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  • Freedom of Speech. -- TurtleBoy, 15:39:14 08/05/17 Sat
    This little corner of the world would not exist, if it wasn't for freedom of speech. We're a bunch of gaylords reading fictional romance stories about teenage boys. You know what that means? We're all a bunch of questionable perverts that will never be accepted by society. If it wasn’t for freedom of speech, we’d be jailbirds right now. Yes, that includes everyone. You don’t get a pass for perviness just because you’re the same age as the characters in the story you’re reading. Why aren’t you in jail? Because it’s you RIGHT to read and write about whatever you so desire, without fear of prosecution from the law. You fought for that shit, guys. Why are you fighting so hard to take that away from others?

    If you don't like something being posted, skip it. You also have the right to discuss your views, if you so desire. That's kind of the point of discussion. While, yes, this place is primarily about gayness, talking about other things in our lives is important, too. We're family, and communication is important. If you feel there’s too much talk on politics, you can try creating your own topics. We can only discuss what’s being posted, so if you’re letting the entire forum discussion be led by the 2 or 3 people who talk about politics, you’re doing it wrong.

    TL;DR version: Never ever ever shame anyone into the corner of the room to talk in whispers about things they feel is important. We’re not like that here.

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  • Just a Funny video i wanted to post -- Natsu, 17:26:24 08/07/17 Mon

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  • Aw, so sweet. -- Mike84, 13:09:11 08/08/17 Tue

    This looks like it could be one of those nice 'feel good' movies.

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  • Bars And Melody go on vacation! -- Comicality, 13:45:40 08/07/17 Mon

    Enjoy, boys! Hehehe, looks like you're having a blast! :)


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  • Glen Campbell is dead at 81. -- PeteIM, 18:27:10 08/08/17 Tue

    Glen Campbell - Gentle On My Mind

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  • Something 'Gay' For Your Day... -- Comicality, 14:57:51 08/08/17 Tue


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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 09:38:55 08/07/17 Mon

    A mix of "Westworld", "Blade Runner", and "Total Recall", brings this week's 3M to life!


    "Vice" takes place in the not-so-distant future, where artificial intelligence is a reality, and androids are more human than ever thought possible. But as morality questions keep the science behind it from being spread worldwide, a small 'experiment' of sorts has been built into a single resort called 'Vice', where human beings can pay to visit and live out their every fantasy within the territory walls. And, of course...every time you give mankind the freedom to do whatever they want without consequences...it immediately leads to murder, violence, and sexual depravity. (God, we are SUCH an awful species!) Anyway, the androids are supposed to be there for their pleasure and then reset so the next group of patrons can come and get the same thrill.

    However, after a particularly traumatic experience, one female android begins to have flashbacks of what happened to her the night before and...that's not a good thing! While being taken back for reprogramming, she escapes, and that means bad things for the corporation that is trying to expand their profits and market the androids on a wider scale.

    Thomas Jane plays a city detective who is trying to solve the problems of people who go to 'Vice' to fantasize about violence and rape and then bring that craving into the real world where it, obviously, doesn't belong. And then you have corporate mogul, Bruce Willis, who is pushing for the sale of more androids to be made and hide any glitches that may arise until the big deals have been made. So...the cops want their culprit, and the corporation wants its product, and this one female fugitive is caught in the crossfire!

    The story is actually pretty cool, and you get a fair share of action inserted as well. You've got some cheesy clich moments that you can expect in a movie like this, but it's still an awesome action sci fi flick and it has some depth to it as well! So if you need a Saturday matinee popcorn flick and you think you've seen it all...give this one a look! I enjoyed it! Hope you will too! :)

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  • WDotW For 8/7 -- Comicality, 09:40:22 08/07/17 Mon

    Hehehe, he's so 'lively' every time I see him! It's cute to see that cheerful energy in somebody! ((Huggles))

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  • Awwwww, hehehe! -- Comicality, 13:28:44 08/07/17 Mon

    You know, when I was a kid, we didn't have stuff like this. I'm not that old, but still...this is a really NEW thing in terms of people like us having a voice. And being represented in a favorable manner.

    I know that this was posted on this board earlier (SUPER thanks for that!), but here is a reaction from an elder generation when seeing his video! It really made me smile.


    I know that gems like this only come around once in a while, and that the stuff on this board can't always be about 'me me me and how many 'likes and responses' did I get and cater to what I like otherwise it's not fun to be here anymore'...but every now and then, we get together and find something truly special. Something sweet. And every single week we reach out to help somebody see something in themselves that they never saw before. That's what this site is about. Sharing a art of yourself that can spark something beautiful in somebody else.

    It just warms my heart that this video has this kind of impact. Even on a generation than had it harder than I did. And a LOT harder than the kids do today.

    ((Group Hugs))

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  • So chatrooms -- Johnny, 08:17:32 07/29/17 Sat

    This is sort of a continuation of my post a few days ago it’s going down the list now. People need to realise that for miilions chat rooms are a way of life for them they don’t have a social life for various reasons wtv age and wtv gender online is their life outside work, school etc. It’s the way life is now for many which is sad maybe but hey it’s their life and they can do what they want they have their reasons. Mike said below there can be dangers and yes it’s true but most people especially kids are wised up to it they’re not dumb. Yep a few have fallen into a trap but not many considering how big social media is now it’s massive worldwide. Let’s face it look at the many posts on the forum complaining here about older people asking younger guys for pics, cybersex in wtv form etc. in Chatterbox it’s been going on for years.

    Freefallen ran a tight ship with the original Comicality chat room he didn’t stand for any shit when he was about but even he couldn’t know everything that was going on it was busy then and obviously he wasn’t always there. I’ve seen him ban someone he looked on as a son and the kid his dad for disrupting the room only for that night but hey he silenced him. The kid wasn’t doing wrong he was just over hyper he was cool, a cool Aussie he was around my age at the time guess he still is hehe he was fun. I went into that chat room in 2008 I was 15 and yes I got hit on by older guys for ‘requests’. I lasted about a week and decided not to go there although I did pop in now and then obviously I refused the ‘requests’ just said I wasn’t interested. That wasn’t the only reason for leaving the conversations weren’t of interest to me as a 15yo. One of those guys is now a mod in Chatterbox so there you go. On the positive side I did meet somebody older and we’re still in contact now.

    A bit of repetition here but I’ve been doing gay teen chatrooms since I was 13 and had a ton of fun in them. That would have been 2006 and it was pretty new then saying that I stopped when I was 15 maybe 14. The 1st and main one was AOL gay teen chat actually ran by AOL they ran several rooms. I got into that room because our ISP at the time was AOL the dial up days. It was cool in the fact that me and another guy were the only Brits in there. I learnt a lot about American lifestyle as far as teens were concerned and yes I did get hit on a lot for cybersex. Some of those guys weren’t teens they were much older some like 40-50 etc. but they were quite easy to suss out. We got them booted out of the rooms. As far as AOL rooms were concerned they had about 40 per room and when that was full another room kicked in and another and another. We got mods booted. They were the jerks that were older, gained kids trust doing the fatherly thing best friend etc. were on a power trip and thought they could get away with anything like we would just surrender to them because they were mods they were evil so we reported them.

    Yep I did the cybersex thing with other boys it was fun. Internet is a weird thing you can feel when somebody is genuine it started as pm’s then went to phonesex. There was cam setups but they were quite crappy and obviously you could swap pics easily. I sort of fell in love with a kid and he with me it went on for about 4 months but he was in Seattle and I was here in UK big time differences. Jealousy and hurt set in and we finished. That was about July and we just didn’t talk anymore until that Xmas Day when I decided to phone him, we talked and it was if nothing bad ever happened it was brilliant. We’re still in contact now he stayed here a few years ago with his bf and we had a great time. Some peeps may think it’s strange to be able to fall in love online but hey it happens doesn’t usually last if there’s no real life meet but it happens.

    These current days are different there’s Skype, Snap, Kik, whatsaap, Omegle etc. etc. Now take Chatzy gay teen I was surprised it’s still going those rooms usually wind up after awhile but it is. Chatzy itself is a bit like Voy, several different forums. When we were told about it a few days ago and checked it out kids seemed to be having fun still. Yep there’s a lot of sex talk but they’re teens and excited to be able to talk how they want It’s something they can’t do IRL. Yes there could be a few older creeps pretending but they would soon get sussed out. When PM’s hit you it’s mostly ‘wanna Skype’ after the usual asl questions. With Skype you actually see the other guy it’s not a blind thing like pm sex that became outdated years ago. If you’ve ever been in a room in real life with kids 75% of the talk would be about sex after a while it’s how things are we’ve all been teens. Internet is for many young people life they have panic attacks when their wifi goes down, Twitter goes down etc. we may not understand it or agree with it but should accept it not force old world values on them the times have changed it’s their life and they aren’t doing harm. Teens do jerk off male and female so they can do it alone or go online and do it with another boy or girl even for men and woman wtv. online sex is bigtime for singles and couples, married people when they’re in different places. Many times when I was a teen I’ve woken up early in the morning horny gone online and jerked off with another kid, talked dirty etc. and it’s suprising how many of them were straight they just wanna get off with somebody watch and be watched I always thought it’s more fun doing it with someone else. Like Omegle you can flip through guys until you click and if their cam isn’t on just move on they’re probs somebody older.

    Anyhow those days are over for me now but I have no regret or shame about things I’ve done online as a teen. If you do chat rooms play safe and if that particular room isn’t for you drop out like Caleb and Joey did with Chatzy. I just think it’s important for teens to be with other teens whether online or irl. Google ‘Gay teen chat rooms’ and hundreds will probably come up. Find the one you’re comfortable in even if you have to troll through dozens. It’s a fact that most teens have many email addys they use to register on different sites, get over Youtube age blocks etc. and have vpn so they’re not easily traceable. As I said they’re not dumb. :)

    Can’t go without a song. :)


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  • I just...I'm so confused! LOL! -- Comicality, 07:53:31 08/07/17 Mon

    What the hell is even going on? Hehehe, what in the name of all that is holy does this have to do with "Guardians Of The Galaxy"??? Hahaha!

    Thank God I was an 80's baby and missed this whole thing. Oh wait...maybe the 80's has its own shame! :P


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  • Alrighty, Shack 'youngsters'...you're up! :) -- Comicality, 13:31:54 08/06/17 Sun

    I've gotta give it a quick re-edit, but it won't take long. Thirty minutes...forty five minutes tops. Been working on chapter 2, so I want to make sure chapter 1 is cool first. Anyway, the Vampire "30 Days Of Night" updates continue! This time, our very own teen trio gets included in the fun!

    Nathan? Joey? Caleb? This one is for you guys! Hehehe! This is part one of a three part mini-series, and you can read it on the library tonight! Enjoy!

    Love you guys! And I'll seezya soon!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 09:03:27 08/07/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Floor Hugger Flashback' Kiss!

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  • Is anyone on Instagram... -- Dwayne, 15:30:04 08/05/17 Sat
    i was just trying to find people on there so I get to know how to use it...and I have have 5 whole followers on Twitter...lol...Thanks Mike, Dom, Caleb, Juan and G.A. Hoping to get more because I'd like to get to know other people on here if they were on there...my Twitter name is @dtucker1721...hope to see you on there

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  • You know...I really didn't think he'd make it this far... -- Comicality, 07:27:08 08/03/17 Thu

    But Jacob Sartorius just keeps on rolling. Can't hate on him for that. Keep going, cutie! :)

    Plus, the end of this video cracked me up! LOL!

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