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  • OUT -- Fox (Relief), 00:10:31 12/01/17 Fri
    Hey Shackers,

    You guys are going to think I’ve completely lost my mind. Not only did I just loose my Mom, but I decided that it was time to come out to my eldest sister. This wasn’t something done in the haze of post funeral grief or guilt, this is something that had been building for quiet awhile. For much of the year, I’ve been burning up YT watching “coming out” videos. When my sister and I had an early morning chat, about some of her own teenaged demons, I knew that this was the final sign the universe was sending, it was time. So I sat down and wrote her a 1700 word letter. It took 4 hours. (My respect to all the authors in the room) The next day at the beach, she wanted to leave, because we still had so much to do. I told her that there was one more task, I have a letter for you and I need you to read it, I was going to be strong enough for the both of us. I handed her the four pages carefully typed and stapled with precision. She read, laughed and cried, right along with me. She took it so well. She knew, of course. Older sisters and Mom’s are like that. We had a great talk and it was a wonderful experience. I feel so much better. She’s the third person in my life to know. My best friend ‘B’ @ 16, My mom @ 18ish (Shouldn’t have left “that” notebook lying around your room) and now all these years later my sister @33.

    As cliché as it sounds, It does get better. You are stronger then you think.

    I wanted to share the list that I included in the letter. Call it a mini owners manual for gay boys.

    1. Never, ever, ever. Out someone, without asking first. This is my story to tell, not yours. Seriously, it can be extremely damaging to both. Plus news travels fast, God Damned FB! If you ask and I say no, respect that. Actions always speak louder than words.

    2. My sexuality belongs to me. You can’t give consent for me, or speak for me. You don’t get to tell me what I like, or what I’m into. Period.

    3. Don’t think that just because you meet a friend of mine, we’re sleeping together. If you want to know that status of the relationship, ask, but do it privately.

    4. I know how to protect myself medically, but I’ll ask you if there are questions. Try to not blush. (Like there’s any chance of that = )

    5. I am not, nor have I ever been, a whore or a predator. Don’t confuse the high profile monsters in Hollywood and DC, for legitimate members of the gay community. They certainly don’t speak for or represent, us. We hate their actions.

    6. Gay history is bloody and painful, we’ve lost so many. So many survived. Orlando & Pulse was painful for everyone. One of the guys killed was just 21 yr. They fucked with family. My heart still hasn’t healed.

    7. Don’t try and play match maker. Your standards and perceptions are different than mine. Guess which one matters, more.

    8. See point #1. Read it again. Remember it.

    9. I’ve lived with this information longer then you have, and I know you need time to adjust. I also know this may be hard on you. We’ll get through it together.

    10. The best response anyone can give to an ‘outing’ is “Thank you, for trusting me enough, to share this with me” Hugs are also a good response. Yes, there will probably be tears, that’s ok. You’re working with special glitter magic; it’s all good (that last bit was a joke, laugh now.)

    11. Sex is never a reward. It’s a beautiful, shared experience. Hopefully.

    12. YouTube is a glorious place with awesome content, some of it is garbage. We might watch some of it together, if you ask.

    13. Fuck, its 04:00

    14. There are plenty of gay anthems.

    15. Nope, I aint your Gay BFF. Don’t even try.

    16. “Every gay man I know carries around a mental portfolio of all the shitty things other gay men have said and done to him. Gay men in particular are just not very nice to each other. In pop culture, drag queens are known for their takedowns and it’s all ha ha ha. But that meanness is almost pathological. All of us were deeply confused or lying to ourselves for a good chunk of our adolescence. But it’s not comfortable for us to show that to other people. So we show other people what the world shows us, which is nastiness.”

    17. LGBTQA+ WTF?!?! Every year they add a new letter. Ugh.

    18. Yes there are gay athletes. Tom Daily, Mathew Mitcham. Woof! We need more. Better yet, bring back the nude Olympics (just say’n)

    19. Nope, I’m not attracted to every guy I glance at. The same is true for you. Sometimes however, you get a glance at true beauty.

    20. I will NEVER date a guy who smokes or smoked anything. 1000% deal killer. Game over. Goodbye.

    21. Don’t lie or play games. Also a deal killer. You’re deleted.

    So what would you add to your own letter, what do you agree/disagree with?

    As always, thank you for taking the time to hear and acknowledge my thoughts.

    Love you all.

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  • Final arrangements being made for Imagine Magazine... -- Comicality, 12:11:36 11/30/17 Thu

    I have gotten this big 'cluttered closet' of stuff to send in for January's issue, as well as the next ten months worth of stuff for Imagine Magazine to post at its convenience. And I STIL have some MAJOR surprises coming soon for the new monthly releases! Like...you guys are in for some serious WTF moments! :P

    Anyway, tomorrow is December 1st, and I'm sending TurtleBoy a bunch of stuff for the first issue in January! But you guys have until December 15th if you want to submit stuff of your own! Cool?

    And HUGE thanks to those of you who have emailed me submissions recently! You're my new best friends! Hehehe! Seriously, what I've been reading has been amazing! I've been in touch through email, but just wanted to give you some public recognition for being so awesome! I will find a way to secretly reward you for this! Hehehe! Welcome to the VIP area! Mwah!

    Also, MasterM...as you're gonna be our featured author for the January issue, I'm putting a short interview together for you this weekend! So we'll talk soon, k? It'll be fun!

    If anybody else wants to offer up any stories or articles for the February and beyond issues...contact me at Comicality@webtv.net with your ideas, and we'll talk about it. Cool?

    ((Hugz)) all around. Seezya soon.

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  • Here it is! -- Fanson, 15:30:47 11/29/17 Wed
    Hanson's 'Finally It's Christmas' official music video :D

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  • ::Sniffles:: It's...it's BYOOOOOTIFUL!!! -- Comicality, 08:32:56 11/29/17 Wed

    I'm speechless...still wanted just a LITTLE bit more though! It's cool to see everybody together like that.

    Clear the office, folks. I think I need a moment. :P


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  • The 'Com-Doms' Story... -- Comicality, 01:09:22 11/27/17 Mon

    While I created this months ago as a bit of a naughty running joke for Imagine Magazine, there really is a meaning and purpose behind it. I wanted to run the brief, one page, ads every month...with cute boys and improvised comments included. Something to make you guys smile every once in a while. :)

    However, the main reason for the ads was to promote an idea of safe sex to our teen audience. "Safe Sex For All Ages". I know that people want us all to believe that nobody has any interest in sex until their 18th birthday. But...spoiler...that's just not true. And instead of pretending that someone in their mid teens isn't thinking about sex...I prefer to let them talk to me about it and listen to what they have to say. And if I can insert (Hehehe...I said 'insert') some knowledge about safe sex and using condoms at a time where ten minutes of privacy might end up in an explicit sexual experience between two super horny teenagers...I want them to keep the idea of sexual safety in mind at all times. Even if it starts out as a joke.

    Consider the 'Com-Doms' advertisements in Imagine Magazine as a healthy form of Comsie propaganda! If it means that two teenagers will be making out, and think of one of the ads as a funny and friendly way to remember to protect themselves...then so be it. I hope it does some good.

    I'm not just being a pervert! LOL! I'm looking out for you guys! The reality is...there are people having sex before their 18th birthday. I want them to be safe. I joke around, but the situation is serious.

    I don't feel invincible like I did when I was 14 years old. I know better. Let's help them to know better too...before they make a mistake that they can't take back.

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  • To the new "mibs" (visitors) in the chat. -- MasterM, 15:30:48 11/25/17 Sat
    The idlers are not ignoring you, K? Me and my fellow idlers just have a bit of a different timezone from many of you :). Don't let that discourage you from coming back at a different time though. And yeah we can see the logs:P

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  • OMG OMG OMG!!! XD -- Comicality, 14:03:32 11/28/17 Tue

    TOMORROW?????? :O

    I thought we'd have to wait for Star Wars, or MAYBE the season premier of Agents Of Shield...but tomorrow??? I'm SO ready! Ten whole years of build up...and now the big moment is upon us! I just know they'll break the bank with this one! ::Squeal::


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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 09:10:17 11/27/17 Mon

    This week's selection is a lesser known Stephen King story! Enjoy the chills!


    Now, this isn't a 'horror' movie in its true sense...it's more of a thriller/drama. But definitely one worth giving a look. I enjoyed it!

    This movie is a bit of a 'slow burn' as they say, involving a land owning farmer, his wife, his son. The wife owns half the land, but is tired of the rural life and wants to move into the city. And when the prospect of her selling her share of the land comes up, and taking her son with her into the city...sinister thoughts are left to fester.

    Yes, poppa bear decides to murder his wife and drop her body down in the well to rot! Hehehe, but things don't stop there, obviously. What happens from there on is where our story really grows its wings. And even though it has supernatural 'touches' here and there, the story is about more than that. You'll have to check it out for yourself to see it though! :)

    Cool and creepy flick for a Friday night! Enjoy! :)

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  • Yay tomorrow fly off for a week in the sun -- Sam. :), 02:12:20 11/28/17 Tue

    Totally looking forward to it. It’s gonna be crazy but there’s a lot of craziness coming in the run up to Xmas. We get back next Wednesday and the following Saturday we’re going for dinns then clubbling with eight of the boys that have been hanging with me then us at my parents when they were in early teens like from the Brian and Peter days, our foster kids lolz. They’re all legal and grown now able to go clubbing that’s gonna be a good night. I have to say we’re sort of proud of the way they’ve turned out it was definitely worth the investment. Sunday it’s the Christmas party with the special needs kids the thing I do with old schoolfriends. We did it a school and carried it every year since then. That’s an afternoon thing and it’s always brilliant even though we can only stay a couple hours. We take food and pressies and have a sing and messabout it’s so worth it seeing their little faces Marky’s doing the food this year he’s gonna get it already and packed for us obviously there’s a lot of cake stuff lol.

    The next week Robby’s got a couple uni parties like clubbing they’re midweek it’s gonna be their last Xmas together so it’s gonna be a bit bittersweet but they’ll go for it lol. I’m going to one of them, the guys and girls night but not the all guys night, they’ll definitely party. :) I’ve got to work and it involves driving I don’t want to get nicked the next day for still being over the limit the cops are hot over the Xmas period. I don’t want to be in a position where I could be responsible or even involved in an accident and anyhow I pick up my new car lol. I’ll just wait until he gets home and abuse him hehe, last year I abused a drunken shepherd he doesn’t know yet what he’s gonna be this year. :) The following Saturday it’s the company dinner and party always a mental night well except for 2012 but hey. It’s that sort of night that after a few drinks the older people think they’re kids again like talk funny and dance funny oh and grope tut can’t do that this year. :) So then it’s the week into Xmas which will be casual hanging with friends stuff then the usual Xmas Day and night scene which I always love. Oh then New Years Eve woohoo. Well hello 2018. :)

    The only thing I’m dreading about tomorrow is the flight it’s so boring 4 hours on a plane well 5 hours when you think 30 mins to load and 30 mins to unload it drives me crazy sitting down for that long I’m the one who can’t sit through a 90 minute movie lol. It’s a 7:30 am flight which doesn’t bother me cos I’m always about early I only sleep about 4 hours a night on average but Rob is totally opposite hehe. He’ll be dead to the world in the taxi at 5:30 am then all the airport crap. He’ll do what he did earlier this year on that early flight, crash out on the plane and put his head on my shoulder. That means I’m trapped cos I don’t have the heart to wake him even if I wanna go for a pee. :) Oh well maybe I can nod off this time we’ve reserved seats to the rear the plane away from the engines not that I want them to go quiet. :) I’ve decided when we travel more than 4 hours flight time it’s gotta be on a ship at least you can party your way to USA. Ozland, New Zealand wherever.

    A bit of Latin some guys here will like. :) We’re going to Tenerife, Canary Islands and that’s where these kids are from and live. Over 444mill views????. Smh but hey good luck to them. :)


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  • WDotW For 11/27 -- Comicality, 09:11:47 11/27/17 Mon

    Hehehe, where are all these cute Russian pop stars coming from all of a sudden? Is this a new thing? Or were we just blind to them before? :)

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 09:00:36 11/27/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Hickey Exposure' Kiss!

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  • Some of our friends went to see this movie the other night -- Sam :), 18:33:07 11/21/17 Tue
    It's newish but this was a one off showing. They all loved it.


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  • Getting ready to take on the Movie "Mayhem" (because Comsie said so...lol)...I was wondering if anyone has seen "The Dark Tower" and "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" and if they were worth watching? -- Dwayne, 20:22:14 11/25/17 Sat
    By the way...I've missed everyone...I've moved to an apartment and haven't been in a happy mood lately between work stressing me out and just being down...it sucks...lol

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  • I'm...I'm trying... -- Comicality, 03:28:08 11/21/17 Tue

    This actually looks like it could be REALLY cool, and the crossover would be epic...just...FUCK!

    Damn you CW... >:(

    Anyway, to those of you who like this Disney Channel, glossy, 90210, happy-go-lucky, CW stuff...this looks pretty damn cool. (Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow)

    Sigh...I wish this was on Netflix instead. So shiny. It's actually hurting my eyes! ::Super CORNY alarm is ringing:: Back to Gotham, Punisher, and The Gifted, thank you...

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  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas -- Sam :), 17:04:12 11/24/17 Fri

    Awesome. Tv adverts are in full on mode whether it’s different stores, oldie CD collections wtv. gotta love it the major thing is people out and about are all smiley faces and happy. Rob and me always give our summer clothes to charity shops in September which meant as we’re going away Wedneday we had to do a bit of shopping for summer clothes lol lunchtime. We took advantage of the Black Friday rip off because we don’t need that much the temps gonna be about 26c/79f for the week we’re in Tenerife but we got some bargains because this is winter and we can always buy over there. People are so buzzed with the Christmas feels though like you bump into a girl on her phone and she’s like “oh so sorry” and she actually smiles hehe they’re usually in another world, dunno why it is but girls are far worse than guys. :) Young or old politeness, happiness and smiles rule right now why can’t it be like this all year round though? Oh well be grateful for the rest of 2017 . :) Oh yeh we could have snow here tomorrow woohoo. :)

    Original is always the best.


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  • Happy Birthday, Tricky71!!!! -- Comicality, 01:40:46 11/25/17 Sat

    Actually, your b-day was a day or two ago, but I couldn't get online when I wanted to! Hehehe! Still, you get two choices from the Boy Farm to keep you company for the weekend, dude!!!

    We've put together a fun selection for you, hopefully matching your tastes! Have a good one! Hugs! Enjoy!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 16:18:00 11/20/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The '2nd Ammendment' Kiss!

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  • I hope you all got some great deals on this Black Friday, but how about starting a NEW Black Friday Tradition? -- PeteIM, 18:24:27 11/24/17 Fri
    Post at least one, but no more than four songs by Black Artists or Groups. They can be any genre, new or old. It doesn’t matter… as long as you post them as a response to this message so we don’t slow the board down. (o:

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  • FINALLY!!! -- Comicality, 21:45:12 11/24/17 Fri

    Hehehe, as much as I love my many MANY younger cousins running around the house for the second day in a row, there is one word that I have learned to cherish above all others!


    Yes! Go! Flee! Everybody go home and go to sleep! I still have some weekend left! Hehehe! Anyway, just stopping to send you guys some hugs! I can put my Comsie cloak of shadows back on now!


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  • And why not? -- Sam :), 19:09:53 11/24/17 Fri

    Only 30 days until Xmas. It’s small screen but go fullscreen and just pretend you’re watching it on your phone you’ll soon get lost in the movie. I just know you Yanks can’t wait to see Trump in the hotel. :)


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  • EXHAUSTED....but happy... -- Comicality, 21:36:30 11/22/17 Wed

    Ok, so...my family is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow afternoon. And I have a big family and a lot of kids will be here too! Which is awesome, but my laptop will be 'off' the whole time that they're here. Because kids are friggin' NOSEY and can't not 'peek' at stuff that they're not supposed to peek at. Grrrr!!!

    Plus, I won't be here to watch them, because I have to work tomorrow night as well. So...I'm weary right now. LOL!

    BUT, I have Friday and the rest of the weekend off! Time to myself. And I'm going to stretch out and relax a tiny bit to recharge my battery. Also, I've been answering a ton of emails lately! So it'll be good to speak you guys after a long hiatus. I'm just struggling through this holiday right now. No biggie. It's a good thing. Hehehe!

    Anyway, love you all! Hugs and hot dogs! :P

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  • Ok, I'm up SUPER early! -- Comicality, 05:46:07 11/23/17 Thu

    I've got make sure the house is clean, the Xbox is ready for the kids to play, and Thanksgiving dinner is slowly cooking so it'll be nice and tender by the time my family arrives!

    Yes, we are having Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year! Because this is our first since we moved from Chicago, and the family is determined to invade the new household. :P I will not be cooking anything! Hehehe, so that's a plus! But I have to work later on tonight, so...I've got to behave.

    But, after midnight, when I come home...woo hoo! Crown Royal Apple! Awwww yeah! :P

    THEN, I'll have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, off! Thank God! nd that's all for YOU guys! ((Huggles)) So I'm looking forward to it! :)

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  • Hahaha! But...WHY??? -- Comicality, 14:22:37 11/22/17 Wed

    Hey kids, are you tired of eating your food like a SUCKER! Why not play with it until it gets cold and dirty, and then throw it in the trash! 'Merica!!!

    Seriously...wtf? There's gotta be a gif of that dancing hot dog, though! He's awesome!


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  • Hump Day Classic -- Sam :), 14:55:22 11/22/17 Wed

    A masterpiece from Mr. Grumpy. Imagine being around in 1968 and hearing this gem for the 1st time wow it must have been amazing. Eat your heart out Ed Sheeran.


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  • imagine Magazine Question... -- Comicality, 23:14:12 11/17/17 Fri

    Times change! It's inevitable. And technology changes the way we do things in the world, especially when it comes to interacting with one another. But, narrowing the topic down to one specific subject this time around, let's talk about dating in the 'left swipe/right swipe' age! What are your thoughts on that? I understand that some of you are young and haven't really experienced dating before the cell phone era, and that some of you are older and aren't into that kind of dating now, but we'd love to hear what you think about this as well. Has dating become too 'easy' in this day and age? And does easy mean that it's more superficial? Instead of meeting someone pleasing and funny and trustworthy to go out with, has then been reduced to a series of photos, and someone scrolling through them thinking, 'nope, nope, not cute enough, not tall enough, nope, ooh! He's beautiful!'? What happens to the folks who don't have the rock hard abs, or the 9 inch penis, or the wavy blond hair? And can this substitute for getting to know the people you ask out for a date be dangerous? Does it promote overtly sexual behavior? I mean...sure, you might pick somebody and talk to him first to make sure that he's not a serial killer...but what made you pick that person in the first place? Was it his personality and his charm? Or was it just a hot profile pic and a close proximity to where you live?

    Dating in the digital can be a brand new place for people to be open and honest about who they are and what they want. Or...it can be a virtual glory hole at your local truck stop, inviting relationships that might be fleeting, or even unsafe.

    So what do you think about the nature of dating online and with digital apps and the like! Give us your feedback for Imagine Magazine below! :)

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  • Hehehe, for Nathan... -- Comicality, 21:41:25 11/20/17 Mon

    A promise is a promise. I'm 6 episodes into "The Punisher" (Out of 13).and then I will start season one of "Game Of Thrones"! NOBODY spoil anything! Heheh, this is my first time! I'm a virgin, so...let me get used to things first! ::Giggles::

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  • Wow... you know... -- Comicality, 00:02:16 11/21/17 Tue

    One of my ultimate cornerstones for the 'sanity' has always been matched against the persona of Charles Manson. Always. Basically...if you have a world view, and a perspective of life in general, you need to be in a place where that idea is CHALLENGED! Otherwise...you're following a fucking INSANE ideology! And Manson was always a perfect example of that. (Well...and Hitler) Without some level of objectivity...'crazy' doesn't sound so crazy anymore. And that's when bad things happen.

    We've lost that idea as a society. We've been allowed to get ***ANGRY*** when people say something we don't like, and we block out all voices of reason because it doesn't agree with what we WANT to believe.

    Manson is gone now. Wow. But how hard will it be for someone to take his place? Is reason a dying art? :(

    I'm starting to think it is.

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  • WDotW For 11/20 -- Comicality, 16:38:40 11/20/17 Mon

    Whew...thank goodness! Get this boy some more screen time. Hehehe, he's too adorable to just do voiceover work! :P

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  • Going Aussie This Morning -- Sam :), 04:13:18 11/18/17 Sat

    This weeks gay marriage outcome gives me an excuse to post one of my fav Aussie bands. The result of the vote was amazing, 62% to 38% who cares about a percentage or two it was brilliant.12.7mill voted in a huge 79.5% turnout. It definitely puts paid to all the “Aussies are homophobic or Aussie’s are too butch to be gay” crap. You also have to remember whatever country many can be gay friendly but not all those gay friendly people accept gay marriage. This was a brilliant result for Australia it can’t be knocked and makes all the doom and gloomers look silly. This is a similar ratio to most Western Countries maybe better than some without checking. :)

    Anyhow that’s old news now back to Tame Impala a stunning Aussie band.

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  • Why hasn't anyone mentioned this?!? -- PeteIM, 02:02:11 11/20/17 Mon
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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 16:36:31 11/20/17 Mon

    This week's 3M is batshit CRAZY! So grab on to something and hold on!


    You remember that feeling you got in your gut after a certain "Walking Dead" season premier? Well, they should have called this movie, "Glen's Revenge"! And it gets pretty wild! The perfect movie for anybody who ever just wanted to go to work one day and bash your co-workers heads in! (Don't do that, by the way. I'm pretty sure that's illegal)

    So, "The Walking Dead's" Steven Yeun plays a high ranking hot shot at a corporate law firm. One of those plays where it's a constant mantra of kill or be killed. They destroy lives, ruin competitors, take people's livelihoods and houses from them...not a group of nice people. Then...enter a deadly virus in the mix!

    This virus works VERY quickly. It suddenly creates a violent rage in everybody who is affected by it and prohibits people from regaining control of their emotions! Whatever it is that stops you from punching everybody in the face when they cut you off in traffic? That is gone! So when the police quarantine the entire law firm until the virus can be contained...the entire skyrise becomes a den of chaos and murder. Which is what happens when you're dealing with morally despicable human beings.

    This movie starts heating up almost from the opening credits, and it doesn't stop until it's over. It's like 'Mad Max', '28 Days Later', and 'Boiler Room', all rolled into one! Despite some brutality and a touch of gore (Oh yeah...the blood will fly, folks!), this is a GREAT movie to watch for fun on the weekend! I felt a little exhausted myself by the end credits. Sigh...if I smoked, I'd need a cigarette. :P

    So check it out! Trailer below! Enjoy!

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  • All fans of the movie, "Hook" with Robin Williams... -- Comicality, 22:19:33 11/17/17 Fri

    Your Rufio prequel has come! :P


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  • Can't remember if anyone had linked this or not -- Cirrus, 04:03:19 11/16/17 Thu
    Rainbow Youth (a support group for LBGBTI young people in New Zealand) created this ad about the use of the term's "that's gay." I was amused.

    If It's Not Gay, It's Not Gay from RainbowYOUTH on Vimeo.

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  • Awww, I'm glad they're still going... -- Comicality, 14:55:15 11/15/17 Wed

    Despite some middle school type of drama between Jacob Sartorious and Mark Thomas a while ago (They were friends, then they were enemies, then Jacob was asking girls for nudes, then Mark makes a song about asking girls for sexy pics, then they were friends again, then Mark got caught sending some nudes of his own...yeah, that went on for a while), it seems like both boys have matured since then. And that means a new beginning. Which is always a good thing. :)

    Best of luck, you two!



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  • Wow -- Sam, 03:53:51 11/16/17 Thu
    Lil Peep dead at 21 but can't honestly say it's a shock just unwanted news. He's been on the verge of making it real big for sometime but I think his drug habit was getting in the way the industry couldn't accept it. It's a shame because he had a big following but this is 2017 and music has gone all goody two shoes, XFactorish and soulless. Lil Peep always described his music as emo rap he sometimes made me think of a young Billie Joe Armstrong. RIP dude.


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  • ::Giggles:: Big weirdo! :P -- Comicality, 12:55:05 11/15/17 Wed

    This is gonna be wild!


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  • Christmas is getting closer -- Sam :), 18:28:36 11/14/17 Tue

    I’m definitely getting into it the lights in town are switched on Thursday woohoo and in a couple weeks we’re gonna be in Tenerife woohoo again. :) A week after we get back I pick up a new car, ok a company car but my company car. Triple woohoo. :)

    Wtv I was looking for a joke present for a certain someone this afternoon and came across this it’s crazy a Bluetooth buttplug. :) You download the app onto your phone to control it and away you go. Best thing is tho is that somebody could be in a different country and if they have the app they can control, guess they have to have a password to link to whoevers plugged in lol. Gotta love how this guys does the review sort of straightfaced it seems a bit weird an older guy doing but guess they’re the one’s that use it and buy it. Guess it’s the butt version of Fleshlight hehe. Btw this isn’t gonna be the joke pressie not at £90 but you can guess where I was looking like what sort of site. A flashing vibrating cockring at £12 sounds better. :)


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  • Very well made... -- Comicality, 16:48:26 11/14/17 Tue

    This is touching. I enjoyed it. It had more to say in 20 minutes than most movies say in two hours. Kudos.


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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 15:05:42 11/13/17 Mon

    This week's 3M can be pretty hard to watch, so buyer beware!

    "Love Is All You Need?"

    I won't lie, but this movie can be hard to watch in its last 30 to 45 minutes. But I truly think it's worth the discomfort, as it really hammers home the gritty reality of what it is like for a lot of people to be gay in certain parts of this country, and indeed, the world.

    This movie takes place in what you might call an alternate universe. Where being gay is the standard, and being heterosexual is actually seen as a sin and a disease amongst 'normal' people. This is also a world where religion is SUPER involved in this particular community, and there will be some heavy religion bashing in this movie as well. Just letting our religious Shackers know ahead of time.

    It surrounds two or three different stories. One is about a female football star (Yes, gender roles have been switched around in this new world, as well), who discovers that she's heterosexual and begins to have a secret love affair with a boy she meets in school. The second story is about a girl in middle school who develops feelings for a boy in her class, and suffers bullying at the hands of his older sister. The third story is about a teacher who is putting on a play of 'Romeo and Julio', but dares to change it to Romeo and Juliette...with a heterosexual couple being the focus of the story.

    The whole movie, when you watch it, seems really bizarre at first. But I LIKE that! Because it really shows us all how brainwashed we are to believe that life is supposed to work one way and not another. It shouldn't be uncomfortable to think that a girl could play football, or that two people could love one another without it being dirty and wrong, or that people could have two dads and two moms. Why is that so weird? It causes you to ask yourself just how 'programmed' you are. So, very cool.

    However, as I said, the third act of this movie goes to a very dark and brutal place, but it's realistic. I mean...'truth' right? Anyway, I think it's important for people to see this. Gay and straight and everywhere in between. It's a movie that might shake some people out of their comfort zones and put some deeper thought into what gay teens go through on a day to day basis. The dangers they face, and the prejudices working against them.

    Check it out! I loved it!

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  • So CUTE!!!! :O -- Comicality, 17:50:34 11/13/17 Mon

    Someone posted this on the 'Comicality Cafe', and it was just TOO damn cute to not share! :P

    So, supposedly this boy and girl are married now, and this is a flashback to when they were childhood sweethearts. It's just so awesome to see love win, ya know? I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now. There are a lot of heartbreakers out there, but every once in a while...someone says they love you, and they actually mean it. MWAH!


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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 14:46:06 11/13/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Cappy Brim Battle' Kiss!

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  • WDotW For 11/13 -- Comicality, 15:08:31 11/13/17 Mon

    Hehehe, he's so darn adorable! Can we clone him and make him, like, a household pet or something? That would be awesome! :P

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  • A shout out and proud -- Sam :), 18:57:36 11/12/17 Sun

    Of Marky. I’ve mentioned him before here he’s the 17 kid that lives with us. Wows he’s doing so well last night he was made an awesome an offer hard to refuse. He does college during the day and works in a restaurant at night well 5 nights a week. He loves everything to do with cooking his dream is to be a top chef. He works in a restaurant not a chain restaurant and it’s the kind of place where you pay big to eat there a bit of a pretty plate setup.

    Last week he was made an offer from a similar setup because he’s damn good and the salary exceeded what he’s getting now by about 20%. So last night he told his boss he was thinking of leaving and going to that place and boss wasn’t happy so he gave him a 50% rise lol he’s now on equivalent of quite a high paid chef not top chef but for a 17yo part timer bloody good It’s not just the increase he’s more made up that he’s so appreciated Rob and me are wondering how Mark’s parents will react they’re away right now.

    He hasn’t had it easy at all lifewise ok yeh money was in the family but never love. He’s an only child and his parents are just so naff. They’re not evil people the thing with them is they’re so business/career minded they still don’t know how to be parents they shouldn’t be parents but Mark happened and as he’s often said in the past I was an accident that shouldn’t have happened. He doesn’t let it get to him now though, a couple years ago yes but not now. We’ve known him since he was 15 and he was a bit of a mess then emotionally huge hangups now he’s a proud confident kid. He has is down times but his self healing now is to is to do well at college and work. His parents hate the fact that he goes to college they wanted him to go into public school when he was younger but he refused he wanted to go through regular school scene like most his friends. His opinion of public school is like mine yes your parents want big things for you but it’s also a way of just dumping the kids on someone else for most the year.

    When Rob and me moved to this place earlier this year Mark was almost begging us to let him move in with us he knew we had plenty of room. We talked to his parents about it and they were unbelievably cool about it. They pay his rent to us every month it goes into the bank like clockwork. He accepts that but anything else they offer he refuses he wants to pay his own way. They offered him driving lessons and a car as a Xmas present this year but he’s like no I’ll do it on my own. Tbh in his situation I would have accepted lolz but not him. It’s like they didn’t really want to have him around now he doesn’t want them around. I feel for his parents really they just don’t realize what an amazing kid they’re missing out on it’s totally their loss.

    So right now he’s watching Thor with Zac and Rob oh just noticed the time the movies over and they’ll be in KFC cos it’s almost next door to the cinema. I obviously didn’t go people here know what a nightmare I am in a cinema lol, concentration level is zero people stiil never ask me if I want to go to the movies it’s all whispered still. As some know Zac is our uni friend from Jupiter fl not the planet lol but I wonder sometimes. He and Mark are real close he calls Zac his black stud from Jupiter as in the planet. :) Zac will be going back home in a few weeks for Xmas we just hope Mark will be OK for a few weeks. He’s coming to my parents Xmas Day they love him he doesn’t want to be with his parents they’re eating out with friends and he doesn’t want to be a part of that. Such an amazing kid and such weird parents, so strange. We love him his friends love him but they can’t. You’ve proved you can make it Mark keep on keepin on babe.


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  • Noah's new photo shoot is ummm...'interesting'... :) -- Comicality, 22:31:38 11/08/17 Wed

    Geez, he's just in a race to hit screaming fangirl heartthrob status, isn't he? :O


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  • A pretty cool pic of Caleb, Finn and Gaten -- Dwayne, 20:57:38 11/10/17 Fri

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  • New Question For Imagine Magazine! -- Comicality, 20:44:30 11/09/17 Thu

    Flirting! The art of bringing those nervous butterflies and bright blushes​ out of someone you fancy, or someone who fancies you. Flirting can be playful and vague, or more direct and to the point. Sometimes it can be harmless...and sometimes it can be a form of sexual harassment! (Learn to take a hint, people! Geez!) This time around, I want to hear your thoughts on flirting.

    Is it really just a fun little 'game' that you play to flatter someone? Or is it something that you do to show real interest, hoping to achieve a desired result? Is it really harmless? If you were in a relationship with a notorious flirt...would it bother you? Does flirting online count? is it more dangerous for LGBT folks to flirt? Do you think that you're any good at it? Hehehe! Let us know your thought!

    This week's topic for Imagine Magazine is 'flirting'! Spill your feelings about it! Whatever they may be! :P

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  • Well...this certainly took a dark turn... -- Comicality, 21:29:38 11/11/17 Sat

    It started out so...'Disney'-ish...


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  • today was the only day this will work...lol -- Dwayne, 19:34:24 11/11/17 Sat

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  • Hahaha! What?!?! Wow... -- Comicality, 18:19:32 11/10/17 Fri

    So...Roy Moore is running for office. Turns out he had sex with a 14 year old girl (allegedly). Three other women said he came onto them between the ages of 16 and 18. But don't worry!!! Because he has one of the most brilliant defenses ever created!

    "...Take Mary and Joseph. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became the parents of Jesus."

    LOL! WHAT??? I need to go back to church. You can use the Bible to say/prove/defend anything! It really IS magic! XD

    "No, innkeeper. I don't know WHERE that baby came from! It must be God's will!"

    The other accusers did say that Moore was 'romantic' in his approach, though. ::Shrugs::

    SO...if you ever get caught doing the no no dance with an underage partner...know your Bible and ummm...remember to bring flowers, I guess? Because apparently this is the way we're doing things now.*

    (*Fine Print: This tactic ONLY works for the extremely wealthy. If you're not rich, please disregard all previous statements and go back to obeying the law like the rest of us.)

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  • GAH!!! I don't even know what I was expecting from this when I first heard the concept... -- Comicality, 05:18:35 11/11/17 Sat

    But a ballad featuring BEYONCE and EMINEM??? WTF??? I couldn't even imagine what a track like that would sound like! But...here we are!

    Wow...a truly meaningful ballad. Beyoncé and Eminem...sighhhh! Shit!


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  • Here's SNL's take on Stranger Things... -- PeteIM, 16:00:59 11/11/17 Sat

    Stranger Things - SNL

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  • Sooo.... I may have spent the weekend binge watching "Andi Mack"... -- Cirrus, 14:04:06 11/05/17 Sun
    There was a post a week or two ago mentioning that the show would feature Disney's first gay character. Then I actually the saw the coming out scene... and was intrigued. I've got an idea in my head about what a Disney channel show looks like... and "Andi Mack" is different enough to be interesting. It looks more like it was filmed in the real world, less on a set with a studio audience.

    So to get some context for the coming out at the start of season 2, I felt I should watch Season 1. There's only 12 episodes, and they're only 20-30 minutes long, so it wasn't a huge task.

    Andi is a thirteen year old, with two best friends, Buffy and Cyrus. The principle plots driving the show are the revelation that Andi's older sister is not in fact her sister, but her mother, and Andi's crush on cute boy Jonah Beck.

    Cyrus (played by Joshua Rush) is cute. Jonah (played by Asher Angel) is even cuter. And I think his character description might be "Nicest Boy in the Whole World". Cyrus calls him a sunbeam at one point, and it's not inaccurate. Naturally, he has a high school girlfriend, who's full title I think is "Amber, Empress of Evil". (Although there are signs they may be giving her more depth in season 2).

    They do a nice job of setting up the possibility of Cyrus being gay in season one, without overt signposting it (with one big exception in episode 12). He's star-struck by Jonah from the start, and his efforts to "bro" himself up to hang out with Jonah are amusing.

    It's still a Disney show, so about 4 degrees less edgy than the Fosters. But the kids are cute, and the 13 year old characters actually appear to be played by 13 year old kids which makes a refreshing change. Worth a look if you're so inclined.

    Here's the "reveal" scene:

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  • So after just talking about Asher Angel, he's in the news again -- Cirrus, 00:38:22 11/07/17 Tue
    Apparently he's been cast as Billy Batson in the "Shazam!" movie.

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  • MAN!!!...I guess I shouldn't have changed my AT-ATs diet... -- Dwayne, 20:04:55 11/10/17 Fri

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  • Don't forget to feed Dart #feeddart...feeddart.com -- Dwayne, 21:01:50 11/10/17 Fri

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  • Test, just a test -- Brandonslosy, 04:45:59 11/09/17 Thu
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  • Did you know... -- PeteIM, 02:48:55 11/09/17 Thu

    The 'Stranger Things' Kids Were Nearly a Motown Super Group

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  • You leave Stranger Things ALONE! >:O -- Comicality, 15:32:40 11/07/17 Tue

    Hehehe, still true, though! :P


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  • According to the ACLU and NAACP, Democratic voters in Virginia have been hit with robocalls and texts delivering fraudulent information about their local polling place. -- PeteIM, 02:32:34 11/08/17 Wed

    But Democrats still won the State House in Virginia.

    For other election finals, see:

    It was good to see that New Jersey's Governor will be a Democrat. I think the backlash is starting. All Trump has to do is continue what he's doing.

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  • I saw "Thor: Ragnarok"... -- Comicality, 19:56:31 11/07/17 Tue

    HOLY SHIT!!! :O

    Ok, I had expectations going in, and I just wanted it to be a fun comic book movie...but some of my friends were hyping it up soooo much! Like, "Really?" Don't tell me that Thor is now you're all time favorite Avenger with this movie! That's kinda overdoing it. Right?

    Omigod! Not only is this movie HILARIOUS in more ways than I can count, but the actions scenes from beginning to end are LEGENDARY! (Hela...WTF???) And yes...by he time I finished this movie...I had to wonder whether he became my favorite Avenger too! Everything about this movie was kick ass! So go see it! Jesus! And the Thor Vs Hulk fight is a thousand times better than I ever thought it would be!!! WHOAH!!! LOL!

    FUCK, Marvel! This is movie number...TWENTY, isn't it? Who do you keep doing this??? :O


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  • To the "mib" guy who sent me a not so pleasant PM on the chatroom, yesterday... -- Akoplay, 05:39:09 11/08/17 Wed
    Drop me an email and let's talk. There is no meaning to be confrontational without adressing the actual issue. So, I'd like to understand what's going on.

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 15:53:58 11/06/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Subway Cowboy' Kiss!

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  • Alabama's Election Day is December 12, 2017. If you live and vote in Alabama, you need to watch this. -- PeteIM, 05:58:46 11/07/17 Tue
    Anti-LGBTQ Extremist Roy Moore Doesn't Believe in Rule of Law. Alabama, Say #NoMoore

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  • WDotW For 11/6 -- Comicality, 16:13:29 11/06/17 Mon

    Hehehe, I love how they had to change hairstyles so folks could tell them apart now! Hehehe, awww, that's adorable! :P

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 16:12:10 11/06/17 Mon

    Harry Potter takes on Mother Nature herself in this week's 3M!

    "The Jungle"

    Hehehe, to be fair, I really shouldn't refer to Daniel Radcliffe as 'Harry Potter' anymore. This movie is one of many reasons why. He really is a good actor. And he pushed himself pretty far for this movie. Not to mention he has a different accent in this movie. I don't know if it's done well or not, because I'm not an expert on accents...but it's completely different from what I'm used to from him. So kudos! :)

    Anyway, long story short, Radcliffe plays 'Yossi', who is a real person and this is his story, who wanted to go out into the South American jungle, away from society, and truly experience an adventure that was out of this world. And for the first 20 to 25 minutes...it actually seems really cool. Like, "If I had the money, I'd kinda like to see the jungles of South America! Why not?"

    Then...things start to deteriorate. Suddenly, the jungle life isn't so pretty anymore. Then...bad decisions start happening. Then...they're tour guide is gone. And suddenly you see Yossi all alone in a totally hostile place where survival is a day to day struggle, and you just might DIE if you're not careful...even when you sleep.

    Without giving anything away, I really enjoyed this movie! A story where survival gets harder and harder, Daniel gets thinner and dirtier, and there are some increasingly gross WTF moments too! Radcliffe showed some serious acting chops, which I admire! Check it out! Great for a Saturday afternoon matinee if you've got one free! Kick your feet up, and appreciate whatever level of civilization you have in your life.

    Geez...I don't even want to wander out into my backyard anymore! :O

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  • I know this is soooooo late, but f*ck it! :D -- MasterM, 14:58:24 11/06/17 Mon
    Just finished it in one night and... I LOVE this series!!!

    (This is not considered a spoiler :P)

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  • To whom it may concern... -- Comicality, 10:17:04 11/06/17 Mon

    You can stop wondering. No...I WON'T be accepting that post.

    You can take that elsewhere. It doesn't belong here.

    If you have a problem with that, I'm at Comicality@webtv.net

    You can yell at 'me' all you want. But I won't put it here. You wasted your time.

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  • Hehehe, this looks pretty funny! :P -- Comicality, 12:38:49 11/06/17 Mon

    Weird for a 'coming of age' premise, but funny! Bring it on, Australia!


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  • A fun distraction from... That.... -- bwctwriter, 16:05:50 11/04/17 Sat
    Can't be unhappy, or mad, or anything like that while listening to this song. Simply impossible. :-p

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  • Guys, you have to see "Coco"! -- Fanson, 01:00:36 11/05/17 Sun
    As some of you may know Pixar made a movie based on the mexican tradition "Día de Muertos" or "Day of the Dead". It will come out in the US on Nov. 22, but since Día de Muertos is on Nov. 2, Disney decided to release the movie on Oct. 27 here in Mexico, and... IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!

    This movie is amazing in every way, it has great music, great characters and more important: great story.

    I won't spoil anything, but my entire family cried watching this, almost every mexican I know cried watching it. It's that good.

    I really would like to know what you think of it when it comes out, because it represents Mexico at it's best. I'm really proud of my country, and this tradition is so important to us... some say it's the "mexican halloween", but it's totally the opposite, and thanks to "Coco" the world will fully understand it.

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