so don't mess with me today!

    On our way to Poland - I was suppose to go home tomorrow

    and I have to wait one week.

    I miss my Sputnik :) it's my cat. I miss him so much.

    I miss being int he tub and brush him, he loves that :)

    I miss him slepging on my pillow and take his pawn in my

    face. I miss him licking my plate hahaha

    He truely is my baby :)

    And I miss my mom, she has an inflammation in her arm at

    the moment so she is in a lot of pain and Im not there :(

    Okay to sort out how the hell Im suppose to come home?

    Take care

    lots of luv


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  • Well.... -- Nick, 20:30:39 05/16/03 Fri
    The good times have begun....I moved into mine and Drew's apartment today! I have pretty much everything moved except for just a few things. Now all I have to do is wait a little over 3 weeks til my boyfriend arrives. It's gonna be a long wait, but it will be sooooo worth it when he finally gets here.

    *smooch* I love you baby!

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  • Cut and paste news -- Drew Greyfox, 01:33:35 05/19/03 Mon
    Before the invasion of Iraq, Bush claimed that overthrowing Saddam Hussien in a bloodless war would bring about an end to terrorism, democracy in the mid-east, and even an end to the Isreali-palestinian conflict. Of course we all knew that was a truck load of manure. Iraq is in near anarchy after the deaths of thousands and under an inept occupation, and terrorist bombings in Saudi Arabia, Morroco, and Isreal have exposed GW's other two lies.

    Lots of articles about this so I'm posted several, but there is some gay news as well.

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  • Went to see the Matrix reloaded, only one comment to make......................... -- ien, 06:49:46 05/18/03 Sun
    Don't bother

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  • Mitchell's Survivor Decorating Commentary -- Mitchell, 22:17:11 05/14/03 Wed
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  • Another one to add to my list of people who piss me off.. -- James, 19:22:33 05/16/03 Fri

    The site seems pretty tame and "wholesome" until you actually start reading one of their articles. God..don't they get sick putting speech marks over words like gay or sexual orientation?

    These people just don't seem to understand what democracy or rights mean. *sighs* its depressing, the number of homophobic idiots there are out there.

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  • what piss me off -- Josie, 09:48:32 05/18/03 Sun
    Is that when I tell someone I panic on deck 2 and this person gives me that to clean this morning AND tomorrow

    Well screw you!


    If I say how I feel I will lose this job and I cant just yet

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  • What the fuck -- J., 11:54:35 05/17/03 Sat
    The one whoo doesnt send me a mail by tomorrow I wont ever

    yeah I will, just write!

    Im so bored of this shit. WE are so many cleaners here and

    Im always the one who has to take deck 2!

    I HATE THAT DECK and my boss know sit, I told her that I

    feel so bad being down there and she said - well just dont

    think about it!


    Anyway it says on the wall here you not allowed to visit

    porn sites and I have to say Nick, ya damn close into

    making it into one! hahahahahaha

    BEHAVE or I might get thrown overboard and then Mitchy -

    Bitchy would have MY b/f all to himself.

    Speaking of which think I have neglected my first b/f some.

    * pulls Lance into a closet and make out* hahaha'

    Okay I have to eat

    I love you


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  • Road Map To Peace Goes Nowhere -- Drew Greyfox, 22:47:19 05/17/03 Sat
    In order for President Bush's allegedly non-negotiable road map to peace to work, he will have to put tremendous pressure on the Israeli government to comply with it. He won't do that. Therefore, it will fail.

    [full article in reply]

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  • So I went shopping today... -- Kris, 22:29:04 05/15/03 Thu
    I bought me a t shirt. It has a picture of a donkey on it and says: "So I am being an ass. What's it to you?!"

    Yeah the hubby said it was me all the way.

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  • cut and paste news -- Drew Greyfox, 18:52:38 05/13/03 Tue
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  • ... -- Drew Greyfox, 00:27:55 05/16/03 Fri
    Tonight I went to my sister's college graduation. The commencement speaker said something that I thought was good to share. He mentioned that the graduating students were recieving a copy of the bill of rights with their diploma, and urged them to use their education to help safeguard our liberties. He said that international terrorism is a real threat to our freedom, but also said there are threats to our freedom from within.

    "Beware of those who ask us to give up a little of our freedoms in exchange for some measure of security. There is no such thing as a little freedom."

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  • Amid action, 'X2' offers quiet message of struggle -- Princess Eddi, 19:46:28 05/12/03 Mon

    By Scott Essman, Special to The Times

    In his review of "X2: X-Men United" (May 2), Times film critic Kenneth Turan engrosses the reader with canny descriptions of the effects and thrills in the new comic-book action-adventure film. At the end of the review, however, he notes that " 'X2' might not be the place you'd think to look for any kind of message."

    Yet one need only look slightly below the surface to discover the horde of homosexual references that director Bryan Singer and company have laid into the foundation of the film.

    In its most general sense, "X2" is about a league of mutants (born distinctly different from "humans") led by professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen), two apparently childless, single, middle-aged males. That all mutants are excluded from mainstream society, warranting a special underground society (Xavier's school and Magneto's more radical band of neo-terrorists), is a profoundly homosexual undercurrent in the film.

    In the world of "X2," we see reactionary politicians, namely William Stryker (Brian Cox), who wishes to wipe out all mutants (coincidental parallels to recent Pennsylvania politicians?). In Stryker's case, his wrath is most directly driven by the discovery that his son was a mutant -- a classic metaphor for a straight father rejecting his gay son.

    Moreover, heterosexual love is as confusing as it is forbidden for "X2's" lead characters. Thirtysomething Jean Grey (Famke Jannsen) is conflicted over feelings that she has for both Cyclops (James Marsden) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), unable to consummate her love for either. Forced to deal with his own demons, Wolverine fantasizes about Grey and Rogue (Anna Paquin) but cannot make a choice; there are too many uncertainties in his past that lead him on his tortured path. He plays right into the hands of cunning Mystique (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos), a shape-shifter whose profound beauty and ability to change sexual personas comes off as a tease to Wolverine, leaving him unable to choose. After a female character commits suicide, in part due to her own sexual identity conflicts, Cyclops and Wolverine are forced to console one another, though they cannot make direct eye contact.

    Still, the most profound impact of "X2's" subtext is found in its young, indecisive characters. Rogue is unable to physically touch her "boyfriend" Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), a strong symbol of the taboo nature of homosexual feelings that the characters have sublimated. In their early 20s or younger, Rogue and Iceman confess that they are "working it out" when it comes to their relationship. A third young character, Pyro (Aaron Stanford), represents the possible love triangle.

    When the group, expelled from Xavier's compound, arrives at Iceman's house, his parents are unaware he is a mutant. They reject him, his brother turning him in with Judas-like severity, and Iceman is forced to abandon the family, ostensibly forever. How many American teens can relate to this scene on a profoundly emotional level?

    "X2's" numerous subtleties and dialogue references are many and will require multiple viewings to reveal. This author's favorites: a map showing the existence of mutants in virtually every corner of the Earth, and a phallic symbol in the shape of a soda bottle, handed from one character to another who blows on it to make the soda cold. Only a smart and distinguished production like "X2" could include that scene and still play in thousands of multiplexes.

    The film represents a brilliant attempt to infuse a mainstream entertainment with homosexual themes and issues, playing to mass audiences without hitting them over the head with overtly gay material. Whereas many prominent gay characters are presented as cause for comic relief on popular TV sitcoms, Singer and his collaborators have carefully crafted a film that on the surface is an action spectacular, but is much more than that, speaking quietly to general audiences. As "X2's" mutants internally struggle over whether to separate or integrate into humanity, a strong parallel is drawn to our gay community's battles to do the same in our "straight" society.

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  • Congress Considering Building "Mini-Nukes" and "Bunker Busters" Tell Them There Are No "Usable" Nukes, Stop This Dangerous And Expensive Folly -- Mitchell, 21:34:21 05/15/03 Thu
    Note from Ben: For this alert I asked Retired Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan to tell you what is going on. Here is his amazing insight:

    When I was on active duty in the Navy back in the '60's and '70's we had nuclear weapons on our ships that were designed to be used in battle. The idea was that if we ever got into real trouble we could wipe out Soviet submarines and bombers with a few nuclear depth charges and nuclear surface to air missiles - hopefully without igniting a full scale nuclear holocaust.

    The only problem was we all knew that was hogwash. I actually simulated firing off a bunch of these during military exercises and the results were so devastating I knew 3 things: First, these things were so powerful we could never really use them in battle without damaging ourselves. One nuclear depth charge would blind our submarine detection instruments in an entire ocean, for example. Second, once we went nuclear there was no way the Soviets wouldn't. And third, nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction and it would always be immoral to use them. Pres. Bush the elder eventually removed these nukes from our ships and out of the hands of at sea operational commanders. Congress finally made it illegal to create new "mini-nukes" in 1993 when they passed the Spratt-Furse provision.

    Now Pres. Bush the younger and Congress are working to create a whole new generation of "usable" nukes. They are trying to repeal the Spratt-Furse provision so they can build a bunch of mini-nukes. They also want to spend millions to create a new high yield nuclear weapon to put on top of our conventional bunker busters, a weapon that already works fine.

    The thought of this keeps me up at night for two reasons. First, America signed the global Non-Proliferation Treaty with over a hundred other nations. The deal was simple: If you don't have nuclear weapons, you can't build them; in exchange, those of us who do will work to get rid of ours. How can we complain that countries like North Korea shouldn't build new nuclear weapons in violation of the treaty when the Bush Administration proposes doing the very same thing? Second, with a trigger-happy White House that believes our country can win "pre-emptive wars" on the cheap, those folks might actually use these things if they ever got their hands on them.

    Do the world a favor, send Congress faxes telling them you think there is no such thing as a "usable" nuke and they shouldn't try to build any. Just click this link:
    Then send this email to your friends and ask them to do the same.


    Vice Adm. Jack Shanahan (Ret.)

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  • Should Republicans Get Special Rights? -- Pete, 20:45:03 05/15/03 Thu
    Senator Santorum Outed

    The outcry of Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania regarding homosexuality is nothing more than a cry for help from someone silently afflicted with a severe case of human rights dysphoria. This condition generally reveals itself to a small minority, but politically powerful individuals known in common terms as “Republicans.”

    Some religious zealots have called for compassion in the treatment of Republicans, noting that some practitioners such as Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, while declared Republicans, attempt to disengage themselves from actual Republican acts. “We must love the practitioner, while hating the practice,” one fundamentalist independent noted.

    Still, Democrats believe that practicing Republicans are not born that way. They believe something in their upbringing brings them to unspeakable acts such as demanding tax cuts during time of war. “Chances are that Republicans suffered from a weak father that took them to country clubs during an impressionable age and pressured alumni organizations into placing them within an Ivy League college,” one Democrat insisted.

    (continued in reply)

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  • TONIGHT -- Paul, 17:51:51 05/15/03 Thu
    at 10:00 Eastern

    on MTV


    It looks delicious!

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  • The biggest disappointment of the year...... -- a very disappointed Princess, 13:29:19 05/15/03 Thu
    Matrix:reload is the biggest disappointment. I saw it last night. It was ridiculus. That new tricks of Neo is just funny and stupid. The fighting is fake. It looked like they are practicing instead of real shooting. The special effect was just...that, nothing special, nothing reveolutionary. The Neo vs. lota smiths part is just like animatrix (which shows b4 dreamcatcher). The plot was ridiculus, so many scenes that were un-needed and destroyed the movie. THe good part= rave, lobby/highway scene. THAT's IT. i was soo disppointed, so was my friends, and the people sitting bhind us..the in front of us..and people sitting in front of them..and u know so on and on. I have not heard a "i love this movie" from anyone.

    A very disappointed Princess

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  • HEY LUIS!! Last night I went to a Marilyn Manson CD release party -- Lance, 02:09:35 05/14/03 Wed
    last night at midnight and got a copy of his new CD .

    Everyone should to go to kazaa and download this song "(s)AINT"


    I don't care if your world is ending today
    Because I wasn't invited to it anyway
    You said I tasted famous so I drew you a heart
    But now I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking work of art

    I got an F and a C, and I got a K too
    And the only thing that's missing is a bitch like u

    You wanted perfect, you got your perfect
    Now I'm too perfect for someone like you
    I was a dandy in the ghetto with a snow white smile
    But you'll never be as perfect whatever you do

    What's my name? What's my name?
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Hold the S because I am an ain't

    What's my name? What's my name?
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Hold the S because I am an ain't

    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah

    I am bone top, a deathset, on a mop stick
    You infected me to diamonds, I took all your shit
    Your sell-by-date expired so you had to be sold
    I'm a suffer-genius and then a sex symbol

    You wanted perfect, you got your perfect
    Now I'm too perfect for someone like you
    I was a dandy in the ghetto with a snow white smile
    But you'll never be as perfect whatever you do

    What's my name? What's my name?
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Hold the S because I am an ain't

    What's my name? What's my name?
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Hold the S because I am an ain't

    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah

    I got an F and a C, and I got a K too
    And the only thing that's missing is u

    I got an F and a C, and I got a K too
    And the only thing that's missing is a bitch like u

    I got an F and a C, and I got a K too
    And the only thing that's missing is a bitch like u

    I am the penny in the ghetto with a snow white smile
    Super ego-bitch, I've been evil a while

    I am a dandy in the ghetto with a snow white smile
    Super ego-bitch, I've been evil a while

    What's my name? What's my name?
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Hold the S because I am an ain't

    What's my name? What's my name?
    Ah-ah, Ah-ah
    Hold the S because I am an ain't

    I love it! It rocks!

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  • What's my name again? -- josie, 12:20:07 05/15/03 Thu

    Im so tired, not in the way that I FEEL sleepy but my body.

    Im not kidding when I say Im standing up 10 hours a day.

    We are allwoed to have half an hour lunch but I didn't

    because at TEN we so busy! We have to clan departure cabins

    and mini cabins and have the worst fucking bad luck!

    Nothing on this boat works!

    I ruined 2 vacum cleaners Hahahahahaha

    Shut up Lance! ;)

    Happened to more than me and the cord to my vacum cleaner

    didnt work for half an hour, the elevator was crowded, my

    pram didnt have these big black bags ( my fault) but its

    so time consuming. I have bruises and cuts all over.

    Yesterday I cut my self on the ELEVATOR! Hahahaha

    BEFORE ten and after cleaning cabins we get small stuff to

    do but I dont mind as long as they surve a purpose, now

    scrubing the garbage room does NOT!

    Im not gonna laugh at that one.

    I just dusted off banisters and you know those tiny

    emergencies lights, I had to clean those HAHAHA

    The one son the wall and this older man just laughed his

    ass off and I was like - could be worse, I could have got

    the ones on the floor.

    We had this life boat exercise today how to get it into the

    water, now firts of all, I just learne dhow to put on the

    dish washer after 10 years Hahahaha

    I didnt understand a SHIT, if it would be in swedsih or

    english maybe I would have gotten some clue but in danish

    no. Im learning by teh minute, mixing danish, swedish and

    english. My fav person on the boat is gay haha

    well he hasnt told me an dhes fem but I can tell. Its a

    gift! hhahahahaha We hav ethe same humour tahts why I know

    hes gay, Straight ppl are boring hahaha

    I forgot where I was going with this? But we joked about

    everything. Oh yeah we had to cimb down this freaking

    stair in the boat and I nerly killed myself. OMG!

    and they had to pull me up Hahahaha

    I cant walk straight in a life west and they say its

    beacuase im so tiny haha. Im the smallest on the boat :)

    We all have to go on a security course and we learn the

    basic stuff, i just hope i will understand?

    My friend did but then again she had been out a long time

    on her current ship and on another one so,

    Now we are on our way to Poland :(

    Dont like that harbour, and I see my friends ship in

    Denmark. Actually we are on our way to Sweden and then

    Poland. Short stop in Sweden. i will probably be at check

    in in Trelleborg from now on since I speak swedish.

    No one understood what o said when I told em to take the

    elevator but I know how to say it in danish too :)

    Its elevator


    In swedish hiss.

    The ocean is calm but teh first days when I was asleep it

    was this vibration now its this rocky ( slightly) rocking

    feeling and I hate it, I feel really sick. Everyone

    just tease me.

    One polish - swedish guy isi so hot hahahahaha

    He said - PPL cant read it says CHECK IN SHOW BOARDING

    CARDS and no one does. I said " its beacuse they are

    looking at ur pretty face" haha :)

    Spekaing of danish, we had this thing ont he bridge and I

    had to ask him to speak english, him I didnt understand.

    when its not common language I cant understand and I asked

    " whats teh difference between this fire extinguisher and

    that one?"

    he said - This will take out all fires but it will ruin

    the carpet so use the other one.


    Im like , well if its a fire I will just take what ever

    so send me the bill.

    Okay its six now, will go to bed.

    take care

    That was a lie, cant sleep, I been up since 4 I checked

    to see if the emergencies lights were on. hahaha

    FOR ME this IS rocky!

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  • cut and paste news -- Drew Greyfox, 22:14:01 05/14/03 Wed
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  • Doesn't anyone miss me! :( -- Josie, 06:05:19 05/15/03 Thu

    Okay Im gonna vacum cleaning and have a life boat exercise.

    My friend will look, her ship is next to mine:)


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  • Support the "Freedom to Read Protection Act"! -- Mitchell, 21:41:15 05/13/03 Tue
    Under an infamous provision in the USA PATRIOT Act, the FBI has the power to search your library and book-buying records by simply telling a secret court that the records are "sought for" an intelligence investigation. Furthermore, if the librarian or bookseller tells you that they turned your records over to the government, they could be imprisoned.

    Proposed legislation before the U.S. House of Representatives -- the "Freedom to Read Protection Act" -- would remove this power to search your records without a warrant or probable cause. It is a much-needed fix to the USA PATRIOT Act, the controversial and sweeping anti-terrorism law rushed through Congress just after September 11.

    This positive legislation will restore constitutional protections of our privacy. It deserves our support!

    Click here to get more information and to take action!

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  • Slightly worried... -- James, 10:57:52 05/13/03 Tue
    I guess the suicide bomb attacks on Western compounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia have been reported in the US press - apparently so far they think 30 dead, 200 wounded. My dad used to work in the Middle East and I even lived for 6 months in one of those compounds in Riyadh - the type that got attacked, maybe even the same one.

    Anyway, I phoned home the other day and my dad said he'd got a job in Manama - Manama? Yes, Manama, capital of Bahrain (ie right next to Saudi). He's going there for 3 months, maybe more, leaving next week - so now after these bomb attacks I'm pretty worried.

    My theory is that bin Laden is in fact in Saudi Arabia where he has a lot of support (remember where the majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from?). Now the US have just said they're withdrawing from Saudi for the first time since the Gulf War. It's a perfect opportunity for Al Qaeda to take advantage of the situation and try to destabilise the Saudi government, especially since the land is currently run by the Crown Prince rather than the King Fahd, who has been incapacitated by recent strokes.

    Saudi has a LOT of islamic extremists, and bin Laden still has a grudge because the Saudis let in the US troops in '91 instead of bin Laden's Islamic mujahedeen to fight Iraq. Also, he wants to turn it into a strict Islamic state - and what better time than when there's so much anti-American feeling in the region.

    Recently there was a discovery of a large weapons cache in Riyadh - and with these bombers around it makes me wonder whether Al-Qaeda will resurface to try a putsch on the Saudi royal family and seize power. I don't think they will be able to - but it's pretty frightening. Let's just hope they don't target the US Navy's Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.

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  • With Compassion and Decency, We Can Give All Yet Bush Wants to Cut Taxes for the Wealthy--Again. Tell Congress to Stop Him This Time. -- Mitchell, 06:58:46 05/12/03 Mon

    This Ad appeared in the New York Times on May 8. Click here to see a high quality pdf version of it (note, it's a 2mb file. That's big.)

    Imagine how you'd feel if you were one of the millions of our fellow citizens who's unemployed in our slowing economy, and President Bush tells you--as he did last week--that on your behalf he wants to slash taxes for the wealthiest Americans. He wants to give the wealthy a tax break to create more jobs for you, the unemployed, while deficits grow leaving the basic needs of our people--like education and healthcare--unmet.

    President Bush is undermining the respect, decency, and fairness that are at the heart of greatness in any person or nation. And we are all paying the price. But together we can stop him.

    Click the link below to send your free faxes urging your Senators and Representatives to oppose any tax break for the wealthy.

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  • well...... -- Eddi, 08:34:59 05/10/03 Sat
    ..well..hmm wuz so special about this message?
    NOTHING! ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!..just would like to
    do alittle count down, thats all.

    Counting down, 1 hour and 30 mins,

    I GRADUATE! =)


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  • Cut and paste news -- Drew Greyfox, 23:34:47 05/11/03 Sun
    Before I start with the news I just want to say that I am sorry I have not been more social on the board lately. I've just been posting my news and maybe a comment or two and then running. I've been pretty busy with work and preparing for my big move to Texas. So please accept my belated congratulations to

    Lance on completing his CD...I better get one!!

    Josie on her job...don't do anything I would do, err wouldn't do hehe

    Eddi on his graduation...on to high school, right? hehehe jk

    and Luis on his move to California...lucky slut hehe

    And now, the news...

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  • Welcome to Ashcroft's Amerika -- lokisdad, 21:06:51 05/11/03 Sun
    Secret Service Questions Students

    Posted: May 7, 2003 at 6:18 p.m.
    OAKLAND (KRON) -- Some teachers in Oakland are rallying behind two students who were interrogated by the Secret Service. That followed remarks the teenagers made about the President during a class discussion. The incident has many people angry.

    For years the classroom has been the setting for the free expression of ideas, but two weeks ago certain ideas led to two students being taken out of class and grilled by the United States Secret Service.

    It happened at Oakland High. The discussion was about the war in Iraq. That's when two students made comments about the President of the United States. While the exact wording is up for debate, the teacher didn't consider it mere criticism, but a direct threat and she called the Secret Service.

    Teacher Cassie Lopez says, "They were so shaken up and afraid."

    Now, other teachers are coming to the aid of the two students and crying foul.

    "I would start with the teacher, she made a poor judgement," Lopez says.

    Teacher Larry Felson says, "What we're concerned about is academic freedom and that students have the right to free expression in the classroom."

    Even worse, they say, is the fact that the students were grilled by federal agents without legal counsel or their parents present, just the principal.

    "When one of the students asked, 'do we have to talk now? Can we be silent? Can we get legal council?' they were told, 'we own you, you don't have any legal rights,'" Felson says.

    "We don't want federal agents or police coming in our schools and interrogating our children at the whim of someone who has a hunch something might be wrong," Lopez says.

    The union representing Oakland teachers requires that students be afforded legal counsel and parental guidance before they're interrogated by authorities. It's too late for the two involved in this incident, and teachers say it's something they'll carry with them for years.

    "I tell you the looks on those childrens faces. I don't know if they'll say anything about anything ever again. Is that what we want? I don't think we want that," says Lopez.

    (Copyright 2003, KRON 4. All rights reserved.)

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