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Gabriel Bateman - 13 Year old, Gabriel Bateman has become one of those boys that you see in the movies who's 'creepy'...but he's too cute to be creepy, so you give him a pass and let him...like, stab you, or whatever! LOL! But from his outings in shows like "Outcast", "American Gothic", and "Lights Out" (ALL of which, you guys should check out!), it's pretty clear that this teen actor is going to be around for a long time to come! Wishing you luck, Gabriel! ((Hugz))

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  • Well, THAT came out of nowhere... -- Comicality, 05:19:21 03/16/17 Thu

    I'm up late, like I usually am, and I was writing new stuff...and I just got sucker punched by the saddest, most heartbreaking, feeling ever. :(

    I don't know why. But it hurts. I don't know what happened. I think I just need a temporary break or something.

    What the hell happened to me? I was fine just a few hours ago. Maybe I subliminally touched a nerve or something. Who knows?

    Anyway, yeah...this is weird. But I have a tendency to be weird anyway, so what else is new? :P

    I'm taking a break now. Feeling a little drained...

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  • My Chemical Romance. My latest music. -- Vinny, 02:02:35 03/18/17 Sat
    So last weekend I went to the music store cause there was an album I wanted to buy (Don't Panic by All Time Low). I was pretty upset when they didn't have it, but I ended up buying "The Black Parade" instead. I saw it in the store, and just thought, "Why not?"

    I'd never listened to any of My Chemical Romance's music before. I guess I'd just put it down as something the emo kids listened to.

    (My deepest apologies to all emo kids / former emo kids who happen to read this)



    Absolutely eargasm-inducing. I added it to my exclusive list of most favorit-est albums evrrrrrrr right after I listened to it. It's just soooo good. They actually sound a lot like Queen in some parts.

    My favorites on the album are the opening song "Dead", "Welcome to the Black Parade" (of course!), "I Don't Love You"...

    Actually, never mind. They're all good.

    Where has this music been all my life!

    (Actually, the album came out in 2006 so it's been there for most of my life LOL. Just unnoticed by me.)

    "Welcome to the Black Parade"

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRKJiM9Njr8
    Link to lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pInrJ72eeUU

    (Now my sister's asking me when I turned into a moody mess of a teenager lol)

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  • Something to cheer your day up :) -- Fanson, 15:18:10 03/17/17 Fri

    So, as you may know 'Beauty & the Beast' hits theaters today. It's a re-telling of the animated one (which is awesome).

    Ok, these vids are really funny xD. Enjoy!

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  • Ryan Phillipee and "Stranger Things", Noah Schnapp, demonstrate new filming technology... -- Comicality, 13:39:16 03/18/17 Sat

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  • I'm a closed-captioning MANIAC lately! :-p -- bwctwriter, 15:41:08 03/17/17 Fri
    This is FUN! Hope yall enjoy them!

    X Ambassadors- Renegades w subtitles from Matt Holmes on Vimeo.

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  • Dude I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! I had this song on repeat all day -- Donovan, 23:51:31 03/15/17 Wed
    Alright so I think this song is of a boy spending time with his first love. the song is Japanese.The title's Chiisana koi no Uta witch transfers into English as A Song of Small Love.


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  • Today's Writing Prompt -- TurtleBoy, 13:06:48 03/16/17 Thu

    Holy sh*t, you died! But wait… wait, it’s okay? You’ve just come back to life and have no idea how or why. What do you do? What happens next? Do you become a government science experiment, do you actually get to live a life? How do you foresee your future now that you’re reborn?

    Find more prompts here: https://imagine-magazine.org/groups/writing-club/forum/

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  • Hehehe, "Transformers" franchise hits the teen/tween market! -- Comicality, 00:49:12 03/17/17 Fri

    And I looks like they live in the "GFD" lot! Which would be awesome! :P

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  • Macauley Culkin was mentioned here last week -- Johnny, 19:10:33 03/17/17 Fri
    Well Rob came across this movie a few weeks ago neither of us had heard about it before. Wtv now we know what happened to Kevin when he grew up he was totally gay. :) It seems this movie is based on a true story.


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  • This one creased me up laughing... -- Mike84, 17:32:13 03/14/17 Tue

    If you were born five years ago, how old would you be now?

    No cheating. Work it out and then watch the clip below.

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  • So I've been have a LOT of fun putting subtitles on songs lately... -- bwctwriter, 17:52:24 03/15/17 Wed
    I hope EVERYONE enjoys these...

    Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence w. subtitles from Matt Holmes on Vimeo.

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  • my frends are coming over right away so lets do this quikc lol -- Caleb, 19:57:59 03/10/17 Fri
    u guys being all mad at trump and not agreeing on subs or watever is stupid. just chill and have fun for a bit cus your all still alive dam it.

    lets sing along to Toby Randall's Misfits

    vid with subs https://youtu.be/pPq1JF_4MHo
    i did the one with out subs right cus the vids cool lol just look u dont need to hear the vid and the lyrics dont matter to the vid in this one k? just be happy guys. u might like it lol.

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  • Whoah! Horror-gasm! :) -- Comicality, 20:11:42 03/15/17 Wed

    This movie looks insane! And creepy! And GORY! I'm in!!!

    ::Makes a big bowl of buttered popcorn::

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  • Today's IMAGINE Writing Prompt. -- TurtleBoy, 13:02:43 03/15/17 Wed
    Message in a Bottle

    You’re sitting on the beach, enjoying a relaxing day in the afternoon sun, when all of a sudden you notice a glass bottle has washed ashore! Of course, when you see it, you know you have to look, but never in a million years did you think it would actually have a note inside. You pick it up, dust off the sand, and discover there is a note!!! YAY!!!

    Take out the note. Read it. What does it say? What do you do? 😮

    Daily writing prompts here: https://imagine-magazine.org/groups/writing-club/forum/

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  • Awwwwwwwww, yeah.... -- Comicality, 20:21:31 03/14/17 Tue

    ...And the R&B song of the year Grammy goes to...

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  • I love Shazam -- Johnny (Don't go all Imax on me again. :)), 18:51:10 03/14/17 Tue

    It’s a brilliant app here’s two songs it found me today in just seconds as usual. I was in Hollister today and the 1st track was playing and was like ‘oh I like this’. I got my phone out fired up Shazam and bingo, a fast result as usual. The second track was being used as a backing track for something I was checking out online. I’ve never heard either of the tracks before but now I have. :)



    Ok I've checked and double checked. :)

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  • Came across a very "interesting" movie tonight.... -- bwctwriter, 02:38:38 03/14/17 Tue
    An edgy teen drama about a group of friends trying to honor the last wishes of one of their own... And the VERY effed up journey that ensues... Think of it as... Weekend at Bernie's, with teenagers. :-p

    It's really morbid at times, but it wasn't bad. And we all know that the teenage years are some of the hardest of your lives... This movie takes that to a new level.

    I found myself asking, geez guys, how much shit do you have to go through to just give up? But... They don't... And that is what makes this movie good, in it's own morbid, fucked up way. :-p

    Check it out.


    PS- i can't figure out how to embed videos on here anymore so... sorry. :-p

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  • I freaking love this! -- Mike84, 08:37:24 03/14/17 Tue

    So lately some bigoted freaks have been crying in their cereals because the Disney movie 'Beauty And The Beast features a gay character.

    It's like the very existence of a character who's questioning his orientation is obscene to these knuckle-draggers.

    Ironically the fact that the film is about bestiality doesn't seem to bother them too much.

    Apparently some backwards places (at least when it comes to LGBT rights) have banned the film, or have made it adult rated.

    Truly pathetic.

    Anyway, Ewan McGregor had something to say about it on Colbert.

    McGregor has a long history of defending LGBT people. Playing gay characters and being puzzled by people's reactions to LGBT issues.

    In 2010, he balked at Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos’ giggly squeamishness at a photo of his same-sex kiss with I Love You Phillip Morris co-star Jim Carrey.

    “That’s just two men kissing. In this age, in 2010, it’s extraordinary that it’s still an object of humor.”

    Well said, Ewan.

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