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  • I've decided...TWITTER PARTY this Friday!!! -- Comicality, 03:48:14 01/17/17 Tue

    As you guys know...I am NO fan of Donald Trump! At all! But...I'm also no fan of negativity, and spreading it around to the people I care about.

    This Friday, January 20th...America will swear in someone who (In my opinion) is the most corrupt, most racist, most heartless, most undeniably FUCKED UP, president in world history. Someone who has been so brazen with his bigoted views and reckless comments...his attack of the press to get supporters to disregard all information of what he's doing...and the most morally corrupt cabinet of disgusting individuals that I have ever seen in my life.

    BUT...the world WANTS us to feel powerless! Because they see us as being ineffectual pieces of 'nothing'! And we're NOT! Already...they're trying to make atheists the enemy! They're trying to make the poor feel ashamed for not being able to afford health care. They're making gays and lesbians feel sinful and wrong. They're trying to make it so you're SCREWED if you're a minority, or poor, or worship a different God than those in the suggested majority. It's fucking HIGH SCHOOL logic all over again!!!

    But this is happening. And you know what? It's a GAME! All of it. It's all a stupid game. And we can simply choose not to play if we don't want to. We all have free choices and we can all think for ourselves.

    SO...this coming Friday? I'm posting all feel good music and fun stuff on my Twitter account, and here on the board! We're not going to cry or get mad and ball our fists up over this garbage. We're going to smile, laugh, and LOVE one another, every minute of the day on January 20th, 2017! There won't be anything on TV! Hehehe, it'll all be centered on this narcissists sad and half empty inauguration celebration. Yeah...boring.

    Let's have a celebration of our own! Something FUN!

    It's Martin Luther King Jr day...and Donald Trump insulted, discredited, and ATTACKED, a man who was nearly MURDERED during the civil rights movement just for standing up for equality while people split his head open in anger. He is a loathsome individual in every sense of the word, and I am GLAD that he's now on display for the whole WORLD to see! Look! It's not a joke anymore. These people exist.

    But so do we! :)

    So let's party on Friday! And show the world that he doesn't matter as much as he thinks he does! Music, jokes, funny videos...whatever you've got! Friday is the day! Let's shrug off the pain and unite in something that BONDS us together, instead of keeping us apart! Cool?

    Friday! Hehehe, I'm already getting stuff together!

    I'll be posting stuff here too! But for stuff on Twitter? My account is https://twitter.com/comicality1

    Cool? Hehehe! Love you lots! Let's stay a family! K?

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  • NEWSFLASH! AFTER A LONG ABSENCE, SHACK NEWS NOW HAS RETURNED! :-D -- Shack News Now, 01:35:43 01/17/17 Tue
    Scandals and Revelations abound!

    BREAKING! For shacker's eyes only! It has recently been discovered that our own Comicality has actually moved down south to escape allegations of being the ringleader of an LGBT splinter group of the Nike Boys gang, known as the Reebok Butterflies! This group is well-known in Chicago for it's chaotic drive-by mugging of anyone wearing Adidas shoes by throwing rainbow colored Reeboks at them. Several victims sustained moderate to life-threatening injuries but have all recovered within a few months. The gang division of the US Dept of Homeland Security is asking for any tips that could help bring Comicality to justice!

    THIS JUST IN! Joey, our beloved Shackolescent, was seen this week having a drink with Taylor Lautner, a famous Michigan-born actor... The two were seen hanging all over each other at a local gay bar on Saturday night! It's rumored that Joey was in drag at the time, wearing a blond wig and a see-thru dress with fake boobs and thick, girly makeup, but this can not be confirmed. Stay tuned for more.

    SCANDAL OF THE WEEK: Our brand new Shacker, Caleb, a Canuckistani teenager, has been living a lie! Due to what he says is a "typo" written upon his first arrival in the Chatterbox Chatroom, he led everyone to believe he was 14 years old. But, it turns out, after being involved in a schoolyard brawl where he was defending the honor of a 3rd grade girl who was being picked on for dressing too "butch," Caleb was taken to the local Emergency room, where he waited HOURS to be seen... A fellow Canadian Shacker, who wishes to remain anonymous for breaking Confidentiality laws, disclosed to the Shack Enquirer that Caleb is actually 13 according to his birth certificate. When the news of this revelation broke into the Shack community... No one really cared... Because they already thought he looked way too young to be 14. :-p

    That is all for this week's episode of Shack News Now... Stay tuned for further installments... :-p

    *PS*-- The only part of this that's true is the fact that Caleb is actually 13. I thought I'd break it to yall in the funniest way I could think of. :-p

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  • Squeee! New "Gotham"! :) -- Comicality, 20:05:32 01/16/17 Mon

    Welcome home, Jerome!

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  • I love this :P -- Fanson, 14:49:46 01/16/17 Mon

    This is from a couple of years ago, but it's sooo good! haha It's really funny and the song is so catchy :P Enjoy!

    Also... Chandler <3

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  • not what I was expecting -- Nathan, 12:11:08 01/16/17 Mon
    So it's been like a month since my mom and dad split and I think the hardest part is not having my sister around anymore I never realized how close we were. she was the first person I came out to. And she was the one person I could rely on to always be honest and not try to sugar coat thing's. It sucks cause I'm only at my dads on the weekends and she's gone on most of the weekends.

    I thought I would miss my dad most but to be honest I see him about as much as I did when we all lived together because of his work. But it hurts more
    getting to see my sister so little. We text like every day but it's not the same.

    PS I'm doing this on my phone so sorry for bad grammar.

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  • WDotW For 1/16 -- Comicality, 17:32:54 01/16/17 Mon

    What is it with Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel? Do casting directors just go out to parks and beaches and lure the cutest boys back to the car with a bag of candy, or what? Something fishy about those channels...

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 17:30:25 01/16/17 Mon

    See? THIS is why we don't tease the zombie children! Geez! >:O

    "The Girl With All The Gifts" 

    Just when you think there aren't any new takes on the whole zombie apocalypse idea, along comes this strangely unique, zombie/vampire/pod people type of story! I can't say that I've ever seen anything quite like it before.

    In this dying world where humanity is pretty much on its way towards extinction, a horde of mindless creatures pawing at the gates of one of the few military facilities left in operation, a brand new possibility of a cure has come to light. Something that might actually turn the tide and save all of mankind.

    There is a small group of children, who for on reason or another, have a foot in both worlds. They appear human, act human, think like humans...but have an insatiable and uncontrollable thirst for carnage once they're exposed to the scent of human flesh. Since birth, doctors have been testing the children, studying their behavior, monitoring their mindset...trying to find out why they are the way they are.

    And of course, the military facility is totally secure and they stay safe and sound and...hahaha! No! They get overrun and lots of people died! Obviously! Or we wouldn't have a movie!

    It all boils down to this one little girl. Too dangerous to trust or turn your back on, but you can't lose her either...as she may be the only hope humanity has for reversing the infestation once and for all. So, without a safe place to stay, a small group of rebels have to carry the girl into the heart of an infested city so they can radio for help and get the heck out of there. A dangerous alien zomb-pire girl, the teacher that loves and watches out for her, the soldier that knows what the girl is capable of and is willing to put a bullet in her at a moment's notice, and a doctor who would love nothing more than to cut her open like a lab rat and push for a cure before it's too late.

    So, yeah, originality points for sure! I liked this flick a lot. And the little girl...I mean, you feel so BAD for her sometimes! She's the sweetest, most polite, kid in the world. And they push her around, strap her down, put a muzzle on her...like JESUS! But...then you see her go wild and crazy and DEVOUR somebody, and you're like..."oh yeahhh. I forgot about that part."

    So check it out! I think it leads more towards science fiction than horror. So if you're worried about nightmare fuel, it's not really that kind of movie. Hope you like it!

    Enjoy! :)

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 17:08:08 01/16/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Pouch Patrol' Kiss!


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  • Mixing "Pete's Dragon"with "Stranger Things" :O -- Comicality, 03:55:39 01/16/17 Mon

    Cool mash-up idea! :P

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  • Omigod! I want one!!! >:O -- Comicality, 22:30:30 01/15/17 Sun

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  • LOL! That's what we all need! A guy in a van! :P -- Comicality, 18:55:14 01/15/17 Sun


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  • After 146 years, The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus is closing down. -- PeteIM, 18:41:46 01/15/17 Sun
    I guess Donald Trump is showing them a thing or two about circuses and he's proving to be the new owner of P.T. Barnum's motto, "There's a sucker born every minute." Only time will tell if Trump will be "The Greatest Show On Earth."

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  • Looooooooool well its time for todays sing along! -- Caleb, 18:32:58 01/15/17 Sun
    I just dont know lol wat the heck ppl XDDDDDDDDDDD

    srry not sorry.

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  • Hahahaha!!! :O -- Comicality, 17:49:52 01/15/17 Sun

    Soooo, my cousin spent the afternoon over here today. He just turned 7 a few months ago. Sweetest, most adorable kid in the world! Seriously!

    And at one point I was checking my email, and he walks over and puts his head on my shoulder, and he looks at my laptop, and in his tiny little voice he asks...

    "Is that waterproof?"


    NO!!! No, it's not WATERPROOF!!! Stay away! Why the hell would he ASK me that??? I was literally TERRIFIED by that question!

    I'm never leaving that boy alone in a room with my laptop again!


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  • Something you might like, Caleb... -- Comicality, 08:06:52 01/15/17 Sun

    I'm still trying to zero in on your personal tastes in music...

    (Before having to quit my job and move so far away from home...this was my job. And I'd like to think that I was damn good at it. :P)

    I thought you might like PJ as a artist, based on what you've posted so far. Now...as you grow more attached to music in general, you learn to explore a bit more. You find different voices, different beats and different arrangements. You expand your appreciation for it as a whole.

    The way you talk about music...it's easy to see that you pay attention to more than just the average 'what's on the radio' mentality. So I might have some ideas that might inspire you to spread outa bit more.

    Check out PJ! :)

    Now...DON'T look at her, or the song title, or the thumbnail for this video...and make an assumption about how this song is going to sound! :) Just listen. You might be surprised.

    Rule #1 - NEVER judge a song by its cover! Er...or book! O err...fudge it! Just listen! :)


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  • I was trying not to post two times lol but I thought this was important -- Caleb, 20:22:57 01/14/17 Sat
    its the man up campaign but really its for everyone. My mom has problems ever since my auntie died and she tells me all the time to never be afraid to cry and that i should do it like once a week because its good to get the crazy out lol. I dont actually cry every week but it does help to know that its ok and i guess ya. sorry if this is weird. just watch the vid. it explains it better.

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  • Going public... -- eminem313, 16:27:26 01/14/17 Sat
    No! I'm not selling stocks of my life out on an IPO! So...put your chequebooks away! :P

    Anyway, I wanted to post this because I feel that it's important to say it. Last night I had my first anxiety attack in FOREVER; March of last year to be exact. It was at 1:30 in the morning as I was trying to sleep and then all of a sudden my mind was flooded with irrational thoughts and bad memories. I don't want to go into detail about the specifics, because that's not the point.

    The point I am trying to make is this; You all know I'm really positive. I'm constantly talking about how life is amazing for me. School rocks, I have great friends, got a girlfriend, and am genuinely interested in what is happening with me. But, we all fall down sometimes. Even a little. And last night was my first fall in awhile.

    If anyone has had this happen, you probably felt disappointed in yourself. I know I did. I felt like after all this hard work I've been putting in, have I really truly healed? But the fact of the matter is, yes. I have. I had this attack, and instead of sitting in silence, I reached out for help right away. I went into the Skype group chat that my girlfriend and her two other friends, whom are dating, are a part of. I didn't expect a response, but I just said I was having an attack. And you know what happened? My girl, who's been SOOOO sick herself since coming back from her cruise, reached out and helped me. She let me talk it out and calm down, she snapped me back to reality. And that was what I needed in that moment.

    So to anybody here who has felt disappointed in themselves for having a relapse, focus on how much you've healed over time. You'll be amazed at how much you truly have improved based simply on the actions you take when you recognize your relapse. Do you do nothing? Or do you continue getting help to keep improving? THAT is a true measure of healing for myself anyway.

    Okay. That's all. Hope everyone is doing great! :D

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  • This was delicious! -- Fanson, 13:16:53 01/14/17 Sat

    So, here in Mexico and other countries, we celebrate "Day of the Kings" (Día de Reyes in spanish) on January 6th, which conmemorates the visit of the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus and gave him presents. The tradition is like what Santa Claus does in Christmas; on the night of January 6th, the Three Wise Men bring presents to all the children in the world.

    That same day people get together to eat "king's Ring" (Rosca de Reyes), which is really good.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So, yesterday some friends and I got together to eat a Tacos' Ring (Rosca de tacos) haha it was soooo good! And btw these are real tacos, not that taco bell garbage hehe Best night of my life! xD

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • Going to a beach party tonight -- Johnny, 13:06:40 01/14/17 Sat

    Indoor beach party obviously. :) It’s a 21st birthday and it’s gonna be a blast.

    Slide into the mood and imagine it’s summer.


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  • Leaving for west Edmonton Mall right away! -- Caleb, 11:26:10 01/14/17 Sat
    And I found out why I shouldn't stay awake late in the chat lol. But it's OK because today we are going ice skating and swimming and to galaxyland! It's the only good reason for still being short lol. There's this big tube castle place that you can climb and slide and bury your brother in balls lol. Then we might go see the penguins. First stop is always the pirate ship tho lol.

    But before I go I found a new sing a long! It's with Birdy again from the sigma vid I posted but this time with Rhodes. There voices are really cool together and the vid is cool because it shows a lot of the sky and apparently we need to pay more attention up there now lol

    K but I can't do the video box thing for some reason my phone doesn't let me but you should watch the video. It's called Let It All Go https://youtu.be/6u0DGIh3wLA

    Have a good day ppl!

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  • It's always pretty cool... -- Mike84, 01:11:40 01/14/17 Sat

    ... to see youngins in the LGBT community who're confident enough to laugh right back at in the face of the haters.

    I've seen a couple of videos by this couple, mostly by one of them (Kian).

    In one of the others they take on some of the homophobic comments they've gotten and pretty much laugh them off rather than letting it affect them. I didn't want to post that one here though because some of the stuff said to them was pretty disgusting. I figured a video with a positive vibe would be better.

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  • So...Here's a friendly message for everyone who got a lightsaber for Christmas... :P -- Dwayne (Tucker), 23:20:55 01/13/17 Fri

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  • Wow! Poor Macauley had a really ROUGH Christmas last year! Hehehe! -- Comicality, 14:13:17 01/13/17 Fri


    Bad times in 'Helloween' Town too, apparently! :O


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  • Have you ever heard of 2017 AG13? >:O -- Comicality, 02:43:22 01/13/17 Fri

    Me neither! Neither did a lot of people, apparently! Hehehe, but it's the name of an asteroid, 36 ft wide, 112 ft long (Approximately the size of a 10 story tall building), flew between the Earth and the moon less than 48 hours ago! That is CLOSE! :O

    Possible damage caused had it made impact? About a dozen times the power generated by the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima!

    So, back to space with you, deadly space rock! Don't come back! Yeesh!

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  • So I've seen A Monster Calls twice now... -- bwctwriter, 01:40:25 01/13/17 Fri
    I think that's about all I can handle in the theater... :-p

    Anyways, I really don't know where to go with reviewing this movie... It was... tragically beautiful is the only way I can think to describe it. Like the tragedy of the boy's experience was so well illustrated, you couldn't help but marvel at it, u know?

    The story was very good, and the way "Conor" interacted with his mother was believable in its depiction of a boy grappling with the impending loss of what amounted to his entire world.

    The illustration of the monster, and Liam Neeson's voice, were very effective... And also provided another of the movie's many epically emotional moments for me.

    The music was great, and did a fantastic job bringing out emotions in me, and some other viewers in my theater... But what really had me almost SOB at one point... Was the utter deafening silence. You wouldn't think silence could be so moving.. but it was by far the most emotional moment of the movie for me. And it was very symbolic of what Conor was about to experience.

    The visuals in this movie were AMAZING... Movies these days have gotten so crisp, clear, and colorful (when they need to be) that they just look better than ever on screen... And the use of drawing and watercolor animation to tell the monster's stories were very well done. It's clear that everyone involved in this movie was dedicated to the "art," not just doing it for a paycheck, you know?

    The ending was bittersweet, as all movies like this are, but left us all with hope for Conor, and hope for ourselves when we have faced, or will face, things like this in the future.

    As for the actors... Louis MacDougall was... I don't want to take away from his acting, because he really did a fantastic job here... But at the same time, I thought that this role probably could have been done by a whole HOST of other actors with the same, maybe even better result. There were times when Conor's pain was painted all over MacDougall's face... and times where it felt ta bit lacking. Maybe it's just the fact he's shockingly pale tho.. :-p Or maybe his direction could have been better. Who knows? Still, I wasn't disappointed in his portrayal. Felicity Jones as Conor's "Mum" was fantastic! Funny, even when she was dying, she still looked beautiful; and not in a bad way, cuz u know "who looks beautiful when they're dying?", but more like she just was really wrapped up in her role, and honest, and expressive... It was pretty amazing. Sigourney Weaver as Conor's Grandma was good too, altho she's painted badly in the beginning (mostly because she's "not mom" so to speak...) But it was clear by the end that she cared a great deal for her grandson, and didn't want to hurt him in his journey of letting mom go.

    I've always been a cryer when it comes to coming of age movies, so of course I cried a lot during this movie... But I think anyone who watches this, if they were to identify with Conor, or his mother, or the monster, or even the dad (who was generally a douchebag but was still important to the story :-p ), you might just find yourself shedding some water from your eyes. There's just so much love, sadness, anger, fear, joy, despair, so much EMOTION in this movie that it's just beyond description. Anyone who's looking for a deep movie will be MORE than satisfied here.

    I HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie in theaters if you can, but definitely on bluray or streaming once it's released. This is the first great movie I've seen so far this year, and I hope there's more great films to come! :-)

    So yeah, that's... pretty much all I got. :-p

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  • I wasn't AWOL... -- PeteIM, 00:05:20 01/13/17 Fri

    I was binge-watching TrollHunters
    It stars Anton Yelchin & Kelsey Grammer

    Here's another trailer:
    and the IMDB listing:

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  • This is interesting... -- Vinny, 23:55:37 01/12/17 Thu
    I've always been really interested in different accents, so I thought this video was really cool.


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  • It's been quite an eventful day here in our tiny village... -- Mike84, 12:33:08 11/30/16 Wed

    And will get even more hectic over the weekend, since Jeremy Clarkson and the rest of the former Top Gear guys, are here in Fort Augustus filming for their new show, The Grand Tour.

    I'm not the biggest fan of Clarkson to be honest, but it's been interesting watching all the crew, crowds and whatnot making waves here with the locals. Many folks are excited with what's been going on.

    We're a tourist village as the Loch Ness runs through here, so the locals are used to the tourism, but they're not used to being featured in some big TV production.

    Unfortunately I can't actually embed the clip on here, but here's the link anyway.


    You might notice that it's the same spot that I've taken photos of and shared them on here with you guys in the past. It's literally like a 30 second walk from my home.

    I think they're going to be doing something in the Loch itself. I've no idea what though. But whatever it is looks pretty big, I've seen diggers and fork trucks being driven around, and apparently they've rented out several boats.

    I'm hoping to get some pictures over the next few days.

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  • Hey guys -- Caleb, 19:26:28 01/12/17 Thu
    So today I had Wendy's for the first time and ick. Wow. It was crap. Me and dad just drove by and thought ya! But man it was bad. i think my heart is broken. I wanted it all my life and now I never want it again. i was gonna take a pic of it for you gusy but then it was to gross lol.

    well thats ok cuz i found a new sing a long song today. its called Find Me featuring Birdy by Sigma. There a cool team and also it has that girl from stranger things in the video in it and shes real cool to.

    k im gonna try the video thing now. im sorry if i brak something.

    and for the ppl who hear with there eyes http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/sigma/findme.html

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  • I love this song and video -- Fanson, 22:24:36 01/11/17 Wed

    I don't know if this has been posted here before, given that it's from 2 years ago or so. This is 'The 1975' video for "Settle Down", and what I like from this vid is that the story is about two gay boys (yes, this has been confirmed) who societys want to keep apart.

    Enjoy the song too! It's one of my favorites :)

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  • I am getting drunk in hot chocolate! -- Caleb, 20:40:34 01/11/17 Wed
    Holy heck this stuff is so good! Next time we go I'm getting mudslide. Then the next time that caramel one. Mmmmm so creamy good. You guys have to try it. It's at Safeway for $4 https://imgur.com/aQDXOPj

    Hot chocolate is life ppl.

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  • And so it begins... -- Comicality, 23:42:23 12/04/16 Sun

    It sounded like random Hollywood rumor fuel when the studio announced that it was making a 'Monster Movie' cinematic universe. But...here we are! The first big budget, big name actor, movie of the bunch is coming to a theater near you. With the Mummy to be followed up with a new Dracula, new Wolfman, new Frankenstein, etc...and then...Avengers...er um...Monsters assemble! :P

    If they throw in The Blob and the Creature From The Black Lagoon...we'll have an even set.


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  • Awww, welcome back B.A.M.! :) -- Comicality, 16:24:00 01/11/17 Wed

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  • Good morning ppl! -- Caleb, 09:50:48 01/11/17 Wed
    I found really cool song on YouTube last night but since I already posted a song I waited until to morning to do it. It's by this guy called Mike Posner and he's got a really cool voice. The song is called Be As You Are and the lyrics are really cool. It's about accepting life and yourself and fudging the rest of wat people think.

    K here's today's sing a long! https://youtu.be/v1tSfQbtKMU

    Oh and ppl get naked in the video but it's not that bad. And this is really hard to do on my phone lol. K getting ready now. Good morning! Bye!

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  • Hehehe, which one was creepier...? -- Comicality, 08:07:48 01/11/17 Wed

    ..."The Ring"? Or "The Grudge"?


    It doesn't matter, because they're fighting each other now! LOL!


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  • ++ ONE WORLD WEDNESDAY ++ -- Comicality, 04:18:54 01/11/17 Wed


    K-Pop is a style of music that is rapidly growing in popularity for everyone who has ever heard it before! For those who have never heard it before, it is this PERFECT balance between Boyband Pop, R&B, and 90's hip hop! It's something that has to be heard to be believed! In fact, once you see the videos posted in the replies below, many of you might be totally SHOCKED that this entire angle of the music industry was able to slip under your radar!

    I started listening to it about a year or two ago, and it has gotten better and better every single song that I've seen! I'm honestly AMAZED at what's coming out of South Korea/China right now! ::Jaw Dropped::

    Things to know about K-Pop...

    When you listen to this music, understand...they are singing/rapping in THREE different languages! (WTF?) People may ask why there are SO many guys on stage at once, but it is probably because there are actually TWO boybands performing at once! Half of them might be Korean, the other half might be Chinese. (They're the same group, but depending on the market and the language spoken in their area, you might only see five or six of the boys at any one time. Like 'Exo-K' would be the Korean group, and Exo-M would be for China....'M' standing for Mandarin. Then there are videos when ALL of them come together as one! Which is epic!) With K-Pop bands, their dance choreography is like nothing you've ever seen before! It is fucking AMAZING! It will make you ask yourself, "Just how many dance moves ARE there???" I have been blown away by almost every video that I've ever seen! You will be wanting to stand up and dance to this yourself! It's CRAZY!

    K-Pop boys are ALL gorgeous! I mean...Jesus! You put that many cute boys on stage at once, and you'll get my attention every time! WOW! It's like...boyband porn! Hehehehe! But they work extremely hard to pull this stuff off! Special diets to keep them super thin, 365 days a year of practice without them being able to take a break or spend time with their families, and a max of 6 hours of sleep a day. Non-consecutive. Meaning...and hour here, two hours there. To be in a K-Pop band means giving your entire LIFE over to the showbiz. They're not even allowed to date, for fear of alienating their fans. It's a harsh life choice for them, and an oppressive work regimen...but when you hear the music and see the dance choreography, you can't HELP but to see all of that hard work in action! And it's MIND-BLOWING!!!

    Enjoy! WARNING: If you weren't a fan of K-Pop before, or never heard of it...you WILL be a fan after seeing the videos below! Consider yourself warned! :)

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  • OWW - 2017! :) -- Comicality, 03:16:54 01/11/17 Wed
    "One World Wednesday"...

    I'm not sure how others see the USA right now, but I can honestly say that I have never felt such a division between myself and the people around me as I do right now. There is so much beauty and wisdom that can be shared between us as human beings...but sooooo many people allow sexual preference, religious beliefs, color of skin, financial status, age, or affiliation with this person or that person, determine our worth. We fall for this stupid illusion that we're BETTER than the person standing next to us, instead of realizing that we're both stronger by working together! And I'm sooooo sick of it! It's gotten to be so tiresome. WTF???

    No more! Seriously...this has to stop. Right here, and right now.

    We're entering an age where hatred is not only encouraged, but it's rewarded with applause. That's bullshit! Steve King, on live television, said, "What do minorities offer to the rest of civilization?" Which is one of the most disgusting, most hurtful, most despicable, statements that has ever been uttered on live television. Is he fucking kidding me? Excluding gay people, black people, Asians, Latinos, the disabled, women, Muslims, and anyone else who wasn't HIM and his family. I honestly felt sick to my stomach when I heard it, and I realized...

    It's easy for us to HATE each other when we don't KNOW each other! We stick to our protective little bubbles and refuse to acknowledge the many brilliant talents that we have to offer one another. We deny access to anything that we don't instantly understand. And we pretend not to notice. :(

    This is so stupid.

    When I started posting underground and independent films for Monday Movie Matinee...people fought back. When I started SWAK Sunday, and showed pictures of boys kissing each other...people fought back. When I wrote the story "Untouchable"...people fought back. But many of them found a way to grow up and actually embrace the idea once it stopped being taboo. Once it stopped being so damn BLASPHEMOUS!

    Well, it's that time again! It's time we grew up. Let's get to know some stuff about something that wasn't spoonfed to us in our tiny little comfort zone, where everybody is the same and we all thing and feel the same way. Let's venture out and experience different ideas, different movies, different music, different religious teachings. What are you so SCARED of? We're all human. And it's time we understand one another, before the 'powers that be' use our ignorance against us and tears us even further apart!

    This is the foundation of "One World Wednesday"! I'm posting it today! And every two weeks afterward. I want to bring us all together. And we can do that by ignoring the awesome things every culture on the planet has to offer. Pay attention. Learn something. And if any of you have something to add, let me know! I want to learn more too!

    The first "One World Wednesday" begins in an hour! Be ready! :)

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  • Hey i know i just posted this morning but i just found a new song -- Caleb, 00:02:19 01/11/17 Wed
    And its time for a sing a long anyway lol. I cant believe i didnt hear of him before. Well i did but not this song for some reason. Its from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert and the songs called Same Love. https://youtu.be/hlVBg7_08n0 and if you cant hear with your ears http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/macklemore/samelove.html


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  • Oh yeah!!! HI, JUAN!!! :) -- Comicality, 19:32:03 01/10/17 Tue

    Sorry! I know you posted a few days back, but I think I was all clunked up with 'extra' at the time! Butwelcome home to you too, dude! Hope life is treating you well! :)

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