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Local NEWS (Sims only - Humans stay out!)
What's new? SUN participating neighbourhoods can post their local news here. Only Spokes persons should start a new thread, but anyone can reply.

* Please respect that this board is open for Sims and not Humans!
* Posting without your full Sim name is not allowed!
* A thread's subject should start with the neighbourhood's name.
Posts added to a full thread will be deleted! A thread is full when it contains 1 post + 10 replies
* Please read the SUN Boards Rules.
* Any inappropriate posts should be reported to forum admin (link further down).

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Subject Author Date
Roswell NewsStephen McDowell20:57:50 09/20/06 Wed
Simmerville hood news - simday 63Eline Shalloe, Spokes Sim11:10:05 09/17/06 Sun
Simmington Web Page - New LookTristen Bachelor, Community Rep21:52:02 09/15/06 Fri
Simbuquerque Hood News - Day 3Jean Murdwaller16:32:32 09/15/06 Fri
Simbrook Website updated!Christie Storm07:04:17 09/08/06 Fri
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent10:43:25 09/05/06 Tue
The S Report UpdatedTristen Bachelor, Community Rep14:33:11 08/30/06 Wed
Simbuquerque Hood News - Day 2Jean Murdwaller15:05:26 08/27/06 Sun
  • Correction -- Jean Murdwaller, 05:43:01 08/28/06 Mon
Eden NewsEm DeLong12:57:45 08/27/06 Sun
Secret notes foundAnnabelle O' Brian02:55:29 08/27/06 Sun
A message from SimbuquerqueJean Murdwaller14:23:02 08/22/06 Tue
Simbrook Webpage Up and Running!Allexis Lohan08:09:38 08/18/06 Fri
The S Report UpdatedTristen Bachelor, Community Rep13:55:58 08/16/06 Wed
Simmerville news - simday 61Eline Shalloe, spokes sim08:47:15 08/12/06 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent07:05:08 08/11/06 Fri
The S Report UpdatedTristen Bachelor, Community Rep18:43:58 07/26/06 Wed
Simmerville news - simday 60Eline Shalloe, spokes Sim14:10:57 07/23/06 Sun
How many businesses in your hood?Eline Shalloe, Simmerville Spokes Sim05:38:45 06/04/06 Sun
Pahala Shore RevivedAlia Kent14:42:35 07/21/06 Fri
Simmerville server problemsEmilda Glitz04:49:31 07/17/06 Mon
The S Report UpdatedTristen Bachelor, Community Rep11:52:36 07/15/06 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent06:26:45 07/03/06 Mon
The S Report UpdatedTristen Bachelor, Community Rep11:03:06 06/29/06 Thu
Simmerville news (day 58)Eline Shalloe15:41:42 06/10/06 Sat
DimSimTown News (day 13)Diego Mertens09:24:41 06/18/06 Sun
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent11:45:08 06/13/06 Tue
Website for Food Expo 2006Jean Murdwaller18:34:45 06/10/06 Sat
Food Expo Official PlansJean M urdwaller13:49:08 06/07/06 Wed
Eden NewsEm DeLong14:52:21 06/05/06 Mon
  • Re: Eden News -- Adeeb Shazad, 10:20:45 06/06/06 Tue
    • Oops -- Em, 15:02:17 06/06/06 Tue
Food Expo 2006Jean Murdwaller, Spokes Sim of Simbuquerque13:40:38 05/25/06 Thu
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent20:11:04 05/24/06 Wed
Food Expo 2006Alia Kent, SUN Core18:20:12 05/23/06 Tue
Miss Simmerville 2006Sherard V. Glitz08:23:25 05/09/06 Tue
Simborough Finalist ChosenAdeeb Shazad11:22:21 05/12/06 Fri
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent14:40:23 05/06/06 Sat
Simbuquerque Hood NewsJean Murdwaller03:34:24 05/04/06 Thu
Simmerville news, day 53Eline Shalloe, Spokes Sim05:17:30 04/30/06 Sun
Simborough Business Plots AvailableAdeeb Shazad10:49:47 04/29/06 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent18:18:37 04/25/06 Tue
Eden NewsEm DeLong14:03:52 04/23/06 Sun
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent18:53:56 04/11/06 Tue
  • Addedum -- Alia Kent, 18:19:57 04/12/06 Wed
Palatial Heights hosting Sim Oscars!Don Johnson08:10:45 04/01/06 Sat
Simmerville News simday 50Eline Shalloe, Spokes Sim06:10:16 03/13/06 Mon
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent21:35:17 03/27/06 Mon
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent13:27:35 03/16/06 Thu
Eden NewsEm D'Sim07:37:13 03/10/06 Fri
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent13:01:34 02/27/06 Mon
Simbuquerque - Bella Goth Mystery SolvedJean Murdwaller16:36:31 02/26/06 Sun
Simmerville news day 48Eline Shalloe, Spokes Sim03:18:18 02/26/06 Sun
Roswell NewsJasmine Kellogg-Yang20:31:34 02/23/06 Thu
International celebrityAnnabelle o'brian12:45:55 02/17/06 Fri
Apple Valley SUN NewsAlia Kent18:25:42 02/15/06 Wed
Ask AlishaRbexter9308:13:45 02/13/06 Mon
Apple Valley SUN NewsPao Pierce15:06:48 02/04/06 Sat
Simmerville news - simday 46Eline Shalloe, Spokessim12:31:19 01/30/06 Mon
Roswell NewsJasmine Kellogg16:07:23 01/27/06 Fri
Apple Valley SUN NewsPao Pierce20:45:36 01/16/06 Mon
I'm having an affairDan Farrel11:12:44 01/15/06 Sun
Simbuquerque - Bella Goth found in the hoodJean Murdwaller16:52:12 01/15/06 Sun
  • PS -- Jean Murdwaller, 16:56:28 01/15/06 Sun
Simmerville: news simday 45Steven B. Brybrey18:23:41 01/14/06 Sat
Eden NewsEm D'Sim10:06:24 01/08/06 Sun
Simbuquerque - new to SUNJean Murdwaller06:05:07 01/07/06 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsPao Pierce, Apple Valley Hood President09:21:50 01/07/06 Sat
Happy New YearAnthony Troy02:46:37 01/01/06 Sun
*::Twilight Peaks News::*Twilight Peaks News15:57:43 12/20/05 Tue
Apple Valley SUN NewsPao Pierce09:02:08 12/21/05 Wed
Simmerville: election after simday 45Stever B. Brybrey, spokessim06:46:25 12/14/05 Wed
Eden News - Day 82Em D'Sim11:07:40 12/03/05 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsPao Pierce19:09:23 12/08/05 Thu
Simmerville simday 44: Law changes to comeSteven B. Brybrey, spokessim12:31:57 12/07/05 Wed
*::Twilight Peaks News::*Twilight Peaks News14:07:46 12/01/05 Thu
Apple Valley SUN NewsPao Pierce22:16:36 11/28/05 Mon
*::Twilight Peaks News::*Twilight Peaks News10:11:06 11/06/05 Sun
Local contest: PLAY THAT PIANO and WIN 10.000 !!!Steven B. Brybrey, spokes sim13:07:51 11/27/05 Sun
Simmerville: Missing Sims & the Bluzz tragedySteven B. Brybrey, spokessim02:59:47 11/12/05 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsPao Pierce, Hood Council President07:25:55 11/12/05 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsHarmony Pierce13:00:52 10/29/05 Sat
Simmerville day 41: death rates increasesSteven B. Brybrey, spokes sim02:04:01 10/31/05 Mon
Lisa Snakespeare wanted?Samantha Goth12:07:11 05/25/05 Wed
Bear Claw Island:NewsParis Mae14:24:58 10/27/05 Thu
Simmerville - news simday 40Steven B. Brybrey, spokes sim06:20:23 10/23/05 Sun
Simmerville: importantSteven B. Brybrey, spokes sim07:58:50 10/22/05 Sat
Apple Valley SUN NewsHarmony Pierce11:12:21 10/11/05 Tue
New documents found-diary of Sam Goth, ex spokes sim of PleasentviewGemma Nettleson09:10:15 10/11/05 Tue
Apple Valley SUN NewsHarmony Pierce20:05:42 10/02/05 Sun
Simmerville announcementsSteven B. Brybrey, spokessim11:30:10 09/29/05 Thu
Lisa Snakespear, you witchBeth Anne Holt11:39:23 09/18/05 Sun
Apple Valley SUN News: Nightlife Deal SignedHarmony Pierce, Hood President15:08:15 09/17/05 Sat
Simmerville news - local simday 37Steven B. Brybrey, spokes sim03:09:32 09/04/05 Sun
Simmerville: Local cemtary is ready!Steven B. Brybrey, spokes sim03:51:52 09/17/05 Sat
Ant Troy - Website ProblemsWinston Crabtree15:42:47 09/11/05 Sun
New Stars and Celebs?Whoo Noo Magazine14:56:15 07/28/05 Thu
Local News,Tollmore HeightsOsric II Tollmore12:44:07 09/11/05 Sun
Death of a SUPERSTARHarmony Pierce10:57:23 08/03/05 Wed
Pleasentview no moreGemma Nettleson08:39:26 09/07/05 Wed
Apple Valley SUN News: Closing of WebsiteHarmony Pierce13:45:15 09/04/05 Sun
Regaurding Sunset ValleyKyla M.Hick11:50:49 09/02/05 Fri
Affluence Fashion Show videoDiane Harrow11:32:39 08/21/05 Sun
Apply for the SUN CoreTrent Saki06:08:31 08/21/05 Sun
Bear Claw Island UpdatesNini Mae10:25:47 08/16/05 Tue
Fashion ShowDiane Harrow10:35:48 08/14/05 Sun
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