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"Be the Crown, Wear the Crown, You are the Crown"

Subject: Still looking for an over 40 quality pageant. Is there anything that anyone will clap about and share why you think it's great? Anything going on during the year and not just summer?

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Date Posted: 08/22/14 Fri

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Subject: Mrs International is underway!

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Date Posted: 07/23/14 Wed

Following their Instagram account is providing the best access in YEARS!

The orientation photos are posted but it doesn't really show a clear stand-out like in years past. New location in FL looks nice - who are you watching?

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Subject: Arkansas, Austrailia, California, Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Great Lakes, Great Plains, Illinois, South Dakota, Texas, United Kingdom, Virginia, West Virginia

Georgia I like!
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Date Posted: 07/26/14 Sat

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Subject: Mrs. International 2014 - who are the judges?

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Date Posted: 07/25/14 Fri

Has anyone heard who the judges are for Mrs. International? Beautiful Ladies!! Good Luck to All!!

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Subject: New Show Game of Crowns will be starting soon, will you watch?

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Date Posted: 04/11/14 Fri

Not me it's another dumb reality show about Mrs pageants and it looks like they will be full of drama.

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Subject: Game of Crowns

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Date Posted: 07/14/14 Mon

Did you watch the train wreck?

Have you EVER encountered women like that competing? The nastiness was awful!

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Subject: Good Luck Mrs. Florida!

"Momma Pam" (aka Pam Bolter, Exec. Director)
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Date Posted: 07/12/14 Sat

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Subject: I am competing in 1 of the big 3. My wardrobe is stellar for the week & competition, I am a visible queen with appearances & charity work, my ad page is paid for as is my hotel room but I cannot afford to pay $1000 or more for hair and makeup. I've chosen to invest my money in other aspects of the pageant and competition. I would love to have my hair and makeup done professionally but I can't justify the money on that. I'm pretty good at doing my hair and makeup for events and competitions. I feel good about doing it myself. My question is, Is it possible to make top, place or even win?

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Date Posted: 06/30/14 Mon

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Subject: Ms America Contestants

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Date Posted: 07/06/14 Sun

MS. ALABAMA Lakecia Whitfield MS. CALIFORNIA Lucia Castano MS. CALIFORNIA COAST Ashley Rose Galli MS. COLORADO Jessica Mason
MS. FLORIDA Dr. Diana Lawrence MS. GEORGIA Brennell Sobers
MS. SOUTH CAROLINA Deborah Flynn-Valis MS. ILLINOIS Deborah Tuttle
MS. MASSACHUSETTS Kimberly Hannon MS. MISSISSIPPI Deneen Anderson MS. NEW ENGLAND AMERICA Dr. Stephanie Mills MS. NEW YORK Amy Bell
MS. VIRGINIA Ericka Thomas MS. WEST COAST AMERICA Kena Strohmeier MS. WISCONSIN Veronica Makhija

Kristine Skocpol-Saleh
Riti Chikkerur
Malinda Koncar
Stephanie Kay Rushlow
Merci Herrera
Amanda Wamunyima
Gretchen Freudenvoll
Shannon Lee Salt

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Subject: Good Luck Ms. Florida United States - Collins Medlin

Pam Bolter, Executive Director
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Date Posted: 06/30/14 Mon

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Ms America contestants part 2
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Date Posted: 07/06/14 Sun

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Subject: Any truth about Mrs. US Globe being postponed until March of 2015????

They are hot and heated over there on the Pink Board
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Date Posted: 06/28/14 Sat

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Subject: National Miss Teen, Miss, Ms & Mrs Pageants

NMP Marketing
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Date Posted: 06/16/14 Mon

We cannot believe there is only about one month left to enter for our national pageant. Join our mission to "Inspire others through Positive Pageantry" today.

Enter online today at: https://docs.google.com/a/nationalmspageants.com/spreadsheet/viewform?usp=drive_web&formkey=dEZDcTV4cUQwVG5JSmluT0k3MEg1Q1E6MA#gid=0

Information about our national pageant can be found at: http://www.nationalmspageants.com/#!2014-national-pageant-info/c2311

Mention this email and get a special discount off the entry fee only until 6/30/2014.

Pass it on.........

P.S. - Like us on fb at facebook.com/natmspageants today.

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Subject: How would you handle....

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Date Posted: 04/28/14 Mon

You are a contestant in a pageant that doesn't have a non-compete for state titles, which is fine, but another contestant who does appearances, takes pictures at each appearance with multiple sashes/crowns.

While it's not against the rule to hold multiple titles, it looks tacky to me and affects the integrity of each system she is representing.

What do you think?

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Subject: anyone know any truths about MWI being cancelled or postponed?

hope not
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Date Posted: 03/20/14 Thu

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Subject: Would you compete in a pageant that is trying to raise funds through gofundme.com? Would you donate to a pageant and it's director?

Taken from the Pink Board
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Date Posted: 06/06/14 Fri

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Subject: How have the Big 3 pageants progressed/changed over the years?

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Date Posted: 05/12/14 Mon

Each of the 3 have an "angle" or focus. But have they progressed or improved over the years or regressed?

Are they headed in the right direction?

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Subject: Wishful thinking

My wishes
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Date Posted: 05/18/14 Sun

I wish all pageant websites would contain the following information:

- date, time, location of the event on the front page
- cost to attend the event and whether any discounts will apply (visiting titleholders from same or different pageant systems)
- list and photos of contestants competing with short biographies
- list of awards to be given at the pageant as well as selection criteria for each award
- list of complete pageant rules including general requirements for queens such as appearance requirements and non-compete rules.
- list of competition categories with example pictures and descriptions. These descriptions should be given to judges, so both contestants and judges have the exact same information.
- photos from last year's event in each phase of competition with each contestant.
- complete cost information to compete; one page should contain all of the costs including entry fee(s), ad page fees (and whether they are required), ticket prices, special event ticket info, hotel information, etc.
- a bonus is an active and updated pageant blog or Facebook page wherein the queen as well as contestants are highlighted.

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Subject: Pageant Directory

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Date Posted: 04/17/14 Thu


Mrs. America
Web Site: Visit: Mrs. America Pageant.
Age Requirement: 18 & Over - Married
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Hotel: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
Date: August 29, 2014
Entry Fee: Contact State Director
Entry Deadline: Contact State Director
Judging Criteria: Personal Interview, Swimsuit Presentation & Evening Gown

Ms. America Pageant
Web Site: Visit: Ms. America Pageant.
Age Requirement: Ms 26 -60 Single/Divorced/Married ~ Miss 18-25 Single never married
Location: Curtis Theater ~ Brea, CA
Date: August 7-9 2014
Entry Fee: Ms. $1099.00, Miss $599.00
Mandatory Ad Page Fee: included
Judging Criteria: Ms. Evening Gown ~ Interview ~ On-Stage Question ~ Sportswear (tennis, jogging, aerobic attire...)NO Swimsuit! No Talent! MISS- Swimsuit ~ Evening Gown ~ Interview ~ On-Stage Question

American Beauty Pageant
Web Site: Visit: American Beauty Pageant.
Age Requirements: - Multi Divisional
Little Miss: 6-8
Miss Pre Teen: 9-11
Jr. Miss: 12-14
Teen: 15-19
Miss: 20-29
Ms.: 30 & up
Mrs.: 21 & up
Elite: 50 & up
Location: Kissimmee, Florida
Date: Sunday, June 24-28, 2014
Entry Fee: $495.00

American Dream National Pageant
Web Site: Visit: American Dream National Pageant.
Mrs Division: Ages 21 & Over
Ms Division: Ages 21 & Over
Lady Division: Ages 40-50 Minimum
Senior Division: Ages 60 & Over
Location: Orlando FL
Date: July 24-27 2014
Entry Fee: $995.00 includes ad page
Judging: Interview - Fashion Wear - Evening Gown - On Stage Question

Americas US Miss
Web Site: Visit: http://americasusmiss.com/
Divisions: Multi ages 3- and up
Location: Clearwater Beach, FL
Date: July 16-20 2014
Entry Fee: multiple options of titles, visit web site

Americas Outstanding Mom
Web Site: Visit: Americas Outstanding Mom International Pageant.
Age Requirement: 21 & Mother to at least one (1) child, either naturally born to her, legally adopted or a custodial guardian
Location: Branson MO.
Date: July 30- Aug 3, 2014
Entry Fee: $895.00
Application Fee: $95.00 Applied toward Entry Fee
Judging Criteria: 20% Interview
15% Photogenic
20% Swimsuit
20% Fashion Modeling
20% Evening Gown
5% On Stage Press Conference

American Renaissance Pageants
Web Site: Visit: American Renaissance Pageants.
Age Requirements:
Mrs Division: Age 21 & Over - Married
Ms Classic Division: Age 46 & Over, Any Marital Status
Ms Division: Age 26-45 Not Married
Location: Las Vegas NV
Date: September 14-17 2014
Entry Fee: $750.00

Judging Criteria: Interview 50%, Dressy Sportswear 25%, Evening Wear 25%, On Stage Question 10%

Ms. Senior America Pageant
Web Site: Visit: Ms. Senior America Pageant.
Age Requirement: 60 & Over
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Date: October 208-30 2014
Entry Fee: Contact State Director
Entry Deadline: Contact State Director
Judging Criteria: Interview, Inner Beauty, Evening Gown & Talent

Americas Super Ms
Web Site: Visit: Americas Super Ms .
Mrs Division: All Ages Married or Widowed
Ms Division: 26 & Over Single or Divorced
Classic Plus or Mature Division: (married/single/divorced/widowed)
Location: Montana
Date: June 22 2014
Entry Fee: $595.00
Judging Criteria: Photogenic, Interview, 30 second Introduction/Statement, Swimwear/Athletic Attire and Evening Gown. Each area of competition is weighted 1-20 points. Ties will be broken with an additional Onstage Statement (up to 60 seconds).


Beauties of America
Web Site: Visit: Beauties of America.
Age Requirements:
20s: 20-29
30s: 30-39
40s: 40-49
50s: 50-59
60s: 60 & Over
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date: July 24- 27 2014
Entry Fee: $950.00
Judging Criteria: Interview 40%, Fitness 25%, Evening Gown 25%, Photogenic 10%.


Conservative US Pageants
Web Site: Visit: Conservative US Pageants. FB page has not been updated since 2013
Age Requirements:
Mrs. 25 & Older (Married)
Ms. 30 & Older (Single, Widowed, Divorced, Separated)
Judging Criteria: Interview 40%, Fitness 15%, Evening Gown 20%, Patriot/Spirit Wear15% & Photogenic 10%
*** Extra Bonus Points: (10) Please see website (About Us) for details


Dream Girl USA Pageant
Web Site: Visit: Dream Girls USA Pageant.
Age Requirements Toddlers to Senior (Mother/Daughter) please inquire
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date: July 9-13 2014
Entry Fee: $695.00 if making payments or $595.00 if paid in full
Judging Criteria: Spokes Model 50% & Formal Wear 50%
Optional: A) Photogenic - B) Portfolio - C) Runway Model -D) Talent


Exquisite International
Web Site: http://www.exquisitepageants.com/index.html
Teen 13-19
Miss 20-29
Ms. 30-49
Mrs. 22-49
Classic 50+
Location: Baltimore MA
Date: Aug. 21-23 2014
Entry Fee: $500.00
Judging: Interview 30%, Fitness wear 20%, Fashion 20%, Evening Wear 30%


Galaxy International Pageants
Web Site: Visit: Galaxy International Pageants.
Mrs Division: Age 21 & Over Married
Miss 19-29 must be unmarried
Ms Division: Age 30 & Over Single, Divorced, Widowed & Single Mother
Miss Teen 15-18
Location: Orlando, Florida
Date: Aug. 9 2014
Entry Fee: $1,200.00

Judging Criteria: 20% - Photogenic, Interview, Swimsuit, Fashion & Evening Gown

Ms/Mrs. US Globe/ Mrs. Globe
Web Site: Visit: Ms/Mrs US Globe.
Age Requirement: 21 & Over Married or Divorced
Single Applicants Age Requirement: 26 & Over
Date: July 10-13 2014
MRS Globe
Age Requirement: 21 & Over Married or Divorced
Location: Las Vagas
Date: August July 17-20 2014
*Entry Fee: $1,800.00 - 2,000.00 (Please call to confirm)
Judging Criteria: Personality Profile, Swimsuit & Evening Gown
Scoring is done on the preferential ballot system.

Global United Pageant
Web Site: http://www.globalunitedpageant.com/
Age: Teen 13-17
Miss 18-24
Ms 25-44
Mrs. Any age and married
Classic 45-59
Sr. Ms 60+
Location: Minneapolis MN
Date: July 16-19 2014
Entry Fee: $500.00
Judging: interview 35% community service 20% evening wear 20% onstage question 5% personality wear 20%


Mrs. International
Web Site: Visit: Mrs. International Pageant.
Age Requirement: 21 & Over - Married
Location: Jacksonville FL
Date: July 25-26 2014
Entry Fee: Contact State Director Or National Office
Entry Deadline: Contact State Director or National Office
Judging Criteria: 50% Interview, 25% Aerobic Wear & 25% Evening Gown

Miss American Beauties Plus Pageant
Web Site: http://www.americanbeautiespluspageant.com/#!
Age: Teen +
Location: TBA
Date: April 24-27 2014
Entry Fee: $575.00 or $375.00 for teens
Judging: Interview 50% Fashion 20% Evening Gown 20% On-stage question 10%


National Ms Pageant
Web site: http://www.nationalmspageants.com/#!faq/c16on
Age: Teen 13-19
Miss 20-34
Ms 35+
Mrs 18+
Location: Williamsburg VA
Date: Aug 6-8 2014
Entry Fee: $895.00
Judging: Photogenic 20% interview 20% Fitness 20% Evening Gown 20% Glamor Wear 20%


Petite America Pageants
Teen/Miss/Ms/Mrs/Mrs. Woman/Lady/Mrs. Lady/Classic
Web Site: Visit: Petite America Pageants.
Height Requirements: 56 & Under No exceptions. Contestants will be measured at orientation.
Ms.: 18-34 years old; may or may not have children and/or be pregnant
Ms. Woman: 35-49 years old; may or may not have children and/or be pregnant
Mrs.: 18-34 years old, married, may or may not have children and/or be pregnant
Mrs. Woman: 35-49 years old; married, may or may not have children and/or be pregnant
Mrs. Lady: 50 and up; married, may or may not have children
Lady: 50 and up; may or may not have children
*Classic: any age; any marital status, may or may not have children, MUST be size 14 and up*
Location: Connecticut
Date: June 30 2014
Entry Fee: $695.00
Deposit: $75.00
Judging Criteria: Interview 40%, High Fashion Wear 20%, Evening Gown 25%, On Stage Question 10%


Todays American Woman
Web Site: http://www.todaysamericanwoman.com/
Age: Jr Teen 11-13
Teen 14-17
Miss 18-25
Ms 21-35
Mrs 21-35
Classy Ms 36-49
Classy Mrs 36-49
Elite Ms 50-65
Golden Ms 60+
Petite 54 and under
Curvy over size 14
Location: Greenville SC
Date: June 21 2014
Entry Fee: $500.00
Judging: Interview 50% glamorous wear 20% fitness 10% evening wear 20%


Mrs. United States
Web Site: Visit: Mrs. United States Pageant.
Age Requirement: 21 & Over - Married
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: July 20-25 2014
Entry Fee: Contact State Directors Or National Office
Entry Deadline: Contact State Directors or National Office
Judging Criteria: Personal Interview, Swimsuit Presentation & Evening Gown

United States Pageants
Web Site: Visit: United States Pageants.
Divisions: Ms/Miss/Teen/Jr. Teen
Location: Washington, DC
Date: July 2014
Entry Fee: Contact National Director director@missunitedstates.org. Or Telephone: 434.825.5553
Entry Deadline: Contact National Director
Judging Criteria: Personal Interview, Swimsuit & Evening Gown

United America Pageant
Web Site: Visit: United America Pageant.
Age Requirements:
Ms Division: 26 & up (single/divorced/widowed)
Mrs Division: 21 & up Married
Lady Division: 34-50 yr (single/divorced/married/widowed)
Classic Division: 45 & up (single/divorced/married/widowed)
Elite Division: 55 & up (single/divorced/married/widowed)
Woman Division: 26 & up Size 14 & up (single/divorced/married/widowed)
Royal Division: All Ages and Reigning queens may compete for this title. Compete in: Interview, Fashion Wear, Evening Wear, Sponsors referred, Contestants referred, Appearances. (Must provide proof of appearances).
Location: Austin, Texas
Date: June 19-22 2014
Entry Fee: $1,000.00
Judging Criteria: Interview, Evening Gown, Fashion Wear & Photogenic

United States Woman of Achievement
Web Site: Visit: United States Woman of Achievement.
Age Requirements:
MRS. U.S. Woman of Achievement (I) (24 - 39)
MRS. U.S. Woman of Achievement (II) (40 and Over)
Location: Anaheim, California
Date: November 7-9 2014
Entry Fee: N/A
Judging Criteria: 25% INTERVIEW
20% PLATFORM (Previous Work or Planned Work on Community Platform)
15% LIFESTYLE in FITNESS (Aerobic or Swimwear)
25% SPEECH OR TALENT (Performing Arts or Visual Media)

USA Universal
Web site:
Age: Mrs: 25+ Ms: 21+ (Not married)
Location: Rhode Island
Date: June 12-17 2014
Entry Fee: Mrs. US Universal 2014: $1250.00 but now ONLY $850.00 until April 15th! Ms. US Universal 2014: $899.00 but now ONLY $725.00 until April 15th!
Mrs. US Universal 40's: $550.00
Judging: Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - 20% Evening Wear - 20% Costume Competition 10% On-Stage Question- 10% (Top 3/5)

US United Pageant
Web Site: http://www.usunitedpageant.com/index.html
Location: Atlanta GA
Date: July 17-20 2014
Entry Fee: $300.00 until May 31st then $325.00 After
Judging: interview 25% outfit of choice 25% personal introduction 25% evening wear 25%


Mrs. World
Web Site: Visit: Mrs. World Pageant.
Age Requirement: 18 & Over - Married
Location: TBA
Date: TBA
Entry Fee: Contact National Office
Entry Deadline: Contact National Office
Judging Criteria: Personal Interview, Swimsuit Presentation & Evening Gown

Ms. World International ~ The Premiere Pageant for Women Over 35
Web Site: Visit: Ms. World International.
Age Requirement: 35 & Over Any Marital Status
Date: August no 2014 pageant
Entry Fee: TBA
Judging Criteria: 50% Interview, 20% Evening Gown, 15% Swimwear (w) Accessories & 15% Haute Couture Fashion Wear

World Universal Pageant
Web Site: Visit: World Universal Pageant.
Jr Teen 13-15
Teen 16-19
Miss 20-24
Ms 25-39
Mrs 25-39
Ms Woman 40+
Location: TBA
Date: 2014 TBA
Entry Fee: $295.00
Judging Criteria: Opening Number Introduction, Interview, Photogenic, Evening Gown New York/Paris Fashion Wear

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Subject: Hey mod, can we reduce or stop these huge ads? I want to learn and share about MS and MRS, and these are really distracting, thanks

it's getting old
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Date Posted: 05/11/14 Sun

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Subject: Fredericksburg Miss Heart of the USA

Sue Ann Colon
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Date Posted: 05/07/14 Wed

Everyone come be part of a family that focuses on stomping out hunger.
**No Experience Required
** Open to all ages no one is too young or too old.
Let them know you were sent by Sue Ann Colon.
 photo FredericksburgVA_zps7ce6f8b9.jpg

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Subject: http://www.voy.com/225301/Positive, helpful, and fun! If you won't say something to someone in person, you can't say it here! :)

Stop by!
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Date Posted: 04/23/14 Wed

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Subject: 2014 North Phoenix Miss Heart of the USA!

T. Justice
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Date Posted: 04/21/14 Mon

Saturday, April 26, 2014 @ 2 p.m.

Calvary Chapel Desert Hills
711 E Carefree Hwy. Suite 120
Desert Hills, Arizona 85085


~Awarding $7000 at Nationals Nov. 2014~
~Awarding $500 at State Sept. 2014~


Arizona State Preliminary Pageant to benefit:

"Calvary Chapel Desert Hills Food Bank"

Working to stomp out hunger one county at a time, the Miss Heart of the USA Pageant Program is truly a unique pageant program. We focus on teaching girls the importance of giving back to their community. We believe you are never too young to start and its never too late to get involved which is why we have an age division for everyone.

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Subject: Several really great pageants out there nice directors too! My question some say they need to be on a higher caliber what would you like to see done or fixed to get it on that level ? To get those who feel some smaller pageants are not good enough for them. I must add everyone runs for the big so called 3 but, what makes them higher caliber?

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Date Posted: 03/04/14 Tue

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Subject: Are you more or less likely to compete when.....

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Date Posted: 08/21/13 Wed

You see a director and/or titleholder constantly promoting their pageant/defending statements or opinions/or making bold statements on voy boards?

I tend to find that excessive posting by certain directors/contestants/titleholders turns me off of a pageant simply because it looks like those are the ones creating drama where there was none.

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Subject: If you could go back:

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Date Posted: 10/17/13 Thu

What would you tell yourself before entering your VERY FIRST Mrs/Ms pageant?

I would tell myself that I don't have to conform to popular styles, that I should trust my instincts and that I should always be cautious with who I trust in the pageant community.

How about you?

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Subject: Happy President's Day!

Pam Bolter, Exec Director
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Date Posted: 02/16/14 Sun

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Subject: Ms, Mrs. & Elite American Beauty

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Date Posted: 04/15/14 Tue

The American Beauty pageant system is still accepting applications for at large titleholders in many states in Mrs. Ms and Elite divisions. The deadline is fast approaching though!

Elite American Beauty - Unmarried, Married, Divorced, Single, Widowed, age 50 and over as of the start date of the National pageant.

Mrs. American Beauty- Married, 21 and over as of the start date of the National pageant.

Ms. American Beauty- Unmarried, Married, Divorced, Single, Widowed, age 30 and over as of the start date of the National pageant.

The national pageant is held in June, 24-27th in Kissimmee, Florida and is cheaper than most state pageants. The entry fee is only $495, plus a $100 ad fee, (of $595 for those who have mentioned they dont like the costs divided like this) :)

The fee includes:
-Custom crown

-Embroidered satin sash with rhinestone trim

-Photo Cd of the pageant

-Trip to downtown Disney

-Admission to watch Tiny Miss, Little Miss, Jr Miss and Pre-Teen American Beauty Pageant which is held on a different day than the Mrs., Ms. & Elite division. (You are not competing against nor will you be on stage with little kids for any part of the competition or crowning!)

-Admission to watch Miss US International & Miss US Supranational Pageant which is held at a different time than the American Beauty divisions entirely.

Judging for the Ms. & Mrs. divisions is 40% Interview, Swimsuit OR Fitness 20%, Evening Gown 30% and Overall Stage Presence 10%

Judging for the Elite division is 50% interview, Swimsuit OR Fitness 20%, Evening Gown 20% and Overall Stage Presence 10%

There are currently only 8 ladies registered in Mrs. 5 in Ms. and 3 in Elite, an increase from the previous 2 years but still low enough to make it worth the trip to Florida :)

Our system is not leaden with contractual burdens; you are free to compete in other systems while you hold a state or national title. All that we ask is that national titleholders come back to crown the successor next year and that you make 12 appearances in your national crown and sash throughout the year.

The minimum prize package is $250 cash, plus a bunch of other prizes and it goes up from there, the more delegates there are, the bigger the cash prize is!

I am mostly recruiting for the Midwest, which is my region and so far only Michigan and Great Lakes are crowned. I am looking for representation in Ms. Mrs. & Elite for Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois & Indianahowever if you are from any other state and are interested please do not hesitate to email me or apply on my website. I will help anyone! The team of regional directors really works together on this venture to make sure that the delegates are all taken care of and have everything they need regardless of where they are from and who is the regions manager!


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Subject: Just have to vent!

Judie Cole
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Date Posted: 04/15/14 Tue

Hi Ladies...
Today marked the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. The city held a beautiful memorial in the rain. While watching the ceremony on TV, I happened to see a young woman wearing a "Massachusetts" banner. She wasn't MAO, USA or Mrs (America). Is it me, or is the idea of wearing a banner to a memorial function like it was a parade really tacky and horrific?

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Subject: Miss Heart of Spring

Sue Ann Colon
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Date Posted: 04/11/14 Fri

Everyone come be part of a family that focuses on stomping out hunger.
**No Experience Required
** Open to all ages no one is too young or too old.
Let them know you were sent by Sue Ann Colon.
 photo LAMissHeartofSpring_zps488a41dd.jpg

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Subject: new international board

bout time
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Date Posted: 04/03/14 Thu


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Subject: the new 2014 Mrs NC United States was crowned at the Miss NC US pageant without the 2013 Mrs ever being told or invited since the new queen was chosen at large (director resigned). If you were the 2013 queen, what would you do?

surprised they did this
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Date Posted: 01/25/14 Sat

Without a director she had no farewell but the new queen is not a runner up so neither knew the other whrn this happened. Should formers reach out to the new ones or do you think its the other way around...the new queens at large should extend the invitation to connect?

my thought is you never know who the next director might be. Did the live pageant crowning her have an obligation to invite the reigning to give up her title and have her farewell? I think that may have been the right thing to do rather thsn find out from a friend your year is now over. Thoughts?

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Subject: EXCITING OPTIONAL COMPETITION for Ms. & Mrs. Florida Pageant!

Pam Bolter, Exec Director Mrs. Florida
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Date Posted: 03/28/14 Fri


Ms. Inspirational 2014

Our judges are looking for the most Inspirational Contestant of 2014 and will reward her with a beautiful crown, banner and amazing rhinestone necklace. They will be looking for:

"Someone who has an abstract concept or idea. The delegate with spiritual connotations as well as practical connotations. A woman that inspires the mind, emotions, and/or the body to a higher level of feelings or activity."

Are you that woman? For a $100 contribution, you will present an essay of up to 250 words of why you feel you should be selected Ms. Inspirational 2014. With this essay, you may present up to two attachments one can be a series of photos showing you actively making a difference, and the other could be a letter or certificate from an organization or person that you have inspired to get heights.

After interviews on Saturday, April 26th (after the final balloting of the interviews is concluded), our judges will review your presentation and cast a vote of 1-10 for you. ONLY the presentation packet you prepare will be scored; nothing on the interview will carry over and none of your stage competition will be in consideration for this award. This is truly based on your presentation on paper.

The award and crowning of our 2014 Ms. Inspirational will take place on Sunday during the Ms. & Mrs. Florida United States. There will be a 1st and 2nd honorable mention for your court as well.

If you are interested, please send $100 via PayPal to Director_MrsFlorida@yahoo.com and submit your paperwork by April 10th via e-mail attachments or you can mail a hard copy to: Florida U.S. Pageants, 8 Flagler Drive, Palm Coast, FL 32137

Only ONE Ms. Inspirational will be selected from the group of 2014 Ms. and Mrs. Florida United States state finalists. This is a title that you can proudly wear throughout your reign and continue to represent The Pageant With A Purpose!

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Subject: Met Art Eufrat A Litorali

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Date Posted: 03/29/14 Sat

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Subject: Madagascar 2 2008

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Subject: Love pageantry so much and wonder what draws other ladies to pageantry? What is it that motivates you?

curious conversation.
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Date Posted: 03/23/14 Sun

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Subject: Ladies! Please!!! Stop asking for money on facebook for your hobby!!! Make your request private to frineds and family. I find it so utterly tacky that pageant ladies (espcially the Mrs. contestants) ask their fellow pageant sisters for money.

stop it already!
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Date Posted: 03/02/14 Sun

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Subject: Ubd Maps: Grampians & District #379

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Date Posted: 03/20/14 Thu

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Subject: Random Shots (BBC Radio Collection)

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Date Posted: 03/20/14 Thu

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Subject: Congratulations

Judie Cole
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 03/09/14 Sun

Congrats to Monique Jones Taylor, the new Mrs Massachusetts America!

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Subject: FREE !!!! FREE !!!!

Sue Ann Colon
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Date Posted: 03/09/14 Sun

FREE !!!! FREE !!!!

Everyone come be part of a family that focuses on stomping out hunger.

**No Experience Required
** Open to all ages no one is too young or too old.

Let them know you were sent by Sue Ann Colon.
 photo miamimagic_zps4bd3fb06.jpg

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Subject: Ms, Mrs. & Elite American Beauty

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Date Posted: 02/12/14 Wed

The American Beauty pageant system is currently seeking delegates for the national pageant in June.
Entry is only $495 plus a $100 ad fee. Nationals are in June in Florida.
Some states are holding prelims, many are crowning at large. Mid West Regional Pageants are holding a prelim in Ohio and one in Kentucky. The Ohio date is April 19th and Kentucky is April 26th. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Missouri are all being awarded at large this year while we plan our mid west regional pageant for next year to include all states.
The American Beauty system is under the national direction of Britt Harrison, of Miss US International & Miss US Supranantional and is an exceptional national director with a stellar reputation.
You can go to the Mid West Regional Pageant website to sign up for Ohio, Kentucky or to apply at large for any other state, if you are outside of the Mid West Region I will forward your application to the director in your area :)

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Subject: Get Pageant Ready in as little as 45 Minutes

Pam Bolter
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Date Posted: 03/05/14 Wed

Pageant Gals - I'm here to help you tighten, tone and lose inches a healthy way in 45 minutes. Message me to learn how to do so at 40% off Together we can get you there!!!

Or if you want to go to my site on line, IM me or e-mail me at PamBolterSkinnyWrap@gmail.com - if we get you to sign up as a Loyal Customer (LC) you will save up to 40% off of your order!!!!! I am here to help get you skinny AND save money!!!!!!!

Let's get PAGEANT READY!!!!!!!!


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Subject: Free Florida Pageant Workshop

Pam Bolter, Exec Director
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 03/04/14 Tue

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Subject: What State Pageants have already happened for 2014?

Pageant Fan
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 02/19/14 Wed

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Subject: Ms. & Mrs. Florida United States Pageant info

Pam Bolter, Exec. Director
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 02/05/14 Wed

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Subject: Donations?

[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 12/01/13 Sun

I was recently approached to donate to someone's entry fee for a national pageant. I was perplexed because I feel like if you can't afford it on your own why are you entertaining the idea? It wasn't for an ad page of anything but straight up the entry fee.

How do you feel?

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Subject: United Ststes dates

United States
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 02/11/14 Tue

HERE IS THE 2014 MISS UNITED STATES ORIGANIZATIONS (MUSO) STATE PAGEANT SCHEDULE TO DATE... With Maine & Oklahoma still to schedule this brings us to a total of 36 state pageants... SO FAR!!!
LADIES UNITE... Remember..."You cannot spell United States without US"

January 17-18: North Carolina
January 17-18: South Carolina
February 14-16: Maryland
February 14-16: Delaware
February 20-22: Minnesota
February 20-22: Iowa
February 21-23: Kentucky
March 1-2: Washington
March 1-2: Oregon
March 7-9: Georgia
March 28-30: Florida
March 28-30: New Jersey
March 28-30: New York
March 28-30: Pennsylvania
March 29-30: Massachusetts
April 4-5: Missouri
April 4-5: Kansas
April 4-5: Nebraska
April 4-6: Virginia
April 4-6: Tennessee
April 11-12: Illinois
April 11-12: Indiana
April 12-13: Alabama
April 11-13: Arizona
April 26-27: Texas
April 25-27: Florida (Ms. and Mrs.)
April 27: Hawaii
May 4: Nevada
May 8-9: California
May 17-18: Mississippi
May 24-25: Colorado
May 23-25: West Virginia
May 30-June 1: District of Columbia
May 31: New Mexico
June 6-8: Ohio


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Subject: How high is too high?

not sure I want to wear a 6" heel
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 01/21/14 Tue

I've been watching a lot of pageants live lately and it seems a lot of contestants are going to the Tippy Top 6 or 7" shoes for swimsuit onstage. Is this now the standard? I have a pair of Alicia Hill nude heels from a pageant resale page that are 4" and I thought that was fine but now that I see all these ladies wearing platform heels, I wonder if this might be too short. But to me they look almost like you have hoofs because of the platform!

Has anyone worn these and gotten good comments or had a better experience wearing these super high nude shoes in swimwear? Is it worth the $90 to get a pair or is this just a fad?

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Subject: Photo Comments

[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 01/16/14 Thu

While view a current titleholder's FB page, I notice that someone commented on a picture that she looked "F*****g Hot" - now, it was spelled out completely and other comments were made after that, even by the queen herself.

Do you think that a comment like that should be removed since it was on a public FB page or should it remain?

Mind you, this is for a contestant in a Big 3 pageant happening in the summer. Just seemed really odd that the comment was left for all to see, including directors, etc.

Just wondering ~

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Subject: Posing as Global America

Global America Pageant
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 01/23/14 Thu

Just wanted to let you all know... the REAL Global America Pageant is celebrating it's 15th anniversary. A person who has recently set up shop in Las Vegas is posing as the Miss Global America Pageant. They are NOT associated with Global America in anyway. Attorney's are working on the problem.
The real website is www.globalamericapageant.org / globalamericapageant.com

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Subject: Shared from another board

Would like opinions
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 12/16/13 Mon

Are there any smaller(cheaper) Ms/Mrs pageants that don't have a ton of women crowned in the same pageant? I would like a pageant that only crowns 2...maybe 3 women at the most. US Continental is one I'm looking into. Can anyone name some others? Thank you

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Subject: Forced Gender Change from Boys to Girls

Knut Holt
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 01/07/14 Tue

Forced Conversions of Boys to Girls - An Increasingly Common Occurense

Boys are increasingly more often made into girls by medication, stepwise surgeries and psychological interventions without letting the boys understand what happens to them.

The following information seems unbelievable, but it has been obtained by interviews and conversations with a lot of people going through these ordeals and by comparing their stories to check consistence, so it is by all probability real.

Boys are steadily more often changed into girls by a series of interventions. This kind of ordeal seems to occur in all parts of the world, including USA, UK and Canada. The interventions are typically done as a cooperation between three parts that each have specific interests in the process.

One part is the parents, or more often a single mother, that has the daily care for the boy. The incentives of the parents seem to be a whish to have a daughter with a slim body shape of the same kind boys often have, an aim of making a female ballet or gymnastic artist out of the boy, and economical compensation they get from the other two parts.

Another part is usually certain kind of educational institutions that have the interest of producing girls or women with a fairly small stature, slim body, extremely flexible joints and spine and a juvenile appearance, most typically ballet schools. It seems that boys selected for this form of conversion are given free place at the school.

The third part seems to be medical research institutes that use the procedures and the boys to do gender-related psychological and physiological experiments, to test out new pharmacological regimes and test out new surgical methods. These institutes seem to pay the educational institutions and possible the parents to get access to the boys. The boys also seem to be used as training objects for medical students.

The conversion is typically hided and done secretly for the boys themselves at the initial phases, by use of sedation or general anesthesia, and by letting the boy think medication they get are vitamin pills, vaccination shots or similar.

The conversion that often start at the age of 7-9 is typically done by these means:

- Stopping the puberty and some of the growth by hormone blocking medication through shots or oral pills pretended to be vitamin pills.
- Making his testicles and penis shrink by hormone blocking medication.
- Stopping feelings, erections and other male genital reactions by injecting depots of medication into the prostate, penis, perineum and other genital structures.
- Taking away the prostate and building up inner female organs with a series of small surgical interventions through their penis and urethra, through their anus or by needle-like instruments inserted into the lower stomach or scrotum.
- The injections and surgical interventions are done under anesthesia. The boys are usually told that they only go through some exam that all children have to go through or some other excuse is produced.
- Femininizing medication that works on the body and psychologically.
- Feminizing education and clothing regimes.
- Feminizing hypnotic interventions. The hypnotic interventions are often done under some degree of sedation.
- The psychological interventions also have the aim of making the boy believe that he is gradually changing to girl by himself and to whish to become a girl fully.
- At some point castration.
- At some point when the boy appear more like a girl than a boy, the final surgery is done, typicalle just before the normal puberty would have started, but sometimes later.

It is unclear if this kind of conversion will produce fully productive female sexual organs. Most doctors will say this is impossible. It seems however that the most advanced experiments done on these boys have this aim, since the former boys are able to menstruate when the conversion is done.

The interventions are typically done at special clinics or at special sections in a ballet school or other educational institutions. The day-school that the boy attend is usually also informed about he process and may participate. Many of these boys also attend special private day-schools that are more involved than ordinary public schools.

Since these ordeals typically begin whitout the knowledge and the concent of the boy, and since the long term medical outcome of such transformatins are uncertain, one may ask if these ordeals are to be regarded as a kind of child abuse.


Knut Holt is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. To find information about fitness, health and sex, including more information about urinary and genital issues, and products to improve fitness, health and sexual life, please visit his web-site.


Source: http://www.eioba.com/a/4ec9/forced-conversions-of-boys-to-girls-an-increasingly-common-occurense

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Subject: When competing, what prizes do you actually care about?

[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 11/14/13 Thu

Besides the sash and crown, what prizes draw you in and make you want to win that title?

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