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  • Well, THAT took much longer than expected!!!! Sighhh.... -- Comicality, 06:46:23 04/07/17 Fri

    My mail comes SUPER early I the morning...but UPS? Not so much! :P

    So I lost all that sleep for nothing. BUT, the laptop is here now! It arrived in the early afternoon, and I had actually FORGOTTEN how 'empty' a new laptop can be when you first take it out of the box. So...what I thought would only take two or three hours took all night! I have to register, and put in the home Wifi, and add virus protection, and download all of my programs again (CCleaner, Malwarebytes, LibreOffice, Notepad, RealPlayer, VLS Player, Gimpshop...there's a LOT! And I had to do one at a time!) Then there are updates and restarts and settings...and I only had three hours of sleep, so I had to actually sleep, then wake up, and start AGAIN! Then, now that I have my old hard drive again...and I transferred ALMOST everything to the new laptop! (Moves pics/videos/documents/downloads over from the old hard drive...."Four HOURS Remaining"????? FUCK!!!!!)

    Anyway, this is almost identical to the laptop I had before. Although I still have to move my MUSIC over too after this finishes. (UH OH!!! Hehehe! I might go back to sleep again when THAT process starts!) One thing that I noticed is that I can't import my favorites, so I'm going to have to save and re-organize each one of them singlehandedly, which is annoying, but easy enough to do. So it's no biggie.

    While working on this, my mom is back on her, "Why don't you get out of your room and go outside?" kick again. Sure...I can STOP doing work and enjoying myself to walk around outside and do NOTHING! Great idea. I can stop writing and watch Tv. Ugh! Why can't I just be happy being a fucking HERMIT sometimes? Hehehe! I **LIKE** my isolation! I'm getting shit done! Leave me alone! :P

    Anyway, this has been a 24 hour process, but I am reaching the end. Finally! Things are a bit scrambled on my system, but I can find them with a 'search', so I'll move it around later. As long as the essentials are in place. I'll add the rest of my favorites over the weekend. ::Fingers Crossed::

    But yeah, if I was silent today...I was probably asleep! :P

    Just an update for now! Seezya soon!

    Ps- I fixed the board up a bit to solve the slow down problem! So, hopefully it works a bit better now. I can do that stuff now that it only takes a few minutes instead of half an hour! Hehehe!

    See? We're doing better already!

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  • Bloody UK and their new laws on speeding and fines.. FFS! -- Dom, 12:53:07 04/06/17 Thu
    All these speed cameras, exorbitant rates for car tax, insurance, parking etc... Its bad enough they want to charge you through the nose if you dare to have a somewhat expensive or sporty car, they now want to charge you extra road tax if your car costs Β£40k or more.
    Which in the UK is a common price.
    That and now you are going to get charged 150% of your weekly pay if you speed on the motorway.... There is nothing wrong with 80mph!!

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  • All caught up on my fave TV shows now... -- Comicality, 08:49:52 04/06/17 Thu

    "Into The Badlands", Season 2??? WTF????

    It's WIDOW!!!!!!!! Don't, fucking. look back!!!! Just fucking RUN!!! It's WIDOW!!! Do you know how BAD this is gonna...ugh...You just...ahhhh fuck it, death! Ah well...

    Only three episodes in to this season...and wow...

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  • How Comsie influenced my life -- Philszzy, 14:47:45 04/06/17 Thu
    I have know Comsie for close to a year now. George said most of the things I would have said, which shows how much he has done to inspire similar caring responses. I am an older man and found Comsie's storys by accident like many of you.
    I have read many storys on Nifty before i found Comsie's but none had the passion and love shown in them as Comsie's have. I was so impressed with "Waiting Outside the Line", I searched for other stories by this author. Each story impressed me more than the last. I saw them as more than just stories by this point, and saw the heart of a compassionate man. I read Billy Chase day and night for several weeks and like most of you left wanting more. I went onto GFD and never stopped reading. It inspired me to write to Comsie to let him know how much I appreciated what he writes and how it influenced my life. I felt like he was writing about me. Many made me cry and his lighter loving stories made me smile. I had not read many books in recent years but I found his writing made me insatiable. I was surprised to receive a caring email as a response to mine, which i never expected.

    I have been very fortunate in my life to never have problems that I could not fix on my own. But i have been sad many times never finding things I want that money could not buy. I felt loved by Comsie's words and it made me feel the same for others. Through the Shacker's site, I have met many wonderful people who have also made me feel loved. They have influenced my life to make me happy. I have seen how he has helped so many people overcome serious problems and shown love to those that were in dispair. I love people, but Comsie has shown me how to be more compassionate than I have felt before. One great Talmudic expression which has always influenced me is "he who saves one life, is as if he saves the world" I believe Comsie has done that over and over. He has certainly affected mine in a positive way. I hope I can live up to his rescue of mine.

    What Comsie has given to me can never be repaid adequately. I can see the pain he has gone through in his very serious stories and I have gone through many boxes of tissues. I was made to appreciate what i have by reading them.

    He has given me support through our communications when I have felt forsaken. He has made me feel worthy and given me the opportunity to help others who are not as fortunate as me. I will never forget Comsie's love and help. I will always be there for Comsie when he needs me and I think he knows that. I love you Comsie.

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  • I'm awake super early. Only three hours of sleep... -- Comicality, 07:29:39 04/06/17 Thu

    But thanks to donations from YOU guys...a brand new laptop is arriving today by mail! And I can't sleep because I'm scared I won't hear the doorbell or something! :P

    I did hold off on some things because I'm still figuring stuff out at the moment. GayAuthors has had a huge revamp of their entire site and server, as well as on the way authors can post new material. Now...the way I've been posting stuff in the past was basically copying and pasting my code and hitting a button. The NEW way, however...ummm, well it's different. I have to go through a lot more steps before I can get anything posted on the site. It's more like what I have to do to get new ebooks published on Amazon. So...I can DO it...but please bear with me, as it takes a LOT more work to get it right! And presentation is everything! Hehehe! :)

    But, when the laptop comes...I'll have to spend a few hours registering and setting things up and downloading programs and adding links! And I've got my old hard drive, so I hope I can just port everything over in a matter of minutes for each section. I've spent the last week editing stuff and getting it ready for the big roll out, but the laptop will keep me from spending two frustrating HOURS of trying to post anything!

    Look for new stuff tonight on the Comicality Library (http://www.voy.com/17262/) Or just look for it on Nifty! K? I'll be working to fix things up and post them on GA as well, but no promises for tonight. Maybe on Sunday??? Monday at the latest! K?

    I kinda have to go through the entire chapter code again. But I'll dedicate some more time to to it soon.

    Anyway, THANKS to you all! And I'll be waiting for UPS to give me some good news in the next few hours! :)

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  • Sometimes... -- Comicality, 06:39:38 04/05/17 Wed

    ...You want the world to view you, to value you, as a good person. I know I do.

    But how do you prove your worth? :(

    What do you do? What will be enough to get folks to say, "Hey, Comsie is a good guy"?

    How long do I have to do this to get a safety seal of approval? What do I have to do to have people trust me?

    June 19th will be my 19th year of keeping this site online. Almost 2 decades of just trying to 'help'. And I've taken my blows, believe me. And it hurt. Oh GOD, did it hurt. But the greater good won the day. Every time.

    So...what now?

    What miracle will I have to pull off to keep people from keeping a knife or a pistol under their pillow because they're afraid to sleep in my presence? What do I do? What do I say? I just...

    Sometimes, I just don't get it.

    Whatever. It's 6 AM, and I'm still online writing stories. Total waste of time. In the end, it just won't matter.

    Please don't reply to this. Because even if you say, "We love you, Comsie!"...will you feel the same way a week from now? A month? I'll be back at square one, trying to prove myself all over again. Because the stand up guy I was seven days ago won't matter anymore. Or 30 days ago. Or six months ago. Or 19 years ago.

    Constantly trying to prove myself...it's just exhausting. Plain exhausting. My strength is fading. My body aches. My psyche has been battered and crushed. It's just starting to feel silly now to think that I'll ever be anything more than a potential criminal in some people's eyes.

    I'm older now. I'm not 23 years old anymore. I'm starting to see the senselessness in even bothering to plead my case at this point.

    If you don't love me, don't trust me, or don't support me...please stay out of my email inbox from now on. I won't be wasting my time with that stuff anymore. I mean it. I'm officially done.

    Feeling like Wolverine's "Logan", right now. I'm just tired. So damn tired.... :(

    Going to sleep now.

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  • Hehehe....bastards... -- Comicality, 16:31:29 04/04/17 Tue

    "Defenders" clip released today. ("Daredevil", "Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage", "Iron Fist", team-up in August)

    LOL! It doesn't show anything much, it's just a tease, but they look like they just got done kicking a LOT of ass together! Hehehe! Iron Fist is actually tired! Do you know how much it takes to make Iron Fist tired? Luke Cage is full of bullet holes! What the heck just happened before they got on that elevator??? :O

    Can't wait!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!!!! -- Comicality, 18:00:47 04/03/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Cheapest Price For A Smooch' Kiss!

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  • Something short and sweet for the Library! -- Comicality, 18:43:03 04/03/17 Mon

    Just in case you don't read our own bi-monthly online grab bag, Imagine Magazine ()...and you really SHOULD, because you're missing out on a LOT if you don't...this was a shot and quite innocent story that I originally wrote for Imagine and then just magically decided to add to the site today! It's on the Library right now! Check it out, let me know what you think!

    The site is back in motion now! Obviously, I can't fit the memory of TWO whole laptops on one computer, so I've had to erase stuff, move stuff, juggle stuff, all weekend long! It's a pain! But we're all back in business! "Left Without Words" will be up tomorrow night! And more will be posted all week long! Also...my brand NEW laptop will be here on Thursday! (I tracked it this time) Which means I can write, AND reply to emails, AND post on the boards, again! I'm way behind, I know...but everything takes sooooo long on this laptop that I can only get a third of the stuff I want to tackle on a nightly basis. So, that's what has been taking so long! K?

    Anyway, check out the story, leave a comment, and I'll talk to you soon! :)

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  • Ok, Sir TurtleBoy...your credentials check out! :P -- Comicality, 05:55:51 04/04/17 Tue

    It was actually your birthday this time around, so my apologies! Hehehe! Happy belated birthday, dude! ((Hugz and Smoochez))

    I am officially opening the gates to the 'Boy Farm' for the rest of the week!

    Now...here is the RULE! You're allowed to pick THREE boys of the eight that I'm going to offer you below! That's a LOT! Hehehe! So choose three!


    You can ditch all eight boys for just ONE boy from our celebrity package! Just ONE, TurtleBoy! Hehehe, *ONE* celebrity cutie, or three other cuties from this chosen selection!

    ::Has Shack Bodyguards Barricade The Doors::

    Don't try to cheat me and steal boys to run out with! Hehehe, you have to make a CHOICE! So choose wisely!

    Anyway, to be serious for a moment...thank you for being a friend, dude. For listening to me cry, for helping me with techie issues, for Imagine Magazine, and just for making me smile. From the bottom of my heart...thank you. Love you lots, dude. Don't ever change!

    Now...Pete's gonna do a pole dance for ya! So sit right there so you can get your lapdance! :)

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  • New T.V. trailer spots dropped Sunday nite for Alien: Covenant during the season finale of The Walking Dead... -- Dwayne (Soooo Friggin Excited), 00:35:42 04/04/17 Tue
    There were 3 of them during the show labeled "Run" "Pray" and "Hide" and they are all mashed into this one clip and there was also one called "Take me home"...some of the old trailers mixed with new stuff...AWESOME STUFF...lol... and the new Xenomorph looks SWEET along with the new Neomorphs (makes the Deacon look like a pet Hamster) but not as cool as the Xenos though...Yeah I watch too many videos on the Alien movies...lol...AND don't forget Alien Day April 26




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  • WHAT THE....???? -- Comicality, 04:56:22 04/04/17 Tue

    I recently posted the brand new trailer for Stephen King's "It" a few days ago...

    But did you guys know that it is almost a 'shot for shot', IDENTICAL trailer to the original trailer from 1990??? :O

    I did NOT know that! That's even creepier now!

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  • Test, just a test -- DavidShOrt, 02:58:23 04/05/17 Wed
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  • WTF!!??? I got mono !!!! -- Joey (Shitfuckcrapdammitpissandfuck), 15:44:48 04/03/17 Mon
    Lots of u know I been sick for like a week but today found out I got mono. I'm totally pissed ok. I been working my ass off for years for the fun shit my school does for seniors last month of school. Ain't nothing nobody can say gonna make that feel better. It just isn't fair. I worked harder then most people probably but now it's all fucked. Whatever. Im tired..Guess I better get used to that. Life FUCKING sux. Joey

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  • Kinda scared right now. :( -- Comicality, 15:51:42 04/03/17 Mon

    We had a power outage this morning, up until about an hour ago. Heavy storms in the area. But now we've got actual TORNADO warnings here!

    Ummm...Chicago doesn't have tornadoes! The outskirts of the city do, but...yeah, I'm worried. The storm is REALLY bad outside right now. :( The wind is super heavy too. I don't have, like...a basement or a shelter or something. Soooo...if I end up in OZ or something tonight...I hope they have Wifi.


    Just when this place couldn't SUCK any more....

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  • Something you might like, Johnny! -- Comicality, 06:49:28 04/04/17 Tue

    While I'm still trying to finish of my "GFD: Pakratz" series (Which takes place in the same world as GFD, but is loosely based on Frank Sinatra and his 'Rat Pack' era friends) there's an actual brand of music called 'electro-swing' that you might really get into! It's been around since the mid 90's, but it takes a really old school vibe of music and updates it to something more modern. Give this extended mix a listen! :)

    (Hehehe, Johnny likes stuff that's an HOUR long or more! LOL! You're seriously testing my attention span, dude! My butt is flat enough from sitting at this keyboard all night long!)

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  • WDotW For 4/3 -- Comicality, 18:15:49 04/03/17 Mon

    Sighhhh....hehehe, cute!

    If I went to high school with him, I would have been such a PEST! ::giggles::

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  • Say...you know...this cinematic 'Monster-Verse' might actually work out -- Comicality, 15:46:35 04/03/17 Mon

    I've gone from not being interested at all, to 'hmmmm...maybe', to now thinking it could actually be cool if they set it up right.

    Basically, ever since Marvel's Avengers franchise proved to be a hit (dragging along a string of other hits), this has become the norm for Hollywood now. But the 'monster' thing might actually work out. I don't know. I would really like for them to keep "Dracula Untold" (Because really LIKED that movie!) as a part of the franchise, but the Mummy one is starting to interest me a little bit. Frankenstein, Wolfman, Creature From The Black Lagoon, are sure to follow, and I think Russel Crowe is playing Dr. Jekyll. (Or who will eventually become Dr. Jekyll) So that one too. And then, of course, all of them in a movie together. Let's see where they go with this. Hmmm...

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  • A couple more... -- bwctwriter, 20:01:00 04/02/17 Sun
    First we have a classic Metallica song (before they bitched and moaned about piracy and ruined Napster... *grumbles*... lol)

    Metallica- Enter Sandman w. captions from Matt Holmes on Vimeo.

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  • This is just a fun little video from the early 90s... -- bwctwriter, 08:45:28 04/03/17 Mon
    That speaks to all the "misfits" of the world... Those who don't always feel like they fit in with the mainstream clicks of modern society... Nerds, jocks, divas, what have you... :-p

    Enjoy. :-)

    Blind Melon- No Rain w. captions from Matt Holmes on Vimeo.

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  • Just a fun lil video that's sorta inspiring... -- bwctwriter, 00:40:32 05/01/17 Mon
    I hate when I like more "poppy" music... Cuz it really is kinda tacky, but I mean, it's still meaningful, and the lead singer, well... Nevermind. :-p


    Alesso- Heroes (We could be) from The Rev on Vimeo.

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  • And now for something completely different... -- PeteIM, 23:19:52 04/30/17 Sun


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  • Jazz for a quiet, rainy Sunday... -- PeteIM, 17:41:06 04/30/17 Sun
    Sorry, Joey... no lyrics for this one. )o:

    Jazz Jam - Lyric Dubee & Santiago Larochelle

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  • Just in case: Alex Bright - GFD movie producer - put an update to our earlier posting. -- RickGayAZ, 15:50:01 04/29/17 Sat
    Here it is: http://www.voy.com/15900/84628.html.

    Comsie suggested doing an interview with Alex for the Imagine Magazine, and I am going to the premier so hope to do an interview with him. Reply to this post with any questions you might have for him.

    Or if you want, you can email me direct by clicking my name and it will give you my email address.

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  • Something for Johnny! :) -- Comicality, 03:06:42 04/29/17 Sat

    I know that you liked the last one, so new compilations of 'electroswing' music have been released recently! I love it, personally! Old school jazz and swing, modernized into electronic music? PERFECT mix!!!

    There are a lot of advertisements in this one for some reason, but thee music is amazing. :)

    @6:43...LOVE it!!! Feel good music! Enjoy!


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  • So....it's been 100 days worth of 'giving him a chance'... -- Comicality, 01:40:13 04/29/17 Sat

    Are we...I mean, are we done? No? We're going to keep tolerating this? Show of hands? You still want to keep on playing this game? STILL??? Hundreds of people are dead now. You agree with this? Almost 40%? You...you STILL want to just...you just...you won't budge, huh? Your vote is being upheld, just the way you wanted it to be? Is it? Ok. Fine. The rest of us will just keep waiting. We'll wait until it gets sooooo BAD for YOU that you suddenly have that super villain, "What the fuck have I done?" moment!!! Carry on. Stay stubborn. But you know this is some bullshit right? I mean...RIGHT?

    You'd have to stay up late at night trying to find reasons to STILL defend this bullshit. Just saying.

    Ok...the circus continues...

    What happens from here is just as much YOUR fault as it is his. As long as you refuse to see this for what it really is...you're a henchman. You're a vital part of this global CRIME known as the Trump Presidency! Just know that. He doesn't even respect you enough to hide the corruption from you. He figures you're just too stupid to see it. So...whatever.

    The wait for justice continues...

    "...Woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!" -Revelation 12:12

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  • Yayyyy!!! The Celebrations Continue!!! -- Comicality, 00:18:39 04/29/17 Sat

    Our youngest Shacker, Caleb, just came out to his parents! Only 13 years old! Congrats, cutie!!! Life hits a reset button from here on out! So high fives, dude! Love you lots! And cheers to a brand new life of hot boys and cappuccinos! Because...you know...whatever! Hehehe!

    Proud of ya, dude! You get a penis dessert for that! XD

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  • Tu nous manques. We miss you. -- Johnny, 17:39:56 04/28/17 Fri

    The Antibes boys left today sobs. They flew to Paris and staying there for 3 nights with friends then flying on to Nice Monday. It’s a bit weird them not being here I know it was only six nights but hey they were our first real guests in this place. Rob and Marky drove them to the airport unfortunately I had an appointment workwise around departure time so I couldn’t go. Like I said before it was only two of them the other two have a flat in Nice now and by time we go there in July these two will also have a flat in Nice they move in three weeks time. It makes sense really because the four of them spent more time in Nice than Antibes the last few years.

    Wtv it’s been a fun six days. We got into Happy Feet so another clip. :) Go penguins. :)


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  • Happy Birthday, Zuln!!! -- Comicality, 16:54:32 04/28/17 Fri

    So we have another milestone birthday this week! Zuln is officially 18 today! Congrats, Z!!! ((Huggles))

    And for YOU, we're getting out of the house, and I'm taking you to the STRIP CLUB tonight! ::Whispers:: Her name is 'Jessica'...and I have a backstage pass ready if you want one! She's dying to meet you! :P


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  • In case you missed the latest news from Canada... -- PeteIM, 23:34:31 04/27/17 Thu

    A Very Canadian 4/20

    O Canada, You Look So Good Right Now

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  • MST3K why not??? AGAIN...I messed up the other one ...lol -- Dwayne, 21:20:16 04/27/17 Thu
    I had a premature...ummmm...nevermind...I hit enter instead of backspace...lol...ANYWAY...this is pretty damn funny

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  • Omfg !!! LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR SENIORS! 😭😭😭😭😭. IM really trying not to cry today but it's not working. Fukkit. Who cares. I'm hugging Everybody today . Why not !? I'm Soooo sad πŸ˜– -- Joey, 11:15:37 04/27/17 Thu
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  • A special video JUST FOR JOEY!!! :-p -- bwctwriter, 23:15:04 04/26/17 Wed
    Comsie, I'm fairly sure you like this one... The rest of the peeps here, probly not... :-p

    Sir Mix-a-Lot- Baby Got Back w. Captions from The Rev on Vimeo.

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  • Oh god, I can't even... -- Mike84, 19:35:24 04/26/17 Wed

    So Stephen Colbert did a skit on the super-conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, on his show the other day. And he gets the voice and the act down pretty well.

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  • Unh Unh!!! We already know the TRUE answer to this question, don't we, Pete? ::Nods:: -- Comicality, 18:36:05 04/26/17 Wed

    Wait...Portillo's has burgers? Hehehe!

    Kuma's Corner! All day! No discussion!


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  • Matt, this one need lyrics. -- PeteIM, 13:08:16 04/26/17 Wed

    That Spidey Life - Bruno Mars Spider-Man Parody

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  • Working HARD on it! So it should only be a few weeks away! :) -- Comicality, 08:12:44 04/26/17 Wed

    The supernatural/thriller story, "Dream Lover", is coming your way next month! When Donnie and his high school friends experiment with lucid dreaming, they just might have broken through a barrier between the living...and the 'otherwise'! Hope you guys enjoy it!

    I got some cold feet on sending off the last little piece of "Empty Corners" to GayAuthors! Hehehe, but...as I said a few weeks ago, I'm going to stop second guessing myself so much and just put out the best work that I can! So I'm working on polishing "Emprty Corners" first, and "Dream Lover" is next in line! Then "Savage Moon: Unleashed"! "Darkness Waits" and "Boys Of Widow Lake" are on hold, but that's cool, because they'll do better around Halloween anyway! Hehehe!

    Anyway, I'll be busy during the day today (Babysitting, mostly), but the night belongs to me! Woo hoo! Starting with a new "Billy Chase" for this week! So I'll seezya then! K?

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  • Your boy is 21 today! -- eminem313, 16:05:42 04/25/17 Tue
    However, I heard that the shack was expending to also have a girl farm in addition to the boy farm. Something about legislation being updated to reflect the diverse pool of shackers we have here!

    So I'd like to submit my order for my date! I'd like to take her out to a play, followed by dinner, and finishing off with heading down to the waterfront! :)

    Here are my specifics I'm looking for:

    - Cute and adorable look
    - Nerdy personality (glasses are a plus to compliment the personality)
    - Aged between 16 and 26
    - Blue or brown eyes to start and expanding if needed

    Thanks, Cosmie! :D

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  • It’s World Penguin Day. -- Johnny, 13:33:09 04/25/17 Tue

    Let’s dance. :)


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  • More GFD info (scroll down joey :) ) -- Rickgayaz, 13:23:22 04/25/17 Tue
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  • OMG! Sweet!!! :O -- Comicality, 00:47:11 04/25/17 Tue

    "Kingsman" is definitely one of my favorite movies EVER!!! It totally deserves this sequel! And I am SO happy that the director is back to do it right! If you haven't seen the first one...you k=need to go see it right NOW! The action is insane! And 'Gazelle'??? With the bladed, cybernetic, feet? She's probably one of the SICKEST female villains to ever grace the big screen! She is a BADASS!!!

    Check this out! Hehehe! This isn't a spoiler! This is actually the first few minutes of the MOVIE! Daaaamn, Gazelle! MWAH! She's awesome! (And yes, that IS Luke Skywalker!)

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  • Mere minutes away!!! XD -- Comicality, 19:42:01 04/24/17 Mon

    My beloved "Gotham" is coming back! And David Mazouz is gonna 'Batman' the shit out of this season! Hehehe! He's gonna be the best teen Batman that ever Batmanned on Batman! Loving it! :)

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  • Bonsoir -- Johnny, 18:36:29 04/24/17 Mon

    We’ve got two of the boys from Antibes staying for a week our lil French Frogs. :) We went for dinns earlier but left them in town to their own devices they got here Saturday and it’s been crazy. It’s Monday and not much happens but they wanna have a mooch about so we left them to it. Hah they may stay after yesterday’s election results Marky the guy that lives with us won’t mind that he’s gaga over them. :) He’s cooking dinner for us all tomorrow night and wow he’s maybe just 17 but he’s a brilliant cook/chef. He works nights in a restaurant and he’s really into cooking bigtime. He leaves college this year and that’s what he wants to do. So yeh he’s out to impress the frogs tomoz night with his skills. :)

    Serious though we love being with them and love having them here. This is a sort of famous French outfit with guests to make them feel at home. I almost posted Daft Punks One More Time but errm don’t want to go there after Saturday night/Sunday morning. :)


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  • WDotW For 4/24 -- Comicality, 16:37:51 04/24/17 Mon

    You know...he's never once said that he was gay or bi. In fact, everything I've seen has been in the contrary. So maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. Hehehe!

    BUT...if you watch the videos below...you'll instantly know what I mean when I say I wouldn't be 'shocked' if he turned out to like boys. Stereotypically speaking, that is. So, I base this on nothing. :P

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 16:34:50 04/24/17 Mon

    This week's 3M was actually a pleasant surprise! Score one for Uriah!

    "The Warrior's Gate"

    I have to admit, there was no way that I was not going to see this movie...because of Uriah Shelton! Hehehe, I mean...there is something about that boy that is just mouthwateringly sexy! Hehehe, seriously. He's just...dreamy.

    ::Shakes myself out of my Uriah trance::

    BUT...while I was just expecting this to be a cheesy reason to stare at his booty for a few hours, I was surprised at how much FUN this movie was! I enjoyed myself! Then I thought about Uriah afterwards...and I 'enjoyed' myself! ::Giggles:: KIDDING! Geez!

    So the movie is about a video gamer kid named Jack who is a champion in this virtual world of warriors and samurai. Bullied at school in the real world, it provides a much needed escape from his day to day life. Then, as he takes home an antique pot from a local shop, he finds a portal that opens up this 'warrior world', and due to his notoriety for the game, he is entrusted to protect the realm's Princess from an angry overlord who plans to marry her and take over the land! And there's your movie!

    I was honestly expecting some corny, Disney Channel, movie here, and yes...there's some of that in it, but overall, I loved it! There's action, there's magic, there's fantasy, there's humor...and there's Uriah in tight jeans! (Ohhhh the jeans. The...the jeans.) It's a winner. I actually forgot that Uriah knew martial arts. He's playing a character who isn't a martial artist, but yeah...I remember him being a little badass. :P

    So check it out! Have fun! It's good for the whole family, but...is it a 'kids' film? Ummmm...maybe? Hehehe, it seems like it for a while...then somebody gets murdered, and I'm like, "Oh yeah...swords, spears, and knives, and axes...they do that to people." So, there's some 'death' in this movie! LOL! But no gore, just...yeah, people go to glory in this movie.

    Take a peek at it! And...and at Uriah. Because...Uriah is love. :)

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  • SWAK Sunday!!!! -- Comicality, 16:02:01 04/24/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'After School Sweetie' Kiss!

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  • "Gone From Daylight" Goes 'Live Action'!!! -- Comicality, 05:02:05 04/24/17 Mon

    Now, a post was made about this a few days ago...but I had to delete it, because the creator didn't contact me directly with a finished product yet. This is his vision of the "Gone From Daylight" story, and I promised him that I wouldn't post anything to the 'masses' until he had a finished version that he was proud of!

    That version is now a reality! :D

    So for fans of the "Gone From Daylight" series, this is an adaptation by a talented director by the name of Alex Bright! He's a fan of the series, and stayed true to the feel of "GFD" while still adding something truly original and unique to make it his own expression of genius! I can honestly say that I'm in awe of what he did with the story. And hey..."GFD"! LOL! So...'ego moment' for me too! :P

    And cute guys too! So...wait...Alex, don't tell them I said that! LOL! Shhhh!

    Things just MIGHT go on from here, at least online. And, at the moment, I might just be a collaborating part of the process in making this an 'offshoot' of the "GFD" storyline. Something that I would be honored to do, as Alex has demonstrated a dedication to quality, as well as a respect to the core material.

    So...that being said...here we go! Your first look at a live action "Gone From Daylight" offering! Thanks to Alex Bright, his actors, and his production team! It's slightly different, but I'm sure you'll LOVE it!

    ((Hugz)) Alex! It looks awesome, dude!!! Be sure to leave your comments down below to let Alex know what you think!


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  • So I lost my best friend in the world today. -- Mike84, 12:29:28 04/22/17 Sat

    My dog who I've had since I was 15. He's always been there, you know? It hurts, I miss him already.

    He died at home, in my arms at 14:10 today. He was 18 so he had a full life and I like to think with me he lived a good life.

    I'm trying to celebrate his life though, rather than mourn the loss of him. So far I'm coping but just barely.

    The house feels so empty without him here.

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  • So, this is another one of those songs that requires a LOT of backstory... -- bwctwriter, 04:43:49 04/22/17 Sat
    This is a very sad, but inspiring song... About people like us... People who've been through a LOT of pain in life... And how it's pushed people like Daniel Johns, the lead singer of Silverchair, into "the shade" as he puts it... For any of us that get depressed and start pulling back from the people that care about us... We need to knock it off. :-p Cuz "the shade" only brings more darkness... And the only way out of the darkness is by seeking the light of others.

    This song is particularly meaningful to Daniel Johns, who was about 15 at the time of it's release. This kid was in the grips of battling a crippling depression and an eating disorder at the time. This isn't some kid who's never had a sad day in his life, sitting in some penthouse wiping his ass with hundred dollar bills. He's been to the edge and back and knows what it's like to be where many of us have been, or are RIGHT NOW... Think about his words when you're feeling that urge to pull back into the shade... And fight it with all your will.

    Yall hear me out there? ;-)

    As always... Enjoy.

    Silverchair- Shade w. Captions from The Rev on Vimeo.

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  • Prince died 21/04/2017 -- Johnny, 02:55:58 04/22/17 Sat

    That year has flown you’re still missed Prince. This is real live. A lot of young kids these days think it’s alright to lip sync because β€˜you can’t sing and dance at the same time’ hah. :) Don’t silly kids. R I P Prince. Hah I was thinking of Juan when I was posting this and put his name in. Well it is early morning. :)


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  • "On The Outside" (Book Two) eBook Has just been sent in for publishing! -- Comicality, 13:44:08 04/21/17 Fri

    The new ebook for Kindle, e-readers, mobile devices, etc, has just been published on Amazon! Naturally, I have to wait for the ebook to pass inspection before it goes live (Which could take up to 12 hours or more), but that's all in KDP's hands now! So look for it on Amazon.com, and check for this book and many more in the COMICALITY EBOOK SECTION!!! Enjoy!

    STILL more to come!!! Stay tuned! :)

    It was my best friend's birthday yesterday! Heh, God I miss home! We talked until the batteries in our phones gave out! LOL! It felt good though. If you can find two or three people in your lifetime that you can share that kind of eternal bond with, you are truly blessed! Hehehe, I really DO wish he'd stop with the "I miss you"/"I love you" talk though! LOL! Because I'm...ummm...well, let's just say I've spent any years putting those feelings to rest. Hehehe! And yeah, those feelings don't really rest easy.

    Grrrr! Fourteen! How am I still haunted by a possibility that is NEVER going to happen? LOL! Have I not outgrown this high school crush by now? You know that he's the whole REASON this website exists, right? We need to make this an official Shack holiday next year! :P

    Anyway, still working! More emails will be answered this weekend! Cool? Seezya then!

    And be sure to grab your "On The Outside" ebook tonight!!! Enjoy your weekend! XD

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  • Wake me up inside -- Juan, 00:58:14 04/21/17 Fri
    Hey what's up you guys. I came by to tell you all what's happened since Saturday. Oh happy belated birthday Fanson!

    So after I told you guys about what happened I decided to call my mum to tell her what happened. I mean she was the last person I thought of before I.. went away. So I'm just going to say straight up, I am not okay, but I'll get to that later. When I called her and I heard her voice, I immediately became hysterical. I incoherently told her what happened and you know what she told me? She told me I was stupid for going. She was angry at me. My dad was livid he yelled at me the whole time: telling me that it was my fault, that I was stupid for going, and that I got what I deserved. As if anyone goes on holiday plotting their death. Needless to say I hung up on them, nor did I answer their calls. I didnt know what I was expecting really, I mean they didnt tell me they were happy I was alive, or that I came back or anything. I guess maybe I thought itd change things, I was a fool for thinking that.

    Im having a crisis. Although Im in immense physical pain, my emotional and psychological pain is what is dragging me down. Im still shaken up about it, i still remember everything that happened and I cant stop thinking about it. I thought that I'd have this totally new outlook on life, I dont. I think the scariest part is where I went. You see, Im a Catholic, a hypocrite, but a Catholic nevertheless. Im questioning my faith i dont really talk about my religion because to me its a personal and private thing. But while I was suffocating and water was filling my lungs and I felt myself suddenly at peace and then I closed my eyes. Then everything went black. I was scared, I heard whispers behind me. I didnt see a light, it was just cold and dark full of nothing. Im terrified you guys. I dont know what think about it, I cant make sense of it. At first I was so happy to be alive again. Somehow it seems emptier here and ive began to wonder if it was worth the trouble coming back. Not that anyone can really tell what im feeling. I mean I drowned and two days later I was back in class like nothing happened. Everything hurts like hell and Im lost. I dont know what to make of my life anymore. I feel like a empty shell of a person everything seems so trivial and useless.

    I know im not okay. I need professional help but the clinics here on campus are booked up. I cant go anywhere else because I cant afford it. I turned to religion but it only makes me cry. I cant read my bible. I feel myself spiraling into a mental collapse. How do I fix something I dont understand. Im just dealing with things way beyond my maturity level. I finally lost the thing that kept me going, hope

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  • Must... sleep... -- bwctwriter, 07:59:25 04/20/17 Thu
    SOOO TIRED... BUT... I made this yesterday, when I was unable to sleep. Joey, lyrics aside, you'll DEFINITELY like this one... :-p

    Declan McKenna- Brazil w. captions from The Rev on Vimeo.

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  • Sighhh...it's starting already... -- Comicality, 00:54:30 04/20/17 Thu

    ...But, you know? I was expecting it. It happens every time. And I'm not going to let it get to me. I'm sticking to the plan. I am confident in what I'm doing, and I am doing MORE than my fair share of work right now! Believe me!

    So...to my 'control freaks'...please calm down. You have no say in this. Sit back, realax, enjoy. Life is good. Smile for a while. K?

    STOP aching over what you want and take a moment to digest what you just got ten MINUTES ago!!! Say 'thank you'!

    You're welcome!

    Everything is free! Chill out! K? Just remember...if you were to comfortably sit back in your easy chair and read EVERY single word from EVERY single story on this website...THAT'S how long it takes me to plan/write/edit the amount of stories that I've done in the months of April alone. I'm ahead of schedule, so smile! We're doing good!

    To the chosen few? This is YOU right now! :O

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  • ::Snickers:: Well... -- Comicality, 23:13:43 04/19/17 Wed

    ...At least they didn't misplace an entire, "Very powerful" armada of attack vessels for nearly a WEEK! So...there's that.

    Are we all doomed yet? I'm not gonna pay anymore bills this month if we're doomed...

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  • Whoah!!! OMG...they actually DID it! :O -- Comicality, 20:50:47 04/19/17 Wed

    You know...all Marvel Comics corporate red tape aside, there were a few Marvel characters that I thought would be AWESOME TV shows! "Cloak and Dagger" and "Moon Knight" would be AMAZING! And it looks like the "Cloak And Dagger" property is getting its shot!

    When I was younger, I didn't start reading Cloak And Dagger until they had about a year of crossovers with Dr. Strange comics! But I DID like them, and it's actually a storyline that can get pretty damn DARK in some places! (I wish this was on Netflix! But I'm sure Freeform will do a decent job!) Excited to see where this goes! :)

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  • A 'possible' winner, Mike! :) -- Comicality, 19:30:58 04/19/17 Wed

    I know you're a fellow fan of decent found footage movies...I haven't seen this yet, but I'll keep an eye out just in case. :P

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  • == ONE WORLD WEDNESDAY == -- Comicality, 17:35:17 04/19/17 Wed


    We first went to Korea/China to explore "K-Pop", then went South of the American border to dive into the world of "Telenovelas"...so what's next?


    It's definitely a mouthful to say aloud! (Eee-SICK-ah-tah-MY-ah) But while you may think that you've never heard of this particular brand of music before...I can assure you that you have! You just never had a name for it before!

    Coming from South Africa, nearly a century ago, Isicathamiya is a form of African acapella choir music. Mostly made up of a combination of bass voices and tenors, all in harmony, with a single lead singer in the center. Created by Zulu migrant workers with little money and poor housing, miners and farmers would entertain themselves by singing and performing for others. The quiet and subtle dance moves were created to bring energy to the performance, while being soft enough to not wake those around them. This singing style was further enhanced by the Dutch and British colonization of South Africa, and then by further influence from American ragtime jazz and gospel.

    I wasn't kidding when I said that you've heard this brand of music before. If you've seen "The Lion King"...you've heard it. And if not, you might recognize one of the first truly famous songs to sweep across the airwaves. It's called "Mbube"...or, after it was remade by The Tokens, you might know it by its Western title..."The Lion Sleeps Tonight"!

    So give it a listen! Check it out, and learn more if you're feeling so inclined! Isicathamiya is still around, and has grown in popularity over the years! From Ladysmith Black Mambazo, who was also brought into the limelight by artists such as Paul Simon and Michael Jackson, to having heavy influence on groups like Zap Mama and artists like Miriam Makeba! The sound can be such a soothing and spiritual experience. NO instruments! Amazing! Plus...South African accents are SO damn cool! Hehehe! Enjoy!

    Remember, in this world we live in today...sometimes we HATE each other, because we don't KNOW each other! Take every opportunity you can to change that! K?

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