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  • This movie looks good... -- bwctwriter, 02:46:19 12/03/16 Sat
    And Taylor Lautner fans will like this! :-p

    Run The Tide... Sorry, but I can't find an embeddable video so i can only post the link. Check it out. Looks interesting! And for you naughty types... It can be found in the ether... :-p


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  • Sweet! Rick And Morty are back.. -- Mike84, 22:28:49 12/02/16 Fri

    So Rick And Morty is a new-ish animation show, aimed at older audiences. It's pretty good. I've enjoyed the first two seasons. The third one is due out this month.

    It's just starting to build up a reputation, and I haven't seen it mentioned on here before (unless I missed it), so I figured I'd give it a shout out.

    Family Guy's still my number one animation show, but Rick And Morty is well worth checking out.

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  • A random question... -- Comicality, 15:27:31 12/02/16 Fri

    I've been curious about this for a while now, and was wondering if anybody knew the answer. Recently, young actor, Gabriel Bateman, landed the lead role in the upcoming reboot of "Benji". He's been awesome so far in "American Gothic", and the movie "Lights Out"! Absolutely terrifying as the possessed kid in the "Outcast" TV series! But I was wondering...is this actually Jason Bateman's son?

    Jason Bateman ("Identity Theft", "Hancock") or his sister Justine ("Family Ties")? Looking at him, I wouldn't be surprised if he was. Or maybe a family resemblance is an illusion. Who knows? But do you guys know about this? Or is it just a last name coincidence?


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  • Intriguing... -- Comicality, 13:04:13 12/02/16 Fri

    This is a short independent film that was written and director by young actor, Connor Jessup. It involves a teen boy who was apparently involved in some sort of fatal accident, and his ghost spends the day following another boy to see what his life is like. It's never really said if it was a friend or someone he had a crush on or whatever, but Connor Jessup has always been pretty open about films with gay themes and playing gay characters, so I'm thinking it's a boy he had a crush on at one time or another.

    Anyway, interesting short. Thought I'd share. The interpretation is up to you. :)


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  • OH!!! I almost forgot... -- Comicality, 21:18:29 12/01/16 Thu

    GayAuthors had one of their famous CSR discussions on the board this past Monday, and I was interviewed by Cia about writing and the story "Between The Lines" as well! So if you guys want to read that interview and the following comments, here's the link:


    Enjoy! :)

    Now then...let me fix up that "On The Outside" chapter so I can post it tonight! :P

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  • "Three Blocks Away" Sent In For Publishing! -- Comicality, 20:44:06 12/01/16 Thu

    Ok, so Amazon is doing something a little different with the 'publishing' process all of a sudden, and I don't exactly know why. But I just found out about an hour ago, so it's new to me too.

    (Board Meeting)

    "DANGIT!!! This damn system has been TOO stable, and TOO functional, and TOO easy for people to learn and use and depend on! WILSON!!! Do something to fuck it up! Immediately! Make it MORE complicated and totally ass backwards! Because...'change'!"

    Hehehe, whatever. I figured it out. They ask more questions now, but the questions don't mean anything. Plus they're all 'optional'. (So why even add them when you can just skip 'em?) Also, I'm forced to use a 'last name' now for some reason. No more author pen names, I guess? ::Shrugs:: But I'm just using 'Comsie Cality', and the 'Comicality' keyword is still on the list if you ever need to look me up that way. Cool?

    Oh! And it takes up to 36 hours to publish now, as opposed to the previous 12. Gotta take time to go through all of that extra info that they didn't need, I suppose. Hehehe! ANYWAY...should be up tomorrow! I doubt it'll take the whole 36 hours, but I'll send out an announcement when it's official. Cool?

    MWAH! Love ya!

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  • Wow! Yayyyy! :) -- Comicality, 18:33:19 11/30/16 Wed

    I want to say THANK YOU for your votes on the recent writing contest that I was a part of over Thanksgiving weekend! Thank you sooooo much!

    You'll be happy to know that, with Shackers and non-Shackers alike, my overall rating held steady at a 9.9 the entire time! The judges were pleased! And because of your support, I won FIRST prize in the contest!!!


    So super thanks to you ALL for the votes and the ratings and the encouragement to keep going! I've been invited back by the judges for December, and if possible, I'd LOVE to try it again! And be sure to support http://badbible.com/ as a website too! If you haven't been there yet, drop by, and give all the authors your love and attention! They deserve it!

    Big hugs to you all! Thank you! Now, maybe I can shoot for a trilogy in potential wins for the next one! Not even my fave movies can pull that off without missing a step or two! So I'll be working against conventional norms with that one! But anything is possible, right? We'll see!

    ::Feeling Awesome::

    We'll find a way to celebrate on the site soon! K? I don't know how, exactly...but I'll get the brain box working! I'm open to ideas if you guys have any!

    In the meantime..."Waiting Outside The Lines 19" is up! So go read it! I'll make an announcement about it soon!

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  • Hump Day Blast -- Johnny, 17:25:14 11/30/16 Wed
    People that have been here for a few years probably realise by the number of times I've posted Dimitri and Mike sets that I like them. :) Yep I do they're my favs of the major international dj outfits. This is Antwerp 2015.

    Play LOUD and fullscreen. :)


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  • Hump Day Movie Recommend -- Johnny, 13:39:38 11/30/16 Wed
    Still on the continental thing. Kapgang is a Danish movie and itís done in a way that only European movies seem able to capture. Unfortunately itís not on Youtube just clips like this but it is available online if you search, best to download it from the guys on the sea. :) Itís worth checking out itís a good movie with a good storyline. Itís directed by Neils Arden Oplev the guy who produced and directed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo among others. Hereís a couple clips there are others on YT.

    Clip 1.


    Clip 2.


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  • It's been quite an eventful day here in our tiny village... -- Mike84, 12:33:08 11/30/16 Wed

    And will get even more hectic over the weekend, since Jeremy Clarkson and the rest of the former Top Gear guys, are here in Fort Augustus filming for their new show, The Grand Tour.

    I'm not the biggest fan of Clarkson to be honest, but it's been interesting watching all the crew, crowds and whatnot making waves here with the locals. Many folks are excited with what's been going on.

    We're a tourist village as the Loch Ness runs through here, so the locals are used to the tourism, but they're not used to being featured in some big TV production.

    Unfortunately I can't actually embed the clip on here, but here's the link anyway.


    You might notice that it's the same spot that I've taken photos of and shared them on here with you guys in the past. It's literally like a 30 second walk from my home.

    I think they're going to be doing something in the Loch itself. I've no idea what though. But whatever it is looks pretty big, I've seen diggers and fork trucks being driven around, and apparently they've rented out several boats.

    I'm hoping to get some pictures over the next few days.

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  • Hump Day tv series -- Johnny, 03:31:14 11/30/16 Wed

    And there is humping. :) For those that will sit through weeks of The Fosters to see if Jude is gonna kiss a guy check out Max he seems to have gone through most of his school haha. This is a Spanish sorry Catalonian tv series and like with The Fosters Max is just a part of the story. Itís the way to do young gay none of the pussyfooting around that America and UK does. It was a 2007 series thatís nine years ago. :)

    If you watch on Youtube you will find a load of clips over on the right panel. If the subtitles donít show up at first just click on the bottom right launcher on the clips. The clips are on a loop.


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  • Damn... -- Mike84, 14:57:12 11/29/16 Tue

    This is fourteen year old Nat Sweeney, an acrobat & dancer (and LGBT'er) from Birmingham, England, pulling off moves that I didn't think the human body was capable of doing.

    I think he's preparing for his role in a new musical for the Lion King, or something.

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  • Interesting.. -- Mike84, 18:44:10 11/28/16 Mon

    Another new TV series based on a comic debuts in January.

    Riverdale, based on DC'S Archie Comics is going to blend the teen drama of Archie and pals at Riverdale High with, naturally, a murder mystery surrounding the death of their classmate, Jason Blossom.

    Some big names making up the cast includes Cole Sprouse and Luke Perry. And K.J. Apa will star as Archie.

    I know next to nothing about this series. But I'm still intrigued.

    I also couldn't help noticing that they've cast another bunch of twenty somethings as high school sophomores though.

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  • And now for something completely different... -- Mike84, 13:58:42 11/28/16 Mon

    Watch a £30,000 / $40,000 gold bar crushed by an hydraulic press.


    And if you enjoyed that, you can watch the same thing done to a diamond Here.

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  • ::Snickers:: Awwwwwww! It's not like we weren't expecting this EVENTUALLY! :P -- Comicality, 19:19:08 11/27/16 Sun

    Still...extremely CUTE, Chandler! You brought a lot of fangirls/fanboys a great deal of JOY last week, dude!


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  • More to give thanks for... -- ACFan, 18:47:11 11/27/16 Sun
    I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

    Me and Eggy took on the largest project ever - migrating almost 1800 chapters of stories over to the redesigned Corner Cafe! Stories that even I forgot were hosted there are now easy to find... and it works on mobile!

    I also posted three chapters of stories - and CSV-DSM contains the debut of our own Nathan as a story character! One of the Memories chapters also contains the mention of someone who has been a part of the Shack for a LONG time - a free visit to the Boy Farm to the first person who posts the right answer as to who, and in which chapter!

    Anyway, check out http://cornercafe.us and let me know what you think!


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  • An extremely busy, but still productive, weekend! :) -- Comicality, 15:25:01 11/27/16 Sun

    I kind of expected to have a full day on Thanksgiving with the family, but I didn't count on it lasting all day until I was too exhausted to stay awake. And then again on Friday. And then AGAIN on Saturday!!! So...I'm back in hiding today. Hopefully, both the phone and the doorbell will stay quiet for the rest of the night. ::Fingers Crossed::

    NOT that I didn't have fun! But geez...I can barely handle that much EMAIL, much less accomplish these feats in real life. And Lord knows I can't do both. :P

    ANYWAY, what I wanted to tell you guys is that I actually entered an online erotica writing contest this week! That's right! I am competing for fabulous prizes and all, because every now and then you've got to test your mettle and see what you're made of!

    The competition entries were just posted today, and all voting ends THIS WEDNESDAY (November 30th)! This contest consists of gay erotica, straight erotica, lesbian erotica...there's a wide variety of entries. So check them out and show the authors some love if you get a chance! My story is called "Three Blocks Away", and it takes place during a high school graduation party! I definitely put my best foot forward with this one! So be sure to go by and vote and rate, and who knows? If I win, maybe I'll find a way to celebrate with you all! Ummm...somehow! Hehehe!

    Here's the link to the contest:


    So check it out! And I encourage you all to vote honestly, of course! Don't just vote for Comsie because...'Comsie'! :P Vote for your favorite! And if all goes well, I might be invited to come back again for December's contest! We'll see!

    Results go up on December 1st! But you can read it right NOW if you want! So enjoy!

    And now back to my Thanksgiving posts! Starting tomorrow night...'Boy Date' confirmed! Evan and Greyson Chance spend some quality time together! Seezya soon!

    Ps- Ebook version will be available next weekend as well! But don't wait 'til then! Hehehe, you've gotta rate this story for the contest first, dangit! LOL!

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  • Trump Tower becomes ĎDump Towerí on Google Maps -- PeteIM, 15:21:51 11/27/16 Sun

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  • An interesting non-erotic manga about homosexuality -- Akoplay, 12:14:14 11/26/16 Sat


    Well... Actually, I didn't read it yet. lol But apparently, it's interesting. ^^

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  • Woohoo thatís it. -- Johnny, 10:33:57 11/25/16 Fri

    Just finished work related things at home and itís an early finish to Friday. Tomorrow morning we fly off to Paris for a 4 day weekend. Itís an anniversary break our 3rd anni day being Monday, who would have thought. :) We would have liked to have made it longer but work and uni gets in the way itís almost Christmas and we have a load of time off then well for me 10 days thereís 6 days of bank holidays in there with Xmas and New Year. Obviously Robby has a longer break being at Uni. Heís got a month off starting 10th DecemberÖ.. There was supposed to have been a Five Guys opened here when we get back but itís been delayed until January theyíre still fitting it out. Waiting to try that out because Com mentioned them a couple times in the past. We did see one in London the other week but didnít eat there we didnít want a blowout and calorie overload at 2pm. :)

    So something French, David Guetta, French Dj, producer etc. famous worldwide. This was Tomorrowland back in the summer.


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  • :-o I found Joey and Max's sex tape online! -- bwctwriter, 19:18:06 11/24/16 Thu
    It's OBSCENE! :-p

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  • A discussion forThanksgiving dinner -- Comicality, 10:33:53 11/24/16 Thu

    ::Giggles:: Just in case you had trouble making conversation at the dinner table? :P


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  • Hehehe, wow! "The Wizard Of Oz" got really DARK all of a sudden! :O -- Comicality, 09:06:48 11/24/16 Thu

    Not that a little girl being tossed around by a tornado, knocked out cold, and being trapped in a hellish fantasy from which she cannot awake is a 'fun' story anyway, but still...hehehe this is some 'Mad Max' level post apocalyptic shit right here! LOL!

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  • And now for something completely different... -- PeteIM (), 08:43:00 11/24/16 Thu

    OK Go - The One Moment Official Video

    Last edited by author: Fri November 25, 2016 01:44:35   Edited 1 time.
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