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Pianocorder Forum
Discussion forum for Marantz Pianocorder owners and technicians

Also visit the Pianocorder Info site for a list of technicians, manuals, etc.

Subject Author Date
Tapes in need of home - at shipping costSandra Fox08:36:48 01/08/19 Tue

PC plays messed up notesMichael09:32:05 11/10/18 Sat

Older RCA LYRA TransmitterGuy Murano06:10:38 11/21/18 Wed

Pianocorder tape deckChris10:02:06 10/10/18 Wed

Pianocorder System for saleGuy06:17:56 09/27/18 Thu

Pianocorder TapesGuy Murano12:12:37 10/24/17 Tue

Volumes for saleSandra Fox16:33:57 02/17/17 Fri

Complete Pianocorder P-100 Service Kit for SaleChristoph Dring14:14:23 11/20/13 Wed

RepairNancy Huber06:31:53 06/27/17 Tue

Selling PianocorderCatherine Wallace14:07:25 08/22/17 Tue

PianoCorder P100 for sale in germanyMichael Herklotz06:07:05 08/09/17 Wed

Test box.Mike Trapper22:25:54 01/03/17 Tue

Tape Albums - MUST GO - Name your priceSandra Fox09:04:05 04/27/17 Thu

Pianocorder for sale in Canada 🇨🇦Vernon 🇨🇦19:00:04 03/31/17 Fri

Tapes for saleSandra Fox12:18:44 02/28/17 Tue

Tape Albums for saleRagtime Bill18:41:04 05/15/16 Sun

For Sale Pianocorder Vorsetzer & parts & manualMark Ritchie16:08:24 01/19/17 Thu

Just got Pianocorder and need adviceLynn09:57:25 10/31/12 Wed

Looking for PC Vorsetzer P200Michael Herklotz02:55:58 06/30/16 Thu

3/4 bit and range control. Lights on Nobody home.Mike Trapper20:36:07 12/07/16 Wed

Xantech Bluetooth receiver problemsNeil Palmer21:55:48 12/25/15 Fri

For Sale: Marantz Vorsetzer Pianocorder, model p-200, + 100 tapesDee01:47:52 09/01/12 Sat

I want to sell my pianocorderLops16:40:07 01/16/15 Fri

Pianocorder System UpdateSteve Cook07:25:29 01/22/16 Fri

pedal driver power transistorBen Haass09:09:22 12/10/15 Thu

PIANOCORDER FOR SALE - Excellent conditionBruce Winkler16:39:20 11/18/15 Wed

Vorsetzer pedal linkageJohn22:52:06 09/01/15 Tue

safety interlock switch plungerJames Henriksen13:30:35 06/29/15 Mon

Pianocorder Tapes for SaleWalter Noeske08:57:36 10/27/02 Sun

Vorsetzer for Sale RagtimeBill20:49:10 12/01/13 Sun

Pianocorder Facebook GroupEd Parker19:30:47 12/29/14 Mon

How do I remove my pianocorder and return the piano to its original state?Sandy Musselman08:28:50 10/28/14 Tue

Christmas songs played by Derek BarnesNeil Palmer22:46:47 01/16/15 Fri

Cassette tapesKathleen Gorski11:03:38 01/05/15 Mon

How to evaluate a long dormant system?John Grant22:51:57 02/22/12 Wed

Pianocorder cassette tapes for saleLogan Brown18:47:17 09/14/11 Wed

Complete PianoCorder with Tapes For SaleRandy Tomlinson14:02:35 02/03/05 Thu

Piano Corder System For SaleTom10:21:41 11/19/13 Tue

Updated Pianocorder upgrade kitsMark Fontana14:17:11 10/12/11 Wed

Vorsetzer pedal rods wantedEd Parker14:35:39 11/21/14 Fri

Marantz Pianocorder Model P-100 for saleJeff Nardo10:33:02 09/27/14 Sat

Links to MIDI Piano sitesRoger Dalziel10:39:14 11/09/03 Sun

Pianocorder cassett key padSteve Lawson13:40:03 07/18/14 Fri

Pianocorder Tape SystemTerry Lloyd06:27:54 05/24/14 Sat

old pianocorder not workingCaroline10:20:57 11/06/13 Wed

Sticky KeysDon Ahlquist11:10:28 01/03/14 Fri

Pianocorder System FOR SALENick Kerpchar15:42:28 03/24/11 Thu

Jack Rothjroth11@tampabay.rr.com20:54:11 11/15/13 Fri

repair &possible wifi upgradeJack Roth15:15:55 10/22/13 Tue

Pianocorder Recording stripGuy Murano18:51:29 10/12/13 Sat

Pianocorder Library for saleEva Leonard23:39:09 03/06/13 Wed

P'corder needs loving care.Kent Williams -- near Sacramento, CA21:55:01 07/07/13 Sun

Pianocorder Tapes for SaleEve Leonard03:40:16 10/22/07 Mon

Keys 53 through 88 do not playChris Altenburg - piano technician05:45:39 02/22/13 Fri

need my player repair im in njmike10:36:10 01/17/13 Thu

P-100Mike Pedersen18:19:00 01/01/13 Tue

Marantz Vorsetzer For SaleJohn McCauley22:05:33 06/02/08 Mon

Morants Pianocorder vorsetzer reproducing system: tapesDr.. James Boltz08:18:20 11/13/12 Tue


Pianocorder FOR SALEDrew Herder10:52:42 04/30/12 Mon

External Push Up Pianocorder Vorsetzer WatnedJR13:38:54 08/30/12 Thu

pianocorder vorsetzer for sale northwest ohiotom klingman17:08:54 09/13/10 Mon

Pianocorder reproducing system (tapes) like new for saleMichelle Patton14:02:12 11/01/11 Tue

Pianocorder system for saleLoyd Fields08:03:41 08/26/10 Thu

new pianocorder owner - wedding songQuentin03:17:48 06/25/12 Mon

Pianocorder Tapes 30 volumesJohn16:23:23 09/22/07 Sat

My Pianocorder stopped working today :-(Susie00:52:50 05/15/06 Mon

Bringing a Pianocorder back to life...is this a clue?Glen Sands00:08:04 03/16/12 Fri

Killed my P100?Jeff Connell20:41:57 12/18/11 Sun

New Superscope P100 Pianocorder Kit and Complete Pianocorder Cassette Tape Volumes For SaleJ Anders14:06:09 07/30/09 Thu

pianocorder cassette deckglen brandvold14:02:51 02/27/11 Sun

Pianocorder replacement solenoidsNathan Turnbull22:11:43 12/26/11 Mon

Need Cassette deckRon Hines10:29:09 12/01/11 Thu

power switch questionBruce Martin16:37:40 09/20/11 Tue

P100 schematicBill Dotsey13:16:05 08/01/11 Mon

How much is a Marantz Piano with Pianocorder Worth???Vanessa12:54:14 09/18/11 Sun

Pianocorder P 100 will not playRandy Seidman15:26:50 08/28/11 Sun

bass treble expression adjustment helpvirginia13:58:26 07/27/11 Wed

pedals stuckMatt09:44:06 07/21/11 Thu

keytop pianocorderPaul knight07:58:44 06/29/11 Wed

1923 Bush & Gerts upright piano w/ Pianocorder for sale in UtahDan Hickey17:21:11 10/01/10 Fri

Direct MIDI Control?Bill Mc08:49:00 04/26/11 Tue

has anybody installed a fan in their pianovirginia00:03:59 07/19/10 Mon

Want to purchase PianocorderTom Hutchinson21:40:55 03/27/11 Sun

Pianocrder and 300 plus tapesDennis08:32:45 04/25/11 Mon

Marantz piano & Pianocorder tapes for saleJodi09:43:51 06/01/09 Mon

Need Help In Disassemblying Pianocorder MechanismNick Kerpchar15:43:40 03/11/11 Fri

P100 Tape DeckAlfredo Lira01:44:22 12/10/10 Fri

lyra wireless issuesvirginia23:19:23 11/08/10 Mon

piano+over 300 tapes for saledennis10:13:17 10/19/10 Tue

Marantz Pianocorder VorsetzerRagtime Bill19:29:08 10/21/10 Thu

Pianocorder Parts and ServiceNick Morris16:21:55 10/12/01 Fri

Marantz Pianocorder w/tapes For SaleCarol09:27:31 04/04/08 Fri

Pianocorder Tapes for SaleRon Martindale18:34:00 09/25/09 Fri

pedal o rings are they necessary?virginia13:03:40 07/16/10 Fri

Pianocorder data played from a chip?Terry Younce08:06:04 06/17/10 Thu

Pianocorder systemLoyd Fields13:34:03 05/24/10 Mon

painocorder partsMark12:56:05 06/22/10 Tue

superscope pianocorder p-100-delores croteau15:58:45 03/21/10 Sun

Pianocorder VorsetzerLoyd Fields09:56:16 04/09/10 Fri

Looking for a Vorsetzer Pedal SolenoidCarl Bassett22:36:35 01/01/10 Fri

Thanks Mark and - Found a source for a few NEW Pianocorder SystemsCarl Bassett00:18:09 12/10/09 Thu

Before you call for repairRoger Dalziel12:54:38 11/24/09 Tue

help with repair in Braselton,GABill Harvin09:30:21 09/16/08 Tue

Help! I've messed up my Pianocorder.Steve Mull00:14:38 10/24/09 Sat

winamp issues - someone helpvirginia01:02:56 10/01/09 Thu

Loyd Fields - Cassette EliminatorJohn Haskey21:42:15 09/19/09 Sat

winamp query problems for pianocordervirginia20:27:11 08/09/09 Sun

Bass keys #18 and #19 play all the time.Bill Nycum12:20:32 07/30/09 Thu

Pianocorder Vorsetzer Repair Needed Miami, FLTerry Jonas13:17:16 07/25/09 Sat

Test TapeMichael Lambert11:17:17 06/10/09 Wed

piancoder kitgiovanni16:54:21 06/03/09 Wed

Seeking Kargesmeier cassettes sold in GermanyMark Fontana17:40:50 03/26/09 Thu

help francegerard08:06:57 03/21/09 Sat

Help! Marantz Pianocorder not workingJennifer12:03:19 09/03/08 Wed

Anyone have any information about Bill Renard and the Computer Klavier Works?Larry Racies12:08:54 01/12/09 Mon

I am opening a pianocorder tape lending libraryrobert belisle13:19:33 08/09/08 Sat

Pianocorder needs repairRichard Durazo16:30:24 12/21/08 Sun

PianoCorder System for AnimatronicsRandall18:23:09 11/30/08 Sun

Seeking Vorsetzer modelMichael Herklotz13:07:22 09/30/08 Tue

Pianocorder Kohler CampbellGuy Murano13:10:35 08/25/08 Mon

Marantz PianoLoyd Fields11:57:42 08/07/06 Mon

key making buzzing noise, no juice to lift hammerVirginia J.12:36:58 07/26/08 Sat

Piano fixed and some thanks and infoBruce Martin10:18:23 11/22/07 Thu

WANTED Pianocorder for instalation in my existing pianoBrett19:42:20 06/17/08 Tue

LOOKING for a copy of Owners ManualKent Herbst13:26:00 11/15/01 Thu

need classical diskettes for piano discmort00:33:51 04/29/08 Tue

3 way plugs on Marantz pc-1145 player pianoStuart Baker16:25:49 02/21/08 Thu

Grand piano plays too loud.Max Tucker13:07:25 06/20/07 Wed

French owner ?Klaus Blasquiz16:06:49 08/21/07 Tue

"Strange" failures in aging PianocorderRoger Dalziel10:14:58 02/16/08 Sat

Marantz Pianocorder (Vorsetzer) For SaleRandy Tomlinson10:34:00 04/06/06 Thu

Pianocorder tapes to MIDI filesDirk Veldhorst13:32:37 02/06/08 Wed

Batch 27 of my Midi files now on-lineTerry Smythe19:55:30 01/20/08 Sun

Looking for PianoCorder Vorsetzer CaseMichael Herklotz05:38:47 10/02/07 Tue

Wanted to Buy: Pianocorder systemRobert Perry00:52:22 06/19/07 Tue

Looking for infoAnnette22:09:41 11/20/07 Tue

8 Volumes of Pianocorder Tapes for SaleJim Du13:53:09 02/25/05 Fri

Looking to buy tapesJack05:28:57 11/04/07 Sun

Is there a way to play pianodiscs on a pianocorder?Will12:55:19 10/09/07 Tue

Tape Player and Tapes For SaleTim16:08:47 03/30/04 Tue

Vista upgrade fix for Lyra driverPete Ronan19:19:37 10/02/07 Tue

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