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  • So a FB friend of mine posted something today that really struck a nerve with me... And I'd like yalls' opinions on it... -- bwctwriter, 19:27:58 10/19/18 Fri
    I won't say his name, though I'm sure some of you have come across him in the media, as he's pretty relevant to our community...

    Anywho, today, he posted a picture that read "Tell a transgender person that you love them today, we need it."

    And it really pissed me off, for reasons that I hope will become abundantly clear as you read further...

    My reply:

    You know I love you, but can we talk about the whole "transgender person" thing? Like, I wouldn't call it a disability at all, but still... Kinda feels weird saying "a trans person" cuz, being a student of psychology and in healthcare, we're kinda focused on "person first" perspective... Which is like, not calling someone "A retarded person," but a person with an intellectual disability... Or not "A deaf person" but a person who is deaf.
    Maybe it doesn't matter to you, and that's fine... But I personally don't want to see you as a "Trans Man," because it doesn't emphasize that you're a person first... In fact, I think the entire "Community of LGBT individuals" also does disservice to themselves by calling themselves "The LGBT community"... Because an individual is more than their sexual orientation, as well as they are more than their gender identity.

    To me, You're (name omitted), an individual who identifies as male. Sure, it's more of a mouthful, but it also emphasizes that you're (name omitted) first, and not "that trans guy *****...."

    I know, I'm complicating this, but dammit, I dont care how you identify, Imma treat you like a person first! :-)

    Know what I'm sayin? *HUGS*

    Thoughts? Am I over-complicating things, or is there something to my perspective?

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  • So I might be going to Edinburgh Comic Con, NEXT WEEK! :D -- Mike, 19:50:17 10/23/18 Tue

    It's an 80s theme special.

    There are lots of stars (and props; cars from Back To The Future, the A-Team, Knight Rider, Ghostbusters.)

    One of the Doctors from Doctor Who, and the best part of all, Henry Thomas, Robert Mcnaughton, and Dee Wallace will be there for photos and autographs.

    They're the mother, older brother, Michael, and Elliot from the movie; E.T, which has been one of my favourite movies, all my life. So I'll be trying not to freak out when I meet them. Lol.

    Apparently, a life-sized E.T replica will also be there.

    I just wish it was closer by than Edinburgh. It means being stuck on a train for 8 hours (for the return trip included) since I don't have a car at the mo.

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  • LOL! I think they missed their original calling! :P -- Comicality, 17:42:41 10/22/18 Mon



    Sighhh...I love Halloween! ::Giggles::

    Anyway...REMINDER! I'm going to the ChatterBox chatroom tonight around 9PM! (That's about 3 hours from now or so!) So, if you want to stop by and say hello! Feel free! There are links up above at the top of this board! Just sign in with your screen name so I can recognize ya and give you hugs! I'm in an awesome mood today, and it should be fun!

    I've got some stuff that I'm trying to finish before next week, so I can only stay for an hour or two, but it'll be cool to talk to you all!

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  • More Halloween fun :D -- Mike, 09:14:16 10/21/18 Sun

    Now, I haven't seen it yet, I'm trying to wait until Halloween itself, but it's supposed to be very scary.

    It's a modern reimagining of the Shirley Jackson novel.

    It follows siblings who, as children, grew up in what would go on to become the most famous haunted house in the country.

    Now adults, they are forced back together in the face of tragedy and must finally confront the ghosts of their past. Some of those ghosts still lurk in their minds, while others may actually be stalking the shadows of Hill House.

    It stars Henry Thomas (who played Elliot in the movie; E.T The Extra-Terrestrial), and Oscar winner Timothy Hutton.

    Mike Flanagan, a veteran of the horror genre, created the series

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  • Got kind of a "Insideous" & "The Omen" vibe from it. -- Mike, 11:03:39 10/22/18 Mon

    You can tell it's the month of Halloween, like Christmas in December, lots of seasonal treats drop for us.

    Btw, is that mum, the woman from Orange Is The New Black? I could Google check, but I'm too lazy. :P

    That bit at the end gave me chills even though I was completely expecting it. Damn jumpscares! :P

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  • ChatterBox visit, coming soon! :) -- Comicality, 03:14:49 10/20/18 Sat

    As you guys may have noticed, I don't get to come by the chatroom as often as I'd like anymore. And with the holidays coming up (Thanksgiving is at my place this year! Yikes! Hehehe, I'm gonna start cleaning and planning right NOW!), I may have to unplug every now and then to keep up. But, when I get a chance to come and talk to you guys in real time, I always ENJOY myself! You guys have shown me so much love and support, and I definitely want to show you some in return. Hehehe, you keep me smiling!

    SO...I will be coming to the ChatterBox chatroom this coming Monday (October 22nd) around 9 PM Chicago time! Yes, I know I'm not in Chicago anymore, but as I've said before...Chit-Town's time is the only time that matters! ::Giggles:: There are two different links to the chatroom at the top of this message board. So check them out to see which one works best for you. Just drop by, type a screen name into the box so we can see you and wave hello, and let's share some laughs together. Cool?

    If we haven't spoken in a long time, or if you're a chatroom regular, or if you're brand new...stop by and say hello! Cool? It'll be awesome to see/meet you all! Small party, big party...as long as we have fun, I'm ready! :P

    Alright, I've got important Comsie work to do tonight! Talk to you soon! And love always!

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  • Just in case you ever get caught by Freddy Krueger, in a nightmare... -- Mike, 20:51:49 10/20/18 Sat

    The Infographics team is here to help you kill, or escape from him.

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  • = = Jukebox Jimmy = = -- Comicality, 23:07:37 10/18/18 Thu

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "Elemental P"! Jimmy is back this weekend, and this time he wants you guys to look for songs that have a metal, mineral, or jewel/gem, in the song title! Google your scientific Periodic Tables, and find yourself a few tunes that fit the bill for this challenge! Cool? Hehehe! Give us at least ONE, no more than FOUR! (Examples below!) Happy hunting, folks! And Jimmy will seezya soon! :)

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.) 

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  • LOL!!! -- Comicality, 14:00:27 10/17/18 Wed


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  • In keeping with the Halloween theme... -- Mike, 19:35:24 10/17/18 Wed

    If you like to listen to some good ghost stories, you might enjoy this. An hour's worth of chilling tales. He's really good.

    The guy does this every October, (I've been listening since 2012). So if you really enjoyed it, here's a playlist with them all.

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  • This week's Gay Short Film... -- Comicality, 16:56:45 10/17/18 Wed

    This short drama is called "Lost In Expression". Enjoy. And give them a 'like' if you liked it.


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  • lol really -- Caleb, 15:04:40 10/13/18 Sat
    This guys getting so annoying. Rap devil is mega stupid. This guys just trying to hard and it shows lol.

    Then Eminem fights back and thats it.

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  • Easy my fav lady singer -- Caleb, 19:03:53 10/16/18 Tue
    MOMOMOYOUTH is amazing no matter what shes doing. Shes releaseing a new album on Friday and this is one of the songs on it. Its so good Im dying lol Im so excited.

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  • Today is the 15th!!! :) -- Comicality, 21:44:24 10/15/18 Mon

    And that means there's a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine now available for you guys to enjoy! Issue 41 is the BIGGEST Imagine issue yet! We pulled out all of the stops for this Halloween celebration! There is a TON to read! So be sure to stop in and give it ALL a read!

    A brand new chapter of "Shelter" is waiting for fans of the series, as well as an article on the 'Shelter-Verse' just in case you guys have been missing out! Also a brand new "GFD" themed story has been written by our featured author of the month, Owen Wendell! Also, a variety of new stories from MrM (Who was a total PATRIOT this month with his submissions! THANKS, dude!), and Chapter 2 of "Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected" from Lindon Weztser! All that and much MUCH more! Including my new list of 13 horror short films to watch before bed!

    I really hope you enjoy this MASSIVE issue of Imagine Magazine! And many thanks to everyone involved in sending in submissions, and to all of the people behind the scenes who put forth an EXHAUSTIVE effort to put it all together!

    Have fun, you guys! And we'll see you on November 15th with more goodies! K?

    Now then...I believe there were some Comsie stories that you were waiting on. ::Giggles::

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  • Haha! They finally did a Doctor Who honest trailer -- Mike, 20:06:07 10/14/18 Sun

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  • wait for it. wait for it! -- Caleb, 19:02:06 10/14/18 Sun
    Wait to the middle then bam! and when em takes over after BAM!

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  • It's that time again... -- Comicality, 10:31:48 10/10/18 Wed

    For all of you guys who have been around for any length of time...you know that October 10th is a very special date for me, personally. And I've gone out of my way to make it a holiday here n the Shack.

    It happened many years ago, but I'd be lying if I said that the wound doesn't still feel fresh when I dwell on it for too long. I lost a good friend to suicide that day. He was only 17 years old...and it's still difficult for me to understand why he felt so desperate, so alone. That pain will never go away.

    But...over time, I've come to realize that he had a life worth celebrating, instead of a death worth mourning. I made a promise to reach out to help as many people as I possibly could after losing him. I'm keeping my promise. And I plan to honor him every year for the rest of my life. Because people need to know. They need to feel loved, respected, and appreciated. Every year, I take this day and I remind the world that it costs us NOTHING to reach out and help somebody in need. Talk to someone who needs a friend. Give a compliment once in a while. Lend a friendly ear or give someone a shoulder to lean on. There are so many people who hide behind their keyboards and spread venom and hatred for no reason and with no purpose at all. But...ask them to tell the people they love and respect how they feel...and sudden'y they don't have the time, or the energy, or the courage, to SAY something.

    That's so backwards. And it makes the world a colder place. It doesn't have to be that way.

    So...even if you only do it ONE day a year, pick today, and spread a little love to the people you care about. K? On October 10th, you've got the permission and the encouragement to do something positive. Smile at a stranger, call an old friend, reconnect with your parents, give that loose change in your pocket to that homeless guy on the corner. It doesn't have to be something monumental. It just has to be real.

    We always assume people know how we feel about them, and that they'll be just fine without us having to 'weaken' ourselves enough to speak the words out loud. Well...that's not always true. Not for you. Not for anybody.

    Don't let the people in your life feel alone or underappreciated. You never know what they're going through. And God help you if one day...it's too late to say what you needed to say.

    ((Hugz)) I love you all. And share some of your light with others this week. K? Trust me, you've got plenty to spare.

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  • I didn't even know they were remaking Pet Sematary. -- Mike, 17:38:13 10/10/18 Wed

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  • Heads up Comsie Tomorrow you're probably gonna get a LOT of rain and FAST winds -- Rickgayaz (watching the weather maps), 15:51:30 10/10/18 Wed
    Windy.com is a great site, as well as the National Weather Service Radar sites:
    for atlanta to see whats coming

    and for Greer, SC to see local to Comsie

    Deliberately left them as links since they can be data hogs :)

    Tallahassee radar went down about 1230 pm, NOT a good thing

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  • 5:30 AM... -- Comicality, 05:43:42 10/09/18 Tue

    I'm still answering emails, but I'm starting to lose steam at the moment. :(

    But I'm still trying to get to as many of you as I can. K?

    There were a few emails that I have to put off until later. I want you to know that they are just as important to me as the others, but...they are REALLY long! And there's no way that I can answer, get to my other emails, finish Imagine Magazine, write stories for the site, work a real life job, spend time with my family...I just...I can't. So please don't feel ignored, ok? I'm here. And I'm listening.

    I'm just too 'human' to keep up. Be patient with me, k? Don't hate me. :( I'm trying. I've been sitting at this keyboard for HOURS. I've only got so much energy to give you guys.

    Any one of you would feel the same way if the roles were reversed. Have some empathy, k? I do more than most would.

    Love you guys, and I'll try to get to more of you over the next hour or so. ((hugz))

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  • Hehehe, oops! Well THAT makes for an awkward conversation! LOL! -- Comicality, 12:09:30 10/09/18 Tue


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  • Completely forgot about Comicon this past weekend! :P -- Comicality, 21:30:42 10/08/18 Mon

    Some really cool offerings, but nothing explosive. I'm definitely looking forward to the new (and the LAST) season of "Gotham". David Mazouz is all grown up and kicking ass now, so he IS Batman, costume and all! That'll be awesome to see. I think they showed a BIT too much with the new "Aquaman" trailer though. I don't want to see the whole movie in a trailer, just a few teases, you know? Still, I'm set to go check it out. How can I not be excited? It's like...Thor and Black Panther...but underwater. Works for me!

    I also didn't know that season three of Daredevil comes out in, like...TWO WEEKS!!! What the...??? I'm still only half way through Iron Fist season two (WHICH IS AMAZING, by the way!!! And Typhoid Mary is in it! She's one of my favorite comic book psychos!). I need to catch up.

    Damn you, Netflix! We can't all binge watch everything in a single weekend, ya know! LOL!

    And THIS? THIS is 'Bullseye'! This is the super gritty, 'never misses', riccochet bullets, assassin that we know and love! Forget the Daredevil Ben Affleck movie! This trailer, alone, shows that they got him right this time!

    Alrighty then! I'm going to go grab myself a late dinner...and then my email marathon will begin! XD Hope to talk to you guys soon! Love you all, and thank you so much for the love in return! We've got good times ahead of us. Brace for impact!

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  • Hehehe! This is what I imagine will happen to Mike in a few years! :P -- Comicality, 00:15:47 10/09/18 Tue

    LOL! Your robot fetish will get the best of you in time! Keep it simple...or else...



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  • Sighhhh...so good to have you back, Em! ((Hugz)) -- Comicality, 00:40:43 10/06/18 Sat

    I mean...no comment on his 'Revival' album. I have absolutely no idea what happened there. But I've been listening to the new 'Kamikaze' album...and Em is home again! Now that's the dark, crazy, 'I don't give a fuck', Em that I came to know and love! Hehehe! Why he released this whole thing as a secret is a mystery to me, but it's good to have ya back, Rap God! :P


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  • ::Waving Hi:: -- Comicality, 03:10:48 10/07/18 Sun

    It's been a busy week/weekend for me, but I've got just ONE more day to struggle through before I get a much needed breather. Which is going to be fun for all of us. ::Nods::

    Anyway, life is awesome. I'm up for a raise, which is sweet because I kinda want to go home to Chicago after the holidays if I can swing it without spending too much. I just feel like Chicago would re-energize me all over again. LOL! We'll see. It's just an idea for now.

    Imagine Magazine #41 is just about finished! So be sure to keep an eye out for our special "Halloween" issue on the 15th of October! I believe this will be the biggest issue we've done to date, so don't miss it.

    I'm having another email marathon on Monday! So I hope to talk to a BUNCH of you soon! I've been trying to get better with keeping in touch more frequently, but...life gets in the way. I'll keep trying until I get it right though, k?

    Anyway, I will be back soon! Hugz and kisses all around! And smile for me. Find something special about yourself to love, and enjoy it to its full extent. There's no better feeling in the world, believe me! :)


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  • = = Jukebox Jimmy = = -- Comicality, 02:57:25 10/07/18 Sun

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "Built From The Ground Up"! Howdy, Jukebox Crew! Jimmy is back this weekend with a brand new challenge for you guys, so get your musical playlists open! This week, Jimmy wants you guys to find songs with titles involving a building or living space! ANY building or living space! Four walls and a roof! Hehehe! Any genre of music, any era, as long as the building is mentioned in the title! (Examples listed below! Search your thoughts, young jedi! You'll find some!) Give us at least ONE, no more than FOUR! Happy hunting, folks! And we'll be back for more soon! :)
    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.) 

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  • Hi guys! -- Caleb, 00:03:22 10/03/18 Wed
    I was gone for a long time sorry about that. Idk what happened lol. Out of no where it is october and im like what the heck? Im doing good. For summer we rented a cabin by kelowna and I had some friends come and stay for a bit to and that was insane. Ever since we got back all everyone wants to do is live there it is the best place in the world Im not even kidding. Im still singing and going to start a youtube soon. Me and some friends are working on videos and stuff for it. It will be mostly singing but then maybe some fortnite lol. But ya what are you ppl up to?

    And watch this vid lol

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  • Ya know.... :/ -- Comicality, 17:08:50 10/04/18 Thu

    Hehehe, maybe...just MAYBE...we can live without an action packed commercial with an animated mouse telling kids how DELICIOUS this new brand of RAT POISON is! I'm just...I'm just kinda throwing that out there. Might be a bad idea. Just sayin'...


    Hehehe, did we NOT learn from Tide Pods??? Seriously. WTF?


    By the way...that mouse was AWESOME! Yay! Look at him go! Sweet! Courage and speed and adventure and...oh, he's fucking DEAD now! Him and his...friend? They're both dead. They've both been murdered. Thanks, commercial. You made my day. ::Shakes my head::

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  • The side you don't hear of -- Fanson, 14:22:14 09/29/18 Sat
    THIS is what Mexico really is

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  • ::Giggles:: Awww, I still love ya, J-Mac! Mwah! -- Comicality, 04:51:32 10/04/18 Thu


    Geez, was it really that long ago? Time flies!

    (@1:55...hehehe, nope. I'm not gonna say it. Let's just say that I *definitely* remember that part of the video when I saw it for the first time. I'll leave it at that. That's when Jesse became my favorite. LOL!)


    Whoah! The World Trade Center! I guess that WAS a long time ago! :O

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  • LMAO!!! Thank GOD I was not the only one that noticed that! XD -- Comicality, 23:36:05 09/26/18 Wed

    @7:55 in this video, that was the FIRST thing that came to my mind! Like...wtf? I'm glad I wasn't the only one! :P


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  • This week's Gay Short Film... -- Comicality, 23:44:42 09/26/18 Wed

    Yeah...been in that position myself. Hehehe, but I was trying though. Had to test the waters first. :P


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  • I had no idea... -- Mike, 00:42:11 09/26/18 Wed

    I had no idea how old this song was, or how crazy the live performance / music video was.

    I mean, this was at the same time that The Beatles were beginning to change the music scene. Elvis was still offending parents for shaking his hips in a "suggestive way".

    Yet there's this guy squawking around on stage, looking like he's high as a kite.

    Hilarious. What must they have thought?

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  • LOL! That looked like a lot of fun. -- Mike, 19:21:22 09/25/18 Tue

    Some of the Stranger Things cast go through a Stranger Things horror maze thing, created by Universal Studios.

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  • WDotW For 9/24 -- Comicality, 17:18:43 09/24/18 Mon

    Hehehe, you know...if I could make a "Billy Chase" TV series, he might make a good 'Sam'! :P

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  • "Kiss Of An Angel 22" Is Up! -- Comicality, 00:04:45 09/25/18 Tue

    Big thanks to you guys for being patient with me while I was working and trying to readjust to everything that was going on around here! Hehehe! I truly thank you guys for the compliments and the feedback! And THANKS for the new YouTube subscribers too! I was happy to announce 500 subscribers last week...and we're at 530 right now! That's in ONE week! So huge thanks, you guys!

    The Halloween Issue of Imagine is almost complete, and it looks like it might be the biggest issue yet! So if any of you guys want to submit anything for future issues, let me know at Comicality@webtv.net so we can save you a spot. Featured authors for October, November, and December, are already spoken for! So if you want to get a spotlight in 2019, it's best to get your foot in the door while you've got the chance! Otherwise, the party must go on. :P

    Anyway, a new chapter of "Kiss Of An Angel" is up in the Library! I hope you enjoy it! And let me know what you think when you get a chance! K? Seezya soon!

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  • This was fun.. -- Mike, 16:41:34 09/25/18 Tue

    No, actually, it's pretty interesting, and not as morbid as the title suggests. And I learned something, too, which is always a good thing.

    And if you're looking for interesting YouTube accounts to follow, this guy has some cool content.

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  • These are for Com -- Fanson, 21:58:55 09/23/18 Sun
    Dude! How have you not heard any other Hanson songs that are not Taylor's!? LOL I mean, I love him but there are some Zac and Isaac songs out there that are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! So, I'll just post one from Zac and two from Isaac (because you already heard one from Zac lol) so you can listen to these hidden treasures (not really hidden but not everyone knows any Zac or Isaac songs outside the fandom :P)




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  • SWAK Sunday!!! -- Comicality, 17:02:05 09/24/18 Mon

    This Week:

    The 'Lucky Spread' Kiss!

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  • ~~ Monday Movie Matinee ~~ -- Comicality, 17:17:35 09/24/18 Mon

    Put your thinking caps on for this week's 3M selection! This one can be a bit 'headdy'!

    "Altered Carbon"

    Let me start off by saying that there's really nothing much that I can tell you about this Netflix series without giving away any spoilers. So I'll just give you the basic set up and let you guys take it from there.

    This science fiction, cyberpunk, action, mystery turned out to be EXTREMELY cool! Beyond what I expected! This takes place in the distant future where immortality is now technologically possible. On your very first birthday, a recorder chip is placed into the base of your skull and spinal column, and your entire life gets recorded. Your thoughts, dreams, experiences, personality...everything. So, when your body (or 'sleeve') grows old or gets damaged or killed...you simply take the recorder out and slip it into a new body. Voila! Your life picks up right where you left off.

    Now, this story involves a total badass who has been resurrected in order to solve the murder of an extremely rich aristocrat, and...arrrgh! Sorrry, that's all I can tell ya! Hehehe! There's a trailer down below, but it won't spoil anything either. You'll just have to watch it.

    Now this isn't just something you can put on the TV in the background while you do something else. You really have to sit down and watch and concentrate on what's going on. There's an entire future world that has to be built and you have to be fully immersed in it to follow it the right way. But once you're locked in...this series is kick ass! Check it out! And enjoy!

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  • LMAO!!! -- Comicality, 05:07:26 09/21/18 Fri

    Actually, to be fair...have you guys actually PLAYED a PSVR??? Dude...!

    Yeah. This is the reaction! Doesn't matter if youre 6, 16, or 60...this is the reaction! I played it recently, and this is like...next level shit! Omigod! It's *SO* real!!! :O It's a total mind fuck! You have to play it to truly understand how trippy it is! I can't even describe it, and youtube vids don't do it justice.

    Still, these two kids are HILARIOUS!

    (Hahahaha @ 1:40!!! "Yahoo! I can finally play a game without seeing anyone!!!" LMAO!!!)


    LMAO!!!! Panic! No, seriously...your brain tells you this is real! It's crazy! Even as an adult,it's terrifying. I can't IMAGINE what it's like for a kid that age! This is the future of gaming! The youtube videos don't do it justice. It's like being trapped in a nightmare, I swear to God! Put it on your Xmas list!

    LOL!!! No...I'm sorry, that's not funny. That poor kid is terrified. ::Snickers:: Shit, wait, I'm sorry! I change my mind ! That's hilarious! (by the way...don't stand up when you play this. Just...don't)

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  • Imagine Magazine #40 Is Up For September! -- Comicality, 10:17:46 09/15/18 Sat

    A heads up for fans of the monthly Shack online magazine! The new issue is now available at https://imagine-magazine.org/ for you to enjoy! With all of the usual goodies ready to go! Also included is my interview with author, Lindon Westzer about his series, "Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected"! The first chapter is included, and will be joining the Imagine family of monthly chapters! Also, a new short story from me called "We're Not Telling", a new chapter of "Predators: 2-14-9x", and a Comsie Talks on 'Show, Don't Tell'! So check it out! And let us know what you think!

    Submissions are ALWAYS welcome! So feel free to contact me at Comicality@webtv.net and let me see what ya got!

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  • Big Mouth season 2 starts on October 5th! -- Mike, 12:19:34 09/20/18 Thu

    Hi Com. I'm pretty sure you recommended the first season, which is what got me into the show.

    Well, season 2 is about to be released.

    Here's the trailer.

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  • I really like how this guy thinks -- Fanson, 00:47:58 09/19/18 Wed

    A lot of people should watch this vid :P

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  • Hanson's doing a new US tour... -- Fanson, 00:51:18 09/19/18 Wed
    ...with a COMPLETE ORCHESTRA! :D

    So, this is the promotional vid for the tour featuring the song "Siren Call" and I think that them playing all their songs with an orchestra is one of the best ideas ever; it sounds soooo good!

    Enjoy! :D

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  • OCTOBER 19th???? :O -- Comicality, 20:04:46 09/20/18 Thu

    Released a few hours ago!

    I thought, for SURE, we were going to have to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas for this! YES!!!! I'm so ready!!!

    (GAH!!! Kingpin in the white suit!!! SWEET!!!)


    Also, be sure to catch my article on the Marvel Netflix shows in September's issue of Imagine Magazine! :P


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  • It's about time! Make us wait, why don't ya? -- Comicality, 10:07:04 09/18/18 Tue

    Alrighty...let's see what you've got, Captain Marvel!

    Let's find out why this powerhouse is the ONE person Nick Fury chose to call on in his final moments! (Damn you, Thanos!)

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  • Mary Poppins returns for Christmas. -- Mike, 18:57:41 09/17/18 Mon

    I loved the original when I was a wee lad. This time I'll be going with family, which includes several nieces and nephews to watch the sequel, just in time for Christmas.

    The trailer looks great. I like the fact that they have some old school animation (quite similar to the original), with what looks like modern, digital animation effects, as well.

    I'm not sure about the musical aspect. I'm very funny with musicals. Of those I do like, I discovered when I was a kid.

    I can't really take to new ones.

    Most of the time they just distract me, take me away from the illusion, so to speak. But we'll see. :)

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  • Comsie Does A Cartwheel and a Sommersault! :P -- Comicality, 15:57:25 09/17/18 Mon

    Hehehe! Yeah...that's about as 'acrobatic' as I can get when I'm full of joy. But it's the thought that counts, right? LOL!

    I wanted to take a moment to say "THANK YOU" to you guys for what's been going on lately! This is amazing! I'm feeling a little emotional about it, to be honest.

    I'm answering emails tonight, and you guys have been SO supportive and the feedback has been inspiring me to the point of wanting to working even harder to give you the entertainment you've come to expect from me. Thank you! And thanks for the donations to the Paypal account as well! Omigod, I LOVE you guys!!!

    Ummm...I'm attempting to keep up with you guys, but I have to admit to being a bit rusty when it comes to this level of traffic. But I'm working hard to get back into the swing of things! If you're new to the site, and you sent me an email, you'll be hearing from me tonight or tomorrow! I'm making it a priority!

    Also, I was thinking of maybe doing a video for reaching 500 subscribers on the YouTube account! And about a week ago, we hit 484 subscribers! So I figured, "Damn! I need to get an idea, quick!" Ummm...hehehe, well I missed it! Because the ComicalityShack youtube channel hit 500 subscribers this MORNING! Jesus! Hahaha! I'll still see if I can get my brain box working for something to say thank you! I'm so grateful! You guys are incredible!

    Imagine Magazine is a HUGE success with the new issue! The stats don't lie! In May, after the server crash, we had 1,413 visitors to the site! With no further activity in June, we had almost double the visitors with 2,627 people checking out the magazine! THEN...with the announcement that the magazine was going to be coming back with a vengeance (Hehehe!), that number nearly doubled with 4,731 visitors! And the new August issue doubled THAT number with 8,354 readers! September's issue is now available! Let's see if we can hit 16,000 with this one! ::Giggles:: That would kick ASS!!!

    On top of all that...new readers are finding the ebooks too!


    And these are all NEW readers who have never heard the name 'Comicality' before! So if you're new, and you're reading this? THANK YOU!!! You're my new best friends! Yikes! I just sold 11 ebooks TODAY! And it's only 4 PM! I hope you guys like what you're reading! And I promise to bring more out soon!

    Ok, I'm going to get back to my Comsie Work for now! For my GayAuthors readers, thank you for the recent comments and reviews on the stories! I've been watching and reading and responding to as many comments as I can! Thanks for the love! And I'll get back to you soon! K?

    Seezya soon! Mwah!!!

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  • A quick question... -- Comicality, 20:07:06 09/16/18 Sun

    ...Some of our newer Shackers say they're having some trouble getting into the Chatterbox Chatroom. Now, I'm not sure where the issue lies, but do any of you guys with a bit of techie knowledge have any advice or directions as to how to log in if you're brand new to the site? I'm not exactly sure what to tell them.

    Don't worry, you guys! We'll get you in there somehow! :P

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  • LMAO!!! Well, I know what animal *I* wanna get as a pet!!! XD -- Comicality, 01:27:38 09/14/18 Fri

    Hahaha! Damn! That's a deeeeeeeep throat! Wow!

    Anyway, my apologies for not being around much this week! All of my other stuff is done now! Imagine is just about ready for post on Saturday! My weekly writing discussions have started up again on GayAuthors! Still haven't figured out Goodreads yet, but I approved my site there and want to thank the folks who have rated the ebooks and left comments there! MWAH! The YouTube channel got one HELL of a boost recently! So we've got 484 subscribers now! (Jesus!) And I've got a line of stories ready to go for this coming week as well! So...life is awesome! ::Giggles:: I'm doing my best to keep up, but bare with me for a little while.

    I am also putting more work into my emails this weekend! We have a bunch of new readers stopping in, and I am extremely grateful for the compliments on the stories! I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Also, I realize that some of you have had some trouble getting into the chatroom by clicking the link above (Arrgh! Matt!!! HELP!!!), and I will try to fix the link so everybody can gin access and come party with us soon!

    My schedule this week is a little more 'oppressive' than I was expecting it to be, sighhhh...BUT, I miss you guys! So I'm going to try to schedule a public chat for this coming Monday, k? That way, we can all share a few laughs and reconnect for an hour or two! ((Hugs))

    I love you lots! And I wish you sunny days, cotton candy, and giraffe fellatio!

    Seezya soon! XD

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  • Ok, soooo....I have a confession to make... -- Comicality, 08:17:08 09/06/18 Thu

    The original "Halloween" by John Carpenter, literally scared the living SHIT out of me!!! now, understand, I was a REALLY little kid at the time! I think they had a re-posting at this theater (Old Orchard! I remember!), and I might have been 4 or 5 years old at the time. Because my parents couldn't both pay for movie tickets AND a babysitter! LOL! But Michael Myers made me scared of the dark for YEARS afterwards!!! Jesus CHRIST, that movie scared me!!!

    Then came part 2, and I was a LITTLE bit older, but not by much. I really LOVE "Halloween II", to be honest! I don't know why some people dog it so much. That movie was just as creepy as the first one.

    Then...ummm...well, "Halloween III" doesn't count. And that's all I'll say about that. It's worth watching, but don't associate it with "Halloween" at all, or you'll be disappointed. Michael Myer isn't even in it. It's like watching "Superman", and then having a movie called "Superman 2"...but it's really "Fifty Shades OF GRey" or something. Like..."WHY the fuck did
    you call this Superman II???

    BUT...when I got to junior high and heard that "Halloween 4" was coming out??? I was all in! YES!!! And I was a kid, so I had a little temporary crush on 'Jamie'. But it was great! And then "Halloween V" was cool, but 'less than' four. And then things kind of went off the rails from there. With the exception of "H20"..which I also love! And not just for hottie, Josh Hartnett, either! Hehehe!

    However, this is John Carpenter's first return to the series since part 2, and just watching these trailers, I'm already DEEPLY disturbed again! Jesus! It's not like I'm still a little kid or anything, but LOOK at this! The hammer, and the mask, and the...Awww, fuck! I'm gonna end up being scared of the dark again, aren't I? Shit!

    ::Deep Breath::

    Just goes to show that John Carpenter was the 'magic' in this franchise. I'm already shaking! Hehehe! I'll brace myself as best as I can, but...I just want you guys to know that I'm already unsettled. Hehehe! This might be the best Halloween holiday scare yet! :P


    Ps- LOL!!! In the first fifteen seconds of this trailer? Who is that one kid supposed to be? He's carrying this tiny 'boombox' on his shoulder (Like in "Halloween II"! The guy even had the same hat on!), but do kids even know what a boombox is these days? LOL!

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  • Hehehe, I just thought this was a cute and sweet short film. Thought I'd share! -- Comicality, 05:46:56 09/10/18 Mon

    I mean, really...

    ...is there such a thing as having too many warm and fuzzy moments in your lifetime! :)


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  • ::Yawn & Stretch:: A day off... -- Comicality, 14:56:15 09/09/18 Sun

    Yep! I slept until 2 PM today! LOL! I'm not even getting dressed today unless I absolutely have to. Nope! I'm relaxing, dangit! Hehehe!

    But first, I'm going to have myself a little email session! It won't be 'marathon' status, but I hope to talk to some more of you guys soon! :)

    Gotta run! I've got a whole lot of 'nothing' to do! LOL!

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  • == JUKEBOX JIMMY == -- Comicality, 23:21:48 09/07/18 Fri

    THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: - "Whatever The Weather"! This week, Jimmy is looking for some variety in the weather outside! Hehehe, because 'sunny and hot' can be the forecast EVERY day! How boring! This time around, Jimmy wants you to pick songs that have some sort of extreme weather or storm mentioned in the title! Any genre, any era, any type of music that you like! (Examples listed below!) Give us at least ONE, no more than FOUR! Happy hunting, folks! :)

    (Please put all video embeds in the reply below to prevent the board from slowing down.)

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  • Hahaha! This would TOTALLY be me during the 'Rapture'! LOL! -- Comicality, 05:07:01 09/06/18 Thu

    I LOVE 'Cyanide And Happiness'! And this gamejust looks plain FUNNY! ::Thrusts Hips And Dances::

    I've *GOT* to find a way to play this! XP



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  • Geez... -- Comicality, 20:11:35 08/27/18 Mon

    So, I finally made it through a brutal six-day stretch at work, and my body is still trying to unwind! Hehehe, even my co-workers are like, "Jesus! Don't you EVER get a day off?" Thankfully, I do. Just...not often! And yet, I've been in an extremely good mood lately! Which probably means I'm going delusional on you, but...whatever works! :P

    Anyway, I wanted to wave hi! I'm doing a big email marathon tonight, so I hope to get back to you guys soon! Check your emails to see if maybe I pop up! :) If not, I'm planning to have another marathon on Sunday! So you'll hear from me then! Cool?

    Love you lots! ((Group Hugs))

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  • I'll never hear another movie 'scream' the same way again.. -- Mike, 06:42:55 09/05/18 Wed

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