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  • Hapy Birthday, Shadow!!! XD -- Comicality, 02:37:11 12/17/18 Mon

    Every birthday should be a celebration! And you know the Shack rule, dude!

    You get to travel out to our special 'Boy Farm' and find yourself a duo of fun companions for the coming weekend! ::Nods::

    You only get TWO boys though! So choose wisely! And happy birthday, dude! Love you lots! MWAH!!!

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  • = = Jukebox Jimmy = = -- Comicality, 00:00:45 12/17/18 Mon

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "The Version Merry"! It's Christmas time, folks! It's unavoidable! And, religious or not...there are some very cool songs about this holiday season that give us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside! So let's share a couple of them with one another! Here's the catch! Jimmy wants you guys to post a classic Christmas song...but it CANNOT be the original version! It has to be a cover or remake by an artist with at least one or two albums out there in the public market! (Youtube stars, no matter how awesome, don't count!) Give us at least ONE! No more than FOUR! Cool? Jimmy's feeling the Christmas spirit this year! So let's make take him to the next level with some beautiful tunes, shall we?

    Spread love and kindness, feel good about who you are, and Jimmy and I wish you all the very best this holiday season! Love always!

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.) 

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  • Not exactly a Disney Princess kinda guy? Maybe this'll help! :P -- Comicality, 22:26:14 12/16/18 Sun


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  • Imagine Magazine #43 Is Up!!! -- Comicality, 23:09:56 12/15/18 Sat

    Good evening, fellow Shackers! :) Just wanted to let you guys know that the Holiday issue of Imagine Magazine is now available! So go check it out when you get a chance! Our featured author for the month is Beldro, and you can read the first chapter of his story "The Golden Bridge Chronicle" in this issue! Be sure to let him know what you think when you get a chance!

    Brand new chapters are popping up from MrM, Lindon Weztser, The Story Lover, and more! Plus your favorite monthly articles, a new chapter of "Shelter", and a few other Christmas goodies for you guys to enjoy!

    Have fun! And thanks for the love and support! You guys are the best! And you're the reason Imagine is doing so well! Numbers don't lie, and we're getting bigger every month! If you guys want to make any submissions, contact me at Comicality@webtv.net and we'll see if we can save you a spot! K?

    Take care! And I'll seezya soon! I've got some more gifts coming your way this coming week! You won't want to miss them! The hype is real! XD



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  • Since many of us are readers on here... -- Mike, 12:13:16 12/14/18 Fri

    The Power Of Five (known as the Gatekeepers in the US, I think).

    I want to recommend it (again, since I'm sure I did about 10 years ago when I first read it.)

    I was introduced to the series in 2008, with the first book - Raven's Gate.

    The series focuses on five teenagers, who are destined to defeat mystical entities known only as 'The Old Ones', they're dark gods who ruled over the Earth, for a long period of time, ten thousand years ago, until they were defeated by a trick, by five teenagers, who each had a special 'gift' of sorts.

    The very same teenagers are reincarnated in the 21st century (although with no memories of the past), just in time to fight the Old Ones who are about to return to destroy the world.

    The focus of the books is these five teenagers, discovering who they are, and trying to find the other four, who live in various parts of the world. During this time, there are secret, powerful groups ether trying to help them find the others, or hurt them for their dark lords.

    It really is an excellent series. One of my favourites.
    I'm just about done listening to it on Audible.com. Although I just found out that the entire audiobook series has been posted on YouTube. Has been for six years. I'm surprised it hasn't been taken down.

    So if you're looking for something good to read (or listen to), or maybe a Christmas gift for someone you think will enjoy it, then I recommend The Power Of Five series.

    Here's an audio playlist for the first book. All the books are on YouTube. Although I'd recommend buying the series for yourself. It's worth investing in. I now have them in written and audio form. :)

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  • Might as well get into the Christmas spirit! XD -- Comicality, 22:30:51 12/13/18 Thu

    Even though I miss the snow and the city lights, the Christmas spirit can still find me wherever I go! So we might as well embrace it!

    ((Hugz)) All around! I'm still answering emails, but I'll be sure to take a moment and join the public party every now and then! :)

    Hiya, Cruz! Hehehe!

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  • Gotta make this quick... -- Comicality, 10:36:15 12/12/18 Wed

    Gotta run to work soon, and it's a super long shift today so let me make a post before I come home and fall asleep! :P

    The final tweaks are being made to the December issue of Imagine Magazine! BIG THANKS to everybody who participated in, yet another, successful issue! I think you guys will like it!

    Also, I'm getting your presents ready for the holidays! Stories begin again on Monday, and I'm having a huge email marathon tomorrow night! So I'll be typing until my fingers give out. I realize that I have been lousy with my emails lately, and you have my sincere apologies for that. Especially to my new friends who may not be used to the typical 'Comsie Email Lag'. Hehehe, I didn't forget about ya! Promise! It just takes me forever to get everything done. K?

    That's it for now. I'll talk to you soon! MWAH!!!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 12:42:49 12/10/18 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Coupon Clipper' Kiss!

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  • WDotW For 12/10 -- Comicality, 12:40:39 12/10/18 Mon

    Sighhhh...is there a LAB somewhere in Australia where they keep making these boys???

    Seriously...what the hell?

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 12:39:12 12/10/18 Mon

    For all of you horror fans out there...let's take the fucking gloves off! LMAO!!! Let's go!


    Let me start off by saying that...if our younger Shackers are used to this new 'jump scare', PG-13, era of horror movies??? Hehehe...this flick is NOT for you! This is fear, and gore, and torture, at its core! This is the kind of movie that made the NC-17 rating necessary back in the 90's! Jesus!

    There's really not a whole lot that I have to tell you bout this movie. This is a super psychotic clown that puts 'Pennywise' from "IT" to shame! He is the creepiest clown in cinematic history! I'm saying that right now! Watch this movie, and prove me wrong! Hehehe...if you're not curled up in the fetal position afterward, that is.

    This movie actually comes from a short compilation of horror stories in a movie that came out a few years back, but he was obviously the creepiest part of the whole collection. And this movie is set to chill you to the bone, from beginning to end.

    I won't say anything more than that! Hehehe, horror fans...unite, and check this one out! And for those that are weak at heart...STAY AWAY! This is a movie that will mess you up if you're not ready for it! So...buyer beware!

    Enjoy! Watch it with the lights off! :P

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  • Hehehe, the TRUE story of Superman! >:O -- Comicality, 19:48:35 12/08/18 Sat

    I definitely want to check this out! :)

    Looks dark.


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  • I love how Russell can take a pressing issue, raise awareness and make people laugh at the same time. -- Mike, 12:31:06 12/07/18 Fri

    And the subjects he often talks about are much more serious (at least for now) than robots are right now. Like homelessness, mass shootings, austerity, and so forth.

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  • Oh shit! I forgot about that! :O -- Comicality, 08:18:23 12/07/18 Fri

    Yeah...Tony is kinda...'lost in space', isn't he? Hehehe! Well, that sucks!

    Dark! But I like it! XD And a few weeks early too! YES!


    #Ronin!!! :O :O :O

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  • ::Gearing Up:: I'm SO ready! XD -- Comicality, 06:54:21 12/07/18 Fri

    So, even though it was delayed for Bush Sr. funeral on Wednesday...we are just a few hours away from the new "Avengers" trailer! And tomorrow, we're supposedly getting the new Spiderman trailer as well! (More Tom Holland is always a good thing!)

    I'm not expecting them to reveal too much. There's so much secrecy around this movie that I can't imagine them really explaining much of anything in the first teaser. So...I'm hyped...but not hyped. If that makes sense. :P

    In the meanwhile, I LOVED the second Captain Marvel trailer! I still don't know her that much, but I remember her being a serious badass. I mean...Thanos was a serious badass, and when everything went to shit, Nick Fury was like..."I know who to call!" And it was her! So...that's saying a lot!

    Plus, I am desperate to know what happened to the eye! LOL! What happens to Nick Fury's eye! We're finally gonna find out!

    "The last time I trusted somebody...I lost an eye!" So what went down there? Can't wait!

    Anyway, digging the new trailer! Can't wait for Avengers and Spiderman this weekend! Let's see what happens! XD


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  • A new short story... -- Comicality, 16:57:25 12/06/18 Thu

    The new Gay Authors Fall anthology is up, and they're posting four stories every week. The themes were "Fighting Back" and "Good Intentions". I chose the "Good Intentions" one.

    So it's short, but I hope you like it! Also, a bunch of other authors have added stories of their own! So drop in, read them all, and give them your feedback when you get a chance, k?


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  • Once Upon a Deadpool -- Mike, 12:21:38 12/06/18 Thu

    I can't remember if Com posted a teaser, earlier for this, or I saw it somewhere else. But here's a full trailer.

    I was skeptical at first, but it looks like it's going to be a good laugh.

    I'm happy to see Fred back in something. He was one of my first crushes (Vice Versa & Little Monsters - I didn't discover Wonder Years until a little while later).

    Speaking of Little Monsters, I actually watched that one again, recently (giggles) classic film.

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  • Hehehe, I'm still SO not used to Greyson being all grown up! LOL! -- Comicality, 19:44:01 12/05/18 Wed

    Hehehe! It's just...it's SEXY as hell!!! Listen to how deep his voice is! ::Squeals:: It's just hot! Everything about him is hot. :P

    Plus, it still kinda shocks me to hear him curse. And even THAT'S hot! And any guy who would break up with Greyson Chance (Or vice versa)??? Your life is all downhill from here, dude. What were you thinking?

    New album being wrapped up in just a few weeks, and I will be grabbing one! I suggest you do too!!! XD



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  • Are you getting? -- Master_M, 11:46:46 12/04/18 Tue
    Hi Com, been a long while, I emailed you about a month ago, are you getting my emails?

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  • The Twilight Zone series reboot -- Mike, 01:29:53 12/04/18 Tue

    Oh wow, had no idea they were bringing the show back.

    The original series remains one of my favourite shows, despite it being around for 60 years. I really like the way they fuck with you, psychologically.

    The Twilight Zone will premiere in 2019 with 10 episodes on the CBS All Access streaming service.

    Jordan Peele will host and narrate the 10 episode reboot, and John Cho and Jacob Tremblay have already been cast in an episode.

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  • WDotW For 12/3 -- Comicality, 15:10:15 12/03/18 Mon

    I'll be keeping my eye out for him in the future. Who knows? Just a few more original songs might be all he needs to make the big time! :)

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  • ~ ~ ~ Monday Movie Matinee ~ ~ ~ -- Comicality, 15:07:54 12/03/18 Mon

    Like 'Stranger Things'...but with older teens! So, you know...more cursing and sex talk! :P

    "Summer Of '84"

    You know, when I first started watching this movie, I thought it was pretty cool. Nothing amazing, but it was basically a slightly older version of "Stranger Things". A little 80's nostalgia mixed with a group of mystery solving teenagers. BUT...it is the second half of this flick that really shines! Don't watch the beginning and think that you've got this one figured out. Hehehe, trust me, you'll want to see this one through to the end. :P

    I'm not giving any spoilers away, but this story gets really dark, really quick! And I truly loved every minute of it. The plot revolves around a close knit foursome of teens in a suburban neighborhood where young boys their age are suddenly going missing. When a well known local seems to be engaging in some rather suspicious behavior around town, the boys begin to investigate to see if the killer is actually living among them.

    Anyway, good for a Saturday afternoon! Grab some buttery popcorn, and enjoy! :)

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 14:42:16 12/03/18 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Good Tongue Lashing' Kiss!

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  • Some cool sci fi for a Monday morning! :) -- Comicality, 07:28:47 12/03/18 Mon

    I'm already on pins and needles right now! ::Giggles:: First 'official' trailer for "Captain Marvel" gets released tonight! And the first teaser for "Avengers 4" on Wednesday! Can't WAIT!!!

    But, until then...here's a cool little sci fi flick that you might like! :)


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  • Hahahaha!!! I love it! XD -- Comicality, 03:32:40 12/02/18 Sun

    And just so you know...@3:45...I ALMOST put that in the story "Naughty Click", but ran out of time! So...shame on me! LOL!


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  • CONGRATS, Ruel!!! XD -- Comicality, 01:45:15 12/02/18 Sun

    Hehehe, I wish I could say that I was surprised...but nope! I knew you were golden before 'Teen Pop Nostradamus 2018' in December of last year! So enjoy! And do good things!

    Youngest artist EVER to win this! Wow!

    Ps- And to get the award from Troye Sivan, of all people! How cool is that? :O


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  • = = Jukebox Jimmy = = -- Comicality, 01:55:08 11/30/18 Fri

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "City To City"! Jimmy decided to escape the rat race of the big city for the while, but instantly regretted it! Hehehe! So this week, he wants you guys to find songs with a particular city, state, province, or country, in the TITLE of the song! Give us at least ONE song, no more than FOUR! (Examples below!) So let's see what you've got this week! Happy hunting, folks!

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.) 

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  • This is cute n.n -- Fanson, 01:52:37 11/30/18 Fri
    Found it and thought you guys should see it. :)

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  • "Untouchable 22" Has Been Posted! :) -- Comicality, 22:42:37 11/29/18 Thu

    A brand new chapter is up for you guys to 'hopefully' enjoy! WARNING: This story contains adult/youth content! So, if that's not your thing, don't read any further! There will be plenty more for your tastes to absorb soon! K? And if any of you guys are brand new to the series and want to read the "Untouchable" story from the beginning to end, you can find it on the Nifty Archive in the Adult/Youth section!


    Now that I think about it...this week's WDotW would make an awesome 'Dustin' for this story! Hehehe! Just the right age too! :P

    - - - - - - - -

    Enjoy! And let me know what you think if you're a fan! XD

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  • I just 'got off'! XD -- Comicality, 14:19:56 11/29/18 Thu

    What? it was dead at work today, so I got off early. What did YOU think I meant? Hehehe, get your minds out of the gutter!

    Anyway, that means more time for Comsie work! And a bunch of emails! Because I'm slacking on those. I'll catch up this coming week, k?

    Take care!

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  • Hehehe...well, makes perfect sense to me! :P -- Comicality, 19:00:49 11/28/18 Wed

    And now we finally see the grand design! :P


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  • A new "Billy Chase" chapter is up! :) -- Comicality, 17:55:55 11/28/18 Wed

    I've got plenty to work on, but I'll be back soon! Cool?

    BIG HUGS to you guys who made donations to the Paypal this month! I didn't even know it was there until a day or two ago! :O So thanks for the love and support! You guys are the best! Mwah!

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  • Artemis Fowl -- Mike, 08:27:59 11/27/18 Tue

    Had no idea Disney was even making a film out of this book series.

    I read the first book nearly 20 years ago. It's a pretty good series. I don't think this trailer does it justice. Hopefully the film itself will.

    I have a feeling that anyone who hasn't read the books would have a hard time understanding what is going on the trailer.

    Artemis Fowl is a science-fiction series written by Irish author, Eoin Colfer.

    Young Artemis Fowl is a millionaire, an evil genius and, above all, a criminal mastermind. But even Artemis doesn't know what he's taken on when he kidnaps a fairy - Captain Holly Short of the 'LEPrecon Unit.'

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  • One step closer! :O -- Comicality, 16:40:31 11/26/18 Mon

    Wow...that just happened!

    We're a LONG way from Orson Wells 'War Of The Worlds', aren't we? Hehehe!Coolness!


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  • WDotW For 11/26 -- Comicality, 02:26:23 11/26/18 Mon

    As usual...the cutest models seem to be deathly afraid of actually being on VIDEO! Hehehe, what is THAT about?

    A million photos online...but try to find a video or two, and they're completely absent. So strange. :P

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  • ~ ~ ~ Monday Movie Matinee ~ ~ ~ -- Comicality, 02:24:11 11/26/18 Mon

    A very cool 'what would you do' kind of sci fi flick! And quite a CREEPY one at that!

    "Await Further Instructions"

    So...what can I say about this amazing and thoughtfully 'creepy' movie from the UK without any spoilers! I guess I have to just basically describe what you guys can see from the trailer in the reply below!

    Hehehe, trust me, it's better if you go into this movie not knowing much about the plot! It's quite an exciting ride, in my opinion. :)

    It's basically a story about a family coming together to have dinner for the holidays. But this family is about as dysfunctional as you can imagine a family could be and still stand to be in the same house with one another for any length of time. Especially grandpa! Jesus, dude! >:O

    However, the same night, this family finds itself suddenly trapped in their own house by a mysterious force. And the television channels all go out to give them an emergency warning to inform them of what to do next. Are they under attack? Is it a terrorist situation? An invasion? Are they in danger? Their ONLY connection to the outside world is coming from the emergency broadcasts they are getting from the television in their living room.

    Whether they follow the orders given could mean life or death for the people inside the house. But how extreme will the requests become? And how much faith can the family put into what they're seeing on the screen?

    VERY cool movie! And it will keep you guessing until the very end as to what might happen next! So check it out! And let me know what you think! :)

    Have fun! And...if your watching closely...you might find a little bit of social commentary in this movie as well! But I'll leave that for you guys to find for yourselves!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 02:07:13 11/26/18 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Gray Day To Great Day' Kiss!

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  • = = Jukebox Jimmy = = -- Comicality, 22:36:12 11/25/18 Sun

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "Zoo Review"! Alrighty, Jimmy had to take a few weeks to try to get some more ideas together for challenges! It's not easy, so it takes some time. But, here we are with a new challenge! This week, Jimmy wants you to find songs in your playlist with an 'animal' in the title! Very easy...or is it? :P Give us at least ONE song, no more than FOUR! (Examples below!) Happy hunting, folks! And Jimmy says he's happy to see you back! More to come as we try to return to Friday nights! Seeya then!
    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.) 

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  • FYI. -- TurtleBoy, 14:33:03 11/24/18 Sat
    Child's Play is getting a reboot, and our beloved doll will be going head-to-head with Toy Story 4 in June. Will Woody's Andy survive a head-on collision with Chucky's Andy, played by Gabriel Bateman? I suppose, only time will tell.

    Bet you can't guess where I'm putting my money... >:D

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  • I was hoping that I wouldn't have to work today... -- Comicality, 00:27:14 11/24/18 Sat

    ...But I did get the holiday off, so I guess I can't complain. I definitely want to pull my fair share, after all.

    Thanksgiving at my house was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Everything went to plan, everybody had a great time, and the food was delicious from snacks to dinner to sides to dessert! So I'm happy to announce that it was a massive success! Whew...I was worried for a while there. :P

    Anyway, I'm home! And for Black Friday (Or is it Saturday now? I'm on insomniac time), I am posting a brand new chapter of "Gone From Daylight: Blood Ties"! So give me some time to get it all pretty for ya, and I'll send out a mailing list announcement when it's up! k?

    Thanks to you guys for all of your love and support! I truly appreciate it! It brings so much light into my life to hear from ya! You have no idea!

    Love you lots, and I'll seezya soon! MWAH!!!

    Also...coming soon...

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  • .....Damn.. -- Mike, 18:13:50 11/22/18 Thu

    OK, I'm sold on this already. The graphics look insanely good. Hope the story is as good as the original.

    Lion King 2019.

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  • Deep cleaning! :) -- Comicality, 14:09:54 11/21/18 Wed

    So I'm getting my house spotless for tomorrow! I'm a bit nervous, but I'm also super excited!

    Living in Chicago, I'm not used to having the whole family over for a holiday. We always had to take a long 17 hour road trip to come have Thanksgiving at someone else's house. But this year, it's at my house! It's my virgin Thanksgiving! Hehehe! :)

    And a LOT of people are coming! The last count was at LEAST 30 people! Yikes! But my mom and I are working things out. And I've got the game room set up for the kids too, who will lose their minds, I'm sure! ::Nods::

    Wish me luck! This is gonna be awesome! XD

    Seezya soon!

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  • I just finished watching this... -- Mike, 12:00:31 11/20/18 Tue

    A documentary to honor Spielberg, and the almost 60 years he's been in the business directing, writing and producing movies.

    He is, for my money, the best director ever. But it's obviously different for people with different tastes. They might prefer Hitchcock or Cameron.

    It's a lengthy documentary, but worth watching if you consider yourself a fan of his work and want to know where he came from, and what motivated him.

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  • Could be interesting -- Mike, 09:16:22 11/20/18 Tue

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  • Back to work! :) -- Comicality, 22:45:02 11/19/18 Mon

    My deepest apologies for this month's issue of Imagine Magazine being late! That was totally my fault for not being at my best when I needed to be! So, sorry to everyone who contributed to this current issue, and I hope you guys will enjoy this new Thanksgiving Issue all the same! K?


    Many new additions from MrM are here, a new chapter of "Shelter", a brand new story from Jules Porter as well as a featured uthor interview, a new chapter from VampireMystic's story, "Predators 2-14-9x", a new chapter from our newest author Lindon Westzer...you guys have a LOT of stuff to dive into! So have fun! And let all of the authors (Me included, of course) know what you think of their hard work!

    More to come! And look for the next issue to be up on December 15th before Christmas! Cool? XD

    Seezya then!

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  • Thanks you guys... -- Comicality, 13:40:02 11/19/18 Mon

    Just wanted to send you guys a huge thanks for being patient with me while I was battling a particularly nasty flu virus this week. It's a bit hard to focus when I'm having my ass handed to me by the illness gods. :P

    I'm down to a few coughs and sniffles, and I'm pretty sure that I can still disinfect this entire house and heal up in time for the holiday. I'm getting back on my feet, so you'll be hearing from me soon.

    Love you lots!

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  • I'm actually really excited to see what they're going to do with this... -- Comicality, 13:30:03 11/19/18 Mon

    Even though I feel like DC kinda rushed into the whole cinematic universe idea, they still have a collection of awesome characters that can each stand on their own. And "Wonder Woman" proved to be amazing without any of the others. This Aquaman story looks like it could be really cool. So...fingers crossed! :)


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  • Season 3, already? -- Mike, 06:15:42 11/19/18 Mon

    That was really fast. XD

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  • Congrats Jaden, on coming out. -- Mike, 16:26:16 11/18/18 Sun

    Twenty-year-old, Jaden Smith is an actor. You'll probably know him best from the Karate Kid remake, and The Pursuit Of Happiness (2006). He starred along side his father, Will Smith.

    So just recently he name dropped his boyfriend, a rapper who goes by the name of Tyler, The Creator (can't say I've heard of him). There was speculation that it was just a joke, at first. But Jaden has since confirmed it.

    Good luck to them both. :)


    Hope you're feeling a little better, Cosmie. :P ((Hugs))

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  • This could be a sweet movie. -- Mike, 05:16:57 11/15/18 Thu

    Of all the movies, I never expected this one to be made into a live-action one.

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  • Oh I do love Ricky. -- Mike, 04:19:42 11/15/18 Thu

    He's one of the kindest, most down to earth, funny guys out there. He's the kind of guy you could have a pint with.

    Hope you're feeling better soon, Com ((hugs))

    [Sends over a cup of soup]

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  • Yep...I'm sick :( -- Comicality, 19:24:01 11/14/18 Wed

    I had to call in to work today, because I worked a SUPER long shift yesterday and it nearly killed me. Hehehe!

    For those of you who don't know, I'm the biggest baby when I'm sick. I don't get sick very often, but when I do...it's like the PLAGUE! I'm bedridden and delirious and unable to function for DAYS! So, i'm trying to struggle through it as best as I can, and just hope that I'll be over it for Thanksgiving next week. ::Fingers Crossed::

    Either way, the show must go on! I'm finishing my final edit of "Billy Chase" as you read this, and it will be up as soon as it's done. It's a HUGE chapter, so I wanted to get it just right. Thanks for being patient with me, and I hope you guys like it. K?

    Next up? Imagine Magazine November!

    Seezya soon!


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  • R.I.P Stan Lee -- Mike, 16:55:52 11/12/18 Mon

    Stan Lee, the former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics and the creator of beloved characters including Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men, passed away Monday.

    For stories told, imaginations ignited, and artistry inspired, thank you Stan Lee. Excelsior!

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  • Toy Story 4 - First teaser trailer -- Mike, 16:40:26 11/12/18 Mon

    I have a bit of a soft spot for Toy Story. I still remember how excited I was, when I was 11 years old, to see the first one.

    The modern CGI look and having Tom Hanks as the voice of Woody, blew my mind.

    I wasn't expecting a fourth installment, well, until 2015, when I heard they were working on this (it takes 5-6 years to create many pixar movies).

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  • One of my favourite speeches, ever... -- Mike, 11:45:12 11/12/18 Mon

    And it's not just about what gets said, although that's part of it. But it's the delivery, and the rhythm of his speech.

    I was also feeling a little sad at the time of watching this, cause it was his last story, and he knew he was dying.

    But, typical of the Doctor, his imminent death is just noise in the background. There's more pressing matters to attend to first. :P

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  • Morning! :) -- Comicality, 12:25:41 11/11/18 Sun

    Or...well, afternoon! Hehehe! Sorry, I sleep late.

    I'm alive, promise. Just tired. :/ Grrrr! But I'm gonna eat something and get back to emails as soon as I can, k? The newest double sized "Billy" chapter is taking a bit longer than expected, but I'm working on it. K?

    I'll...write more later. I'm not feeling too good today. Just need a few moments to get my head in the game, I think.

    Every day is not a happy happy day. :P

    See you soon. K? Take care, and I love you all...

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  • = = Jukebox Jimmy = = -- Comicality, 11:25:59 11/09/18 Fri


    - "So Long, Sam And Stella"! Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to the people you love. Other times, it can be relieving to say goodbye to the people you don't love. Whichever it is for you, Jimmy wants you guys to search your playlists and look for songs about saying 'farewell'! Whether it's in a good way, or a bad way! Any era, any genre of music, as long as you've got the theme right! Give us at LEAST one, no more than FOUR! Cool? Enjoy! And show us what you've got! Happy hunting!

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.)

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  • Going to work... -- Comicality, 11:15:56 11/09/18 Fri

    I seriously needed to unplug for a bit and relax for a bit yesterday, and it felt soooooo good. Omigod, I have ENERGY today! Where the hell did THAT come from? :P

    Anyway, I answered a bunch of emails yesterday, they're in my save folder, and when I reach 100 replies, I'll send them all out. Cool?

    I've got two TEN HOUR shifts this week, and that will be exhausting...but don't worry. I'll still be right here if you need me! i'm finishing up November's issue of Imagine Magazine, I'm working on an anthology post for GayAuthors, "Billy Chase" will have a new chapter posted tonight, "Left Without Words" should be finished soon, and the next ebook is almost completed as well! So, don't think I've been slacking! My work ethic is insane! ::Giggles::

    Anyway, I'll talk to you all soon! And expect those emails to be sent out after I come home tonight. Just need to get a few more hours in a day, that's all. :P

    Love you lots!

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  • Oh wow.. -- Mike, 09:31:42 11/08/18 Thu

    I know trailers can be misleading, but I have to say, this does look better than the recent Disney one.

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  • Wait...WTF??? -- Comicality, 10:10:02 11/05/18 Mon

    This EXISTS now???

    Jesus! :O


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  • Hey everyone, I've missed you -- Dwayne, 21:33:51 11/03/18 Sat
    Hey Y'all...It's been a while...I've been kinda "down" the past couple of months...but I was at WalMart and saw this and laughed my ass off...I don't know if you've seen them or not...I guess Twentieth Century Foxes movies have Deadpool on them...It's soooo freakin funny.

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  • A moving transgender video... -- Comicality, 05:22:50 11/02/18 Fri

    I figured I'd share. ((Hugs))


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  • Sending out another batch of emails... -- Comicality, 15:18:55 11/01/18 Thu

    I wanted to let you guys know that I am still trying to respond to your emails and get in contact with you. But some of you have changed your email addresses or cancelled them altogether. So I can't talk to you until you send me a new address that I can use to reach you. I'll save my messages for a week or two, in case I need to copy/paste and send them to a new address. But, if you've got a new email, PLEASE let me know how to get to you. Otherwise...I'm going to end up deleting the email and just...waiting for you to talk to me again. ::Shrugs::

    Sorry. I tried.

    Comicality@webtv.net is my email. Hehehe, I don't hide it. It's all OVER the place! So if you sent me an email and then decided to change or cancel your address? Then...yeah, I can't answer you. But, for what it's worth...thanks for the email! I appreciated it! LOL!

    Stop moving around so much!!! I've had Comicality@webtv.net since 1998!!! I haven't felt the need to change it once! That's why people from 10 years ago can still find me! Quit scampering around and find some stability, dammit! I MISS you! LOL!

    Seezya soon!

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  • Imagine Question For 11/1 -- Comicality, 14:27:42 11/01/18 Thu

    A brand new Q&A community question is up for this week! Feel free to comment when you get a chance! I always love hearing what you guys have to say abut this stuff! :)

    Also, in case you missed last week's community question, we could definitely use a few more comments on that one as well. If I can a good 9 or 10 responses, I'd be happy. Right now, between here and the Comicality Cafe, I've got four. So we're almost half way there. Anonymous replies are welcome, and emails to Comicality@webtv.net are welcome also. Cool? Last week's question was on our very first introduction to porn. Hehehe! (https://www.voy.com/15900/92091.html) This week? Well, look below and see for yourself! These question and answer sessions might help our younger Shackers who are reading, and are just learning to navigate their way through life for the first time. So don't hold back, k?

    This week's question is...could you...would you...be a part of a 'secret' relationship with another person?

    Now, think about this. What if you're in the closet and don't want the whole world to know that you're gay? What if you're out of the closet, but your boyfriend isn't? Would you be willing to keep your discretion for his sake? Or would you want him to be as open as you are? Have you experienced this yourself in the past? What was it like? Tell us your feelings on this! Not everybody is ok with keeping their relationship under wraps. But, on the same level...not everybody is cool with 'living out loud' either?

    What are your thoughts on this, and feel free to share any personal experiences that you've had with this issue in the past. I'd be interested to see your story! :)

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  • Hey! Happy "Stranger Things" Day!!! -- Comicality, 11:20:03 11/01/18 Thu

    Ummm...but go VOTE first! Voting is important!


    Happy "Stranger Things" Day!!! :)

    Yeah, but seriously...VOTE! November 6th!


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  • Ummmm...NOPE!!! -- Comicality, 10:12:19 11/01/18 Thu

    I love horror movies! LOVE 'em! But, every once in a while, I find one that looks like it's really going to freak me out. Hehehe! NOPE!


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  • I'll be going to bed soon... -- Comicality, 00:44:11 11/01/18 Thu

    My writing program is 'not responding' at the moment. Been waiting for a few hours now, but...whatever. More time for emails until it's fixed.

    I have 42 emails in my saved folder at the moment, and I'll keep on going until I'm ready to pass out. Hehehe! But I always send my emails all at once to avoid the temptation of endless email tag! :P So, if you have alerts on your phone or whatever...my apologies in advance. If you sent 20 emails...expect 20 pings on your phone in the next hour or two. Because...technology!

    Anyway, I hope you guys had a good Halloween! And I'll seezya soon!

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  • Happy Halloween, you guys! :) -- Comicality, 17:43:15 10/31/18 Wed

    I'm going to keep this short because I'm trying to edit and cook dinner at the same time! Hehehe! Not good for the concentration.

    But I've got some candy treats for you all tonight! There is a brand new chapter of the long awaited "Savage Moon" series coming your way as soon as I get it all polished and pretty for ya! So, in an hour or two, tops! But, not only that, but the ebook version of "Savage Moon: Unleashed" is FINALLY finished, and is now for sale in the Comicality ebook section at https://imagine-magazine.org/store/comicality/ if you're interested! So feel free to jump in and be the first to get your copy today! Cool?


    I've gotta run! Enjoy the random prezzies, and I'll seeya on Monday with more! SO much more!

    Also, I'm mad dogging my emails tonight, so I hope to talk to you all soon! It'll be good to catch up with many of you, and awesome to meet the new Shackers as well! Welcome aboard!

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  • Happy Halloween, Shackers. :P -- Mike, 12:53:19 10/31/18 Wed

    Boy Erased. Trailer #2, just dropped.

    I honestly don't think I'll be able to watch this one and be able to 'enjoy' it.

    I'll be far too frustrated by the ignorant zealots to enjoy it like a normal film. But I guess that's the intention behind the picture. It's not meant to be a casual, enjoyable flick.

    But this film does look to be moving and powerful.

    Plus, it stars Troye Sivan & Lucas Hedges.

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  • There's something so cool about his voice -- Comicality, 23:16:10 10/30/18 Tue

    It's like...dark and soulful, with a little bit of pain added. I've liked everything Jacob Banks has done so far. Seinabo Sey is brand new to me, but her voice has that same dark appeal to it. I'll have to look for more from her too.


    Being able to bring some real emotion to your music is the mark of true talent. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on these two! :P

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  • I'm going to try to do a bunch of emails on Wednesday! -- Comicality, 06:44:59 10/30/18 Tue

    Of course...Wednesday is Halloween, so I'll be distracted. Hehehe! But I'll be around! PLUS! I've got a little candy treat for you guys! So I hope you'll like it! ::Fingers Crossed::

    Keep your eyes glued to the Shack! Tomorrow will be the start of something cool! :P

    Seezya then!

    PS- Hahahaha! I think this needs to be an actual group! I'd buy their album! LOL!


    Hehehe, did Freddy call people 'BITCH' that many times? Out of eight movies, I think he said it like four times. Ahh well...whatever, bitch!

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  • So, I finally finished "Daredevil" Season 3 today! -- Comicality, 23:05:13 10/29/18 Mon

    Phenomenal! Absolutely amazing! Daredevil is 3 for 3! XD

    I didn't know what to expect, especially with a new version of his number one nemesis, 'Bullseye', finally being added to the show! Because the 'Bullseye' from the Ben Affleck movie version was just...just 'no'. Hehehe! Yeah...that wasn't Bullseye. WTF?


    But this NEW version??? YES!!! They got him PERFECT! I am SO friggin' surprised at how perfectly they nailed the comic book character! Neurotic obsessions and psychopathic tendencies and all! The assassin that NEVER misses! Wow! Why couldn't they pull that off the first time?

    BRAVO, Netflix! They pulled off one of Daredevil's greatest villains ever without a hitch! (Well...and 'Typhoid Mary', who is usually a Daredevil villain, but she is a part of Iron Fist Season 2! And she was BADASS! As she should be! They definitely did her justice!) That was a roller coaster ride worth taking! :P

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  • Wanna hear something weird? -- Comicality, 03:42:09 10/29/18 Mon

    My father...after all we've been through...asked my mother for money yesterday. Money!

    And instead of her even thinking about giving it to him...I gave it to him instead. Does that make me crazy? It was like, 200 bucks...and I don't have that kind of money to spare. But...sighhhh...

    My heart doesn't work like it's supposed to. :( And my mother doesn't fucking owe him ANYTHING at all! Ever! But...she was going to give him the money anyway. Because, when people you care about need help...you help them. Period. It was something that I learned growing up, and I just...I took the the hit so she wouldn't have to.

    I don't know. Life has been good to me lately. I can't help but to feel obligated to spread the good fortune to those in need. It's just...that man ruined my life. I wish I had the capacity to hate him as much as he hated me back then. But I don't.

    Ah well...the money has already been transferred. In some ways, I feel good about it. I just...my brain and my heart aren't always on the same page when it comes to my actons, you know?

    Ugh! Sucks!

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  • ::Giggles:: -- Comicality, 23:22:01 10/28/18 Sun

    Ok so...Thanksgiving will take place HERE in the Comsie House this year! :P

    Now, I'm used to being in Chicago and my mom and I driving for 16 or 17 hours to come to Georgia and share the holiday with family, but this will be our first time hosting a Thanksgiving dinner here at the house. And we've got a pretty big family, so we need extra furniture and stuff and make sure that we can hold everybody. Tons of adults, tons of kids, lots of food...I'm kinda nervous. But in a good way! And I have Monday and Wednesday off, so I'm already starting to clean the house from top to bottom. I'll get some music together, set up the video games for the kids, find a few family friendly movies for the living room...should be awesome! ::Fingers Crossed::

    Now then...about that 'Comsie' turkey...LMAO!


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  • HI! ((Hugz)) -- Comicality, 22:16:20 10/28/18 Sun

    Had to step away for a few days so I could get a few things finished! Hehehe! But more on that, starting on Halloween night! ::Wicked Grin::

    Anyway, I'm here! Didn't vanish on ya, I promise!

    I'm going to try to answer some emails soon! And I'm already working hard to put together all of my contributions to Imagine Magazine's November issue as well! So, things are going great! And I'll talk to ya soon!

    Love ya lots! Always!

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  • Went to a Troye Sivan concert! -- Vinny, 03:25:45 10/27/18 Sat
    First of all... hi! I'm still here. I'm still alive, hehe. I know I haven't really been here in a while.

    So this Wednesday I went to a Troye Sivan concert. It was AMAZING!!! I'd been to quite a few concerts before this, but this was definitely my favorite! It was awesome to finally get to see him perform after being obsessed with him for the past 5 years.

    Also, it was great seeing rainbow flags and cute gay couples everywhere!!! It made me realize that somehow I had never actually seen gay couples together before in real life until then, which was really... weird. And now there were people barely a foot away from me just holding hands and embracing each. But anyway... it felt amazing being there :)

    I LOVED the opening act, Kim Petras. She's pretty new as a music artist, so she doesn't have too many songs out yet, but I really liked her performance! Her music's mainly upbeat electropop, and I love how powerful her voice is.

    And she's TRANS!

    You guys should check out her music video

    She also released a Halloween-themed EP which is great to listen to for Spooky Season

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  • Imagine Magazine Questions Continue For 2019 -- Comicality, 05:03:59 10/25/18 Thu

    As many of you guys will remember, at the end of 2017, I posted a series of Q&A themes to gather reader input and support for future issues of Imagine! Now, I still have some more questions left over for upcoming issues, and we've talked openly about flirting, safe sex, coming out of the closet, first kisses, gaydar, and masturbation. We've all got stories, so why not share them? Right?

    Well, it's that time again! And I'm going to start posting new questions every Thursday (if possible) for next year's issues! All replies will only be posted under your online screen name, and anonymous posts are also welcome if you feel the information you're giving is private. K?

    Today is the first day! So let's get started! :)

    Hehehe, there was a time...maybe recently...maybe a long time ago...when we were all introduced to the world of people getting naked and doing naughty things for money! LOL! Yes, porn exists. And I'm going to raise an eyebrow if you tell me you've never looked at 'dirty pictures' or online videos before. Hehehe, my suspension of belief only goes so far!

    SO, this week...tell us...what are your very first memories of seeing any form of pornography? What did you think about it? Did you feel guilty about it? Were you excited by it? Did it totally freak you out? Hehehe! Was it a magazine? Was it online? Was it a video or a DVD? Were you alone? Or was it shown to you by a friend or relative? How old were you at the time?

    Whatever your initial experiences with porn were...comment below! I'll add my own experiences as well when I get a chance, and we'll add the answers to Imagine Magazine in the months to come during 2019! Cool?

    Can't wait to see what you guys have to say! It's a rite of passage, after all! :P

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  • Oh forgot! New Dr Who -- Dom, 12:48:08 10/09/18 Tue
    As some of you know I have a bit of a Dr Who fetish and will also remember I was very dubious about them going with a woman for the new series... Well gotta admit she was bloody good.
    New theme tune sucks big time tho! :)

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