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  • Hehehe... -- Mike84, 11:32:27 10/25/14 Sat

    This made me jump... I was expecting something else to happen instead.

    Insidious III out soon. Can't wait.

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  • Love is dead... -- Comicality, 03:38:11 10/25/14 Sat

    I love you....

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  • ::Giggles:: This remade "Pinnochio" trailer (Because of the dark reference in the new trailer) Is brilliant! LOL! -- Comicality, 01:19:56 10/25/14 Sat
    Last night, my friends and I ended up watching trailer reactions for the new "Avengers" movie! And we are NOT alone in our hyper reaction to this thing!!! LOL!

    One thing that cracked us up???

    ***EVERYBODY*** fuckin' FREAKS OUT when the 'Hulk Buster' armor shows up in the trailer! You don't even have to SEE the actual footage on screen! You can see by their reaction. It's right after Tony Stark and Black Widow's dialogue, "Nothing last forever"...and you can SEE the reaction to FINALLY fucking seeing the Hulk buster armor show up in every reaction video! That and Captain America's shield being broken in half! Those few images make this the most incredible trailer ever. And it's only a TEASER!

    Iron Man and the Hulk? This is an *ICONIC* fight in the history of Marvel comics!!! This is something that blew my mind back when I was just a little kid!!! This was my 'PORN' before my hormones were activate!!! Hehehe! And now I get to see this actually HAPPEN on the big screen! My closest friends and I have been teased with this bit of candy for SOOOOO FUCKING long now!!! >:O

    In fact, back in, like 2002 (I think) in the Edward Norton "Incredible Hulk" movie...if you look past the end credits...Tony Stark shows up and sees General Talbot sitting at a bar, drinking. And he's like "I hear you have a problem that needs fixing." That was YEARS ago!!! But there's not a comic book fan on EARTH who didn't see that one scene and think "HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! Tony Stark is TOTALLY gonna put on the Hulk Buster armor and take on the strongest hero/villain EVER!!!!!"

    And then...that didn't happen. No "Hulk 2" movie. Then we thought....surely in "Iron Man 2"! But nope. Nothing. THEN...it was like, "OK!!! AVENGERS!!! They're going to give us the Iron Man/Hulk fight!!! They HAVE TO!!!!!!



    They TEASE the FUCK out of comic book fans with the trailer for "Iron Man 3"!!! The very LAST ten seconds of that trailer not only sets up the Ultron, 'making a ton of Artificial intelligence Iron Man suits (Henry Pym...um...will be worked in later, I'm sure)...but the LAST 2 seconds of the trailer SHOW the fucking Hulk Buster armor, getting us all hot and bothered again!!!! YAY!!! And then...um...well...um...no. They cheated us again. :( BIG time!!! It was I the movie for like...8seconds. ::Pout:: What a copout....

    You have to understand...the Hulk Buster/Hulk fight is one of the most iconic fights in Marvel comic book HISTORY!!! Like Muhammad Ali and the Thrilla In Manilla! Like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris! This is MAJOR, people!!!! I don't know if non-comic book fans realize how huge it is to finally see this happen on film....

    (Well, that and Magneto's children, the twins! Also EPIC!)

    Just down below, I was talking about the movie "Divergent", and how I felt that I was missing a lot of significance of the story because I hadn't read the books and invested enough emotion in the characters and the scenes for the scenes to have the impact I think the movie was hoping they would have.

    But...Hulk Buster armor??? I know that whole story back to front! So does every comic book fan that has EVER been invested in Marvel comics! So this latest trailer was like...fucking AWESOME!!! They'd better do it right! PLEASE God.....let them do that ONE thing right!!! Hulk Buster armor is something we comic geeks have been waiting for since we were old enough to READ!!!

    ::Still Trembling::

    Hehehe, and this mash up trailer is BRILLIANT!!! LOL! I knew you guys would remember that song once you paid attention to the lyrics! ::Nods::

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  • IM SICKENED -- Jake, 23:39:42 10/24/14 Fri

    In case pic doesn't work:

    Feminist Frequency @femfreq
    Not a coincidence it’s always men and boys committing mass shootings. The pattern is connected to ideas of toxic masculinity in our culture.

    Fuck you! Never waste a tragedy to push your sexist fucking agenda. The dead aren't even cool yet and you're going to push this? And we're supposed to respect you? Fucking shut your damn mouth.

    I'm sorry just had to rant, if you don't know who this is it is a political gaming pundit who says that games are sexist mysogynist tools of the patriarchy. Which...whatever, as stupid as that is this shit is what actually sickens me. Fuck Gender politics, I wish SJWs would just stop.

    It makes me sick to my stomach that people like this have such a large megaphone and people lap up their bullshit. And that's not to mention the whole controversy about her being a proven liar and charlatan. But you know, fuck me.

    Hey, never waste a tragedy to push your agenda.

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  • == JUKEBOX JIMMY == -- Comicality, 19:24:20 10/24/14 Fri


    "The Phoenix Saga"!!! This week, Jimmy reaches out to let you all know that no matter what ANYBODY does to you...no matter how bad it hurts...nothing in this world can make you weak unless you ALLOW it to! There will be times when you think you can't make it...but I assure you that you can. Lift your chin, and search your playlists for songs that give you strength when you need it most! Songs that give you the power to get off of your knees and stand tall and proud when adversity rears its ugly head and tries to tear you down at your very foundation. Give us at least ONE...wait...no...give us TWO songs this week! No more than FOUR! Cool? Enjoy! And smile for me! Life is supposed to be fun at some point! :P Happy hunting!

    (Please put all music video selections in the 'reply' section below and not on the main board! It helps to prevent slow down)

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  • Does anyone else watch About A Boy, the TV show? -- Mike84, 16:50:55 10/24/14 Fri
    If so, you might not know but season two started again last week

    This scene was pretty funny. To explain it for those who don't know; Will, Marcus's 'man-friend', has moved to New York, and is trying to find Marcus another 'man-friend' to replace him, which isn't actually creepy as it sounds.

    But they do actually address that a little bit in this episode. Because just after this scene, Marcus is also trying to return the favour for Will, by trying to find Will a 'Boy-friend',

    Without Will knowing anything, Marcus posts an advert in some paper, and with it looking suspicious to people unaware of the friendship (man seeks 11 year old boy-friend') ... the police turn up to investigate.

    I was in hysterics watching it unfold.

    Unfortunately I can't find that clip anywhere on YouTube, but this clip is just before all that unfolds.

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  • ::Snickers:: Just needed a 10 minute break last weekend.... -- Comicality, 16:43:28 10/24/14 Fri

    It lets my brain untangle for a little bit so I can focus!

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  • Today In History, October 24, 1901... -- PeteIM, 11:40:36 10/24/14 Fri
    Annie Edson Taylor (October 24, 1838 – April 29, 1921) was an American adventurer who, on her 63rd birthday, October 24, 1901, became the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

    Read more HERE

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  • GHOSTS -- JAKE, 22:55:31 10/23/14 Thu
    [09:58.47] * Sorrento (sorrento@SN-5A94C81B.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined channel #comicality

    [10:24.39] well Im now freaked out
    [10:24.50] anyone want to reassure me that my house isnt haunted
    [10:24.55] I've been punked by a ghost
    [10:25.18] I went to the bathroom, leave, go to grab my phone to come back and take a shower
    [10:25.23] on my way back I hear a crash
    [10:25.31] run through hallway into bathroom music box is playing
    [10:25.32] what the fuck
    [10:25.48] Music box is apparently a jewelery box that was on the toliet that fell off
    [10:25.54] didnt even know it had a music box in it
    [10:26.00] its playing
    [10:26.14] I pick it up. Jewery falls out onto the floor around the toliet
    [10:26.20] GROSS
    [10:26.30] clean that mess up. Step in dog poop in the hallway
    [10:26.32] FUCKING WHAT
    [10:26.36] it's all a trick
    [10:27.22] guys
    [10:27.24] reassure me
    [10:27.25] plz

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  • A weekend break... -- Comicality, 21:02:25 10/23/14 Thu

    This week has been a bit 'bouncy' on my end, so I haven't had a chance to sit down and concentrate on anything for very long lately.

    BUT, I have tomorrow off! And I'm not gonna do anything but edit and answer emails and catch up on what you guys posted below!

    Tonight, however...my friends and I are getting together because we've got a copy of "V/H/S 3" and we've been anxious to see the third installment in this creepy, multi-story, found footage, horror trilogy (so far!). So I hope to come back later on tonight feeling much more disturbed than when I left! :)

    Anyway, I've got a whole WEEK worth of stuff to post tomorrow! So I'll start that parade off as soon as I wake up! Cool? Love ya lots! And I'll seezya soon!

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  • The Mid-Term elections in the United States are coming up in a couple of weeks... -- PeteIM, 12:40:45 10/22/14 Wed
    The Mid-Term elections are for the election/reelection of all members of the US House of Representatives, who serve for a period of two years. It is also used for some senatorial elections. US Senators serve six-year terms.

    Now for a question...
    Why are national US elections always held on Tuesdays?

    National Public Radio (NPR) explains it. This is an article from Selena Simmons-Duffin, first reported on October 23, 2012.

    = = =

    It's Tuesday — exactly two weeks out from Nov. 6, Election Day. Why is voting day for American federal elections always a Tuesday? The answer is a bit obscure and has to do with buggies.

    Let me explain.

    The story starts all the way back with the Founding Fathers. "The Constitutional Convention just met for a very brief time during the summer of 1787," Senate Historian Don Ritchie says. "By the time they got finished they were exhausted and they hadn't made up their minds on a lot of things."

    They were pooped. So they left the question of when federal elections should be held undecided. Without that laid out, states were left to set their own voting dates, which meant several decades of electoral chaos. Ritchie describes it as a "crazy quilt of elections" held at all different times, all over the country.

    Finally, in 1845, Congress decided to get things under control. Ritchie says lawmakers reasoned that Monday was out because (this is where the buggies come in) people would have to travel to the polls in their buggies on Sunday, the Sabbath. And in a mostly farming society, Wednesday wouldn't work because that was often market day.

    So, Tuesday was the day, and that seemed to work great for 19th century voters. "In the 1840s, elections were a big to-do — there was a lot of hoopla, there were parades," Ritchie says. "Whole families would come on wagons from the farms; people would get dressed up for the occasion."

    Though the America of buggies and markets has long since given way to minivans and supermarkets, Tuesday remains the day we vote.

    "That may have made sense in 1845, but the world has moved on," Rep. Steve Israel, a New York Democrat, says. "Democracies have moved on, and so Congress should also move on and make it easier for people to vote."

    There are, of course, other options for a lot of folks, like absentee and early voting. Still, there are voters who can't cast ballots unless they can find a way to get to the polls on Tuesday. "In 15 states you do not have an opportunity to vote early or by an absentee ballot or by mail, which means you have to vote on Tuesday," says Jacob Soboroff of Why Tuesday, who also is a host and producer for HuffPost Live. "It's just ridiculous; it's absurd. There is absolutely no good reason whatsoever to vote on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November."

    Soboroff and Israel say Tuesday voting bars access to democracy and keeps America's voter turnout chronically low. They point to census survey data showing that 1 in 4 people says he's too busy or his schedule doesn't allow him to get to the polls.

    Their solution? Move Election Day to the weekend. Israel has been introducing and reintroducing a bill to move voting to the weekend.

    But moving poll day turns out to be no easy task. The weekend voting bill keeps dying in committee. And earlier this year, when the Government Accountability Office talked to elections officials about how weekend voting would work, they came up with a list of logistical difficulties, from keeping equipment safe overnight to recruiting poll workers to work the weekend. There's also, of course, no guarantee that moving Election Day would change voter turnout.

    Then there's the simple fact that Americans have gotten used to voting on Tuesday. "We're a very traditional county, and that became a tradition in a lot of ways," says Ritchie. "That's the way people were accustomed to doing it, people could count on it, you could set your calendars on it."

    For this election, the date is set. So — as in every presidential election since the 1840s — Tuesday is the day to vote.

    = = =

    Hear the original broadcast at:

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  • Yes. For SO many reasons. -- bwctwriter, 07:20:23 10/22/14 Wed
    Downloading now. I'll let yall know how it is.

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