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Local NEWS (Sims only - Humans stay out!)
What's new? SUN participating neighbourhoods can post their local news here. Only Spokes persons should start a new thread, but anyone can reply.

* Please respect that this board is open for Sims and not Humans!
* Posting without your full Sim name is not allowed!
* A thread's subject should start with the neighbourhood's name.
Posts added to a full thread will be deleted! A thread is full when it contains 1 post + 10 replies
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Subject Author Date
SIMDAY 5,Albert Tarrton09:17:04 08/14/05 Sun
Simday 4,Albert Tarrton07:40:28 08/13/05 Sat
Albert TarrtonSimday 3,04:25:52 08/13/05 Sat
Albert TarrtonSimday 3,04:14:02 08/13/05 Sat
SIMDAY 2, Celestial CityEmeline Tarrton12:26:31 08/12/05 Fri
News from Celestial CityEmeline Tarrton06:31:57 08/11/05 Thu
Simday 1, Celestial CityEmeline Tarrton11:58:06 08/11/05 Thu
Diaster in Monarch City,Emeline Tarrton,05:39:27 08/10/05 Wed
Inhabitants of Celestial City,Emeline Tarrton,06:13:49 08/10/05 Wed
Simmerville: simday 35 newsSteven B. Brybrey05:11:54 08/05/05 Fri
Pleasentview disaster! 200 deadGemma Nettleson10:45:29 08/02/05 Tue
Winston C.Whoo Noo Magazine23:13:05 08/03/05 Wed
simmerville news, simday 34Steven B. Brybrey03:34:12 07/30/05 Sat
Stars Hollow Webpage!Duchess Ada II06:30:38 07/27/05 Wed
Sunset Valley UpdateSunset Valley - Kyla M.Hick08:03:01 07/18/05 Mon
Simmerville: Retirement HomeSteve B. Brybrey04:10:03 07/07/05 Thu
Simmerville: Latest NewsSteven B. Brybrey (spokes sim)15:28:29 06/30/05 Thu
Stars Hollow HeraldDuchess Ada II06:12:25 06/27/05 Mon
Stars Hollow - New to SUNDuchess Ada II - Spokessim04:19:45 06/24/05 Fri
Musicale MemoSenior Editor Graciala Emmette14:28:39 06/23/05 Thu
Simburbia Destroyed in Horriffic Meteor Crash!Alex Steele17:04:58 05/28/05 Sat
Apple Valley Hood Council Election ResultsHarmony Pierce, SpokesSim Apple Valley04:57:55 06/21/05 Tue
4 children up for adoptionGemma Nettleson11:52:28 06/06/05 Mon
Pleasentview news IMPORTANT INFOGemma Nettleson12:33:25 06/18/05 Sat
Want to CoHost the Food Expo 2005Trent, behalf of Kyla12:43:22 05/31/05 Tue
Simmerville: The new Hood Council and some newsSteven B. Brybrey, spokes sim02:07:52 06/14/05 Tue
+: Sunset Valley News Update:+Sunset Valley News12:18:53 06/11/05 Sat
SUN Summer Travels SUN ExchangeTrent Saki, SUN Core Board13:25:41 06/07/05 Tue
Simmerville NEWS * Mrs Marta Mervil missing! * Election *BeatricÚ Shalloe, spokes sim02:57:53 06/08/05 Wed
Sophie and WendyLouse Dansford12:49:17 06/07/05 Tue
Community Discussion - family restrictions?BeatricÚ Shalloe01:22:37 06/01/05 Wed
Pleasentviews siteSam Goth08:11:20 06/03/05 Fri
Snow Valley NewsMarie Cape14:29:24 05/31/05 Tue
+: Sunset Valley news Update :+Sunset Valley News05:48:16 05/31/05 Tue
Simmerville: newsBeatricÚ Shalloe04:04:40 05/24/05 Tue
Riverville - News!Claire Charming15:17:40 05/22/05 Sun
:+ Sunset Valley News Update +:Sunset Valley News05:40:01 05/22/05 Sun
Riverville - Gossip and news!Claire Charming17:44:04 05/15/05 Sun
Sad News from PleasantviewAmes Strimes16:46:12 05/17/05 Tue
Melrose NewsMichelle Matthews22:34:27 05/15/05 Sun
+: Sunset Valley News Update:+Sunset Valley News20:17:04 05/09/05 Mon
WARNING Uncureable VirusLiveria Love17:19:18 05/06/05 Fri
Sim City Food Expo 2005Trent Saki, SUN Core05:30:42 05/05/05 Thu
+: Sunset Valley News Update:+Sunset Valley News12:50:01 04/30/05 Sat
Melrose NewsMichelle Matthews11:33:19 04/25/05 Mon
Apply to Coordinate the Food Expo 2005Trent Saki13:07:09 04/15/05 Fri
Apply Valley SUN NewsTrent17:28:09 04/19/05 Tue
Melrose NewsMichelle Matthews18:18:08 04/17/05 Sun
The news about my death is many simdays too earlyBimbo NL16:47:37 04/08/05 Fri
Melrose NewsMichelle Matthews14:30:31 04/10/05 Sun
Simmerville: Our 25 simdays celebrationBeatricÚ Shalloe04:30:22 04/09/05 Sat
:+Sunset Valley News Update+:Sunset Valley News18:36:16 04/04/05 Mon
Melrose NewsMichelle Matthews18:01:02 04/03/05 Sun
Apple Valley SUN NewsTrent Saki06:29:43 04/02/05 Sat
Crystal Springs: Can only a spokes-sim post a message?Lily Vespa (spokesim)11:43:11 03/28/05 Mon
Simmerville: Test Lane residentsBeatricÚ Shalloe, spokes sim12:47:25 03/22/05 Tue
Monarch Lake NewsArabella Monarch11:36:58 03/20/05 Sun
Melrose NewsEmily McDowell20:18:04 03/18/05 Fri
Fire Ridge NewsGin Hart Young11:22:56 03/17/05 Thu
Simburbia: getting out and online!Alex Steele22:14:11 03/16/05 Wed
Simmerville: newsBeatricÚ Shalloe, Simmerville spokes sim04:47:46 03/16/05 Wed
DimSimTown closes!Mario Burrie08:41:55 03/15/05 Tue
Bimbo NL divorced?Lisa Snakespeare09:53:50 03/13/05 Sun
Melrose NewsTaylor Langrabb00:51:40 03/09/05 Wed
Babya Community Centre: New siteA.A. Fussy (Babya Community Centre)00:12:26 03/03/05 Thu
UHS/Sedina BIG newsAndrea Tolkein15:29:07 03/02/05 Wed
Melrose NewsEmily McDowell20:39:18 03/01/05 Tue
Biographies and Interviews for SimFamous MagazineFrancesca Morgan12:20:18 02/26/05 Sat
:+Sunset Valley News Update+:Sunset Valley News09:19:31 02/27/05 Sun
The Second Annuel Ghost WatchMarzzie Opplepuss15:58:00 02/22/05 Tue
Babya Community Centre-News: 26 Feb 05A.A. Fussy -Babya Community Centre04:52:11 02/26/05 Sat
Simmerville: Steve Grumblin is deadJuliana Valentino, spokes sim03:20:33 01/19/05 Wed
Fire Ridge NewsGin Hart Young10:12:57 02/23/05 Wed
Palatial Heights Oscar Nominees ListPalatial Heights Council13:31:28 02/22/05 Tue
Aurora - Murderer found!Aurora Newspaper12:39:14 02/21/05 Mon
Tragedy hit DimSimTown!Mario Burrie11:46:05 02/18/05 Fri
:+Sunset Valley News+:Sunny Valley Times10:46:02 02/20/05 Sun
Apple Valley SUN News: Satilitte DangersTrent Saki05:20:50 02/20/05 Sun
Simmerville: Web anniversaryBimbo NL02:29:47 02/15/05 Tue
Melrose NewsEmily McDowell19:09:00 02/14/05 Mon
Simbrook Website Updated!Allexis Lohan13:46:14 02/13/05 Sun
Golden Star AwardsAnthony Troy15:14:08 02/10/05 Thu
I'M WRITING A MESSAGE FOR THE SITESam Goth13:08:48 02/11/05 Fri
Fire Ridge NewsGin Hart13:01:21 02/09/05 Wed
College Park NewsAlex Landgraab10:31:53 02/09/05 Wed
Updated Simborough CensusAnthony Troy15:04:52 02/08/05 Tue
Palatial Heights Oscar NightPalatial Heights Council17:42:18 02/06/05 Sun
Pleasentviews new community centerSam Goth11:34:51 02/06/05 Sun
Ednard's WillClarissa Friena( Monarch Family Lawyer)07:28:27 02/06/05 Sun
Monarch Lake NewsClarissa Friena( Monarch Family Lawyer)07:15:48 02/06/05 Sun
Palatial Heights NewsCarla Niven10:49:57 02/04/05 Fri
Simmerville: Local flue epidemicBeatricÚ Shalloe, spokes sim11:47:42 02/05/05 Sat
complete new site for DimSimTown!Mario Burrie09:11:38 02/01/05 Tue
Aurora NewsAurora Nespaper17:37:41 02/02/05 Wed
Apple Valley SUN NewsTrent Saki18:08:29 01/31/05 Mon
Palatial Heights Oscar NewsPalatial Heights Council14:13:18 01/30/05 Sun
SUN Core ElectionCarla Niven-SUN Core Leader14:03:03 01/30/05 Sun
Fire Ridge NewsGin Hart Young13:59:00 01/30/05 Sun
Monarch Lake Joining SUN !!!!Isabelina Bourne10:27:50 01/29/05 Sat
Simmerville: New hood councilBeatricÚ Shalloe - spokes sim06:17:41 01/25/05 Tue
Bear Claw NewsNini Mae22:25:41 01/27/05 Thu
Aurora - NewsAurora Council18:17:59 01/26/05 Wed
Apple Valley SUN NewsTrent Saki, Spokesim18:56:40 01/19/05 Wed
Melrose NewsEmily McDowell21:13:31 01/23/05 Sun
Simwaii NewsQueen Aurora Garcia - Spokessim07:03:48 01/19/05 Wed
Aurora NewspaperAurora Newspaper11:34:23 01/17/05 Mon
Royal NewsNadern Friena12:36:23 01/18/05 Tue
Melrose NewsEmily McDowell16:16:59 01/13/05 Thu
Just Wondering...Mortimer Goth19:27:11 01/16/05 Sun
Fire Ridge ConvertedGin Hart08:27:22 01/13/05 Thu
Sedina/UHS welcomes you to a new year with changes!Andrea Tolkein16:14:16 01/02/05 Sun
sun site, webmaster?Eric Hamilton jr02:13:51 01/12/05 Wed
Why isn't it posted here?Gulla Tammer03:47:29 01/14/05 Fri
To Carla NivenKyla M.Hick17:47:45 11/12/04 Fri
Model WantedCarla Niven Johnson08:28:28 01/13/05 Thu
Simwaii - New to SUNQueen Aurora Garcia - Spokessim07:08:34 01/12/05 Wed
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