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Subject: Countdown to 100 - (1925)

Answers what happened to the Golden Mermaid trophy
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Date Posted: 13:37:02 10/21/15 Wed

Atlantic City, NJ, Sept. 12 (UP)
From sunlit California beaches came the 1925 Miss America, Fay Lanphier, golden blonde from Oakland, winning the annual beauty tournament.

And so that the state in which Professor Mack Sennet led the culture and training of bathing beauties might have its cup filled to overflowing, Adrien Dore, otherwise Miss Los Angeles, received second honors.
Fay is tall and 19; Adrien short and 17. Other statistical information regarding the winner and runner-up, tending to prove that the judges who scanned the sixty-six fair entrants clad in one-piece bathing suits were not searching for a type, follows:
Miss Lamphier: Blonde hair, hazel eyes, five feet, 6 inches high, weight 138, bust 34; hips, 37 1-2; waist 26 1-2; arm, 22; thigh, 21 1-2;calf, 12 1-1; ankle, 8.
Miss Dore: Hair, brown; eyes, gray; height, five feet, 4 inches; weight, 116; bust, 33; hips, 32; waist, 25 1-2; arm, 21 1-2; thigh, 17 3-4; calf, 13 3-4; ankle 8 1-4.
Every girl in the contest received a gold or silver cup for some particular item of pulchitrude in which she excelled the others and all of them were almost as radiant as Miss California,

Miss Lanphier, who last year was an entrant from Santa Cruz, announced to those who surrounded her that she was a nice little home body of a girl, spending most of her time in a kitchen when she was not being an amateur beauty.

Mary Katherine Campbell of Columbus, Ohio, Miss America in 1922 and 1923, was given an ovation today at the distribution of prizes won during the 1925 pageant on the million dollar pier.

Miss Campbell was given the original golden mermaid trophy reported to be worth $5,000. Miss Lanphier received a replica of the trophy worth $2,000.

Trophies similar to the one given Miss Lanphier are to be awarded to Miss Margaret Gorman of Washington, D.C., winner in 1921 and Miss Ruth Malcolmson of Philadelphia, last year’s selection, who did not compete this year because she alleged “commercial” beauties were entered. Neither of the girls was in the city and the trophies will be sent to them.

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Date Posted: 19:58:48 09/21/15 Mon

Jaimie Alexander:

I can see where people wouldn't like this, I like the jewel tones and I like that it's different. It works well with her coloring.

Sarah Hyland

To me, this was the gown of the night. Sheer red carpet perfection.

Sarah Paulson

I liked the overall concept, different, you notice it yet it isn't overpowering the star. Just very classy.

Aubrey Plaza

Like Acacia's Miss America gown but with sparkle. She's not exactly a fashionista, she does her own thing with regards to the red carpet but this one was a hit.

Kristen Schall (who?)

I still don't know who she is but I love this dress.

PLUG: Speaking of Emmys, if you have not seen Olive Kitteridge yet, pick an afternoon this weekend and see it. It is every bit as good as the wins suggest. It isn't a "feel good" kind of movie, but that's why it's excellent. I saw some of the best acting I've ever seen on the small screen. Just excellent.

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Subject: Countdown to 100 - (1926)

No name
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Date Posted: 12:48:31 11/02/15 Mon

From 1923 thru 1927 the inter-city contestants were divided into 5 regions to compete for Roller Chair Parade judging and Bathers Revue judging. The top 3 from each of the 5 regional divisions in Bathers Revue became the 15 semi-finaltists to compete for Miss America.

All the inter-city contestants competed together for the Most Beautiful Girl in Evening Wear competition. (ie there were no regional divisions)

Roller Chair Parade
1 - New York
2 - Lockport
3 - Yonkers

1 - Philadelphia
2 - Orange
3 - Union City

1 - Baltimore
2 - New Orleans
3 - Huntingdon

1 - Duluth
2 - Lansing
3 - Battle Creek

1 - Wichita
2 - Tulsa
3 - Tacoma

Bather Revue
1 - New York
2 - Bridgeport
3 - Yonkers

1 - Philadelphia
2 - Newark
3 - Orange

1 - DC
2 - Dallas
3 - Norfolk

1 - Lansing
2 - Kansas City
3 - St Louis

1 - Tulsa
2 - Denver
3 - Seattle

Evening Gown
1 - Tulsa
2 - New York
3 - DC

Top 6: Baltimore, Elizabeth, Kansas City
Top 18: Bridgeport, Dallas, Denver, Lansing, Newark, Norfolk, Orange, Philadelphia, Seattle, St Louis, Utah, Yonkers

Parade (Grand Prize)
New York

Totally separate from the Inter-City competitions include the following Bather Revue winners:
Amateur Division:
1 - Miss Kirby
2 - Margaret Sullivan
3 - Helen Boyle
Professional Division:
1 - Rose Host
2 - ?
3 - Ruby Stevens, Miss Beaux Arts Café
1 - Marian Ryan, MNiss West Atlantic City
2 - Mary Mavretic, Miss Brigantine
1 - Annete Kellerman's Bathing Girls
Professional Group:
1 - Naught Riquette

The third place Professional winner was Ruby Stevens who went on to be the movie star Barbara Stanwyck

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Subject: Has California dominance ended?

No name
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Date Posted: 14:05:42 09/18/15 Fri

3 out of 4 now have failed to make the top 15. Ernie is here, do you think it is because of the internal Miss California problems? What happened? Bree had a great personality, Marina was beautiful and talented. I could see Leah being out, she wasn't that outstanding. But the other two I don't get. What's going on?

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Subject: Betty's Lipstick

No name
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Date Posted: 16:50:23 11/13/15 Fri

Silly question, but does anyone happen to know the brand or name of the lipstick color Betty is wearing in the crowning/press conference photo at the top of this page? It is so beautiful! Thanks in advance.

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Subject: Coutndown to 100 - (1926)

No name
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Date Posted: 13:22:04 10/20/15 Tue

Who was the first Miss America to appear in a major movie?

Fay Lanphier. At the Miss America pageant in 1926 a separate set of judges judged the 15 Miss America semifinalists to pick the Most Photogenic who would win the prize to appear in the major movie American Venus. It was totally separate from the Miss America judging and the director of the film Frank Tuttle was one of the judges of the Most Photogenic contest.

Later Fay also won Miss America and a newspaper of the time claimed that the pageant had been fixed. The newspaper later retracted their claim. The film American Venus was a success. The pageant scenes were filmed in color at the actual pageant and the rest of the movie was filmed on Long Island New York. The film is considered “lost” but the color pageant scenes exist on file at the Library of Congress.

For winning the Most Photogenic contest Fay also received the two foot high bronze American Venus statue trophy created by Belgian artist Helene Sardeau.

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Subject: Countdown to 100 - (1921)

This is the earliest article I have found concerning M.A.
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Date Posted: 07:56:37 10/21/15 Wed

Newark Sunday Call, April 10, 1921
Atlantic City. Pageant Day in Atlantic City hereafter is to be a municipal holiday.

Mayor Edward L. Bader after a conference with the officials of the roller chair parade, made that decision and September 8 is to be the city’s specified fete day. To that effect a proclamation will be issued by the Mayor the first of September, with the request that all commercial houses shall close and give their employees a holiday.

The arrangement committee has been busily at work and the outline of a program for this fall has been prepared, with details to be filled in from week to week. There will be five big divisions in the pageant, with prizes plentiful for the best displays.

The first four divisions will lead up to the fifth and main divisions, the imposing “Bathers’ Revue” which has been divided into sections A and B. In section A will be girls who are not actresses, or in professional theatrical work of any kind. Section B will take in stage folk, movie stars and professional swimmers, and in each section a huge loving cup will be awarded the girl acclaimed to be the most beautiful by the judges. Then in the evening another choice will be made of the most beautiful girl, this time popular approval to be the influencing factor. Whoever captures the honor will receive the grand prize of a golden statuette, “The Golden Mermaid.” And a $5,000 bond will have to be furnished by some friendly backer to ensure the winner will not dispose of it for one year.

The winner of “The Golden Mermaid” will receive the honor of being classified as “America’s most beautiful bathing girl” and her picture will be sent broadcast on posters and pamphlets and all correspondence to advertise the pageant for 1922.

For Section A, Annette Kellerman has donated the prize cup and she will be one of the judges. “Flo” Ziegfeld has also consented to serve as a judge and other eminent persons will be secured to round out the jury panel of beauty. The entries in division B already make up a formidable list and by fall this portion of the parade. It is certain will be prepared as one of great proportions.

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Subject: Coming soon to this messageboard.....

No name
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Date Posted: 11:25:24 10/16/15 Fri

Countdown to 100 !!!

Historical facts and trivia, historical articles. We thought of creating a book for the 100 Anniversary, but no one was interested in it. So for the next 5 years watch out for some trivia facts right here!

Everyone is welcome to contribute - the more information the better.

Thank you!

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Subject: Does anyone know the dates for MAOT 2016

No name
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Date Posted: 18:13:17 09/16/15 Wed

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Subject: Is this a dead board now?

no name
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Date Posted: 08:34:22 10/12/15 Mon

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Subject: Golden Mermaid

No name
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Date Posted: 12:36:26 10/01/15 Thu

Someone on another message board stated that the MAO offices have one of the Golden Mermaid trophies, but they don't have any real information concerning this. Does anyone know or have any information if the MAO actually owns one of the Golden Mermaids? Or does anyone know where and who has a Golden Mermaid other than Norma Smallwood's niece(who has Norma's).
Thank you.

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Subject: Were the Non-Finalist Talent Winners and Non-Finalist Interview winner ever announced?

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Date Posted: 12:36:36 09/16/15 Wed

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Subject: This used to be such an upbeat positive board...what happened?

No name
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Date Posted: 23:02:48 09/20/15 Sun

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Date Posted: 15:54:34 09/12/15 Sat

Hi everyone!

It is not the best weather day in Atlantic City, so everyone is hoping that the rain holds off until after the parade is over. I will be there as long as it is happening. Last year it rained also and I couldn’t see a whole lot, I spent more time inside. But it’s in my opinion some of the best fun of the pageant. Keep your fingers crossed!

I posted last night about what I saw overall from this week and what I thought the trend was. I want to run down what I think about all of the contestants’ chances and make a prediction about the top 15. I am going to run down some of the most noteworthy contestants first, ones that have showed up and ones that were talked about.

AL-From the non-preliminary winners is just about a lock for the top 10 for me. Has been consistent, not excellent, but consistent. Her personality shines through everything she does and I could easily see the judges falling for her.

AK-She was noticed after looking good at the MAOT competition. She commanded my attention as well. Had a decent week, everything about her is decent but I don’t think she will pull through to a top 15 unless she impressed in interview.

AR—I didn’t think she was strong coming into this, but as AR always does, she managed to sneak through the whole week consistent enough to make it in. I would have her out no later than the second round if she makes it in, but I think she squeaks into the top 15.

CA—Of course, it’s CA and everyone is going to notice. Since personalities seem to be rising to the top this week, I don’t have her totally out of this. She has not really stood out in onstage competition save SS and possibly EG. If I were not considering onstage and not personality, I wouldn’t put her in the top 15.

CO—One of this year’s most intriguing contestants. I would say off the bat that she is missing something in competition. You either loved her talent or dismissed it, there was no middle ground. However, she is articulate and compassionate. I see everything from going very far to non-finalist interview. Just based on onstage competition, no. But we didn’t see her interview and I still think that will carry a lot of weight.

DC—One of the most original contestants to ever hit the Miss America stage. And she owns it with confidence. My feeling is that the judges will either love it or hate it. I love originality so I vote yes. But I just don’t know. It will have to be that they love her originality. She was consistent, not overwhelming, but consistent across the week. I don’t know.

FL—Victoria Cowen 2.0. Everything from the preliminary SS win to the strong dancing and lack of a real spark. I would call her a strong competitor, I wouldn’t actually be . surprised if she gets to the top 5 finishing around where Victoria did. I still don’t see her as strong enough to win Miss America unless she lingers around and the panel splits on someone else.

GA—This girl is going to be a star. She just has so much it quality. I say top three for her and I just worry about her speaking skills. It’s not that she is terrible but she has rambled every time I have heard her. That can be fixed after she wins, should she win. But if they want a star who is going to breathe new life into this program, she’s it. I am hoping here. More on her later.

HI—One of pleasant surprises during the week. When I first saw her win her state I thought no way. However, she has really stepped up her game since then. She is also very cute and charming, and I could see that carrying her into the top 15.

ID—As the national Sweetheart going into this, she has not disappointed. She has proven herself worthy of that title. My concern is that she is coming from a very non-traditional state and there is only so much room for them in the top 15. I see this going either way at this point. But she should be proud. And she should pursue something in entertainment with her looks. She is absolutely breathtaking.

IN—She had very enthusiastic fans from the very beginning. I think many of us did not get it. But, she has been very consistent in a week where many have not risen to the occasion. I am going to try and put it best about my impressions of her: she kind of feels like the younger cousin wanting to sit with the big kids. I know that might sound strange, but she has this thing that she’s good, just not quite in the same league. I wouldn’t be shocked to see her in the top 15 but she lacks something that the heavy hitters have.

IA-at this point she has got to be considered one of the frontrunners whether or not you agree with the SS win. More on that later.

KS—A lot of hype and I think she has been consistent sans her speaking skills. I could see maybe if she was later in a group that she would crack the top 15. I wouldn’t be totally surprised but at this point, I think the odds are stacked against her.

KY—Probably the most discussed contestant this year. Sadly, she was just sent too young. I see a lot of personality and had she competed a few more years she could have been Miss America. As it stands now, she just didn’t have any polish or sophistication that some of the seasoned competitors have. The judges in KY took a chance on her and she could have a career in music and she will be known as a former Miss KY. Nothing to sneeze at. Just totally wrong timing for Miss America. I found her nowhere near the level of criticism leveled at her, just not ready for the big league.

LA—Lived up to the hype. Was very consistent all week and we will see her in the top 10.

MA—One of my favorites coming into this year. She has been consistent and I have her in the group that might advance, but there are only so many slots. I would not be surprised either way. She just hasn’t stood out and there are many that are in that group that it is just going to come down what the judges liked. I still think she has her intelligence and maturity going for her, but I don’t see the level of competition there.

MN—I am really hoping she makes the top 15. She has competed very well all week. She is up with ID as far as the most beautiful of this class. I could see her in the top 15 due to her consistency.

MS—She has been consistent enough for the top 15. I would say if she showed more personality or charisma she would be a threat, but I don’t see her as a crown contender. She has been one of the more consistent all week but lacks the it factor. I hate to compare her to Jasmine Murray but she’s not as strong as Jasmine and Jasmine could not crack the top 5.

MO—was popular because of her good looks. Sad to say, she just blends into the
Crowd. I don’t really see a top 15 for her unless interview was outstanding.

MT—Like DC, very much her own person and I absolutely love her. The problem is that she lacked the sophistication in competition to take her into the top 15. I hope I am wrong.

NE—without a doubt the biggest pleasant surprise of the week. She has been not outstanding, but certainly consistent with a good talent. I wouldn’t be surprised either way if she makes it or not, but she is a strong possibility. Since 2007, NE has had a preliminary SS winner, top 10, prelim talent and Miss America and a NFT winner. Slowly but surely they are starting to figure it out. We have to take Nebraska seriously. Even if Alyssa does not make the top 15 she did everything right this week and should feel proud of herself.

NV—Has had a decent week and I think she isn’t quite strong enough to make it in the top 15, but should be proud of herself.

NJ—has certainly got a lot of attention, won QOL and has a strong personality. I always felt like she lacked a certain maturity or sophistication when she won Miss NJ and I didn’t see that going away. Despite the great costume her talent is entertaining but very amateur. Talent doesn’t matter much, it will come down to how the judges like her. I don’t see her completely out of this but I think the personality would get her Miss Congeniality rather than a top 15.

NY—has to be one of the most high profile contestants this year with good reason. She has risen to the occasion, very consistent throughout the competition. I am not counting her out at all. I still think in addition to being strong onstage she has the compassion and ability to work with children that a Miss America should. I think that will show very clearly to the judges.

NC—A favorite of those who saw her compete. NC always has strong support for their contestants. I don’t see it competition wise for Kate this year. It would all have to come down to personality, which she does have. But even onstage, she doesn’t seem comfortable.

OK—The preliminary streak is over. I could have made a very strong argument for SS in alpha for her but that’s a whole different story. She has been consistent and common sense says this is OK, she gets in. I would say she does, but is nowhere near the level of Betty/Alicia/Kelsey. I don’t see her in the top 5 and may not even make it to the top 10. You can’t ever count out Oklahoma. However, every state has a year off. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

RI—She has been average in each competition, I didn’t have her as standing out in anything. However, I would say the same thing about IA except for talent and it’s working for her. Alexandra is very smart and very pretty and I still think it could resonate with the judges. Initially, I had written her off based on onstage competition but after Thursday I think the judges are thinking a bit more open-minded than I thought. I could see this going either way.

SC—Was a frontrunner for me the minute she was crowned and has risen to the occasion every day this week. More on that later.

TN—has been very consistent all week. Let’s put it this way—if Grace/Ellen/Stefanie/Erin/Chandler/Hayley made it in, so does Hannah. I am pretty sure she’s a lock for the top 15.

TX—I think like most people, I dismissed her immediately after Miss TX. However, she upped her game and while I don’t see her going far, I could see her cracking the top 15. Believe me, there are plenty of contestants I’d rather see more but she managed to up the ante. If she does make it in she would be one of the ones that are out first round or two.

UT—very strong all week, easily in the top 3 in each onstage competition each night save EG.

VT—On paper, she looked like the best chance VT has had in years. Very sadly, she’s just not rising to the occasion. She is so naturally fresh, unique and very appealing. But she just doesn’t know. She has so little confidence, and it’s sad to me. I want to get up and scream, “Girl, you’re at Miss America! Be proud of yourself!” Had she been more confident I would have loved to see her in the top 15. I think this is why it took her so long to win Miss VT.

VA—She is really on the fence for me. A bit unpolished but her talent was really outstanding. This is a state that gets it done time and time again. I don’t think she would make it that far but she’s not out of this by any means.

WA—I know she commanded some attention when she won. She’s definitely a likeable girl, and a very good speaker. I could see her sneaking in if the judges liked her. Just based on onstage, no. But she’s definitely a strong interview.

WV—Not totally a surprise because I think people recognized her potential when she was crowned. She has brought it to the table in every single category, especially talent. She seems like a sweet, likeable girl and I think she could do very well.

WI—A favorite of many since she was crowned including myself. She has been “okay”, not outstanding. I could see the judges liking her in interview. However, competition wise, I think she lacks the “go out and kill” instinct that prevents her from being a contender. I wish she had it, I think she’d be a great Miss America.

Now, down to who I feel are the real contenders, with their strengths and weaknesses:

IA—I wasn’t sure she was even in the top 15 before the SS win. I am still not sure if she is Miss America, especially with another panel. Clearly she captured this panel. I didn’t get it until I saw her swimsuit win video. She is likeable, humble, real, and spirited. She is much like Mallory in that respect. My big question is whether she resonates with the second panel. My guess is maybe, maybe not. There are a lot of compassionate women on tomorrow’s panel and may like her realness. But she still does not have the “it” factor. Even Teresa had that. However, the judges this week clearly saw something and it has to be taken into consideration.

GA—She is just a star, plain and simple. She is very pretty, would look excellent on the red carpet and can sing beautifully. She was very strong in swimsuit and would have easily cleaned up at a state competition. My big issue is interview. If this were even 25 years ago she would be the clear winner. But it’s not and I am concerned that interview will be the thing that sinks her.

SC—From the minute I saw her speak I considered her the winner this year. She is very convincing, very confident and very articulate. If her final question were to be about the Confederate flag she’s sailing to victory. Her talent is average and that is her weakest category. However, she’s not bad in any way. Much worse has won. She also looks great singing, and that helps. My big issue with her is twofold: first, she had the speaking skills for the past several years. Why didn’t she win SC? It wasn’t as if she was competing in NY. If she couldn’t beat the caliber of contestants that SC sent the past two years, is that still missing? Everything I have seen this week says no, but there is still that doubt for me. The other part, and this is the bigger concern: I don’t get a sense of who she is. She is a strong competitor, but I have no idea of who she is personally and what she stands for. That is my only real drawback with her. In the sense of some of the others this year, SC is the strong candidate. But I just don’t get a lot other than that. I know exactly who IA is, and the other two I am going to mention. But I know very little about Daja other than she is good. Compared to the other sigma SS winner Ali Rogers, even with her you knew she worked with kids and had a sense of who she was.

AL—She has more of a personality than IA with no preliminary awards to show for it. I really think on different levels she will resonate with all of the final night judges. She is just like Mallory and Kira in the respect that whatever she does onstage she brings to life.

NY—I said right off the bat that they could be 4 in a row and they very well could. Jamie Lynn has been very consistent across the week and she reminds me not exactly, but she does remind of Ashley Judd in looks. In addition to being strong onstage, I think she is a compassionate young woman who would be excellent with children. I would be very happy if she won.

So, how do I think it all goes down?

I think that it will be down to GA and SC. I think that GA will dazzle all night and fall short in interview. I think SC will have strong onstage presence and will have a better interview and can “sell” herself better, if that is possible. I think it will be a close finish regardless of who finishes. Now, this is common sense and everything that worked in the past. The only thing I think GA has on her side is a second panel and the fact that she is extremely strong onstage. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she won and I will be thrilled. It’s just about interview these days. Maybe Betty went in and killed in interview, but everything I have seen so far she just rambles.

As far as the rest of the top 15:

The following for all intents and purposes are out, IMO:


The following I don’t suspect we will see, but would not be totally out of the question:

The following are ones that I see going either way. I would not be surprised either way to see them or not see them:


The following I see as very good chances of making it into the top 15:

The following are all but a lock for me for top 15:


And there, my friends, you have it! We will see how right or wrong I am. Last year I called the winner as either NY or AL. The year before I called it for OK and NY won. Mallory’s year I initially called it for FL and then changed to AL and NY won. In 2012 I called it for NY and WI won. In 2011 I called it for HI and NE won. In 2010 I didn’t call it for anyone, I couldn’t figure that one out. In 2009 I called it for IN and was correct. In 2008 I called it for WA and MI won. So, if my statistics are on point, I congratulate SC on her second runner-up finish lol.

So, what say you? Am I right, wrong, delusional, or should I get a job as a psychic? LOL it is probably somewhere in the middle.

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Date Posted: 15:41:21 09/17/15 Thu

THANK YOU to Ellen and Shutterfly for being so generous. Kelley did a great job on Ellen and was so gracious and so compassionate. She did such a great job of representing nurses and I am so glad that she's putting such a great face out there. How great to have two wonderful representatives out this week showing what great women this organization has :)

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Subject: It was clear that MA wanted a girl from the South this year. Too bad, NY would have been an amazing Miss America. Judging from the Top 15, she never had a chance because of her sash. She was amazing all week and MAO is truly missing out.

No name
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Date Posted: 20:27:30 09/14/15 Mon

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Subject: OMG Phyllis George

No name
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Date Posted: 01:56:48 09/12/15 Sat

I don't know if it is a bad picture or what but it looks like she had more plastic surgery. It's not good, her face is so tight, her nose is different and she looks so unnatural. She was so beautiful, I don't understand this.

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