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Dancers, MAIDs, DAIDs, TCs, ADCRGs & friends -- this is the place to discuss the NE Region Irish Dance scene.
All I ask is that you treat each other with respect. Inappropriate posts may be removed at the moderator's discretion.
If you have an issue, or need to report a problem with a post, please email me with your concern. I can be reached at NE_IrishDanceATyahoo.com.

Subject: Hard Shoe issue - my DD is having issues with her hard shoes, while they started off tight, now they are so loose that they come off of her feet when she is dancing. I know that many dancers use tape, but does anyone have any other suggestions besides taping them to her feet every time she practices and goes to class?

Looking for ideas
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Date Posted: 19:54:14 08/30/15 Sun

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Subject: Dunleavey Shaffer email address?

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Date Posted: 09:45:45 08/29/15 Sat

The email listed on their website keeps bouncing back. Is it changed?

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Subject: I can't remember if there are vendors at the Horgan Feis at Quassy. Anyone know? We need a couple of things . . . .

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Date Posted: 09:30:41 08/29/15 Sat

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Subject: Harney Feis October

Dd (:))
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Date Posted: 11:14:40 08/28/15 Fri

Any idea on what time novice u10 will dance?
Just found out we have to attend a wedding that day..

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Subject: Opinions on Different Schools

Dance mother
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Date Posted: 20:28:09 08/27/15 Thu

Hi! So we have just moved to MA from out of region, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback and opinions about a few schools that would be within driving distance of where we live. I have a freshman in college (Rhode Island) who will come back every other week or so for class who is in Prelim, and a younger daughter who is also in Prelim. It would be very helpful if people could comment on whether or not the TCs are supportive of college students. All feedback is welcome, but please no school bashing! :-)
The schools are:
Dunleavy Shaffer
O'Shea Chaplin
Smith Houlihan
Kenny Academy
Thank you all so much!!

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James P Early
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Date Posted: 18:28:03 08/27/15 Thu

Grade Exams 1-11 will be conducted the weekend of the North Jersey Championships the first weekend of October. Exam slots are filling pretty quickly. If your dancer wishes to participate in these exams, please go to: Mcloughlinschool.com, go to Grade Exams 2015. You will need to download an application form which will need to be filled out, signed by your TCRG and then mailed back with the proper fees enclosed. The syllabus of what each exam candidate must be prepared to dance is also on the website with a brief explanation of the purpose of these exams. Good Luck to all candidates!!

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Subject: Does anyone remember from previous yrs about what time girls U18 OC dances?Trying to plan my schedule

thanks in advance
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Date Posted: 08:55:41 08/27/15 Thu

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Subject: Save the Date!

Feis Committee
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Date Posted: 12:29:16 08/26/15 Wed

We have just gotten the final OK from Stratford Board of Education to hold the Southern CT State Feis in Stratford, CT on Sunday, November 1. Feis syllabus will be out very soon, so save the date! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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Subject: What day will Traditional Set U11 be dancing at the Oireachtas.....it is not on daily schedule?

Mom trying to schedule
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Date Posted: 09:49:22 08/26/15 Wed

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Subject: Western CT Irish Dance Champs 2015 Adjudicators? FEis is 2.5 weeks out. Are the adjudicators listed anywhere?

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Date Posted: 06:06:40 08/26/15 Wed

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Subject: Team rules for the O's.

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Date Posted: 19:47:01 08/25/15 Tue

If a dancer is away at college which is so far away they are unable to come back to practice can they still participate in teams at the O's? I thought our teacher said they must practice together on a regular basis? Not sure how this works and if there is a rule

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Subject: 2005 New England Oireachtas Parade of Champions Video

Family Member
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Date Posted: 19:21:59 08/25/15 Tue

Looking for a video of the 2005 Parade of Champions at the New England Oireachtas. Not getting my hopes up, but crossing my fingers that someone might have a copy somewhere. Thanks in advance!

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Subject: New Teachers

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Date Posted: 08:37:00 08/25/15 Tue

Interesting developments at the Brady Academy with workshops being given by The Academy!!!

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Subject: Does any one know where/how I can get a Camelia Rose Double Lucy? I'd prefer to buy in person. Hoping vendor will be at a local feis.

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Date Posted: 22:41:17 08/24/15 Mon

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Subject: East Durham Feis

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Date Posted: 11:01:12 08/24/15 Mon

Competition # 400 Preliminary U-8 4 Dancers
364 McElroy, Molly Cummins School PA 1
133 Tully, Lilly Scoil Rince Saorise 2
80 Coen, Tierney Scoil Rince Saorise 3
77 Siek, Ashlyn Wick-Hegarty School 4

Competition # 401 Preliminary U-9 9 Dancers
140 Doherty, Clare Doherty Petri Schoo 1
379 Greenwood, Alexa Rince Na Sonas Syra 2
452 Cunniffe, Kiera Harney Massachusett 3
166 McElhatton, Audrey O'Rourke Academy of 4
428 Wilson, Cassidy Bernadette Short Sc 4

Competition # 402 Preliminary U-10 15 Dancers
164 Phillips, Langley Farrell New York 1
273 Gibbons, Maggie Boyle School of Iri 2
228 Murphy-Canuel, Keira Bernadette Short Sc 3
473 Moylan, Grace Flynn School of Dan 4
450 Doonan-Hillmann, Bridget Pender-Keady Academ 5
60 Pinckney, Ava Francis Academy - N 6
338 Bonacci, Sophia Boland New York 6
700 Schrader, Julia McLoughlin-Goldwyn- 7

Competition # 403 Preliminary U-11 12 Dancers
123 Peters, Julia Carle Irish Dance C 1
145 Normand, Piper Shamrock Connecticu 2
245 Vernon, Kathleen Rince O'Chroi Schoo 3
175 Ahern, Shaye O'Rourke Academy of 4
439 Conboy, Nora Rince O'Chroi Schoo 5
98 Low, Morgan Boland New York 6
112 Cleary, Kate Petri New York 6

Competition # 404 Preliminary U-12 20 Dancers
291 Hagan, Brendan Petri New York 1
27 ORahilly, Erin DeNogla New Jersey 2
173 Kelly, Kaitlin The Heritage Irish 3
367 Courneen, Brynna Dunleavy-Shaffer 4
264 Fitzsimons, Caitlin Flynn School of Dan 5
182 Mahoney, Kate Verlin School of Ir 6
405 Wun, Monique Fay-Healy Ottawa 7
188 Dwyer, Madeline Petri New York 8
127 Britt, Caitlin Harney Massachusett 9
284 Insero, Gabriella Boland New York 10

Competition # 405 Preliminary U-13 23 Dancers
169 Burns, Rosie Lynn-O''Grady Quinl 1
394 Connorton, Mairin Young New York 2
341 McGuire, Maggie Johnston New York 3
144 LeStrange, Allison Young School of Iri 4
709 Lavin, Sarah Scoil Rince Saorise 5
70 Ferris, Maria Boland New York 6
265 Weeks, Alannah Mulvihill-Lynch New 7
324 Camas, Erin Inishfree NY 8
430 Curran, Niamh Flynn School of Dan 9
46 Kearns, Aedan Broesler New Jersey 9
11 Walsh, Therese Scoil Rince Saorise 10
446 Goltry, McKenna Carle Irish Dance C 11

Competition # 406 Preliminary U-14 22 Dancers
310 Murphy, Fiona Rince Na Tiarna 1
260 Murphy, Caitlyn Broesler School 2
187 Dwyer, Hannah Petri New York 3
102 Gaudieri, Sara Young School of Iri 4
443 Getcliffe, Erin Shea-Jennings New J 5
31 Ohstrom, Ashley McDonald School 6
149 Gralinski, Maggie Gallagher School of 7
263 Fitzsimons, Bernadette Flynn School of Dan 8
299 Smith, Lydia Carle Irish Dance C 9
240 Golden, Katie Golden New York 10
272 Murphy, Aoife Cunniffe Boston 11

Competition # 407 Preliminary U-15 20 Dancers
294 Hurley, Megan Boland New York 1
150 Keevern, Blaine Boland New York 2
308 Clay-Streib, Audrey McFadden Academy of 3
261 Naughton, Margaret An Clar School of I 4
267 Senna, Kaylly Griffith Connecticu 5
460 Jardel, Leah McElligott School o 5
386 Tolomei, Shannon Francis Academy - N 6
239 Berube, Emilie Bernadette Short Sc 7
440 Fitzgerald, Erin Broesler New Jersey 8
197 Biscotti, Vittoria Fay-Healy Ottawa 9

Competition # 408 Preliminary U-16 11 Dancers
201 Fleming, Gianna Curran School of Ir 1
292 Cunningham, Abby Boland New York 2
340 Crompton, Rachel McDonald School 3
305 Walsh, Jessica Rince Na Tiarna 4
100 Murray, Jordan Farrell New York 5
103 Wilson, Colleen McFadden Academy of 6

Competition # 409 Preliminary U17 5 Dancers
2 276 O'Brien, Mikayla Petri New York 1
3 431 McKenna, Megan Verlin School of Ir 2
1 195 Snow, Abigail McFadden Academy of 3
4 442 Hager, Maura Carle Irish Dance C 4
5 449 O'Meara, Erin Forbes Massachusett 5

Competition # 410 Preliminary 17 + 6 Dancers
444 Tavares, Madison McDonald School 1
229 Nop, Olivia McFadden Academy of 2
400 Vaccarelli, Jianna Horgan Academy of I 3

Competition # 500 Open Girls U-9 1 Dancers
171 Wiltz, Christina McGough Academy 1

Competition # 501 Open Girls U-10 2 Dancers
200 Isaacson, Michaela Bernadette Short Sc 1
179 Nugent, Kate Doherty Petri Schoo 2

Competition # 502 Open Girls U-11 2 Dancers
211 Gallagher, Mairead Dunleavy-Shaffer 1
190 Hieb, Erin Verlin School of Ir 2

Competition # 503 Open Girls U-12 2 Dancers
472 Moylan, Ava Flynn School of Dan 1
178 Nugent, Clare Doherty Petri Schoo 2

Competition # 504 Open Girls U-13 4 Dancers
425 Kramer, Gloria Rince Na Sonas 1
126 Riordan, Bridget Verlin School of Ir 2
189 Grant, Gabrielle Griffith Connecticu 3
157 Gerold, Brianna Scoil Rince Saorise 4

Competition # 505 Open Girls U-14 8 Dancers
219 Graham-Luke, Abigail Young New York 1
186 McKeever, Maggie Boland New York 2
298 Mccabe, Roisin DeNogla New Jersey 3
343 Frost, Kelly McDonald School 4

Competition # 506 Open Girls U-15 7 Dancers
241 VanDoran, Kasey Flynn School of Dan 1
134 Cavan-Goode, Claire Broesler New Jersey 2
396 Grey, Sophie Young New York 3
26 Sullivan, Hannah Inishfree NY 4

Competition # 507 Open Girls U-16 5 Dancers
403 Kirk, Haylee Broesler New Jersey 1
279 Sawyer, Payton Boland New York 2
148 Kroll, Emma Broesler School 3
217 OKeefe, Jillian Heavey Massachusett 4
283 Insero, Madeline Boland New York 5

Competition # 508 Open Girls U-17 9 Dancers
269 Pereira, Hayley Rince Na Tiarna 1
236 Sullivan, Mia Rince Na Tiarna 2
399 McFee, Emma Carle Irish Dance C 3
288 Lynch, Sarah Drumcliffe New York 4
392 Connorton, Maura Young New York 5

Competition # 509 Open Girls U-18 2 Dancers 
281 Connolly, Fiona Inishfree NY 1
402 Ennis, Caitlin Doherty Petri Schoo 2

Competition # 510 Open Ladies 18+ 2 Dancers
282 Insero, Alyson Boland New York 1
373 Young, Shauna Young Academy of Ir 2

Competition # 513 Open Boys U-12 3 Dancers
289 Lynch, Nicholas Drumcliffe New York 1
136 King, Sean Broesler New Jersey 2
110 Opalenick, Owen Roisin Academy 3

Competition # 514 Open Boys U-14 1 Dancer
435 Reagan, Sean Inishfree NY 1

Competition # 515 Open Boys U-16 1 Dancer
434 Reagan, Eamon Inishfree NY 1

Competition # 516 Open Boys U-18 1 Dancer
433 Reagan, Conor Inishfree NY 1

Competition # 517 Open Gents 18 & 1 Dancer
416 Cairone, Christian Horgan Academy of I 1

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Subject: Join us on September 27 for the New England Autumn Feis

NEAF committee
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Date Posted: 20:20:03 08/23/15 Sun

Join us on Sept 27, 2015 at Whitman Hanson High School. Our syllabus features Championship Traditional Set competitions and a Charity Treble Reel to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand. We will again offer 3 rounds for Championships, music competitions and medal rounds in both prelim & open. Entries & tabulation will be done by QuickFeis. Open now on www.quickfeis.com
2015 NE Autumn Feis Adjudicators
Marcus Maloney, Ireland; Michael Belvitch, Illinois; Noel Curran, NJ; Sally Houston, Canada; Paul Meyer, Illinois; Colleen Mulhern Malloy, Illinois; Donny Golden, NY; Karyn Oster, NY; Moira McMahon, NY

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Subject: Three great dresses for sale

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Date Posted: 10:32:30 08/23/15 Sun

If you have a small dancer and need a solo dress perhaps one of these will work for you! Prices are negotiable - Thanks for looking




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Subject: MHG Halloween Feis 2015

No name
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Date Posted: 06:29:11 08/23/15 Sun

The Mullane Healy Godley Academy of Irish Dance will be hosting the annual MHG Halloween Feis on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at the MAX-McCook Athletic and Exposition Center, located upon 4750 South Vernon Avenue, McCook, IL 60525. There will be an additional charge by the Village of McCook of $5.00 for parking - there is no street parking available.

****PLEASE NOTE: Entries are being accepted through October 15, 2015 http://www.quickfeis.com. There is a cap of 800 entries for all Beginner 1 through Open Prizewinner dancers. For Preliminary and Open Championship competitions there is a cap of 400. In preparation of the Oireachtas 2014, we will be offering an Open Set Dance competition for all Open Prizewinner dancers Under 10 and above. All Preliminary and Open Championship dancers will dance all three rounds and be adjudicated by a total of nine adjudicators, the same format used by the Mid-America Oireachtas. The feis is themed and we strongly encourage all dancers to participate in Halloween costumes; the feis will commence at 8.00am with a Halloween Parade.

*NEW - We will be awarding sashes for all top five placers in all Preliminary and Open Championships;

**NEW - We will have a new podium for all top five placers in all Preliminary and Open Championships;

***NEW - New Awards for Preliminary and Open Championships;

****NEW - In preparation for the regional Oireachtasi, we will be offering an open set dance competition to all Open Prizewinner dancers from Under 10 and up.

******NEW - Awards for each round in Preliminary and Open Championships based upon the accumulated score of the three adjudicators will be awarded during the results presentation.

All treble reel competitions will be combined and held before the commencement of the Open Championships on Stages 1 through 3. All proceeds from the treble reel competition will be donated to ‘Supporting ALS Research under the supervision of Dr. Teepu Siddique at Northwestern University’. There will also be a $500 cash prize for the winner of the treble reel competition.

The feis hotel will be the Doubletree Hotel, 1909 Spring Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Room rate is $119 per night quoting booking reference code 'IRISH DANCE'. Please call 630-472-6000 or visit http://www.mhgdance.com for further information.

We have retained a distinguished and accomplished panel of adjudicators and musicians.

For further information, please visit our website http://www.mhgdance.com

Thank you,

The MHG Feis Committee

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Subject: Any results from East Durham feis?

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Date Posted: 18:11:58 08/22/15 Sat

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Subject: If numbers don't increase will Gray cancel?

Curious- never seen so low this close to Feis
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Date Posted: 09:35:40 08/22/15 Sat

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Subject: College student selling dance items! Come take a look

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Date Posted: 16:58:44 08/21/15 Fri


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Subject: http://www.dance-again.com/X538b.html

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Date Posted: 13:40:52 08/20/15 Thu

Please take a look at this Asian-inspired ID dress for an 8-11 yo dancer!

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Subject: Western CT Championships (Gray) Feis - why are the numbers so low?

9/12 - less than 1 month away!
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Date Posted: 11:25:14 08/20/15 Thu

I know that the date got moved so I am wondering if people really know about it. Or do you think it is because people had already signed up for the IAANWJ feis that same weekend? I thought is was so nice to have a feis with single age groups for Open so I registered for it but apparently no one else thought so! This feis is less than 1 month away and I only see 193 paid entries!

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Subject: Ready to sell or buy an Irish dance costume? Oireachtas is coming up soon! Want to save money with a free listing on a site with lots of exposure?

Rhonda at FeisDresses.com
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Date Posted: 11:08:04 08/20/15 Thu

FeisDresses.com is one of the top websites for buying and selling Irish dance items on the internet. The site has one of the largest selections of used and new solo dresses for sale, along with boys vests, shoes, wigs and other accessories. It is a great place to shop for your Oireachtas costume since there are over 3200 listings!

It is always FREE to list items on the FeisDresses.com website. The easy to use system lets you edit your own listings 24/7 and mark your own items as sold. You can upload your photos, or change them at any time. In 2014, the website had over 3.8 million views. Your items will definitely get noticed on this high traffic site. Also, all items listed on the site will also be posted over to the FeisDresses Facebook page and Twitter account for even more exposure!

FeisDresses.com has so many great features for dress buyers. You can browse the size/age categories, or you can use the advanced search features to narrow down your search. View your favorite items easily by using the "Save To Favorites" feature! You'll find so many different styles of dresses, both new and used, and even off-the-rack dresses from dressmakers. Find a boys costume, a gently used wig, a crown, and more!

The website is constantly upgraded and improved. If you have suggestions please email them to me for consideration. Thanks!

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Subject: Does anyone have an email for FeisFayre? None listed on the website.

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Date Posted: 13:04:01 08/19/15 Wed

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Subject: Oireachtas room

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Date Posted: 09:04:02 08/18/15 Tue

Available room at the Hilton. 2 double beds for Thurs night, Nov 19. $157.00. Email if interested. Tmckeown04@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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Subject: Long range question but juggling my dd's soccer schedule. For the Horgan feis in Nov. do champs usually dance on Sat. or Sunday?

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Date Posted: 09:17:48 08/17/15 Mon

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Subject: How do you get rid of body odor on a used dress?

Dance mom
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Date Posted: 08:05:55 08/17/15 Mon

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Subject: Plenty of rooms available at Omni, just booked online.

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Date Posted: 19:11:59 08/15/15 Sat

Was able to book from Friday-Sunday, 1 king bed. Thought this information would be able to help all of you if you didn't get a room yet. If you use the new Omni link it takes you directly to the booking process, happy booking to you all.

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Subject: New England Region Bashing

Old Old Timer
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Date Posted: 20:11:49 08/12/15 Wed

Seriously everyone posting recently needs to take a deep breath, have a glass of whine, and stop bullying this region, it's TCs, it's ADs, it's organizers, it's feises, it's volunteers, and sometimes it's dancers. You all sound like a bunch of 7th graders! I have been involved in the competitive side of ID for over 25 years including 17 Worlds and their required Regional qualifiers. Many of the most honest people in ID are in the New England Region. The region has had the misfortune to have some high profile problems all at once but so has every other region at some point in time. Memories are short...and over the years there have been many many instances of room shortages, venue problems, stage issues, judging issues, recall issues, incorrect placements and yes...patch and pin problems and shortages in all other regions. So time to stop..enjoy your dancer and the precious time you gt to spend with her/ him. It will soon be gone.

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Subject: thank you mcinerney for a fab feis and special thank you to the judge Brian who judged my dd comps. your thoughtful comments were so appreciated and the way you really listened to the dancing with your ears really impressed us! hope to see you again. you didn't give dd first but you gave her something better, your full attention and helpful and encouraging comments. you inspired some dancers yesterday :)

thank you
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Date Posted: 20:50:27 08/10/15 Mon

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