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Pianocorder Forum
Discussion forum for Marantz Pianocorder owners and technicians

Also visit the Pianocorder Info site for a list of technicians, manuals, etc.

Subject Author Date
Ronnie BrightLoyd08:57:46 02/14/05 Mon

Seeking Japanese tapesMark Fontana20:28:21 02/12/05 Sat

Looking for Soft Pedal Solenoid - who sells one ?Michael Herklotz07:51:00 12/31/04 Fri

Power Switch FailureRoger Dalziel05:48:45 12/30/04 Thu

tape deck quit playingDavid Schoerner10:41:38 12/15/04 Wed

email address changeDon Wright17:34:37 12/10/04 Fri

Need Pianocorder TapesBill Hale20:47:23 12/17/03 Wed

pianocorder projectLoyd20:47:42 12/06/04 Mon

Pianocorder InstallDavid Repanshek19:25:03 09/04/01 Tue

Model P-100 quits after playing 1 1\2 to 2 tapes.Mike Roots14:52:57 11/08/04 Mon

Need to repair my PianocorderWendy Strin23:27:21 11/16/04 Tue

For Sale: Marantz Pianocorder with all 30 volumes of tapes plus Xmas & other performersPatricia Grabley19:41:25 11/09/04 Tue

Make your own tapesRoger Dalziel08:18:07 11/08/04 Mon

tapes for saleart stiennon20:25:38 10/21/04 Thu

Circuit board repair proceduresRoger Dalziel10:33:17 10/17/04 Sun

Need pictures and measurements of Vorsetzer ModelMichael Herklotz13:54:31 10/18/04 Mon

Hey Folks, I need a more powerful sustain solenoidSteven Mull23:09:50 09/10/04 Fri

Hi Folks, need troubleshooting advice.Steven Mull16:26:33 07/21/04 Wed

Vorsetzer pedal solenoid access?Tom Lear09:52:01 06/03/04 Thu

Midi converstion software??Tim21:04:03 08/25/04 Wed

Treble board circuit fireworks!Bill Stubbs19:28:03 08/10/04 Tue

A great Forum with super people! Thanks for the help!William Stubbs09:46:37 07/27/04 Tue

Help diagnose Pianocorder problem 2Dave Snowdy10:16:07 07/12/04 Mon

Is there a pianocorder system available?Steven Mull10:29:14 06/04/04 Fri

Wireless kit now availableMark Fontana21:16:56 07/01/04 Thu

Lower End To SoftGuy Murano08:59:44 06/16/04 Wed

Key switches and soft pedal solenoid neededSteven Mull10:01:59 06/04/04 Fri

New owner needs troubleshooting help please.Steven Mull02:18:48 05/09/04 Sun

Signal Loss Due To Defective CD-Tape AdapterTom Lear01:29:08 04/04/04 Sun

Troubleshooting loss of signalTom Lear20:18:03 03/23/04 Tue

Troubleshooting erratic tape tempoTom Lear20:05:43 03/23/04 Tue

Mark Fontana's Winamp pluggin is FANTASTIC!Tim15:05:29 03/20/04 Sat

New Pianocorder Owner needs help PLEASETim Williams08:14:24 03/14/04 Sun


Sustain Pedal Circuit UpgradeTom Lear18:40:18 02/21/04 Sat

Pedal modificationCarl Meyer13:35:57 02/16/04 Mon

{Pianocorder pedal fixedSerge Desforges17:30:43 02/07/04 Sat

My Pianocorder is reborn!JDC23:43:50 01/04/04 Sun

External Pianocorderrs19:08:38 12/22/03 Mon

Pianocorder questionsJohn22:51:30 12/18/03 Thu

pianocorder cassette tapes neededSteve Black13:52:28 12/14/03 Sun

Hooking CD player directly to tape deck PC boardDavid Repanshek16:14:25 12/17/03 Wed

Solenoid SustainGuy Murano09:28:56 12/12/03 Fri

Sustain Solenoid "spelling"Guy Murano09:58:36 12/10/03 Wed

Pianocorder broke during MoveMike Dennerley01:00:22 12/09/03 Tue

Using 115V PianoCorder Model in Europe with 230 V..?Michael Herklotz03:27:27 12/08/03 Mon

Selling Extra TapesGuy Murano10:55:53 11/17/03 Mon

Pianocorder updated -- Winamp can now play your Pianocorder!Tom Lear18:44:55 11/21/03 Fri

New Pianocorder Resources pageMark Fontana00:57:08 11/19/03 Wed

Marantz Pianocorder PC-1145 Ragtime Model For SaleJim Adams13:57:37 10/28/03 Tue

Marantz Pianocorder CassettesSue Thompson07:05:16 10/28/03 Tue

NEw tape PlayerGuy Murano17:41:40 10/17/03 Fri

KawaiJeff21:10:35 10/16/03 Thu

Question from new owner of Pianocorder VorsetzerMark Pleatman16:57:49 05/23/02 Thu

PianoCorder WantedTerry Smythe23:43:57 08/07/03 Thu

Repair Kitchristoph12:07:06 10/12/03 Sun

The Secret to making a pianocorder softScott Forsberg19:23:20 09/25/03 Thu

fix pianocorderGrant18:49:08 09/10/03 Wed

New Pianocorder ownerGreg Boa09:16:55 08/15/03 Fri

Schematic or Manual NeededLeslie Young21:40:09 04/22/02 Mon

Cassette "bend the spring" repairWes Melander17:39:31 07/18/02 Thu

won't playdave denis16:22:03 07/18/03 Fri

For sale in Australia...Bill Rylett07:57:23 07/15/03 Tue

technician neededdavid denis18:39:08 07/13/03 Sun

Diagram of ground wire neededJan20:50:44 07/03/03 Thu

service manual for PianocorderArnie Jossie19:08:10 04/07/03 Mon

Problems with Ragtime UP/DOWN CountersPete Knobloch21:03:14 05/13/03 Tue

pianocorder for saletom monaghan17:34:56 06/05/03 Thu

pianocorder recording stripHubert Kennedy15:46:05 05/24/03 Sat

Eight Track NickolodeanMike Rouse08:32:15 04/02/02 Tue

Parallel Port SystemScott Forsberg23:58:30 06/03/01 Sun

Pianocorder parts for saleDon23:23:41 04/10/03 Thu

One note plays and stays on when unit switched onNeil Palmer07:01:58 12/10/02 Tue

Pianocorder Parts AvailableDanny19:50:19 04/10/03 Thu

Pianocorder:Look for Row of SolenoidsMichael Herklotz10:45:46 04/05/03 Sat

Pianocorder - wrecking for partsBill Vine20:00:36 10/02/02 Wed

tapes for saleTim Pfeifer13:27:30 02/20/03 Thu

Need Technician in Northern CA,Robert Lackovic16:03:37 02/08/03 Sat

pianocorder..superscope..for sale...bill rylett05:56:47 02/05/03 Wed

pianocorder part - tape playerm. berg08:22:12 01/26/03 Sun

need a Pianocorder repair Tech Boston, Ma areaKen Tanch15:16:24 12/20/02 Fri

Thanks RogerTim Pfeifer18:31:29 01/09/03 Thu

Midi files from real player piano rolls.Tom Lear20:48:32 01/08/03 Wed

still not workingTim18:47:45 01/07/03 Tue

pianocorder not workingTim Pfeifer10:49:49 01/07/03 Tue

A source of MIDI files for pianoRoger Dalziel10:35:18 01/06/03 Mon

Help diagnose Pianocorder problemDave Snowdy20:44:59 01/04/03 Sat

1917 Lessing with Pianocorder for saleRobert09:07:21 10/27/02 Sun

upright pianocorder for sale..Bill Rylett04:36:22 12/19/02 Thu

Power Supply Voltage ConversionMichael Hartford13:14:02 12/06/02 Fri

Make your own Pianocorder Christmas tapeMark Fontana20:11:53 10/27/01 Sat

Organ-to-PianoCorder interfaceRoger R. Dalziel11:55:22 11/25/02 Mon

Pianocorder and 100 Tapes for SaleKen Holyoak12:06:46 04/22/02 Mon


solenoid for sustainGuy Murano20:46:37 11/09/02 Sat

Repair needed - Dallas, TexasDeb16:08:48 11/25/02 Mon

Reducing Vorsetzer noiseDonald Landstrom13:21:29 11/22/02 Fri

Repair Technician?Felix Freier16:17:40 11/13/02 Wed

F key stays down...Guy Murano10:42:40 10/11/02 Fri

Help!Guy Murano20:46:09 10/01/02 Tue
  • Re: Help! -- Tom Lear, 05:04:09 10/03/02 Thu

Tape player Broke!Guy Murano20:29:29 09/27/02 Fri

New OwnerGuy Murano06:54:51 09/27/02 Fri

Another fix for the pianocorder cassette playerDonald Landstrom09:19:11 09/18/02 Wed

Who will fix my Pianocorder?Windy Clark01:19:04 09/08/02 Sun

PIANOCORDER TAPES TO MIDIBill04:58:30 09/03/02 Tue

Playback problemsLouis17:21:51 08/19/02 Mon

Wanted: pianocorder cassettesdavid luna16:29:23 08/09/02 Fri

Tape Deck Location/Power SwitchMichael Hartford14:33:33 03/13/02 Wed

Pianocorder Nickleodeon??Russ Hatfield07:06:12 07/19/02 Fri

Tuning, adjusting, and/or repair to PianoCorder Casette PlayerAbraham Powell17:46:29 07/08/01 Sun

In need of at-home repairFred (Bud) Koehler12:30:33 03/28/02 Thu

Pianocorder questionJim14:36:25 03/27/02 Wed

Sustain ProblemMichael Hartford13:15:06 05/13/02 Mon

Pianocorder system for sale (cheap!)Glen Rittmeyer18:56:01 10/09/01 Tue

Need a replacement cassette recorder or repair on existing one preferably in OhioGary Chiles20:03:53 05/08/02 Wed

Pianocorder CassettesTom Baird15:43:25 04/27/02 Sat

Beautiful 1910 upright piano with pianocorder for sale in SF Bay areaMarybeth & Bill16:07:05 11/16/01 Fri

Source of Piano/Pianocorder techsTom Lear16:48:57 03/28/02 Thu

High resistance in switchesTom Lear22:00:41 04/02/02 Tue

"Sticky" tapesRoger Dalziel14:52:52 04/02/02 Tue

A helpful hintRoger Dalziel15:05:54 04/02/02 Tue

need a repair manF. Koehler12:13:20 03/28/02 Thu

Spare PartsVincent23:20:15 03/16/02 Sat

new tapesMike Swendsen20:45:34 06/03/01 Sun

Help in AtlantaEdee Baggett22:15:36 12/29/01 Sat

Pianocorder Needs ServiceNeil11:04:24 01/03/02 Thu

powers up but won't playMichael A. Stumpf23:46:02 11/29/01 Thu

HELP!!!!!Our Pianocorder doesn't work anymoreDina Bacigalupo15:25:54 12/03/01 Mon

Swapping tapes......Kent E Herbst20:41:35 11/25/01 Sun

Seiko ST757 chromatic tunerScott Forsberg11:48:37 11/21/01 Wed

Christmas Pianocorder Tapes?Jack M. Conway17:42:24 10/24/01 Wed

Seek Marantz recorder partsRon Biggs21:43:47 08/11/01 Sat

DynavoiceTom Lear00:37:26 06/16/01 Sat

Editing Midis for PianocorderTom Lear21:41:30 08/27/01 Mon

Glad to see a forumD Dusenbury08:31:16 08/02/01 Thu

Thanks Mark!Chuck Schoppe18:55:10 07/24/01 Tue

Thank you for the ForumJohn Biggs18:12:35 06/05/01 Tue

Pianocorder VolumeTom Lear01:08:52 06/16/01 Sat

Am Glad you set up the ForumRandall Price11:06:59 06/17/01 Sun

Thanks Mark!Tom Lear01:57:50 06/10/01 Sun

Life Changing SystemMichael Stehney07:50:46 06/12/01 Tue

Great idea!Steve Cole15:56:14 06/06/01 Wed

ForumBrian Butler03:12:12 06/06/01 Wed

Appreciate the forumArt Fesemyer10:29:06 06/04/01 Mon

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