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  • So the first debate is over... :\ -- PeteIM, 12:00:49 09/27/16 Tue
    If you didn't see it, the debate is available here:

    After the debate ended, the national and local news media covered it in detail, but they were boring, so I waited for the late-night entertainment programs to give their oppinions. One of the programs is missing, however. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had a live show, but I can't find that segment on YouTube... yet. Here are the other programs in alphabetical order by network. (I hope they all work in your country):

    ABC - Jimmy Fallon (not) Live
    Instead, Kimmel and Crew have an edition of Lie Witness News.

    CBS - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Live)
    The First Presidential Debate Lives Up To the Hype
    With Time Running Out, An Undecided Voter Struggles To Choose

    CBS - The Late Late Show with James Corden (also not live)
    When 'MacGyver' Overshadows the Presidential Debate

    Comedy Central - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Live)
    Sparks Fly at the First Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate

    NBC - Late Night with Seth Meyers (Live)
    A Closer Look: First Presidential Debate

    TBS - Conan O'Brien (also not live)
    Andy's Debate Drinking Game

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  • Nature or Nurture? -- Ace, 00:04:14 09/27/16 Tue
    Being a psychology major the nature vs nurture fight is one of the biggest we have during our classes. I would say it happens at least once a week, and every time I'm left on the fence. For those who don't know the discussion forms from Nature (are we naturally born with the personality and flaws we have?) or Nurture (are these personalities learned and flaws made over the course of our lives?) This time I've decided to come to a third party to help me look at it in some new light. So what do ya'll think Nature or Nurture?

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  • A random past scene came to me today -- Johnny, 17:13:03 09/26/16 Mon

    I was driving home and something that happened about 6 years ago, I was 17, came to my mind for no reason at all. Itís not in line with what the forum is now but hey itís me. :) Itís Monday and Monday needs a laugh.

    So at the time I was in this gay club and it was my turn to get the drinks in. I get to the bar and thereís a massive queue so while Iím waiting I saw this guy, real cute. We had the looks for each and the smiles and the wait for the drinks went on forever. This kid was behind another kid so the kid in front of him started smiling at me. :) After about 5 mins the kid in front came over to me and said ďI see you keep looking at me I think youíre real hot.Ē Iím thinking ďoh shitĒ like he was real nice looking but I had my mind set on the kid behind him. So I say ďOh yehĒ for want of better words and we sort of started chatting.

    So I got the drinks in the end and went back to the dance area where my mates were and I noticed him follow me. He kept looking and smiling and to cut a long story short I finished up going home with him, back to his place, student digs. It turned out he was totally amazing sex he did everything I wanted him to do and more. There was no I wanna be your boyfriend scene it was a pure night/morning of lust and hot sex. We got to hook up several times after that he always had good weed and I did in the end get to hook up with the kid standing behind him. :)

    Weird isnít it tho how things come into your head for no reason. Itís not like I often think about it I havenít for 6 years that was then this is now. Oh well. :)

    Obviously there has to be a song. :)

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  • Hi, long time no talk! I listened to a musical and want to share my thoughts: -- Jake, 18:23:04 09/24/16 Sat

    So I listened to a musical tonight called "Spring Awakening". I don't think it was very good, but it had a few good tracks. I think the original play that wasn't a musical is commendable for discussing such controversial subjects in the late 1800s. Basically what it is, is a musical/play about teenage angst and sexuality. One person kills themself because they failed a class, another person dies of a failed coathanger abortion, and another person has their life ruined because he wrote an essay about a vagina. Isn't that great!?

    All in all it was a waste of time. However, I do like this track the best. It's about "the man" lying about the truth and finding your own morality. "All they say is trust in what is written!"

    I will say it's pretty good as a piece of art, definitely captures quite a bit of that angsty teenage thing. In one scene the character who is getting bad grades begs his friend's Mom to give him money to run away to America and when she's like "I don't have that money, please don't kill yourself." and he responds like a angsty teen would.

    It's no surprise that both songs are from the same character. Probably my favorite in the musical.

    So yeah, if you all want to listen to some angsty kids learning about sex and ending in tragedy...go for it!

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  • So a HUGE day in music happened on Thursday night / Friday morning -- eminem313, 16:05:38 09/24/16 Sat
    Got home from my friends house, and she said to me "Put it out there, and you'll get a response." and well...looks like my response was in the form of 4 musical pieces!

    First...Trevor Moran released his GMTTN song!

    Then, Skylar Grey released her song with Eminem called "Kill For You"!

    AND her album was released the very next day! >:O

    And lastly, Yelawolf released his new track "Daylight."

    Like WOW! Huge night, eh!? >:D

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  • A great piece in the Huffington Post written by the legendary Kirk Douglas that I've just read... -- Mike84, 06:05:39 09/24/16 Sat

    I saw his name trending on Twitter and feared the worst. When you see a celeb's name trending on Twitter, especially if they're advanced in their years, you automatically fear the worst. Many times they're trending because they've just died.

    Fortunately Mr. Douglas is still very much alive.

    Assuming I'm lucky enough to make it to the grand age of 99, I hope I remain as lucid and alert as this guy.

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  • I am "Obsessed" like Mariah Carey's song lol -- Leszek, 04:59:01 09/24/16 Sat
    Comsie, if you haven't seen this kid then please do. His name is Darren Espanto and he is Canadian-Philipino recently turned 15, I think.

    I knew the kid from his "Chandlier" cover but haven't checked out his other stuff untill two days ago when I heard his cover of "I believe" by Fantasia. When I heard it I started shaking, literally. I cried, my hands were shaking, I started sweating. This kid is phenomenal. One of the best things I have heard in my life and now I am digging out everything I can about him.

    (Again, I fucking suck at remembering how to embed videos. I would be a shitty programmer. I die on the first page of any programming textbook lol).

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  • Joey's sister says hi! :-p -- bwctwriter, 00:10:36 09/24/16 Sat
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  • It's a Blues Traveler kinda night... -- PeteIM, 23:46:43 09/23/16 Fri
    Turn it up and sing along.

    Hook - Blues Traveler

    Run Around - Blues Traveler

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  • Billy -- Scott, 18:33:56 09/23/16 Fri
    So I don't know if you guys remember Billy Gillan or not, but he started out in country music at about 11 or 12 years old. He had a big hit song/album right after the columbine shootings called 'One Voice'. Recently he also came out of the closet on YouTube, which is great for him but sadly it had a very negative effect on his reviving his career in Nashville. So needless to say I was shocked when I was watching the voice the other day and he came on with an absolutely stunning blind audition. He of course got a 4 chair turn and chose Adam Levine as his coach. I have been a fan of his for soooo long have been to a few of his shows and even got an autograph and picture with him. I am super stoked he's on the show and can now prove to the world he's got what it takes to be a great singer as an adult! Anyways I thought I'd share the audition with everyone!

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  • I was reading an article about Hillary's health earlier -- Johnny, 09:26:50 09/23/16 Fri
    And this got mentioned in the comments. Funny, well I think so. :)

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  • Awww, that sucks. i'm always anxious for these every year. -- Comicality, 16:34:09 09/22/16 Thu

    YouTube is rapidly filling up with greedy assholes who are absolutely destroying everything that made YouTube the cultural phenomenon that it is. And it's all because of advertisers. 100% advertisers! They can't find a way to FORCE you to watch their bullshit ads for products you don't want or need, so they're trying to make their virtual harassment unavoidable by punishing everybody who doesn't bow down and play ball.

    Art and commerce were just never meant to get along. Two different sides of the brain that don't understand one another. I'm 'Team Art', for the win! Those bean counters and analytical terrorists can suck a fat one. :P

    Without us creative minds...they've got NOTHING!

    Anyway, I hope Dan Kim can bring out a new 'Pop Danthology' this year! I always wait for it to come out! If you're new to the site, this guy takes all of the most popular songs from every year, and mashes them together into ONE song, combining artists that you never ever thought would be possible! If you've never heard them before, look them up on YouTube now, and download them into your hard drive so other people can hear it too. Before YouTube's advertiser greed wipes them out forever. :(

    They're absolutely amazing! This is a condensed mash up of what he's done every year since 2010, and shows how much his mixes are loved and respected around the WORLD! It's an abridged version, but it includes many high school and college performances of his mixes! The whole world is enjoying itself, but a few idiots can't stand for the rest of us to have fun while promoting THEIR material, so...whatever. So much for world peace. :P

    Hang in there dude! I'll follow you wherever you go! I think YouTube has gotten too big for their britches anyway. They've overstayed their welcome.

    Art can't thrive under someone else's control. How have they NOT learned that yet?

    (Ps- South Korean high schools know about Justin Timberlake??? I thought Korea banned, like, everything! LOL! Sweet!)

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  • changes... -- Comicality, 05:58:43 09/22/16 Thu

    Despite my many valiant efforts to keep from drowning over the last few months, some big changes have become mandatory. I wish I was rich. Nothing is mandatory when you're rich. :P But I can't afford to live the way I have been anymore. So I'm moving out of my home this weekend. I've been here for sooooo many years, so packing stuff up over the past few weeks has been a bit of a heartbreaking experience. Humorous too, though! LOL! I found so much of my writing and homework and drawings from when I was still 'lil Comsie'. I found a paper I wrote on the existence of God from the 7th grade. Hehehe, can they even ask kids to write papers like that? I didn't go to a religious school. I used the word 'unanswerable' in that paper. Hehehe, I was TWELVE! Where did I get the word 'unanswerable' from? I'm putting that back in my vocabulary! I like that word. I found old postcards and letters from you guys as well over the years! You have all been so amazing! I want to warn you, however, that at the end of this month, I'll be closing the PO Box as well. I've had it for 15+ years now, but that's another thing that I have to cut out of my expenses until things improve. But thank you all SO much for the cards and the gifts and all the love you've given me while it was up and running! IF any of this writing ever pays off...pool party at my house! :P

    Anyway, the big move is happening on Monday morning. I'll have to get a whole new job and leave my closest friends behind. :( And I'm not sure when my internet will cut out, and when it will be restored, but I'll send out word as soon as I can get situated again. Hopefully, I'll be gone for a couple of days to a week max. But I won't be away for long.

    At some point, things will be back to normal, but it's reaching a point where I have to choose between food, gas money, and keeping the lights on. And that's just no way to live. The worry of it is taking years off of my life, and I want to make it to 100! Just to say that I did it, ya know? I've had FOUR members of my family make it to 100, and I've got two more in their mid to late 90's now. So, genetically, I've got a shot, right? Hehehe!

    Anyway, this is what's going on. I'm still writing, still editing, still got goodies for October...but I fought real life and real life won. Maybe should make a Hilton/Kardashian sex tape! Hehehe! They haven't had a problem since. :P

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  • Share your voice!!! -- Vinny, 00:01:45 09/22/16 Thu
    I was thinking that it would be fun for us all to hear each other's voices!

    There's this website where you can record your voice. It's pretty easy to use. You just record right there on the website, then post a link to the recording.

    You can record yourself reading something called "The Rainbow Passage". It's a bit long, so you don't have to do the whole thing. Or you can read something else (a few sentences from Comsie's stories, maybe!). Or, if you want, you could just say whatever you like!

    "The Rainbow Passage"

    When the sunlight strikes raindrops in the air, they act as a prism and form a rainbow. The rainbow is a division of white light into many beautiful colors. These take the shape of a long round arch, with its path high above, and its two ends apparently beyond the horizon. There is , according to legend, a boiling pot of gold at one end. People look, but no one ever finds it. When a man looks for something beyond his reach, his friends say he is looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Throughout the centuries people have explained the rainbow in various ways. Some have accepted it as a miracle without physical explanation. To the Hebrews it was a token that there would be no more universal floods. The Greeks used to imagine that it was a sign from the gods to foretell war or heavy rain. The Norsemen considered the rainbow as a bridge over which the gods passed from earth to their home in the sky. Others have tried to explain the phenomenon physically. Aristotle thought that the rainbow was caused by reflection of the sunís rays by the rain. Since then physicists have found that it is not reflection, but refraction by the raindrops which causes the rainbows. Many complicated ideas about the rainbow have been formed. The difference in the rainbow depends considerably upon the size of the drops, and the width of the colored band increases as the size of the drops increases. The actual primary rainbow observed is said to be the effect of super-imposition of a number of bows. If the red of the second bow falls upon the green of the first, the result is to give a bow with an abnormally wide yellow band, since red and green light when mixed form yellow. This is a very common type of bow, one showing mainly red and yellow, with little or no green or blue.

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  • Yo American guys how do you eat your burgers? -- Johnny, 16:34:26 09/21/16 Wed

    We went to Byrons tonite itís one of the half dozen burger places that have opened here in the 18 months. Byrons is our once a week because we get a good discount haha. Theyíre American style burger restaurants you know, starters, main, sides, dessert and a big booze menu. They are huge burgers with all the toppings and itís interesting seeing how people eat them, never thought of it before tonite and we had quite a laugh slyly looking at different peeps. I was like ďDonít make it obvious but check out 10am hey look at 3pmĒ etc. Thing is Rob was sat opposite me so he wasnít clocking the peeps I was well not immediately, he had to remind me. :)

    So some will crush them down and use fingers to pick it up and eat it. Some will cut it in half then do the finger method, thatís us, and some will use a knife and fork for the whole meal. Sometimes though I will discard the top half of the bun so that makes it a knife and fork job and the same goes for when I discard the whole bun.

    Maybe it doesnít matter just ĎEat Ití anyhow you want to and enjoy it.

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  • And now for something completely different... -- PeteIM, 11:30:17 09/21/16 Wed

    Tape Face Auditions & Performances | America's Got Talent 2016 Finalist

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  • Covers -- Scott, 11:47:47 09/20/16 Tue
    I had a lot of fun recording the GFD audiobook, and some people asked me what prompted me to do it. I started out recording myself singing and doing covers of stuff just for fun and thought I would try reading one of comsies stories. So I figured I would post a song I did and see what you guys think. I have to try really really hard to get something I feel comfortable posting cause no matter what it seems I always hate it. But its time for me to stop hating everything I make lol. So here is the link and I want feedback K!!!!!? hugs to all you guys!
    PS its a Beatles cover of 'All my loving' I did the lead background and harmony vocals.

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  • Ah HA!!! I figured it out!!! :) -- Comicality, 16:29:48 09/19/16 Mon

    And now, thanks to Zuln's hard work and inner genius (And me goofing around with some audio I found just yesterday) can now witness the FIRST words that "Billy Chase" has ever spoken on this website! Hehehe!

    As Zuln is putting in some work on a possible "Billy Chase" animated series, you never know what may pop up next! Thanks so much for this sampler! I hope you don't mind me sharing it with the fans today! Hehehe!

    Be sure to read up some more on this ambitious project and MANY more like it in the "Branching Out" article of the newest issue of 'Imagine Magazine'! ( There's more to come soon! So stay tuned!

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  • A question for the next Imagine Magazine issue, releasing this Halloween!!! -- Comicality, 10:25:22 09/19/16 Mon

    Seeing as the spookiest holiday is fast on the approach and we're always looking for more content from you guys so you can be a part of the action, we wanted to ask...what scares you?

    What makes you jump? Makes you worry? Makes you turn tail and run for the hills? It doesn't just have to be ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. Some people are scared of heights, or snakes, or spiders. Some people are scared of letting go, or making a commitment, or not being financially stable. Some are scared of growing old, some are scared of dying young. Some would claim to be absolutely fearless in the face of danger, but might cringe and cover their eyes while watching a B-grade horror movie! Whether it's a fear of germs, or being outed in public, or that aliens will suck you up in their spaceship and anally probe you until you can't stand anymore...hehehe, share some of your fears with us! It can be more than one, if you like!

    We'd really love to have a wide variety of answers collected to add to the magazine, but if you don't want your answer added, or want to answer anonymously, please let us know in your reply below!

    Whether rational or irrational, fear can be both a great motivator and a great deterrent! Let's learn a little a bit more about ourselves, shall we? :)

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  • WDotW For 9/19 -- Comicality, 08:28:30 09/19/16 Mon

    He got pretty big on YouTube really quick! And he's really just starting out! I'm happy for him though. He keeps me grinning!

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 08:25:43 09/19/16 Mon

    This week's 3M re-introduces to world outside...


    The movie "Room" simply couldn't get a higher recommendation from me! I LOVED this movie! Once it draws you in, you are glued to the screen until it's over. It's one of those movies that everybody should give a shot someday.

    "Room" stars a young Jacob Tremblay and his mother, magnificently played by Brie Larson. It begins with the boy waking up on his 5th birthday in the same bed as his mom. Smiling, she's happy to spend time with him, make him some food...they spend the whole morning in that one room. you get pulled in more and more to what's happening here, you begin to realize something very disturbing about them being in this room.

    They can't leave.

    The mother has been kidnapped and held hostage in this one room, windowless, shack for a period of seven YEARS! The man keeping her captive brings just enough supplies to keep her alive, but no one knows where she is. No one can come to her rescue. Out of love for her son, she has raised him in that one room and taught him to believe that there is no other world outside of it, that everything he sees on TV is just 'pretend', and keeps him from ever realizing what an awful situation they are in. The kid accepts the only world he's ever known and lives a content(even happy) life within the walls of that shed.

    However, things change quickly when an opportunity to escape presents itself. Young Jacob is the key...and now must be told about a much larger world that goes beyond anything that he could ever conceive. And you get to witness it all through his innocent, and often terrified, eyes. He's never seen any of this stuff before in his life! Not a car, not a tree, he's never even met another person outside of his mother and his captor! Can you imagine?

    I can't rave enough about how original this whole thing felt. The first part of the movie is a thriller, the second half more of a moving drama as both mother and son try to fit back into the world again. Definitely check this movie out and the trailer in the reply below. Amazing movie, thought provoking, well written, well acted...all aces! And honestly...between Jacob Tremblay, Jaeden Liberher, and the cast of "Stranger Things"...they are DESTROYING the whole 'horrible kid actor' stereotype! It's like a whole new era of Young Hollywood is well on it's way! :)


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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 07:57:02 09/19/16 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Overlobe' Kiss!

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  • A Quick Hello -- Comrade Jake, 02:36:17 09/19/16 Mon
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and say hello and that I still come around! I don't comment as much Asian the past, but university keeps me very busy! I've absolutely ruined my sleep schedule again (as always happens), however the privilege of being a second year student ensures that I can pick better classes, and thus have none before 1:05.

    What really made me want to post though is that I've found a boyfriend in this vast city. This being a site frequented by other gay and bisexual males, I have a shared experience with you. His name is Colin, and I don't know I'm really really into him though it's only been 3 weeks or so.

    Another reason to post. I'm a New Yorker through and through. I may live in Canada, but I bring the attitude of my town with me. And last night -- it was attacked. I have friends who live two blocks from where the blast was. And I didn't hear from one for several hours, and the feeling of helplessness, it sucked. Everyone I love is fine, and thankfully no one was killed. We don't know who committed this attack, or why. But rest assured, New Yorkers aren't going to let anyone or anything change who we are. Wherever we are.

    Stay safe everyone, and as a note to Comsie in particular, very nice writing for the Left Without Words Chapter.

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  • Rob has been a member of the Pink Army the past week -- Johnny, 17:14:15 09/18/16 Sun

    Itís about 200 volunteers from Uni that look out for and take care of Freshers in all aspects from homesickness to overindulgence at night Theyíre called the Pink Army because they stand out in their pink tees nothing to do specifically with gay although obviously gay is involved. Last week was Freshers Week and thousands start Uni here every September. As some people here on the forum know they all need some sort of help settling in, a friendly face and attitude. The Pink Army do that and are there for them every way they can be.

    Rob was on night patrol with other Pinkys which is up and down the town centre making sure all the newbies are OK and safe. Freshers Week nights involves a hell of a lot of drinking, bars, clubs, parties etc. and some nights heís been getting home about 4am and later. He only did four nights well five including tonight but itís Sunday and an easy night, hangovers and down to the serious stuff tomoz for the newbies heíll be home by midnite. I heard some great stories lol I actually saw some great stories. :) His main role was getting the peeps that had overindulged to get in the Uni minibuses, which were scattered around town centre, and get them home whether it was campus or elsewhere especially girls and obvious gay guys who are all open to rape in their condition.

    Wtv nothing bad happened nobody got hurt and there were fewer complaints from the locals about noise etc. I think a lot of them are remembering they went through Fresher Week once in their lives and remembered the good times they had. I was out and about with friends and noticed how the Freshers gelled in such a short time I noticed it earlier last week. It was as if theyíd known each other for years and some had obviously paired up whether male/female, male/male or female/female it was pretty awesome to see even though Iíve noticed it previous years, so many happy faces. This year there appears to be a load more Americans than usual hey the accent gives it away. :) We still have a big Chinese congregation for want of a better word but the Americans are catching up. It was great to see our friend from Jupiter in Florida back for another year. Gotta love him, black, muslim and gay, totally proud when heís here he can be himself not that being back home is much different except for the other folk there. He takes no notice, still does what he wants to. :)

    Enjoy Uni guys. Itís ranked 10th best in UK and 93rd best in the world which isnít bad. ;)

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  • Imagine Volume 31 is here! -- TurtleBoy, 14:57:37 09/18/16 Sun
    At long last, Imagine's 31st release is ready! You can check it out here:

    Imagine: Volume 31

    A massive thanks goes to Comicality, who's responsible for much of this release's content, and let's not forget to thank True Fan, Mr. M, Pete, Fieldy, Cirrus, Chad Blackman, and Binneyan Smith for their hard work. We all really appreciate it.

    Next release is this on October 30! That's right, there's only a little more than a month before the next release.. because I was really, real late in getting this one out. However... A Halloween Imagine is well worth the work, right?!

    Send in your Halloween stories, tales, and deepest, darkest fears. We want to be scared, given the chills, and forced to sleep with the lights on :D Send pictures of your favourite Halloween costumes. They could be of you throughout the years, or of super cute boys that you'd like to share with me and only me! Send us your Halloween memories, your desires, why you like or hate it, and let us know what you'll be doing this year.

    I'm going to harass the hell out of all of you >:O Prepare yourselves.

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  • I can see this happening... -- PeteIM, 03:58:04 09/18/16 Sun
    Apple's New AirPods Ad

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  • Just a little project I made for my lil' buddy and all my hearing impaired friends... -- bwctwriter, 18:40:08 09/17/16 Sat
    Glad you like, it, Joey! The rest of you... Enjoy! :-)

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  • Hehehe, if 'Strings' from "Gone From Daylight" was a real boy! >:O -- Comicality, 13:17:28 09/17/16 Sat

    ...You know, but...much faster....and MUCH more violent!

    Same smile though! MWAH! Hehehe, deadly vampire yo-yo assassin boys would ROCK!!! :P

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  • Kick Start Saturday Night -- Johnny, 12:27:33 09/17/16 Sat
    with Martin Garrix. He's a 20yo Dutch dj who is now firmly up there with the best. This is his gig at the Miami Ultra Music Festival earlier this year.

    As usual go fullscreen and play LOUD. :)

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  • So Twenty One Pilots just did a cover if Cancer By My Chemical Romance -- Nathan, 07:29:50 09/17/16 Sat
    And people are wither loving it or hating it

    The singer from My chemical romance said he actually liked it a lot even though it is a lil different than the original

    soo ill post it and let you you guys see what ya think

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  • So I've lived here for like over 8 month's now and I still cant get use to the no eye contact rule. down south it was considered rude not to make eye contact. -- Nathan (#confused 😖), 15:15:41 09/15/16 Thu
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  • A Google Chrome Tip. -- Johnny, 07:29:35 09/15/16 Thu
    Many people complain about Chrome taking ages to load especially the start page. If you having that problem here's a cure I just found out my self and it really works.

    Go into Settings then Advanced Settings. Scroll down until you come to 'Enable Hardware Acceleration' and uncheck it. Restart Chrome and you will find it's a million times faster. Well it worked for me. :)

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  • Itís that time of year again. -- Johnny, 07:07:42 09/15/16 Thu

    Harvest Moon time with a full moon tomorrow night butís itís up there now. Thereís a bonus this year because thereís a lunar eclipse so watch out for hairs suddenly appearing on the back of your hands.

    Wtv I totally love this corny old song and vid and September always gives me chance to post it without ruining too much cred. :) itís a bit like Xmas. :) Gotta drive to Bristol in about 30mins and thereís heavy thunderstorms forecast. Woohoo love it.

    A vid with lyrics.

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  • LOL!!! I almost fell out of my chair! >:O -- Comicality, 02:44:24 09/15/16 Thu

    Talk about a second wind! Hehehe! Try nearly falling flat on your face from sleep deprivation and having your loss of equilibrium give way at the last minute! Hahaha!

    Ok, I'm wide awake now! New stuff is coming tomorrow! Finally finishing up! And I don't think I've watched much TV in the last few weeks! Except Paranormal Witness....because, awesome! Hehehehe!

    Anyway, I took a shor nap, and I'm awake again. So more and more and more! Just takes me a while. See you in a few hours, and I LOVE ya all! Cool?

    Have some lemonade. It's good. Promise! :)


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  • Whoah, I could totally see that! :O -- Comicality, 20:43:12 09/14/16 Wed

    Former WDotW cutie, Ryan Potter, has recently made a play for the role of 'Robin' in a future 'Batman' movie! I would really love to see that! He'd be an awesome choice! He's young, he's cute, he knows how to kick ass, he pretty much looks like he stepped right out of the comic why not?

    I'd also love to see him as 'Nightwing', but the Tim Drake Robin works too. I say go for it! :)

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  • Sweet -- Mike84, 12:55:39 09/14/16 Wed

    So in LGBT / Doctor Who news, and, I think Cirrus is also a fan of Patrick Ness like myself.

    There's a new Doctor Who spin-0ff show called 'Class' starting in October.

    The main star is going to be a gay teen who has a boyfriend. It's also produced by Patrick Ness who's also gay himself, and has written some fantastic books, as Cirrus will vouch for.
    He's written The Monster Calls (the movie also comes out in a few weeks), The Chaos Walking Trilogy, and several others, too.

    Here's the synopsis...

    Class centres on four Coal Hill School students as they face their own fears and navigate a life of friends, parents, school work, sex, sorrow Ė and possibly the end of existence.

    I'm still not sure if Class is going to be any good. It's going to be the third spin-off show of WHO.

    If it's anything like Torchwood, then it should be great.
    But if it's anything like Sarah Jane Adventures, then I have low expectations for it.

    I guess I'll find out next month.

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  • And the third act on my phantom XFactor Tour -- Johnny, 16:41:39 09/13/16 Tue

    This is gonna be the tour of tours youíll see. More Brit craziness itís our sense of humour and hey itís better fun than the vocal exercise peeps that go halfway around the world to sing one word and this one can sing. :) This tour is gonna be a sellout by time Iíve got all the acts together. :)

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  • Hehehe, you know, I was at the gym just yesterday... -- Comicality, 09:15:16 09/13/16 Tue

    ...And I saw Nathan doing this EXACT same workout! Wearing the same clothes too! That's crazy, right? Nathan, how on earth did you squeeze into that? ::Giggles::

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  • Hehehe, ya know.... -- Comicality, 21:25:45 09/12/16 Mon

    It's weird, but before "Salem" Season 3 starts...I kinda want to get this as a poster for my wall! :P But with really creepy, glow in the dark, eyes! Ugh! November 4th can't come fast enough!

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  • Another fun XFactor audition -- Johnny, 16:11:05 09/12/16 Mon
    I thought Bradley was good. :) Son of Boy George and son of Freddie Mercury. :)

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  • A Joey's World update by proxy... :-p -- bwctwriter, 15:34:36 09/12/16 Mon
    As Joey puts it, "pics from me n my friends riding go carts with me at my house. It's first time I had John n Brian over since last spring. Heres the pics. We hadda blasts!!!!"

    ... The punctuation is atrocious, but oh well. :-p

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  • My life update -- eminem313, 11:35:23 09/12/16 Mon
    So I hope you all noticed my drop in activity :P

    Just thought I'd let you all know why...

    With school starting, obviously that has taken some times away. But I've also been really social (compared to this time last year). In fact, tonight I'm going out to see "Sully" with my friend! :)

    It also occurred me I never shared my current schedule...LOOK! THE DREADED 9:00 AM! :(

    And my current due dates that I know of! >:O

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  • ya know it should be illegal to make people have to get up this early. -- Nathan (Sleepy 😫), 05:54:47 09/12/16 Mon
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  • Today in historyÖ -- PeteIM, 02:57:55 09/12/16 Mon

    On Monday, September 12, 1966, the first episode of the television series The Monkees was broadcast on the NBC television network, introducing a rock band that had been assembled as part of the casting of a situation comedy, but whose records would become bestsellers. The group, composed of Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork, went on to have seven gold records, starting with "Last Train to Clarksville", released on August 16, a month before the show's debut. The program only lasted two seasons and ended on March 25, 1968.

    The series followed the adventures of four young men (the Monkees) trying to make a name for themselves as rock 'n roll singers. The show introduced a number of innovative new-wave film techniques to series television and won two Emmy Awards in 1967.

    The band well outlasted the program, and is still performing today, albeit not with all of the members. Michael Nesmith left the band, as he went on to pursue other interests, but over the years he has returned to take part in numerous concerts. And Davy Jones died on Leap Day, February 29, 2012, at the age of 66.

    Peter Tork and Micky Dolanz are still touring as The Monkees, and occasionally they are joined by Michael.

    The Monkees at 50

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  • Happy Monday -- Johnny, 01:52:11 09/12/16 Mon

    We all know that Monday morning feeling off to work, school, college, uni etc. I like the way these people started their day. Feel free to singalong. :)

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  • Fifteen years ago today... -- PeteIM, 01:57:31 09/11/16 Sun

    In the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, four aircraft took off.

    American Airlines Flight 11 left Bostonís Logan International Airport at 07:59 for Los Angeles International Airport.

    American Airlines Flight 77 took off from Washington Dulles International Airport at 08:10 for Los Angeles International Airport.

    At 08:14 radio contact with American Flight 11 was lost.

    Also at 08:14, United Airlines Flight 175 left Bostonís Logan International Airport for Los Angeles International Airport.

    Finally, United Airlines Flight 93 took off from Newark International Airport in Newark, NJ, at 08:42 (more than 25 minutes late) for San Francisco International Airport.

    At 08:46:40, American 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. All on board, along with an unknown number of people in the tower, were killed instantly.

    At 08:51, American 77 transmitted its last routine radio communication. The hijacking began between 08:51 and 08:54.

    At 08:52, in Easton, Connecticut, a man named Lee Hanson received a phone call from his son Peter, a passenger on United 175. His son told him: ďI think theyíve taken over the cockpit - An attendant has been stabbed - and someone else up front may have been killed. The plane is making strange moves. Call United Airlines - Tell them itís Flight 175, Boston to LA.Ē

    At 09:03:11, United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center. All on board, along with an unknown number of people in the tower, were killed instantly.

    At 09:28 the hijackers attacked United Flight 93.

    At 09:37:46, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, traveling at approximately 530 miles per hour. All on board, as well as many civilian and military personnel in the building, were killed.

    At 09:57, the passenger assault began on United Flight 93. Several passengers had terminated phone calls with loved ones in order to join the revolt. One of the callers ended her message as follows: ďEveryoneís running up to first class. Iíve got to go. Bye.Ē

    The hijackersí objective was to crash the airliner into symbols of the American Republic - the Capitol or the White House. They were defeated by the alerted and unarmed passengers of United 93.

    Lest we forgetÖ

    Deaths from the 9/11 attacks (excluding hijackers)

    New York City World Trade Center - 2,606

    American 11 - 87

    United 175 - 60

    Arlington, Virginia/Pentagon - 125

    American 77 - 59

    Shanksville, Pennsylvania United 93 - 40

    Total - 2,977

    The terrorists responsible for the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 were not representing any religion or God. They were murderers. Nothing more.

    Note: In the picture above, the North Tower is on the left.

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  • Oh yeah... -- Comicality, 20:55:15 09/10/16 Sat

    I found this in one of my older note folders! I haven't seen this video in a long time. This would be another perfect specimen for your pretty boy hair fetish, Fanson! ::Giggles:: Add him to your collection. (Somewhere between Taylor Hanson and Lyric Dubee)

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  • Just stopping by for a quick second... -- Comicality, 20:30:28 09/10/16 Sat

    For those of you who had trouble finding the "On The Outside" ebook on Amazon this past week, I am posting many of the links down below. I don't think it shows up on certain searches in some countries for some odd reason. So my apologies for that. I don't even know how to solve that problem, hehehe! But according to my own dashboard, these links below should take you right to the appropriate page! Cool?











    Cool? If any of you guys are still having any problems finding it, just let me know! I'm having a HUGE email marathon tonight and through most of tomorrow, so if you asked this week, I'll just link you to this post! :) I hope to talk to you guys soon. Love you lots, and sorry for the mix up. Hehehe, every part of the world wants to be so darn special. :P

    Seezya later!

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  • This is so cool -- Nathan, 18:06:28 09/10/16 Sat
    just randomly found this on youtube

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  • The best XFactor audition ever. :) -- Johnny, 16:58:45 09/10/16 Sat
    wouldn't be surprised to see it in the charts next Friday I'm serious. :) Going clubbing soon and I reckon we're gonna here it tonight. Friday Night Oo Oo. :)

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  • We all know itís the 15th 9/11 Anniversary tomorrow -- Johnny, 03:52:56 09/10/16 Sat

    Itís not news but I was thinking there are Shackers here that werenít even here when it happened. Two that I know of, Nathan and Tor but thereís obviously others. Several were sort of babies or hadnít started school, Joey, Em, Juan, Ace etc. I was 8 but it just doesnít seem that long ago. I remember it filtering through school as it was happening not really knowing much until our parents picked us up. It was on the car radio and Mum told us trying to leave out the horror of what was happening then of course we got home and it was all over the tv. It still makes me shudder now when I think of it.

    Some clips on a loop from the Concert For New York which was a charity concert.

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  • I just love this video and song. makes me happy -- Nathan, 19:10:07 09/08/16 Thu

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  • Ahhh, to be 12 again... :P -- Comicality, 16:46:49 09/08/16 Thu

    This social experiment is called "Boys Alone", where ten 12 year old boys were given a giant house, a full supply of food and snacks, a truckload of toys...and NO adult supervision of any kind! They only have to make it five days without turning into a suburban version of Lord Of The Flies! Can they do it?

    Hehehe, how is this not a full time reality show yet? Some parts of this are funny, some are frustrating, and some are frightening. It's weird to watch, because it seems like the rest of the world operates the same way. Which means we're all 12 year olds, basically. We haven't gotten much better.

    So, enjoy! (Had it been TWO weeks? I'm pretty sure things would have gotten a lot worse)

    Ps- How awesome would it be to just hear British children talking all day long? Hehehe! I'm sure you guys in the UK don't notice, but just...the accent and the terms you use, it's fascinating. :P

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  • Today in History: September 8, 1966... -- PeteIM (), 11:20:42 09/08/16 Thu
    Fifty years ago today, Star Trek was first aired in the United States. (It was aired two days earlier in Canadia. (Damn show-off Candians!)) The show aired for only three seasons and only 79 episodes were made. But because it lasted for three years, it went into syndication... and has been on the air since then. We can probably thank Star Trek for many of the devices that we use today without a second thought. Some of them are Cell Phones, Tablet Computers, HDTV (my 55" 4K arrived today), Bluetooth Headsets, Tricorders, USB Drives (that replaced Floppy Disks (another Star Trek-inspired device)), Voice-Controlled Devices and Natural Language Queries, GPS, The Hypospray for medical injections, The Universal Translator, Video Conferencing (Telepresence), Intelegent Personal Assistants, and Personal Computers.

    Star Trek - Opening of S01E01 - The Man Trap

    Last edited by author: Thu September 08, 2016 11:28:32   Edited 1 time.
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  • The next generation of gaming (and much more) right here. -- Mike84, 18:32:50 09/07/16 Wed

    I'm thinking about getting a pair of these glasses, but it won't be the super expensive £3,000 developer kit that's out at the moment. I'll hold off until the commercial kit is available, which will be better and cheaper. But I'm seriously impressed with this nonetheless.

    I also have a VR (HTC Vive) headset which is also pretty cool, but it's fully immersive. You're transported into the digital world.
    Whereas these mixed reality systems bring the virtual world into the physical world, so they're quite different, but each very cool technologies that are just coming out.

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  • Gotta love Ashan's reaction when Stevie turned up. :) -- Johnny, 09:05:51 09/07/16 Wed

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  • Oh wow...wait, is this real? :O -- Comicality, 05:21:20 09/07/16 Wed

    A couple of surprises on this list! Where have I been? Hehehe! But kudos! Love you all lots! :)

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  • Hey. its me joey. im still around ok. im sorry i dont have a lotta time to post things ok. im still lookin an trying to pay attention ok. its just things havent been so great ok. kinda really up and down. ok actually kinda sucky. but whatever. but u guys keep holding me up ok. an big c thanks for the cool 6 am convo this morning!! u rock !! but all u guys do ok . -- joey (xxxooo!!!), 16:00:27 09/06/16 Tue
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  • New teasers for "Salem" Season 3! -- Comicality, 16:38:16 09/05/16 Mon

    It still seems like it's soooo far away! I can't wait for this one! There were so many crazy plotlines left open at the end of the last season! Plus, I really want to see 'Boy Witch' let loose and hurt people! LOL! Um...well...MORE people! And how amazing is it gonna be to have Marilyn Manson join the cast? Wild! XD

    This show is so playfully disturbing!

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  • WDotW For 9/5 -- Comicality, 14:57:33 09/05/16 Mon

    I really do wish I was more fluent in Spanish. Especially SPAIN Spanish! It just sounds so cute to me! :)

    Maybe JC can teach me!

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 14:41:17 09/05/16 Mon

    This week's 3M reminds us that there are no right answers when it comes to war...

    "Eye In The Sky"

    This movie was actually a LOT more intense than I expected it to be, and it really does make you think about the way wars are being fought now, and how they'll be fought in the future.

    So "Eye In The Sky" is an espionage political thriller that mostly takes place in the war room. In this era of attack drones in the sky, people now have the ability to take out a possible threat by pushing a few buttons from the other side of the world. Sounds like there shouldn't be a problem, right? The mighty saviors will keep the world safe from afar. Obviously, things aren't that simple.

    I don't want to say too much about this movie as I think it's something that you should really see for yourself. You can't watch this movie and not be morally conflicted about everything that unfolds here. You see things from a ground level, from the politicians and media savvy preparations, from the generals and strategy makers who have to make a decision under pressure, to the soldiers responsible for actually pulling the trigger...collateral damage and all.

    You can't ask for a better cast, either! Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, and the late Alan Rickman in one of his final roles. Check it out when you get a chance! It's awesome! You heard it here first! :P

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 14:22:08 09/05/16 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Balcony Showcase' Kiss!

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  • Clean up help! -- Ace, 13:14:07 09/05/16 Mon
    So last night me and my friends went out andbsas our farewells to summer. On the way back we all stopped at my place and my one friend puked all over our coach twice! I scrubbed it with a fantastik/bleach combo, but is there anything else I can do? Life lesson :college is still insane

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  • Today would have been Freddie Mercury's 70th birthday. RIP -- Mike84, 07:13:50 09/05/16 Mon

    Here's some of their greatest hits.

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