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Gabriel Bateman - 13 Year old, Gabriel Bateman has become one of those boys that you see in the movies who's 'creepy'...but he's too cute to be creepy, so you give him a pass and let him...like, stab you, or whatever! LOL! But from his outings in shows like "Outcast", "American Gothic", and "Lights Out" (ALL of which, you guys should check out!), it's pretty clear that this teen actor is going to be around for a long time to come! Wishing you luck, Gabriel! ((Hugz))

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 18:14:27 04/03/17 Mon

    This week's 3M selection marries drama and action in the best way possible!


    Now, I know a lot of folks think that martial arts movies are almost all action with a little bit of story and drama thrown in for the heck of it. But this one is almost the opposite! This has a really cool story to it! It's mostly a drama about pain and redemption, but when the action comes...it's like, WOW! So you get the best of both worlds! Believe me!

    "Shaolin" is about a ruthless dictator who is abusing his power and hurting his fellow countrymen in the pursuit of even MORE power. With many lives lost and the horrors of war ravaging the country, the dictator is eventually betrayed by the very people he has been in league with. No honor among thieves. :P

    So when HE actually loses people he cares about and becomes a victim of his own sort of brutality...this temple of Shaolin monks take him in and teach him things like honor, and respect, and peace, and temperament of his own anger. He actually becomes one of them, and helps to fight off the army of his own soldiers who are coming to take over the temple and their entire way of life.

    AWESOME movie, both action-wise, and emotionally! And I know that Jackie Chan is in this movie, but it is NOT a Jackie Chan movie! He's more of a side character. So don't expect "Rumble In The Bronx" or something. He's good in it, though! Reminds you that he actually IS an actor, not just a stuntman! :)

    Check it out! You guys might like it! There's a lot going on in this flick! Loved it! Enjoy!

    Trailer down below!

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  • Got to see Baby Boss tonight...at a accidentally sighted DRIVE IN no less. It's actually pretty good, and a tear jerker at times. Ten out of 10 rating. -- RickGayAZ, 00:08:18 04/02/17 Sun
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  • I have come for your boys! -- TurtleBoy, 14:22:56 04/02/17 Sun
    Hello everyone. Since today is my real birthday, I have come for your boys. All of them. Please place a ribbon on their penis, please. But don't look. That part is for my eyes only.

    Please have then lined up, single file, ready for admittance to my basement for the remainder of the year.

    Also, there will be cake. Chocolate. You have to have some because it's the law in these parts.

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  • Who was it??? -- Comicality, 16:23:26 03/31/17 Fri

    So....we're all here, reading this right? At SOME point in our younger days we decided that we were gay! Right? Not a choice...but at some point we realized that, "Hey! I think I kinda like boys more than girls!" (Or vice versa, for our lesbian audience) There's always that ONE boy that awakens us to our sexuality! Who was it for you!

    You can just say a first name. But what boy caught your eye when you were younger and forced the idea of being GAY in you mind? I'm curious!

    This is a question for the next issue of Imagine Magazine! So, if you're a bit worried about having your true feelings displayed for whatever reason, I can respect that. But for those who don't mind having a place to share your memories with the rest of us...PLEASE feel free! K?

    You're an innocent kid...who made you gay? Hehehe! For me, it was this boy named Gabe! I was just...wow...I wanted him so BAD! He was the first boy that really drove me crazy in a sexual way! (Actually, it was my locker partner, Brice, when I was 11 years old! But I kind of wrote it off as me REALLY wanting to be his friend! I hadn't matured to wanting sex just yet! Hehehe!)

    Who was it for you? What boy crossed your path that made you think, "Holy shit...I WANT him so bad!!!" for the first time?

    Comment below! I wanna hear your stories! And celebrities don't count! I'm talking real life boys that you knew in real life! K?

    Seezya soon!

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  • Tic Toc -- Johnny, 15:03:21 04/01/17 Sat

    Robs bought me a watch in Tenerife it’s this one. http://www.rox.co.uk/hublot-big-bang-rose-gold-automatic-watch-44mm I love it and of course I bought him one, this. http://www.jomashop.com/rolex-watch-228235chsp.html Neat huh? Thing is we didn’t pay those prices for them nothing like it. We got fakes from a looky looky guy selling them on the streets. :) they may be fakes but they’re damn good fakes. Looky looky guy wanted €30 each but everytime we said not interested he dropped the price by €5 until he reached €10 so we bought haha. That’s about Β£9/$11.25 each. It’s a good price cos fakes sell in London for Β£20-Β£30. We also bought a couple big rolled spliffs from him for €5 they weren’t fake wow. :) He was a cool guy actually black and real funny we always had a chat with him when we saw him.

    No mishearing lyrics. :)


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  • And now for something completely different... -- PeteIM, 00:27:19 04/01/17 Sat

    There's no talking, so there's no need for a lyrics version. :D

    Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore

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  • A couple new captioned music videos... -- bwctwriter, 21:08:09 04/01/17 Sat
    One of which is Comsie-suggested, one that is MY favorite, and is a remake of a classic by Van Morrison. Most of you will recognize it I'm sure... Well, the older folks at least... :-p

    Everclear- Everything to Everyone w. cc's from Matt Holmes on Vimeo.

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  • Imagine Magazine...coming soon! :) -- Comicality, 13:17:49 04/15/17 Sat

    And yeah...I was in a silly mood at the time! So...be sure to look for the newest issue to see ridiculousness like...


    HEY!!! It only took our president three months to bring us to the brink of nuclear *WAR* with North Korea! As well as Syria! Cheers! Take THAT, George Bush! It took him a year and a half, at least, for 9/11 to happen!!! Lame!

    Great. Now is a good time to say goodbye to all of your friends and family...you know, in case they all die within the next couple of weeks.

    Don't worry though. Our Prez has a super protective bunker waiting for him if anything happens. So HE'LL be ok, no matter what! The rest of us...ummm...not so much. ::Shrugs:: Sucks to be us.

    Good luck to you all...

    Anyway, just having fun! Smile, k? Sending more stuff your way soon, TurtleBoy! I've been working on it the past few days! Woo hoo! This new laptop ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

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  • Say, Matt...can you do a lyric video for this one? :P -- Comicality, 12:44:02 04/15/17 Sat

    LMAO!!! ::Matt passes out from exhaustion::

    Just kidding!!! It's not possible! LOL! But I've got four or five more Joey tunes for ya this weekend! Just concentrating on site stories and emails tonight.

    Hehehe, don't try this one...you will break ALL of your fingers and ruin your sanity!!! :P

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  • The NERVE of some people! :O -- Comicality, 11:54:58 04/15/17 Sat

    This boy came by the Shack with a bundle of flowers and a pack of condoms, asking to see Nathan! I'm like, "WHAAAAT??? Get outta here! Our Nathan just had his appendix out! He's in recovery! Get outta here!!!"

    So I chased him out with a broom, Nathan! Hehehe, no worries! He said he'll come back when you're feeling better! K? So get well soon, bud! ((Hugz))

    If you get a chance...wish our young Shacker well, and pray for a quick recovery! Love ya lots dude! And get some rest, k? You'll be good as new in no time flat! :)

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  • Just a fun lil song that is inspiring for what will become a very obvious reason... -- bwctwriter, 09:12:41 04/15/17 Sat
    The lyrics speak for themselves.
    I first heard this song on what has become one of my favorite coming of age movies, St. Vincent. One of Bill Murray's best dramatic performances to date. :-)


    Bronze Radio Return- Further On w. captions from The Rev on Vimeo.

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  • Public Service Announcement. :) -- Johnny, 20:00:56 04/14/17 Fri
    Dunno if anybody's interested but if you don't know Coachella is streaming live right now on Youtube and through the weekend. It's pretty cool you can choose stages and schedule reminders for acts you wanna see.


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  • I just bought the "Hamilton" soundtrack and it's so good and ahlsdkfja;sldkfja;sldj!!!!! -- Vinny, 18:44:15 04/14/17 Fri
    "You'll Be Back" - King George in Hamilton

    "When push comes to shove
    I will kill friends and family
    To remind you of my love!!!"

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf1-PsDCPbk
    Link to lyrics: https://genius.com/Lin-manuel-miranda-youll-be-back-lyrics

    And here's Hamilton at the Tonys

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  • Funky Boat Easter Track -- Johnny, 13:13:34 04/14/17 Fri

    We’re going for a 90’s Dance, Funk, Rap, Rave etc. party on a boat to France tomorrow night it’s gonna be fun especially as there will be regular passengers on the ferry. We’re going with four friends who will be returning Sunday night but Rob and me decided to spend a couple days in Roscoff which is in Brittany. The ferry leaves Plymouth at 10pm and arrives in Roscoff at 10am Sunday. We’ve booked cabins so we can join the motion on the ocean club that’s our made up term for the sea equivalent to the mile high club on a plane haha. :) I don’t think much happens in Roscoff especially over Easter but it looks a cool real French style town and we’ve booked a good hotel so yeh looking forward to it.

    If it’s a 90’s party this track has to get played. 4:44 – 9:44 one of the best song endings in history. Play Loud. :)


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  • GAAAHHHHH!!!! What the...??? I honestly thought they were bluffing about this!!! -- Comicality, 12:32:51 04/14/17 Fri

    I thought they were gonna do it on May 4th! :O

    Early pickins!!!

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  • Easter Movie -- Johnny, 07:25:00 04/14/17 Fri

    This isn’t a great copy but it’s alright it’s still a cute movie. It does have closed captions in Youtube mode but not always accurate, it’s runs fast in places and it’s back to front wtv you forget that stuff within a few minutes. :) It’s David Walliams type humour but it isn’t difficult to keep up with what’s going on he’s actually did amazingly well writing kids books.


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  • Hahaha! Oh, that's brilliant! :P -- Comicality, 00:35:46 04/13/17 Thu

    It's about time Nick Fury did a movie with Deadpool! LOL!

    I'm there!

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  • It appears I've backlogged myself with videos to post... :-p -- bwctwriter, 19:06:07 04/11/17 Tue
    So first we have a bit of Linkin Park... Kind of a sad song, but the music and lyrics are both beautiful... So yall are just gonna have to deal with it. >:-( lol...


    Linkin Park- My December w. captions from The Rev on Vimeo.

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  • I was reading the Chicago Tribune this morning and an article on page two caught my eye. Comsie, this might be that answer to your prayers... -- PeteIM (), 15:50:07 04/11/17 Tue
    It was a bit long for the forum main page, so I included it below.

    Last edited by author: Tue April 11, 2017 16:02:49   Edited 1 time.
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  • :-o lookie! a music video I don't have to caption! It's a miracle! :-p -- bwctwriter, 08:35:19 04/11/17 Tue

    Love One Republic. I listened to them before listening to them was COOL! :-p


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  • Now...you see? :( -- Comicality, 16:09:23 04/10/17 Mon

    ...I really did all that I could to play the nice guy. I REALY wanted to just get my laptop together and post stories and do my own thing. But my mom is whining and crying about quality time, my family wants to just pop over at the spur of the moment with no warning, nobody plans ANYTHING here ahead of time! But...as always, I LOVE my family! So I dedicated time to just hang out on Friday. I spent all DAY on Saturday, giving them quality time. I spent time on SUNDAY giving them quality time! And it was fun.

    But I want to get back to the site again. I want to roll out new stuff and keep posting and answer emails and have my OWN kind of fun. NOW they act like they're fucking PISSED at me!!!! ***FUUUUUCK******!!!!! WHY???????

    This is what I mean! This is why I want to stay the fuck away from people sometimes! Because it's NEVER enough! They made me feel bad, so now I have to go spend MORE time with them tonight...and I'm reaching my limit. They don't get to monopolize 100% of my free time just because they're bored. I live a life that's completely separate from them. Can they respect that? My own mother is acting like I'm being 'mean' just because I spent DAYS entertaining them and now I want to do something for myself. WTF...is this going to be a daily thing from now on?

    I'd rather have them think that I'm mean. If that's the only way to get some time to myself, then fuck it. Totally worth it. I call everybody for their birthday, I hang out, I have them over to the house, I babysit their kids...now I want a few days to breathe and write and relax! I don't think that's being selfish.

    I'm going out for two hours tonight, and that's it. I don't want to see anybody for the rest of the fucking WEEK now! Since they abuse my time, I'm drawing a line in the sand. I tried to be diplomatic about it, but they trample all over my feelings for MORE! More more more, it's not enough, MORE, you asshole! Quit being mean!

    If I ever got 'bored' (Which I hardly ever do) and asked them to drop what they were doing at the drop of a hat and make me feel good, they'd say no in a heartbeat. "I'm tired." or "It's raining." or "Not while my TV show is on." I tried to go the extra mile, but it's time I started treating them the same way.

    Sorry, just venting... :(

    "Gone From Daylight" is going up tonight. I'm not going to let them stop that, k? I WANT to post it! I WANT to finish the next story for tomorrow! I'm having FUN doing it! But my fun doesn't matter to them. I'm not their birthday party clown. I get so SICK of being taken advantage of!

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  • WDotW For 4/10 -- Comicality, 15:11:24 04/10/17 Mon

    Hehehe, how do boys get their legs that high? Ouch!

    I've never been that flexible! :P

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  • ~~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~~ -- Comicality, 15:03:37 04/10/17 Mon

    Somebody tell me where this week's 3M movie is in America...because I don't EVER want to go there! >:O

    "My Father Die"

    Well THIS movie definitely makes my WTF movie of 2017 so far! Geez! But as gritty, and often disturbing, as it is, I have to admit that I found it hard to turn away from it. Like...I HAD to see how this turned out. And now, I'm done. Hehehe!

    To make things brief, this story revolves 'Asher'...who as a young boy was the victim of abuse. Him and his older brother were very close, but their father is a BASTARD! Dear GOD, is he a bastard! And he actually ends up KILLING Asher's older brother, and striking Asher so hard that he actually goes deaf from it.

    Jump ahead to Asher's adult life, when he finds out that his father is being released from prison. Four years early, no less for the assault. And the rest of this movie becomes a violent battle between father and son. Back and forth, back and forth...they are hunting each other to see who will pay for what happened all those years ago.

    I have mixed feelings about this movie, but I have to admit that it held me still from beginning to end. That father needed to die! Hehehe, seriously! But as they both try to take one another out, you can't help but to want Asher to keep his heart and his soul in tact, you know? Otherwise, he's just a carbon copy of his dad.

    So, 'interesting' movie...hard hitting...expect some violence...but still a cool movie worthy of the 3M list! So check it out some time! Trailer below! Enjoy!

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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 14:47:17 04/10/17 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Blond To Blond Sunshine' Kiss!

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  • GAH!!! Sweet! :O -- Comicality, 10:54:27 04/10/17 Mon

    I don't think there's ever been a "Thor" movie that I didn't have doubts about...until now!

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  • 'The average penis size is getting bigger' -- Mike84, 01:20:35 04/10/17 Mon

    Gotta say, I'm always skeptical when they bring out 'average size' surveys.

    The range is so great, depending on the survey.

    The average penis size is 6.1 inches when fully aroused, according to a survey of millennials by the makers of SKYN condoms Ansell.

    But a study from 2015 found that the average length then was 5.16 inches when erect - Almost an inch shorter.

    And research in 2013 found the average length to be 5.6 inches.

    And another study, in 2012, found that the average British penis reached 5.5 inches.

    Before you go around telling everyone penises are getting bigger: a study titled "Am I Normal?" from King's College London and the NHS found the average length to be 6.3 inches in July 2016.

    I think the average falls somewhere between 5 and 7 inches (12 - 17 cm) And for those who fall outside of that, I don't think it's a big deal (pun intended :P), I'm not a size queen, it's not the first thing I look for in a partner.

    Same goes for women. I'm bisexual and big boobs don't matter to me either, but for some blokes it's all they think about. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.



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  • A Short Sunday Chill. :) -- Johnny, 17:46:37 04/09/17 Sun

    Nina Simone is totally my fav female singer she was amazing and this performance of Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne is so cool. IRL she was a bit of a crazy lady you didn’t mess with Nina. :) Check out her documentary/biopic β€˜What Happened Nina Simone’ on Netflix she was a fascinating woman.


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  • "WOTL 20" Is Up! -- Comicality, 14:58:56 04/09/17 Sun

    Just checking in really fast, then checking back out again! :P

    Brand new chapter on the Library today! "Untouchable 19" posted earlier this morning! More to come!


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  • Ummmm...ok, that is just unnecessary... -- Comicality, 13:24:31 04/08/17 Sat

    I mean...the kid is 13. He's barefoot, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. What 'significant' weapon could he be hiding that can't be found with just a normal pat down? I've had MEDICAL examinations with less touching! Geez!

    That guy owes that boy dinner...

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  • Awwwww, really? :/ -- Comicality, 18:37:43 04/07/17 Fri

    It looks like it's almost official, but I hope not. Is Warner Bros. casting Zac Efron as Nightwing in the DC movies? Why? Zac Efron isn't a martial artist. Was it just the name recognition?

    Ugh! For those that don't know, there was Batman and Robin, and Robin (One of them) eventually grows up to be an adult and turns into Nightwing. And Nightwing is a BADASS!!! Zac Efron...ummm...is NOT a badass! That's not to say he can't play the part, just...ugh! WHY?

    They should have gone with hottie, Ryan Potter! Please reconsider! Come on, guys! :P


    PLUS he voiced 'Hiro' in "Big Hero 6"!!! And...as we all know..."Big Hero 6" is AWESOME! XD

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  • A HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT FOR ALL YOU SHACKHEADS!!! so pay attention Ok!!?? This is SOOOPER important!!!! (an your participation is mandatory!!) -- Joey (*read this carefully shackworld!!*), 01:57:33 04/06/17 Thu
    Ok sometimes we do roll call, so this is kinda like that but NOT ok? Remember comsies who was it question?...Well this is "what was it?". I want a comsie moment! From everyone!! A moment or a thing or a whatever when comsie made a difference in ur life! U all have one Ok!?? Maybe like me u have TONS! BUT I want one...From EVERYBODY! it ain't much to ask an it ain't hard! Maybe it's just a story..Or an email..Or just whatever...Or maybe it's more. Ok.. I'll start Ok!?? Hmmm πŸ€”.. Okokok!!...I have lots but this one's important Ok. Not long ago I got soooper mad at my dad and punched a wall and got some stitches in my knuckle. Well...Big C took the time to seriously talk to me about what happened and why...To realllly help me wrap my head around my problem an why I did it. He even shared part of his growing up with me and showed me how it applied to me. In not ever gonna share what he said ok..But I am gonna tell u it helped me a lot. It made a difference. An since then I've tried harder. A lot. Well...There it is shackheads..My comsie moment. Now...GIT OFF ur asses an gimme urs!! Remember..It's homework but it ain't a test! No right or wrong way to do this people!! OK!!...Git at it y'all!! 😁

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  • I have family over at the moment... -- Comicality, 20:05:19 04/07/17 Fri

    But no youngsters! Hehehe! So I'm not being smothered in kids and video games, etc! ::Grins::

    Anyway, the system is working! I'm posting a new chapter of "Untouchable" as soon as I can! Next up..."Left Without Words"! Followed by "Gone From Daylight"! Followed by "Waiting Outside The Lines"! Followed...well, we've got WORK to do here folks! LOL!

    The new laptop is still a little glitchy, but mostly because it's not updated all the way. So I'll get stuff out as soon as I can. K?

    Love ya! And I'll be back to the board and to emails soon!

    Still on the older laptop right now, but just because I'm going back and forth. Seezya soon! :)

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  • This one's for you Comsie :) -- Fanson, 03:48:18 04/06/17 Thu

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