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"Wet Dream Of The Week"
Jacob Sartorius - It's a fact that if you are young a super pretty...then you can be a famous YouTuber! That's just...true. You don't have to do anything at all, really, as long as people are horny enough to watch you do it! Or...NOT do it! Whatever. However, poor Jacob Sartorius has recently become one of the most beloved, and most hated, teenagers online these days. And controversy aside (Stay away from those nude photo requests, dude!) Jacob's still got a super loyal following that I hope he'll keep with him for a long time to come!

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  • Mind. Blown. -- bwctwriter, 01:44:59 05/26/16 Thu
    So I was watching Signs (2002) tonight, and naturally I always like to go back to IMDB to see what people are still saying about it... And someone mentioned something they noticed about the alien at the end of the movie that I NEVER noticed before! The alien was a metaphor for Mel Gibson's character!

    Need proof? Tell me if you notice anything "strange" about this picture... Props if you spot it!

     photo signs_zpsrdosiwf1.png

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  • I didn't know that Tom wore glasses... -- Mike84, 16:29:38 05/25/16 Wed

    Here he is reading the super secret script for the upcoming Spider-man film, with his dog, Tessa, helping him rehearse his lines.

    I like the whole sexy / geek look he's got going on. :)

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  • Hehehe! You cute boys better watch out around those dangerous ladies! >:O -- Comicality, 15:56:51 05/25/16 Wed

    Beware! Don't leave them alone with your teen boys! Those devious ladies might wanna...

    ::Tap On Comsie's Shoulder::

    Huh? Wait...what? What doesn't apply? Wait, are you saying that...? Oh. OH! Nevermind folks! Sorry. That only works for guys! Not girls. Women can't be perverts, it goes against...umm...'science', or whatever. Scratch that! Hehehe, pay no attention. Your boys will totally be safe. :P Promise!

    Sighhhh...I love you, Paul Zimmer! I do! Wouldn't he just be an awesome high school boyfriend? They both would! :)

    Ya know, I'm gonna put it on my bucket list to one day have Greyson Chance read "Waiting Outside The Lines" to me out loud...blushes, giggles and all! THAT would be kick ass! :)

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  • This actually looks pretty cool... -- Mike84, 12:58:39 05/25/16 Wed

    Albeit maybe a little far-fetched, but that's OK, most movies are, I guess.

    It's the one and only Asa Butterfield who just seems to get cuter by the year. Doesn't he?

    It's a sci-fi / romance. About a teenage boy (Asa) born on Mars, raised by scientists, and unable to ever go to Earth because his whole biology just hasn't been raised in the right environment necessary to survive on Earth.

    Nevertheless, he somehow ends up on Earth chasing after some girl he's been in communication with from Mars. Meanwhile NASA's trying to chase him down and get things back under control. It reminds me just a little bit of the old Disney movie; Escape To Witch Mountain.

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  • Cirrus Book Club -- Cirrus, 04:47:47 05/25/16 Wed
    While Comsie is away wrestling with an army of small children, the rest of us have to keep things ticking over here. So it's time for another review!

    Drag Teen
    By Jeffery Self

    As you might guess from the title - this book is very gay.

    JT lives in Clearwater, Florida. He has a loud best friend called Heather, and gorgeous boyfriend called Seth that JT thinks is way out of his league. But he won’t be able to attend college without a scholarship, and the alternative is being trapped in Clearwater forever, working at his parents’ gas station. Then Seth springs a surprise on JT - a beauty pageant for teenage drag queens, with a college scholarship as first prize.

    JT is more than reluctant. His one drag queen performance, at his high school talent show, ended in disaster and humiliation, and he’s been too traumatized to try it in public again since. But with no other options for escaping Clearwater, JT agrees to enter, and he, Heather and Seth hit the road.

    It’s road trip book, filled with the usual setbacks and unexpected encounters (a drag queen at a small town bar in the rural south, a former country and western singing star), before JT reaches the show itself. It’s a bit of a “message book”. JT isn’t thrilled by the way he looks, and envies Seth’s ability to fit in as the “popular gay kid”. But drag is portrayed as a way to discover who you are by becoming someone else. It’s also a fascinating behind the scenes look at what goes into being a drag queen.

    I think it’s a sign of maturity in the market for GLBTI young adult novels that books are starting to appear that go beyond “realising you’re gay and what to do about it” and “boy meets boy”, to the stories that come after. There’s a whole world of terrain that hasn’t really been explored yet.

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  • Bob Dylan is trending on Twitter -- Johnny, 12:38:58 05/24/16 Tue
    I got a bit of a shiver thinking the worse clicked on it and relief. He's 75 today.:) Happy Birthday Bob. Imagine being around in 1963 and you hear this for the 1st time. Must have been awesome. Full lyrics in Youtube description. Oh yeh, I know it's a repost. :)

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  • It's TUESDAY! And the other day I was thinking about an old boyfriend of mine... -- PeteIM, 00:57:06 05/24/16 Tue
    I met Greg on a business trip to Boston and we hit it off pretty fast. Within a couple of months we decided that a long distance relationship sucked. (I live in Lombard, a suburb west of Chicago.) Every couple of weeks one of us would fly out to the other's town for the weekend. Since I owned a house and Greg was renting, it made sense that he'd move in with me. Greg worked at a private airplane support company at Logan International Airport and he was able to get a transfer to Midway International Airport. All seemed good for the first ten or twelve months, then Greg seemed to get more and more distant.

    I don't know if he did it on purpose or if he just forgot to log out of his email account, but whichever it was, I went to use our shared PC and when I moved the mouse, I saw an email he received from another guy... in Dayton, Ohio... from what I read, they were more than just pen-pals. When I confronted Greg about it, he said that he met a guy online and he even flew out to meet him. He said it had been going on for about three months. That was it. I gave him thirty days to get out. He left in two weeks.

    I was committed to our relationship, and Greg never gave me a reason not to be... until I read his email. A relationship needs both commitment and respect to succeed. Honesty is kinda important, too. *sigh*

    So for today's theme, how about songs about Commitment and Respect? Look through your playlists and post at least one song, but not more than four, and post them as a response to this message so we don't slow the board down too much. And don't forget, you get extra points for song with the lyrics showing on the screen.

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  • Jodi Foster, Russell Crowe, Bryon Gossling, Sir Elton AND TOM DALY!!!! -- RickGayAZ, 23:37:59 05/23/16 Mon

    Granted Tom shows up around 20 min in, but his smile is still great as well as his personality.

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  • Anyone else feeling like theyre growing up too fast? -- Ace, 22:47:24 05/23/16 Mon
    It kinda just hit me today that im really 20 and its time to start thinking long term! I have no idea where time went, its not too long ago I remember summer just being wiffle ball, movies and sleep and now its all planning! Anyone else ever get this feeling?

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  • Gotta love and respect these two kids -- Johnny, 17:35:53 05/23/16 Mon
    It's sad that they had to lie and go behind the parents back but when you're in love you'll do anything to be together and in this case they were right. Love their clothes style.


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  • This is funny -- Johnny, 10:09:54 05/23/16 Mon
    Watch his dick bone up through the song to full on by the end. :)

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  • A short period of adjustment... -- Comicality, 06:32:21 05/23/16 Mon

    As you guys know, it is the end of May (Graduation season) and I am waaaay out of town at the moment for the next two weeks. This is the first time that I've ever brought my laptop with me, but it is a much bigger pain in the ass than I thought it would be. Mostly because all of the 'security measures' that are supposed to help me are working against each other.

    "You're in a different location. We don't believe you are who you say you are. Prove it, and we'll send a password to your email."

    ::Comsie proves himself, then goes to his email for the password::

    My email says: "We don't believe who you say you are. We're sending a password to your ALTERNATE email account, so you can open THIS email account, so you can get your password, to get to your other account!"

    And this continues until I get into a technological inception of bullshit and I give up! Hehehe! But right now, it's super early in the morning, so I have some privacy.

    Spending quality time with family and having a GREAT time! Still recovering from a loooong 14 hour drive to get here, but it was so worth it. I've got a loving family that I can honestly say I'm proud to be a part of. Plus I am SMOTHERED in children! LOL! Jesus Christ! I play fight, and I laugh, and I make them laugh, and I get climbed on and punched and kicked and have random kids jump on my back and step on my crotch and scream in my ear...and I can't help but to love every minute of it! Kids just remind you what life is really all about, you know? Even though half of them are sick right now, cough and sneeze and seem to be having a competition to see which toddler can blow the biggest SNOT bubble out of their noses before they come give me a hug! (I have BABY SNOT all over my touch screen, so...ewww!) But, once all of that nearly infinite energy is gone...they just curl up beside me, give me a squeeze, and go to sleep. Then my heart just melts and I'm rejuvenated for another afternoon of abuse. Hehehe! Seriously, I have like six or seven kids snuggling me from head to toe whenever I sit still. You'd think I was made out of cake and cotton candy around here.

    That being said, my privacy is limited, and the wifi and password situation is a little bit weird, but I'll try to check in with you guys when I can. K? I'm sorta unplugged for a little bit, and I'm thinking that's a good thing.

    However, I do also have an idea of what goes on around here, even when I'm out of town. All I will say is that I'm trusting you guys to behave yourselves, so don't disappoint me. You shouldn't need a babysitter. I can't always be around but I have faith in you and I think it was well earned. Don't spoil it over something silly. It's up to you guys to take care of my baby while I'm gone. K? This site means soooo much to me. And so does each and every single one of you.

    If that means that a few of you need a stern 'talking to' when I get back, then so be it. Look forward to that.

    For now, though...have fun! Unplug. Enjoy some sunshine. STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! My belt's not long enough to spank everybody from here!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to slobber proof my keyboard and take some antibiotics or something. :P

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  • Monday Chuckle -- Johnny, 02:48:04 05/23/16 Mon
    I know this vid has been around a few days now but hey it's great. Bet you at least smile. :)

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  • Here's a prime example of why your first meeting should be in a pulic place with a lot of people around... -- PeteIM, 15:14:24 05/22/16 Sun
    No, nothing bad happened, but...
    My First Time With A Gay Guy | Louie's Life

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  • I just love Lion King :P -- Fanson, 15:05:29 05/22/16 Sun

    So I've been watching vids of The Lion King all day, you know songs and the Broadway show, and I came across this vid of the spanish musical and I thought it was really good, like so good. Funny thing, the guy who played grown up Simba is actually Mexican, and he sings so well, plus he's hot! xD

    I'll leave it here if you want to look at it :)

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  • So a couple of weeks ago... -- Cirrus, 23:18:51 05/21/16 Sat
    ...in one of Comsie's "quick!" surveys, he asked "When was the last time you cried during a film?". I couldn't remember anything at the time. Now it's not a film, but watching the clip below today, I was definitely crying. Totally embarrassing, but I think you'd have to have a heart of stone not to feel a few tugs on the heart strings.


    I think Fletcher might have been featured as a "Wet Dream of the Week" at one point. He appeared on "The Voice Kids" a year or two ago. Last year, his brother Banjo was killed in a car accident, and he wrote this song in his memory. Apparently the AGT viewers were as emotional as I was, cause he ended up winning.

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  • Back from vacation! -- eminem313, 20:22:43 05/21/16 Sat
    What did I miss?

    Let's see...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY AND NATHAN! I hope your days were fun and you felt the love from all your family and friends! Congrats on your newest year lived! :)

    @Cosmie, YUP! Excited for Prison Break coming back! It's gonna be AMAZING! :D

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  • here is a Daily Dose of Tyler -- Nathan, 09:19:52 05/21/16 Sat

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  • It's Saturday in England! :D -- PeteIM, 23:26:14 05/20/16 Fri

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  • GAH!!! What the...??? -- Comicality, 18:40:39 05/17/16 Tue

    Dr. Dre is the new Jack Bauer??? That's AWESOME! I didn't even know they were bringing this back!

    Anyway, 2-hour season finale for "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D." in a few minutes! I'm sorry to hear that "Agent Carter" won't get renewed for Season 3 though. She was a badass.

    "Bates Motel", omigod! Those last two episodes were about as morbid as you could get! Jesus! "Damien" was kind of off and on for me, but I liked the last few episodes and I hope it comes back! "Lucifer" was amazing! I loved every episode! Still gotta catch up on "Fear The Walking Dead", but you know...when I don't get my Chandler, I get my Lorenzo, and when Lorenzo is done, it's time for Chandler to come back! So I'm happy either way!

    Anyway, be back soon! Coming up next, "GFD: Divine Right"! :)

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