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  • ::Giggles:: Sighhhh... -- Comicality, 18:59:04 03/13/17 Mon

    War on the poor!

    War on the poor!

    Quit asking me for five dollars for a meal, ya bum! I need to fly my family to Paris on a private jet so I can have brunch, like I do EVERY Wednesday!

    Honestly, if I happened to win the lottery and got 20 million dollars, and I can take care of myself and my family AND live in luxury for TEN million dollars...the rest of you guys can HAVE the other ten million! Why? Because I DON'T NEED TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS!!! I can pay my taxes, I can give to charity, I can save up for a rainy day, I can buy a car, and a house, and get out of debt, and get a full check up at the doctor whenever I want, and buy nice clothes, nice furniture, I can travel around the world, I can set up college funds for all of my cousins, I can help out every close friend that I have back home in Chicago...and STILL have ten million dollars leftover! Just to BLOW! I'd literally have to waste it on PURPOSE just to get rid of it. WTF else am I gonna do with it? The only big expense I'd have left would be my own funeral. I can't take it with me. Even, out of the remaining ten million, if I bought a private island somewhere and built a huge resort, and it was fully staffed, I'd STILL have five million more dollars to just give away. AND, with the resort, I'd be making MORE money...making it even harder to get rid of! Can somebody explain this mentality to me? Even if I bought two million more dollars worth of gold coins, put it in a giant vault, dived into it every morning like Scrooge McDuck, and spent another million dollars to genetically engineer a living DRAGON (named Levi, of course) to guard it for me...I'd still have two MILLION DOLLARS left...to just give away! Like, "Hey, maybe I can spare a little something I have no use for to make sure that you and your children don't starve to DEATH!" Wouldn't that be nice? I have everything I could possibly want, I've taken care of my entire family, sent all of my cousins to college, made investments, put something away to save for emergencies, I'm more than comfortable, I actually have luxuries to the point of excess, purposely wasted a ton of money on utter nonsense that I didn't need, and I still have more money left over than five to ten whole families make in a year. I can put it in a bank and make more off of interest than some doctors and lawyers make in a year. And still...I'm going to complain about being asked to help sick people?

    Sighhh...that's just insane to me. It's the one reason I hope Hell is a real place.

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  • ::GeekGasm:: -- Mike84, 17:32:02 03/13/17 Mon

    Oh wow, so the classic (Mondasian) Cybermen are back after a Fifty year hiatus!

    The last time they were on a new episode on the TV was back in the 60s.

    I'm buzzed for the new series. Which will also be Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat's last one (probably for the best, the series needs shaking up methinks).

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  • Imagine's Writing Group :D -- TurtleBoy, 12:51:06 03/13/17 Mon
    As of our latest release, Imagine has started a writing group! Anyone who likes to write, likes to talk about writing, wants to write more, or just wants to help keep themselves motivated with their writing is free to join. We're having daily writing prompts (that anyone can post) and weekly writing challenges.

    It's an experimental project, so please come check it out and help us make the group better :D

    All you need is an account with Imagine to participate.
    Sign up here: https://imagine-magazine.org/register/
    Find the group here: https://imagine-magazine.org/groups/writing-club/
    More information on the group can be found here: https://imagine-magazine.org/community/the-shacks-writing-club/

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  • Imagine -- Ace, 02:23:39 03/13/17 Mon
    Here's a positive note to start off the week with. I figured with all the negativity and hate going on in the world we all need a quick pick me up, and what better than with an awesome twist on an amazing classic?

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  • Wow this is crazy haha -- Johnny, 03:01:19 03/11/17 Sat

    Look at this weeks singles charts. Ed Sheeran has the top 9 singles in 10, top 14 in 15 and 15 in top twenty. Amazing. Not only that he has 3 albums in the top 5 album charts and his new album has broken all records for topselling male singer. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chart/singles

    Iโ€™m not into him as much as most people are but I do like him he is a brilliant โ€˜popโ€™ artist and I really like the new album. He also comes across as a really nice guy totally unaffected.


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  • Kiefer Sutherland and the cast of Designated Survivor would do much better than Trump & Co. -- PeteIM, 00:45:21 03/10/17 Fri

    Now if only we could get them to trade places. *sigh*
    I'd rather lose a TV program than my country.

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  • HOLY....wait...friggin' HOLY ***SHIT***!!!!!!! :O :O :O -- Comicality, 02:36:46 03/08/17 Wed

    Oh my dear JESUS!!! WTF is happening in this country????

    Did he just say....???

    NO!!! Fucking NO!!! We fucking tolerate this??? Holy SHIT this is bad!!! ::Flabbergasted:: Are you kidding me????? How is this allowed??? This is just...Ohhhhh my fucking GOD!

    I want to CRY!!!!!!! I literally feel tears welling up in my EYES right now! Ohhhh, God...this is so...is just...

    Omigod...tears now. I'm done. I need to get away from this. This is fucking unforgivable... :(

    I can't believe this is happening...

    Forget moving back to Chicago! I need to get out of this COUNTRY! Like...NOW!!!!!

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  • So...I had an idea... -- Comicality, 02:04:26 03/09/17 Thu

    I can't even tell you where it came from, honestly. I was talking to Joey tonight, and an hour or two later, like magic, I thought about this.

    Let me walk you through this...

    Do you remember the whole 'Google Glasses' thing? It didn't really work out the way they were planning it would, but if you're not sure what it was, go to Youtube, and type in 'Google Glasses' for an idea of what it was.

    Now...there's also a program that I use called 'Wavepad Sound Editor'. Sometimes I slow down songs for the trailers to make them creepier, or add echoes or reverb to certain sound effects. But there's also a function where you can type text into a box...and it will 'convert' it into spoken speech. The computer can read the text, and say it out loud.

    My idea was...is there a patent for any device that combines the two...and maybe does the reverse?

    Think about it...what if there was a pair of glasses that deaf people could wear, with hearing aids or microphones on them...that could take in spoken words, music, movies, TV...convert the words into text, and then provide real time 'subtitles' through the glasses? Like, you could be talking to someone, and they can get subtitles for everything in life as it's being spoken to them.

    Does that exist somewhere? Is there a patent for it? Check it out, you guys! Honestly...I have NO techy knowledge about this sort of thing at all, so it's not like I'm ever going to create this kind of thing in my lifetime. It's just an idea. If you have the means, take it and run with it! Have a race to be the FIRST one to invent such a thing! Hehehe, just remember my Paypal button above if you get to be a multi-billionaire! Hahaha! But more importantly, something like that could be huge. Maybe even provide a cable to plug it into your phone or laptop, where Joey could come here and watch a video, and get close captioned subtitles from the sound alone. (Provided they had the glasses on) That's possible, right?

    Anyway, check it out. Free idea. If it doesn't exist yet, that could be all YOU! Make it happen! Just buy me an island when you do. Preferably a "Lord Of The Flies", half nakey, boy filled, island! ::Giggles::

    Yeah...don't know what the heck made me think of that. I had a strange eureka moment. Take it. And do some good for the world...

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  • LMAO!!! I'm...hahaha....I'm sorry... -- Comicality, 02:18:21 03/09/17 Thu

    The SECOND...the actual SECOND that I saw this video title and the thumbnail pic...I just started cracking up!!! I just, I literally just laughed out loud! I **KNEW** what was coming! Go, 'Nick Fury'! Go! LMAO!!!

    Much needed laugh after the video I watched before this...which is infinitely more disturbing! (Please check the reply below, and I hope your heart doesn't break over the hopelessness of that situation) But, God bless you, Samuel L Jackson! Wow...that just made my day!

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  • So here's a random song that I found a few weeks ago... -- Vinny, 21:42:16 03/08/17 Wed
    "MIssing You" - All Time Low

    "With so much left to do
    You'll be missing out
    We'll be missing you"

    And here's a completely different song lol...

    "Only You" - Yazoo

    Those animated figures are creepy as fuck though

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  • Have you ever wondered what would happen... -- PeteIM, 01:27:39 03/08/17 Wed

    If the Earth stopped spinning

    Tech Insider explains:

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  • hey guys we didnt do this for a while! -- Caleb, 19:46:01 03/06/17 Mon
    its time for a sing a long!!! this songs being stuck in my head all day. its Julia Michaels - Issues


    i just need toby randall to do a cover cus his voice is perfect for this song.

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  • Hey LOOK TurtleBoy! Uriah dug his way out of your basement! :P -- Comicality, 17:03:55 03/08/17 Wed

    And he came out so darn cute on the other side! :P


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  • Fans of animation might appreciate this.. -- Mike84, 10:57:40 03/08/17 Wed

    The evolution of animation over about 160 years.

    It's quite fascinating how it developed, especially between the late nineteen twenties and early thirties. It seems to have taken a giant leap there.

    The Evolution Of Animation 1833 - 1990.

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  • Hmmm... The EPA's Office of Science and Technology Policy no longer lists "science" in the paragraph describing what it does. -- PeteIM, 14:49:20 03/08/17 Wed

    I guess we don't do science stuff any more. )o:

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  • Awesome.. -- Mike84 (), 11:43:57 03/07/17 Tue

    A scene from the Big Bang Theory TV show, with the audience laugh track removed and replaced with Ricky Gervais' laughter.

    I'm a big fan of Ricky Gervais, not only because he's a good comedian. But since following him on Twitter, I've discovered that we also share a few other interests, like animal welfare, science & skepticism etc.

    One thing that stands out about Ricky though is his laugh. It's pretty loud and extreme? Is that the right way to describe a laugh? I don't know.

    Last edited by author: Tue March 07, 2017 12:09:26   Edited 1 time.
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