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"Wet Dream Of The Week"
Sebastian Moy - This super cute and highly energetic teen has been making a big splash on Youtube along with his brother/best friend, Oliver...and he shows no signs of slowing down. From vlogs to Musicaly to his own webseries, Sebastian is sure to be around for some time to come! Wishing you well! And keep up the playful energy! It's awesome!

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  • Say, Dom! Have you seen this one? :P -- Comicality, 21:30:14 08/20/18 Mon

    I know you're a Steve Amel fan ("Arrow"), and I think this was made by him and his younger brother? I may have that wrong. But I thought it was cool. Check it out!


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  • LMFAO!!!! ::Crying:: Omigod...I can't...I just can't... -- Comicality, 05:18:47 08/20/18 Mon

    OMFG!!! I'm cracking UP right now!!! I wish I could play this game! I'd do nothing else! LMAO!!!

    I can't even...!!!



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  • WDotW For 8/20 -- Comicality, 03:57:01 08/20/18 Mon

    I kinda like that little country twang in his pop idol voice. It's subtle, but it's different. :P

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 03:53:34 08/20/18 Mon

    Every once in a while, I just happen to trip over some really good sci fi! This is one of them! Thought I'd share! :)


    Netflix is definitely good for truly surprising me with cinematic gems that seem to come out of nowhere! "Extinction" is definitely one of those gems, so don't let it fly under your radar. I just thought that it was a really cool story, with some awesome plot twists along the way that caught me completely off guard!

    I don't want to say too much because I don't want to add any spoilers. It's basically a story about a father who is having recurring nightmares about a deadly invasion, and still trying to function with his wife and children through it all. BUT...are his dreams a delusion, or a prophecy of things to come?

    As this story is told, and the events begin to unravel and unfold...this whole movie begins to take on an entirely different meaning, altogether. And I loved every last minute of it!

    So, if you're in the mood for some good science fiction, check this one out! Enjoy!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 03:35:43 08/20/18 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'What's My Time, Coach?' Kiss!

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  • == JUKEBOX JIMMY == -- Comicality, 05:30:55 08/19/18 Sun

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "The Last Song-Bender"! As Jimmy is learning to control the four major elements of nature, he wants you guys to find songs with a mention of these elements in the song title! Earth, Air, Water, and Fire! So run over to your playlists, and show the rest of us what you've got! As always, Jimmy wants you to all to give us at least ONE song, but no more than FOUR! Cool? Happy hunting!

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.)

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  • Hehehe, my apologies... -- Comicality, 05:29:09 08/19/18 Sun

    I came to the board earlier, and it was a serious chore to get it to load up like it should. That's something that I usually look over, personally. However, it hasn't been really necessary lately. Now that we've got brand new Shackers checking things out every day, and some of our 'classic' Shackers coming back to post every once in a blue moon, I'm going to keep a closer eye on these things around here so the board can remain as functional as possible.

    Don't worry, though! It's a GOOD thing! And big THANKS to you new guys who have been sending such supportive emails lately! Hehehe! I'll be getting back to you in a few days or so!

    Also, there are one or two more little things to add to the latest issue of Imagine Magazine! I still have to work today, but I've got Tuesday off! And that will give me a chance to relax and focus some more. I've just been speeding from work to sleep and back to sleep a lot lately. But it keeps me on my toes when I have time off. ::Giggles:: And...

    Nope! I'm not gonna say anything else! Shhhh!

    I'm on my toes. I'll leave it at that!

    Take care! And I'll seezya soon! Thanks for the emails! You help to lift me up when I need it most. It makes every word I've ever written worthwhile.

    I love you too! Mwah!

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  • Did my calendar decieve me, or is Austin's 21st BD tomorrow!!?? Here's to another triple more years times that ! -- RickGayAZ, 09:51:41 08/18/18 Sat
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  • YAY! That's only a few weeks away! I'm SO ready! XD -- Comicality, 21:44:58 08/16/18 Thu

    As far as the Marvel Netflix shows goes, every last one of them has been SO good, in my opinion! Some people had issues with the first season of Iron Fist, but I liked it just fine. I think the fight choreography could have been a lot better, but Finn Jones only had, like, two or three weeks worth of martial arts training when they started filming, and then they tried to edit and 'jump cut' their way around it. But the story and the character were exactly in line with what he was supposed to be, for the most part.

    Anyway, as awesome as all of the original series were, ever single one stepped things up a LOT for their second season, being bigger and better than the first! And it looks like Iron Fist is going to follow that trend! Sweeeeet! (The one exception would be Jessica Jones season 2. Which was cool, but...David Tennant's villain in season 1 was an extremely hard act to follow! He absolutely slaughtered that role!) REALLY looking forward to this one! :)


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  • The iconic Aretha Franklin has died... RIP! -- bwctwriter, 19:03:01 08/16/18 Thu
    You will be greatly missed, Aretha. :'(


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  • Happy 21st birthday Greyson!!! MWAH!!! -- Comicality, 09:45:47 08/16/18 Thu

    So dreamy! :P

    Have a good time celebrating! And take it easy on the booze! We need your voice to stay beautiful! ::Snuggles::

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  • Imagine Magazine Returns!!! XD -- Comicality, 19:21:12 08/15/18 Wed


    The brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is live! I hope you guys enjoy issue #39! And remember...we are ALWAYS looking for new material! Book/movie/music reviews, articles, LGBT issues, personal stories...TALK to me! Send me an email at Comicality@webtv.net and find out how you can be a part of the next Imagine Magazine issue! I'd love to have ya! :)

    Now, there will be a short wait on "Shelter" (Chapter 11), because I have either been too exhausted or way too busy to edit it! Like...at ALL! But it will be added to the magazine tomorrow night! That's 100% MY fault, folks!

    HUGE thanks to JeffsFort and his team for putting this new issue together, and for all of the other stuff going on behind the scenes right now! As well as for being patient with me while I try to learn the ins and outs of the system myself, with the hopes that I might take some of the weight off of their shoulders when I'm being 'difficult'. LOL!

    Now then...go check out the new issue! Lots of good stuff there for you guys to get involved with! Enjoy! And I'll seezya soon!

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  • "And I don't want the world to seee me...because I don't think that they'd understand! When everything's made to be broken...I just want you to know who I am!" -- Comicality, 19:04:57 08/15/18 Wed

    A brand new, double sized, chapter of "Billy Chase" is up in the Library! So check it out! And feel free to let me know what you think!


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  • Tag, you're it! :-p -- bwctwriter, 07:03:28 08/15/18 Wed
    Just wanted to post a lil about this movie... It was actually pretty fun to watch! Check it out if you got some nostalgia from the thought of playin' tag with your childhood friends again. :-)


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  • This is so sad to see, but I'm glad he's finally getting some help -- Mike, 17:48:32 08/12/18 Sun

    Joey Cramer was just about my first crush ever, I remember watching FOTN like almost every day for a while, and having these weird feelings I still didn't understand.

    Like so many child stars though, his life went off track somewhere and, spirelled out of control. Drugs, attempts of suicide and even a bank robbery, then time in the slammer.

    But it looks like he's genuinely trying to turn his life around. Despite everything he's been through he still seems like a nice person, and he's still a good looking dude. I wish him well.

    They're making a documentary on his life after Flight Of The Navigator.

    Here's a short teaser from that. Not sure when the full documentary will be out.

    Best of luck, Joey.

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  • Wait...WHAT??? -- Comicality, 04:00:34 08/09/18 Thu

    They just released a video for this song a WEEK ago??? :O

    Sorry, I'm a MJ fan for life. Hehehe, can't help it. His passing was something that had me depressed for a long time. Ugh, it still hurts. Never thought I'd live in a world without Michael Jackson and Prince. Just never occurred to me.

    But...with his posthumous album, I remember thinking that this song sounded most like something he would have done himself. So...I'm digging the video. OMG, all the masks and costumes he wore in his videos! That's awesome!

    I miss you soooo MJ! I really do!


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  • Eating Me Spinach! :P -- Comicality, 00:14:40 08/09/18 Thu

    Hehehe, just letting you know that I'm still around, and waving hello! A lot of the people that I work with either went back to college for the next semester, or have kids that were going back to school this week and last week. So my bosses figured, "Let's give Comsie ALL of the shifts that have to be covered! That won't kill him, right?" It's tiring, but...fine by me. It'll look good on the paycheck. :)

    Anyway, I'm going to work through my usual insomnia hours tonight, and stories will start again on Monday! Cool? Also, Imagine Magazine will be ready on the 15th! That's next Wednesday! So be sure to keep an eye out for it, cool?

    I still don't have my schedule for next week yet, because everything is still kinda last minute, but I'll let you guys know when I plan on my next big email marathon and I'll try to schedule a public chat so I can talk to you all again. It'll be fun!

    Anyway, I'm outta here! Seezya soon! Love always!


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  • Yay! Welcome back, Ronan! ((Hugz)) -- Comicality, 05:33:26 08/07/18 Tue

    I, for one, missed ya! He grew into a handsome cutie, didn't he? :)


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  • Someday people -- Fanson, 05:15:44 08/07/18 Tue
    So, I saw the post down there about someone saying the F word and just wanted to post this song here; be happy people :)

    (Posting this version 'cause I like it better lol :P)

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  • Guys, this is some serious shiz, -- Mike, 16:51:34 08/06/18 Mon
    It seems that there's been a major outbreak of gay frogs in Austin Texas.

    But don't worry, the well distinguished journalist, Alex Jones, is keeping us completely up to speed with the very latest developments.

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  • Oh man, how does he keep doing it? Sacha, you dawg! :P -- Mike, 16:07:38 08/06/18 Mon

    Keep in mind this is all legit, well besides the project itself. Nor is he actually a professor, but the people there listening to him are very real.

    And I know the seriousness of their hatred and ignorance, but seeing them being trolled, and falling for it, has me in hysterics.

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  • LMAO!!! -- Comicality, 06:35:53 08/06/18 Mon



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  • SUPER accurate! YES!!! -- Comicality, 17:40:26 08/05/18 Sun

    I mean..."Spiderman 3" with Tobey Maguire tried, but...no. That just...ummm, no. In the comics, Venom is friggin' TERRIFYING! This is much more like it! SOLD! :)


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