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"Wet Dream Of The Week"
Gabriel Bateman - 13 Year old, Gabriel Bateman has become one of those boys that you see in the movies who's 'creepy'...but he's too cute to be creepy, so you give him a pass and let him...like, stab you, or whatever! LOL! But from his outings in shows like "Outcast", "American Gothic", and "Lights Out" (ALL of which, you guys should check out!), it's pretty clear that this teen actor is going to be around for a long time to come! Wishing you luck, Gabriel! ((Hugz))

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  • Sunday Chill Time -- Johnny, 18:24:56 04/02/17 Sun

    Yeh well haven’t done for ages and this mix sort of got me going. Totally coincidental that Our Samplus is a French setup and the fact that today we booked flights and hotel for a five day weekend in Nice for Bastille Day again in July although last year we were based in Cannes. This is not a complaint because we survived the crazy happening last year whereas many didn’t and families are still suffering but hoping that this year is much better as in no repeats. We’ll obviously be hooking up with the crazy boys from Antibes lolz although two of them are coming here the end of this month. Help. :)


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  • GAH!!!! It's almost time for THIS nightmare to start up again!!! :O -- Comicality, 12:32:19 03/29/17 Wed

    Jesus! I didn't think anything could be creepier than the original, but...ummmm....yeah...


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  • Joeyworld update ! πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ -- Joey (Yuk !), 16:49:02 03/30/17 Thu
    Anyways hi! Been a while ok. I was off school Tuesday n Wednesday cus of the nasty shitty pukey bug. Yuk πŸ€‘ then I finally went to school today but I only made it thru a half day before I hadda have the school nurse call Momicality​ pick me up. I think the thing that killed me was smelling the cafeteria cooking tilapia for our lunch. Ugg πŸ€‘πŸ€‘. I dunno. But now I'm home back in bed. An tomorrow we got off cus it's another drive holiday for making over half million bucks on our fund drive. Crap!! Where am I I going with this !?? HA 😝 I dunno (??). Anyways I really appreciate u guys doing closed captioning vid attachments ok. It means LOTZ to me. It does ok. Makes me feel like more a part a things ok. Im now only five weeks away from the end of school and graduation!! OMFG!! 😱😱😱. HA! I never thought it would happen but it's here! Like almost NOW! FUCK!! Anyways love all u shackheads ok. I feel crappy πŸ€‘.. but I feel ur love. Big shout out to Ac maxxiee Akodude nichdude nubs Jimmy Vinny Andy Gaypops jeffy Natty chippy Austin dar an jus Everybody's ok πŸ˜™πŸ˜™. Sorry Ifn I forget anybody. Especially YOU Matteo ! 😝.
    And mostlys u Big C 😘. Ha! Laterz 😁

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  • Something for all you Canadians in here! -- Vinny, 21:03:46 03/30/17 Thu

    What is the most Canadian thing a person can do?

    A young man appears in the distance, wearing a flannel shirt.
    He is riding a moose.
    He has travelled far, but still has a long way to go before he reaches his destination.

    In one hand, he holds a bottle of maple syrup. In the other, a hockey stick.

    As he rides forth, his hockey stick accidentally brushes against a tree branch.

    β€œSorry!” he whispers to the tree.
    β€œSorry!” the tree replies.

    Pretty soon, he comes to a river. As he tries to figure out a way to cross it, a young beaver trots over and taps him on the leg, motioning for him to follow. The beaver leads him to a dam, which our young hero can cross on.

    He and his moose carefully cross the river, after thanking the beaver profusely.

    Soon, he comes across a man ice fishing. After exchanging pleasantries (in French), the man gives him a Molson to quench his thirst. He drinks the beer and continues on his way.

    He can see his destination now, just past the grove of maple trees.

    He begins to hum O Canada as he crosses the street and parks his moose.

    He has finally arrived at his glorious destination: Tim Horton’s.

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  • Interesting.. -- Mike84, 10:18:16 03/30/17 Thu

    Just watched this trailer, and it went from me thinking it was a 'bubblegum' movie, to actually looking pretty dark serious, fast.

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  • For Joey with lyrics :) (lady marmalade) for a GOOFY song -- Rickgayaz, 01:58:10 03/31/17 Fri

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  • Weirdest way to meet a crush... -- Ace, 00:33:20 03/31/17 Fri
    So I think I officially win the award for this one. So the middle of last month I picked up boxing in an attempt to clear my mind and work out some bad energy stored up...long story short theres this really cute guy whos basically top of the class,he's got the blonde hair, the blue eyes and all the fancy moves. Well today my trainer was out sick so the lead trainer asked if my crush could instruct our group...yup thats right, for a little over an hour I had to throw punches at a cute guy I like! It was probably the weirdest way I've ever started talking to a guy, but hey! I guess it got me talking to him!

    Any of you guys think you can top me? I'd love to hear about it.

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  • For someone who generally as a rule hates musicals.. -- Dom, 11:51:46 03/31/17 Fri
    Gotta say.. I LOVED Beauty & the Beast.
    Only other musical I can recall liking to date is Les Miserables.

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  • I'm actually thinking that this could be one of those RARE occasions... -- Comicality, 16:02:54 03/30/17 Thu

    ...When a movie franchise has a PERFECT trilogy! :O

    That almost NEVER happens! There's always that one installment that screws up the whole series! (Alien, Terminator, Matrix, Blade, X-Men, Mad Max, Godfather...and on and on and on) But...every now and then, we get this weird anomaly where a whole trilogy works! We get a "Bourne Identity", or a "Back To The Future", or a "Star Wars" (I know a lot of people HATE on 'Return Of The Jedi', but that movie was AWESOME! Forget the ewoks! Luke vs Darth Vader, hovering speeder bikes, Jabba the hutt, the Emperor...there's SO much awesomeness in that movie!) I think this "Planet Of The Apes" franchise might actually be our next anomaly! Can't wait! :)

    Ok, had to rest my hands for a little bit. Hehehe! LOTS of work to do! Stories start up again tomorrow with a new "GFD" chapter! Getting that hard drive out of my old laptop was harder than I thought it would be. Hehehehe! They hide those things pretty DEEP in the machine! I had screws everywhere! But I got it out, hooked it up, and it WORKS! Sighhh...it feels good to see all my hard work again! ::Giggles:: I'll start putting stuff together within the hour!

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  • Hehehe, the next time someone has a problem with you being gay... -- Comicality, 17:45:44 03/30/17 Thu

    ...Or just existing as a sexual being in general...make sure you play them this song! ::Giggles::

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  • Flash from the past -- Johnny, 17:46:38 03/29/17 Wed
    Heard this in a bar last night, first time for ages. I remember thinking when it came out that die hard Pink Floyd fans would march on Westminster in protest and try to get it banned haha. Me likes it.


    A copy with subtitles but the upload quality isn't so good.


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  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Comicality, 19:46:09 03/29/17 Wed

    IT'S HERE!!!!!!!

    My hard drive enclosure FINALLY came in the mail today, and I am holding it in my hand right NOW! (Well...not RIGHT now, because I'm typing! But you get what I mean!)

    That means I will have access to ALL of my files in just a matter of hours! I'm going to take my tiny screwdriver set and dismantle my other laptop so I can get that hard drive out of there. I don't remember how to take it apart, but I mean...it's broke, so it's not like I have to be gentle. ::Giggles:: I'm going to get on that tonight, then transfer my files and give them a second look/edit...and we'll be back in business as early as Friday morning!

    OMIGOD, the past few weeks have been soooooooo depressing! And while I'm still saving up for a new laptop, at least I have a way to get to my hard work so I can post it!

    Expect BIG things!!! I'm BACK, bitches!!!!!!! :P

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  • valerian and the city of a thousand planets -- RickGayAZ, 22:01:08 03/29/17 Wed
    Just popped up on Yahoo:

    luc benson,the director of 5th Element, is based on comic book, staring Dane DeHann


    (posted here to prevent slowing of Voy loading)

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  • For Joey...and for Matt too! :D -- Comicality, 22:20:04 03/29/17 Wed

    Now, I put a LOT of thought into choosing these songs, hoping that they might give Joey some good vibes when he needed them. :)

    I want to do right by you, Baby Bear! And if you're just looking at songs as poetic verses, I wanted to choose songs with lyrics that can uplift and inspire you whenever you need it. We all need that from time to time. Hopefully this is the 'poetry' you were looking for.

    I'm adding the actual videos here, so you can use these as your blueprint, Matt! I hope I did good! Hehehe! I've got to wait for you to take it from here! But I want to thank you for doing this! It makes the world a better place. So smile for me, k?

    I'll put more in the reply below! But for now...here's my fist offering!

    Enjoy, Joey! And know that I'm always in your corner, k? Love always!

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  • For nostalgia's sake... :-) -- bwctwriter, 05:38:36 03/29/17 Wed
    Back when The King of Pop wasn't a nutjob... yet still was a nutjob. :-p But hey, at least he could sing. :-)

    Michael Jackson's Thriller w/CCs from Matt Holmes on Vimeo.

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