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  • Hehehe, where the hell was this dance when I was in high school? LOL! -- Comicality, 20:59:48 06/30/16 Thu

    I woulda ROCKED the Junior prom with this one...and then got kicked out forever. ::Snickers::

    Seriously, if my mom ever caught me doing this as a kid I'd get the belt! LOL! If I knew back then hat there was a song to get high school boys to take off their shirts and literally dry hump the floor, I never would have had a party without it! Still, some of these are really funny! And some....well... ::Fans myself:: Wow, hehehe! There's some natural talent out there, and I'm not talking about dancing. :O

    Ok, back to Comsie work! Owwww, my fingers. Ugh! :P

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  • 100 years ago today -- Johnny, 17:52:47 06/30/16 Thu

    1st July 1916 the first day of The Battle Of The Somme. It was brutal and cruel so many deaths on all sides. We could hope that it would never happen again but that’s just hope. Sorry the world let you down guys. R I P and a big thanks.

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  • Draco Malfoy meets The Flash.. -- Mike84, 15:47:06 06/30/16 Thu

    So this is pretty cool. Tom Felton is joining the show The Flash, and will be a regular throughout season 3 (and perhaps beyond).

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  • This was interesting... -- Mike84, 06:46:52 06/30/16 Thu

    For anyone curious about the history and success of Walt Disney the man / animations / films and theme parks. And it's all condensed into a bite-sized clip.

    I actually watched a docu-film on Walt's early life a while back, it was about 90 mins long, and yet I still learned something new about the company in this much shorter clip.

    The uploader also has a lot of other similar content. Such as the history, size and success of things like Apple, Samsung, Facebook, etc. All short and to the point, and full of interesting facts.

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  • I got my in! -- eminem313, 05:11:01 06/30/16 Thu
    For those of you who don't know, I'm a baseball umpire. Currently in my 8th season.

    I just got my schedule for the upcoming major provincial sanctioned tournament on the last 3 days of July, working the full 3 days including the championship game on Sunday for Peewee.

    I've been constantly pushing myself to being a better official, and clearly my hard work paid off. Last year I worked a mosquito tournament but did not get the champion game.

    Feeling really good right now! :D

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  • Samsung Gear VR -- Johnny, 01:52:19 06/30/16 Thu
    This is the headset I got free with my new phone a couple weeks ago. It really is good fun especially for the price, It retails at £80. That probably means $80 in USA. :) Free is much better though. :) Go to a store and try it out, ask if they have any porn you can sample. :) There are follow up reviews when this vid ends.

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  • French Mayhem -- Johnny, 23:34:07 06/29/16 Wed
    We've got the boys from Antibes arriving here Friday. They're staying for week then Rob and me are going back with them. We'll be staying in Cannes this time though as opposed to Nice our usual haunt. Looking forward to it. :)


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  • So...what would you do? -- Comicality, 20:43:10 06/29/16 Wed

    This is a really touching short film called "Barbie Boy" that I'd like to add here for you guys to enjoy. We have tons on fun around here, but we also get to learn and expose and express too. Always a good thing. :)

    This short film deals with the topic of gender stereotypes and how they are learned. Better yet, how they are taught.

    Give it a look.

    Now then, the question is (I'd really love to hear from as many of you as possible)...what would YOU do if this was your son, or little brother, or a close relative's kid, etc?

    I mean, it's not like there's anything wrong with it. Boys can play with dolls if they want to. The original G.I. Joes were the same size as Barbie. Doesn't that make them 'dolls' in every sense? You can buy a boy a teddy bear and that's considered ok, but if it had been a little girl doll, people think it's strange.

    However...perception ruins us all. And if your little boy is openly playing with dolls...the public still has a knee jerk reaction to that. It's ignorant, but it's also dangerous. Would you try to tell little boys that it might be seen as 'weird' in order to save them from rejection, ridicule, and possible violence? Teasing? Bullying? Even if you don't see anything wrong with it?

    Or would you be embarrassing the child into thinking that something was wrong with who he is? Nobody bats an eye when a girl wants to play baseball, but let a boy take up ballet and you have to prepare him to handle himself in a fight on the playground. The fact is, the world is learning but society hasn't caught up yet. Can potentially crushing their spirit be considered a 'safety measure'? Or something done for their benefit?

    There's the ideal of the way things should be...and then there's the reality of the situation.

    Comments? Let me know in the reply below!

    Alrighty then! Editing time! Next up..."On The Outside"! :)

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  • We know too much about the killer who slaughtered 49 people in Orlando... -- PeteIM, 16:03:21 06/29/16 Wed
    Now we can learn about the victims.

    Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Orlando Tragedy in Ryan Murphy-Produced Tribute

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  • When you take a jar out of the fridge -- Johnny, 01:27:58 06/29/16 Wed
    And put the contents on toast only to realise then that it's mint sauce not jam. :) Actually it wasn't that bad but I only tried one bite. :) #earlymorning.

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  • Whoah...I absolutely LOVE this kid! Ahem...sorry, young adult! -- Comicality, 20:58:32 06/26/16 Sun

    Exactly! Time and time again, I find myself impressed when we actually sit down and give the youth the voice and respect that they deserve. This guy is 16. Most people write 16 year olds off and it's 'subject closed' after that because they're treated as being naïve, overly optimistic, inexperienced, and sometimes just downright stupid. Why? What's wrong with being optimistic? What's wrong with being passionate? And if they need to gain knowledge and experience, then let's GIVE it to them! What are we holding it back for? They've got the passion and the energy to make things happen. Make changes.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Jon Stewarts', and the Bill Maher's, and the Richard Dawkins', and the John Oliver's, and the whole 'Blah Blah This Is Reality' conglomerate(I swear, if I have to hear ONE more Bill O'Reilly pre-paid bully lecture I'm gonna strangle myself!)...but I've grown so weary of seeing 50+ year old men arguing about how to fix the system. We CAN'T fix the system, the system is corrupted and broken. That's the problem. That's ALWAYS been the problem. We're constantly trying to turn dogshit into ice cream and it's NOT working! We need a NEW system! And it's not gonna come from some 65 year old billionaire who doesn't know what a Twitter account is. (Hell, I don't know how to use a Twitter account either)

    Give the youth a voice and actually pay them some attention instead of pretending they're all too stupid to know what's going on around them. Give them the confidence and the tools they need to be the best that they can be. Good luck to you, X! I won't even try to spell that name. Hehehe! He's a 16 year old activist, speaker, rapper...he's a lot of things. Intelligent, well spoken, sense of humor, energetic, charismatic...I wish him the absolute BEST of luck!

    Can we write him in and vote for HIM as president?

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  • Hmmm....good for you, Campbell! -- Comicality, 19:04:13 06/28/16 Tue

    I am going out tonight (In an hour or two), because one of my best friends has the night off, and I have the night off, and liquor stores sell liquor to deviates like I'm going to his house to have fun and drinks and video games and laughter...because life is awesome! :)

    But, despite a few corrections that I've got to make, "On The Outside" comes back tomorrow night. So...there's that! Hehehe! It was one of the few things I got to work on while I was on vacation!

    Anyway, this video stirred up a question and I wondered what you guys thought about it. As far as those first feelings you had growing up, and possibly coming out to friends and family...did you guys first come out as being gay? Or did you say 'bisexual' first?

    I think the bisexual tag is used a lot as a safety zone, which leads to the idea that it doesn't exist for some people. It's true. For some reason, saying you're gay is a harder sucker punch to the stomach. ::Shrugs:: But I have to admit that I did the same thing back when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Because I LIKED girls! A lot! But I liked boys in the same way! So confusing! And even though it was understood that one was supposedly right and one was supposedly wrong...that didn't change the feelings in my heart at all. And neither attraction ever went away. This is a primarily gay site with gay stories and I LOVE it! But it's not like, "No Beyoncé! Get away from me! I only like guys!" Or "Sorry, Ariana Grande! Put your clothes back on! I'm not interested!" LOL! Bisexuality definitely exists, believe me.

    BUT...for those of you who don't have any real sexual interest in women at all...and came out to a few friends or maybe even to the world...did you start off thinking of yourself as bisexual first? Is it a transition towards saying, "I'm really gay, but I didn't know it at the time"? Or is it like...padding to tone down the shock value of just saying, "I like boys, and that's that"? I'm curious to what you think.

    Here's the video. (Gawd he's hot! Remember when you were in school and you thought, "This boy is too hot to be gay"? Where did that mentality go? It's gone! Good riddens!) Ugh! The blond, and the blue, and the accent, and the...AHHH!!! MWAH!

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  • Lol... This kid is awesome, I love this. -- Mike84, 12:54:23 06/28/16 Tue

    So at a College World Series baseball game on Saturday night, a kid was seen on camera several times making some pretty hilarious faces.

    And all this is going on under his mum's nose, who doesn't have a clue until the end. And she's like.. "that's my boy, alright."

    With all the doom and gloom lately I needed a good laugh.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Full video and details

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  • It's TUESDAY! And today I have a quiz for you... -- PeteIM, 23:08:42 06/27/16 Mon
    It started two weeks ago when I was researching a few songs. It led me to discover that the following four bands/performers are related. That's what the quiz is. You have to tell me how. It should be easy enough, since they were popular at about the same time. I'll give you 48 hours to figure it out. Good luck! (o:

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  • I'm not sure if you guys remember, but! -- TurtleBoy, 20:33:17 06/27/16 Mon
    Awhile ago, someone posted a link to vote for the most beautiful boy in the world, or something like that, and guess who won?!

    Levi Miller, of course! :D

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  • Oooh, creepy! I'm intrigued... -- Comicality, 18:13:26 06/27/16 Mon

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  • Mike! And all the metal / punk fans here! :D -- eminem313, 15:47:42 06/27/16 Mon
    My favourite metalcore band is BACK with a new album! :D

    "Cold World" arrives September 9, 2016! Enjoy the NEW music video below! >:D

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  • ALL RISE! The Shack Supreme court is presiding! -- eminem313, 14:02:07 06/27/16 Mon
    Well well well, it must be nice for you justices to have had 0 cases for the past while :P

    Well, a case has made it's way through the appeals process and is on your desk. We've seen a rather give-and-take process for this case's journey, initially ruled "not-guilty" appealed to "guilty" and now finally it's in your hands. Here it is...

    A mother and father decided to have a little "unwind" evening and opened a few bottles of wine. They drank more then they had planned and ended up being intoxicated for the rest of the evening.

    Their daughter, 6, was discovered the next day with alcohol poisoning. The parents insist they took all steps to ensure the wine was safely locked away in the cabinet but it simply wasn't enough. They are being charged with criminal negligence.

    A piece of evidence you may want to consider? Their 16 year old son's finger prints were found on the bottle of wine that the parents had the original evening. But not the bottle the daughter drank. On that bottle, only the parents finger prints were found. But how did the daughter drink from the bottle if she didn't even touch it?

    Well justices, I'll leave you to it. I'll be in my office if you need me :)

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  • Uhhh Long time no see ^-^ -- Sarason, 13:53:47 06/27/16 Mon
    Hey guys, It's been a very long time! Some of the older members here may remember me I was mingling around here a few years ago when I was much younger :3 Not too long ago I had some serious problems with depression and I posted here about it. My life, a teenage drama made reality, was rather difficult at the time... buuuuuuut I am happy to say I'm still here and still fighting, my life is starting to get better with each day and everything is on track! Also Little side note.. *snicker* I finally got with Alex and we've been happily going along for the last few months! So that's really helped me a lot... Its kinda hard to believe that I started reading Comsies stories when I was 13 and I'm now 19 waiting for the 2nd year of Uni to start... Sorry if that made any of you feel old!!

    I'm rambling I know but I'm just here to say I'm doing well and everything and to say thank you for helping me to come to terms with who I am ;>

    Lots of huggles and cuggles from Sarason! :D

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 00:42:38 06/27/16 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Look-Away' Mickey' Kiss!

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  • Euro Chill -- Johnny, 03:31:16 06/26/16 Sun

    Gotta laugh at some of the Euro State members who think they can tell us what to do because we defied the illuminati. Tsk tsk silly little boys we’re out get over it. They’re showing now we were right in getting out. If it gets tough sobeit we’ll handle it and come through. There’s an election in Holland next Spring I’ve got a feeling they’re going to next to want a referendum to leave EU. Also watch out for France.

    This one’s for you EU heads getting your knickers in a twist. There’s more to come so chill while you can. :)

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