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  • We watched this in Nice Airport this morning it’s great. -- Johnny, 18:05:42 07/17/17 Mon

    I wish it lasted longer I love hearing older people telling their life story wtv it’s about. I love it when my grandparents and great grandparents go off on one I could listen and ask questions for hours even after all this time. This is obviously gay related and it’s so good to see and listen to a 13 yo boy and a 78 year old man talking about their life experience.

    A lot of young gays sort of teens to early 20’s can be quite ageist and prejudice which really annoys me. They go on about homophobia etc. and how it sucks and at the same time don’t realise what they’re doing they’re anti older people. The gay bar/club scene can be quite ageless but there is an element of young gays that think anybody over 30 shouldn’t be there like they should be home knitting lol it’s true I’ve heard it so many times. If any kid says it to me I’ll instantly remind them about how the older generation laid the foundations for gays our age to have a better life I’ll tell them to Google Stonewall, Quentin Crisp etc. I tell them that one day they will be that ‘old queen’ so be careful what you think and say. It's why we prefer straight clubs to gay clubs. Yep there are prejudices in the gay community it can be quite vicious not just age but things like trans, drag, camp, bears, leather etc. I had a conversation here with Uncle Jim about it several years ago. It sucks that this should be going on in the gay community and it’s not only young gays it’s guys that should know better. I doubt it will go away just like homophobia won’t go away.

    Wtv I’d love to take Percy, Roger and Louis out for dinner and drinks and just listen. I’m definitely going to catch the BBC documentary about Percy and Roger.

    There are CC’s but not always accurate.


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  • OK, i give up....what the HELL is 'fly-tipping' in england??????? -- RickGayAZ, 15:15:47 07/16/17 Sun

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  • Happy 'Made In America' Week! :) -- Comicality, 22:44:12 07/17/17 Mon

    I didn't even know it was 'Made In America' week, starting today. Probably because they just made up that bullshit a day or two ago. But hey, good cause right? I mean...right?




    Good people. Nice family. Thanks.

    Happy 'MIA' day! Oh wait, that means 'Missing In Action'. Must be talking about his conscience...

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  • The Thirteenth Doctor revealed... -- PeteIM, 13:29:42 07/17/17 Mon


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  • George Romero, Night of the Living Dead director has died aged 77. -- Comrade Jake, 00:45:44 07/17/17 Mon
    RIP to a great. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/entertainment/george-romero-dead-1.4207900

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  • WDotW For 7/17 -- Comicality, 16:15:01 07/17/17 Mon

    Awwww, he's so cute...but where did all his videos go? YouTube is mean. :P

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 16:12:41 07/17/17 Mon

    This week's 3M is a bit of a mind freak! So focus, young warrior! Focus!

    "Kill Switch"

    For all of you die hard sci-fi fans out there that were looking for something new and different, "Kill Switch" might be right up your alley.

    The movie surrounds a brilliant engineer who is working with a large corporation on finding a new, clean, energy source that is pretty much in infinite supply. This is the kind of technology that can change the world. And of course, as with all 'revolutionary science' movies...something goes terribly terribly wrong! :P

    Now this isn't a spoiler, it's the point of the movie, but the first half hour jumps around a little bit so it's easy to get mixed up. Basically, what they've done is created a mirror copy of the world (Maybe even the universe?), that is exactly the same, atom for atom. And they draw large amounts of energy from that alternate reality in order to power our world here. The one catch is...this mirror world wasn't supposed to have 'life'. It was just meant to be a resource. But, oops...yes, there are mirror images of human beings in what they created, and as we drain the planet dry they're basically facing a horrible apocalypse! Hehehe! Not only that, but as this energy drain throws things out of balance, the alternate world begins to 'pull back', snatching up objects and the like from our world and causing giant planes and trains etc to fall from the sky and cause even more damage!

    It's hard for me to explain without going on for pages and pages, but you get the idea. Things aren't good. And now the creator has to travel into this alternate reality and try to fix things before it's too late.

    Also, I should mention that this movie is half 'normal movie' and half 'found footage' movie. So it flashes back to tell you how things got to where they are, but then switches to a full action first person mode, almost turning the movie into a video game of sorts! The special effects are top notch too.

    So if you're a sci fi fan, and you want to grab some popcorn on a Saturday afternoon...give this one a shot! Enjoy!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 15:42:31 07/17/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Romantic Surrender' Kiss!

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  • ::Whimpers And Wiggles:: -- Comicality, 14:46:43 07/15/17 Sat

    Umm....hiiiiii, Levi! ::Blushes::

    just..just saying hi. :P

    Oh yeah...the rest of the movie looks cool too. Hehehe!


    Alrighty, back to email! Needed a break!

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  • Oh wow, wasn't expecting this so soon.. -- Mike84, 14:56:38 07/14/17 Fri

    For my fellow Whovians on here, you know who you are, we're about to find out who the next Doctor's going to be. He / she'll take over at Christmas.

    Rumours are that it might be female actor this time to take on the role. I'm kind of hoping it's not (nothing against females :P). Then again there's been rumours of a female Doctor for the last several times. But anyway, we'll see.

    I had no idea we'd be finding out this Sunday. That came outta nowhere.

    Kudos to Peter Capaldi. I liked his rendition. But then I've said that about them all (except one). :P

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  • Sigghhhh....ya know... -- Comicality, 22:49:21 07/15/17 Sat

    I've always been a huge Gambit fan, and this fanfilm is actually really COOL to be an independent YouTube vid! I mean, it comes closer than most attempts so far. But, honestly...I've kinda given up on ever having a Gambit movie. Or even a good X-Men movie with Gambit in it as a side member. They just can't seem to get him right. I don't get it.

    It's 'Han Solo'...with cool mutant powers and a deck of explosive playing cards, who's a master thief and works for a guild of assassins in New Orleans before seeing the light (sorta). If I was a studio exec and someone pitched that idea to me, I'd be like, "When do we start production???" :O

    But, it's been years now, and maybe three minutes worth in Wolverine Origins...just...let it go. If they're having this much trouble getting it together, I'd rather they just leave him alone. He could be one of the coolest X-Men ever, but...whatever. Psylocke too. I love this video, but leave my Gambit alone! I'd rather this guy make an online series instead.

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  • Ok, I need some sleep... -- Comicality, 01:46:15 07/16/17 Sun

    I have been answering emails all day long, and will continue tomorrow! So a bunch of you guys will hear from me soon! However, just so ya know, I haven't 'sent' them out yet. So don't feel discouraged if you haven't gotten an email yet. I'll be sending them all out at once on Monday morning. (That's the only way to keep myself out of an endless game of 'email tag' where I'm getting stuff back faster than I can answer them) So, if you have a cell phone that 'dings' every time you get an email...and you sent me 2 emails over the last month or so...ummm, turn it off. Hehehe! Because I will be answering ALL of them! So...no complaints! Wake up, dammit!

    "I can't answer twenty or thirty emails at once Comsie!!!!"

    No? Because *I* just did! So...man up! Start typing. :P Yeah...not easy, is it? Hehehe! But I love ya! ((huggles))

    In the meantime...here's a YouTube video of the 'Behind The Scenes' of the "Gone From Daylight" live action film as it's in the works! So check it out! Like and subscribe! Give them your support! This is still happening, people! :)

    Take care! And I'll seezya soon!

    I'll send half of the emails out tomorrow night, and the other half on Monday! SO happy to talk to you guys again! I hope that I was able to provide some help to those of you who needed it, and a big welcome to all of our newest Shackers as well! Have fun! :)



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