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  • New from The Strypes - a cover of Elvis Costello's hit song... -- PeteIM, 23:23:54 02/26/17 Sun

    The Strypes - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding

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  • What the FUCK, man?? -- bwctwriter, 14:27:06 02/26/17 Sun
    Bill Paxton has passed away at 61... SIXTY-ONE. WTF?!? Dammit, who- or whatever is running the show up there! Why u gotta take all the good ones before their time?!? :'(

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  • Tackling Dark Themes, Broadway Hit β€˜Dear Evan Hansen’ Strikes a Chord -- PeteIM, 12:04:31 02/26/17 Sun
    From NBC Nightly News on Friday:
    Themes of bullying, loneliness and suicide may not sound like the makings of hit musical, but those are the elements that make "Dear Evan Hansen" this year's hot Broadway ticket. The show is striking a chord and inspiring audiences.

    The story centers on the suicide of a high school outcast, and a misunderstood letter written by the protagonist of the story, who then becomes close with the deceased's family and, inadvertently, a viral social media sensation.
    (read the intire article here: http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/tackling-dark-themes-broadway-hit-dear-evan-hansen-strikes-chord-n725486 )

    Full Dear Evan Hansen Musical Soundtrack

    1. Anybody Have a Map?
    2. Waving Through A Window
    3. For Forever
    4. Sincerely, Me
    5. Requiem
    6. If I Could Tell Her
    7. Disappear
    8. You Will Be Found
    9. To Break In a Glove
    10. Only Us
    11. Good For You
    12. Words Fail
    13. So Big / So Small
    14. Finale

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  • Omg! Bill Paxton has died at 61. -- Dom, 11:49:03 02/26/17 Sun
    As Com will be able to attest to, Paxton was in loads of our fav films growing up like Terminator, True Lies, Twister, Titanic....

    Im feeling old now.

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  • Troubled Night -- Juan, 05:00:15 02/26/17 Sun
    You guys im such an asshole. Im the worst friend ever.

    So today was Nathan's birthday. I didnt really spend much of it with him because he was busy all day doing stuff. But tonight was one of those infamous frat parties. So Nathan really wanted to go and I said alright. So he's being a giant asshole today:

    I gave him exact details of what the plan was. I pick him up, pick up some other friends and then head over there and leave at 3. But he never listens to me and does things his own way. So that was 1

    We finally leave and Nathan brings a friend to tag along. Okay. 1.this is invite only. 2.I dont know this person. 3.I drive a jeep and its at max capacity. 4. He didnt even bother to ask me. Then I have to go to three different stores to this guy the cigs that he wanted. So that was two.

    He goes on and on about England this and British people that. He insults the party the whole time and complains how americans are pussies and he goes off and sits in the corner with that guy he invited. I didnt let it ruin my fun though, I had a blast.

    So then some guy gets rowdy and starts shooting up in the air and naturally everyone freaks out and then the cops break up the party early. So i go and gather up the ranks,except nathan who's talking to these girls. And he tells me to piss off because he wants to talk to them. So i decided i had enough of his shit and I tell everyone to head out to my car. And Im fuming but then my rational side tells me to go back for him. So I walk like the 300 ft from my car to the house and I cant find him... Everyone was leaving already. I couldnt spot him, it was all dark, I ran around everywhere looking for him but to no avail. So I go back to my car and drive around trying to look for him. Then I went back to the frat house to see if anyone spotted him or gave him a ride home. Nothing.. So I drop off the people and I go around screaming his name around the neighborhood. Then I went back to his dorm and I just waited there. Then I just decided to call it a night and head back to my room.

    I just feel like a piece of shit you guys. I just left him there alone and drunk. I couldnt call him or message him because he has a UK phone and I dont have an international plan. He needs wifi to message. I attached a note to his jeans that said "If found please return to Juan.... at (***) ***-****" So far i havent gotten any calls. Im dying here you guys. I feel so awful and helpless. I dont know what to do. But theres that darker side of me that is saying that I did no wrong, that hes an asshole and he deserved it and that he pushed you too far this time. Idk im so conflicted right now. But for the most part im in tears because of the fear and worry of what might happen to him. Then theres the rational side of my brain thats saying that he probably hitched a ride or someone picked him up or you know all these "what ifs". UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH

    Im praying and hoping he makes it home safe.

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  • HURRY!!!! :D -- Comicality, 17:28:13 02/25/17 Sat

    It's a short gay film that I keep wanting to share with you guys, but they keep taking it off youtube! Hehehe! So hurry up and watch it, download it, whatever...before it disappears again! :P

    Awwww, there's nothing like a teen boy's imagination! Hehehehe!

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  • I just finished watching "A Monster Calls" not long ago.... -- Comicality, 16:47:28 02/25/17 Sat


    I need an hour or two to reevaluate my life now. DAMN you, "A Monster Calls"! First movie to make me cry like that since "Little Boy". :(

    Congrats...you broke a two year streak. ::Whimpers::


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  • DUDE....!!!! :O -- Comicality, 12:39:18 02/25/17 Sat

    If I had this mask, and my best friend Mike had the Chewbacca mask...I think we would literally laugh ourselves to DEATH!!! Hahahaha! I want one!

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  • That's like...two more weeks, right? -- Comicality, 10:32:40 02/25/17 Sat

    THREE more weeks???

    Ugh! Quit teasing me! :P

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  • Just a lil something special I made for a certain subset of shackers... :-) -- bwctwriter, 21:28:49 02/24/17 Fri
    It was a lot easier than the last one. :-)

    It's not embedding right so you'll have to watch it on youtube.


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  • Ok...So I think I'm going to wait a little bit longer... -- Comicality, 17:38:17 02/24/17 Fri

    I've been writing and editing and completing new stories for the site, but I am having MAJOR problems with the site and the mailing list these past two weeks! Super thanks to Cia and Myr for helping me to get back into my mailing list announcement list again, but I've sent out a message, and that stupid 'in progress' wheel has been spinning for over a half hour now, and I don't think it sent out an announcement to a SINGLE fucking person yet!!!!! ARRRRGHHHH!!!! :(

    Anyway, I'm going to hold off on stuff until some of the BASIC parts of the site are working again. I'll send in an email for help as soon as I'm done posting this, k? I'm trying to keep things from falling apart as best as I can right now. It's just difficult. But I'm working on it, cool?

    Anyway, a new chapter of "Untouchable" is done. So go to the Library and check it out. If you're totally against the idea of it, that's fine. There will be more for you guys too after this weekend. I just want to straighten out everything that's tied itself in knots right now. Cool?

    LOL! I know people think I'm crazy for wanting stuff to stay the same, but this is what happens when it has to change every few weeks. ::Shrugs:: what do you want me to do?

    Anyway, "Untouchable" is no longer a part of this website, but you can find the story in its entirety on Nifty if you want to read it all. I want to WARN you guys that it involves a loving (and sexual) relationship between a 23 year old man and a 14 year old boy. So DON'T click the link below unless that's what you want to see. K? I'll understand totally if that's not your thing.

    (Reasons for the removal of the story from my site are included here: https://www.gayauthors.org/forums/blog/258/entry-15339-irritating-busybodies-and-former-members/ It's public knowledge, after all. I can't explain it in individual emails, but this is what people said about it and what they thought. So...this is why I 'shut up'. I care what people think. I always will. Funny how they can weigh in on something negative, but can't say "Hey! I LIKE the newest chapter!" Positivity sucks, I suppose.)

    BUT...for those of you who are interested in reading another Comicality brand story, another loving and romantic series from my HEART, a new chapter is there waiting for you! Hehehe, so let me know what you think! Cool?


    That said, I'll let you guys know when I've got the mailing list situation fixed! And the laptop is (hopefully) a week away from being fixed as well! So we'll be back to gangbusters in no time! :P

    Seezya then! And I love you lots!

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  • And now it continues... -- PeteIM, 03:15:14 02/24/17 Fri

    Hey! Transgender Kids

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  • Sighhh.... -- Comicality, 10:20:09 02/23/17 Thu

    I can't believe it's been almost six months already. :(

    I just want to go home already.

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  • I forgot how much fun a good date was... -- Ace, 00:42:01 02/23/17 Thu
    So today I went on my first real date since summer (I mean I've had hook ups since then, but do those really count?) and I genuinely forgot how nice it is to sit across the table from another person and get to know them. I mean we all spend so much time on our laptop and phones, it's just easy to forget how nice all the small things are. Really getting to listen to someone talk about their life, and see all the excitement on their face as they speak...it just feels like something we as a society have gotten away from. Guess this was just a good reminder I wanted to share, because I know I personally have started to get caught up in this "Hook up world", but nothing beats a good old fashion date.

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  • Tuesday Toon -- Johnny, 17:42:32 02/22/17 Wed

    Before that though we had the broadband was setup at our new place today ready for the move next week. We’re getting our priorities in place baby. :)

    There was a touching tribute to George Michael earlier at the Brit Awards. Chris Martin did a great interpretation of Different Corner but he got a bit of a slagging on Twitter. Thing is he did it his way he could never sound like George his voice was unique. I liked it anyhow. :)


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  • The next Imagine release is on Friday March 3! -- TurtleBoy, 14:52:13 02/22/17 Wed
    If anyone here would like to submit something for this release, it's not too late... because we've got one submission from Mr M! and we really need a bit more stuff, LOL!

    If you're looking for a topic, this release is focusing on the importance of friendship. The original idea was to talk about problems with anxiety, and other related issues, so if you're looking for something a little more in-depth, that would be awesome!

    The importance of friendship topic can be anything you get from it:

    If it reminds you of a story, tell us about the story!
    If it makes you want to write a story, do it!
    If it reminds you of a song, share the song with us!
    If it inspires you to write a poem, send it in!

    Still stuck, here's a few questions to check out:

    We want to know what you think makes friendship so important. What is it that makes us want to reach out and connect? What do you believe is the most important quality in a good friend? What do you think it takes to maintain a strong, healthy relationship between your friend(s)?

    We'll accept submissions right up until March 2! Please note that later submissions might be posted a few hours late, as they do take a little time behind the scenes to prepare a graphic and get things nice and pretty for the website.

    Submissions can be sent to TurtleBoy at turtleboy@imagine-magazine.org or check out our contact form: https://imagine-magazine.org/contact/

    Thanks to everyone who can lend some time to our community magazine! :D

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  • Yay! Season 2 is finally here! -- Mike84, 19:00:20 02/21/17 Tue

    Oh, and if you're a fan of The Detour, you might also enjoy The Mick. Which has a similar type of humour. This is another comedy series I've been checking out over the last several weeks.

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  • hmm... I didn't see this coming. -- Mike84, 06:32:53 02/21/17 Tue

    So like something straight out of an episode of The Twilight Zone, an heterosexual couple are fighting for their right to have a civil partnership - and have just lost their case at the court of appeals.

    They plan to take their case to the Supreme Court.

    I personally support equality on both sides of the issue. I'm not sure I'd ever personally want to get married. Perhaps I'd have a civil partnership instead. I don't know. It would be my partner's decision.
    I couldn't give two flips.

    But yeah, this is a non-issue for me. Whatever restrictions there should be on marriage and/or civil partnerships should not be based on the gender of the participants.

    Fortunately we already have same-sex marriage and mixed-sex marriage in the UK, so no one's being denied to have that any more - but straight couples can't have civil partnerships at the moment.

    More Here

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  • Almost time for the premier of the FINAL season! ::Happy:: -- Comicality, 21:23:27 02/20/17 Mon

    I was really surprised by the "Bates Motel" show! I've been loving it so far! And now we're on the 5th and final season, where the show will ultimately connect to the movie, "Psycho"! And we all know what happens then!

    And is Rihanna playing Janet Leigh's part??? :O Mmmm...Rihanna shower! Er...wait...

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  • Today is a happy happy day! :) -- Comicality, 19:08:21 02/20/17 Mon

    Hehehe, no particular reason...just is. Every now and then, you've just gotta look at life and think, "Hey, I'm having fun right now!" So there! :P

    If you feel good for no good reason at all, post some feel good music in the reply below! :)

    I'm still answering emails tonight! I've only gotten through 43 emails so far, and I need to take a break for "24" (This new season is AWESOME! I still miss Jack Bauer, and ever since "Straight Outta Compton" all I see is Dr. Dre running around beating down terrorists, hehehe...but it's definitely back to the old "24" I know and love!) Then I'll be back to emails later on tonight. Cool? So I hope to talk to you guys soon!

    Also, I went back over the newest "GFD" chapter to make sure the dialogue makes sense. (Hehehe, explaining parts of the Vampire Dawn can be maddening) But I might post that at 'crazy o'clock' in the morning when I'm all emailed out. Cool? Also finishing up this week's "Billy Chase" and have more surprises on the way! So stick around, folks! Seezya soon!

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  • Just so you guys know... -- Comicality, 04:28:51 02/20/17 Mon

    ...I'm still struggling to work around problems with my laptop at the moment, but while it does slow things down IMMENSELY...it's just another obstacle that I have been working to overcome. So stories are still being posted, and I'll be having a HUGE email marathon today for the holiday! K?

    The month is almost over, and when I get my amazon payout, I'll buy the necessary parts needed to fix my other laptop! And then everything will go back to normal, k? Only five or six days left to wait! And then we can get back to business! Hehehe! So have fun, and smile for me until then!

    The mailing list issue has been fixed tonight! So I can talk to you guys again on a major scale! Expect an email later on today! And please feel free to leave me a note to tell me what you thought of the chapter, k? You know me...I worry. :P

    Ok, that's it for now. Sorry for missing out on another Monday update, and for missing out on One World Wednesday as well. Those are all on my other laptop. :( As well as my contributions to Imagine Magazine. But this problem will be solved soon. K?

    I love you all, and I'll seezya soon!

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  • Well...I had my first Dungeons And Dragons experience last nite... -- Dwayne, 20:35:00 02/19/17 Sun
    It was so cool and fun...My Best Friend dragged me to his house to give it a try, and I am soooo glad I did...I went too because he is leaving for The military in a couple of weeks :'( and I have been crushing on him since I met him (Shhh...don't tell him that) ANYWAY...Have any of you played it before, I need some pointers for the next time I play...I've never had a creative mind, which sucks...I failed a lot of that kind of stuff when I was in school...my character is Dragon born and his name is Drogon Thunderborne and I'm a Druid... I really, really need some help so I can impress my Best Friend...lol...Sorry for being such a geek XD

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  • That was pretty cool... -- Mike84, 19:11:56 02/18/17 Sat

    Seeing Will Smith singing the Fresh Prince theme in the car with Corden - took me back to the days when I watched Fresh Prince every evening after school on the telly.
    Wasn't expecting to see the Metallica lads on it either, so that was a surprise.

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  • A real feelgood vid. -- Johnny, 13:46:45 02/18/17 Sat

    This kid was at Bruce’s gig in Brisbane a couple days ago holding up a sign saying he was in the shit for skipping school and asking if he could come up and play Growin Up with Bruce. The full story is in the Youtube description and it made the press which is how I found out. Nathan will remember this the rest of his life. :)


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  • I still don't know what to make of this.. -- Mike84, 20:37:49 02/17/17 Fri

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The Lion King's getting a redo.

    TLK is a childhood fav of mine. I think I wore my VHS tape out watching that movie over and over.

    I'm always a little pensive about Hollywood redoing great classics. But at the same time, it can pay off. I really enjoyed the newest Pan film, and Pete's Dragon, which was quite different to the original.

    This time they're turning the Lion King into a live action movie - something similar to the recent Jungle Book flick (which I've still to check out).

    James Earl Jones (the voice of Mufasa) is on board with the new project.

    It's still early in the works and is looking for something like a 2019 release.


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  • And now for your reading entertainment, some obervations from Rolling Stone Magazine... -- PeteIM, 12:19:08 02/17/17 Fri

    18 WTF Moments From Trump's Unhinged Press Conference


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  • Thursday Movie. -- Johnny, 13:27:14 02/16/17 Thu

    This is a great movie as far as I know it’s the first one with a black gay theme. It follows his life from when he was a young teen it’s nominated for 8 Oscars and will battling with La La Land which is also good. Two other nominees I’ve seen that I enjoyed, Hacksaw Ridge and Lion. They’re errrm online. :)


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  • Hahaha! Wait...what the...??? -- Comicality, 07:16:30 02/16/17 Thu


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  • OK here's one for you, Com.. -- Mike84, 21:36:40 02/15/17 Wed

    You're usually the one dishing out the movie of the week posts, but I saw this earlier and thought of you, based on your previous posts I thought you might find it of interest.

    So earlier I fancied watching a found-footage movie or two, and I saw one called The Borderlands, which was OK. Think Paranormal Activity but based in a quiet British church.

    And just now I finished watching a flick called Willow Creek, which is quite like the Blair Witch project, but with the Bigfoot as the subject and not scary witches.

    It actually worked pretty well as a plot. Although it was a little slow to begin with, only really picking up in the second half. But it entertained me for 90 minutes or so.

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  • Hump Day phone call and boogie. -- Johnny, 18:43:19 02/15/17 Wed
    My parents were supposed to be coming back from Paris tomoz. We got a phone call from them a few hours ago telling us they're now staying there until Monday. Deja vu cos that's just what Rob and me did a couple years ago haha. It's not easy to leave Paris. :)

    A fun French outfit. love them.


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  • Hehehe...music for Caleb! :) -- Comicality, 23:42:59 02/14/17 Tue

    Our Caleb is learning even more music than he knew already these days! :) And since we were talking tunes, and he played some stuff for me...I'm definitely challenged to display something in the same vibe.

    So...Producer #1 that you need to know? Timbaland! Listen...Timbaland is a MONSTER!!! Hehehe! Omigod, at least 20 years of amazing work! Check him out! You might know some of these already, but don't know it was all produced by the same genius for the last...Jesus! He's been around forever! :P


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  • Wow. He's so much like his dad. It's uncanny. -- Mike84, 15:53:36 02/14/17 Tue

    Here's young Robert Irwin and his Wildlife show (or a few minutes of it).

    He turned 13 recently and was just a baby when his famous dad died from a stingray attack.

    I'm glad to see that such an horrific ordeal hasn't put his children off of their love of nature.

    Steve also had a daughter, she played the main character in Free Willy 4.

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  • HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY SHACKWORLD!! 😘😍😘😁 LOVE YAZ ALL!! πŸ™‹ -- Joey, 09:17:03 02/14/17 Tue
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  • Happy Valentines Day Shackheads -- Johnny (Stole that from Joey. :)), 09:02:06 02/14/17 Tue


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  • I am Groot! -- Mike84, 12:22:14 02/13/17 Mon

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  • Whaaaat??? You mean to tell me that rich, white, people can be CRIMINALS just like every other race/creed/culture on planet Earth??? BLASPHEMY!!! That would imply equality! Blecchhh!! -- Comicality, 05:50:05 02/13/17 Mon

    But...but...when we were criminalizing and demonizing people at random...we didn't mean people who look like **US**!!! When we wanted to ban Muslims and kick Mexicans out of the country, we didn't mean **US**!!! Why would a 'law' apply to everybody, regardless of racial, financial, or religious bias? That's just insane!!! Right?

    I mean...RIGHT???

    Maybe they didn't think this through.

    Sighhh...are we fucking DONE 'giving him a chance' now to see what he'll do??? Or should we wait for the country to get even MORE irreversibly fucked up before people say, "Shit! "he really is not fit to do this job!"? Can we stop pretending now? Because I've never seen struggle and strife or anything like this in this country before in my fucking LIFE! It's EMBARRASSING!!! :(


    You guys let us know when the childish, insecure, grade school bully, is done puffing up his chest in order to pretend that he's soooo 'tough' before the REAL tough guys call his bluff and do some REAL damage, worldwide!

    Sorry. Just...seriously? WTF??? You supporters are like the mother in "The Bad Seed" movie right now!

    No hard feelings, no 'we told you so'....just...fucking get RID of him already!!! FUCK!!!

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  • Checking out the Grammy's -- Johnny, 03:50:10 02/13/17 Mon
    James Corden and George Michael made me think of this clip from Comic Relief some years ago. They both worked together on this idea and it's how Carpool Karaoke began. R I P George.


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  • I love this new pic of the Stranger Things gang -- Dwayne, 12:29:20 02/12/17 Sun

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  • OK!! Last night I went to a dance at my school OK.. and it was a fukn blast!!! As long as I stated in front a the PA speakers I could feel the beat enough to dance ok..An I love to dance!! πŸ™† HA! But! As soon as my buddy John told a few chicks I was gay it's like I waz a fucking celebrity!I totally mean it !! 😜. It's like I had chicks trying to pull my arms off! HA! I couldn't tell shit about what they were saying cus it was dark OK..But then we went out in the hall to cool off by the cost racks and they were So funny!! I now have my own two official fag hags in my contacts list. HA! Zoey and Hope. Totally cool chicks OK. Zoe wants to take me clothes shopping and Hope wants to cut and dye my hair. Haha!! Ain't happening! But!!..Never had so much fun making new friends!! ME!! With chicks!! We played the rate the boys game on the 1-10 scale an laffed our asses off !! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. SO..My question is this OK!!?.. wats the deal with chicks liking gay guys !??? -- Joey (WTF!?? πŸ˜„), 12:12:24 02/12/17 Sun
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