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  • Joey! your slacking on your emails again! 'p -- Dom, 03:48:41 08/03/15 Mon

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  • Attention Shack authors! -- Cirrus, 02:57:32 08/03/15 Mon
    I've been doing the Cirrus Book Club for a few weeks now. And while its fun sharing some of the books I like with everyone, one of the other things I wanted to do with the segment was review stories written by Shack authors. I know you're out there! And I also know its sometimes hard to get feedback on what you right. (Just ask Comsie and he's like "superstar" author status in this corner of the internet). I'd really like to give some love and attention to stories that deserve it!

    My only criteria is that I'm only going to review completed stories. Because I don't want to recommend a story and then the author stops halfway through.

    All you have to do is post a link in a reply so I can find your work of underheralded genius. :)

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  • Cirrus' Book Club -- Cirrus, 02:52:02 08/03/15 Mon
    Missed a week last week. Oops. New review time.

    "Because you'll never meet me" by Leah Thomas

    Ollie writes a letter to a boy he can never meet. Reluctantly Moritz replies. And so begins a fascinating story.

    Ollie is allergic to electricity. He lives alone with his mother in rural cottage away from gadgets, appliances, powerlines and all the other things we take for granted. German Moritz has a weak heart sustained with a pacemaker. Even that would be enough to trigger Ollie's allergy.

    But that's not the only thing unusual thing about Moritz. He has no eyes, and "see" by echo-location (bouncing sound off things like dolphins and Daredevil).

    Both boys have secrets that they're trying to keep from each other... why Ollie's only friend Liz doesn't come around any more, and the mysterious lab that features in Moritz's past.

    The two characters are fascinating contrasts. Ollie is generally upbeat and positive, despite the constraints his conditions puts on his life. Moritz is part of society, but still isolated and an outsider. He hides his lack of eyes behind goggles, and doesn't really have any friends either. Moritz is hard to like initially... he's very stiff and formal, and not at all keen to correspond with Ollie (very stereotypically German!). But he becomes more sympathetic as he reveals more of his life.

    The book features one incident of bullying (to a supporting character) that still makes me squirm to think about it. But the book ends on a hopeful notes that maybe both the boys can overcome their conditions to lead happy lives.

    A Cirrus' thumbs up.

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  • hitchBot Died RIP HITCHBOT :( :( :(: ( :( :( :( :( -- Jake, 00:41:55 08/03/15 Mon
    :'( Guys I'm so sad! He's such a sweet robot buddy and someone killed him. http://arstechnica.com/the-multiverse/2015/08/robot-depending-on-kindness-of-strangers-meets-its-demise-in-philadelphia/

    He just wanted to hitch hike across the USA and be friends, and someone killed him! He likes Trivia, and being friends with humans. So adorables.

    Honestly there is a really cool story in here about robot sentience and robot friendships here. You know? I want a robot friend. How do you guys feel about this topic? How do you feel that America ruined the nice robot? How do you feel about the concept of robot rights? Isn't it a fascinating thing to ponder? Robots struggling through issues of human bigotry and hatred? Very interesting. How do you feel about robot marriage? ;P

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  • Eminem's back! -- eminem313, 17:09:00 08/02/15 Sun
    No! Not THAT Eminem! He's already been back for awhile :P

    But I'M Back! Did yall enjoy your break from me? I hope so...because now I'm back to annoy you all with my rap obsession :P xD

    Hmm what else should I say? Oh! I know!

    "I'M A MOTHERFUCKING BEAST!" #Southpaw #Beast

    Cosmie knows what I'm talking about ;)

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  • Sunday Chill II -- Ted, 12:38:20 08/02/15 Sun
    Not sure what it's like where you guys are but here in Boston it's a brilliant summer day! Bright blue skies, a few puffy white clouds, dry air (for a change!), toasty warm in the sun and a nice breeze:) Perfect day to plant your behind in a lounge chair and catch up on some reading, Billy Chase book 8? A nice cold drink works too! And yeah a new Shane Collins mix playing in the background:) Somehow I think a little nap is prolly gonna happen! Catch you guys later 😋

    Shane Collins - ♫ Best of Psy Trance 2015 ♫ The Psychedelic Experience II [4 HOURS] ✮Videomix✮

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  • Ooooh hot -- Jon, 10:07:45 08/02/15 Sun
    Hi Everyone. I'm a frequent visitor but not frequent poster to your amazing forum. I've previously said how much I love Untouchable. Anyway, I'm from the UK and would love to chat to some of you guys about stuff ...you know like objects of our affection and all! And I've got stuff i need to get off my chest too! So I've got my email address if any of you fancy messaging eg on Skype. See you!
    Jon x

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  • Juan v. Comsie "A Tale of Two Cities" -- Juan, 20:15:17 08/01/15 Sat
    Howdy y'all! So I just stumbled upon this on Facebook and I thought of Comsie. I mean I have nothing bad to say about Chicago. It's a beautiful place and is home to my favorite pizza. I went just this past Christmas and froze hehe. I just thought this was funny. I like my guns btw. Let me tell y'all something, Houston is not the prefect city, they'd be soooo salty to hear their faults.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Juan V. Comsie round 1

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  • K, I've just downloaded the new Billy Chase e-book, -- Mike84, 17:33:00 08/01/15 Sat
    And I've just made a coffee, so I can go ahead and find out what happens to our boy, Billy (for those who aren't up to date - hop over to the Library and read the most recent chapter I won't say what happens (spoilers), but it's a shocker.

    And then I'm going to re-watch the 'Weeds' series (again).

    It's kind of like Breaking Bad, but 'Weeds' came first, so can't be accused of copying the extremely successful show.

    No matter how many times I see this scene, I split my sides.

    Good stuff. Especially from season two when Andy Botwin (the adult in the clip below) joined. He, along with Alexander Gould ( aka Shane Botwin, who grows up to be a damn psycho!) made the show really fun to watch.

    And the show's just full of black comedy moments like this.

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  • Cover your eyes, Joe! :P -- Mike84, 16:14:23 08/01/15 Sat

    Hayden's had his head shaved off.

    His Instagram page is full of "omg"'s and "what have you done!?" comments. But I think they're overreacting and hair grows back pretty quick, anyway.

    That said, the buzz cut doesn't suit him. He doesn't have the right shaped head for it.

    Oh and if you're wondering, that's his brother with the full head of hair.

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  • ok!!! TEENAGE ROLL CALL TIME!!! seriously guys!! i know ur out there!!! Come on!! DO IT!!! ;-) -- Joey (check in!!! i'll go first!!), 09:25:48 08/01/15 Sat
    Ok!! I'm sittin inna hospital room while the "adults" talk to grandma. Shes not improving and has to be moved to nursing home. I'm sad! But at least i made my peace with her.
    Anyway!!! Mr C shipped me peace of an email he got from another gay teen that mentioned me, which made ME feel AWESOME!! SO...i KNOW u guys are OUT there!! Let's ALL check in!! Seriously!! I'll GO first k!??
    JOEY! age 16...novi, michigan. There!! SEE!! Its easy!!!!
    Letz ALL show Mr C and the older (sorry!!) THAT WE ARE OUT there!! That WE ARE listenin!! THAT we love him AND THIS place!!. Its a home for ALL us gays!! Young AND older!! Any age!!! So speak UP all you gay or bi or trans gendered teens!! COME ON !!!! JUST DO IT!!!.. PLEASE OK!!.

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  • A Brilliant Young Mind (X+Y).... -- bwctwriter, 05:35:24 08/01/15 Sat
    Watch. Experience. Love.

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  • It's Sunday Chill Time -- Johnny, 02:39:33 08/01/15 Sat
    On Saturday because we’re going to Dorset later for a long weekend. A shoutout for windows 10 I haven’t found any fault yet it’s really good. The new Edge browser is superior to Chrome and any of the others especially with Youtube all we need is for Adblocker to able to work on Edge it shouldn’t be long. Go for it Com you won’t find a lot of difference just a better system. :) A shoutout to Tom Daley seeing as Juan mentioned him yesterday, he won a gold Thursday just when he thought he’d never do it again. Congrats Tom and good luck for today, get another one give the Russians something to talk about, an openly gay Brit winning gold in Russia. :)

    It’s the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago this weekend (strange name) So posting the Arctic Monkeys from last year. Remember Com and Pete if you bump into Paul McC or any of the others when you’re out in town autographs are old school now you gotta get a selfie with them. :)

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  • Okaaaay....hmmm, a question for you all.... -- Comicality, 07:32:39 07/29/15 Wed

    Now, I'm all about freedom of speech. I always have been. I always will be.

    So why do I feel strange about this? :(

    I shouldn't, right? Is it brainwashing? I don't know.

    Hehehe, anyway this is what's going on in Detroit right now! (LemonFresh, Eminem313....are ya listening!) So there's now a 9 foot tall statue of SATAN being unveiled this week! Hehehe! No, I don't mean a statue that looks like it might be Satan...this is actually a statue of Baphomet...the lord of darkness, being displayed proudly by the Satanic church of Detroit. Inverted pentagram and all, with two adoring childrenon either side of him! :O

    This is a pic of the 9 foot statue...

    Is he throwing up a peace sign? Hahaha!

    Now...HERE'S the question...

    This statue is being protested right now as you read this (obviously)! But the Satanic church is claiming 'freedom of speech' and says that they should be able to display it proudly without persecution. What do you guys think about this?

    On one hand...they're totally right. How can we tell them that they can't? They're operating within their constitutional rights to embrace their personal beliefs.

    On the other hand...it's the fuckin' DEVIL!!! LOL! Seriously...the DEVIL? And CHILDREN at his feet? I'm not really all that religious, but I had a bit of a cringe moment concerning this. And I don't know why. I think it's just my upbringing that gave me that knee jerk reaction. Who knows? Please feel free to tell me, "Comsie, you're full of shit, you hypocrite!" Hehehe, because I'll probably agree with you, 100%! But I just saw that, and...I felt disturbed. I don't mind someone being Satanist...just...a statue? With children? How did they not expect a backlash from that?

    And yet...maybe a backlash is what people need every now and then. ::Shrugs::

    Yeah...I'd be curious to know what you guys think about this. I think they're using the 'freedom of speech' thing to antagonize and protest, personally. Again...a way to get attention. But on the other hand, if it was an authentic expression of belief? It would be wrong to silence their voices, right? I mean, sure Christians think Satan is evil...but a lot of fanatics think being gay is evil too. So....yeah...

    Just wanna know where you think Freedom Of Speech stops for you, personally.

    Hahaha, it's the fuckin' DEVIL!!! Wow! I'm sorry, that's just weird to see.

    They're gonna find a way to blame this on gays getting married aren't they? Or Obama... :P

    Be back later!

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  • Wow we sure have some very cute, handsome, hot shackers!! Thanks everyone for sharing your pics below!! -- Phoenixfire, 14:30:27 07/31/15 Fri

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  • Umm I guess this is what Turtleboy does to other turtles that try to get into his basement!! -- Phoenixfire, 10:08:39 07/31/15 Fri
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • Hehehe, now I've seen it all -- Mike84, 08:02:32 07/31/15 Fri

    CharlieIsCoolLike, in the TARDIS!

    I'm jealous.

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  • Happy Throwback Thursday and/or Flashback Friday for some other parts of the world -- Juan, 20:36:55 07/30/15 Thu
    Did I mention to you that I have 3 older siblings? Gawd there's so many sorties I can tell you, but I miss them. Anyways here's the fam

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • GAH!!! What is it with movies and CREEPY ass kids these days??? -- Comicality, 18:59:20 07/30/15 Thu

    What the...? They lure you in being all cute and adorable and then they put a GIANT ROACH in your mouth while you're sleeping! Jesus! ::Shivers::

    Just a quick moment to say hey and give you guys a wave. I've gotta finish cooking dinner...and then "Dominion" comes on, and then I'll come out to play! Hopefully before everybody goes to sleep.

    Got Friday and Sunday off! Look forward to it!

    Hope there are no creepy kids around! Yeesh! And I thought I hated sleep BEFORE! ;o

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  • Look, it's Joey! -- Wolfie, 09:36:04 07/30/15 Thu
    And for once, he is not giving us the finger :D

    Now Joey, did you want me to post the picture of you mooning me too?

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  • The wonderful world of ill placed adverts... -- Mike84, 20:32:08 07/29/15 Wed

    I found this highly amusing.

    This advert was on BarbWire dot com. A site known for its over-the-top anti-gay articles.


    I can just imagine the look on the faces of the right-wing homophobes who visit the site, browsing past the add.

    I love it. =D

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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