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  • Hey guys. -- Comrade Jake, 23:43:52 08/12/17 Sat
    I just wanted to put this up because no one else has yet. I'm Jewish and obviously gay like most people on this message board. There were Nazis on the streets of the US today. People died. This was incredibly upsetting and it left me literally shaking this afternoon watching the aftermath of what that Nazi did to peaceful protestors in the crowd. I'm not blaming anyone politically for what happened. I live in Canada but I spent most of my life in the US and retain US citizenship. I don't know what else to say. I'm rambling at this point but I don't know who else to talk to.

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  • Boy Farm 1 -- culito, 17:33:43 08/13/17 Sun
    1 and 3 are very cute

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  • Ok, Sir TurtleBoy...your credentials check out! :P -- Comicality, 05:55:51 04/04/17 Tue

    It was actually your birthday this time around, so my apologies! Hehehe! Happy belated birthday, dude! ((Hugz and Smoochez))

    I am officially opening the gates to the 'Boy Farm' for the rest of the week!

    Now...here is the RULE! You're allowed to pick THREE boys of the eight that I'm going to offer you below! That's a LOT! Hehehe! So choose three!


    You can ditch all eight boys for just ONE boy from our celebrity package! Just ONE, TurtleBoy! Hehehe, *ONE* celebrity cutie, or three other cuties from this chosen selection!

    ::Has Shack Bodyguards Barricade The Doors::

    Don't try to cheat me and steal boys to run out with! Hehehe, you have to make a CHOICE! So choose wisely!

    Anyway, to be serious for a moment...thank you for being a friend, dude. For listening to me cry, for helping me with techie issues, for Imagine Magazine, and just for making me smile. From the bottom of my heart...thank you. Love you lots, dude. Don't ever change!

    Now...Pete's gonna do a pole dance for ya! So sit right there so you can get your lapdance! :)

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  • omg u guys! -- Caleb, 23:34:19 08/11/17 Fri
    Toby Randall just relesed 3 songs on spotify just a bit ago i am so exited holy dam! there not on youtube yet so ya i cant post the vids but holy hekc! raaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwr!!!!!!!!!!


    here if u dont got spotify u can watch this vid instead lol

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  • Hahaha! Just got a reminder about this story! :P -- Comicality, 20:06:58 08/11/17 Fri

    It was meant to be a prank for 'April Fool's Day' at the time, and I told everybody to not only keep it a secret, but to build it up as the most awesome and hottest story that I had written yet! LOL!

    I can honestly tell you that I nearly laughed myself to TEARS writing this! Hehehe, so to those of you guys who needed a grin tonight (Yes, I've been reading my emails...and I know some of you need help tonight. I'll take a break and do everything I can, asap. K? Promise. That's most important to me)...give it a read. Maybe it'll make you smile.

    I like to poke fun at myself from time to time. I doubt I did it any better than I did with this fictional oddity! :P


    LOL! You guys can thank Myr for this reminder of my goofier days! :P

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  • OMG!!! This is gonna be good...Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson...What could be better -- Dwayne, 22:57:16 08/12/17 Sat

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  • Sorry, I am concentrating on about 7 different things at once right now... -- Comicality, 20:27:12 08/11/17 Fri

    But I didn't forget that it's time for a Friday update tonight! Hehehe, k? I just need to take care of some other stuff online first. Be patient with me.

    Coming up next? A double 'Fan Friday' post! A brand new chapter of the new series "Fanfic" story (Poor Andrew! LOL!) and for '30 Days Of Night', a new chapter of "GFD: Fanboys"! So look for announcements on both later on tonight, or maybe tomorrow afternoon.

    Don't throw rotten tomatoes at me, dammit! LOL! You folks are so selfish! This other stuff is important! Hold your horses and wait your turn! K? I'm working on it! ((hugz))

    Seezya soon! Promise!

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  • Hmmmm...ok! I'm intrigued... -- Comicality, 22:48:45 08/11/17 Fri

    The darker side of me has now been triggered! :P


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  • Umm EXCUSE ME, VOY.... >:-( -- bwctwriter, 01:33:24 08/11/17 Fri
    Why can't I log in to my account?!? *snarls*

    Honestly... I just came in here to share a video that was actually CAPTIONED for once (poorly, but still... :-p) and ur gonna pull THIS shit on me?!? RUDE!

    Anywho... Joey, I heard this on the radio and saw the video... And i just thought it was cool. So I hope u like it. Needless to say, *I* could have done the captions better, but what can I say? Those people clearly don't understand the value of good captions. *WHAPS the music industry*


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  • LOOK OUT, PETE!!! -- Comicality, 00:41:57 08/12/17 Sat

    It's a Puss-unami!!!! :O

    A full blown Pyrokitty-cloud is headed towards Chicago! Duck and cover, dude! Hehehe!

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  • Relevent Quotes from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery -- PeteIM, 22:39:09 08/11/17 Fri
    Austin Powers: There are only two things in this world that scare me and one is Nuclear War.
    Basil: What’s the other?

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  • I surprised myself by enjoying the first season. -- Mike84 (), 19:00:50 08/10/17 Thu

    I only originally gave it a chance because I like Matt Smith who plays a young Prince Philip, Liz's husband (and you get to see his cute bum :P).

    I was hesitant because I'm not usually a fan of historical dramas, and I'm an apathetic republican (in the monarchy sense, not politically). So in theory it really shouldn't have appealed to me.

    But I actually found myself enjoying the first season. Very well written and acted. And the sets / costumes were incredible. Historically accurate, right down to the costumes and minor political events of the time, and some of the more serious ones, (ie the Great Smog Of London in 52 which killed thousands of Londoners).

    It's also the most expensive TV show of all time. They spent almost $150 Million to create the ten episodes of the first season. But it paid off for Netflix. The show's done really well and won lots of awards.

    They plan to release 10 episodes each year, set in the fifties through to today (so probably 7 seasons). Each season being a decade in the life of Elizabeth II, from her ascent to the throne.

    Season 2 is set in the sixties.

    Anyway, here's the trailer for season 2.

    Last edited by author: Thu August 10, 2017 21:27:36   Edited 1 time.
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  • Here is why I'm afraid with President Trump having the Nuclear Codes: -- PeteIM, 12:11:28 08/09/17 Wed
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  • ::Giggles:: I spent some good quality time wwith my mom tonight... -- Comicality, 00:18:56 08/10/17 Thu

    And even though it's completely out of character for me to actually get some rest tonight...that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to close my eyes, and stretch out...and get some sleep.

    Sighhhh...relaxing. I love It! :)

    OH! But if you think I forgot about "30 Days Of Night" just because I posted a new "Billy Chase" tonight...? NOPE! Hehehe! Go check out "GFD: Children Of Sunset" when you get a chance! Teen love, vampires, and cowboys! Where can you go wrong? What are you waiting for?

    For the rest of you...if you still can't sleep? Here is a very peaceful, very pleasant lullabye. ::Snickers:: Seezya soon!

    Shhhhhh...rest now sweet princes. ((Cuddles))


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  • LOL! I think this SUPER cutie needs a cuddle date for the movies! -- Comicality, 03:06:20 08/10/17 Thu

    Must not have a fear of clowns! Just be there for snuggles when he needs comfort. Volunteers? :P


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  • hehehe, I will NEVER get tired of this... -- Comicality, 14:12:09 08/10/17 Thu

    One of the best opening credits sequences ever! LOL!


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  • Nooooooooooo!!!! :O -- Comicality, 05:14:38 08/10/17 Thu

    They keep trying to make Leatherface younger and younger! Leatherface isn't scary until he gets OLDER! He's not a little boy!

    Why do they keep messing with a classic? ::Shakes Fist::


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  • Don't miss out on your life. :) -- TurtleBoy, 20:07:11 08/09/17 Wed
    The better our tech gets, the harder it is to disconnect from the real world. Be careful, though, or you can miss out on some pretty wonderful things. Get off your computers, put down your gizmos, and enjoy the day. That's what this video is about.


    No subs, but the song's not why I'm sharing. It's actually quite mediocre, as The Chainsmokers' songs go. The video's all you need concern yourself with.

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  • Hello -- MasterM, 03:25:46 08/09/17 Wed
    Hi! I'm MasterM, I am 18 years old and I live in the Philippines. I've been reading The Shack forum for quite a while now. Comsie told me me to say hi!

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VINNY!!! :) -- Comicality, 23:52:55 08/08/17 Tue


    Didn't want to miss it! Here's to many more!

    Hope you had an awesome day! And the Boy Farm is open! Grab two, and don't do anything I wouldn't do! ::Grins::

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