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  • My wonderful grandmother gained her angel wings today... -- bwctwriter, 15:40:31 09/22/17 Fri
    I will remember fondly our weekly get togethers over the last 2 years or so, scratching lottery tickets and hoping to win big (We lost money overall, but we still managed to "win" most days, together sharing laughs, love, and memories. You will be in my heart forever, Gran...

    Rest in peace, Grandma. :-)

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  • == JUKEBOX JIMMY == -- Comicality, 12:33:59 09/22/17 Fri

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "Movie Muzik"! This week, Jimmy wants to run out to the movies and enjoy himself! So, let's see what kind of 'soundtrack' tunes you guys have on deck! It can be any song from any movie soundtrack out there, but it does not have to be the TITLE theme! Also...it CAN'T be an instrumental score by a composer! It must be done by a performing or radio artist or band! Give us at least ONE, no more than FOUR...and let us know what movie the song is from! ::Grabs Popcorn:: Happy hunting!

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.)

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  • Yay! -- Comicality, 20:42:41 09/21/17 Thu

    I was wondering if Gotham was going to bring back cutie, Charlie Tahan, again to play the Scarecrow! And they did! Woo hoo!

    When does he get to roll around on the floor and wrestle with David Mazouz? :P

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  • Come Back Fun We Miss You Guys. -- ., 17:30:14 09/21/17 Thu

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  • Sometimes... -- Comicality, 00:50:30 09/21/17 Thu

    ...Trying to do ANYTHING past 10 pm here is such a chore that it's...depressing. :(

    I'm SO fucking homesick for Chicago. I just...this whole place doesn't fit me at all. Can I at least find a fucking GAS STATION to fill up the car and grab some snacks? What the fuck? Are people around here afraid of the boogie man???

    Sorry. Just...my soul is suffocating here, and I don't know what to do. My mom wants me to stay. But I'll never be happy here. I tried, and it'll be a YEAR in a week or two...but I can't do this. I miss my home. I miss my job. I miss my friends. I'm just sad here...

    Just needed to vent for a moment. I'm gonna write for a while and watch a movie while I pretend I'm not hungry. Maybe I should go to bed at 10 pm too from now on. :/

    Ps- Do bees have underground nests??? WTF? I didn't know that. But I've got a hole in the front lawn, and bees are flying in and out of it all day like it's some kind of subterranean airport or something! What am I supposed to do about that? Can I explain this to somebody at Home Depot and not sound crazy?

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  • The costume looks a bit cheesy, but he's still a badass! -- Comicality, 21:17:28 09/20/17 Wed

    He's gonna spend most of the series having it stained with blood and bullet holes anyway! So...go get 'em, Frank! XD


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  • New Question For Imagine Magazine! -- Comicality, 20:22:26 09/20/17 Wed

    I'm going to try to collect six or seven of these Imagine questions so we don't run out of material or have to go on a scavenger hunt at the last minute. I'm already in the process of writing a *LOT* more for the magazine on my end, and I'll soon be reaching out to other authors to take a shot at contributing as well. Who knows? Maybe we'll discover some brand new talents out there! :)

    Anyway, question number two...

    Pop quiz, hot shot! There's a real cutie in your midst! Maybe he's someone you work with. Maybe he's in a couple of your classes at school. Maybe you see him at your local gym, or he works at your favorite café or restaurant. You might ride the bus or train with him every day, or maybe you're meeting him for the first time at a friend's party! Either way, he's right there in front of you.

    This could be your chance! Hey, he could be the one!

    So...what do you say?

    ::Record Scratches::

    Wait, wait, wait!!! Before you guys get all timid and run away from this question SCREAMING...just hear me out! Geez! Stop giving up so damn fast! This is a community project here, dangit!

    I'm not asking for cheesy one liners (unless you've got some good ones! Hehehe!). Just think about it. How do you meet a beautiful stranger that you've never met before? How would you approach him? How do you break the ice? Do you 'test him out' first to see if he might be interested? Or do you just tell him that you're interested first and see how he responds? Whether this is happening in the high school cafeteria, over a few drinks at the bar, a guy you've been talking to online, or to that hot intern that works for your company...what do you do to get to know somebody new? Somebody you might be attracted to?

    Tell us what you've done in the past, or what you think people should do, or what they SHOULDN'T do! And if you've never tried to approach a stranger to get a phone number or to show some interest...tell us why not? It's totally ok to be frightened about this sort of thing. God knows I've run away from many an opportunity myself, so I'm hardly one to judge!

    But, for everyone reading...if you've got some kind of strategy or advice to give, feel free to talk about it in the reply below! Tell us as much or as little as you want, and as always 'anonymous' replies are welcome!

    These answers will be used for Imagine Magazine's public post in the future. So if you don't want your answer added, please let me know ahead of time. K?

    Thanks soooooo much for your awesome answers on last week's question! We got about TEN answers, which was GREAT! Let's see if we can maybe get twelve out of this one!

    Thanks in advance! And love always!

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  • A couple of new trailers were released today... -- Mike84, 14:43:51 09/20/17 Wed

    Jumanji 2. Lmao, this actually looks pretty decent. I was worried that they were just going to produce any old crap to make a quick buck, but I could see myself watching this.

    And Wonderstruck, with Pete's Dragon's Oakes Fegely.

    The story of a young boy in the Midwest is told simultaneously with a tale about a young girl in New York from fifty years ago as they both seek the same mysterious connection.

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  • :-o My work just made the NATIONAL NEWS!!!! OMIGOSH! -- bwctwriter, 19:57:47 09/19/17 Tue
    So, a few years ago, a cartoonist/volunteer at my hospital started shining a flashlight at the kids he entertained when he was riding home from Hasbro... And then he started asking a couple local businesses to participate... The rest is history. :-)

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  • Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy.. -- Mike84, 04:08:17 09/19/17 Tue

    It's weird. A lot of these giant companies I knew growing up (there's several especially in the UK I can think of), household names that are now no more, and now Toys R Us might be going the same way.

    I wouldn't say I was a big fan of the company or anything, it's just a name that's so familiar to me, especially when I was younger.

    I'm not sure why they're in trouble. Maybe it's because kids spend a lot more time playing on tablets and smartphones these days than playing with 'toys'. I'm not saying that's bad. It's just progress. Things change.

    Older people here probably know what I'm talking about right? I sort of grew up in an half and half environment. Between the internet and pre-internet days. Between the video game and non-video game days. But some on here are older than me and will remember a time before Saga, Xbox and Playstation was around. When 'smartphones' meant that it had physical buttons instead of a rotary dial.

    This is a really old commercial, but I still remember seeing it on TV when I was a kid and getting excited because I knew Christmas was around the corner.

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  • le sigh.....caught an episode of SNG, probably one of the first ones that wesley crusher showed up on.....mmmmmm still lusting hahahaha -- RickGayAZ, 22:02:02 09/18/17 Mon
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  • GAH!!! Thursday can't come soon enough! -- Comicality, 21:27:03 09/18/17 Mon

    I'll be front and center for this!


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  • Comsie! OMG! Look what I found at the gas station today!!! -- bwctwriter, 21:21:28 09/18/17 Mon
    :-o U got friends in high places, man! :-p

     photo Comsie Coke_zpsxkmrg1qz.jpg

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  • WDotW For 9/18 -- Comicality, 07:25:48 09/18/17 Mon

    I can't stop staring at his eyes!

    No wait...it's those kissable lips of his...

    Wait...no, it's the eyes...

    DAMMITT! I'm so confused! Hehehe!

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 07:24:09 09/18/17 Mon

    This week's 3M isn't quite 'Gone From' yet! Hehehe, but you should watch it anyway!


    When this movie came out, there was a big Hollywood fetish for disaster movies. "Titanic", "Volcano", "Dante's Peak", "Pearl Harbor", "Twister"...anything that could tear up shit and make it look cool on screen was bringing in box office numbers, and that's what the studios wanted. However, no matter people might say to criticize this movie, I LOVED it!!! From beginning to end! In fact, its one of my top five most underrated Stallone films ever! :)

    Sylvester Stallone plays a cab driver who's an ex fire chief for the city of New York, and when a catastrophy takes place in the tunnel between New York and New Jersey, it's up to Stallone and his expertise to 'try' to save the day! This includes an ensemble cast, including his own son, Sage, in a role in the movie. (RIP Sage)

    Not only does this movie have a decent amount of action in it, but a lot of drama as well. Like...teary eyed drama. ("Jesus, dude...quit making me want to CRY already!") With one problem after another popping up every few minutes, this movie NEVER gets boring! It just keeps pulling you forward until the credits roll. And in a world of big budget disaster films, it's a shame that this one gets overlooked as often as it does. Stallone has his cheesy moments, naturally, but he also put his acting chops to the test. And it worked for me.

    So give this movie a look! And see if you get all emotional too by the time it's over! Hehehe! EnjoY!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 06:59:29 09/18/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Sudden Growth Spurt' Kiss!

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  • Another loss from the "Alien" movie... Harry Dean Stanton...Rest In Peace Harry -- Dwayne, 20:05:13 09/17/17 Sun

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  • Bill is gay. -- PeteIM, 17:58:33 09/17/17 Sun
    He's never flaunted it, but he's never denied it either. At work, it wasn't a big deal. It was more of an "I Wasn't Asked, So I Didn't Tell" kind of thing... Until Thursday, May 24, 2001.

    Bill was working for ESPN and ESPN.com at the time, and that day he came out on the front page of the website in an article entitled “Sports World Still a Struggle for Gays." That article won him a GLAAD Media Award the following year.

    In 2011, his coming out was named the #64 moment in gay sports history by the website Outsports.com. His story was included as a chapter in the book “Jocks 2: Coming Out to Play” by Dan Woog.

    You can read the story that outed him here:

    But that's not what I wanted to say.

    In 2013 I bought Bill Konigsberg's Kindle book, Openly Straight, about Rafe, an out kid in Boulder, Colorado. I started the book at least a half dozen times, each time having to start at the beginning since I forgot what I had read so far. I'm pleased to say that last night I finally finished it. I'm kinda glad I procrastinated. You see, now the sequel is out. (o: I bought that one [Honestly, Ben], as well as downloading the free 50-page tie-in [Openly, Honestly].

    Openly Straight starts with Rafe's dad driving him to a New England boarding school. Through flashbacks, we find out that Rafe came out to his parents and became active in the gay community in Boulder. But he felt he was missing a lot. People kept treating him as 'the gay kid' rather than just 'the kid'. so for his Junior year of high school - 11th Grade, Rafe talked his parents into letting him go to an all-boys boarding school in Massachusetts. When he got there, he never lied about being gay, he just never volunteered the information. The humor - and the problems - soon began. I'm always afraid that I'll give away too much, so I'll stop here, except to say that Openly Straight is one of the funniest, yet most sincere books I've read in a long time. You can get Bill Konigsberg's book, Openly Straight, on Kindle for $5.99.

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  • How do we embed youtube videos again? -- 90210, 15:48:23 09/17/17 Sun

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  • Johnny Cash died 14 years ago on September 12th.. -- PeteIM, 14:09:35 09/17/17 Sun
    I wish he was here still...

    The Man In Black

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  • Freshers week starts today and it’ll be mental as usual -- ., 04:09:27 09/17/17 Sun

    Maybe they’ll party harder this year ready for Rapture Day next Saturday. I’m not a student and Rob isn’t a fresher but we always seem to get involved and go to a couple parties and it’s not just the parties the bars and streets will be packed crazy at night.

    Our friend from Jupiter arrived Friday jetlagged lol so we just talked on the phone that day while he got settled into his new flat and got some sleep. We met up yesterday and he was like “Whoa cops with guns on the streets again it’s just like being home.” Uk is on critical alert again, the highest alert, after Fridays Tube bomb which thankfully flopped. If it went off as intended the casualty list would have been huge. It seems strange that last Sunday I posted about that incident on the tube we were riding then 5 days later there was a hit.

    Wtv have a great week Freshers and party as if it’s your last one.


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  • I'm Freaking out! -- Donovan, 23:13:04 09/16/17 Sat
    Dude I opened up Com's latest chapter on GayAuthors and took a shower I came back in my room and my brothers using the internet on my computer and I know I left it right on the GayAuthors website. He's acting normal like nothing happend. should I just jump the gun and assume he knows and maybe tell him or watch him see if he starts acting weird. I don't want him to think I don't trust him or anything but I really don't know what to do.

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  • Please pardon me for the wait -- Juan, 22:52:30 09/16/17 Sat
    Hey y'all so I'm finally back around. Sorry if I worried you all, I appreciate y'all's consideration and thoughts. This WILL be a long post, so I'm sorry for that.

    I actually don't remember what the last update I gave was, so I'll just fill you in on the early bits of August. So while Harvey was at a standstill over Houston, I was safe at my uni. Upon my mum's request I left my uni and went to stay with my sister at her apartment which is only 8 miles away. But at the time I wasn't really worried because the worst we got was just some wind, nothing bad. There were parties everywhere, the state of mind that Harvey was not a threat was in everyone's head.

    We were idiots.

    I attended a few parties that my friends wanted me to go to. I mean why not right? Partying in college is just a part of the experience, debauchery is important right now. So while everything is being rationed and troops upon troops where setting up base here before they had to push through into Houston as soon as Harvey let up. We were personally well prepared, everyone was telling me I was being paranoid. The now Tropical Storm Harvey was coming straight for us and I don't remember how long it rained, but it felt like forever since I saw the sun. Then we started hearing that the towns surrounding us were being flooded and that the dams were compromised. They had no choice but voluntarily release the excess water and it swept away anything in its path. As soon as we woke up we found that we were on an island, no way in, no way out.

    I came down with a serious case of cabin fever. I think we all did. Loads of people fled north before the highways became makeshift rivers. By the time most of us realized what happened it was too late to leave. Not only that, but we had no where to go to. Anything and everything was underwater, the only thing we could do is wait for it to go down. That wouldn't happen for another week. A day later we lost our water supply. The day after, the power. It SUCKED. Nothing to do, nothing to think about except the devastation out there, the guilt of not being able to do anything. We felt totally helpless and cutoff. Truly what I imagine what the apocalypse to feel like. I didn't hear from my mum or anyone for that matter in days and that to me was the most frightening thing. Soon enough the power came back on and we eagerly got right down to see what was going on. As soon as we heard there was a possibility to get out, we left. You see, as Nathan once said, "You're the most paranoid person I know, calm down nothing's going to happen". Years ago back when we had the great Memorial Day flooding in Houston, my pop and I put a snorkel on my jeep, but my jeep is at its normal height. I wanted to get it lifted, but it was cheaper to get the snorkel installed than to lift it, surprisingly. That jeep, is the pride and joy of my dad. He built it from scratch and I affectionately named him Toby after my favourite toy robot. The day I got Toby was one of the happiest days of my life, he's my pride and joy too. Anyway, so after about a week of not being able to shower, expel our bowls, and eat a hot a meal, we decided to try and go home. We ended up making it just fine, it took forever though. I went about 20 mph on an 80 mph highway, ugh. As we were driving down the road to my house, I saw some of my stuff floating down LOL. It was stuff I really didnt care about, old stuff from highschool, my letterman's jacket, a bunch of old crap, but hey littering. Literally has my name on it lol. So we got to my house and all the water was gone. You see, my neighborhood is pretty good about not getting flooded, it has a huge moat-like ditch surrounding it and the only way in or out is through a bridge and its pretty elevated. But like with most of Houston, its not designed to drain that much water in such a short time frame. A lot of our neighborhood was damaged through the flooding. The entire first story of my house was underwater. So we got right to work and tore up the floors and walls and everything was trashed. I think it made my dad pretty sad to do it. He worked on that house since it was built, I was personally pissed because I also had to work on that and UGH to have to rip it all out, I was like NOOOOOOOOOO dammit. The upstairs was fine, but obvs couldnt be lived in because of black mold, but there was power and water so I took a looooong ass shower. There was a lot that was ruined, but my mum prepared ahead of time.Mum cooked a hearty meal and we stayed there for a bit helping out in the neighborhood. Until classes started online and let me tell you, professors are cunts. I had to go back because I had to go back to work, plus classes were starting the following week. Which was ass because there's no food, no water, no way in unless you have a boat or a vehicle that can sustain driving through water. Total bullshit, so as soon as i got back I was on work mode and haven't really had a break yet. Honestly I'm surprised I haven't had a mental break yet. Coming back to uni was a total joke, im pissed at this place. How could you make kids who lost literally everything they had, cant afford a single book. Its cruel and frankly we dont need that stress. My mum and dad are taking care of everything and ugh even if all wasn't sunshine and rainbows they wouldn't tell me. But for fucks sake guys the aftermath is just.. I can't even tell you how fucked it is.

    Thanks for listening. Thank you Johnny for reaching out. Thank you Lord for blessing us. I need a fucking drink


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  • Woah... I soooo need to learn how to do this -- Vinny, 16:55:19 09/16/17 Sat
    Shawn Wasabi - OTTER POP (ft. Hollis)

    Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj2eUpt3MVE

    Shawn Wasabi - Marble Soda

    Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAeybdD5UoQ

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  • From the "Why am I not surprised?" file... -- PeteIM, 15:37:24 09/16/17 Sat

    Still no charity money from leftover Trump inaugural funds

    Sep 16, 2017
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee has contributed leftover funds to renovations at the White House and the vice president’s residence. But the committee has yet to start giving money to charity, as it promised.

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  • Yet Another Rapture Day Prediction -- ., 04:50:07 09/16/17 Sat
    23rd September which is next Friday.

    A Rapture Song. Ok it's not about the rapture but hey. :)


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  • OMG!!! I just got back from seeing the New "IT"... -- Dwayne, 22:29:10 09/15/17 Fri
    In my opinion it was...FREAKING AWESOME!!! The new Pennywise was creeeeepy and Finn Wolfhard was funny and GREAT acting (loved the swimming scenes...LMAO...wow) Bill Skarsgard played the clown perfectly...DAMN!!! sooooo...GO SEE IT!!! I hope you love it like I did :D

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  • How every conversation I have with a cute boy goes lol -- Natsu, 19:49:58 09/15/17 Fri

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  • See? Just think... -- Comicality, 16:02:58 09/15/17 Fri

    ...There was a time where there was no internet. No dirty pictures. No finding other people like you in a place of safety without worrying about put in jail. And it wasn't as long ago as we'd like to believe. Imagine what it will be like ten or fifteen years from now. :)

    Babysteps, I guess...


    Welcome back Oscar season! :P It looks like it's half in English and half in Dutch, but I'd be down to see where the first published naughty pics came from! Check it out! :)

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  • Just wondering what you guys' perspective was on 'best friends'? -- Mike84, 15:08:58 09/15/17 Fri

    Best Friends

    (I thought it touched on Com's earlier post about "straight friend crushes" too. )

    I saw this article the other day that claimed that the school that Prince George (3rd in line to the Brit throne) at his new school won't be allowed to socialise with only one child for too long. I think he's there at this school for most of his formative years, until 11 or maybe it's 13? I don't know. He's just started school recently. And the article was addressing that.

    Anyway, They're not allowed to get too 'familiar' with one friend, or one group of friends. They move them around regularly to keep strong friendships from forming, at this particular school. They say they do it so that no one's left out.

    I thought that this was kinda sad in a way. Most of my formative years, the best memories I have of them, involve best friends. The adventures and mischief we caused. There's something you get with a deep rooted friendship that you just can't get out of having lots of "acquaintances", which is all people really are until you get to know them well.

    Now, this is all assuming that it's true, that it's properly implemented, and that the kids don't find other ways of forming closer friendships with particular kids (through home life and extra curricular activities).

    I suppose it might be beneficial to George because he's gonna be a King one day (unless we become a republic before then, or dies before his dad, who's about the same age as me). So having a life where he's constantly meeting new faces and learning how to socialise with various different personalities is probably going to help him with his "royal duties".

    Still though I feel like this is robbing a child of something special that they'd otherwise look back on in later life with fondness. I know I have.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is Running for President of the United States -- PeteIM, 15:07:58 09/15/17 Fri

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  • *!*!* JOEYWORLD UPDATE!!! *!*!*. ( like it's really important...ha 😝!...but it might be!! )....read on...... -- Joey (Hmmmmm 🤔), 14:32:15 09/15/17 Fri
    Ok...so I ain't done a joeyworld update inna while. So here it is ok?!! First school. College is kinda fucked up. I'm having some problems adjusting. I'll be honest ok I am. Mostly communication issues. I'm eligible for a full time ASL interpreter the Americans with disabilities act but I'm still not sure I wanna go that route ok? It's weird and it looks funny and it's distracting to other students. I made it thru highschool without one but it took some serious tutoring which is actually available at schoolcraft community college too. I'm still feeling things out ok? Gimme a break! Next..new video on my YouTube channel! Just go to YouTube and search "how to snowmobile with no snow". It'll come up. HA 😜. Plus a couple other vids. I took out all the old vids cus I looked like a little kid. HEY!!..that's the way it is ok!?? Deal!!!
    Next...I wanna say something ok? I really do... I am so sad about the state of our world. I just am. More terrorist attack's in Europe...more missles from North Korea...more hurricanes leaving hard working family's homeless... tropical islands destroyed where poor people have no money or ability to rebuild their homes or schools. The list goes on forever ok? But think about this shit Ok!!?? When u go home from work and stop for a pizza or sub and go home to watch a movie or Jack off to porn or go online or do WHATEVER... think!!.. Please please Think of all the people and families and kids that can't. Ok??. Jus for a moment each nite..jus for ten seconds...say "god please help everyone who can't help themselves". That's it!! A simple request! Not a proper formal prayer!! Just a simple request to Whatever higher power exist or doesn't! Not UR job to figure out if it's true!... BUT...it IS UR JOB to ask for help for those that are screwed an ur not! It just is. So please..ok. Have a ❤
    I love alls u guys...u have made my life better...now do that for someone else
    Smooochez 😙😙😘😁🙋

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  • == JUKEBOX JIMMY == -- Comicality, 13:44:15 09/15/17 Fri

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "Moody Booty"! This week, Jimmy is laying you down on the psychiatrist's couch and wants to get some of your 'feelings' out of you! So, search your playlists to find songs that have a certain EMOTION in the title of the song! Any emotion! Happy, sad, angry, tired, frustrated, confused...as long as it is in the song's title! But you can't use words that merely 'imply' an emotion. (Crying, smiling, dancing, sleeping, etc) The actual emotion itself has to be in the title. Examples included in the 'Comsie Picks' below! Give us at least ONE, no more than FOUR! Get that moody booty in motion! Hehehe, happy hunting!

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.)

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  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Comicality, 20:56:47 09/13/17 Wed

    This came out, like...over a YEAR ago!!!

    Can't wait!!! Sighhh...


    My darling Levi...with a dirty mouth. That's just...hot! LOL! :P


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  • A Question For Imagine Magazine.... -- Comicality, 17:55:41 09/12/17 Tue

    This is a question that I'm putting out there for all of you guys to think about and answer whenever you get a chance! Now, I am going to be working super HARD on getting new material for Imagine Magazine in the next month or two, and hopefully we can build a dedicated staff that will offer up new material on a monthly basis. (Yep! I'm going to put my nose to the grindstone and make this a monthly online magazine as it was intended...even if I have to do it all by myself!) But, at the same time, you guys are super important to me and to everybody reading. So, if you have a second, share your thoughts on this! :) You can do so anonymously if you want to. That's ok too. But I'll be collecting these answers (Unless you, specifically, tell me NOT to include you, for whatever reason. I'll understand) and adding them to one of the future issues of the magazine. Cool?

    We all learn from one another. We all have personal stories to tell. This is your chance to talk about YOU! You're the expert! So let us know what you think? K?

    More questions to come as future ideas get the momentum going again.

    Have any of you guys ever fallen for your best friend? It doesn't matter how young you were or if it went anywhere or not. For many of us, we find someone that we have a LOT in common with, we laugh with, we share our secrets with...and sometimes (not always, but SOMETIMES), we begin to develop feelings for the cuties that are closest to us. Why wouldn't we? Right?

    Tell us what happened? Have you ever been head over heels for a close friend of yours? When did it happen? Did you ever 'go for it'? What happened then? Was it in real life or online? Did you feel bad about it? Good about it?

    Whatever your story is...put it in the reply below! We can all relate to having a huge crush on that guy/girl that we felt so connected to when they were standing by our side. Share your feelings on this, folks!

    This whole website is actually here because I was MADLY in love with my best friend, Mike, at the time! So I feel your pain, believe me! Hehehe!

    What's your story? Let us know!

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