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"Wet Dream Of The Week"
Nick James - How have I no heard about "Hank Zipzer" before now??? You've been holding out on us, BBC! An awesome coming of age TV series that runs as though "Saved By The Bell" and "Malcolm In The Middle" were smashed together...but took place at HOGWARTS (Minus the magic) I've recently gotten myself hooked on this family friendly series! Nick James is the main character, a young student who struggles with dyslexia, but is so crafty and charismatic, that everything he does is a joy to watch. All three seasons are available for FREE on YouTube, believe it or not! know...CUTE!!! Hehehe! So look up "Hank Zipzer" when you get a chance! Have fun! He's 17 now, deeper voice, and cute as ever! Mwah!

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  • ::Giggles:: Well...if you mash them all up TOGETHER like that.... -- Comicality, 13:40:30 08/25/16 Thu

    ...Then I guess all of the installments are definitely needed to tell this story! Which I'm totally ok with! :)

    I know, I know...the prequels didn't live up to expectations, and some people hate the newest addition...but seriously, THINK about it!

    I can't IMAGINE my life without "Star Wars"! Period. This is a long lasting series that has spanned over every year of my LIFE in existence! I simply CANNOT imagine a world without Star Wars! It just doesn't exist to me. Imagine the power behind that.

    All complaints aside..."Star Wars" remains as one of the biggest, most undeniable, sci fi soap operas of our time! You've GOTTA respect that! Missteps and all!

    Just watch this!

    It's so weird...knowing that this has been a part of me and other generations after me for our entire **LIVES**!!!! It's a mythology that will live on long after I'm gone! That's kinda cool, in my eyes! :)

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  • The original one freaked me out and introduced me to the 'found footage' genre, -- Mike84, 12:52:17 08/25/16 Thu

    And since then I've rated found footage horror flicks higher than the big flashy Hollywood horror movies.

    I hope the new one doesn't disappoint.

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  • Yo Teen Brit Shackers -- Johnny, 16:20:55 08/24/16 Wed

    Good luck with GCSE results tomorrow. I know how you’re feeling right now, been there. I hope you get what you want but if you don’t it’s not the end of the world. Wtv happens enjoy the rest of the summer holiday also hope you don’t suffer Pokemon withdrawal. :) I saw signs of new term starting today, kids with Mums getting uniforms and school stuff summer went fast. Something that blew me away. A boy about 15 with his Mum and sister passed a homeless man. He stopped and went back to give him money it was £3.00. I know this because I heard his Mum ask him how much he gave him and he told her. I just thought it was totally awesome it’s something that you don’t associate with 15yo boys. Well done that kid.

    OK I have to post music so back to 60’s old school with a very British group. The album is better in mono but I can’t find it, probably cos it’a called Strictly Stereo. Yeh well I know the songs in mono. :)

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  • A Call To All Shackers.... -- Comicality, 09:18:13 08/24/16 Wed

    Alright, folks, I'm asking for your help today! What will it cost you? five MINUTES of your time! Because it's free! :)

    If you guys weren't aware, I've been posting "Waiting Outside The Lines" on Wattpad for a while now! And it's gotten a really GREAT response in the fanfic section! :O

    Also, "Light Reaches Earth" has been posted, "Written"(From Imagine Magazine), and just the first chapter of "A Class By Himself"! All with positive responses! Yay-gasm! :)

    BUT...I just got this email a day or two ago...

    "Think your writing deserves some time in the spotlight? We do, too!

    Wattpad wants to give you and your story a boost, for free! So we're running a little contest. Entering is simple, just invite your friends to join Wattpad.

    Contest winners will see their story promoted throughout the Wattpad community and on Facebook and Twitter — to millions of readers. Ten lucky winners will receive at least 1 Facebook post, 1 Tweet, and in-house promotion for two weeks. Wattpad has over 5 million Facebook and Twitter followers, and over 45 million readers on Wattpad.

    Ready for the spotlight? Here's how to enter:
    •Invite your friends to experience Wattpad by signing up.
    •For every friend who registers, you'll receive one contest entry.
    •The winner will be notified through their Wattpad messages—so keep your eyes on your inbox!
    •Enjoy the spotlight as your story is promoted—for free!

    Remember—the more friends you invite, the better your chances are of winning. Ready to get started?"

    That's right, folks! *IF* you have just five minutes out of your day to spare, and want to sign up for Wattpad to read a TON of awesome stories? And you click the link below? Then you get me another chance to be promoted on a MAJOR website online and help me to reach a BOATLOAD of new readers and (Hopefully) fans of the Shack! More people to enjoy the stories, more people for you guys to talk to and interact and chat with, more people to keep me happy when I'm feeling low. Hehehe!

    Not only that, but the more ebooks I can sell, the more time I can take off of work and write all day, and night, and put more stuff out for free! So it's a win for all of us...I think. Hehehe!

    So take a few minutes, sign up! No spam, no personal info shared, and no money to be paid at all. Just click the link, and I get an added vote to possibly win the chance to get Comsie stories out there to a much wider audience! :)

    That's a good thing, right? :O

    Here's the link and invitation:


    I love Wattpad, and I think you will too!

    That’s why I’m inviting you to join me on Wattpad, the world’s largest online platform for readers and writers. Don’t worry—it’s free!

    Just click this link to signup and follow me on Wattpad!$$deeplink_path=user/Comicality&channel=email&feature=writers_25_referral&campaign=invitefriends&username=Comicality

    So help me out, will ya? :) Because every time I get a little boost and more free time, I'm spending it to put out more chapters of your all time favorites! That five minutes of totally free 'sign up' might get you WEEKS of free Comsie entertainment!

    Imagine if all I had to do was sit home all day and write stories! The possibilities! ::Giggles::

    Love you lots, and thanks in advance for all who check in to help out! Love always!

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  • I am SO ready for this movie to come out! :P -- Comicality, 07:32:24 08/24/16 Wed

    I really want to see what Russia will do with this superhero movie! Because, so far, it looks badass! :O

    See? People can make their OWN hero movies! With their OWN story! They don't have to adhere to any previous mythology.
    No Marvel fanboys, no DC fanboys, telling you that you got it wrong. You can be creative and do your own thing however you want to do it! Ahhh, the freedom! Do something new!

    GO for it, "Guardians"! Comsie is rooting for ya! :)

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  • Hmm.. I don't know if I should be impressed, or a little freaked out... -- Mike84, 18:36:52 08/23/16 Tue

    As a child who grew up mostly in the 90s, one of my favourite films growing up was Disney's The Lion King.

    I just learned (via Reddit) that Mufasa (and all the other lions roars) were made with the help of a trash can and a human.

    Oh, and some animals were actually used to create the roars. Not lions, but tigers.

    Seeing the guy in the clip doing a fairly convincing voice-over (or should I say 'roar-over'? :P). Is kinda freaky to witness, but also impressive.

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  • Hehehe, well SOMEBODY woke up in a good mood this morning! :P -- Comicality, 09:13:21 08/23/16 Tue

    Awwww! Hehehe!

    Now then...


    Quit dancing and finish getting ready for school like I TOLD you, dangit! >:O

    Anyway, I'm just waving to say hello! I hope everybody is in good spirits! Also, I finished a big part of my Chicago report at the link below:

    And stories start up again tomorrow! Cool? Hope to see you then, and there is much more to come! ((Group Hug))

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  • I'd like to say thank you very much to Hawk and Echo...they came up camping and invited Wayne, myself and Tucker for a steak supper. It's was a fantastic meal and it was great getting to know them!! Was very cool getting to meet a fellow shacker!! Thanks again Hawk!! -- Phoenixfire, 06:19:08 08/23/16 Tue
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  • And now a word from your parents... -- PeteIM, 18:17:13 08/22/16 Mon

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  • Oh yes Frank Ocean has dropped his new album at last. :) -- Johnny, 16:47:25 08/22/16 Mon

    I think it’s totally brilliant an Avant-Garde musical masterpiece. A lot of people disagree but hey we like what we like. Many were expecting another ‘Orange’ like ‘Orange2’ and are disappointed, tough, true musicians always change look at history. Nathan said about ‘Pennywise’ on a post below basically go for something different and he’s 100% correct. Remakes never work like who wants to see exactly the same movie with different actors. This is what Frank is all about just like Bowie and others crank it up and change with every album.

    It’s my fav new album of the year cos I know for me nothing is gonna better it in fact it’s my fave new album of the past two years. Really it’s a late night/early morning album so chill and full of surprising sounds. It was on Youtube but Apple have taken it off even single tracks but I bought it anyhow. I just love it it’s perfect and it was playing everywhere in Ibiza Sunday.

    This is the a version of the 1st track from Franks ‘Boysdontcry’ page. The album was originally called that but it became ‘Blond’. This version of Nikes isn’t the album version but you get the idea.

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  • More kissing KPOP guys. :) -- Johnny, 16:07:15 08/22/16 Mon

    Hah check out the lyrics to the song a good play on words. :)

    Oh yeh well done TeamGB awesome work guys. #rio2016. :)

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  • There were a few people that asked... -- Comicality, 08:32:00 08/22/16 Mon

    And I'm sorry sorry SORRY that I didn't get back to you sooner! I really was trying to! But there are a bunch of you guys that were coming to Chicago for the first time this Summer, and I hope I didn't miss you, and that I'm able to talk to you before you get here!

    I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment, and can't do it for everyone individually, but later on tonight, I'll post something here for everyone to read collectively! I'm not ignoring ya, just...juggling a lot at the moment. Hehehe!

    So look for that a bit later on today. Places to eat, especially. There are a few places you HAVE to try while you're here! Especially those of you who are visiting the USA for the first time! It'll blow your mind, trust me! ::Giggles::

    I know that two of you guys are underage, so you can't really roam around the city without your parents. But there's still plenty to do. I'll give you something to tell your friends about. K?

    For now...check out this video. ::BIG SMILE:: The city of Chicago is BEAUTIFUL!!! If you tour it right during the Summer, you'll never ever wanna leave this place! I sure don't! :)

    This is where I live. This is my home. And this is what is going on all the time during the Summer. Even the fireworks off of Navy Pier! That wasn't the 4th of was probably just...Wednesday! Hehehe! 95% of all of the stories that I've ever written on this site...take place right here! ("GFD" Specifically) So come visit and live like 'Comsie' lives! :P I promise that I'll be back later with restaurants you've gotta try and places you should try to visit when I come back! K?

    Enjoy! And I'll seezya later!

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  • WDotW For 8/22 -- Comicality, 06:30:24 08/22/16 Mon

    Hehehe, not only do you get to see Nick and those bright eyes do awesome things every episode, but you ALSO get a decent dose of Jude Foley on the show! Hehehe, which is cool, because...he's dreamy! :)

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 06:27:03 08/22/16 Mon

    This week's 3M leaves us all paranoid as hell from beginning to finish!

    "400 Days"

    I was curious about "400 Days" when I first heard of it, and was pleasantly surprised to be a pretty solid sci fi flick! The movie surrounds a group of astronauts who are going through an advanced exercise, where they're all put into an underground bunker and subjected to a highly advanced 'simulation' of what it would be like to go to Mars and experience interstellar travel. No extra food, no water, no 'company' outside of each other. It's just like what it would be like if they had to be in space for over a year! (Thus the title, '400 Days')

    However, something 'happens' in the middle of everything they're doing, and this is where the movie takes a different turn. They're not allowed to leave. They've been told that this is a simulation where a few sudden obstacles will be thrown their way. So throughout this sci fi have to ask yourself...where do the lies end and the truth begin? Is it still a simulation? Or is it real? Can you trust the few people around you? Or are they a part of the deception? Were you launched into space for real? Are you on another planet? Or did something catastrophic happen to the Earth while they were isolated underground? These are all questions that will keep you guessing and going back and forth throughout the film's runtime! And I don't want to say too much more on that, but I found it to be a good time. :)

    I will say that the 'ending' (No spoilers) is a bit abrupt. Some people like it, some people hate it, but it's something that's up for discussion either way. Think "Inception"...

    Anyway, check it out when you get a chance, and I hope you like it! :)

    You might need to watch this one, Pete! Since you're going to Mars and all someday! Hehehe!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 06:10:19 08/22/16 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Boy Eden Paradise' Kiss!

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  • I'm working on emails and stuff now... -- Comicality, 08:43:14 08/21/16 Sun

    Sorry if I was ranting before. Just needed to vent. But...whatever. I'll shut up from now on. It's best to keep things fun around here. So...yeah...

    Forget I said anything.

    Ok! I'm trying to get some time to participate on the board more! I'll get more of a chance this week! Hehehe, I've got new stuff going to "Imagine Magazine", and that takes WEEKS of focus to make sure that's right for public consumption. That's my main focus right now. But when I'm done with that, there will be more stuff for you guys to absorb and enjoy. Cool? And then...more Imagine, which will be even MORE incredible! Hehehe! So stick around, k?

    Ps- I am SO sorry about the recent mailing list announcements. just decided to turn my whole damn WORLD upside down and create a much (as the put it) "Smarter" email interface.

    ::Tries To Suppress Anger And Rage::

    IF I CAN SEND AND RECEIVE MESSAGES FROM PEOPLE...THEN THAT'S **ALL** I FUCKING NEED MY EMAIL TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    THAT's IT! STOP trying to find ways to improve on something soooooo simple! I just...

    Ok...sorry. I'll stop.

    I give up.

    :( Be happy people. Just bury this post with the others before it. I'm just...I'm trying.

    Whatever. Smile, k?


    Doing emails now. Will be talking to you all soon...

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  • And now for a bit of fun... -- Mike84, 08:16:29 08/19/16 Fri

    Funny animals on the news (bloopers).

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  • The Lost Boys is coming to TV... -- Mike84, 19:08:37 08/18/16 Thu

    And I love the premise. it's based on the 1980s vampire horror movie 'The Lost Boys' featuring Kiefer Sutherland, the late Corey Haim - who I used to have such a crush on, and Corey Feldman.

    Well now it's coming to TV. and I like the sound of the plot. While it's apparently going to share some similarities to the movie, it also sounds like it's going to be different in some ways too.

    According to Deadline, Thomas (who did Veronica Mars and iZombie) has a vision for the show that spans seven seasons. Each season would be set in a different decade with everything, except the Lost Boys characters, completely changed. They’re immortal vampires, after all. The network sees it as a replacement to the massive hit The Vampire Diaries, which will be ending soon.

    The original 1987 film, directed by Joel Schumacher, was about a family who moved to fictional Santa Carla, CA and got mixed up with a group of vampire thugs. It starred Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, and Jami Gertz—and to this day is still one of my favorite films of all time. It also spawned several direct-to-DVD sequels, all of which suck to varying degrees.

    If I remember correctly, Com's a big fan of the movie, and it also helped inspire the GFD series.

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  • Now for something completely different... -- PeteIM, 17:45:55 08/18/16 Thu

    In five cities around the USA, a naked statue of Donald Trump appeared.

    I posted this so as not to slow down the site...

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  • SCHOOL DAZE...!!!! -- joey, 14:30:45 08/18/16 Thu
    OK...I survived day two. Im home but we're leaving soon cus we still haven't bought all the school crap I need cus we've been outta town. Then I got homework up the ass! After two days! How unfair!! Part of it of course is the yearly yawnfest "what I did this summer" essay. I'll bet teachers don't even read's just a torturous tradition. I should write right in the middle "I climbed the Alps naked with colonel Sanders" and see if he notices. Hehehe. You're rubbing off on me too much AC and Big C. HA! I have a rough schedule this fall semester. English 4, religious studies, calculus, computer science, physics, and art and film appreciation for an elective. I'm dropping computer science though and picking another different elective because I don't even have a laptop yet, just an iPad Pro. I'm working on it. My summer didn't wrap up very great. First my dads best friend Jeff was killed in a freak accident and then my aunt Julie in Kentucky died so we had to go down there for the funeral just last week. I always wanted to see some different states but not like that. Oh well. I'm driving to school!! Yay ME! I almost didn't get to because I missed the June deadline for a student parking pass. Oops. HEY I didn't know I was gonna have my own truck yet then OK. But mom handled it. She's a very feared woman by the priest that run the school. Hehehe. GO moms!! So...I'm off and running! Senior year. Today I got introduced to my new little brother. All seniors get assigned a freshman to train and abuse at will. HA! Mines OK. He looks sooo young!!! Shuddup Matt!! Hehehe. Big shout outs to grandpa Petey, AC, gaypops, akodude, maxxxiee!!!!, solardude, Matteo, Z, Nathan, hawkster, nichman, fox, Vinny, an all u shackheads...and especially YOU BIG C!!! HUGZ EVERYBODY. XXXXOOOO. JOEY

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  • Rio 2016 Olympics: US swimmers 'invented robbery story' -- PeteIM, 13:26:40 08/18/16 Thu
    W. T. F.
    They weren't robbed, they're just "Ugly Americans". *sigh*

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  • So here's where your grandparents were 47 years ago... -- PeteIM, 10:59:14 08/18/16 Thu
    They'll tell you that this wasn't them, but it would have been them if they could have gotten there. Woodstock started on Friday, August 15th, 1969 and was scheduled to end on August 17th. But it was extended by a day.

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  • Not to make light of the awful flooding going on in Louisiana right now... -- Mike84, 10:54:20 08/18/16 Thu

    Notorious anti-gay pastor - Tony Perkins, who claimed that floods were his 'god's way of punishing gay people' has just had his home and cars destroyed by the floods.

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  • Please, Please, **PLEASE**, keep an eye on the Library Release Schedule! -- Comicality, 09:29:52 08/18/16 Thu

    Just...I have...(counts)...SEVENTEEN emails from people talking about how LONG it takes to get a new chapter of anything on the site.

    Ok, you DO realize that I'm actually typing out each of these chapters out by hand, right? That I think them up in my head, and translate those thoughts into words and spend hours, days, WEEKS, typing them out for other people to read, right? know that right? Think about it. Take a moment...and really think about that and what it entails.

    That said, on the Library (, I try hard to keep track of what I post and when. For the very purpose of DISPLAYING how long my beloved fans have to go without new material from me! The result (PROVEN by online data time signatures) will show you exactly how hard I've been working to keep things consistent. Take a special look at the right side of the chart, as it shows how long people had to 'suffer' before getting something new from me.

    If you notice, the LONGEST gap was 14 days. And that was mostly because I was on vacation to visit my family and couldn't get ahead of schedule. So...if you write me and say, "It's been sooooooooooooooooooooooo long, GOD! WTF!!!", you'll see that I still update at least once a week. Sometimes twice a week. Sometimes twice a DAY. So if a week is too long for you to wait...? ::Shrugs:: I don't know what I can do. But I'm doing my job as a writer.

    Don't pretend that I'm not. I'm happy with my output. And I'm grinning from ear to ear right now. So...yeah...seventeen folks just have to wait, or get mad, or lose interest, or whatever. I'm putting in 150% with every word that I type online. And I feel good about every one of them. So I'm gonna keep smiling. Hopefully you'll come back and smile with the rest of us. Otherwise...the party goes on without you.

    it's not like you weren't invited. :)

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  • Ok sooooo, a minor 'rant' here... -- Comicality, 07:22:53 08/18/16 Thu

    So...I recently saw two big Summer movies, back to back, with some friends of mine...and while we had fun cracking jokes and all about them, when I got home and started thinking about them actually began to really upset me. Like...UPSET me!!! >:O

    The two movies in question? "Suicide Squad" and "Independence Day: Resurgence"! You know what? Even though I would never claim that writing a story is's not so goddamn difficult that it CAN'T be done! Especially when you're getting paid MILLIONS of dollars to do so! Are you kidding me? Jesus fucking CHRIST! How do you screw up "Suicide Squad"??? You might have never read a comic book before in your LIFE, but the premise alone leads to all kinds of craziness that makes for an awesome movie! WTF went wrong???

    Ok...listen...I actually had some fun with "Suicide Squad" in small parts, I'll admit that. I definitely liked it better than Batman V Superman, but I'm so sick of having to TRY to enjoy a movie despite its many many MANY glaring flaws and problems! I'm tired of movies being JUST good enough to get a passing grade (D+) because a few scenes were fun! How hard is this? I write better stories for FREE! Can you imagine if someone gave me a few hundred thousand dollars to nothing but write for the next six months??? I'd gladly take 1/10th of the pay these "writers" get to put out more coherent stories than what they're doing now. It's ridiculous.

    And "Independence Day"? Wow...

    I can't remember the last time I was so fucking insulted by a movie! I know that Hollywood does things for the occasional cash grab, and it's to be expected. But this was so blatantly 'corporate' that I'm surprised it even got MADE, much less released in theaters. I've never been so catered to, so pandered to, by such an unapologetic 'fuck you' of a movie! Wow!

    Let's just spoonfeed the STUPID idiotic masses with everything that tests well to make this Frankenstein monster! Want aliens and explosions? Here are some aliens and explosions! Because that's what the unwashed masses are drawn to. Want some of the original cast and a feel of nostalgia? Let's throw that in there! Special EFX and mindless destruction? Throw that in there! Let's have the great white American hero, and the cocky black guy, and the strong female character, and the Asian pilot with her stereotypical demanding dad, and the comic relief, and then make it a giant monster movie! People like monsters, right? What demographic are we missing? Kids? Fuck it! Let's throw some kids in there too for NO damn reason! Hi, Garrett Wareing! (Loved you in 'Boy Choir') Hi, Hays Wellford! (Loved you in 'Cop Car') Both are movies on the "Comsie Favorites" list! But they had NO REASON TO BE IN THIS MOVIE!!! They just showed up to grab the 'kiddie' market! Then they added a bus load MORE kids, because it wasn't enough! WTF? Every single thing about that sequel was a shameless stab in the stomach to everybody watching, trying to seem like the 'cool' grandparent at their kid's sweet 16 birthday party, trying to do the 'Dougie' dance while the rest of the family laughs at him. UGH!!!

    "Suicide Squad" is better, but not by much! More 'look at us, we're trying to be cool, Millenial boys and girls'! We know what you want. Give us your money, because all I have to do to be cool is turn my hat backwards. Yeahhhh, 'whoop there it is', am I right? What??? Get outta here!

    The reason I'm so upset is because the passion and drive behind making good movies is being sacrificed for box office bullshit. And I'm not talking about selling out, I'm talking about puppet master studios FORCING this on the directors who WANT to make good movies! I KNOW that it's a business and the goal is to make money. I'm ok with that. But the money grabbing side of the industry has completely overshadowed the whole point of making movies in the first place. They've gotten so obsessed with trying to please everybody in existence with flashy 'spur of the moment' insta-pop garbage, that the evolved creativity of the people trying to have any vision at all is getting utterly DESTROYED! It sucks. I'm actually hurt by what I'm witnessing right now.

    I think Hollywood needs to stop with the blockbusters altogether and just take a break. Stop it! Shut it all down! Return the cycle to the clever indie films of the early 90's. Low budgets, but clever stories. Pulp Fiction, The Crow, Blair Witch, Swingers, Clerks...people who had visions and had something to say. Where the budgets were small enough where studios weren't so concerned with having to make back a 200 million dollar production they start asking their kids what's popular and trying to shove it into a movie where it doesn't belong!


    I know that 'art' and 'commerce' have never been good bedfellows. Just...they should be separate! "We'll do all the creative stuff, and you just stay the FUCK out of the way!" And then, "We'll do the money and the marketing, and YOU stay the fuck out of it!" Fine! I'd be cool with that. But...I'm just tired of having to make excuses for forcing myself to get even a LITTLE bit of enjoyment out of a movie that was practically handed to directors and writers on a silver platter. How can you...?

    I'm so mad. SO mad!

    I think that "Civil War" and "Lights Out" are the ONLY movies I've enjoyed this year in theaters.

    This should be EASY for experienced writers! The story is RIGHT THERE!!!! WTF? The DC animated movies are INCREDIBLE! Nearly ALL of them! Mind-blowing! "ID4" is a classic! All the elements are there for you to work with! Just tell ONE coherent story!


    Just tell a story! That's all you have to do. Main character, antagonist, conflict, plot points, climax, resolution! I learned this in the 8th grade!

    Sighhhh...sorry. Just had to get that out. I was gone last night, and when I came home, I was totally frustrated and nearly shaking with anger. Because I'd rather Hollywood take these millions and millions of dollars and give it to the homeless or runaway teens or battered housewives...then WASTING it on these pieces of careless, uninspired, bullshit! I can come up with a better screenplay by Christmas if I could get paid what they get paid to just give a SHIT about what they're putting out there.

    I remember when Joel Schumacher's "Batman And Robin" KILLED the whole comic book movie genre market in the mid 90's because of how awful it was, and it didn't come back until "Blade" debuted years later. Is that what we want? a writer and a creative person in general, it's insulting that so many people care so little for at least TRYING to do something with heart and passion and a GLIMPSE of ingenuity! Instead, we get billionaires looking online to see what's popular this week with 'those young folks' and trying to be hip and cool instead of letting artists tell the kind of stories they need to tell in order to connect with people on a 'human' level! Ugh!

    If any of you guys enjoyed these movies, then that's cool. I can understand that. Just know that there are psychologists and corporate stiffs that are studying your every move, every second of the day, and they make decisions based on how many clicks the latest fad is getting, trying to find mindless ways to shoehorn it into movies that COULD have been great if it wasn't for the bullshit demographics that they were trying to reach for the sake of making another 10 dollars.

    Fuck! SO mad! Independence Day, especially, is the most heavily 'marketed', socially manipulative, piece of fucking trash that I've ever seen in my life. EVER! And I watch a LOT of movies, so that's saying something! They EXPECT you to feel good just because some music plays and the guy shooting a machine gun screams, 'ahhhhhh'...and something blows up...and then they go 'YAY'! But you, watching this, feel NOTHING! Nothing at all. It's so fake! All of it!

    God, Hollywood...what are you doing to me? :(

    Ok, rant over. Hehehe! Sorry!

    Anyway, good morning peeps! "Billy Chase" is going up in a few minutes! So I'll seezya soon! :)

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  • Hahaha... -- Mike84, 21:30:23 08/17/16 Wed

    So I was doing my usual round on Instagram before bed, and I had to do a double take when I saw this picture. Especially because it was theLADbible which, while sometimes they can be suggestive, they're never pornographic.

    For like five seconds I was sure that girl had a penis and it was out on display. ROFL.

    Anyway, I got a chuckle out of it so thought I'd share it on here.

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  •'s Twitter for dummies time! Hehehe! -- Comicality, 05:02:16 08/17/16 Wed

    I have been doing some research in my spare time...

    (LMAO!!!! 'Spare time'! Hahahaha! Comsie, you KILL me!!!)

    ...trying to learn how to use my Twitter account, as I've got a LOT of new stuff in the works where I'd love to let everyone know about, as well as new stuff to bring a whole new fanbase to the site! Because there are still folks discovering the Shack for the FIRST time showing up every day now! ::Waves hello:: Howdy, newbies! Feel free to come by an say hello whenever you think about it! Whether you're just starting high school or retiring from the work force, you guys are all welcome! K?

    Nowthen...hashtags and @ tags and actually being able to SEE what I just tweeted (For some reason, I can't see my own tweets at all....sighhhh), I'm open to ideas! Teach me. I need your wisdom, people! Quit ignoring me! LOL!

    That said, I'll seezya later on with "Billy Chase". Because I work HARD to help you guys out. Which'll help me out too, right?

    Yes? No? hate me that much! You suCK for that! LOL! Fine...go watch TV then.

    :: Me Cries All Alone With No Responses To Help ::

    It's ok. Tears are good for the souls. :P

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  • Oh Pennywise... -- Mike84, 23:16:59 08/16/16 Tue

    What have they done to you?

    This is the new Pennywise the clown for the new Stephen King remake of "IT".

    He looks nothing like a clown and nothing like the original Pennywise. The whole reason the original Pennywise was freaky was because he looked like a genuine clown (except for his freakishly sharp teeth).

    Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the remake. It's got Finn Wolfhard ("Mike") from Stranger Things, among others.

    So we'll see. But first impressions of Pennywise, while it looks freaky, it doesn't look like the original Pennywise in the slightest.

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  • OK, I'm sold... -- Mike84, 13:09:43 08/16/16 Tue

    I'm always up for a good alien invasion movie.

    The recent Independence Day one was slightly disappointing. I guess it's because the first one was, and remains one of my all time top movies, so to top that, it had to be unusually good, and it wasn't. But it was good enough to watch and enjoy.

    This one though looks a little different and unique among the other invasion movies. So I'm doubly sold.

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  • It's TUESDAY! And I can't think of a single thing to use as a theme today... -- PeteIM, 00:29:30 08/16/16 Tue

    So I figured we could just not have a theme today. If you want to post a song, feel free. Just post it as a response to this message so we don't slow down the site too much. As usual, songs with lyrics, or in A.S.L./B.S.L., will earn extra points.

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  • Just Some intresting music from a Youtuber called Boyinaband -- Nathan, 17:28:34 08/15/16 Mon

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  • Hehehe, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! :O -- Comicality, 08:18:55 08/15/16 Mon

    I definitely remember my first kiss! I'm not sure how I would describe it, but I think 'kablooie' does the feeling justice!

    Sigh, memories...

    This is from a site that makes songs out of viral videos, so the original is just this youngster talking about his first kiss. But it's sooooo sweet! I thought I'd share! :)

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  • WDotW For 8/15 -- Comicality, 07:50:25 08/15/16 Mon

    Hehehe, you's weird, but you know who he reminds me of?

    Young Corin Nemec! Like, JUST before "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"...if anybody here remembers that show! :P

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 07:43:39 08/15/16 Mon

    This week's 3M selection is a moving tale that I think everybody should see at least once! If for no other reason than it gives you some faith in the human spirit!

    "The Power Of One"

    I'm in hurry today, but there really isn't a whole lot that I can say about this movie that doesn't have to be experienced by each and every single one of you. The story revolves around one boy, Peekay, who is a young, blond, British, boy in South Africa during the worst parts of apartheid and British rule of that area. But he fights to keep his spirit in tact, his mind open, and through the lessons he was taught, growing up, (And boxing! He kicks ASS!) he learns to stand up for what's right and realize the oppressive nature of what's going on around him! Avery cool movie! Dealing with one guy's life at three different ages (One as a young boy, one as a teenager, and one as a college boy trying to make a difference. So check this one out! You've got Stephen Dorf and Morgan Freeman and a lot of amazing dramatic talent here! Bring a few tissues too! :)

    And, know...hehehe, there's Simon Fenton too! whole middle part of the movie. So...there's that! ::Giggles::

    Have fun! :)

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 07:29:45 08/15/16 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Afterschool Conversation Stopper' Kiss!

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  • To all The Walking Dead fans -- Dwayne, 13:33:21 08/14/16 Sun
    There is a Season 7 preview on Talking Dead tonite at 10:00 EST on AMC...I'm soooo excited to get into this season, I'm having TWD withdrawls :P
    And also Fear The Walking Dead starts back up next Sunday.

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  • Haha kids these days. :) -- Johnny, 02:52:35 08/14/16 Sun
    I don't believe the 6 a night bit but selling does happen in schools. :)

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  • Sunny Sunday Morning -- Johnny, 02:36:06 08/14/16 Sun
    Off to Ibiza tomoz woohoo. :) Birthday Boi is having a lay in but he'll have to get up soon to cook breakfast it's a birthday ritual in this house. :) More medal in the Olympics yesterday we're closing in on China. Just maybe we could get second place. Go Team GB.

    Tom Odell's latest album on a loop.

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  • Mattykins falls ONTO a plane.... And then falls OUT of a plane, at 18,000 feet! :-p -- bwctwriter, 23:35:09 08/13/16 Sat

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  • Libera -- Vinny, 19:48:08 08/13/16 Sat
    Comsie’s post of the cat duet made me think of this one English choir I was obsessed with back in my boys choir days. They’re called Libera. Their voices never fail to shed shivers up my spine, especially in this song (my favorite). It basically sounds like what you’d expect when you get to heaven.

    So give them a listen!

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  • The Olympic Douchebaggery Award goes to... -- TurtleBoy, 11:09:30 08/13/16 Sat
    Phelps! Phelps is a douchebag. Douchebag is Phelps.

    That is all.

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  • "Safehaven" miniseries to begin next Friday night! -- Comicality, 18:49:39 08/12/16 Fri

    The FOURTH spinoff series from the zombie apocalypse story, "Shelter", is set to begin next Friday night, and end with the debut of Imagine Magazine's Newest issue! ( As each spinoff has a different 'feel' to it, "Safehaven" takes place right in the midst of the complete and utter breakdown of society, where they try to get to safety while watching the civilized world fall apart! I started work on the third and final chapter last night, and you can expect the final chapter to "Miles To Go" tomorrow night! So check them all out, and look for "Shelter" to have a new chapter next month as well! Have fun! :)

    Check Out The Entire Collection

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  • Server upgrades -- TurtleBoy, 11:09:32 08/12/16 Fri
    It's been a couple of months since I had time to do some server maintenance. As a result, there's quite a bit to do today. That means the Imagine, Blood Bank, CSOB, and Chat will be up and down and down and up for a couple of hours.

    Sorry. *sniffle*

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  • You should all read "GFD : Fanboys" -- Cirrus, 08:43:06 08/12/16 Fri
    And then post a nice comment for Com about it.

    One of things about being on holiday is the opportunity to catch up on some reading. And that includes a few series I skipped when they first came out.

    Maybe you haven't read this story because you think you need to be an expert on Gone From Daylight. Or because you don't want to read a dark and brooding story.

    Well you don't need to know anything about GFD to enjoy this story. And it's a super bubbly happy story.

    Yes, it's about two gay kids meeting and falling for each other. But it's also about being passionate about something, and finding someone who enjoys the same thing just as much as you do. I was a nerd in high school, back in the late 80s / early 90s when there was nothing at all cool about liking Star Trek or Doctor Who or weird role playing games. But I had friends who were as a geeky as I was (one built his own replica starship consoles... and uniforms).

    If you've ever been obsessed with GFD or Twilight or Harry Potter or Call of Duty or Minecraft or your local sports team or some other sports team or Star Wars or Pokemon or Magic : The Gathering or great naval battles of World War I or Dungeons & Dragons or ANYTHING you should be able to relate.

    Comsie obviously had a lot of fun coming up with GFD merchandise, and if the series continues I want him to keep coming up with ever more outlandish tie-products. GFD tea cosys! GFD urinal cakes! GFD flavoured condoms for teens! The stranger and more outrageous the better.

    The story itself is about finding the boy of your dreams, who is into exactly the same thing you are - and being terrified of messing up what should be the easiest romance in the world. It really captures that fear of screwing things up completely if you do or don't do the right thing - and you have no road map to follow.

    There's only six chapters to read. So read it! And comment! Make Com's day!

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