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Ruel - Yep! Just one name! Like Madonna, and Prince, and...Beyoncé! Hehehe, and it's a well deserved title, as this cutie has truly impressed me! Only 14 years old, Elton John put his faith in his voice, writing, and musical, skills...the result is incredible! We will DEFINITELY be hearing more from Ruel in the future! Count on it! (Is every Australian boy just born unnaturally beautiful or what? What's going on over there?)

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  • Excited for this one for many different reasons. -- Mike84, 14:38:51 12/10/17 Sun

    First of all, it's a Spielberg movie. That in itself is enough to at least intrigue me.

    Second, it's a Sci-fi movie about VR. I'm a bit of a VR buff myself. I have both the Gear VR and the Vive. I'm wondering if they'll be releasing any VR content based on the film. They've missed out big time if they don't.

    Third, it's basically a love letter to the 1980s, which is probably my favourite decade, and not just because I was born then (there's a lot of 80s set stuff lately - Stranger Things, IT, and now this).

    Given that lots of Spielberg films he wrote / directed / produced were released in the 1980s, I wonder how they're going to incorporate that. There was a lot of Spielberg related stuff in the novel.

    And of course, the cast is pretty strong too. Tye Sheridan plays the main character.

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  • Sweeeeeeeeet!!! -- Comicality, 11:09:30 12/10/17 Sun

    Geez, slow down Marvel! You're hitting us from all sides these days! Still, can't wait! Season 2 is gonna be badass! Jessica! XD


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  • Hehehe, coming to prime time... -- Comicality, 01:30:16 12/10/17 Sun

    LOL! Right between "Doogie Howser" and "The Wonder Years"! I can see it now! :P


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  • wow. just posted. http://www.tedlouis.com/parker/boy_toy.html -- RickGayAZ (tearful), 17:36:43 12/09/17 Sat
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  • == JUKEBOX JIMMY == -- Comicality, 12:31:35 12/08/17 Fri

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "Staring Contest"! There's nothing more attractive than a set of piercing eyes! Any shape, any color. They can reveal your heart, and stun those around you with a beauty that shines from within. This week, Jimmy wants the 'eyes' to have it! Search your playlists for songs about eyes or with the word 'eye' in the title! They are the windows of the soul, after all! Give us at least one, no more than four! Cool? Happy hunting! And remember...Jimmy's eyes will be watching you!

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.)

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  • GAH....ok!!! :O -- Comicality, 17:47:50 12/08/17 Fri
    SOME of the characters in this trailer are real! And some are super advanced CGI representations! James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have come to together to see if we can tell the difference!

    I can...ummm...SORTA tell the difference...I think. But not really! Gah! Technology is fucking scary!!!


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  • It was 37 years ago today -- Sam, 06:51:26 12/08/17 Fri


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  • imagine Magazine Question... -- Comicality, 10:45:51 12/07/17 Thu

    This is a question that I've asked from time to time whenever the issue came up in conversation, but I'd like to get a bigger answer from you guys who might not have replied n the past. Might as well add it to the magazine! So here goes:

    Imagine that someone that you don't have any real feelings for or any relationship...maybe even someone you barely know at all...decided they had the hots for you. They could have picked anybody, but they chose you. And their crush exists whether you return it or not. How does that make you feel?

    Now don't bother saying, "I'm old and ugly and stupid and no one will ever want me," because that's just not true. Everybody is somebody's dream boy! And pessimism is unattractive, so...focus! Hehehe!

    If you knew that someone was seriously interested in you, how would you react to that? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you feel the need to return those feelings? Maybe you like it! It makes for one hell of an ego stroke, doesn't it? Are you shy about it? Do you find a sense of humor about it? Do you rush to tell them you're not interested so they can stop? Or maybe you think it's harmless and keep from mentioning it.

    Some people are truly flattered by the idea of having someone else find the beauty in who they are. Then again, some people are creeped out by the fact that some stranger might be stroking himself silly to thoughts of you naked every night before bed! There's a wide spectrum of feelings there.

    I was just interested in your thoughts on this. And remember, we're not talking 'sexual harassment' here. No inappropriate touches or dirty comments, nothing like that. This is just someone that thinks you're really cute, and a good person, and they chose you to be the object of their affections. Let us know what goes through your heart and mind in these situations! Inquiring minds want to know!

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  • Well, I'm surprised it took them this long... -- Comicality, 19:13:58 12/07/17 Thu

    It was bound to hit some scandalous TV network eventually...


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  • Oh hey, a book club title has been turned into a movie -- Cirrus, 02:46:35 12/03/17 Sun
    A while back I wrote a review for a book called "Simon v the Homo Sapiens Agenda". Well now it's been turned into a movie called "Love, Simon". I'll have to re-read the book, but I got to admit, at first blush it doesn't feel anything like the story I remember in my head. The trailer only references the anonymous email conversations Simon is having with Blue in the most oblique way, and there's no hint of the flirty banter I remember from their back and forths.

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  • Awesome he’s back in the real world -- Sam. :), 09:12:04 12/07/17 Thu

    Macauley is looking great real healthy especially compared to a few years ago. I honestly thought he wouldn’t be around this long. I’m convinced that dark period he went through was totally down to being abused by Michael Jackson and industry creeps, I thought he’d end up like Corey Hains, River Phoenix etc., an early death because of those creeps. Jackson may have put out some good music but I think he was a manipulative monster where young kids were concerned. Wtv he’s gone and Macca is still with us and now doing just fine. Well done Kevin millions of us are happy for you.


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  • For all you guys who have something to say, your audience awaits you! -- Comicality, 21:55:27 11/15/17 Wed

    A couple of months ago, I set out to bring 'Imagine Magazine' back in a major way! This time, posting a new issue every single month (instead of every two months), and making sure that all of our issues were locked and loaded and ready to go SIX MONTHS in advance! That means articles and group discussions and short solo stories and much much more! That was the big goal. Get six months worth of personal material done by December 1st!

    Well...we don't have six months ready.

    We have almost NINE months ready!!! And thanks a TON of you guys who chipped in to make that possible! ((Major Hugz))

    Now that the framework is almost done, I wanted to reach out to you guys so you can be a part of the celebration! Yes, you too can be a part of Imagine Magazine's content! No experience necessary! (But you guys already have plenty of experience because you post on the Shack, or go to the chatroom, or have sent me emails in the past) You guys all have interests, you have things that you're excited about, passionate about! You demonstrate it all the time. This really wouldn't be much different. Remember, Imagine is a place for all of us! Not just me. Hehehe, I have the Shack as my little online kingdom! This is a community effort that we can all enjoy being a part of. And there a LOT of new visitors coming in the next couple of weeks! So you might as well 'show em some skin', right?

    Ahem...that's metaphorically speaking! Don't send nudes. :P

    Here are a few of the things that Imagine is looking for:

    STORIES - This is number one on the list! Especially since the Shack is a site for gay romance and erotica, it kind of makes sense, right? Now, I understand that everybody isn't an author and some people are a little shy about taking that first step towards posting something so personal. That's cool. However, if you're a writer and you want to get your name out there, jump right in!

    What we're looking for are short exclusive stories (Just a one time deal, beginning to end) to showcase your talent! Stories should have a minimum word count of about 1500 words (about the size of an average "Billy Chase" chapter), but they can be as long as you want them to be after that! We'd love to see what you've got to offer. Remember, I NEVER thought I'd be writing online for this long when I started. I took a chance, and here we are!

    Every author who submits a story will be given an opportunity to advertise their website or their other stories online, as well as their social media links, ebooks, etc. And as a featured artist for that month, I'll be conducting a short interview with you, personally, to ask about your writing process and your story and what to look for in the future! The whole point is to get you the comments and the praise that you deserve for your work. You guys should give it a try. Trust me...you're better at this than you think you are.

    (More details on this in the short Q&A below in the reply!)

    ARTICLES - Now, for those of you who might have been scared off by the 'story' requests, don't run off just yet! Imagine is always going to be looking for articles from you guys! Articles that you can bend and shape and tailor make it to fit your own personal interests! I love to see you guys post on the board, and I've learned and seen so much thanks to you sharing a piece of yourself with us. Posting stuff on the board and writing an article for Imagine Magazine are pretty much the same thing! Just a little more polished up, that's all!

    You tell US what you want to write about! Are you a huge fan of "Stranger Things"? Tell us about it! Do a review for the series, tell us about the actors, research some of what went on behind the scenes! A short article, write it up, send it to me and say, "Comsie, I wanna add this to the magazine!" AWESOME! I love it! That's it! We'll do the rest!

    Do you love music? Constantly buying new albums? Know of some underground artists? Talk about it, do a little research, send it in! Are you a big movie buff? What are your favorites? Give us a top ten and explain why you like them! Send it in! Do story reviews for other authors on Nifty, tell us about a personal issue that you might be dealing with (Dwayne sent in a GREAT article about Tourettes Syndrome! We'll make sure you get to read that soon!), maybe you have something to say on real life issues in LGBT community, maybe you're trans and want to share your experience, or have dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts. Or...maybe you're just having a goofy moment and want to indulge in a spontaneous moment of diehard silliness! LOL! Which TurtleBoy and I will be doing quite often, so you'll feel right at home!

    The point is, this is YOUR show! If you just want to post an ad or two every now and then, that's fine. If you want to have a monthly column in the magazine where people come looking for your reviews or your commentary or your sexy jokes...even better. Send us five articles, send us ten, send a HUNDRED if you want! We'll keep them on hand and make sure they all get out there for the rest of our family here to read! K?

    ARTWORK/ANIMATION - For our talented artists out there with a pencil, pen, photoshop equipment, or animation programs...we'd LOVE to have you join the party as well! If you have your stuff posted online and want to share it on Imagine, contact me and we'll find the best way to put it on display. Picture sizes and resolution and all can be worked out to make sure your work is in the best light. And be sure to sign it so you can get full credit! I know that we have some skilled folks out there! A great example of this is in the 'Vampire Sightings' section of the "GFD: Blood Bank"! (https://gfdbloodbank.com/vampire-sightings/images/)

    So that's the kind of material that we're looking for right now! If you want to secure a spot in the FIRST few issues, where the hype will be at it's highest and you're likely to get the most attention, please send you genius to me at Comicality@webtv.net by December 15th! That way, we can get the magazine put together and looking fancy without intruding on anybody's holiday fun! Cool?

    We've got nine months of awesome set up for you guys! Soon to be TEN! And you guys helped to make that happen just by participating in the weekly discussions! Easy, right? Hehehe!

    As I said before, the whole idea about the magazine is to show the world how awesome we are as a community! Hehehe! We're the X-Men, we're The Avengers, we're the Justice League! We're a whole circus full of wonder and delight, and combined...'imagine' what we could accomplish!

    If you're excited and have any ideas or any questions at all, just drop me a line at Comicality@webtv.net and I'll get back to you ASAP! (I'm finally getting back to a predictable schedule again, so I am much closer to my email now than I have been in almost a year! So now would be the best time to get a hold of me!)

    If you've got ideas, write them down! Type them up! Do it while you've got that big, beautiful, smile on your face! Hehehe, DON'T wait until three weeks from now to get started, lose your passion, and then make excuses about being busy. You would SUCK for that, and I just told everybody you were awesome! So...don't you embarrass me, damnit! LOL!

    Ok, I know this is one of the longest posts in Shack history, so I'll be posting a few Q&A's in the reply below! Hopefully it will answer any questions you may have. But if not? Comicality@webtv.net get a hold of me and I'll do what I can to straighten everything out!

    SUPER thanks in advance! And I hope to hear from you guys soon! Spread the word! :)

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  • This is soooo true... -- Dwayne, 19:06:58 12/04/17 Mon

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  • An example of the coming Imagine Magazine short stories... -- Comicality, 18:32:16 12/05/17 Tue

    First off...BIG THANKS to those of you who sent in stories for the January issue of Imagine Magazine! Gah! They're awesome! I haven't seen them all yet, but what I've seen so far went above and beyond the call of duty! Hehehe, and I can't thank you guys enough! I've gotten back to some of you, but I'll be working to contact the rest of you within the next day or two! K?

    Anyway, I've been working on sooooo many short stories for Imagine that I am literally gonna stop myself and try to focus again! LOL! Seriously, they're just a bunch of sweet, innocent/not so innocent, stories of teen discovery that I wanted to add as a part of what many of us had to go through growing up. That's all I'm looking for, personally. Something short and sweet to tell a moment in a gay person's life. As you see more and more of these show up, I'm sure you'll get the idea...and maybe even get some ideas of your own.

    Send them in! Comicality@webtv.net, I'm ready where you're ready! K? Hehehe, I know you wanna tell your story and be heard. I know it.

    Oh YEAH! I can see you smiling! ::Giggles:: Yep! THAT idea..right there! Use that one! What have you got to lose?

    Anyway, head over to the Library! "Photos Lately" is waiting for ya! Like I said, short, but sweet! Check it out! Let me know what you think! And check out my other shorts like "Switched On", "Welcome Back To Shacker High", or "Written", for the same kind of feeling. Cool?

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  • When did THIS happen??? :O -- Comicality, 04:59:28 12/04/17 Mon

    Omigod...little Reed Deming got all...grown and delicious! Hehehe! I guess it has been a few years since his youtube and X-Factor days. But yes! I like this. I'm guessing his wish came true. Mwah!


    Oh wow...yeah, that was over five years ago! So I guess that would make him 18 or 19 now? Whoah! Time flies!


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  • Awwww. Sweet! :D -- Mike84, 09:07:16 12/04/17 Mon

    Australian MP proposes in parliament during same-sex marriage debate.

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  • A second sneak peak at the Jurassic World sequel... -- Mike84, 22:36:26 12/03/17 Sun

    Must be getting closer to the release date now. I'm so excited.

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  • Wonder what it's like moment -- Sam, 14:30:13 12/03/17 Sun

    Ok it's not a big deal but many times I’ve wondered what it would be like to experience Christmas somewhere sunny and hot. Well I'm sort of 50% od the way there lol. Friday night was the Christmas light switch on with carols and Christmas songs outside a church in the centre of the town. The temp was about 24c/75f at 7pm and we were wearing just shorts and tshirts it felt quite weird especially for Rob and me. Our French friends who are with us have a milder winter than we UK boys but not like it is here right now. I've gotta say I reckon I prefer our winter weather for Christmas ideally cold and blue skies, snow would be a bonus. I'm not complaining about the sun though we're loving it. Saturday in the main square there was a Christmas fiesta aimed at young kids and they totally loved it, singing dancing, playing games and general messing around. Again though it did seem strange seeing them all with red Christmas hats when the temperature was like 26c/79f. Wtv they loved it all and it was their day this weekend is the start of all the Christmas runup.

    So yeh we're loving it here Wednesday is far too close for our liking. We all love the Spanish way of life especially here. The place is packed with tourists mainly German but hey they're cool just don't mention Hitler or the war. :) So many clubs and bars don't open til gone midnite especially weekends which is awesome. There's a Christmas fair here right now and kids from about 14 turn up about midnite lol well it was the weekend and yay for siesta time in the afternoon. :) Back home if a 14yo was out at that time they'd get a ride home in a cop car but this is Canary Islands, it's their way of life and it’s totally kid friendly there aint no room for predators here kids are safe and I gotta say well behaved we haven't seem any sign of a yob culture that you get in a lot of countries.

    We've got a great hotel 3 rooms next to each so we can yak on the balconies. We've got really deep all over tans yay for nude beaches and a nude bathing area in the hotel grounds Rob says I look more Spanish than the Spanish lolz yeh well I do have Spanish blood in me. Good air conditioning which is must right now the outdoor temperature hasn't dropped below 20c/68f at night since we've been here so you can imagine a room with no aircon yuk sticky lol. We know good restaurants, bars and clubs from previous visits which is a great help and met some cool people. We're def trying to work it so we can get back here in February. I've mentioned this before but Santa Cruz which is just up road really is known for having the best Mardi Gras celebrations and carnival next to Rio de Janeiro and we def wanna try and be here for that next year. Fingers crossed it can happen.

    Anyhow I best go. The others are having a siesta and want to wake up about 7:30pm. I had about an hours sleep after a nookie session lol but me and sleep don't really happen. :) Can't leave without a song so something Spanishy and Christmasy lol. As some people here know I only found this a few years ago well my Grandfather put me on to it lol and I totally love it. Stevie when he was 17 singing Ave Maria in Latin with an awesome harmonica break. OK I can't find a copy they've been deleted and I gtg lolz.

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  • This guy is brilliant -- Sam, 11:04:25 11/27/17 Mon

    Every week he’s been on XFactor he’s been excellent better than the guest stars. It’s the final next week and personally I hope he doesn’t win cos it will mean he’s in Cowell’s clutches and we know what he churns out. Kevin has a big future ahead of him without Cowell. Like they say watching it on bigscreen tv is like being at a Kevin concert. Grace is really good too and most weeks has been singing here own songs. Simon has the groups and there’s a boyband that’s doing well but we’ve had enough of boyband dross. Hopefully they’ll win leaving Kevin and Grace to move on to better things. Kevin is a star for me though.


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  • Something to give you a chuckle, this Sunday morning.. -- Mike84, 02:40:24 12/03/17 Sun

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  • Sad News -- Fox (In Mourning), 00:51:25 11/30/17 Thu
    Hey Shackers,

    It is with a heavy heart that I must give some very bad news. Last Tuesday 11/21/17 at around 07:00am my mother was killed in a tragic car accident.

    Last Tuesday, started out as just another normal day for me, playing video games in the morning before work. I had just finished getting out of the shower, when my doorbell starts ringing. Kind of unusual, but I figured, it was a neighbor. When I got to the door, after hustling to put on clothes, I was met by a State Trooper. My world stopped in the blink of an eye. After much profanity, I graciously invited him in, I didn’t want a scene on my front porch. I had to have him speak with my sister. Both of my older sisters are in the medical field. My middle sister left work and was being driven to my house by co-workers. Much of the next 40 minutes were a blur. Time really does funny things when you’re experiencing this level of stress.

    Then I had to call my employer to let them know (and break their hearts) I have to say something about my co-workers. Two of them immediately and without hesitation offered to come down and be with me, while I waited for my sister to arrive. That takes real balls, to offer to sit with someone, who’s having one of their worst days of their lives and to be ready to see them at their absolute worst. Thanks ‘B’ and ‘T’ I will never forget, what you offered to do, with love in your hearts.

    Much of the rest of the day is a blur. I remember having to call friends and family and comfort neighbors on their driveways. It was surreal, to say the least.
    For a number of reasons, I can’t go into specifics of what happened. I can say, that because there was a commercial truck involved, the formal investigation is going to take months. I can also tell you that no one other than my mother was physically hurt. I can also say that my mother had aid, almost immediately after the impact due to an off duty police officer. I will forever be thankful to him for doing all he could to help my mother in her darkest hour. May he find peace.

    Thanksgiving threw a massive wrench into any arrangements we tried to make. I’d like to think that it was my mother working her magic behind the scenes, that allowed my siblings and I to get as much done as possible. The funeral home we found was perfect. Their staff helped us every step of the way, with professionalism, compassion and grace.
    One thing we weren’t prepared for was the out pouring of love and support from my community. My mother was featured on the evening news, after my sisters agreed to give an interview; and very prominently on local social media. Surreal. Sorry Mom for all the unwanted attention. In the midst of all the social media chaos, I had yet another co-worker jump to my defense, and say things that really touched me. Thanks ‘K’.

    The day of funeral I somehow managed to completely hold together. Not one single tear fell. My family did more than enough crying for me. I hope no one was uncomfortable by my lack of visible emotion. I know we all grieve differently, and I honestly couldn’t have told anyone before all this happened how I was going to react.

    My mother was kind, patient, compassionate, strong, humble, graceful, understated and smooth. She raised a difficult son, much later in life. She was the one who forged me into the man I am today. It was with her quiet strength and grace that I’ve been able to get through the longest week of my life. The man I was before all of these events is gone forever, yet a Phoenix has risen from the ashes of tragedy. I’m going to go on and do great things. Be a successful new homeowner, make mistakes and yet I hope to be able to teach others not to do the same. I want to continue to share all of my love, especially with a ‘shack out back’


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  • Wow, Amazon's on their game. -- Mike84, 05:12:25 12/01/17 Fri

    I just ordered a few bits and pieces for Christmas (gifts for family and friends)

    I ordered them yesterday, around lunch time and they arrived here this morning at 09:15. Damn fast. What makes it even more impressive is that I'm in the Scottish Highlands, which isn't as easy a region to get to, as, say, Leeds or London, or even Glasgow or Edinburgh.

    One of the gifts I got, I got for myself. The novelisation of E.T (I've always loved the movie so I figured I'd give the book a try).

    I also have its sequel novel coming but that's coming from the U.S (Nevada) and wont get here until after Christmas..

    This is the sequel. https://www.amazon.co.uk/T-Book-Green-Planet/dp/0743216407

    Here's a fun fact. Did you know that E.T's actual name is Zrek? (makes me think of Shrek the ogre, lol.)

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  • The Crown is back next weekend, on Netflix... -- Mike84 (), 13:31:36 12/02/17 Sat

    It's funny, as someone who's not a fan of the monarchy, and someone who's not particularly a fan of historical dramas, either, I never thought I'd enjoy something like the Crown.

    And yet, I find myself looking forward to the new season next weekend. It doesn't hurt that Matt Smith plays Prince Philip, and we got to see his cute bum last season (but that's just a bonus. :P).

    The first season was extremely well produced, very well acted and also apparently very much historically accurate - right down to their dresses, uniforms, radio and TV broadcasts, appointments and other significant events at the time.

    It's also the most expensive TV show ever produced, costing just over $16 million per episode to make.

    Given that, I wonder if they'll dare to go into Prince Philip's rumoured affair, and I wonder how they'll cover it. Because very few know for sure what actually went on.

    Anyway, here's one of the trailers for this season.

    Last edited by author: Sat December 02, 2017 13:32:52   Edited 1 time.
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  • == JUKEBOX JIMMY == -- Comicality, 13:58:33 12/01/17 Fri


    - "Five Senses"! Howdy, music lovers!!! Hehehe! Sorry about being absent for the last two or three weeks! I've been training for a new job that is officially in full swing as of this week...and my brain has been numb for a while! So let's liven it back up again! This week, we're celebrating the 5 senses! That's right! Sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste! Jimmy is looking for you guys to go through your playlists and find music that displays one of these senses in the song title! (Examples below!) Any kind of music, from any genre, from any era of music! As long as the title mentions use of one of the five human senses! Cool? Give us at LEAST one! No more than four! Happy hunting! And welcome back to the ULTIMATE online community jukebox!!! XD

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.)

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  • LMAO!!! Because...kids! :P -- Comicality, 16:11:31 12/01/17 Fri

    Honestly, with all of my cousins, this is what my house looked like on Thanksgiving! Hehehe! Except, I was under a mound of them with kids climbing on my lap and shoulders and kicking nd pinching and slugging me the whole time. Owwww.... :O

    Anyway, it brings me so much joy to see kids happy! Hahaha! It really does! God bless 'em! :)


    Ps- WAIT...do they all know KARATE??? That sounds dangerous...

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  • domestic violence -- Jon, 09:52:51 12/01/17 Fri
    I wanted to share an experience I have been through: domestic violence. It can be tricky because it might be emotional (vs overtly physical). Don't underestimate the effects of someone's constant manipulations and criticisms. If I can offer any advice, if it feels wrong, speak up for yourself, listen carefully, and don't hesitate getting help. Any relationship involves some conflict, but when is it something else? Is this about making normal adjustments? Is it a fundamental incompatibility, a mental health issue, or abuse (not mutually exclusive)? Of course, make your own conclusions, and be safe first. Getting help from a psychologist and/or domestic violence councilor was worthwhile for me. If it's domestic violence, and they can't admit to it, couples counseling probably won't be helpful. May you never have to experience this personally.

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  • 180 BC Roman Romance - CLASSIC! -- Plutarch (Shocked), 01:46:17 12/01/17 Fri
    "There was a youth who, ever since his boyhood, had been the favourite of Lucius. This youth Lucius kept ever about him, and took with him on his campaigns in greater honour and power than any one of his nearest friends and kinsmen had. He was once administering the affairs of his consular province, and at a certain banquet this youth, as was his wont, reclined at his side, and began to pay his flatteries to a man who, in his cups, was too easily led about. "I love you so much," he said, "that once, when there was a gladiatorial show at home, a thing which I had never seen, I rushed away from it to join you, although my heart was set on seeing a man slaughtered." 3 "Well, for that matter," said Lucius, "don't lie there with any grudge against me, for I will cure it." Thereupon he commanded that one of the men who were lying under sentence of death be brought to the banquet, and that a lictor with an axe stand by his side. Then he p353 asked his beloved if he wished to see the man smitten. The youth said he did, and Lucius ordered the man's head to be cut off."

    This was written by Plutarch two thousand years ago! Pretty crazy.

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  • OUT -- Fox (Relief), 00:10:31 12/01/17 Fri
    Hey Shackers,

    You guys are going to think I’ve completely lost my mind. Not only did I just loose my Mom, but I decided that it was time to come out to my eldest sister. This wasn’t something done in the haze of post funeral grief or guilt, this is something that had been building for quiet awhile. For much of the year, I’ve been burning up YT watching “coming out” videos. When my sister and I had an early morning chat, about some of her own teenaged demons, I knew that this was the final sign the universe was sending, it was time. So I sat down and wrote her a 1700 word letter. It took 4 hours. (My respect to all the authors in the room) The next day at the beach, she wanted to leave, because we still had so much to do. I told her that there was one more task, I have a letter for you and I need you to read it, I was going to be strong enough for the both of us. I handed her the four pages carefully typed and stapled with precision. She read, laughed and cried, right along with me. She took it so well. She knew, of course. Older sisters and Mom’s are like that. We had a great talk and it was a wonderful experience. I feel so much better. She’s the third person in my life to know. My best friend ‘B’ @ 16, My mom @ 18ish (Shouldn’t have left “that” notebook lying around your room) and now all these years later my sister @33.

    As cliché as it sounds, It does get better. You are stronger then you think.

    I wanted to share the list that I included in the letter. Call it a mini owners manual for gay boys.

    1. Never, ever, ever. Out someone, without asking first. This is my story to tell, not yours. Seriously, it can be extremely damaging to both. Plus news travels fast, God Damned FB! If you ask and I say no, respect that. Actions always speak louder than words.

    2. My sexuality belongs to me. You can’t give consent for me, or speak for me. You don’t get to tell me what I like, or what I’m into. Period.

    3. Don’t think that just because you meet a friend of mine, we’re sleeping together. If you want to know that status of the relationship, ask, but do it privately.

    4. I know how to protect myself medically, but I’ll ask you if there are questions. Try to not blush. (Like there’s any chance of that = )

    5. I am not, nor have I ever been, a whore or a predator. Don’t confuse the high profile monsters in Hollywood and DC, for legitimate members of the gay community. They certainly don’t speak for or represent, us. We hate their actions.

    6. Gay history is bloody and painful, we’ve lost so many. So many survived. Orlando & Pulse was painful for everyone. One of the guys killed was just 21 yr. They fucked with family. My heart still hasn’t healed.

    7. Don’t try and play match maker. Your standards and perceptions are different than mine. Guess which one matters, more.

    8. See point #1. Read it again. Remember it.

    9. I’ve lived with this information longer then you have, and I know you need time to adjust. I also know this may be hard on you. We’ll get through it together.

    10. The best response anyone can give to an ‘outing’ is “Thank you, for trusting me enough, to share this with me” Hugs are also a good response. Yes, there will probably be tears, that’s ok. You’re working with special glitter magic; it’s all good (that last bit was a joke, laugh now.)

    11. Sex is never a reward. It’s a beautiful, shared experience. Hopefully.

    12. YouTube is a glorious place with awesome content, some of it is garbage. We might watch some of it together, if you ask.

    13. Fuck, its 04:00

    14. There are plenty of gay anthems.

    15. Nope, I aint your Gay BFF. Don’t even try.

    16. “Every gay man I know carries around a mental portfolio of all the shitty things other gay men have said and done to him. Gay men in particular are just not very nice to each other. In pop culture, drag queens are known for their takedowns and it’s all ha ha ha. But that meanness is almost pathological. All of us were deeply confused or lying to ourselves for a good chunk of our adolescence. But it’s not comfortable for us to show that to other people. So we show other people what the world shows us, which is nastiness.”

    17. LGBTQA+ WTF?!?! Every year they add a new letter. Ugh.

    18. Yes there are gay athletes. Tom Daily, Mathew Mitcham. Woof! We need more. Better yet, bring back the nude Olympics (just say’n)

    19. Nope, I’m not attracted to every guy I glance at. The same is true for you. Sometimes however, you get a glance at true beauty.

    20. I will NEVER date a guy who smokes or smoked anything. 1000% deal killer. Game over. Goodbye.

    21. Don’t lie or play games. Also a deal killer. You’re deleted.

    So what would you add to your own letter, what do you agree/disagree with?

    As always, thank you for taking the time to hear and acknowledge my thoughts.

    Love you all.

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  • Final arrangements being made for Imagine Magazine... -- Comicality, 12:11:36 11/30/17 Thu

    I have gotten this big 'cluttered closet' of stuff to send in for January's issue, as well as the next ten months worth of stuff for Imagine Magazine to post at its convenience. And I STIL have some MAJOR surprises coming soon for the new monthly releases! Like...you guys are in for some serious WTF moments! :P

    Anyway, tomorrow is December 1st, and I'm sending TurtleBoy a bunch of stuff for the first issue in January! But you guys have until December 15th if you want to submit stuff of your own! Cool?

    And HUGE thanks to those of you who have emailed me submissions recently! You're my new best friends! Hehehe! Seriously, what I've been reading has been amazing! I've been in touch through email, but just wanted to give you some public recognition for being so awesome! I will find a way to secretly reward you for this! Hehehe! Welcome to the VIP area! Mwah!

    Also, MasterM...as you're gonna be our featured author for the January issue, I'm putting a short interview together for you this weekend! So we'll talk soon, k? It'll be fun!

    If anybody else wants to offer up any stories or articles for the February and beyond issues...contact me at Comicality@webtv.net with your ideas, and we'll talk about it. Cool?

    ((Hugz)) all around. Seezya soon.

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  • IT cast experience IT in VR... -- Mike84, 15:22:57 11/30/17 Thu

    The cast from IT try the IT horror experience / game in virtual reality.

    I have tried this experience myself, actually. And it is pretty freaky in parts. But I wasn't quite as screamish and cursing as these guys. XD

    Unfortunately, you don't get to see what they're reacting to. But I've included the clip below to show you.

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  • Here it is! -- Fanson, 15:30:47 11/29/17 Wed
    Hanson's 'Finally It's Christmas' official music video :D

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  • ::Sniffles:: It's...it's BYOOOOOTIFUL!!! -- Comicality, 08:32:56 11/29/17 Wed

    I'm speechless...still wanted just a LITTLE bit more though! It's cool to see everybody together like that.

    Clear the office, folks. I think I need a moment. :P


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  • The 'Com-Doms' Story... -- Comicality, 01:09:22 11/27/17 Mon

    While I created this months ago as a bit of a naughty running joke for Imagine Magazine, there really is a meaning and purpose behind it. I wanted to run the brief, one page, ads every month...with cute boys and improvised comments included. Something to make you guys smile every once in a while. :)

    However, the main reason for the ads was to promote an idea of safe sex to our teen audience. "Safe Sex For All Ages". I know that people want us all to believe that nobody has any interest in sex until their 18th birthday. But...spoiler...that's just not true. And instead of pretending that someone in their mid teens isn't thinking about sex...I prefer to let them talk to me about it and listen to what they have to say. And if I can insert (Hehehe...I said 'insert') some knowledge about safe sex and using condoms at a time where ten minutes of privacy might end up in an explicit sexual experience between two super horny teenagers...I want them to keep the idea of sexual safety in mind at all times. Even if it starts out as a joke.

    Consider the 'Com-Doms' advertisements in Imagine Magazine as a healthy form of Comsie propaganda! If it means that two teenagers will be making out, and think of one of the ads as a funny and friendly way to remember to protect themselves...then so be it. I hope it does some good.

    I'm not just being a pervert! LOL! I'm looking out for you guys! The reality is...there are people having sex before their 18th birthday. I want them to be safe. I joke around, but the situation is serious.

    I don't feel invincible like I did when I was 14 years old. I know better. Let's help them to know better too...before they make a mistake that they can't take back.

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  • To the new "mibs" (visitors) in the chat. -- MasterM, 15:30:48 11/25/17 Sat
    The idlers are not ignoring you, K? Me and my fellow idlers just have a bit of a different timezone from many of you :). Don't let that discourage you from coming back at a different time though. And yeah we can see the logs:P

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  • OMG OMG OMG!!! XD -- Comicality, 14:03:32 11/28/17 Tue

    TOMORROW?????? :O

    I thought we'd have to wait for Star Wars, or MAYBE the season premier of Agents Of Shield...but tomorrow??? I'm SO ready! Ten whole years of build up...and now the big moment is upon us! I just know they'll break the bank with this one! ::Squeal::


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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 09:10:17 11/27/17 Mon

    This week's selection is a lesser known Stephen King story! Enjoy the chills!


    Now, this isn't a 'horror' movie in its true sense...it's more of a thriller/drama. But definitely one worth giving a look. I enjoyed it!

    This movie is a bit of a 'slow burn' as they say, involving a land owning farmer, his wife, his son. The wife owns half the land, but is tired of the rural life and wants to move into the city. And when the prospect of her selling her share of the land comes up, and taking her son with her into the city...sinister thoughts are left to fester.

    Yes, poppa bear decides to murder his wife and drop her body down in the well to rot! Hehehe, but things don't stop there, obviously. What happens from there on is where our story really grows its wings. And even though it has supernatural 'touches' here and there, the story is about more than that. You'll have to check it out for yourself to see it though! :)

    Cool and creepy flick for a Friday night! Enjoy! :)

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  • Nice to see Finn Wolfhard and his band doing some jamming.. -- Mike84, 13:08:59 11/27/17 Mon
    Surprised no one's posted anything from the band before. I mean, I heard he was in a band, but I never gave it much attention until I saw a clip by accident, earlier.
    They remind me of myself and a couple of friends and our little band we put together, when we were about the same age. We were never any good but we had fun and that's what matters most.

    It's also cool to see some young teens playing in a live band as well.

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  • Yay tomorrow fly off for a week in the sun -- Sam. :), 02:12:20 11/28/17 Tue

    Totally looking forward to it. It’s gonna be crazy but there’s a lot of craziness coming in the run up to Xmas. We get back next Wednesday and the following Saturday we’re going for dinns then clubbling with eight of the boys that have been hanging with me then us at my parents when they were in early teens like from the Brian and Peter days, our foster kids lolz. They’re all legal and grown now able to go clubbing that’s gonna be a good night. I have to say we’re sort of proud of the way they’ve turned out it was definitely worth the investment. Sunday it’s the Christmas party with the special needs kids the thing I do with old schoolfriends. We did it a school and carried it every year since then. That’s an afternoon thing and it’s always brilliant even though we can only stay a couple hours. We take food and pressies and have a sing and messabout it’s so worth it seeing their little faces Marky’s doing the food this year he’s gonna get it already and packed for us obviously there’s a lot of cake stuff lol.

    The next week Robby’s got a couple uni parties like clubbing they’re midweek it’s gonna be their last Xmas together so it’s gonna be a bit bittersweet but they’ll go for it lol. I’m going to one of them, the guys and girls night but not the all guys night, they’ll definitely party. :) I’ve got to work and it involves driving I don’t want to get nicked the next day for still being over the limit the cops are hot over the Xmas period. I don’t want to be in a position where I could be responsible or even involved in an accident and anyhow I pick up my new car lol. I’ll just wait until he gets home and abuse him hehe, last year I abused a drunken shepherd he doesn’t know yet what he’s gonna be this year. :) The following Saturday it’s the company dinner and party always a mental night well except for 2012 but hey. It’s that sort of night that after a few drinks the older people think they’re kids again like talk funny and dance funny oh and grope tut can’t do that this year. :) So then it’s the week into Xmas which will be casual hanging with friends stuff then the usual Xmas Day and night scene which I always love. Oh then New Years Eve woohoo. Well hello 2018. :)

    The only thing I’m dreading about tomorrow is the flight it’s so boring 4 hours on a plane well 5 hours when you think 30 mins to load and 30 mins to unload it drives me crazy sitting down for that long I’m the one who can’t sit through a 90 minute movie lol. It’s a 7:30 am flight which doesn’t bother me cos I’m always about early I only sleep about 4 hours a night on average but Rob is totally opposite hehe. He’ll be dead to the world in the taxi at 5:30 am then all the airport crap. He’ll do what he did earlier this year on that early flight, crash out on the plane and put his head on my shoulder. That means I’m trapped cos I don’t have the heart to wake him even if I wanna go for a pee. :) Oh well maybe I can nod off this time we’ve reserved seats to the rear the plane away from the engines not that I want them to go quiet. :) I’ve decided when we travel more than 4 hours flight time it’s gotta be on a ship at least you can party your way to USA. Ozland, New Zealand wherever.

    A bit of Latin some guys here will like. :) We’re going to Tenerife, Canary Islands and that’s where these kids are from and live. Over 444mill views????. Smh but hey good luck to them. :)


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  • WDotW For 11/27 -- Comicality, 09:11:47 11/27/17 Mon

    Hehehe, where are all these cute Russian pop stars coming from all of a sudden? Is this a new thing? Or were we just blind to them before? :)

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 09:00:36 11/27/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Hickey Exposure' Kiss!

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