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Welcome! Wednesday-Sunday stop by for live reports from Atlantic City! Share your thoughts, and let's have fun. It's pageant time, as Bert Parks used to say.

Subject: Ratings Just Came Out

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Date Posted: 20:17:31 09/12/17 Tue

These were delayed due to Hurricane Irma ratings. I'm a bit concerned about the dropoff. We are in the same ballpark as USA/Universe, but none of these are really good if we want to see pageants continue on the air.


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Date Posted: 19:58:44 09/12/17 Tue

Good evening everyone!

I started typing this up last night, and I conked out. I was EXHAUSTED. LOL even if you are not a contestant, this week can tire you out. I got to see Cara’s very short stint on GMA and Kelly and Ryan. If Cara does not knock this off I am going to be forced to bump all of my favorite Miss Americas from yesteryear further down the list, because she is just moving on up and up my favorites list, and quickly. She is just so delightful, genuinely happy for what has happened to her, and very refreshing. Of course, I have around 25 contestants that I would love to see win each year LOL. But I just think Cara was the perfect choice this year, and I look forward to each and every time I will see her. What I really like about her is that she really seems to be enjoying each and every moment. Even though she set out to win, she seems like she is still awed by the whole experience. Very well done, judges.

Now, back to the rest of the competition. Overall, I enjoyed this particular year more than other years in the past. It followed the same format, but the energy of it seemed a little higher this year. The last few years, I thought that the production was a bit boring. Actually, I think that it helped to add in the additional question round. I could do without the commercial break between announcing the top 15, but I am not the one making the decisions. When they started calling out the top 15, I wasn’t surprised to see the lovely Miss New Mexico. I was thrilled, actually. She earned her place in the top 15. I was floored, along with everyone else, when Alaska was called out. Although, I wasn’t complaining. Any time we see a Miss Alaska in the top 15, it is a rarity. I thought last year’s Miss Alaska should have been in the top 15 (reminds me of how KS was this year), but it was nice. Although, I was getting a bit concerned when they called Virginia. With all due respect, I just didn’t think she was near as strong enough to get into the top 15. But then, everything else seemed okay. I wasn’t predicting New Jersey, either, but wasn’t totally surprised to see her. You never know who the public vote will be, but I was very happy to see Illinois.

I easily gave that round to GA and NJ. I thought that everyone else held their own, there really wasn’t a weak swimsuit in that group. I thought that IL looked great, but with the public vote, they usually don’t have a composite score unless they really are in the top 15. Last year, Laura Jones advanced, and that led me to believe that she was in the judges top 15. A lot of contestants upped their game from preliminaries, particularly Pennsylvania. I had a feeling that she would be moving along with ND. I was certain on AL, SC, DC, TX, LA, and TN moving forward. I figured that either NM or AK was out, probably AK, and I also had MO and VA out.

Evening Gown
Once again, I thought that GA and NJ owned this round, and by that time, I thought that they were headed for the showdown of the night. It was a shame that NM did not advance since she had one of the best gowns of the entire pageant. I thought that everyone did well that round, though. There really wasn’t a weak one in the group, although again, I had MO and VA out. LA changed her gown from the preliminaries. I thought that preliminary one was much prettier.

I am certainly no Bollywood dancing expert. However, MO’s dance did not seem to have the polish that Nina’s did. I thought it had a good energy to it, however. Texas was pretty, I thought. She performed about the same as she did in preliminaries, and she looked very nice, I thought. Very solid. I was very happy to see PA in the top 10. I expected to see her there, but she did a very nice job. The actual music performance was the same, but she seemed a bit more spirited since preliminaries. It was a nice performance, and it really filled up the hall. When ND danced, I really think this is when the tide started to turn for her. Was it perfect? No. But what it showed was personality, fun, and she seemed like she was having a blast. You enjoyed yourself with her. I thought Alabama’s performance was very pretty. She did about the same as she did in preliminaries. It’s like I said before. Sometimes, you just need to take a simple song and do it well. I thought her rendition was much better than Kirsten Haglund. By that time, New Jersey seemed to be very excited to be advancing, and she gave a spirited performance. But again, take away the music, and you had a very basic routine. District of Columbia started out very well but unfortunately, she hit some sour notes at the end. She sang much better in the preliminaries. There were rumors that she was not feeling well, and I believe it, because she did sound a lot better on Friday. I was actually getting a tad nervous before they called LA. She had about the same performance as she did in preliminaries. It was definitely a crowd pleaser. But what was sad to me as we finished up is that I knew someone good was not going to get to perform their talent. I was relieved when SC was called out. She did a very nice performance, about the same as preliminaries. If you would have told me VA was going to be getting the talent call, I would have been shocked. I was sad for TN and GA. I think GA’s talent would have especially been appreciated. As for VA’s talent, it wasn’t good at all. They picked the worst for last.

Question Round 1
Sadly, by then, I was seeing some good contestants being eliminated. LA was having a solid night, and I was happy to see her get the first question. Unfortunately, it was starting to go downhill for her. I cringed as she struggled to answer the question. I was hoping that the judges would find it funny like everyone else seemed to, but I thought that it might have just lost her the pageant. NJ I thought answered very well, and I concur about liking intelligence 😊 ND was cute, although even as much as I liked her, I didn’t want her to seem like she was pandering. I am going to dispense with that I never saw MO advancing because I’ve already driven that home. I didn’t really like her answer as it was supposed to be fun, and she made it serious and about her platform. AL was fun, I thought. LOL I had to laugh since she essentially told Chris what a flop the show really was to his face. DC I also liked. I thought it was kind of funny that her father was a police officer and she gave a fun answer. TX I thought was very cute as well. Of all of these, I thought that NJ, DC and especially TX answered the best. Sadly, LA dropped after that. Aside from how LA did, I really liked this idea. I hope they keep it next year. It was fun and a hell of a lot better than that damned quiz.
Top 5
I thought the questions were really thankless to the contestants. As you can see now, they are generating controversy. When MO answered the question, she got both cheers and jeers from the audience. I think she spoke intelligently and concisely. I thought about how she could possibly answer that, and by our laws, someone is innocent until proven guilty. Had she said the president was guilty, it would have created a firestorm. Texas was asked another very difficult question that could put her in the firing line, but she was also asked to answer yes or no. I think she answered intelligently and diplomatically. North Dakota seemed to get the easiest as of that time. It was still a thankless question, but less controversial. I think she was very intelligent and articulate. New Jersey also got a very controversial question, and I think she did a great job of giving an answer that was not particularly offensive. Or, at least I thought so at the time. When it came to the last three standing, I kind of knew by then that LA was out. I just knew that DC seemed to have more momentum and had I had to pick from all of them, I couldn’t see DC standing. And I was correct. DC clearly got the easiest of the questions, and it really was the best for her as it cited her medical expertise.
By then, I thought that New Jersey was going to win and I thought that North Dakota was going to be her first runner-up. Even though I found Kaitlyn to be overdramatic throughout the night, I am sure that it was the crowd of people cheering for her. Even though I didn’t think her talent was the best, that never stopped anyone from winning before. To me, North Dakota gained momentum throughout the night and of the top 5, she was my first pick. I thought that DC finished very strong. Here is how I had it in my head:
4th runner-up: MO
3rd runner-up: TX
2nd runner-up: DC
1st runner-up: ND
Miss America: NJ

Once they started calling results, I wasn’t totally surprised. After they called out NJ, I kind of thought that ND had it, but I wasn’t sure. I saw that NJ was probably ND’s biggest competition. However, I think the way that NJ came across during the night likely turned some of the judges off. She always had a tendency to be overdramatic. I saw her over the years at Miss New Jersey, and I saw that during her Facebook videos. I thought of how much momentum ND gained throughout the night, how engaging she was, how much she was just naturally likeable. However, I wasn’t 100 percent sure. I never had MO into the top 7, let alone the top 5, so I wasn’t totally convinced. But when they called out Cara, everyone erupted. And I was thrilled. What I took away from this year’s pageant is that the “killer competitors” really didn’t seem to rise to the top this year. A lot of the top 15 were ones that really seemed to be having fun throughout the week and not so rehearsed/programmed/intense etc. As I said with New Mexico earlier during the competition, she was having fun, relaxed and didn’t seem to feel a lot of pressure. When thinking about Alaska, she seemed to be the same way. And, she won Miss Congeniality. Pennsylvania was the same way, and she really seemed energized the final night. South Carolina was just a doll, you couldn’t help but like her. There were contestants like Iowa who I really thought would be there that just weren’t. She seemed like a very intense competitor, and there was nothing wrong with that. But it just was not what the judges were looking for, either. It was wild—I predicted that the crown went South, and it was two Midwest contestants standing at the end. As for Laryssa, she did everything she could have possibly done, and there was nothing more that she could have done. She certainly was polarizing, but I liked her, and I think she had a remarkable competition. Overall, I have to say, this was a great class and a great year at the Miss America pageant. There were some that I was sad to see not make the top 15. But, there can only be one winner, and I think the top 15 this year was a very likeable, very accomplished group overall. And it was really nice to see some different faces. If anyone would have told me that a top 15 that included New Mexico and Alaska would have been won by Miss North Dakota, I would have never believed you. Or, I would have thought you were at the Miss USA pageant. But that’s what made it nice. I am working on a post about the changes that are happening these past ten years, and some of this I will address. I also plan on viewing the pageant in its entirety to see if there was anything different that I might have missed.

Please share your thoughts on what happened. Inquiring minds want to know!

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Date Posted: 02:43:22 09/11/17 Mon

Hello everyone!

Wow. I have to say, this was one of the most interesting, unconventional, inexplicable, and thrilling Miss America pageants ever! I can't wait to read all of the comments about this year. I have a feeling we will be talking about this for many years to come.

There is so much to talk about. But let me just say--I am THRILLED that Cara is our new Miss America. Tonight reminded me of USA pageants of old. A contestant just made you fall in love with them throughout the night and ended up winning. I don't think anyone saw this coming. I sure didn't. There was a lot I was off the mark about this week. Some of those surprises were quite pleasant, as tonight. I was right with Miss New Mexico. That was one of the best parts of the night for me. More on that later, but I am very happy that they are finally turning their program around. I also said that someone big was going to miss the cut, and that was unfortunately the lovely Triana Browne. On the flip side, I never had Virginia or especially ALASKA in the top 15. However, you will never, ever, never hear me complaining when Alaska makes the cut at Miss America. That was one of the best parts of the night for me. And Pennsylvania. I'm so glad that the judges saw what a lot of us did. I thought she was headed for the top 7, but she had a great night nonetheless.

On the other side, I said that Missouri might do well. I have NO IDEA how she ended up that high. But I said the same thing about Rachel Wyatt last year and I was way off. I guess all the people who saw something in MO were right. New Jersey, at least they are on the map again. I actually thought that she was going to win. I can tell you exactly why she did not. She was very overdramatic. Had she been more focused, I think she could have won. Everyone talked about Louisiana (and they will be for some time to come, more on that in a minute) being overly dramatic and pageanty. I saw the exact same thing in Kaitlyn. But hey, I suppose the judges did as well.

Speaking of Louisiana, the good news is that people will likely be talking about her ventriloquism. The bad news is that people will be talking about her answer on Twitter, Facebook, and any other way you can make fun of someone. If I would have been asked that question I would immediately have answered Harry Potter. That was pretty bad, sadly. The only thing I would say is that if she was destined for the top 5, it wouldn't have mattered. Or maybe the scores were that close. There's nothing more she could have done. That one question was a good example of planning for everything and then having something simple completely sidetracking you.

I will post a full review tomorrow! And I can't wait to hear your thoughts. For those of you predicting a non-preliminary winner, you were certainly right!

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Subject: And now, the big, huge review with my stab at a top 15

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Date Posted: 16:00:08 09/10/17 Sun


It’s our holiday today. I hope that this day finds each and every one of you well, happy, and ready to go! Tonight is our Super Bowl! I wanted to go over all of the contestants and talk about their chances. Here goes:

Each contestant is noteworthy in their own way, but some have received a lot of attention for their potential. Here they are:

Washington—I just about had her out until Friday night. She seemed to be kind of blending in with the crowd and not standing out. But, she had a very strong night, and I expect to see her in the top 15. Where it goes from there, nobody knows.
Oklahoma—Like many, I had super high hopes coming into this. I think Triana has done just fine all week, and I expect her to be in the top 15. But if I am being honest, she doesn’t seem 100 percent comfortable at times. I don’t know that she is a true contender, though. I hope that she is, and I am still cheering her on. Of course, Oklahoma prep is the golden standard, and I know that she had it. Some of the things, though, that I picked up in her videos seem to be her potential drawbacks. She is a bit more laid back, which is fine. Nobody has to be bouncing off the walls. I just didn’t feel like she had that confidence factor down. Still, a great young woman and I still am hoping for the best.
Pennsylvania—She is absolutely adorable, cheerful, and full of life. I had a lot of high hopes for her. There are a few contestants every year that probably came before they could have been their best. I think had she had a year or two more experience, she might have been Miss America. She just didn’t seem quite ready in some of the competitions. Even in talent, her black blouse and slacks looked dated and did not do anything to draw you in. Her gown was very pretty, but she just didn’t have a good presentation. I’m afraid that unless she had a stellar interview, we won’t see her. I hope that I am wrong.
New York—I say that she is noteworthy because of the domination of New York in the top 5 for over 5 years now. She was always my big question mark going into this because she beat a lot of strong competition and comes from a dominant state. It’s starting to look to me that this is an off year. She wasn’t bad, but just not standing out. I am not one to get into wardrobe choices, but just about everything was very neutral and bland. Her tan looked darker than her wardrobe.

This year, some contestants really rose to the occasion. They were ones that I really didn’t expect to be a factor, but they all did such a good job, I think they really could make it into the top 15. Here they are.
New Mexico—Taylor has been for me the biggest pleasant surprise of the week. I knew she was very talented, but she was fantastic. But then she came out in her gorgeous gown, wore it well, and she looked good in a swimsuit. Sometimes, when there isn’t a lot of pressure on you, you can shine. And she really did. I don’t know how her interview is. The only concern for me is that she sounded so robotic during her onstage question. But she has done VERY well all week. If anything, she gets an NFT award. But I would love to see her in the top 15.
Nevada—Also a very pleasant surprise. She was good in swimsuit, gave a very emotional performance of her talent, and gave a very thoughtful response to her onstage question. I think her platform is very relevant right now and could be a very unique voice. Miss America had the opportunity to crown someone with a close connection to the military a few years ago. Miss USA did instead. I don’t want us to get back to platform related wins, but I also think it would be wise for Miss America to be able to make a difference with relevant issues. Andrea would be an excellent person to do that. I really hope that with her consistent performance, we see her in the top 15.
Oregon—She looked good in swimsuit and in gown, and she held her own in talent. I was reading over her bio, and she is a very intelligent, ambitious young woman. With the right interview, I could see the judges loving her. Let’s hope this is the year that Oregon breaks through again.
Montana—She has been striking in evening gown, good in swimsuit, and held her own in talent. But there’s something about her that is young, fresh, and modern. I have a feeling that this final night panel would love her if she got the chance to be in the top 15.
Rhode Island—As we know, this state always faces an uphill climb, but not impossible. She looked very nice in her evening gown, good in swimsuit, and had a decent talent. She has a personable way about her. She’s sort of like New Mexico—it seems like she didn’t feel pressure, like she was having fun, and she seems like a genuine young woman.
Vermont—so real, so natural, so likeable. There’s just something you really like about her. It’s like I said during her onstage question. I wanted to get to know her more. She’s intelligent, and she draws you in. She had better than average presentations in SS and EG. And her talent wasn’t on the level of Utah or Minnesota, but it was a different kind of nice. It was just a nice presentation, and like I said about Maryland. Take what you are good at, and show us why you are good at it. Erin did that.

If one of these, none of these, or all of these make the top 15, they did their very best and should feel very proud. These are all states that are considered non-traditional states. However, they all rose to the occasion very well. I hope that in the future, these states get what they need to be able to maximize the potential of these quality contestants.


Yes, a play on words lol. These contestants to me did enough all week that we may or may not see them. I would not be surprised either way. Here’s an explanation of each:
New Hampshire—I would say that with a strong interview, we see her in the top 15. She really came alive to me in her videos. She has done enough in all competitions to remain competitive with a strong interview. She showed a lot of personality through her onstage presentation as well. I know this might sound like a strange observation, but she was one of the few to really choose color in her whole wardrobe. To me, that showed that she was willing to show her personality and displayed what worked for her.
Kentucky--She is definitely likeable, was good in swimsuit, and comes from a state that knows how to get things done. Her talent was not that stellar, but it wasn’t awful.
Tennessee—She looked good in swimsuit, and her story is very strong. She also comes from what is increasingly a powerhouse state. Her talent wasn’t strong, but that did not stop Chandler Lawson, and hers was much worse. I still think with her story, if she connected with the judges, she would make it in. My big drawback with her is that her wardrobe choices were actually worse than Grace last year. This is not going to work every year. Some of her things were so dated like her introduction gown.
Wisconsin—Has not been outstanding in any category, but consistent. I thought that she sounded very intelligent during her onstage question and thought that she might connect with the judges that way.
Missouri—Good in swimsuit, entertaining in talent, seems very well-spoken. She had a good enough week competition wise that if interview was strong, we will see her.
Delaware—She’s like Pennsylvania. I wish she had a year or two more to mature. She is, IMO, one of the prettiest contestants this year. She looked good in swimsuit, looked pretty and gave a nice performance in talent, and has a relevant platform. However, if she connected with the judges, she might be there.
Mississippi—I would still like to say the odds are in her favor. She was one of the best in her group in both SS and EG. Talent was okay, the energy of it just never seemed to get going. I’m just not 100 percent sure.
California—This is a state that can never be overlooked. Jillian had a decent week. If she had a good interview, which I suspect that she might have, I still say that we see her.
North Dakota—Probably the strongest contestant that ND has sent since Roxana Saberi. She’s doing good enough, has been good enough in all categories. She does seem to have some personality which would take her a long way. I’m hoping that we see her, she’s the type that I think would go far if she made the top 15.
Arkansas—Has had a decent competition, I would say strongest in evening gown. I kept waiting for her to get going a little more in talent. However, this is a state that has been doing great at the national level, has the reigning Miss America, and can get things done.
Connecticut—I am adding her because I think she’s done enough throughout the categories to be competitive. Also, she has a good platform which she related well to the CMN platform and has a personal story connection.

Any one of these contestants could see the top 15 or not. I really would not be surprised either way.


These contestants to me really seemed very strong in evening gown and swimsuit, the USA categories. All facially top notch, I say they would be great USA contestants. Their talent was not that strong, but their other qualities were above average.
Arizona—She reminded me of LA in her SS presentation, and I assume that she might have scored well. Her gown presentation, even though her gown was basic, was not about the gown, it was about the presentation.
Maryland—Really is striking, did very well in SS and EG, but the worst talent of the whole pageant.
New Jersey—Very strong in swimsuit, nice in gown, below average talent, but it’s at least a fun song. Of all of these, she has been displaying enough personality to possibly move forward.
Illinois—Also very strong in swimsuit and my personal favorite in evening gown in her group. Her talent was weak, but we did see worse during the week.

All of these, with the exception of Maryland, could make it in depending on interview. If they do not, I would love to see any of these try USA.

This list I hate to make. There are quality contestants on this list and I believe did their personal best. However, they just didn’t stand out enough for me to make it into the top 15.
Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming

I have some comments about a few of these:
Colorado—I wanted her to do better. The big problem for me is that she just had no energy all week aside of her talent. Her talent was strong, however. I was kind of hoping she would break through, but she never just did.
Michigan—Was good in SS and gown, but she just wasn’t strong enough across the board otherwise.
Ohio—She actually did well in swimsuit and decent in talent. The problem with her was the same with Colorado. She just didn’t exude enough energy.
Virginia—Despite competing in a very successful state, she had the same problem as the above listed. There just wasn’t a lot that made her stand out.

Well, I think that’s everyone. Between the preliminary contestants, the other post about the consistent ones, I think I covered every state. I think it speaks to the level of the contestants this year that only so few of them I ruled totally out of the top 15. Even those, you just don’t know how they connected with the judges. This was really a competitive class, and so many came with their A game on. There will most definitely be some good ones left standing. I congratulate each and every one of them. There are some years where I have some contestants that I really think would not be a good Miss America. I would not be disappointed in anyone crowned Miss America this year.

Now, I will try a stab at the top 15:

South Carolina
North Carolina
District of Columbia

With these, if I had to come down on state reputation, this is how I decided. We all know that a below average Miss Mississippi will best an above average Miss New Mexico every day in the Miss America system. Some of these I could easily move off the list and make room for the others. It’s really hard to say. I still would not count anyone out in the noteworthy group, the pleasant surprises and especially the Malcolm in the Middle group. Now, here’s my shocker statement that I would never have believed going into this, but here is:

I believe that there is a possibility that either Georgia or Oklahoma misses the top 15. After GA did not win any prelims, I just think she may not have connected with the judges. Also, there was something off about Oklahoma all week that we’re not used to seeing from them of late. Both have so much going for them and they would have nothing to be ashamed of in their competitions. But I just don’t know. I just wouldn’t be totally shocked.
Now, if some of these move out, I could realistically see Nevada, New Mexico, or Minnesota moving in. The reason I did not include Minnesota is that there is always one preliminary winner left out. As much as I like her, the state just doesn’t have the solid competitive edge that others do. And I hate to play the state reputation game, but we all know it’s a reality right now.

As for Miss America, right now, I am still hedging my bets on Louisiana. But, we never know!

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Date Posted: 16:22:31 09/10/17 Sun

I am going back over the last 10 years and for those of you who are interested in the statistics of the top 5, here goes:

In most years, there is usually a 2/3 combination in the top 5 of two preliminary winners and 3 non, or vice versa. That was true in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013a, 2013b, and 2015. There are also some years where only 1 preliminary winner makes the top 5. Those were 2008, 2014, and 2016.

The first runner-up was a preliminary winner in 2009, 2010, 2012 and in 2013a. The first runner up was a non-preliminary winner in 2008, 2011, 2013b, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

There were 7 preliminary winners and 3 non-preliminary winners chosen as Miss America. No one has won a preliminary SS award and won Miss America since 2009. Our last two Miss Americas, in addition to Laura K, Teresa S, Caressa C were all preliminary talent winners.

Fun stuff, does it have any bearing on what will happen? Not unless the judges see the statistics!

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Subject: And if not the preliminary winners, then who?

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Date Posted: 02:26:02 09/10/17 Sun

As we all know, there will be a top 15. There are some years where all of the preliminary winners make the top 15, but the usual happening is that there is one or two every year who do not make it. If there is a public vote, then there are potentially 14 slots open for non-preliminary winners. There are more non-preliminary winners that will make it into the top 15. As we have seen three times this decade, a non-preliminary winner has won. Could it happen this year? Of course. The question is, who would that person be? This year, it's a little hard to say. Off the top of my head, I would say that Georgia has been the most consistent. I am not sure that any of us really know why she didn't win SS. Unless she had a really poor interview, her onstage competitions have been really on the mark. In my opinion, she has been the most consistent without having won a preliminary. Keep in mind: it was the late 1950s, Colorado won, then South Carolina, then Colorado again.

There are a few other contestants that are doing well this week. South Carolina is cute, perky, has a strong talent, and has been above average in all of the other categories. Kansas has been on her game this week. She was strong in talent, and above average in all other onstage categories. Iowa was strong in all of the categories in Sigma. I had her second in talent and in the top 5 in swimsuit. Truthfully, though, I don't see her as a Miss America kind of persona, just a good competitor. Alabama has been consistent all week. She could go far. DC still has been coming on strong as well. She hasn't been "outstanding" in any category, but very consistent and with very good speaking skills. North Carolina has been very consistent all week as well.

I have a big post coming for tomorrow about the rest of the contestants, but I think these are the ones that jump out at me the most. The only big problem is, of all of these, I only think that South Carolina has the Miss America vibe. There are still contestants like Washington who I almost had out of this until she had a strong showing last night. And, then there are some who really surprised in a good way this week. I will say this much--the contestants have done a really good job this year, and there are plenty who have had a good week. They're making this really hard to call!

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Subject: Alpha Evening Gown

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Date Posted: 15:39:39 09/09/17 Sat

Evening Gowns
Finally, some color showed up. Some reds, a couple of black, still a lot of white, but a nice night overall.

FL—She kept her state gown, I think. She was pretty, but the dress was a bit old fashioned for me. I don’t know that it would do any favors, but still nice. 6.5
NC—Another plain white long-sleeved gown, but she had a LOT of presence. Very nice, great presence 8
CT—Kind of plain back gown. She looked nice, nothing spectacular, but nice 6
ME—Just very average, white. She looked nice, though 5
WV—Reminiscent of OK’s talent dress. She was okay, nothing we haven’t seen before 5
NY—Okay. It was a beige fuller dress. She has been choosing things all week that have drowned her out. Not bad, but nothing notable 6
PA—Very nice in red. The only thing I would say is that her modeling seemed a bit forced. She flared her train, I don’t know, it didn’t work for me, but nice try 5
HI—It was a white lace, nothing we haven’t seen before. She looked nice, though, nice presence 6.5
NM—My personal favorite of the night. A beautiful burgundy that showed off her height very nicely. She looked elegant, walked nicely, just had a natural presence 9
NJ—Kept her state gown. It was a very pale blue average V cut. She looked nice, had some presence 7.5
TN—Did what works well for her, the light turquoise. The only thing I would say is that her overall wardrobe is a bit dated for me. 7
UT—Very nice in red, full gown. Not amazing presence like some of the others, but holding her own nicely 6
WI—Another white with studding and sequin halter. I would have loved to seen her in some color. Nice but average 6
KS—Very nice and regal in a royal blue full satin gown. She looked tall, glamourous, and did very well. One of the better in the group 7.75
SC—Nothing we have not seen before. A basic black dress with gold accents on either side of the chest. She looked nice, though, looked like she was having fun 7
AL—I think this was the same dress she had for Miss AL. She looked nice, had some nice presence, but the gown was underwhelming 7 on nice presence

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Subject: A great video to end Savvy's year

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Date Posted: 02:44:38 09/10/17 Sun

This is from Miss South Dakota's Facebook page:
At around -11:40, what she does is absolutely adorable. What a great young woman. The future is very bright for her.

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Subject: The Show Us Your Shoes Parade

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Date Posted: 02:00:53 09/10/17 Sun

Hi everyone!

What a great parade. It was a beautiful, cool evening, a perfect night to be on the Boardwalk. I have to say, this year was one of the best years for costumes. Over the past few years, there were a LOT of contestants who were clad in their state universities or some kind of sports themes. This year, there were more beautiful gowns and it was overall dressier. You still saw a few, and that's fine. Everyone looked great. There were a lot of blues this year, which was very pretty. But the florals were gorgeous. Some of my favorites were DC, KY, WV and WI. AZ looked pretty, too. Both MI and GA had beautiful light turquoise gowns. Some of my favorite whimsical costumes were VT in a ski costume and MT looked great in fishing attire. CO also did the ski costume, too. IL honored the Cubs in a fancy dress, so she covered the best of both worlds. Savvy had on an Americana costume. Compared to other Miss Americas who were in evening gowns, this was quite a different look. But you know what? She's been so delightful this past year, I wouldn't expect any less. I always appreciated her humility, and she would have fun doing anything. CA looked pretty in a Golden State theme. I am trying to remember everyone off the top of my head. If any of you have any questions about your state, let me know and I will answer. LOL Nevada and NJ honored their states casinos, as did LA. She had a puppet with her. Overall, though, some really beautiful costumes.

I think those of you who have read this board the past couple of years now, or even if you are newer, you know I'm kind of a big sap. Or, perhaps a little bit of an empath. I've always said this, but I can always feel the emotion of this night, even as a spectator. It's one last night for the contestants to kick back and have fun. But yet, in a little over 24 hours, the experience that some of them have worked a lifetime for is going to be over. We will get to know a new Miss America over the next few weeks, and it will be fun. I still feel sad that the contestants will go their own ways. You really do feel like you're on this journey with them, it's great to experience. But the very nice thing is, with social media, we can still keep up with them as they go back on their way. And, they still get to travel their states and be the best Miss State they can be. The holiday parades are coming, beautiful Christmas pictures, and the like. I wish them all the very best.

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Subject: Alpha SS

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Date Posted: 13:13:04 09/09/17 Sat

Another great night in swimsuit! Once again, not really a bad swimsuit in the group. This really could have gone several different ways, in my opinion. Here’s a complete rundown:

FL—First of all, she is very pretty and just such a classic look. She had a bikini that reminded me of Katie Harman’s bikini, although Sarah did not have Katie’s strange walk lol. She really came alive, confident but not overdone, very nice. I would have given her an 8
NC—Very nice as well. Very fit, very nice body, she looked great onstage, confident, just a great look. 7.75
CT—Another great build as well. She wasn’t quite as confident as the first two, but she looked really nice. 7.5
ME—A nice body, just not as strong in her presentation. But not bad at all 6
WV—Okay. One of the weaker in the group tonight, she just didn’t have the best presentation 5
NY—A nice body, decent presentation. This was one of her stronger competitions 7
WA—Yes! She finally came through strong in a competition. Lots of stage presence, confident, had to score very high. She seemed to have a little more energy that FL, in my opinion 8.25
PA—Her swimsuit was a throwback to the early 2000s. This wasn’t her strong competition, she didn’t have a natural stride. 5.5
HI—Yes! What swimsuit competition is all about. She’s very pretty, exotic, looked great, had a confident walk. Everything you expected a Miss Hawaii to be 8
NM—Very nice, actually. Tall, leggy, great build. She wasn’t quite as strong as the others, but very nice overall. 7.5
NJ—Hot! If we were looking for the Miss GA type killer win, this would have been it. She should consider USA, I think she would fare very well there. IMO, the sexiest, very confident, just had an excellent look. I would have picked her for the win if I were a judge 9
TN—Nice. She has been looking good in turquoise all week, and she did again last night. Hard to follow NJ, but she looked nice as well. 7.5
UT—Not bad. Not quite as strong as the others, but certainly not poor in any way. She just didn’t have the best presentation. 6
WI—Nice. She looked great, had a decent presentation. I think had she had a little more energy, she would have scored a little higher 7
KS—Very tall. Not as strong of a presentation as some of the others, but certainly good enough 7
SC—Also holding her own in this group. Not spectactular, but certainly good enough 7
AL—Also nice. I kind of expected a little more with her, considering that she won SS at Miss AL in the past. But just as good as everyone else 7

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Subject: Friday Night Quick Recap

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Date Posted: 02:09:31 09/09/17 Sat

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Friday night, or as most people in the audience want to say, STFU night or put a sock in it night lol. Or, if you are contestant, continue to stand and smile. Yes, a frontrunner has indeed emerged. But, I just want to stress one thing. It was a WEAK night for talents. It dropped off from the first two nights. In fact, it featured a talent of Kristi Glakas bad. To the Maryland poster who reminded me not to compare Kathleen to Hannah. I concede lol. Swimsuit was very strong again tonight. Realistically, I could have seen it going to 5 or 6 different contestants tonight. I just have to say, despite the weak talents tonight, I have to give PROPS to the contestants. They are not there to play. They are there to WIN. This is a strong group of contestants that really worked hard. I know that I said this year seemed not as strong as last year. I was wrong. There are so many contestants on their A game. And I want to say in advance. If your favorite does not end up in the top 15, believe me, nothing to be ashamed of. There are a lot of contestants this year that are doing their very best and there are only 15 slots.

In swimsuit, I didn’t necessarily have Florida picked as the winner, but I am certainly not complaining. She has done well all week. I thought of her more as a talent winner, but she is very pretty, has an element of class about her, and just has something about her. Other strong presentations tonight were NC, CT, WA, TN, HI and NJ.
It was definitely the weakest of the talent nights tonight. I have said all along that Louisiana was going to win talent in this group. People love ventriloquism. Laryssa has being doing it for years, and she likely crafted her talent very well. Most talents were “okay” tonight. But Maryland was just bad. I don’t like to be critical, but it just was that bad. Georgia and Colorado were among the better talents in this group. I know a lot of people are likely reacting to the fact that she is now a double preliminary winner. I would say this much: take it seriously, but know that 1. Ventriloquism has won 2 out of the last 4 years every time someone did it 2. This was anyone’s to take tonight

Evening Gown

Color showed up! A lot of nice red gowns this evening. My favorite of the night: Miss New Mexico! She wore a simple burgundy gown with a studded neck that was simple and elegant. Looking great in red as well was Utah, and Kansas looked great in royal blue. There was still a considerable sea of white, but it was really offset by some beautiful color this evening.

Onstage Questions
Good lord, if they rambled on Wednesday night, this was even worse. Nobody really seemed to give a short answer. I almost think they should be timed starting next year. It’s not that I don’t enjoy hearing the answers, but I don’t think that the contestants are doing a good enough job of timing themselves. I thought that Minnesota did a very nice job with her question, and just like Tennessee last night, Indiana managed to give a very relevant answer about child abuse. I would say that I saw a lot of intelligent answers, just got too long.

A full report starting around noon! I promise that I will respond to everyone's posts as well. Today was quite busy.

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Subject: Mu SS

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Date Posted: 15:56:48 09/08/17 Fri

Overall, a really strong night last night. This is what Sigma used to look like. There really wasn’t a bad swimsuit in the group. In the past, some of the contestants didn’t have the walk down very well, but I didn’t see a lot of that last night. Here were my impressions:
MI—She had a great body, just not the best walk and presentation. Very pretty girl 6
OR—Hello! Legs for days, very fit, she picked more of an athletic suit, but it looked great. 7.5
GA—I said that I rarely see perfection at Miss America, but this was it. She was hot, her body was perfection, the walk was confident, she just owned that stage. This I am calling a 10.
LA—She was good, don’t get me wrong, but she followed GA and somewhat paled in comparison. She had a natural confidence, looked good, very pretty 8
WY—One of the weaker of the group, she had a nice physique. Her presentation was just not that strong. Not bad at all, just average. 5
OK—Nice! Very well built, nice presentation, confident. 7.75 to 8
NH—She also had a nice physique, you could tell she was naturally fit. Not bad at all, not the strongest presentation in the group, but nice. 6.5
VT—Very nice! Tall, leggy, and was very well built. Nice presentation, I liked the color of her bikini. The most pleasant surprise of the night. 7.75
KY—Very nice also. Very fit, nice presentation, confident without overdoing it. 7.75
MT—A little on the thin side, but she also looked nice. Good presentation, nice stage presence 7
MD—Yep, she still had it going on. She looked fantastic, looked great on the stage, naturally confident. Had to be close behind GA 8.5
ID—Not bad at all. Her walk improved as she got closer to the judges 6
OH—Another hottie! She didn’t have quite the confidence or energy as some of the others, but she looked really good. 8 overall
DC—She picked a nice color for her, smiled a lot, seemed energetic. 7
AZ—Hot hot hot! If they liked LA, then she had to score high as well. Great walk, very natural, her hair looked great, kind of sexy, just very nice overall. 8.5
CO—Had a great body, but sadly, her presentation wasn’t that strong. She just didn’t have a lot of energy. 6
SD—Probably one of the weaker ones of the night, but really not bad at all. 5

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Date Posted: 15:25:32 09/08/17 Fri

Hi everyone! Sorry so late, but here goes! I will keep posting.
It was definitely a dropoff from Alpha talent. I would say most of the contestants were average, but no one really awful. Some were minimal, like Illinois, I’m afraid. Here are my thoughts:

MN—Rhapsody in Blue on the Piano. She was in a beautiful blue gown that I would have loved to see as her evening gown competition gown. Every bit as good as Utah last night, and with even more energy. Damned near perfection 9.75.
RI—Hard to follow MN, but she was one that was okay. She did an acrobatics routine to All That Jazz. Nice costume, and decent overall. For those of you who have seen similar routines at the Miss TN pageant, this was a much better version. I would give it a 6 to 6.5.
MA—Sang The Impossible Dream. You can tell that she has some pipes, but I’m not sure that this was the best version for her. This song has the dynamic note at the end, and she did not make it dynamic. She wore a gunpowder dress. Even though I think she would have looked better in a brighter color, it was nice. The performance itself was only about a 5, but I would say 6 because of her actual skill.
MO—Please don’t call me an expert on Bollywood dancing. But to compare it to Nina Davuluri’s performance, I thought that Jennifer’s movements weren’t near as smooth. It was entertaining, though. I couldn’t quite give it a 7, but she made a good effort. 6.75
NE—Played the main Phantom of the Opera song on the piano. She was “just fine”, though not really inspiring or exciting. Pretty in red. 6
IL—Did a jazz dance to a Grease Medley. For once, a dancer actually danced to the tempo. Just not well. It wasn’t good, I hate to say. She just didn’t have good movement. 4
NV—Sang His Eye is on the Sparrow. Very nice, emotional performance in a white, flowy gown. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but she seemed to connect well and looked very nice. 6.5
VA—Danced to Last Dance. Slightly above IL. Same as NJ and WA, virtually no energy to an energetic song. She just didn’t move that fast. I kept waiting for her to start moving and it never really materialized. 4.5
DE—I didn’t recognize the song, but she danced a nice lyrical dance. Very pretty, flowing white costume. She was very pretty, moved nicely. In this group, I give it a 7.
TX—Another song I did not recognize, a lyrical dance. She did a nice job with it. Like DE, the costume was nice, though a little more color than DE. I would say 7 to 7 .5.
MS—ballet en pointe to a classical music medley. She had a very pretty costume, sort of like WI the other night. It wasn’t outstanding, but nice. It could have used a little more energy. I would give it a 6.
AK—piano to Flight of the Bumble Bee. I loved her dress, she looked appropriate for what she was playing. It was a nice, spirited performance. I don’t think she separated herself from the pack, but I would have given in a 6.5.
IN—Sang Hallelujah. Her gown was similar to her evening gown, she looked nice. Just a very average performance of the song. She doesn’t have the strongest, powerful voice. 4.5 to 5
IA—Damn! She’s got some pipes! I actually thought she might have pulled it off against MN, it had to have been close. She sang very powerfully. Strong 9 from me.
CA—Malaguena on the piano. I loved her costume—it was black with floral, very nice. She did a good job with it. It’s always a good, entertaining song. 7
ND—Did a jazz dance to The Way You Make Me Feel. LOL Kayla Martell’s dance to this scared me off a few years ago, but Cara did a much better job with it. She wasn’t the perfect dancer, but she smiled, had a lot of fun with it, and she seemed to be having the time of her life with it. 6.5 to 7 if they liked the energy.
AR—Sang You’ll Never Walk Alone. It had its good and bad spots. Sometimes she sounded like she was really building to a great finish, but it just didn’t come together right. 6

SS shortly!

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Date Posted: 01:27:34 09/08/17 Fri

Top of the evening to one and all!

Another fun evening is complete at Miss America. Congratulation to two great young women, Miss Louisiana and Miss Minnesota for their preliminary wins. I am thrilled that two wonderful talents have won two nights in a row. I will do a full review as I did tomorrow, but for now, here are some highlights.

Sigma Talent

Talent did come back to earth a bit tonight, though I have sat through a lot worse in Sigma talent. To me, the night was a showdown between Minnesota and Iowa, and neither disappointed. However, some of the Sigma contestants held their own. Last night's preliminary winner, Texas, did good with her dance tonight. I didn't think anyone was awful, though any hopes I had of Illinois breaking through ended tonight. She was probably the worst dancer of the evening. Virginia wasn't good, either. She did like NJ and WA did last night and danced too slow to Last Dance. I wasn't familiar with Delaware's song, but I thought she looked pretty, anyway. The singers were not as strong overall as last night, and the dancers were off a little bit as well. The pianists held their own. I loved Alaska's gown, though I'm sure a lot of others did not.


It was a much better night overall. Really, there was not a bad body in the whole group. Everyone looked very fit. There were a lot of strong presentations in this group. I was wrong about Maryland, she looked good, but others were better, IMO. In fact, I had Georgia clearly winning tonight. She had a rock solid body, looked (dare I say it) sexy, and had a great presentation. I was pleasantly surprise by some, including Vermont. I thought a lot of the group was solid and I could have seen it going several different ways. I will touch more on Laryssa's win in the full post. But let me just say, I am thrilled!

Onstage Question

I think that it was a better night than last night. The contestants didn't ramble as much, I heard a lot of convincing speakers, and I thought there were some really good answers. I know that I said I found something off putting about Caty Davis, but I am still rooting for her. I thought she gave a great, heartfelt answer tonight. I also appreciated North Carolina's answer, and Maine spoke very articulately. Also, Wisconsin gave a good answer about a VERY relevant platform, political tolerance. There is one thing that is permeating our language, and I am seeing it more and more with Miss America contestants. Several contestants started their answers with "So" when it was not necessary tonight. Back in my day, it was the equivalent of saying "Like" in front of a sentence. A lot of arts and self-esteem platforms tonight.

Evening Gown

Pick a white gown, any white gown. That was the theme for tonight. There was even less color than last night. That being the case, I really enjoyed Montana's gown. It looked like a Grecian goddess. She was my favorite in the group, because she looked so regal. I would venture to say she scored very well. Michigan's gown at least had some color, but it was very loud. Colorado's might have hit it out of the park, but it had too many things going on. LOL I will get into distinguishing the white gowns in the morning.

Look for a full review around noon! Sleep well, and be sure and share your opinions!

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Subject: History of Baton Twirlers

No name
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Date Posted: 08:31:27 09/08/17 Fri

History of Baton Twirlers:

40 – TX – Gloria Byrns – (+tap dance)
43 – FL – Muriel Smith – 1RU
43 – Western PA – Emma Hammermeister – SF
49 – ND - Kitty Page – (+tap dance)
49 – WI – Phyllis Kessler – SF
50 – NE – Jinx Burrus
51 – SD – Marlene Rieb – SF
52 – OH – Carol Koontz – (+clarinet)
52 – SD – Sandra Kay Hart
52 – VT – Barbara Moore - (+dance)
55 – FL – Sandra Wirth – Jazz medley - SF & PT
57 – PA – Jeanne Blatchard – “St Louis Blues”,” Stars & Stripes Forever” – PT*
58 – LA – Alberta Futch
62 – NE – Mary Jepson – “Ritual Fire Dance” – SF & PT
62 – AZ – Paula Welch – NFT
62 – NV – Audrey Chambers – “Born to Cha Cha Cha”
63 – OR – D’Ann Fullerton – (+hula dance)
64 – CA – Sherri Lee Raap
64 – LA – Cherie Martin – (+Toreador dance) - NFT
64 – WY – Joan Selmer
67 – FL – Dawn Cashwell – “Blue Tango” - 4RU & PT
68 – OK – Beverly Drew – (+vocal) – “Step to the Rear”
69 – CO – Adria Eaton – “I’m the Greatest Star”,”Don’t Rain on My Parade” – SF
72 – IA – Renee Studemann – “Can-Can” – SF
75 – DE – Elaine Campanelli – “Ritual Fire Dance” – NFT
75 – NV – Sherri Lowe
77 – UT – Kristy Deakin – “Jet Set”
77 – MD – (knife twirling) - Donna Silvestri – (+dance) “Gonna Fly Now”
78 – WY – Kim Pring – “There’s No Business Like Show Business” - NFT
79 – NY – Kelli Krull – “If They Could See Me Now” – T10 & PT
80 – CO – Kim Christianson – “The Main Event” – NFT
82 – HI – Gail Thomas – “Magnum PI”,”Hawaiian War Chant”
82 – IA – Linda Simon – NFT
82 – OR – (rifle twirling) – Laura Matthys – “Herzagavina March”
82 – PA – Laurie Hixenbaugh – “Pop Goes to the Movies”
83 – MA - Holly Myer – “Gypsy” – NFT
85 – IN – Laurie Broderick – “All That Jazz”,”C’est Magnifique”,”Set Me Loose”,”Another Cha Cha”- SF & PT
86 – NH – Lisa Vandecasteele
87 – CT – Michele Eaton – “They’re Playing Our Song” – NFT
87 – WV – Saundra Patton – (+ribbon/hoop twirling) “Brand New Day”
88 – MD – Lori Windsor – “Can-Can”
88 – MO – Heather Smith – “The Whistler & His Dog” – NFT
88 – WY – Wendi Willis
89 – IA – Jayna Sanchez – “Just Another Cha Cha” – NFT
89 – KY – Melanie Glasscock – “If My Friends Could See Me Now”
90 – DE – Liza Munzert – “They’re Playing Our Song” – NFT
91 – MD – Debra Fries – “Hooked on America” – PT & NFT
92 – WY – Stacy Cenedese – “Hooked on Instruments Part 3”
97 – OK – Kelli Masters – “Gonna Fly Now” – NFT
98 – IL – Amanda Meadows – “1,2,3 Maria” – NFT
00 – FL – Candace Rodatz – “Sing Sing Sing”
00 – IA – Theresa Uchytil – “Cup of Life”
01 – DC – Marshawn Evans – “I Will Survive” – 3RU & PT
01 – NE – Christine Foehlinger – “Prisoner of the Crusades” - T20
03 – KS – Angela Busby – “Prisoner of the Crusades” - NFT
04 – AZ – Katherine Kennedy – “Sparkling Diamonds”
07 – WI – Megan Coffee – “Stuff Like That There”
07 – FL – Allison Kreiger – “I Will Live for Love”
08 – IA - Diana Reed – “You Can’t Stop the Beat” - T10 & PT
10 – AZ – Savanna Troupe – “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”
13 – IN – Merribeth Cox – “Sparkling Diamonds” – T12
13 – TX – DaNae Couch - “Last Dance” – T10
13b – FL – Myrranda Jones – “Big Noise from Winnetka” – 3RU & PT
13b - MI – Haley Williams – “Nothing But Springz’s Thunder”
13b – VI – Ashley Massiah –– (+ribbon, hoop) “El Fuente”
15 – NH – Holly Blanchard – “Pitbull’s Fireball”
15 – DE – Brooke Mitchell – (+tap) “Uptown Funk” - NFT
16 - NE – Aleah Peters – “Wings” “Music in Me”
16 – AZ – Kaitlyn Niemiec – “Wings”
16 – TX – Caroline Carothers – “Hot Honey Rag”(Chicago) – T7
17 – CO – Meredith Winnefeld – “He’s a Pirate”(Pirates of the Caribbean)

Will Meredith be the first baton twirling Miss America?

If you know of any other twirlers in the history of MAO talent please add them, plus if you know any of the missing music/song titles please add them. Thank you

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Subject: Update on my Health

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Date Posted: 23:48:41 09/03/17 Sun

It's been ENTIRELY too long, friends.

I just haven't been doing well. After I got sick, I started to have a whole other nightmare that I have been dealing with for the better part of a year. I wasn't even sure that I was going this year. I have lost out on many opportunities due to pain, feeling like I couldn't walk right, etc. I have some kind of neurological disorder that several different doctors have not been able to properly diagnose. I sometimes have good days, but most are terrible. I feel better than I did over the holidays; I barely got through them. I started to feel somewhat better over the winter, but in July things got really worse again. All I can hope is that I do not have to live the rest of my life like this. I feel every bad emotionally as I do physically.

I thank you all who have been posting even in my absence. I love the history posts. The good news is that even though I had to wait until this weekend to know for certain, and I will have to have someone with me, I will be at the pageant! Rest assured, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. But, I can rest up the rest of the year. I just hope I can get through it. Loud affects me, and the final night gets very loud. I suppose some of you understand the feeling of you get sick of constantly missing out on life and feel like you have to fight just to do things you normally did.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get the clips like previous years. I am going to ask if you are reading this, please help me get the message out. If you can, post a link on your favorite message board. I still plan on doing my reviews. In fact, I am going to post about the Facebook videos and my overall impressions of the contestants. I didn't see every single minute of every single video, but I got a good sense of the contestants. And I will post another post about what I think will happen this year.

It's good to be back. Stay tuned for much more fun stuff!

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Date Posted: 17:04:49 09/09/17 Sat

Now comes the fun time—we spend the next 36 hours driving ourselves crazy trying to determine who is going to win. Overall, I would say that the judges did a great job this year, especially compared to other years. Me personally, I didn’t have any of the three actually winning SS, but they were all credible winners. I was right on with the talent winners. Right now, I know everyone is considering Louisiana the frontrunner. I would say yes, she is right now. However, even though I had her as a possible win even before the competition began, I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point. I am going to break down all of the winners with their strengths and weaknesses.

LA—Preliminary SS and talent. The swimsuit was a surprise her night, as I think the general consensus was that GA should have been the winner. Now, after Thursday, I thought it was a “we love you” kind of win. However, seeing that NJ was passed over last night with a smoking hot presentation, I am taking this just as the judges have a certain type that they are after. Objectively, last night’s talent was the weakest of the nights AND ventriloquism sells every time. I was not surprised about that. As far as holes in someone’s competition—there are none with Laryssa. This is why I had her as a possible winner. The only thing I would say is that we can’t assume anything with a double preliminary win. I don’t see her as the Toddlers and Tiaras types. But is her mother living her fantasy through her daughter? I don’t know either of them, so I can’t say, and I won’t judge people I don’t know. I would say that it looks that way. Would Laryssa be the first contestant to win a pageant whose mother’s influence is there? Hell no! They’re at every local, state, and national contest you could find, every system—Miss America, Miss USA, Miss World, Miss Universe.

FL—has had a very good week. Very strong in talent, won preliminary SS, comes from a state with no shortage of success. Interestingly enough, the two Miss Floridas that won the title did not win preliminaries. I thought her gown was a little matronly, but gown is the crapshoot competition, anyway. If they like you, they will score you high. The one thing that I see as a barrier to win is that she is a little more laid back and doesn’t quite have the energy of a Miss LA. But, as I said with other contestants, Laura K was friendly enough but she wasn’t bouncing off the walls. Deidre Downs was very focused and didn’t have the pageanty persona. You know who she reminds me of? This is going back a long way, but Pam Eldred, Miss America 1970. She bested a double preliminary winner who came in first runner-up. Pam was classy, a bit quieter, but had a regalness about her. That is how I see FL. I think she’d be a great Miss America.

TX—Also is having a very good week. Of these three, I would say that her talent is the weakest of them, but by no means weak. I think she’s a solid 7 in talent and it is certainly credible enough to win. She is very consistent and spoke well last night. I could see her like Savvy and come out swinging the final night. I encourage you all to take a look at this video:
She’s smart. She knows that you play to the crowd. I still have a feeling that she might sneak in and if she does that tomorrow night, she could very well pull off the win. My biggest barrier, I think, is that she is sort of generic. Whereas you can say that FL has that regal air, LA has the competition, MN and UT have the talent, there isn’t anything outstanding about her. She’s safe. But smart.

UT—Very talented, hugely talented. She’s natural, fun, and is very pretty as well. She held her own in swimsuit and evening gown. If everything else is there, I would say that she could win. There is something likeable and refreshing about her. My biggest barrier I see is that she kind of has top 10 written all over her. I think she would be good enough but may not have enough to get to the top 5. I hope I am wrong, though. She would make a lovely Miss America.

MN—I love her. I think she is fresh, young, intelligent, and talented. The crowd LOVED her talent, with good reason. Both she and UT were true talents. I have seen these passed over the last few years, and it was great to see them recognized. My biggest barrier, I think, is like with UT, she isn’t particularly strong in SS or EG. But she has everything else. And heaven knows, swimsuit wins have become a thing of the past at Miss America.

That being said, I am strongly looking at one of the SS winners as the next Miss America. I still think LA is going to pull this off, but I am nowhere near certain. I could make a case for FL or TX as well. And, if the final night panel is looking for someone friendly, sweet, and could still do a great job, Miss Minnesota would be an excellent Miss America. She is the most unconventional, but very refreshing and likeable.

I am headed off now, but I will address in my next post: if not these, then who?

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Date Posted: 14:21:14 09/05/17 Tue

It took until five days before the pageant to announce the final judge. With all due respect, I thought with the way it was going, we were going to get someone really big. This would be a big deal 20 years ago. I realize Tara does commentary for the Olympics, and that’s a big deal. But I just don’t see this as the huge deal that it seemed like the wait had suggested. That being said, I do like the composition of the final night panel. There are a lot of young, modern women on the panel. And I want to see a young, modern, appealing woman chosen. I have a feeling that with this final night panel, you will get someone appealing to a younger generation. I don’t necessarily see the winner as an interview queen. Or, if she is, she’s not going to be the old fashioned type. One thing of note, and it probably means nothing. Katie Stam was very close with Sam H. when she judged. Nina seems to be right now. Seeing how disastrous the relationship was between Sam and Mallory, I can't say that Katie influenced the panel. However, I am always curious when the head judge is close with Sam. Will Nina have some influence on who ultimately wins?

This is, however, all predicated on the preliminary panel. I would like to speak to the panel, but aside of Susan Perkins, I have no idea who any of them are. I don’t think anyone else really does, either. I know one is a model, and he isn’t too shabby looking 😉 Last year’s preliminary judging was the worst I have ever seen in the entire time that I have been attending preliminaries. In retrospect, I do think they got the winner right, but she in no way had the best talent her night. I still don't get Grace B and I didn't get DC taking swimsuit the first night. You do see it happen that sometimes the preliminary winners do not make it into the top 15. But, that panel seemed to be all over the place. The general trending the last few years is that the strong talents make the top 15 and 12 and do not get to perform their talent. I suspect that will continue. In 2015, Chelsea Malone and Taylor Wiebers had some of the best talent of the pageant and did not get to perform. Last year, Justine Ker, Alissa Musto and Laura Jones had amazing talents and never got to perform. And even though she was cute, I had California nowhere near the top 15, let alone 10. With this panel being such a mystery, it’s hard to say. All I can say is that it can’t be any worse than last year. I am going to get into this on the next post, but I do suspect that the winner could very well be a non-preliminary winner this year again.

I’d love to hear your opinions or perspectives. Interviews are already under way!

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Subject: Onstage Question

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Date Posted: 14:43:35 09/09/17 Sat

Overall, I think the contestants answered their questions well, but this group got a little long-winded, moreso than Mu. However, this group did have a lot of great, thoughtful, relevant platforms.
MN—Arthritis support. I am kind of wondering if it was a personal platform for her. She is a good speaker, I have a feeling after hearing her that she might have done good in interview.
RI—Marrow donation platform. She spoke about her own personal experience. Very nice, very convincing.
MA—Volunteerism. Kind of a generic platform, got a little long, but I thought expressed her thoughts very well.
MO—Another relevant platform in creating cultural tolerance. I thought she expressed herself well. Not quite as personal as OK, but a nice job.
NE—Support our troops. Always a good platform, she did a decent job answering. Some of the others were better speakers.
IL—Mentoring programs. A little pageanty in her speak, but she gave a good, convincing argument for how it benefits children.
NV—She was increasingly becoming a favorite of mine throughout the week. Her answer last night completely solidified that. She did an excellent job of speaking about the need for good relationships between the community and police. I am kind of hoping that these kinds of things came up in interview for her. I would love to see her in the top 15.
VA—Sort of a generic platform on leadership. It was okay, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. She rambled a bit.
DE—Spoke about mental health stigma. She was a bit rambly, but very genuine answer.
TX—Kind of confused about what her platform was, maybe tolerance. She spoke about building relationships with others. Good, logical anwer.
MS—Pretty cool platform about clean drinking water and accessible water for everyone. Very unique, spoke well. Not a bad platform for a Gulf State that was ravaged by the oil spill a few years ago.
AK—Another platform similar to TX about building relationships with other people. Good enough answer, a little rambly.
IN—Very good platform about preventing child abuse and child violence. I know she hasn’t had the standout week, but this is really why I like her. She’s intelligent and compassionate. A little long, but very nice overall.
IA—I think it was about wellness in women. She’s a good speaker, I still think she is going to be a strong competitor. I wasn’t 100 percent sure what it was, but she did a good enough job.
CA—Full disclosure. I know someone who has benefitted from her platform, Dude Be Nice. I think she answered it nicely, talked about the benefits. It’s a great program, and I think she explained it very well.
ND—Make A Wish Foundation. Gave a nice answer about why all children’s programs should be supported. I thought it was actually a good answer if she planned to work with CMN.
AR—I wasn’t quite sure what her platform was, but she spoke about doing kind acts for others. A nice answer, sounded compassionate.

I really liked Nevada and Indiana the best, I also thought that Minnesota spoke well, and I was really impressed with Miss MS.

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Subject: Hello. Will you be at show us your shoes today? If so, will you give a recap, pretty please?

No name
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Date Posted: 14:04:54 09/09/17 Sat

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Subject: Mu Talent

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Date Posted: 12:16:15 09/09/17 Sat

Mu was really mediocre in talent. Save Maryland, it was not an awful night. It was just mediocre. There were a lot of average performances.

MI—violin performance of Bad Romance. I said before that this had the potential to be either daring and original or pageant fodder. She tried, but it was kind of cheesy. Pretty costume, though, a burgundy jumpsuit. 5
OR—I liked her look. She looked very sleek and modern playing Moonlight Sonata. Her playing was okay, but I kind of liked the overall concept 5
GA—She did the dance that she did at Miss GA. The title of the song (which I never heard before) is something about her Own Too Feet. I loved her blue costume, very nice color, it suited the performance well. Very pretty dancer, one of the better lyrical dancers this year 7.75.
LA—Ventriloquism, I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart. Very entertaining. I would say that Mackenzie Bart had a little bit stronger of a routine, but this was very good. Solid 8
WY—Sang Putting on the Ritz. She looked very pretty in green, but it was extremely mediocre. I almost think she should have picked a slower song. 4
OK—Sang Summertime. One of the better of the evening. I hate to compare it to Kim Aiken, but this wasn’t near as strong. It was a nice performance, though. She had on a nice red dress with a mixed colored bodice, she looked nice. 7
New Hampshire—a Jazz Dance, I did not recognize the song. She looked really nice in a yellow costume. Entertaining, she had some energy. She was probably in the top 3rd of this group. 6.5
Vermont—Any hopes I had of her advancing kind of crashed after this. She did a sign language interpretation of Greatest Love of All. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty, lovely, or what have you. I am of mixed feeling on this talent. On one hand, if you took the time to learn ASL, it is something that you have worked hard at. On the other hand, it is technically considered a foreign language. We would not consider it talent if someone got up and just started speaking Russian. Singing in Russian, yes. I don’t know if it would be interpreted as singing what Erin did. Just with the overall feel 5
KY—Some kind of yodeling song. It was kind of mediocre. 5
MT—Sang God Help The Outcast. She looked beautiful in a flowing lavender skirt. Her voice wasn’t that strong, although she gave it her best 5
MD—Bob Fosse inspired dance? It really looked as if she had no other talent and decided to throw this together. She just has no movement. It’s as if she just got up and made some random movements onstage. I think she would have been much better doing a monologue or even something related to beauty. She had some beauty tips. Years ago, Nancy Fleming won Miss America demonstrating a dress she had made herself. Anything would have been better than this. It is a cautionary tale to future contestants-if you don’t have the traditional Miss America talent, go with something that you are personally talented at. It couldn’t be any worse than this. 2-3
ID—Sang a song called So Small. I did not recognize it. She looked pretty, it was a decent performance, nothing memorable 5.5
OH—Played the pageant venerable White Water Chopsticks. Wasn’t on the level of Teresa’s, didn’t have that energy. It was a decent performance 6
DC—Sang Born For This. Very nice vocal, she has a great gospel voice. Pretty red gown, one of the better of the evening 7 to 7.5
AZ—Sang a song called I’d Give My Life For You. I never heard it before, it may have been platform related. The vocals were really just okay 4.5 to 5
CO—baton routine to I’m A Pirate. Great costume, good energy. Very entertaining. She was fun and energetic. 7.5
SD—Sang Habanera. Kind of a big song to take on, but it’s been done. It was just okay. 5.5

Overall, the weakest night of the three. Even though I expected LA to run away with this night just by virtue of her talent, I have a feeling that had their been a powerhouse like UT or MN, they would have given her a run for her money.

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Subject: Mu EG

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Date Posted: 16:55:27 09/08/17 Fri

It was a sea of white last night, moreso than Wednesday. It was all going to come down to presentation.

MI—She had on what looked like a green gown with a lot of beading and patterns. I at least liked that it had some color. She looked very nice, had a nice walk 7
OR—Very pretty, tall, a nice gold or bronze gown. It was just enough—not too glitzy, unlike some gowns, it was just a nice statement, not too loud. She walked a little slowly, but looked great 7
GA—I think it was the same gown that she wore at Miss GA. Very nice. She looked sleek, elegant. It was plain white, sort of reminded me of Betty’s ensemble a few years ago. 8.75
LA—I have seen pictures of her in this gown before, but I love the coloring on her. Just a nice statement, very pretty, looked natural, walked nicely. 8
WY—A generic black gown, she didn’t walk too well in it, seemed to have a little bit of trouble. 5
OK—basically white with some gold beading at the chest. She looked great, very pretty, had more of a fashion walk, I thought very nice. 7.75
NH—A goldish sequined gown with a yellow train. I liked it. She had a nice but subdued presentation 6.5
VT—It was either navy blue or black satin gown. Kind of basic, but again, she looked great and had a nice presence about her 7.5
KY—The gown was kind of plain, but she looked nice. I wouldn’t say that she was outstanding in this group, but nice 6
MT—Yes, I know I’m not a fan of white, but she owned that stage. She looked tall, regal, Grecian. Her hair looked perfect, just really took command of the stage. My favorite of the night 9
MD—Truthfully, I wasn’t wild about the gown. It was definitely fashionable, but I didn’t like the design. That being said, she did look nice. 7.5
ID—Very plain white with a skirt train. She looked okay, but didn’t distinguish herself in this group 6
OH—Next in line with a plain white gown. She looked nice, and was elegant 7
DC—A differently styled Caressa C kind of dress, and she looked very nice. Nice presence 7.5
AZ—Another plain white, but she had a lot of presence, looked great, confident 8
CO—Okay. This was a very bold dress, but it was too bold. I LOVED the color. But it had too much going on. Her presentation, unfortunately, wasn’t that strong. 6 for the attempt.
SD—Ended out the night in a plain black. It was okay, her presentation was okay 5.5

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Subject: Onstage Questions

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Date Posted: 16:34:45 09/08/17 Fri

Overall, I thought this was a stronger night than Mu the first night. A lot of really good, effective speakers. Some rambled, but it was a better night overall. Here is a rundown:

FL—Spoke about need for music education in schools. She’s a bit soft-spoken, sort of how she presented herself in her videos. You can tell that she is very intelligent, gave a well-thought answer.
NC—Spoke about Alzheimer’s disease and helping patients. She took a little long to answer the question directly, but I really appreciated her answer. She talked about working with Alzheimer’s patients and it was a very nice, personal story. I would guess that it connected with the judges.
CT—She sounds kind of pageanty like I said in her videos. That being said, she gave a nice, personal answer about how children’s hospitals helped her. She had a tendency to ramble on a bit, but she was very connected. I thought she did a nice job.
ME—I always tend to have a soft spot for Maine, and this year is no exception. She gave a very articulate, effective answer about bridging the gap in politics. Very logical, answered the question directly, just in the right amount of time. I thought it was very well done, one of the better answers of the night.
WV—I’m not sure I liked the question that she was given. It was something to the effect of how would you try and avoid being assaulted, or something to that effect. Tamia effectively guided it back to a logical answer and I think did the best she could with a weird question.
NY—It was one of those where she had her own platform, but you really didn’t understand the concept. She spoke confidently, but I’m not sure what her organization does. She answered the question like she thought everyone understood, and that’s fine. You only have so much time, and she answered it as confidently as she could have.
WA—A very generic answer about self-esteem. It was nice, and she spoke with a lot of energy and conviction in her voice. I think she did a good job with it, it wouldn’t have been hard not to.
PA—Spoke about adoption. She was a good communicator, kept to the subject, gave a time appropriate answer. Good job.
HI—Spoke about the need for dental health in children. LOL as was acknowledged, it’s not a terribly exciting platform, but she did as good as she could with it.
NM—Another arts in education platform. She sounded very rehearsed as if she was practicing for months. It was a good answer, but also very robotic.
NJ—Funding for art education. She answered very well, I thought. Confident, spoke her mind, was very effective.
TN—Very personal story about losing her father to addiction. Now, constructively, I would say that she sounded a bit formal and pageanty when she spoke. I would really want to hear her talk in a more personable manner, it is a personal problem. No one would think the less of her. But very effective. This is why I think she still might be in the top 15.
UT—Self-esteem platform. She did a good enough job, a little pageanty, but spoke at an appropriate amount of time.
WI—I thought she did a fine job of articulating her platform about political tolerance. Gave examples of what she did, said that she would be speaking with Paul Ryan, and said that she hoped to do so as Miss America. She spoke with a lot of conviction. I have been on the fence with her all week. But, if she communicated this well in interview, I think she could make the top 15.
KS—She gave a good enough, though slightly pageanty, answer about people with disabilities. It was kind of generic, but she did good enough, I would say.
SC—She’s a good enough communicator. I wasn’t quite sure what her platform was, she gave a generic answer about children. Said that you had to work with lawmakers. I felt it was generic, but she’s so damned cute that you don’t care lol. (Yes, I am a fan) She has kind of a high-pitched voice.
AL—Spoke about hunger. I thought she was effective. The only thing I would say is that she sounded a bit flat in her tone when she was speaking about a very sensitive subject. Meaning, I’m not sure that she connected emotionally with her answer.

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Subject: Facebook and Overall Impressions

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Date Posted: 00:36:34 09/05/17 Tue

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day. I want to offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Sweetheart, the amazing Lauren Cabaniss. She will do a wonderful job and is certainly deserving of the title. I hope she danced her Pirates of the Caribbean dance, it was wonderful.

I didn't listen to every minute of every video, but I tried to get a feel for all of the contestants. I think this was a great idea to have all of the contestants participate. Sometimes it is hard to get media on some of the contestants, and this gives us a chance to see them. It is not the same as a sit-down formal interview, but it does give an insight into the contestant's speaking skills. I gave my impression of the videos as well as their overall potential.

AL—I have always been a fan of Jessica and hoping that she would win someday. So, I was thrilled that she won! I saw some of her Facebook videos, and she seems like a lot of fun. Let’s face it, Alabama will give her the best prep possible, and I certainly expect to see her in the top 15. I see her as a possible preliminary winner in SS.
AK—I am afraid that I don’t know much about her other than that she was an OT in the past. Truthfully, I didn’t view her video past the first couple minutes. She just did not sound well at all. Even though the videos are not judged, I didn’t think that Angelina did herself any favors with that poor introduction. You want for people to be intrigued and you want to pull them in. That did not happen. Truthfully, I think this past year was Alaska’s best chance and I just don’t see it this year.
AZ—Very pretty girl! Is she the OT that was in the top 5 at MAOT a few years ago? If so, I know she made a great impression on a lot of people. Her video was typical pageant speak, but I could definitely see her as a possibility for a prelim SS win.
AR—I think she’s very cute. Usually, a strong state follows up their Miss America win with doing well (think AL after Heather Whitestone, NY of late, need I say more) the next year. With the success of Arkansas, I expect to see Maggie in the top 15. She seemed to get some criticism when she was crowned, and I don’t get it.
CA—Like most, I didn’t know much about her. She’s rather new to the system, or at least so I thought. I enjoyed her video. One strong thing that I took away from her video is that she was able to improvise well. That will take her a long way in this process. Unlike a lot of the contestants who sat and stared at the camera, she took charge. I like her natural way of conversing, and I learned a lot about her background. She’s not very pageanty at all, and I like that. I have a feeling with one of the best prep teams in the nation, we will see her in the top 15.
CO—I have always rooted for Meredith and was happy to see her finally win. CO has really showed signs of resurgence the last 7-8 years. So, if she’s got the goods, I think we could see her in the top 15. Her talent is the entertaining kind that does well at Miss America as of late. I enjoyed hearing her speak, I didn’t know she was blind in one eye. I thought she told her story well without beating it to death.
CT—Hers was the typical pageanty video that just didn’t do much for me. I wouldn’t tune in for any future videos. I know that she had a decisive victory at Miss CT as a double preliminary winner. With the recent success of Miss CT, I could see her maybe in the top 15. She reminds me in looks of the lovely actress, and daughter of one of my favorite fathers, Jennifer Landon.
DE—She is a relative newcomer to the Miss DE system. That might be a good thing. With all due respect, the veterans in DE haven’t been doing much at Miss America. So, maybe a new approach is needed. I think she’s a unique beauty and she has a strong educational background. I am basing my video impression on the one from July, and I liked it. She seems very relatable and likeable. I know that DE always has an uphill climb at Miss America, but they have shown some signs of life the past 10 years. I am hoping we can get to know her more.
DC—I always felt that Briana would do well if and WHEN she got to Atlantic City. She seems like a lot of fun and is very engaging. Not pageanty at all. No doubt her years in Alabama will help her tremendously. Also, I think the DC folks will help her out as well. I see her as a real contender.
FL—I am such a big fan. She’s beautiful in a classic way. And this is Florida, after all. She’s in a great spot that produced a first runner-up and Miss America, comes from a state with a great history and brings a lot to the table. Truthfully, I wasn’t overwhelmed with her Facebook video, but I think it was more about the way that it was not put together, if that makes sense. It just didn’t seem to flow smoothly.
GA—I saw the state pageant, and she really wasn’t on my radar. To me, that night belonged to Brooke Doss. I wasn’t impressed with Alyssa’s onstage question at all. If that reflects her overall speaking ability, I don’t see her getting into the top 5. Top 10, absolutely. Even though she won talent, I see her more of a preliminary SS contender. There is no doubt she is a looker and I expect her to do very well. Her Facebook video kind of confirmed what I already thought—she’s just not a commanding speaker.
HI—Beautiful! I know she was a former Miss Teen USA, and USA experience tends to help contestants that compete in the MAO. The only concern I have is that Hawaii has not been able to translate their success at the national level of late. Her video was good—she was not robotic and she wasn’t overdoing it. She’s very warm and natural.
ID—I liked her video. She seems very warm and natural, looks good without trying too hard. LOL thanks for the explanation about the yellow air alert. Right now, Idaho is showing signs of life at the national level. You never know!
IL—Okay, I need to figure out what is in the water in Illinois because they are always sending beauties. This year is no exception! I’m not overwhelmed with her speaking. It’s a little sing-song pageanty. I would see her more of a contender for preliminary SS win.
IN—She had a very convincing victory at Miss Indiana. I really enjoyed her videos. She’s not going to be the loudest contestant in the room, but she’s very genuine. I don’t see her getting a lot of attention, and that’s unfortunate. She’s fortunate in that she comes from a great state with no shortage of success. Do I see her as the next Miss America? I don’t think she has enough of the commanding presence, but I could see her really connecting with the judges.
IA—She bested some strong contestants at Miss Iowa that were expected to do well. The state has become a powerhouse of late. She has strong talent, I’ve seen her figure and she’s clearly devoted to fitness. I expect to see her in the top 10. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t wild about her Facebook presentations. I can’t put my finger on it.
KS—She’s a naturally pretty girl, and I LOVED her headshot. I was not overwhelmed with her speaking on her Facebook video, though. I know these are not judged, but she tends to lack polish. It’s not that I am not rooting for her; I am.
KY—Inexplicably, for being Miss Kentucky, she is getting no attention whatsoever. Usually, they are paid attention to with their great track record. While I think she came across as really pageanty, I found her interesting. I would love to hear more about her farming lifestyle. Those are the kinds of platforms I like, where a contestant is truly excited about it, we don’t know enough about it, and we would love to learn more. The only thing I can say is that if she’s got the goods, she will be there.
LA—More on her later, as she is this year’s love or loathe contestant. (me: love) Objectively, she is a very pretty girl (and yes, she did seem to overdo it on the tan), she’s strong in swimsuit, and her talent has produced a preliminary talent win/top 10 and a first runner-up in 6.5 years. Entertaining works. I just think onstage, she’s got the total package plus the looks. I think she speaks very well, not near as pageanty as some of the others I have heard. In fact, she’s quite fun. If you are a fan of hers, I highly recommend checking out her last video before she left. She has some pictures of her mother and she just shows a lot of personality.
ME—Hard to say. I know she was a MAOT. Her cooking video was the longest, I tried to listen a bit. But there is a nice clip of her singing in the Facebook videos. She has a nice voice. If we’re being honest, Maine always has a hard time at the pageant. It would take an EXTREMELY strong contestant to break their spell. I’m not sure I see it happening this year.
MD—Well, you’ve done it once again. She is beautiful! Preliminary SS wins in 2014, 2016, and I expect it to happen again this year. I have heard that her talent is weak; so was Hannah’s. I will be honest, though—unless she kills it otherwise, I don’t see her in the top 15 like Hannah was. Her speaking skills do not seem that strong, she seems too laid back. She reminds me in looks of the lovely new mom Peta Murgatroyd.
MA—I would say of the New England contestants, she and NH seem to be the strongest. I know she is consistent across the board. And if she sings Via Dolorosa, it should get her to at least 2nd runner-up *wink*. MA has been coming to life of late at Miss America, and it’s about damned time. She won SS in the past and has a strong voice. Her Facebook did not really stand out to me, but let’s see what happens. She does seem to have a fun personality, although a little pageanty. If she does well all week, she will be in the top 15.
MI—Pretty girl. I thought she was a good speaker on her Facebook video, though she doesn’t seem to have a lot of energy. I give her props for taking on talent in an original way. However, it’s one of those things, too, that could turn into potential for gag reels if it isn’t done well. I’m not sure if she was a stronger contestant than Ariana.
MN—Minnesota never fails to send some amazing contestants. Her talent is very strong; I expect that she contends for Sigma talent. More importantly, she is rather charming, bubbly, and natural. She speaks well, not a lot of pageant speak, and she seems very mature for her age. I am really hoping that she follows in the footsteps of Rebecca Yeh. I think she could.
MS—I am not sure what to think here. I think her speaking skills are good. She speaks naturally, she’s a good speaker and seems like she has a good sense of herself. I didn’t get that she feels the need to be someone she is not. However, after she won, a lot of people seemed to think she wasn’t going to do much at Miss America. Constructively, I would say that her look might not be seen as natural. She’s from MS, after all, and they have been doing great the past few years. I still won’t be surprised to see her in the top 15.
MO—I don’t know, I don’t get the hype she’s getting. I think she looks good; not exceptional. I haven’t seen Miss MO the past year or two, but I do remember her competing. I never thought she had what it took to be a state titleholder. Although, I was wrong. I will say, she comes across as very nice and genuine on her Facebook videos. I am just not sure that she is going to stand out, is all. Her talent (and let me stress, I could care less that Nina Davuluri is judging) has changed several times. While I have seen last minute talents make the top 10 (most recently, Miss KS 13), it does not tend to help a contestant.
MT—It’s hard to say how I feel about her other than she’s pretty and fresh. The reason I can’t say much is she doesn’t have a lot of video presence. If we are just being honest, MT is an overlooked state even if they send a quality contestant. So, I don’t expect to see her unless she’s super strong.
NE—I always knew Alison would win her state pageant someday. I know the state has really come to life the last ten years. I am sure that if she has something, she will be there. There isn’t a lot of Facebook presence with her, so it’s kind of hard to tell. Just overall, from what I do know of her, I am not sure if she is strong enough to contend.
NV—She won on her first try, so I am really not that familiar with her. I understand that she is strong in swimsuit, so maybe we’ll have a pleasant surprise. Last year’s Miss Nevada did a very respectable job, and they had NFT a few years ago. It would be very nice to see them do something this year. There aren’t a lot of Facebook videos of Andrea.
NH—I wasn’t overwhelmed with what New England initially. However, when I saw Lauren’s video, I was very impressed with her. In one of her videos, someone asked her how she would promote the Miss America program. Without any thought, she immediately said that she would work with guidance counselors and make them aware of the program. If I were judging, that would score very high. It’s much better than “by being a good role model”. I like contestants that have real, intelligent thoughts about this program. I also can see that Lauren wants to do well. NH, in my opinion, gets overlooked (think Rachel Barker). But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lauren this year. I think she is very well prepared, highly intelligent, and personable.
NJ—It just depends which version of Kaitlyn shows up. She has been notoriously inconsistent over the years at Miss NJ, even dropping out of the top 10 one year. The last two years she has won preliminary SS. Her Facebook video, I felt like she tried too hard. And I think that was one of the reasons that she was never able to win Miss NJ. My overall thought that if (our dearly departed) Cara/Ciera/Brenna doesn’t make it to the top 15, then neither does Kaitlyn. I would possibly see her getting into the top 15 or possibly a preliminary SS win, but I don’t see her getting far.
NM—She kind of reminds me of the actress Lake Bell in looks. There is a short clip of her singing in her Facebook videos, but the live chats are missing. As far as NFI goes, New Mexico has been doing very well. Sadly, I understand that behind the scenes there is a lot of chaos in the program with directors and such. I kind of hope that they get someone in there to run things well as they send contestants with potential every year.
NY—This one is the most perplexing to me. She did beat out some very strong competitors, but she’s not really jumping out. Either one of two things. Either this is a fluke, or she is the sleeping giant this year. I know that she was a previous Junior Miss. This IS Miss New York who has in the last few years had three Miss Americas, two second runner-ups, preliminary SS winners, et al. I’m sure Gabrielle will be as ready as she will ever be. There aren’t a lot of videos on her Facebook page, but the ones that she did, I think she spoke with confidence.
NC—Okay. I tend to listen to states about their titleholders. They seem to legitimately think this is their best shot since Jessica Jacobs (which is just about ten years ago now-yikes!). From what I have seen, she is very pretty and has strong talent. To me, her Facebook videos are a little pageanty. But I have some clips coming of her where she comes across more formal, and she speaks with a lot of confidence. I am hedging my best on you, North Carolina. Don’t disappoint me 😉
ND—From everything I understand, Cara is an Ivy Leaguer and seems to be by far the strongest Miss ND in years. Based on her videos, she seems very bubbly and fun. The only critique that I would have is that she seems to come across a little teen at times. I think in interview, she’s going to have to get a little more focus and tone it down a bit. In the late 80s, a similar Miss ND, Tina Curran, made the top 10.
OH—She’s a pretty girl. I would say a possible SS contender in a weaker group, but I don’t think she’s quite got it in a competitive group. She’s a good speaker, but she seems very laid back. I know she’s been competing a couple of years, and OH has been showing some signs of life lately. But I just don’t really see it this year. She seems too laid back.
OK—Okay, I am in love. There is just something about her. I understand that she is Native American. Maybe the fine folks in Oklahoma could answer this-is she the first Native American contestant since Susan Supernaw? She must have something to have come from not have even making the top 10 at Miss Oklahoma last year to winning the whole thing. I certainly expect her to be in the top 10 if not a major contender. My only concern is that she seems a little bit laid back in her videos. She doesn’t really have the MAO speak down as she references that she only competed for two years. To me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I can’t wait to see her compete.
OR—I thought she did a good job speaking in her videos. She’s a naturally good speaker, her conversation flows naturally. I’m not sure what she brings to the table as far as competition. It’s funny-it seems like OR the past few years have sent a strong contestant every other year. Last year, Alexis was consistent across the board. I wouldn’t have put any stock in that preliminary panel, though. But back to Hayley. It’s hard to say. Right now, OR hasn’t had a lot of success. I think Hayley seems a little too laid back, but I don’t know.
PA—I love her. She’s absolutely adorable. I want her to be my friend! She just has so much natural personality, so likeable. I don’t see her as being able to pull off a preliminary win, but I do see her doing VERY well. She speaks very well, too. Every video I have seen of her she has that same fun, engaging way about her. People are drawn to her. I don’t know if personality will win twice in row, but why not?
RI—She seems like a nice gal. She’s not the loudest in the room, but she seems articulate. I gather that she was a marrow donor and should have a great platform story. As we know, Miss RI always has an uphill climb at Miss America, but you never know.
SC—She’s so damned cute. In a way, she kind of reminds me of one of my favorite of favorite Miss South Carolinas, Jeanna Rainey. More in personality, and definitely the hair 😉 I thought she communicated very well, confidently, natural, doesn’t need to be very loud to get her thoughts across. Believe me, she’s ready to go.
SD—There isn’t a lot of Facebook presence for her, so I can’t really speak to what she has to offer. I know a lot of people weren’t really on board with her, but she purportedly has strong talent.
TN—I don’t know. I saw Miss TN and while I think Caty had a good week, there’s something to me that’s off-putting about her. Her look is a bit harsh, and she didn’t seem to tone it down for Miss America. There’s also something about her personally that I just don’t find her engaging. No doubt she is in a powerhouse state and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her for that reason. However, if there is ever a year that they sit it out, this would be it for me.
TX—She seems like the quintessential Miss Texas—she looks like one, has the personality of one. And like most Miss Texases, I expect her in the top 15. I don’t mean this as an insult, but she’s just kind of your average Miss Texas. I suspect she might be a SS contender in Sigma.
UT—Utah is one of those states that you have to work very hard for me to not like who they send. Not one of those years. I think JessiKate is very pretty and has some amazing talent. I think she’s one of the top contenders for Alpha talent. She’s got gorgeous eyes, maybe Laura K 2.0? She has some personality without going overboard.
VT—I enjoyed her videos. I thought she spoke very well with enough personality to make her fun. Like some of the other states, she faces an uphill climb at Miss America, but again, you never know.
VA—Cecili has definitely put herself in a better position by winning VA instead of OH. If she’s got something, I expect to see her in the top 15. Me personally, I don’t know. I find myself not being able to get excited about her. Something about her seems a bit dated or something. Her speaking was a bit pageanty and rehearsed.
WA—Nicole comes with a great resume, and I have no doubt she is there to win Miss America. I would not be at all surprised if she won. She has a natural presence about her, is a lot of fun and likeable. That being said, she will no doubt need to get it together in a major way before interview. I know she will, but she does have a tendency to come across a bit too strongly in her videos. More on her later.
WV—Tamia seems like a really genuine gal. I really enjoyed her Facebook videos. Miss WV made the top 15 two years ago, mainly due to a strong talent. Sometimes success breeds success, and maybe we’ll get to see Tamia this year, too.
WI—This one is hard. I have learned everything about her from bits and pieces. I know she dances for a ballet company, and I always like GOOD ballet. Lord knows there’s been enough bad over the years at Miss America. She has a unique look in which she looks different every time I see her. She reminds me a little bit of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Since there are really no Facebook videos, I’ll have to see about some of the other videos so I can tell a bit more.
WY—She’s very cute. This state has the most uphill climb besides Georgia, but we saw them only 4.5 years ago. I found her to be very natural and engaging.

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Subject: Evening Gown and Onstage Question

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Date Posted: 14:33:09 09/07/17 Thu

Evening Gown
Like I said before, the night was about white, capes, and trains. I wasn’t overwhelmed with anyone but the three that I mentioned, and some were very nice, like Nevada and Mississippi. Some were just plain boring. I hope we see more color tonight. If you choose white, I have seen good like Taryn Foshee. It was simple, but she looked elegant and you remembered her. Here are my thoughts:

MN—It was a long-sleeved black dress, looked to be velvet. With her beautiful coloring, I would have loved to see her in maybe an emerald green or a deep royal blue. She looked nice, a decent presentation 6
RI—One of my favorites of the night. Pink (which I am not huge on, but still) with a chiffon cape in the back. Her hair up in a classy bun, she was tall, elegant, and looked wonderful. 8
MA—Very plain white with capes in the back. Plain presentation 5-6
MO—A very busy black long sleeved dress. I didn’t like it. It almost looked gold when she was turned front, but it must have been the sequins. It was a very busy dress with sequins, a lot of lace, and too much of everything. I never knew black could be that complicated. That being said, she had a lot of confidence and walked nicely. I would say 7 based on her presentation, despite the gown.
NE—A studded halter gown with a white, flowing skirt and a cape at the back. It was a little busy for me. She had an okay presentation. 6
IL—She had a similar dress to NE but a lot better. Her presentation was flawless, very confident, very natural, very elegant. I loved it. She had to score well 8.75
NV—Very pretty gold with a skirt train in the back. Tall, statuesque, had a nice presentation 7
VA—Plain white, but she’s tall and statuesque, so she looked nice. Okay presentation 6.5
DE—One of the few color choices of the night. A nice royal blue with a skirt train, you’ve seen it before. She looked very nice, decent presentation 6.5
TX—She kind of blended into this crowd for me. Her gown did not stand out in any way, very basic. Sort of like NY’s talent gown, it just kind of blended into her. An okay presentation 6.75
MS—One of the plainest white gowns I have ever seen. However, she had a nice presence about her, very elegant, confident. She definitely stood out 7.75
AK—A black gown with a black chiffon train at the back. Not bad. 6
IN—A red and gold dress that you’ve seen before. It was the kind with gold sequins and the ruffled bottom. She didn’t seem really confident 5.5
IA—Couldn’t tell if it was navy blue or black. It seemed to be velvet, cut pretty low. She looked nice, although, not overwhelming. Average presentation 6
CA—Another of the color choices of the evening. A simple royal blue dress. I thought she looked nice, but her presentation was not very strong 6
ND—Another black dress that was kind of busy. It was cut out mid chest with a lot of silver sequins on the side. I felt like those sequins screamed, “Look at me!” LOL I am not sure if that is what she was going for, but it came across that way nonetheless.
AR—Ended the group very nicely. A basic, strapless maroon gown. Her hair was up, she had a nice choker, and presented herself very well. She would turn heads if she walked in a room. 8

As you can see, nobody was really bad. Just average, a lot of them. I am hoping for some more color tonight and better presentations.

I never really give a number for these, because they’re kind of hard to score. That’s why they never asked me to judge 😉 Overall, I was not impressed last night. There were some contestants that went really long. It seemed like they might have gone a minute and a half. Some were good, though. Even the ones that I liked, such as Vermont, rambled. I was hoping for the chimes. I was seriously thinking that they might institute them next year depending on what happens the rest of the two nights.
These are the things that I look for in a good onstage question:

1.Did they answer the question? I don’t like to hear spitting out facts and statistics. I want to hear the question answered as it was asked.
2. Was it concise? LOL it wasn’t in many instances last night, but can you say what you need to say in a few sentences without rambling on.
3. Did it avoid jargon and excessive statistics? A good example of this was Jade Smalls in her onstage question in 1999. She started out quoting statistics to answer her question and just kind of got carried away. Thankfully, the contestants are getting away from this, but it was really bad for a while.
4. Speaking at a good pace-not too fast, not too slow, and not rehearsed.
5. Would I want to sit down with you and ask you more about your platform?

MI—Arts in education platform. IMO, you can’t really screw this one up because so many contestants have used it over the years. A decent answer, she rambled a little bit.
GA—Another arts in education platform. She did a better job that MI, I thought. She spoke confidently and was able to articulate herself, just the right amount of time. Looked good.
LA—Sort of like I talked about last night, she seemed very melancholy. She used some statistics in the beginning but then spoke about how it impacted her family. She sounded very human, I would imagine that it connected with the judges if they were empathetic.
WY—Talked about diabetes. She wasn’t bad, actually. I thought she made a convincing presentation about how we overlook taking care of ourselves, etc. A little rambly, though.
OK—I thought she did a nice job. Very articulate and spoke convincingly about the relevancy of her platform. She didn’t go on and on, and I would listen to what she had to say.
NH—Financing higher education. She did a decent job. I thought she spoke with conviction, although she seemed to get a little sidetracked at the end.
VT—Spoke about STEM and how it related to her own life. Yes, she rambled, but I really enjoyed hearing her speak about flying to Atlantic City herself. I forgot that she rambled because she was so interesting. Definitely answered the question and gave a personal example. Really showed a lot of personality unlike some of the others.
KY—Spoke about farming and how it impacted a community. I thought she was convincing and showed some personality. Spoke a little long, but not bad overall.
MT—She was one who I didn’t think did a very good job, hate to say. I really didn’t understand what her platform was and she spoke too long.
MD—I don’t understand what her platform was. She spoke about how she was there to inspire other people and how if she could do it, so could anyone else, but I really don’t understand what her platform was. She didn’t go on like some of the others.
ID—Children’s health and wellness. Not bad, but she had a tendency to ramble towards the end.
OH—Sports injuries, I think her platform was. She sounded confident in what she was saying, but went on way too long and had several thoughts going at once.
DC—Very well-spoken on diabetes awareness. This is why I still think she will do very well. She is very articulate, intelligent, and informed.
AZ—Supporting our troops. Another rambler. I thought she seemed genuine but went on and on with a few thoughts going at the same time.
CO—Talked about eye health. She did a decent job, stayed on subject, didn’t ramble.
SD—Arts in education. I liked her answer, because she answered clearly and correctly, made convincing arguments, and she ended in a decent time frame.

I would have to say, if I took all things into consideration, I would have had DC as the best answer, OK and KY being good, and then VT.

So, there you have it! Night 1 is beyond us, and I am looking forward to night 2. Look for talent to come crashing back to earth tonight lol. I think tonight will be a showdown between MN and IA, and I hope MN’s placement doesn’t hurt her. The good news is that there have been a lot of preliminary winners out of slot 1 in a group. Swimsuit is going to improve over last night. The group is heavily stacked. I still am going to say MD wins again but would not be surprised to see some of the others I mentioned win. We’ll see tonight! After tonight, we will have some better idea of who is consistent throughout the categories and start to be better guess on a top 15.

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Subject: Night 1 SS and Talent Review

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Date Posted: 12:08:06 09/07/17 Thu

Good morning/afternoon!

LOL you know it is pageant time when you have Fantasie Impromptu running through your head late at night. I swear, it was running through my head before I fell asleep. Not a bad thing, mind you 😉 It was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to another great night of competition. I was exhausted, but well worth it. A couple things worth mentioning before I start the reviews:

1. A lot of the major sponsors have left. No more Joseph Ribkoff, and I am not sure of the swimsuit sponsor. But the swimsuits are really basic. I think Sherri Hill is giving the non-finalists a white gown for the crowning.

2. Sadly, the stage is the plainest I’ve ever seen ☹ It still has the trophy, but it’s just so plain otherwise. Very little color at all. There are two kind of circular things on each side of the runway. I hope the contestants will not be sitting there during the finals, it would be too distracting.

3. Apparently, there is going to be some additional Q&A during the telecast. The final contestants are supposed to get a fun or non-platform related question. It was actually 1996 that they stopped a similar format. The final five were asked a light question and then a platform question.
Okay, now onto the reviews! Keep in mind that with the Miss America judging as it currently is, the judging is as follows:
1-3 below average
4-6 average
7-9 above average
10 perfect

What a great night overall. FULL DISCLOSURE: I did my best to jot down everyone’s talent selections, but I did not recognize a few of them. LOL neither did I recognize the swimsuit song. It has a reggae feel to it. I do know the evening gown song, it’s the latest from Coldplay. I love Coldplay, and apparently they are easy to get a copyright. They also used Coldplay in 2012 and 2014. The night started and ended strong. Here are my impressions:

FL— Piano Fantasie Impromptu. She wore a beautiful purple either dress with a train or slacks with a train. She looked very regal. VERY talented. It was a very strong start to the night. I would give it a solid 8.
NC—Sang I Will Always Love You. She had on a very pretty gold gown that really complimented her coloring. It was more of the Dolly Parton version than the Whitney Houston version. I would say that it had its good spots, but it wasn’t dynamic. I would say it was good though, I would give it a 7 overall.
CT—Sang Memories. She has a very solid voice, sang with a lot of conviction. It was a good, solid performance. I would give it a 7.
ME—Sang Someone to Watch Over Me. She looked very pretty and has a nice voice. It was more subdued than the first few performances. I would say 6 overall.
WV—I really have no idea what her song was, it sounded like Kanye West. It was a fast dancing kind of song. She looked like a dancer for a basketball team, it had that kind of feel to it. I heard some catty comments around me about it. I didn’t seem to think it was as bad as other people did. I don’t know if anyone remembers Miss OH’s dance in 2007 to the Black Eyed Peas song. This is the kind of feel that it had, although I don’t think WV was as good of a dancer as Melanie. I would give it a 5, and I could see where others might score it as a 4.
NY—Another that was weaker in the group tonight. She sang You’ll Never Walk Alone. It was “okay”. Her vocals were not strong, and of note, the gown really drowned her out. It was a neutral color and just kind of blended in. I would give it a 5.
WA—I am afraid that I didn’t recognize this song, either. It sounded like Megan Trainor’s voice, but I can’t be certain. As far as the performance, she can definitely move, but the song seemed too fast for her movements. Meaning, the tempo was faster than her actual movement. I just think her dancing did not match the energy of the song. I would say this performance was a 6.

PA—Saxophone rendition of Listen. Very nice performance, it was sort of jazzy. It filled up the hall very nicely. She worked the stage well. A basic costume, but the performance sold it. 7
HI—A jazz dance. Her costume, I think, overshadowed the song. Her dancing was very basic. She looked great, but the presentation was lacking. 5
NM—Sang Art Is Calling For Me. Yes, we’ve heard it all before. But Taylor was dynamic. She has a fantastic voice, you can tell that her voice is her craft. Great performance, strong vocals. I recommend that she goes on some kind reality show in the future. 9
NJ—Danced en pointe to Shut Up and Dance With Me. It was hard to follow NM, and it did her no favors. I guess part of me is a purist, I don’t like to see dancers perform a pop song en pointe. It usually never goes well. I either think she should have chosen another song or perhaps another method of dance. The song was the best thing about the performance. See WA above, same exact thing. The music was entirely too fast for her slow movements. It just did not work. 5 because the music was entertaining.
TN—Sang I Have Nothing. The big problem was that it was off key. It wasn’t that Caty was off key, it was just the arrangement was off key. Very pretty gown, though. I just think it was the wrong song choice for her. She does have a good voice, it’s not that. It really fell apart at the end. I would say this was in the 5 range, 6 if you consider her overall talent.
UT—Damn! You rarely see or hear 10 talent at Miss America, but this was pretty damned close. From the minute she started to perform, she OWNED the song. It was energetic, flawless, technical, entertaining, everything. The music filled up the whole hall. I think of people like Lindsay Stirling and think that JessiKate could really make a name for herself in the music world. I HOPE HOPE HOPE we get to see this Sunday night. 9.5
WI—It was hard to follow that amazing performance, but she held her own. She had good technique, was costumed well, and it was a good performance. The only bad thing I could say was again, she had to follow a strong talent winner and paled after that, but nice overall 7.
KS—I really don’t like They Just Keep Moving The Line, but I totally forgot that when I heard Krystian sing. She has a phenomenal, powerful voice. She really hit the high notes with a lot of power. Her voice really filled up the hall. Her dress was very pretty, too. She looked great, sang with a lot of energy, and I loved it. It had to score high. 8.5
SC—did a very pretty dance to Heaven Is A Place On Earth. It wasn’t the Belinda version, it was a more of a slow version. She looked very pretty in a pale blue costume. Suzi really connected with the music, you could feel her energy. It was like you did not want to take your eyes off of her until she left the stage. Very well done. 8
AL—Closed out the night of talent very well. It was a simple version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Again, nothing we haven’t heard a hundred times before. However, her version was just simple, yet powerful. Her voice really filled up the room beautifully. This is a great example of NOT oversinging a song, but just singing it dynamically. A solid 8 from me.

The last third of this group was absolutely amazing.

I wouldn’t call it a bad night by any means. It just was not up to par with other years Sigma. Supposedly, the thing that the judges look for is presentation and how comfortable the contestants seem. I think that may have cost someone like Delaware the win. She looked fantastic—very fit, her swimsuit was red lined with gold (I think, anyway) but she didn’t have the confidence. I thought MS and IL were very close to winning, and NV was tall and statuesque. I think a little bit sash factor came into play here, but I don’t disagree with Texas winning. She had a lot of energy and confidence. And for those who are concerned about rail thin body types winning, she’s not. Her hair bounced, she looked happy, she exuded confidence, and that was what won it for her. I liked IL better and I thought MS had a great presentation. But, I’m not judging, either. Here is what I thought for each contestant.

MN—She wasn’t bad, but her presentation just didn’t flow right. I would have scored her a 6.
RI—Very tall, very statuesque, had a nice presentation. I would have given her a 7.
MA—She looked like she might have been fit but she just didn’t have enough energy. 6
MO—Very tall, very nice. She had a decent walk, one of the better ones of the group. 7.5
NE—Very nice body, looked tall and leggy, her presentation just wasn’t confident enough, but not bad 6
IL—Confident, energetic, had a nice walk and a great body 8
NV—Also very tall, had legs forever, stood out very well. The only thing that stopped me from scoring her an 8 is that she had some kind of pony kicks going on or something, her walk was a little off. Wish she would have gotten that worked out, because I think she might have won. 7.5
VA—Very nice build, tall, leggy and proportional. She had a nice presentation as well. I would call this in the 7 to 7.5 range.
DE—If just looks could have won this competition, she would have walked away with it. She looked USA, except she just didn’t lack confidence. It’s a shame. I was wondering if she would do USA after this. With the right coaching, she would do very well, I thought. With the presentation, I would say 6.5.
TX—She was confident, bubbly, showed personality, and she seemed to own it. I will explain more later, but I would have given it an 8.
MS—It probably hurt her some to go after the eventual winner, but she had a nice presentation. Sort of like LA, I think she overtanned. You did notice her, though, and one of the better presentations of the night. 7.75
AK—did not seem very comfortable. Her walk was kind of off. One of the weaker of the night 5.
IN—Just lacked energy. She looked nice, but compare it with the winner and she just didn’t have the energy. 6
IA—Very well built, you can tell she is fit. She had a good presentation, too. I would have put her in the top 5 for the night. 7.75
CA—Very nice physique, her presentation lacked a little bit of energy for me. Okay, but didn’t stand out from the group. 6.5
ND—Not bad. Her presentation was decent, but like CA, didn’t do much to set her apart from the crowd. 6
AR—Had a little bit of a thicker body compared to most, she had an okay presentation. 6
Overall, even the winner, I just couldn’t give more than an 8. It just wasn’t a wow night overall. As you can see, a lot of the contestants I had in the average category. As for TX winning, of course, there is speculation, even among myself, that she might be favored by the preliminary judges. I would say that it’s possible. But objectively, she was one that I would classify as: yes, I had others as a possible winner, but I get what the judges did. There have been many over the years that won preliminaries that I would put into that category. You always have to consider who won as a judges favorite. I predicted her to win SS before the pageant began, so it really wasn’t a surprise. I think it’s way too early to speculate, though. We’ve only seen one night of competition.

I will post EG and OSQ shortly!

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Date Posted: 01:16:34 09/07/17 Thu

Hi everyone!

It was a rainy in Atlantic City, but the inside of Boardwalk Hall was full of energy. The big story of tonight was TALENT. Congratulations to JessiKate Riley for a well-deserved talent win. The cream rose to the top, and believe me, there was no shortage of good talent tonight. I could have easily seen it go different ways, but in the end, I really believe the best of the best won. Since the pageant has been back in Atlantic City, I think this was easily the best talent night they have had. There were very few subpar talents. Also, I would say that everything old is new again. It's a play on words, but it's also a Broadway song. Meaning, a lot of talents we have seen over and over again. But, the talent was still great. I will do my person-by-person review in the morning, but I would say that the contenders for me were UT, KS, and NM. I could have seen the prelim win going to either of those. It would not have surprised me either to see FL (and she looked beautiful) or AL. Jessica's voice just really filled up that hall. There were other good talents as well. SC was a pleasant surprise. I know she won talent at Miss SC, but to me, she was the most eye-catching dancer of the night. As a whole, I would say the singers were overall better than the dancers. SC was the best of the dancers, I would give the nod to NM for best vocalist. She sang Art Is Calling For Me. She's got some pipes, that's for sure.

Also, congratulations to Margana Wood for another well-deserved win. If Alpha was the strongest I've seen talent, this was not an overwhelming year for Sigma in swimsuits. I would say there were some good swimsuits, but not comparable to other years. Usually, you see some killer swimsuits the first night of competition. I think your best competition will be tomorrow night and seeing how strong Alpha is looking, Friday night should be a strong group as well. I saw some good swimsuits, but no one really blew me out of the water. I thought MS or IL might win, or possibly MO. This group also had gowns, but that's a different category for a different paragraph.

Onstage questions were interesting. I say that because a LOT of the contestants really seemed to ramble. Even though she rambled, my favorite speaker was Vermont. She spoke about flying her own plane to Atlantic City. She was very happy and confident when she spoke. A little syrupy, but I just appreciated her enthusiasm. South Dakota answered her question well, I thought, and I liked Oklahoma. I figured out something about Triana tonight. I think sometimes why people might think she's quiet or whatever is because she has a deeper voice. But, she sounds very articulate and did a good job with her question about cultural diversity. Louisiana's answer was kind of interesting to me. She's one of the few contestants over the years that sounded very melancholy when she spoke. The only one I can think of is Caitlin Brunnell a few years ago. She spoke about organ donation and how it was relevant in her family. As I knew she would be, DC was a very articulate speaker and why I think she is going to do very well.

The takeaway of tonight's evening gown competition was white, capes, and trains. A lot of white, a lot of capes, and a lot of trains. Not the dragging ones, but the skirt that attaches at the back train. My favorite evening gowns of the night were Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Illinois. I like color, and I would rather see the jewel tones of the 80s than constant white. There were some black or navy blue gowns, just a few in color. Arkansas was one of my favorites in a simple maroon strapless gown. It complimented her coloring very well, she looked very elegant. Rhode Island and Illinois had similar dresses with capes. But what I LOVED, and I don't know how it will sit with anyone else, they both wore high buns. If any of you have seen the pageants from the late 60s, the look was very throwback to those days. I thought it was cool. All that was missing were the white handgloves. LOL of course, you'll never see those, but it was just a great look. I'm so glad to see some glamour coming back. I think IL really had the poise in that group. She would have won the group had I been judging.

I will be starting to post my full reviews tomorrow around noon eastern, so stay tuned! Overall, great first night and MUCH better results than this time last year!

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Subject: Guessing the winner (just for fun, for now)

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Date Posted: 22:37:18 09/05/17 Tue

Who do I think will win? I have it down to a few before preliminaries start. Right now, I kind of think this is wide open, moreso than other years. Generally speaking, the person that usually wins is someone expected in the top 10, expected to “do well”. There was some chatter about Savvy last year, but more around others, namely the first runner-up. I have found that at least as far as message boards go, usually there is someone that is being “hyped” that lives up to it and ends up in the top 5. However, since the inception of these boards (and it’s going on 20 years now, if you want to feel old lol) the only time that everyone seemed to see the winner coming was Katie Stam. So, this is all speculation, especially before preliminaries. Here are the three young women as threats that I see for the crown:

LA—She seems to be the love or hate contestant this year, and NC seems to be gaining ground there. The truth is—we are going to like who we like and we will dislike people, too. If we like them, it will not matter what they have done. If we dislike them, nothing they can do will redeem them to us. Some people have cited Laryssa’s pageantry over the years. As if the much ballyhooed Rachel Wyatt was not a teen queen? She was Homecoming Queen when she was MAOT. Mallory competed as a teen, Nina competed as a teen, Kira was in the National American Miss system (and almost won, didn’t know that until recently). I could name countless contestants that competed as teens. Now, Laryssa has acknowledged being a Princess. You will get no love from me with that program. I hate seeing them clog up the stage at crowning times. It’s nothing more than a moneymaker and overall annoying. LOL no contestant will ever tell you that, but I answer to no one 😉 But the truth is, if you dislike her, you dislike her. That’s fine. Nobody is going to like everyone 100 percent of the time. What I see in Laryssa is a contestant that is very strong across the board. Judges love ventriloquism. The public loves ventriloquism. Case in point—Alyse Eady ended up on the Rachel Maddow show. LOL tell me that is not one of the most unlikely appearances ever. I think Laryssa has won SS at Miss Texas in past years. And her videos are a lot of fun. Many of the other contestants were much more pageanty than she was. Laryssa was fun, she showed humor, she was relaxed, and she really comes across as likeable.

WA—She really wants this, and has wanted it for a long time. Nicole is a seasoned competitor in teen systems, but I don’t think she has lost her freshness. If anything, if you have seen her videos, she seems to have a lot of zest. Nicole has stated that she wants to be the first Miss America from Washington, and I know she is coming to win. She was won preliminary talent awards in the past, but her talent is not enough to win at the national level. I still think that with her interview, she could contend for a SS win. Now, full disclosure: I saw her win the Junior Miss pageant. The reason I am confident that she could win Miss America is because I saw her natural confidence. She does stand out in a group. Nicole is confident and always very happy. I just think all of these things will factor into a possible win for her. Plus, she is very modern and I would see her appealing to the final night panel very strongly.

DC—Of these three, Briana is probably the strongest interview. She always did well at Miss Alabama and I always thought that she was destined to win there. And when she was a runner-up, it was usually to someone who did well at Miss America (Caitlin Brunnell, Meg McGuffin). I think she won interview at Miss Alabama before, but I am not 100 percent certain. I would say that swimsuit would be her weakest competition. But, with all of those years in Alabama, and competing against top tier contestants, she likely learned a lot. She’s got great career ambitions and would do our program proud. I’m having a hard time articulating this, but I just kind of have this feeling.

Of course, all of these have their weaknesses and reasons I could argue against them. In LA’s case, I think she might be seen as old school or pageanty. It’s hard to say. I know enough people have that complaint against her already. In the case of WA, I think she could come across as immature if she doesn’t calm herself down and get focused. With DC, she does seem more of the old school type contestant that is more career driven that did very well 12-15 years ago (think Deidre, Erika H). I think LA is at least the strongest of these in onstage competition. But, I could be totally off base on all of these. For now, these three are my picks before the competition starts.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Triana Browne. There’s something about her that everybody just seems to love. While I’m not 100 percent convinced that Oklahoma has lucky 7, I would certainly not be surprised. I could see her appealing to many different people for many different reasons, and I think she’s among the prettiest in the class. I think if she walked in a room, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off of her. She has a relevant platform and will be strong across the board in onstage competitions. The only reason I don’t have her as a certain contender is that she does seem a bit too reserved in her videos. However, we have had “introverted” Miss Americas in the past. I honestly think that whatever it is that we in pageant land are seeing, the national judges are going to see it as well. She seems very compassionate as well and I know she would relate well to others.

Even if I am not right about these three or four, I have a very strong feeling that the crown goes South again this year. Also, I have a strong feeling that a non-preliminary winner could win again this year. The reason I think so is that you do have some very strong contestants in certain areas, and there are contestants like Miss PA who may not be strong enough to win a preliminary. However, they would do so well in interview that they will pull through in other categories and win. Another thing to consider is that 7 of the 10 and 4 of the top 5 were non-preliminary winners. At best, you will have all six prelim winners make it in, so it’s best to look for consistency. It is not regular at Miss America to have all six winners in the top 15. Don’t be discouraged if your favorite does not win a preliminary. She still has a chance at doing very well and even winning.
It seems like the judging has changed over the last 10 years, and I expect it to continue.

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Subject: MISS AMERICA 2018--Will a SS winner finally pull off the win?

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Date Posted: 17:05:15 09/05/17 Tue

Hi everyone!

I am getting really excited. Admittedly, I thought the year started off a little slow. Maybe it was just me. I don’t think this class is overall as strong as last year. However, there are a lot of great contestants and I think we could have a great Miss America. This kind of reminds me of 2012 a little bit. 2012 had a very strong class and while the next class didn’t seem as strong, we had a strong top 3 and a great Miss America in 2013. I actually think this class is stronger than 2013, however. There are some real lookers in this class and if they won, I think the public would take notice. Here’s an interesting fact: in the entire history of the Miss America pageant, we have never gone this long into a decade without a preliminary SS winner winning Miss America. The last to win was Katie Stam in 2009. Will it change this year?


This year was very interesting year. Unlike any year that I’ve seen of late, the groups started to fill up evenly, and a lot of the contestants went towards Alpha instead of Sigma. I saw NJ go early and pick Alpha. I think she wants to win SS, which I do think is a possibility, not a sure thing, though. She’s certainly not winning talent. Once again, Mu is going to be VERY strong in swimsuit, and I actually think you will have some very good talent in that group. After Betty won from Mu2, I can’t say that there is a bad placement. Especially with two panels, your placement is not going to matter. I would still be a little concerned if I was one of the first few interviewing. But this year, I expect GA, OK, and LA to be in the top 15 and I think they will set the bar high in interview. That means everyone will have to be on their A game in interview. There was one choice I really did not agree with. Miss MN is going first in Sigma. Since she has strong talent, that might bode well for her. However, last year’s Miss MN, who was absolutely a doll, went from the same slot and did nothing. At that time, there were some good open slots in Alpha. I would never advise a contestant to repeat something that did not work in the past. But, it’s a different year, different judges. Alpha is really interesting to me because 1 serious contender and one of the best personalities are back-to-back. The final judges will not likely know that, but I am curious how that will play out. WA is coming to win (more on that later) and PA, to me, just has that it factor that you could just fall in love with her. This is going to be fun! I would say this year, I would stack the groups as : Alpha, Mu, and then Sigma. I will break down the groups a little more:

Mu has produced three Miss Americas in the past 10 years (Kirsten, Teresa and Betty) I think it is very safe to say GA, LA and OK are all going to make the top 15 and they are 3 of the first 6 contestants. This year, I think the bar will be set high early on. From everything I have seen, I would actually give the edge to LA in interview of these three. I also think that NH could possibly make the top 15. You can never count on Kentucky, and especially with strong talent, CO could make the top 15. I also have DC strongly in my top 15, and I think she’s a serious contender for the win. Interestingly enough, I could see either GA, LA as a possible double preliminary winner, though I think either scenario is likely. I could see OK winning either preliminary but not both. I still think MD will win another SS preliminary. But if I am guessing from this group, here goes:

SS—GA, LA, OK, MD with the possibility of KY, ID, OH or AZ if all goes well for them
Talent—LA, OK, CO with the possibility of GA or DC (especially if they like her in interview)

I think LA is a very strong possibility since entertaining and ventriloquism has been really cleaning up as of the past few years. Along those lines, I think CO is a very strong possibility as well. Even though GA won talent at Miss GA, rarely does lyrical win at the national level. It happened once in 2010 with Miss MI, but she did not make the top 15.

Who I see advancing from Mu
Strong possibility

Alpha has produced three Miss Americas in the past 10 years (Caressa, Laura and Kira) This group is really loaded. You have some states with very strong track records, a lot of these contestants won preliminaries at their state pageant, and you’ve got some very strong personality based contestants. I could easily see Miss America come out of this group, though the winner usually never comes out of the strongest group. FL, NY, WA, TN, SC and AL all have great state records in this group and seems to have strong contestants again this year. Of these, WA is my absolute certainty of coming out of Alpha, and all of the others are possibilities as well. Plus, you have some contestants that have good talent, good swimsuits, and may not be in these strong states list. Here are the preliminary possibilities I see:

SS—WA, NJ or AL, and I could easily see it going to NC (though I don’t think she ever won at Miss NC), CT (if her presentation is strong enough, she’s got a great physique), NY (she won at Miss NY), HI (I would have her as a strong possibility, but the state just hasn’t been up to its usual competitiveness lately), KS or WI (though neither won their state pageants, they both look great)
Talent: NC (she auditioned for AI), UT with a strong possibility of FL or WI. I would say there is an outside shot at CT, NM or KS. I would say NM has a stronger chance, but the state has no traction at Miss America. I could see an NFT for her.

I would say that if WA wins SS, look for her to possibly win the whole thing. She has never won in the MAO, she has won talent, though. She won’t win talent, if she’s doing talent similar to routines she has done in the past, she’s not going to be able to compete against others. But I still suspect that if they like her in interview, she will be rewarded just like Katie Stam. There will be strong swimsuits in this group, and personality could also play a factor. I see WA as the sure thing in this group, but here are who I think have a strong possibility of advancing:

Strong possibility
FL (strong talent, state with a great track record)
NC (strong talent, journalism background and should communicate well)
NY (again, can’t totally figure her out but I trust the state)
PA (she is just too darned adorable, personable, and one of those people that draw them to you. I can’t imagine unless she bombs in competition that she is left out)
AL (she is just about a shoe-in for me, but after last year, I can’t 100 percent say that she will be in. The state has a second-to-none reputation, so I think she will be)

CT (she was a double preliminary winner at state, the state has seen a resurgence)
TN (just on state reputation)
UT (especially if she wins preliminary talent, I could easily see her in the top 15)
WI (she didn’t win any prelims at Miss WI, but looks good, has good talent, could be very consistent)
KS (sooner or later they have to break through. With strong talent, she could be there)
SC (cute, comes from a state with huge success)
Overall, this is a very strong group with lots of possibilities, and it will come down to who has the most consistent competition.

This is usually the group that gets very congested with contenders early on. It has produced four Miss Americas in the past 10 years (Katie S, Mallory, Nina and Savvy) This year, it did not fill up as early in the lottery. This group has some of the heavy hitter states of the past 10-15 years (VA, TX, MS, IA, CA, AR) This also features some states that are making a resurgence (MA and NE come to mind). I don’t think some of the heavy hitter states will have some of their better representation, but you can’t count any of them out. Here’s how I think this group will shake out. I think that IA could possibly be a double preliminary winner, but again, not likely.
SS—IL, TX, MS, IA, with a possibility of NE, NV, and I think an outside shot of RI or DE
Talent—MN, IA, CA with a possibility of MA
With this group, consistency is the key. I would say that someone like MA or IA would score higher in each category than say TX (TX has a weaker talent). This group is going to be very interesting, I think of all three. You have a lot of reputation states and not all will make the top 15. Here is who I think could advance:
Strong possibility
The three latter come from states with a great record and the sitting Miss America, and I am basing a lot on that.
NE (based on current history)
VA (based on past history and overall history the past 10 years ONLY)
IN (based on their overall history the past 10 years and likeability)

I think we all need to keep in mind—these are just guesses. The past few years, especially last year, the certain thing did not win the preliminary that was expected. There could be someone that nobody is predicting that will come out and win unexpectedly. And that’s what makes this fun! I am going to do my separate predictions about who I think will win in a separate post since this is getting too long.

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Subject: History - Commemorate Martin Luther King Day

No name
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Date Posted: 08:09:23 01/12/17 Thu

1924 An Hasidic Jewish woman competes in Miss America Pageant
1926 Native American descent wins Miss America
1933 A Jewish woman is first runnerup to Miss America
1933, 1940, 1941 Native Americans won state titles and competed for Miss America
1945 Jewish woman wins Miss America
1947 Illustrator Russell Patterson and Yankees owner Doug Hertz campaign for black participation in the MAO
1948 Black women competed for Miss Philadelphia and Miss Oakland California preliminaries of Miss America Pageant
1948 Integration of the Armed Forces by Executive Order
1948 A Chinese descent woman competes for Miss America
1948 Puerto Rico competes for Miss America
1950 National Basketball Association becomes integrated
1952 Formers Shopp, Betbeze and Myerson campaign for all race participation
1952 A Cape Verdean descent woman wins state title to compete for Miss America
1954 Brown v Board of Education Supreme Court ruling to end school segregation
1959 Black women win three locals to compete for state titles
1964 - A black woman is a runnerup for a state title
1964 Civil Rights Act passes
1965 Voting Rights Act passes
1967 - Miscegenation / Interracial Marriage Fully legalized
1968 MAO offers $1000 scholarship to NAACP to encourage participation
1968 Fair Housing Act passes
1968 Desegregation Congressional Passage Civil Rights Act (segregated schools)
1969 First black MAO judge
1970 Black woman wins state and competes for Miss America
1976 Black woman makes top 10 for Miss America
1980 Black woman makes top 5 for Miss America
1983 Black woman wins Miss America

Rule #7 has been a confusing contradiction. Some claim, such as the late historian Ric Ferentz, that Rule #7 never existed on the national MAO level. There is thought that the rule only of the white race was only on some local and state rules, not the national rules. The rule did disappear from all rules sometime from 1948 to 1952. It should be noted that Lenora Slaughter intervened a Washington local to accept Native American contestants in 1948. There is also an interview with Lenora Slaughter from 1959 where she states that all races were welcome and were actually competing in the pageant.

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Subject: History - Judges / 1970's

additions, correction please (Thank you)
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Date Posted: 08:34:40 10/10/16 Mon

Ms. Joan Crosby, newspaper journalist
Hal David, music composer
Ms. Maria Gambarelli Fenton, prima ballerina
Robert F. Lewine, President Academy Television Art Sciences
Edward Loeb, Vice President Cue Publishing
Norton Mockridge, newspaper columnist
Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw, President Stratford College
Bud Westmore, Director Universal Makeup Department

Ms. Vivian Della Chiesa, opera singer
Hal David, music composer
Ms. Maria Gambarelli Fenton, prima ballerina
Art Fleming, television host
Dr. Zelma George, professor
Robert F. Lewine, President Television Academy
Edward Loeb, Vice President Cue Publishing
Norton Mockridge, newspaper columnist
Dr. W. Hugh Moomaw, President Stratford College

1972 (9)
Ms. Vivian Della Chiesa, opera singer
Ms. Eileen Farrell, opera singer
Art Fleming, television host
Wellington B. Gray, Dean of Art of Temple University
Peter Lind Hayes, actor
Ms. Trudy Haynes, television journalist
Ms. Mary Healy, actress
Robert F. Lewine, President Television Academy
Edward A. Shellhouse, President University Cincinnati

Ms. Vivian Della Chiesa, opera singer
Ms. Eileen Farrell, opera singer
Art Fleming, television host
Ms. Peggy Fleming, Olympian athlete
Don Galloway, actor
Dr. Wellington B. Gray, Dean of Art of Temple University
Peter Lind Hayes, actor
Ms. Trudy Haynes, newscaster journalist
Ms. Mary Healy, actress
Ms. Lee Meriwether

Ms. Eileen Farrell, opera singer
Eddie Foy III, casting director
Dr. Wellington B. Gray, Dean of Art Temple University
Peter Lind Hayes, actor
Ms. Trudy Hayes, newscaster journalist
Ms. Mary Healy, actress
Ms. Jeanne Meixelle, choreographer
Col. Gilbert Mitchell, music director

Ms. Dorothy Alexander, fashion consultant
Joseph Campanella, actor
Frank Deford, writer Sports Illustrated
Don Galloway, actor
Robert F. Lewine, President Television Academy
Ms. Jeanne Meixell, choreography
Ms. Lee Meriwether
Gilbert Mitchell, orchestra conductor

1976 -

1977 Ms. Frances Briscoe, International Toastmistress Clubs
Ms. Gail Brown, actress
Frank Deford, writer Sports Illustrated
Ms. Eileen Farrell, opera singer
Mrs. Mary Langley, fashion coordinator
Don McDonagh, dance critic New York Times
Robert A. Rushton, President US jaycess



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Subject: History - Judges / 2010's

additons, corrections please (Thank you)
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Date Posted: 09:04:14 10/10/16 Mon

2010 Finals and Preliminaries
Ms. Viveca A. Fox, actress
Ms. Katie Harmon
Dave Koz, musician
Ms. Shawn Johnson, Olympian athlete
Rush Limbaugh, radio journalist host
Paul Rodriguez, comedian (withdrew?)
Ms. Brooke White, singer

2011 Finals and Preliminaries
Ms. Joy Behar, television host
Marc Cherry, television producer
Tony Dovoloni, dancer Dancing with the Stars
Ms. Marilu Henner, actress
Ms. Tawny Little
Ms. Debby Turner
Mark Wills, singer

2012 Finals and Preliminaries
Mark Ballas, dancer Dancing with the Stars
Raul de Molina, television producer
Mike Fleiss, television producer The Bachelor
Ms. Kris Jenner, television host
Ms. Teri Polo, actress
Chris Powell, television
Ms. Lara Spenser, television host

January 2013 Finals
Bradley Bayou, fashion stylist
Ms. Cheryl Burke, dancer Dancing with the Stars
Sam Champion, news journalist Gppd Morning America
Ms. Mary Hart, news Journalist Entertainment Tonight
Daymond John, entrepreneur Shark Tank
McKayle Maroney, Olympian athlete
Ms. Katie Stam

September 2013 Finals
Lance Bass, musician
Joshua Bell, violinist
Mario Cantone, comedian
Ms. Barbara Corcoran, entrepreneur
Ms. Deidre Downs
Ms. Carla Hall, television host
Amare Stoudemere, basketball athlete

2013 Preliminaries
Ms. Shirley Cothran
Richard Dyer, music critic
Ms. Stephanie George, businessperson
Oscar James, fashion stylist
Karl Jurman, music director
Ms. Nita Whitaker, singer
Ms. Cori Wellins, William Morris Endeavor Executive

2014 Finals
Marc Cherry, television producer
Donald Driver, football athlete
Ms. Kathy Ireland, fashion entrepreneur
Ms. Shawn Johnson, Olympian athlete
Ms. Lee Meriwether
Gen. Anne MacDonald, US Army
Gary Vaynerchuk, social media entrepreneur

2014 Preliminaries

2015 Finals
Ms. Kylene Barker
Chris Elderidge, singer
Ms. Danica McKellar, actress
Ms. Amy Purdee, Paralympian athlete
Kevin OLeary, entrepreneur, Shark Tank
Ms. Vanessa Williams
Ms. Zendaya, actress

2015 Preliminaries
Noah Alexander, fashion designer
James Brown III, actor
Brian Edwards, television producer
Lanny Griffith, businessman
Ms. Jenni Palos, actress
Ms. Rachel Zalis, fashion writer

2016 Finals
Ms. Ciara, singer
Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, Shark Tank
Ms. Gabby Douglas, Olympian athlete
Ms. Sara Foster, actress
Ms. Laura Marano, actress
Cole Swindell, singer
Ms. Sharlene Wells

2016 Preliminaries
Ms. Katherine Barless, actress
Rob Bowman, music director
Ms. Debbie Bryant
Dr. Jennifer Caudle, Physician health journalist
Ms. Nicole Lapin, writer
Ms. Deanna Siller, strategist
David Zin Czenko, social media CEO

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Subject: ARE YOU OK?

No name (WORRIED)
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Date Posted: 12:07:44 10/09/16 Sun

I have never posted a message here but I have enjoyed reading others thoughts on Miss America. But I have been very worried since the author/moderator of this board hasn't posted in a long time. I know you said you hadn't been feeling well. And then you never posted your final thoughts on this year's pageant as you said you were going to do. I do not know you, but want you to know there are people that are thinking of you and miss your presence on this board. Sending good thoughts and prayers that all is ok.

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Subject: History / Judges / 1920's

additons, corrections wanted
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Date Posted: 14:52:10 10/05/16 Wed

1921 (incomplete list)
Howard Chandler Christy, artist
John Drew, actor
Edward I. Edwards, New Jersey Governor
Gordon W. Fox, artist
James Fox, artist
Gustav Tott, hotel manager

Heywood Campbell, illustrator
Charley Chambers, illustrator
Howard Chandler Christy, illustrator
James Montgomery Flagg, illustrator
Joseph Cummings Chase
August William Hutaf
Dr. Arnold Genthe
Coles Phillips, illustrator
Willy Pogany
Norman Rockwell

1923 (17 judges)


1925 (incomplete list)
W.T. Rendall, sculptor
Claire Briggs, cartoonist
C.D. Williams, illustrator
Edmund Davenport, artist
Earl Carroll, stage producer Vanities
Frank Tuttle, motion picture director

Robert Aitken, illustrator
McClelland Barclay, illustrator
R. Fayerweather Babcock, illustrator
Clare Briggs, illustrator
Arthur William Brown, illustrator
Haskell Coffin, illustrator, created Cover Girl Magazine
Dean Cornwell, illustrator
Edmund Davenport, illustrator
John La Gatta, illustrator
Paul R. Kreger, illustrator
William G. Krieghoff, illustrator
Louis St John, Director of Judges, illustrator
W. D. Stevens, illustrator
Charles D. Williams, illustrator


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Subject: History - Judges / 2000's

additions, corrections please (Thank you)
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Date Posted: 09:00:06 10/10/16 Mon

2000 Finals

2000 Preliminary
Ms. Tawny Godin
Derek E. Gordon, Vice President JFK Performing Arts Center
Ms. Helen Cash Jackson, Director NY Council on the Arts
Ms. Christy Little, court judge
Myron Martin, music arranger
Ms. Jeanne Swanner Robertson, comedian
Rich Taylor, vice President Disney Corporation

2001 Finals and Preliminary
Ms. Janet Langorn Cohen, President Langhart Communications
John J. Dalton, Secretary of the Navy
Sanford L. Fox, CEO Executive Search Group
Karl Jurman, music director / composer
Harvey MacKay, writer
Ms. Lee Meriwether
Ms. Patricia Northrup, pilot American Airlines

September 2002 Finals and Preliminaries
Ms. Donna Axum
Ms. Gwendolyn Cavert Baker, President Baker Education
Ms. Kay Casstevens, Chief Staff Maryland Govenment
Evan Dobelle, President University of Hawaii
Jose Feghali, concert pianist
Ms. Tammy Haddad, news producer
James Matthew Jones, Vice President Vaccine Fund

September 2003 Finals and Preliminaries
Ms. Kim Aiken
Fletcher Foster, Vice President Capitol Records
Ms. Camille Lavington, corporate consultant
Jon Spoelstra, President Mandalay Sports
Ms. Rebecca Stafford, President Monmouth University
Ms. Greta van Susteren, news journalist
Donald Welch, writer / director / producer

September 2004 Finals and Preliminaries
Ms. Kellye Cash
Ms. Jennifer Hanson, singer
Lawrence Hamilton, Broadway musical actor
Phil Maloof, former NM Senator
Barry Phillips, film director / producer
Ms. Niki Taylor, model
John Weidman, writer

January 2006 Finals
Ms. Jane Kaczmarek, actress
Ms. Leeza Gibbons, television journalist
Brian McKnight, singer
Jerry Rice, NFL athlete
Ms. Brenda Strong, actress
Robert Verdi, fashion consultant
Ms. Sharlene Wells

2006 Preliminaries
Ms. Isisara Bey, Vice President Sony Entertainment
W. Harold Foster, Dean Concorde College
Richard V. Johnson, model agency
Ms. Rebecca King
Ms. Sue Lowder, Muscular Dystrophy Association
Ms. Erika Schwartz, Attorney Wright Entertainment

January 2007 Finals
Ms. Debbie Allen, actress
Nigel Barker, photographer
Ms. Delta Burke, actress
Michael Fierstein, musician
Chris Matthews, television host
Ms. Susan Powell

2007 Preliminaries

January 2008
Trace Ayala, fashion designer
Ms. Sarah Ivens, magazine editor
Ms. Jackie Joyner-Kerser, Olympian athlete
Jason La Padura, casting director
Ms. Kim Lyons, personal trainer
Ms. Robin Meade, news journalist
James Arthur Ray, motivational speaker

2008 Preliminaries

January 2009 Finals and Preliminaries
Ms. Paige Adams Geller, fashion designer
Ms. Laura Bell Bundy, musical actress
Ms. Nicole Johnson
Cullen Jones, Olympian athlete
Ms. Beth Klein, Vice President Showtime Casting
Jim Moret, news journalist
Ken Paves, celebrity hairstylist

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Subject: History - Judges / 1990's

additions, corrections please (Thank you)
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Date Posted: 08:45:17 10/10/16 Mon

1990 Finals
Ms. Delta Burke, actress
Ms. Nell Carter, actress
John Forsythe, actor
Ms. Shirley Jones, actress
Larry King, television journalist
Sidney Sheldon, writer
Ms. Cynthia Sikes, actress

1990 Preliminaries
Ms. Florence Anthony, columnist NY Post
Gianna DAngela, opera singer
Ms. Jane Jayroe
Ray Murray, television host
Jerry Rife, Vice President Image Films
Ms, Jeanne Swanner Robertson, comedian
Thommie Walsh, choreographer

1991 Finals
Ms. Kathleen Battle, opera singer
Pierre Cossette, producer
Ms. Lee Meriwether
Paul Sorvino, actor
Ms. Marilyn Van Derbur
Patrick Wayne, actor
Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor US News World Report

1991 Preliminaries
Ms. Mary DArcy, musical actress
Vernon Desear, Florida Symphony
Ms. Mary Jennings, opera singer
Malcolm Poindexter, KYW News Philadelphia
Glenn Richtor, Music Professor University of Texas
BeBe Shopp
Tony Stevens, choreographer

1992 Finals
Ms. Donna Axum
Ms. Faith Daniels
Michael Dorn
Dann Florek
Ms. Susan Strohman
Ms. Cindy Williams
Paul Wylie

1992 Preliminaries
Ms. Dorothy Benham
Ann Marie Bivans, writer
Susan Eby, newscaster
Tom Faircloth, producer
Dennison Keller, producer
Joan Sittenfeld, Vice President Talent Universal Productions
Clarence Walden, Editor Jet Magazine

1993 Finals
Kim Alexis, model
Dick Cavett, television host
Suzanne de Passe, television producer
Pierre Cossette, Broadway producer
Ms. Phyllis George
Ms. Ann Moore, Publisher People Magazine
Joan Van Ark, actress

1993 Preliminaries
Ms. Janice Berman, dance critic
John R. Bourgeois, Chairman American Bandmasters
Dorothy J. Papadakos, concert organist
Jeannie Park, editor Entertainment Weekly
Ms. Susan Perkins
Irvin D. Reid, President Montclair College
John B. Zerbe, President Hershey Entertainment

1994 Finals
Harvey Fierstein, composer
Dan Jansen, Olympian athlete
Bruce Jenner, Olympian athlete
Buddy Morra
Ms. Susan Powell
Ms. Emma Samms, actress
Ms. Cheryl Tiegs, model
Ms. Vera Wang, fashion designer

1994 Preliminaries
William Goldman, writer
Ms. Nancy Gregory, choreographer
Ms. Rebecca King
Malcolm Poindexter, journalist
Michael Rafter, musical director
Ms. Jeanne Robertson, comedian

1995 Finals
Ms. Kristian Alfonso
Ms. Kylene Baker
Ms. Barbara de Angels
Bruce Jenner
Jerry Orbach
Holly Robinson Peete
Vera Wang

1995 Preliminaries
Ms. Debra Barnes
Ms. Shirley Cothran
Herman Dorsey Jr, engineer
Jeffrey Gibler, ballet master Pennsylvania Ballet
Karl Jurman, music conductor
Ms. Debra Maffett
Ms. Marian McKnight

1996 Finals
Joseph Barbara
Ms. Barbara De Angels
Ms. Janet Evans
Ms. Nancy Fleming
Ms. Deborah Norville, news journalist
Scott OGrady

1996 Preliminaries
Warwick Carter, composer
Myron Martin, Director Liberace Foundation
Ms. Jacqueline Mayer
Ms. Kim Morgan, musical performer
Tandy Rice, President Top Billing International
Ms. Noreen Skagen, Washington State Marshall
Rich Taylor, Director Disney Attractions

1997 Finals
Ms. Angie Everhart, actress
Ms. Jeanne Jackson, President Banana Republic
Ms. Julie Moran, television correspondent
Ms. Debbye Turner
Kenny Ortega, choreographer
Gerry L. Spence, court attorney

1997 Preliminaries
Robert K. Goodwin, President Points of Light Foundation
Heather Hertling, musical actress
Dwight Jordan, Director Showchoir Camps America
Vicki Gold Levi, writer
Matt Rollings, musician
Ms. Andy Taylor, singer

1998 Finals
Ms. Nora McAniff, Publisher People Magazine
Ms. Debbie Morgan, actress
Ms. Nancy ODell, television correspondent
Stephen Schwartz, composer
Ms. Shawntel Smith
Picabo Street, Olympian athlete

1998 Preliminaries
Diane Gibson, entertainment manager
Robert K. Goodwin, President Points of Light Foundation
Tamara Jacobs, womens advocate
Marc Nuttle, President Sequoyah Information Systems
Tom Paterra, singer
Susan Powell
Joe Tremaine, choreographer

1999 Finals
Michael Badalucco, actor
Gretchen Carlson
Tia Carrere, actress
Nely Galan, President Telemundo
Briana Scurry, Olympian athlete
Judy Sheindlin, court judge

1999 Preliminaries
Tawny Little
Bernard A. Maguire, President VPA Corporation
Richard Parker, Chairman Parker Publishing
David Pocock, Director American Pianist Association
Lauren Snodgrass, Oregon House of Representatives
Arlene Violet, State Attorney General
Donald Welch, actor / writer / producer

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Subject: History - Judges / 1980's

additions, corrections please (Thank you)
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Date Posted: 08:38:09 10/10/16 Mon



Ms. Evelyn Ay
Foster Brooks, comedian
Ms. Chris Calloway, actress
Wink Martindale, television host
Rod McKuen, writer / poet
Ms. Caroline Tose, Director Eagles Cheerleaders
Herman Vincent, musician composer

Ms. Lois Geraci Ernst, advertising agency President
Christopher Little, photographer
Ms. Jeanne Maxwell, dance company President
Ms. Marian McKnight
Rod McKuen, writer poet
Ms. Marguerite Piazza, opera singer
Ms. Tandy Rice, music agency President
Jerry Vale, singer

Ms. Pearl Bailey, actress
Ms. Vivian Blaine, actress
Josiah Bunting III, President Briarcliff College
Sam Haskell, executive William Morris Agency
Ms. Rebecca King
Chris Little, photographer
Leroy Neiman, artist
Ms. Dixie Ross Neill, opera singer


Theodore Bikel, actor
Ms. Shirley Cothran
Bernard J. Dobroski, Dean Oregon University School of Music
Ms. Dody Goodman, actress
Sam Haskall, executive William Morris Agency
Bernard A. Maguire, National Director Federal Management
Ms. Lillian Montececchi, opera singer
Ms. Dee Dee Wood, choreographer

Ms. Martina Arroyo, opera singer
Frank Deford, writer Sports Illustrated
Ms. Judith Ford
Jack Grossbart, television producer
Rupert Holmes, composer
Ms. Anita Mann, choreographer
Ms. Melba Moore, actress
Bill G. Young, communications consultant

1988 Finals
Brain Boitano, Olympian athlete
Dr. Joyce Brothers, psychologist / television journalist
Richard Dysart, actor
Ms. Eileen Ford, modeling agency
Ms. Eva Gabor, actress
Ms. Phyllis George
Ms. Deborah Norville, broadcast journalist
George Peppard, actor
Blair Underwood, actor
Ms. Lili Fini Zanuck, producer

1988 Preliminaries
William Goldman, writer
Ms. Trudy Haynes, news journalist

1989 Finals
Ms. Debbie Allen, actress
Dr. Joyce Brothers,
Ms. Claudia Cohen, newspaper columnist
Merv Griffin, television host / entrepreneur
Ms. Phylicia Rashad, actress
Mike Schmidt, Phillies baseball athlete
Donald Trump, businessman entrepreneur

1989 Preliminaries
Ms. Donna Axum
Jeff Brock, President Music
Vernon Desear, symphony President
Bernard Dobroski, Dean Oregon University School of Music
Ms. Linda Haberman, choreographer
Ms. Frances Hooks, executive NAACP
Bill G. Young, communications consultant

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Subject: History - Judges / 1960,s

additions, corrections, please (Thank you)
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Date Posted: 08:30:44 10/10/16 Mon

Geroge Balanchine, choreographer
Bennett Cerf, President Random House Publishing
Ms. Phyllis Cerf, newspaper writer
Mark Goodson, television producer
Ms. Ernestine Black Grigsby, President Panhellenic Society
Herbert Hayes, Director McCalls Corporation
Mitch Miller, musician
Ms. Blanche Thebom, opera singer
Bud Westmore, makeup manufacturer
Coby Whitmore, illustrator
Ms. Peggy Wood, actress

Edward Marshall Boehm, sculptor
Ms. Joan Crawford, actress
Dr. Theodore A. Distler, Dean Lafayette College
Morgan J. Doughton, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Kurt F.G. Japay, photographer
Ted Mack, television host
David Merrick, Broadway producer
Harlan Miller, writer
Ms.June Taylor, choreographer
Bernie Wayne, music composer

Edward Marshall Boehm, sculptor
Bob Conger, Presidnet US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Arlene Dahl, actress
Dr. Theodore A. Distler, Director Association American Colleges
Kurt F.G. Japay, photographer
Michael Lellis, Broadway producer
Mrs. William Nash, President Panhellenic Society
Ms. Ruth Slenczynska, concert pianist
Al Trescony, MGM Casting Department
Bernie Wayne, music composer

Larry Aldrich, President NY Couture Group
Ms. Fran Allison, television host
Mrs. Dexter Otis Arnold, President Federation Womens Clubs
Douglas Blankenship, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Theodore A. Distler, Director Association American Colleges
Arthur Fiedler, symphony conductor
Ms. Maria Martel, fashion photographer
Blanche Thebom, opera singer
Ted Thorp, President Cinegraf Productions
William Seldman Todson, President Goodson Todman Productions
Al Trescony, MGM Productions

1964 (11)
Ms. June Allyson, actress
James T. Aubrey Jr., President CBS
John Brownlee, Manhattan School of Music
Ms. Elizabeth Dyer, Panhellenic Chairwoman, President Chi Omega
Richard H. Headlee, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Leonard Keirsch, President Cox Broadcasting Corporation
John K.M. McCaffrey, news commentator
Ms. Nettie Rosenstein, fashion designer
Ted Thorpe, Presidnet Cinegraf Productions
J. Albert Trescony, MGM Casting & Talent Department
Ms.Marilyn Van Derbur

John Brownlee, opera singer
John Canady, art critic New York Times
Alexander H. Cohen, producer
Ms. Joan Crawford, actress
Ms. Jean Dalrymple, Director NYC Light Opera
Bill Doll, Director Broadway Association
Mrs. William H. Hasebroock, President Federation of Womens Club
Stan Ladley, President US Chamber of Commerce
J. Albert Trescony, Director of MGM Casting
Ms. Onna White, choreographer

Ms. Licia Albanese, opera singer
Ms. Mimi Benzell, opera singer
Alexander H. Cohen, producer
Bill Doll, Director Broadway Association Public Relations
George P. Hunt, editor Life Magazine
Vincent Price, actor
Ms.Onna White, choreographer
Lawrence Shubert Jr., Shubert Theaters
James A. Skidmore, President US Jaycess
J. Albert Trescony, Director of MGM casting
Donald Voorhees, symphony conductor

Ms. Lucia Albanese, opera singer
Ms. Mimi Benzell, opera singer
Al Capp, cartoonist Lil Abner
Ms. Patricia Collins, newspaper journalist
Bill Doll, public relations
Norton Mockridge, newspaper columnist
Mrs. E.D. Pearce, President Federation Womens Clubs
William W. Suttle, Board of US Jaycess
Donald Voorhees, symphony conductor


Ms. Joan Crosby, newspaper journalist
Hal David, music composer
Dr. Zelma George, professor
Mrs. Jane Pickens Langley, artist
Ed Loeb, Vice President Cue Publishing
Leon Leonidoff, Producer Radio City Music Hall
Mrs. Walter V. Magee, President Federation Womens Clubs
Norton Mockridge, newspaper columnist
Wendell E. Smith, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Bud Westmore, Director Universal Makeup Department

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Subject: Hisdtor - Judges / 1950's

No name
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Date Posted: 08:26:57 10/10/16 Mon


Ms. Norwood Baker, Converse College
Ms. Frances Burke
Ms. Ceil Chapman, fashion designer (designed official Miss America gown)
Felix W. Coste, advertising director Coca Cola
Vinton Freedley, film producer
Hal Phyfe, photographer
Lee Price Jr., President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
William Selden, dean NWU
Deems Taylor, music critic / composer

Ms. Elizabeth Arden, cosmetics manufacturer
Ms. Yolande Betbeze
Vinton Freedley, film producer
Waights G. Henry Jr, President LaGrange College
Dr. A.R. Olpin, President University of Utah
Hal Phyfe, photographer
Ms. Cornelia Otis Skinner, actress
Deems Taylor, music critic / composer
Charles Ventura, newspaper editor
Coby Whitmore, illustrator

Jee DeMere, illustrator
Dain J. Domich, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Henry Grattan Doyle, Dean Columbia college
Vinton Freedley, stage producer
Ms. Jeannette MacDonald, singer / actress
Dr. B. Joseph Martin, President Wesleyan College
Ms. BeBe Shopp
Mrs. Edwin D. Sullivan
Deems Taylor, music critic / composer
Coby Whitmore, artist

Dr. Paul r. Anderson, President Pennsylvania College for Women
Dr. Paul D. Bagwell, Michigan State College
Ms. Mimi Benzell, opera singer
Ms. Grace Kelly, actress
E. LeMar Buckner, President Jr Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Venus Ramey
Paul Whiteman, Vice President ABC
Deems Taylor, music critic / composer
Hal Phyfe, photographer
Joe De Mers, illustrator

John Adakin, music director / conductor
Walter Cassell, opera singer
Frank Farrell, journalist
Dr. Louis Jefferson Long, President Wells College
Hugh F. McKenna, President Jr Chamber of Commerce
Hal Phyfe, photographer
Ms. Helen B. Schleman, Womens Dean Purdue University
Deems Taylor, music critic / composer
Ms. Barbara Walker
Jon Whitcomb, magazine editorial artist

Ralph Blane, musical composer / director **
Mrs. Robert Carlton Byers, educator / journalist
Dean Cornwell, illustrator
Wendell J. Ford, President Jr Chamber o Commerce
Dave Garroway, news journalist
Ted Mack, television host
Hugh Martin, musical composer / director **
Ms. Jacque Mercer
Ms. Mildred Miller, opera singer
Raoul Walsh, film director
Dr. Val H. Wilson, Dean Colorado Womens College

Dr. John A, Barry Jr, President Coker College
Ms. Mimi Benzell, opera singer
Ms. Yolande Betbeze
Ms. Kitty Carlisle, opera singer
Mrs. Beatrice I. Hogan, Chairman Panhellenic Society
Theodore Mann, theatrical producer
Wade H. Nichols Jr, Director McCall Corporation
Joseph Pasternak, film producer
Charles E. Shearer, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Deems Taylor, music critic / composer
Coby Whitmore, illustrator

Edward Marshall Boehm, sculptor
Ms. Kitty Carlisle, opera singer
Bennett Cerf, President Random House Publishing
Robert V. Cox, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce of C
Moss Hart, composer producer
Ms. Heidi Krall, opera singer
Mitch Miller, musician
Mrs. Rosita H. Nordwall, Chairman Panhellenic Conference
Ms. Anne Gary Pannell, President Sweet Briar College
Richard Browning Pope, Director Cypress Gardens

Cliff Arquette, comedian
Mrs. Margaret Atkinson Biddle, Defense Advisory Committee
Major General Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, American diplomat
James Browing, Administrator Metropolitan Opera
Bob Clark, President US Jr Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Kathleen Crowley, actress
Ms. Esther Lloyd Jones, Professor Columbia University
Ms. Elaine Malbin, opera singer
Mitch Miller, musician
Norman L. Rice, Dean Carnegie College of Fine Arts
Ms. Pauline Trigere, fashion designer

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Subject: History - Judges / 1945

No name
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Date Posted: 08:21:33 10/10/16 Mon

Arthur William Brown, illustrator
Harry Conover, model agency
Dean Cornwell, illustrator
Bradshall Crandell, illustrator
Ms. Vyvyan Donner, fashion editor
Sidney Piermont, Executive Mike Todd Productions
John Robert Powers, model agency
Conrad Thibault, opera concert artist
Vincent Trotta, art director
Ms. Lois Wilson, actress
Ms. Prunella Wood, fashion writer

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Date Posted: 01:51:18 09/12/16 Mon

Good evening everyone!

Well, it's another year in at Miss America. Congratulations to Savvy Shields. I don't think any of us would say she is a WTF? winner but the rest of the top 15, well, that's another story. I warned about the unexpected but even I didn't see it going quite that way. There were some pleasant surprises including the talented Miss Massachusetts and Miss Louisiana. I'm glad California was in the top 10. Maybe there is some hope for the state after all. My favorite inclusion was Miss Idaho.

I think that the eventual winner, New York and Washington kicked it into high gear tonight. They performed better than they had all week, particularly Washington. Onstage questions were THE WORST that I've ever heard in the history of the pageant. Granted, nobody wanted to give a controversial answer, but still.

So much to say, and I will put it all in a post tomorrow, so stay tuned! I am going to keep it real with all of you. This was, in all of my years, a year that I really won't see sad to go. The best talent was left standing. We had potential for so much more and it wasn't realized. And I will watch the show back tomorrow, but some of what those judges were saying made me shudder.

One thing I will say. I don't dispute that Savvy earned her win. Two panels chose her. I thought the preliminary panel was off on their judging. I knew there was something to it with that talent win. Savvy was better tonight, no doubt. She wasn't that good in preliminaries.

More tomorrow!

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Subject: History - Judges / 1940's

additions, corrections wanted (Thank you!)
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Date Posted: 15:00:07 10/05/16 Wed

Al Altman, MGM Studio
Ms. Irma Coleman, cosmetics manufacturer
Ms. Vyvyan Donner, fashion editor
W.W. Forster, Pittsburgh Press
Hap Hadley, illustrator
John Held Jr., illustrator
George B. Petty, illustrator
John Powers, modeling agency
Walter Reagles, art director General Electric
Billy Rose, showman
Vincent Trotta, art director
Ned Weyburn, stage producer

Armondo, art director of Lord and Thomas
Ms. Vyvyan Donner, fashion editor
J. Walter Flynn, magazine art director
Hap Hadley, illustrator
John Held Jr., illustrator
George B. Petty, illustrator
John Robert Powers, modeling agency
Conrad Thibault, concert
Ned Weyburn, stage producer
Ms. Lois Wilde, actress

Harry Conover, modeling agency
Ms. Vyvyan Donner, fashion editor
J. Walter Flynn, magazine art editor
W.W. Forster, Pittsburgh Press
Hap Hadley, illustrator
Russell Patterson, illustrator
John Robert Powers, modeling agency
Conrad Thibault, opera concert artist
Vincent Trotta, art director

Martin Branner, Winnie Winkle cartoonist
Harry Conover, modeling agency
W.W. Forster, Pittsburgh Press
Hap Hadley, illustrator
Russell Patterson, illustrator
John Robert Powers, modeling agency
Alex Raymond, Flash Gordon cartoonist
Horace Schmidlapp, Broadway producer
Conrad Thibault, opera concert
Vincent Trotta, art director
Ms. Prunella Wood, fashion editor


1945 (10)
Arthur William Brown, illustrator
Harry Conover, model agency
Dean Cornwell, illustrator
Conrad Thibault, opera concert artist
Vincent Trotta, art director

Ms. Jean Bartel
Arthur William Brown, Illustrator
Harry Conover, model agency
Dean Cornwell, llustrator
Ms. Vyvyan Donner, fashion editor
Mrs. Henry Grattan Doyle, Board of Education
Dr. Edward M. Gwathmey, President Converse College
Hap Hadley, illustrator
Russell Patterson, illustrator
Conrad Thibault, opera concert artist
Vincent Trotta, art director
Ms. Lois Wilson, actress
Ms. Prunella Wood, fashion writer

Ms. Norwood Baker, Converse College
Frank J. Black, music director
Henry Grattan Doyle, George Washington University
Alfred V. DuPont, architect
Justin Miller, President Natl Radio Broadcasters
John Redmond, songwriter
Ms. Wynn Richards, photographer
Conrad Thibault, concert musician
Vincent Trotta, art director
Coby Whitmore, illustrator
Earl Wilson, journalist

Paul D. Bagwell, President Natl Jr Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Norwood Baker, Converse College
Henry Grattan Doyle, George Washington University
Alfred V. DuPont, architect
Mrs. J. Paul Faulkner, theater director
John Redmond, songwriter
Conrad Thibault, opera concert artist
Vincent Trotta, art director
Coby Whitmore, illustrator
Earl Wilson, journalist

Paul R. Anderson, President Pennsylvania College for Women
Ms. Ceil Chapman, fashion designer
Clifford D. Cooper, President Natl Jr Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Vyvyan Donner, fashion editor
Hal Phyfe, photographer
Guy Everett Snavely Jr., educational foundation
Conrad Thibault, opera concert artist
Vincent Trotta, art director
Ms. Barbara Walker
Coby Whitmore, illustrator
Earl Wilson, journalist

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Subject: History - Judges / 1930's

additions, corrections wanted (Thank you!)
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Date Posted: 14:55:02 10/05/16 Wed

David Alman
Peter Arno, cartoonist
George Beucher, artist
Edward Coward
Armand Nichols, MAO Executive
Ms. Gladys Glad, Ziegfeld Follies
Russell Patterson, illustrator
Walter Thornton, illustrator
Hugh Walter, illustrator
George White, stage producer

McClelland Barclay, artist
Earl Carroll, stage producer
Giuseppe Donata, artist
Elias Goldensky, photographer
Nils T. Granlund, stage producer
Louis St. John, Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce
Walter Clarence Thornton, model agency
Vincent Trotta, art director
Willard Van der Veer, film cinematographer

1936 (incomplete list)
Armondo, art department of Lord and Thomas
James Montgomery Flagg, Illustrator
John H. Harris, President Variety Club of America
Ms. Zoe Mozert, artist
George B. Petty, Esquire Illustrator
Vincent Trotta, art director


Fred Allen, radio
Al Altman, MGM
Major Edward Bowes, radio personality
Cecil B. DeMille, film director
James Montgomery Flagg, illustrator
Ms. Alicia Flagler, McFadden Academy
John Held Jr., illustrator
Ms. Zoe Mozert, artist
Ms. Elinor Guthrie Neff, Harpers Bazaar
George Petty, illustrator
Joseph Pincus, 20th Century Fox
Vincent Trotta, art director
Ned Weyburn, theater producer

Armondo, advertising agency director
W.W.. Forster, Manager Pittsburgh Press
Hap Hadley, illustrator
John Held Jr., illustrator
George B. Petty, illustrator
Matthew Scammell, Trenton manufacturer
Ms. Marion Talley, Opera star
Vincent Trotta, art director
Ned Weyburn, theater producer

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Subject: guru board

No name
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Date Posted: 23:06:06 09/30/16 Fri

I have been banned and have no idea why? Why do they ban folks without saying why Is theree another board

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Date Posted: 01:17:08 09/14/16 Wed

Good evening everyone!

I hoped to have the full recap up by now. But I developed a nasty bronchitis somewhere along the weekend. I have already gotten sick before at MA but nothing quite this bad. I think someone did not practice good hand washing skills lol.

I got to see Savvy's appearance on Kelly Ripa and I concur with Kelly. Wherever she got those people skills from was quite impressive. I think she did a great job and she is quite the natural. Being an NCIS fan I thought it was cool to be able to meet Michael Weatherly and Carol Burnett on the same day.

Look for the full recap sometime tomorrow. I've got plenty to say!

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Date Posted: 01:21:48 09/10/16 Sat

If you are wondering how to figure in the preliminary winners to the top 5, here are some fun facts to consider. Many years, the makeup of the top 5 is 2/3. Meaning, there will be either 2 preliminary winners and 3 non-preliminary winners. Or, there will be 3 preliminary winners and 2 non-preliminary winners. Last year, there were two preliminary winners (GA and LA) and three non-preliminary winners (AL, CO and MS) in the top 5. But there have been some anomalies over the years. Any before 1990 you might have to do some research, but here is a history of the top 5 anomalies over the years since 1991.

19914 of the top 5 were preliminary winners. MS (talent), IA (talent), NY (talent) and HI (swimsuit)
1999Only 1 of the top 5, and the eventual winner, was a preliminary winner KY (swimsuit)
2000Technically, all of the top 5 were preliminary winners. Initially, 4 of the top 5 were preliminary winners. MS (swimsuit), CA (talent), LA (talent and swimsuit) and HI (swimsuit). However, after it was revealed that a judge had ties to Miss Texas, scoring was retabulated without his scores. This resulted in a different set of winners, including 4th runner up and additional swimsuit winner Whitney Boyles.
20014 of the top 5 were preliminary winners DC (talent and interview), TN (swimsuit and evening gown), MA (swimsuit and interview) and OR (talent)
20024 of the top 5 were preliminary winners MD (talent and evening gown), NV (interview), OK (talent) and IL (interview)
2014Only 1 of the top 5 was a preliminary winner FL (swimsuit)

Since the preliminary judging was a headscratcher this year, I know many people are considering their lists. Most times, the preliminary winners are distributed across the top 10/15. But you never know and considering none of us have an idea how this is going to go, its fun thinking about.

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Subject: For fun I added up the scores the forum admin gave each contestant

No name
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Date Posted: 21:26:21 09/09/16 Fri

I added up the scores given in SS, EG and Talent and ranked them from highest to lowest below. Two things:

1. Puerto Rico wasn't given a talent score, it was just stated it'd be low. I therefore gave her 1 point lower (3) in talent than the lowest scorer(4).

2. Same girls had a range of scores because the admin would rank 7-7.5 for example instead of just 7 sometimes. For these girls I figured out their lowest score possible and highest possible and then took the average.

This obviously means nothing, but thought it was fun.

1. Maryland 26
2. Georgia 25.75
3. Ohio 25.25
4. South Carolina 25
5. Oklahoma 24.75
6. Kentucky 23.75
7. Mississippi 23.25
8. Alaska 23
Colorado 23
Connecticut 23
11. Iowa 22.5
Michigan 22.5
13. Nebraska 22.25
Texas 22.25
15. Alabama 22
Florida 22
Louisiana 22
18. Illinois 21.75
North Carolina 21.75
20. Kansas 21.5
Tennessee 21.5
New Jersey 21.5
23. District of Columbia 21.25
Massachusetts 21.25
Virginia 21.25
26. Arkansas 21
Idaho 21
Indiana 21
New Hampshire 21
New York 21
31. West Virginia 20.75
32. Wyoming 20.5
33. Arizona 20
Hawaii 20
Pennsylvania 20
36. Delaware 19.75
Rhode Island 19.75
38. Oregon 19.5
Utah 19.5
40. Missouri 19.25
New Mexico 19.25
42. California 19
Minnesota 19
South Dakota 19
45. Nevada 18.75
46. Vermont 18.5
47. Puerto Rico 17.75
48. Montana 17.5
Washington 17.5
Wisconsin 17.5
51. Maine 17
52. North Dakota 16

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Subject: MY TRY AT A TOP 15

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Date Posted: 14:35:41 09/11/16 Sun

Good afternoon everyone!
This is kind of a weird day with the pageant falling on the anniversary of 9/11. This is always a day of remembrance for me. This was a day that affected people in the Miss America Organization. Sharon Ritchies son passed that day. He was an employee of Cantor Fitzgerald. Also, I am not sure if she is still with the organization, but Marie who was part of the executive staff also lost her loved one that day. He was one of the hijacked pilots. Its hard to wake and be totally excited when you know that people are still suffering. My thoughts are with all of those who still continue to grieve and live with the effects of that day.
The parade was a LOT of fun. Mainly because it didnt rain lol. There were a lot of people there, and I was very happy about that. There were some great costumes. Some of my favorites were Alaska, she looked very pretty in a light purple gown. Also, Minnesota did a really cool tribute to Prince, I liked that. I liked Arizonas copper theme, it was a lot of fun. Maryland looked very pretty in a military theme. My favorite? (Drum roll, please) Mississippi. She did a tribute to Jim Henson, who now I know was a native of MS. Laura Lee had a very pretty pink dress and Muppet shoes. I thought it was very heartwarming and she looked great. Very well done. The fun thing about the parade is that you get to meet really neat people from all over the country. I got to meet some really great folks and I will be sure and cheering on your girl tonight. The parade is always fun because its a chance for the contestants to kick back and have some fun before the competition gets really intense.
Now, to my predictions. I am going to be honestI have no idea what is going to happen this year. I really dont. The preliminary judging has been very questionable. There have been clips of some of the contestants and their talent. Look at MI and KY and then tell me that AR and TN were on that level. I do think the judges got it right half of the winners, anyway. Thats why I have been warning not to be surprised at anything that happens tonight. On the flip side, there have been many strong competitors over the week. In fact, I do think a few are going to get shut out. It usually hasnt happened lately where all of the preliminary winners make the top 15. I am having a hard time considering whether or not all of the preliminary winners will make the top 15. I suspected the minute she crowned AR would be in the top 15. And with the reputation and track record of TN, I suspected that she would make the top 15. MI I knew would be a strong contender for talent and MD had a smoking hot body. I knew she would likely contend for the SS win. As far as OH, when I saw her after winning Miss OH, I felt like she had it. Cant explain it. There was something about her. She hasnt disappointed all week. I didnt know too much about DC when she was crowned. But when I started to look over her videos, I thought there was a there there.
Here is my impressions of the preliminary winners:
DCSurprisingly won SS in a group that she really did not excel in. She is confident in herself, has a talent that is good, and seems not to have a weak competition. Again, I go back to her track record at Miss GA. I did find out that she won NFT. And I do know that people grow over time. Was it enough to best other competitors from different states? I think she would work well with youth, that is clear in her videos. She is modern, at least I think. One of my drawbacks with her is that it is hard to tell what she is really about. I like her platform and I have long felt that we needed a platform that ties into the military. I guarantee she would be very well-received and very successful.
MDThis girl is ready to go. She has set the new standard for swimsuit winners. She is strong in SS and EG and she can speak. Also, she did well in the QOL competition. Her weakness is talent and she wisely picked a song that would not accent that. On the flip side, she is pageanty, and it may be to her detriment. The difference is, she is still very young and relevant to this generation. I understand that she was homeschooled. I have said this before on this board, there are fewer things in life I feel more strongly against than homeschooling. But the reality is that homeschooled children grow up relating to adults very well, and this may be in her favor. As the case with DC, I think a military platform would be a great idea.
OHShe is very fresh, very natural, yet has something about her that is mature and poised. She has a good talent and has been confident. She is very much a product of her generation and has a platform that would really resonate with young women. Young women, in fact, that need to see a different face of Miss America. On the other side of that, the fact that she just graduated high school she might not have the experience to be the face of a national organization. One thing I would like to note. I have seen Teresa criticized for her lack of experience. Who was complaining? Certainly not anyone at the Miss America Organization. Not people that met her. I have heard numerous stories about people who were charmed by her. Alice has that natural charm and is very relevant.
TNAnother surprising win. I thought she would contend for SS, but talent, no. I didnt think that. It wasnt that she wasnt good, but there was a lot better in her group. Again, it was better than on the webcast that I had seen. I do think Grace is going to do very well. The big question mark for me is that she is a bit more dated. That evening gown sure proves that. She is also a bit more reserved. But again, Laura K was more reserved. I dont think Grace has the beauty of Laura, though, and I think for once beauty played into Lauras win.
ARI know there was some chatter after her win that she might be the one to beat at Miss America. Her talent win would support that theory. She is no doubt cute and cheerful. She comes from a state with a great track record and knows how to get things done. I think she is the type of personality that people think of as Miss America. My big drawback with her is that with all due respect, we have had cute before. I dont find her remarkably cute. I havent fell in love with her. I also think her look is a bit dated. If she were to be crowned, I think she would be a throwback to years gone by. Without a doubt, I think she would be the safe, middle of the road contestant they would like for a year.
MII have been so impressed with her long before she set foot on the Miss America stage. She handled a very difficult controversy with class and peace. She has managed to speak very eloquently and peacefully about a controversial issue. I think Arianna would be a wonderful spokesperson and no doubt she would be an excellent Miss America. I think she has demonstrated the maturity and class to represent the crown very well.

Now, onto the others who have been strong all week:
GAI am still surprised that she was not the SS winner, but I wont belabor the point. She has been extremely consistent across the week. She came with her A game and I still very much believe she is a contender for the crown. My big concern is that she didnt resonate with the preliminary judges.
OKNot perfect, but very good. Strong talent, good swimsuit presentation, naturally confident. And, this is Oklahoma. Theyre never off of their game. I have no doubt that Sarah makes the top 10. Is she the next Miss America? I am not sure. But I think she could do very well.
IAShe has been very consistent all week. She has a natural energy that I think would resonate with the judges.
KYHad to be very close from the talent preliminary. She has been consistent all week and I think her talent scores should help her into the top 15.
MSAlso very consistent in onstage categories.
SCMuch like OK, not perfect, but consistent. There is no scenario in which I dont envision seeing her in the top 15. I dont expect her to be top 5, though. I say top 10 realistically.

Now, these are the ones I think have done well, but what do I know?

ALHas to be taken seriously after winning QOL. She looked good in SS, her talent wasnt spectacular but it was pleasing and entertaining. Everything else was in place.
INHad a good week. Not outstanding, but she has a nice energy about herself. Entertaining talent, not a Mallory type but entertaining nonetheless. She is very well-spoken and very cute.
KSAlso had a good week. Not outstanding, but you noticed her. She always presented very classy, very refined, and you noticed her.
NJHer talent is not spectacular, but has improved. She has been good in everything else and she has some natural presence to her. Also, she speaks very well. I am concerned that her platform is a big vague, but with the CMN emphasis, it wouldnt matter.
NYIf she makes in into the top 15, I would say that she doesnt make it that much farther. I could see her sneaking in but then not advancing to gown or talent. She did good in talent and she had a good presentation otherwise. I am basing this partially on her state and past performance rather than what I saw this week. I would not be surprised either way.
TXI still think she did well enough that we would see her in the top 15. It hasnt been a tremendous preliminary for her. She didnt do poorly in SS but she wasnt as strong as a Miss TX had been over the years. I just dont know, though.
ILJaryn has had a good week. Her strongest competitions were SS and EG and her talent was no better or worse that anyone elses. I think she is intriguing and if she presented herself well in interview, we will see her tonight.
COI wouldnt expect her to go that far, but she has been consistent and you notice her.
AKI am still hoping this is the year for Alaska. Kendall has been consistent, but the bad thing is, USA contestants sometimes have an uphill climb.
Will there be a few surprises? I certainly hope so. And I mean in the good sense, not the bad sense. With this preliminary panel, dont be surprised if you dont see your favorite. Believe me, nobody had a bad week this week. A lot of contestants were very competitive and its not for a lack of effort. This was, IMO, not the best preliminary panel that weve ever had.

Looking ahead to the final night judges, I see the youngness of the panel as working in favor of a certain kind of contestant. I am not a Shark Tank aficionado, though I have seen the show numerous times. I know what Mark Cuban looks for and he is looking for someone ambitious. I could see the lovely Sharlene Hawkes looking for someone like herself. I have always seen Sharlene as classy, ambitious, not the loudest person in the room, compassionate and intelligent. I think she will look for a Miss America that embodies those things. As for the rest of the panel, they are young and relevant. For that reason, I think that they are not going to go for someone that is old school. My gut all week has told me that one of the following will win:
Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, or Ohio
All of these are young and relevant, unique, and I think would have the classic appeal of a Miss America and yet be able to reach different groups of people. Even further, my gut is saying either Michigan or Ohio.

I cant pin this down this year, but I can surely try. I also know theres a possibility that we may get a winner that will not be popular. Thats fine. Its one year, and we have survived worse. My feeling is that we could be surprised at the outcome tonight. My impression is that no one this year could be a bad Miss America. Whether or not they were our personal pick, I dont think we would have anyone that would embarrass us or otherwise. I just dont know this year. Other years I have had an idea of how this would go. Last year I had SC winning with GA as the runner-up. Two years ago I said either NY or AL, and AL would be because Sam seemed to be favoring her. The year before I had OK. I had FL initially for 2013A then changed to AL. In 2012 I thought it would be Kaitlin Monte. So, overall, my track record has at least been in the ballpark.

Here is my stab at a top 15:
And I could easily see any of the above mentioned trading places with those last few contestants in the top 15, particularly KS and AL. I have a feeling that the others on the list will just miss the top 15.

There you have it! Agree, disagree? Who is your top 15?

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Date Posted: 14:03:00 09/10/16 Sat

Good afternoon everyone!

How are you getting ready? Got your scorecard ready? Hitting refresh on the boards every 5 minutes? ;)

I wanted to do a rundown of every state and give my impressions on their preliminary performances and their prospects of making the top 15 tomorrow night. Here is the first half:

ALHayley has done well all week. She certainly did well in QOL and while its not a huge factor, it certainly does help. I would say that her weakest competition was talent. It was better than a Shannon Schambeau, but it wasnt anything spectacular. I think we see her in the top 15. But there is something in me that wouldnt be totally shocked if we did not. I also think that if we see her she goes a long way, if that makes sense.
AKKendall has had a good week. She has been consistent and really has no weak areas. IMO, she was near the top of her group in SS and EG, and that would help her out. It will just come down to her interview, and hopefully that went well. I would love to see her in the top 15.
ARWith the preliminary award, you have to consider her a favorite. Everything else about her week has been just fine, no real weaknesses. I will discuss her more later in a post about the preliminary winners.
AZKatelyn hasnt been outstanding in any competition but has remained consistent. My feeling is that it will come down to her interview if she moves into the top 15 or not.
CAPeople were saying all along with her that it wasnt going to be CAs year. I gave Jessa the benefit of the doubt. I will say this muchtwo years in a row now they came with an older talent song that didnt work for either of their contestants. Theres certainly nothing wrong with older music but you also want to make sure and keep it relevant. She had a good SS and EG gown competition but the talent could have been so much better. On the flip side, had they sent Izamar her talent would have been too good for these judges ;)
COShannon has had a good week, I think. Every competition she has a big smile on her face, shes confident and looks like shes having a good time. I dont think shes the next Miss America but I think has what it takes to make the top 15 if her interview is good.
CTAnything lost in talent was likely made up for last night in evening gown. This will likely come down to interview for her. I just want to mention something nice about Alyssa. This could be true of any of the other contestants as well, I just didnt get to see all of the contestants social media. I havent even been back to see otherwise, but I did see that she posted an Instagram message to the Tuesday night preliminary winners. I thought that was really classy. She was very gracious to her teen in that video. I hope all of that shines through in interview. I would love to see Miss CT make it a short absence from the top 15.
DEIMO, her strongest competition was evening gown. She looked fantastic. She chose a similar color for talent, so it must work for her. As with many, its going to come down to her interview.
DCShe had a first strong night, and she remained consistent throughout the week, though I cant say shine. I am pretty sure she is in the top 15 and may be our next Miss America. More on that later.
FLCourtney is, in my opinion, one of the faces of this class. And she didnt disappoint in evening gown or swimsuit, though her walk was a bit manic. The big problem was her talent. I rarely say it holds anyone back, but in this case, it might. If they like her interview, it wont be an issue. This is also a state that knows how to get it done. Based on everything Ive seen, I think this year FL might be sitting out, which is a shame. But I just dont know here.
GAHow she did not win swimsuit will be one of lifes biggest mysteries to me. But, she has been extremely consistent and I still have her as a favorite to win despite missing out on the preliminary win. She has excelled in every category, and I am sure her interview was good. I still see a top 5 for her and .possibly back to back for Georgia.
HIAllison has been good and consistent all week, though not outstanding. I am really hoping that her personality pulls her through.
IDShe has not had a bad week at all. In fact, she has been consistent and good across the board. I think she has a chance at the top 15.
ILJaryn has had a good week. She looked great in SS and gown. Her talent was average. I am really hoping that her beauty pulls her through to the top 15. Shes one where I wouldnt be surprised to see her and it will just come down to the judges.
INBrianna has had a good week. Her talent was entertaining, her gown nice and her swimsuit wasnt bad at all. I got to see her facebook post about her interview. She was asked about what she would do if she was Miss America and there was a family emergency. Also, she was asked about racism, Colin Kapernick, etc. Some of the other contestants were being asked more non-substantive questions. This suggests to me that the judges might have their eyes on her as well. I am hoping!
IAVery consistent throughout the week. My feeling is if Taylor/Aly/Jessica made the top 12 so does Kelly. Shes very energetic. There are times when it is a bit too energetic, if that makes sense. Meaning, whereas some contestants have managed to present in a larger than life way, I almost feel like Kelly has to stop herself. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.

KSShe has done well all week, including special awards. Shes not outstanding but consistent. Also, Kendalls strong speaking skills will likely count for something. I cant say for certain but I think she makes the top 15. How far she gets, Im not sure, but I do see her as a possibility.
KYAnother that has been very consistent throughout the week. She could not have been that far behind in talent and that will count for something. She was good, not outstanding, but good in SS and EG. This is also a state who has seen consistent success and I think we see her in the top 15.
LAHer strong competition is talent. Other than that, she has been average but in no ways bad. I would love to see her in the top 15, and I have to imagine that her interview is good. I am not sure if we see her or not, though I would love to. We have to remember that her state knows how to get it done at the national level, too.
MEShe is a doll but I just hate to say it, she just doesnt quite have it. If I were the pageant god, I would send Maine some major prep help, because they do have potential and I hate seeing it wasted. If I were the pageant devil, I would be Miss Puerto Rico. Seriously, getting back to topic, ME USA has no problem at all and has done very well in the USA system. I just think its a matter of getting prep help.
MDHas been very, VERY strong in SS and EG and she speaks very well. Even her weak spot, talent, she played the game very well and picked a song that would work, anyway. Lets face it, she is a strong competitor.
MADespite her very strong talent, I am afraid that she has otherwise blended in this year. I would love to see her with an NFT, but with these judges I wont hold my breath. The only thing that I think might work in her favor is interview. She is very intelligent and I am sure she gave a good interview. If she were to make top 15 I think thats where it would end.
MIVery strong talent, preliminary winner, strong interview and some great public press. I knew all along she was someone special and she did not disappoint. With her choice in evening wear, if the judges like her boldness, I believe they will reward her for it.
MNI am hoping against hope here. She would have had to dazzle in interview which I do believe is a possibility. I am not sure that her onstage performance could back up a dazzling interview, though. Personalities come and go all the time at Miss America, sad to say. I dont like to say this on most occasions, but I really think had she had more competition experience under her belt she could have contended for Miss America.
MSHas been very consistent all week. As I have said all along with her, she wants this and has shown up ready to go. To me, she is a sure lock for the top 15. Realistically, I see top 10. After that, who knows?
MOShe was doing well in EG and SS and her onstage question was decent. Shes not the loudest personality in the room but I have feeling that she communicated her compassion in the interview room. However, her talent really was that poor. She would have had to have a Kristi Glakas type swimsuit and interview to make up for it, and Im not sure that it is going to happen that way. I still think shes a lock for the public vote but I believe thats where it ends for her.

My next half will come shortly. Stay tuned!

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Date Posted: 15:14:20 09/10/16 Sat

MTShe is a very pretty, fresh-faced young woman and I think this was her first try at Miss MT. I think she would have done better with a little more experience. She just hasnt stood out this year.
NEShe has been decent all week, looked good in SS, her talent is respectable. I think she brought her best competition to the table. I think theres a possibility that we see her, I could see it going either way. I will say this muchyou can see that NE is on its way up and Im glad. Its nice to see different states rising to the occasion. This is what I mean with ME. If you can somehow get it together, you can be competitive even if you werent before.
NVPretty girl, her strongest competition was talent. Also, she really seems to connect with her platform. My big issue is whether or not she can connect with the judges. She wasnt strong in SS or EG.
NHIMO, Caroline had the best week she could have had. She had a good talent night, she looked nice in her gown. Swimsuit she was certainly respectable, but I think she needed some more energy. She is extremely passionate about her platform and that is where I think she could sneak into the top 15. Based on overall performance, it would be iffy, but I really think she has done her best.
NJBrenna, IMO, is competing at her best. She looked great in swimsuit and gown and her singing has either improved or sounded better in person. Like with NH, I think she has done her best. She is still a very strong interviewer and I am hoping this will be enough. I could see this going either way for her. Sort of like with AL, I think if she makes it she might go far.
NMI LOVE Stephanie. I think her looks are being overlooked, shes very pretty and I think she could fare well in USA. She hasnt really stood out all week, though. Sort of like with ME, I wish I could send some prep help, although NM is doing well with NFI. This state has potential and it might take a few more years to figure it all out. I am really hoping we see Stephanie, anyway.
NYOn paper, this is a no-brainer. A 2nd runner-up for MAOT now competing with a state title that has produced 3 Miss Americas in a row, before that a tremendous run. Strong talent, good enough interview. If I am keeping it real, she hasnt really jumped out during competition. Last year, Miss NY had a bit more of a smoother presentation and didnt crack the top 15. I am really on the fence with this one. If she was from another state that wasnt as successful Id say no. But we have to consider the fact that she is Miss NY and that stands for something.
NCShe has been good in both talent and swimsuit. Not exceptional, but good. My big drawback with her is hearing her speaking skills. She seemed nervous in OSQ and even at the AC, she had a tendency to ramble on. Sadly, if she was nervous in interview shes not going to make the top 15. I think shes had a respectable competition, however.
NDI do like her, I just didnt find her overwhelming during the competition. She just doesnt have a lot of energy that jumps out. I think if she did, she might have had a chance at the top 15.
OHSomething jumped out at me with her from the minute she was crowned. She has had a good week. She is fresh-faced, relevant to her generation, strong talent and a now a swimsuit winner. I have my eye on her, more on that later.
OKHas been very consistent across the week. She has a lot of confidence and the competition to back it up. Without a doubt I expect her in the top 10, possibly top 5.
ORShe hasnt had a bad week but she just doesnt have the standout quality. I like her, I was hoping she would do well, but Im not sure that we see her tomorrow night.
PAOh man. There are certain contestants every year where I want to yell, Youre at the Miss America pageant, dammit! She is very pretty, I think her looks are being overlooked this year and its kind of like you want her to come alive. She just isnt, and I think if she had, she could have done very well. As such, I am not sure that we will see her in the top 15.
PRWell, shes original, theres no doubt about that. Any Miss Puerto Rico faces an uphill climb at the Miss America pageant. Her best competition was swimsuit, she certainly brought the factor. But the talent was just so bizarre. I dont think the judges went for it and I dont think well see her.
RIIn the beginning, I thought she might have been one to keep an eye on. Her competition has been good enough, not exception, but good. I suspect that we could see her in the top 15 if her interview was that good. It might have been. If it wasnt, I dont think we will see her.
SCHas no doubt been consistent and good, although not perfect by any means. She still doesnt exhibit a lot of energy. I saw this, as did others, all along with her. It was obvious this week. I think had she had more of the it factor this would have been hers for the taking. I do expect that we will see her in the top 15, likely top 10. After that, I think it will get into judges favorites.
SDGood talent, that was her best competition. Somewhat non-remarkable in any other category. Unless she had a knockout interview, I dont see it this year.
TNTalent win and shes had a very good week. Despite that evening gown, I could see her going into the top 5. I know shes not been exceptional but shes been good and she does stand out in a group.
TXI really dont know here. I had high hopes for Caroline coming into this. She was in the top of her talent group, no doubt. Everything else she has been good but not outstanding. I go back to the fact that she won interview at Miss TX and that is no small accomplishment. And my feeling is if she misses the top 15 after Shannon made top 10 last year it would make no sense whatsoever. I just dont know how much she has been separating herself from the pack, and thats my concern.
UTExcept for talent, she hasnt brought a lot of energy to the competition. She just seemed lifeless during some of the other competitions. UT always sends strong talent, and this was no exception. I just dont expect to see her.
VTAs we all know, its hard for VT to crack the top 15. Rylee has had a good competition and I think shes brought her best. I think if she had a good interview we might see her. The big drawback for me was her talent.
VAShe hasnt had a bad competition, but she kind of has a milquetoast presentation. Very nice, no doubt but she doesnt have some of the it factors that her predecessors had. I dont think its going to happen for VA this year, anyway.
WAI know that her state was excited about her. My big thing with her is that she just hasnt stood out. I cant explain it, but she doesnt have a softness about her. She seems to be kind of stiff. I dont think her competitions have been that outstanding that it could be made up for. I dont anticipate her in the top 15.
WVI like people like Morgan who genuinely seem concerned about her fellow mankind. That being said, its been a little too much. I get that she cares. And I mean this with all due respectits never a bad thing to tie in your platform with your talent. But she doesnt bring a happy feeling to it, either. I think thats what it is. I suppose I could see her in the top 15 but I am not sure.
WICourtney is a very cute girl, always has a big smile on her face and is very delightful. Her competition hasnt been anything overwhelming. She hasnt stood out in any particular category. I dont really see how she would get into the top 15, although I said the same thing about Paula Mae.
WYJordyn is a really cute girl and a great Miss Wyoming. If there are any that land there on personality, it could be her. If it is her overall presentation, then no. It would have to be personality.

And there you have it! I gotta go reserve my place on the parade route. I am not paying for a seat on the parade route and its foolish to do so. That is, unless, you want a closeup of Mary Sullivan. I will be back later and tell you about the parade and then my fearless predictions. Stay tuned!

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Subject: Per someone's suggestion I refigured the girl's total prelim scores based on SS, EG and Talent by their percentage worth. For prelims SS = 15% EG = 20% and Talent = 35%

No name
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Date Posted: 10:33:53 09/10/16 Sat

1. Oklahoma 5.9
2. Georgia 5.8375
Ohio 5.8375
4. Kentucky 5.8125
5. South Carolina 5.8
6. Maryland 5.675
7. Michigan 5.525
8. Louisiana 5.45
9. Colorado 5.425
10. Mississippi 5.3875
11. Iowa 5.35
12. Texas 5.3375
13. Massachusetts 5.2625
14. Alaska 5.15
15. Tennessee 5.125
16. Nebraska 5.1125
17. New Hampshire 5.1
18. Alabama 5.075
19. North Carolina 5.0625
20. New York 5.025
21 Indiana 5
Wyoming 5
23. New Jersey 4.975
24. Virginia 4.925
25. Arkansas 4.9
26. Idaho 4.9
27. District of Columbia 4.8875
28. West Virginia 4.8625
29. Illinois 4.85
Pennsylvania 4.85
31. Kansas 4.825
32. Florida 4.75
Hawaii 4.75
34. Rhode Island 4.7
35. Nevada 4.6625
36. Utah 4.625
37. Connecticut 4.6
38. Arizona 4.55
South Dakota 4.55
40. Delaware 4.5375
41. New Mexico 4.4875
42. Oregon 4.45
43. Minnesota 4.4
44. Vermont 4.225
45. California 4.2
46. Missouri 4.075
Wisconsin 4.075
48. Montana 4.025
Washington 4.025
50. Maine 3.825
51. North Dakota 3.775
52. Puerto Rico 3.65

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Date Posted: 17:48:46 09/09/16 Fri

Talent came back to earth last night lol. Usually Mu talent is weakest for a reason. However, IMO, we saw some of the strongest talent performances of the whole pageant last night. But you also had some of the worst. There was some bad singing, bad acting, and even a fall, unfortunately. Here's my thoughts:

MESang Ive Got Rhythm. I am a big fan, but her performance was minimal. She had some problems hitting some of the notes 5
MOYou all know that I love her and am rooting for her. Before last night, I was actually starting to think that she would make the top 15 because she was doing well in other competitions. That all went out the window. She can carry a tune, maybe. But thats about it. If I am keeping it real, it was a 4. It wasnt quite as bad as Kristi Glakas, but it wasnt good.
ILSang You Dont Own Me. I would call it a Jalee Fuselier type performance. I think she picked a good song that didnt have a lot of challenge if you dont have a strong vocal. She did a nice job with it, though not overwhelming. 6
PRIt was just bizarre. I stand with what I said last night. I almost feel like she was making a political statement, particularly with what happened with her predecessor. The problem is, and someone said there is a video, this is going to become Internet fodder. I dont have a problem thinking out of the box. I would gladly see a mime performance or an alternative topic. Even if I didnt think it was political, I am not sure if the evil entity of the universe was a great choice. Believe me, there have been no shortage of contestants who have sang How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, Via Dolorosa, etc. Religious themes and talent have long gone together in the MAO. I have never seen anyone do satan before. I just dont think it was the best choice for a pageant. I guess technically, with all of the positive religious themes, I guess it is fair game to take on satan. But still, it wasnt done well. If someone got up and did a tap dance to Sympathy For The Devil I am sure it would raise eyebrows. The only thing positive I could say is that she took a risk, but it wasnt good. Even if it was done to perfection, I would not have scored this well.
WA-Danced to Lets Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. I hate to say this, but it was what you expect when you see this song done at a pageant. 5-6
WIDanced to a jazz song. She had a nice smile and seemed like she was having fun, but it wasnt anything overwhelming 5-6
WVShe apparently wrote the song herself about bullying. She spoke during it. I have mixed feelings about it. I will address this with her later, I think it was a nice sentiment, but it also had a heavy feeling to it. There are great social justice songs written, think of Lady Gaga at the Academy Awards this year. This just didnt have that effect. I would give her a better score, a 7 for the attempt, but it didnt make you feel good. 7

MDVery basic performance of God Bless America. LOL my first thought was that she was auditioning for Miss America appearances. It was nice. Her overall look was very nice. My initial thought is that this is indeed her weak spot, but she was wise. She took a basic song that wouldnt be controversial and gave a passable performance. I would say 6 with the singing, 7 with the overall costume and look that she presented.
KSSang Aint No Sunshine. It was subdued, a nice performance. I think it lacked energy. I know its hard to have energy with the song, but you can kind of doctor it up with some intensity at the end. I would give it a 6 with the lack of energy.
MTA classical piano piece, I didnt really recognize it. It was nice, nothing memorable. 5-6
MIExcellent. I didnt recognize the song, but she played with a lot of passion, energy, and skill. She looked great and gave a spirited performance 9
UTA totally different routine than the video clip. It was a fast paced jazz type dance. The costume was great, the energy was good. This was her best competition 7
DEDanced to Fight Song. It was nice, it didnt have a lot of chutzpah, but it was nice 5-6
FLDanced to a Jennifer Hudson song. Very sadly, she had a pretty bad fall during the performance. It was very remedial, hate to say, before the fall. I am not sure how forgiving the judges would be before it, but it was a 5 at best before the fall.
KYAwesome. IMO, since MI won, the second best talent of the whole pageant, if not the whole thing. Extremely energetic, entertaining, and as the song went on, the notes became even more intricate. Now, I tried to play the violin in elementary school. Much to the benefit of society, I didnt continue with the lessons. However, I do know whats good, and she had some really nice sequences in there. 9.5 overall
MAShe wrote an original piece. Unfortunately, I think had she accompanied herself, she might have contended more for preliminary talent. But she was very energetic, she looked like Shandi F sitting at the piano, great costume, a lot of spunk, it was pretty good. 8.5 to 9
SDClassical opera. Very nice. It was one of her strongest competition 7

I would rank KY first, then MI and MA.

Not a bad night. Most were average in this group, but there weren't any weak ones. Here are my thoughts:

NHShe looked very nice. She had a swimsuit with a mesh stomach, the only one. Her hair looked very nice and if she had a little more confidence, I would have had it much higher 6
WYOkay, she is cute, but nothing memorable 6
NEVery nice. She was very toned, a natural walk, good charisma 7.5 to 8
ORNice build but no energy 6
NYShe had some confidence, not perfect, but she gave it a good effort 6.5 to 7
CANice. She had energy, a nice body, good walk 7
COA lot of confidence, good walk, she had nice presence 7.5
IAconfident and had a nice presentation. Walk was a little fast 7
VTNice body, but she didnt have a lot of energy 6
VANice. She has a nice, tall body, had a nice walk 7.5
MSHad a walk reminiscent of Chelsea Rick. She walked slow and deliberate, had a lot of confidence 7.5 to 8
OKOne of the better ones of the night. She had a lot of natural confidence and a good walk, good energy 8
RIHer presentation didnt seem very comfortable, a bit of a fast walk 6
TNHer walk was good in the beginning, but her pose at the end was a bit uncomfortable 7
NCNice. She had a good build, very confident 7.5
CTGreat body, great look. A little slower of a walk than I would have liked, but nice 7
OHBam! Last out of the group, naturally confident, great body, great walk, her hair kind of flowed. She just had a natural confidence with everything to back it up. Not Hannah (she has set the new standard for swimsuit) but very strong 9

Best was OH, and then I would have had OK, MS, NE and NC behind.

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Subject: THURSDAY Evening Gown and OSQ

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Date Posted: 18:01:47 09/09/16 Fri

Evening Gown

There was a mix of white and colored gowns last night. Not a lot of black this year, but it seems like more white than usual. The group was very nice overall. Here are my thoughts:

NHa very nice satin red gown, strapless with a full bottom. She looked very nice, had a nice walk 7
WYAlso very pretty in red. This had more of a scallop top with a wraparound train, she always looks so cheerful, nice presentation 6.5
NEMostly white with some gold or silver around the bust. She looked very nice, walked nicely 7.5
ORBasic white with silver highlights at the top, a nice presentation but she seemed a bit hesitant 6.5
NY--Pretty silver with a white wraparound train similar to SC. She looked very nice, had nice presence 7.5
CABasic emerald green strapless. It was very simple but she was very elegant, looked great with her complexion. Overall, very nice 7
CASimple white, dress was very basic. But she had a nice presentation, a lot of confidence 7.5
IAVery basic white dress with a flared bottom, a high silver-studded neckline. I think it would been better in a color, but she had a nice presentation 7.5
VTAnother basic white with a train, nice presentation 7
VANice simple royal blue gown, a little hesitant but nice 6.5 to 7
MSThe dress was kind of simple, but she had a back train which she flared. Had she not had the flare, it wouldnt have been that remarkable. But she did look very elegant when she flared the dress. 8 with the presentation
OKA very pretty teal sparkly gown with some lace cutouts. If it had a flared bottom it would remind me of a mermaid. I loved the color, it looked great on her and it was a bold choice. Confident presentation 7.5 to 8
RIA bright royal blue with gold overlays and a flared bottom. Nice presentation, although not remarkable 6.5 to 7
TNI think this dress would have worked better if it was strapless or had a different back. As such, it was almost hot pink and had shoulders that looked like they were from the 80s. Then, the columns were attached to the top. I hate to say this, I love Grace, I did not like the dress as it was. She wore it okay. Not that the dress matters, I think she will be okay, but I didnt like it. Okay presentation 6.5 to 7
NCA more basic white with a flared back. She flared the back, it was a nice presentation 7
CTVERY nice. One of my favorites. She walked with such class, she looked regal. She made me forget I hate white. Her hair was back, she was near perfection 9
OHIm not thrilled about the dress, it had a silver rhinestone top with a full skirt, but she wore it very nicely. Lots of natural confidence 8

Overall, I gave that round to CT, and then MS, OH, and OK.

Im not sure that this was the strongest night, but again, it usually never is.

MNSpoke about arts in schools, not a new platform. But she spoke well, intelligent, and did not ramble. I am kind of hoping this is what her interview sounded like because she likely did well if this was the case.
LAAnother intelligent answer, although it sounded a bit fluffy. Its a good idea about positive mental health but it had shades of Robert Schuller
ND Even though she doesnt have the loudest personality, she gave a decent answer. She is well spoken
DCAnother military related platform. Sounded convincing and considerate.
NJDecent answer, although I think her platform work would not likely get her lots of appearances should she win Miss America
AKI really dont know what her platform was about because she gave a real fluffy answer
ARAs always, she had a big smile on her face. She gave a decent answer about food and wellness. I paid close attention to her speaking skills. She doesnt have the articulateness of some of the other contestants, but she was decent.
INGave a nice, soft-spoken answer about healthcare. She has a way about her, a very soft-spoken voice yet very intelligent
NMAverage answer about literacy
ALShe gave a good, compassionate answer about providing healthcare for children
PAShe sounded very intelligent, although a bit cerebral, when speaking. Spoke about brain injuries
IDNot bad, actually. She speaks well, a little bit rambly though
TXOkay. You can tell shes intelligent but I cant put my finger on it. Something was off about it.
GAGood. She is a good speaker, answered her question well, didnt ramble
HIVery cheerful, kind of sounded pageanty
NVShes not the best speaker but she gave a genuine answer about autism
SCAlso spoke about autism. Sort of what I thought about Rachel rung true. She seems so passive. Didnt come across like NV on the same topic, although her speaking skills were a bit better
AZSpoke about bullying. She was decent, although I felt like it wasnt a direct answer.

Overall, the ones that I thought were best were AL and MN

So, there you have it! The competition is now over. I am going to post a contestant by contestant view of the week. And after that, I am going to take a stab at a top 15. I can tell you--it's not going to be easy because I have no idea what to expect with these judges.

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Subject: Hi! Are you going to do a breakdown of last night like you did the 2 previous nights? Anxiously waiting :)

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Date Posted: 17:47:05 09/09/16 Fri

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Date Posted: 02:16:20 09/09/16 Fri

Good evening everyone!

Its now the end of the preliminaries. Wow, that went quick. I have to say, it was a wild ride this year. After tonight, I do feel a little bit better about the judging process. There was absolutely no question that both winners tonight were no-brainers and well deserved. And there was a lot of great competition. However, talent came back to earth tonight LOL. And it wasnt just the obvious, but more on that later.
Overall, swimsuit was a little weaker than the last two nights, although there were some standouts. Alice just came out at the end with confidence, a great walk, and just very naturally confident. OSQ was about the same as last night. I enjoyed some of the gowns tonight. Lots of nice color, and overall, this year, the gowns were bit more formal.
Now, to the talent. I saw what was perhaps the most bizarre talent that I have ever seen on a Miss America stage tonight. Miss Puerto Rico did a monologue about satan running for political office. My initial thought is that she was making a political statement. And then I have to wonder if it was best for the Miss Puerto Rico organization to allow this in light of what happened with Destiny. If one person recorded this and this gets out, nothing good will come of it. It was just plain bizarre. LOL it was not exactly well received, either. At least by the audience, anyway. I heard plenty of chatter. And there were other bad talents tonight, but more on that tomorrow. This night was a little more predictable, which was a delightful change from the first two nights. It was either MI or KY or MA and with this, it was likely a matter of preference. Or interview. But neither winner left people scratching their heads.
The good news is that it does seem like there is a clearer picture since everyone has competed in all three categories now. I am going to post my full review as always tomorrow, then I am going to jump a little deeper contestant by contestant. I am trying to determine a top 15, and I will post that. It might take some time.
Generally speaking, this is a year yet which is far from settled, at least in my opinion. More on that later! I will address everyones responses in the morning.

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Date Posted: 14:03:37 09/08/16 Thu

After two nights of questions, I have to give props to the MAO. I am liking the questions a little more this year. They are moving towards integrating relevant issues into the questioning. The questions were about on par with Tuesday night. Here were my impressions:

NHPlatform is her forte, and as I expected, she spoke very well and very passionately.
WYMy overall impression of her is that she is very cute, and she has a cute presence. She smiles and sounds positive. Sort of like her introduction at the AC, she managed to speak about domestic violence well and balance a good attitude. I know that might sound strange, but that was the impression that I got. I wouldnt say that she directly answered the question well, but I thought she did a nice job.
NESpoke about bullying and what needed to be done. The strongest thing for me was how she related her experience. I didnt think she was an overwhelming speaker, though.
ORKind of generic about mentoring. Shes an articulate speaker but didnt have a lot of energy.
NYShe is well spoken for sure. I think her answer was a bit more canned, though.
CADecent but she seemed a bit disconnected. I wasnt overwhelmed or underwhelmed.
COShe spoke well, intelligent, logical. Sort of a generic platform.
IAShe has a lot of energy, so much so that it can come off as speaking rapidly. I dont understand her platform, though.
VTShe strikes me as very intelligent and spoke well about a relevant issue.
VAA little fluffy and pageanty. All she needed to say was world peace lol.
MSI have to give it to her, she does have a great platform. But again, shes so pageanty that it dilutes her message. Her answer was very pageanty.
OKVery well spoken and heartfelt about supporting the troops.
RIVery intelligent and a good platform. Managed to get her point across well.
TNA thoughtful answer about literacy. I think she did pretty well.
NCI dont know, she seemed a little nervous. She rambled a bit.
CTSpoke about the well being of senior citizens. I love it, its a great platform. She seemed to give a decent, logical answer.
OHSpoke about standards of beauty. I think she expressed herself very well.

I wasnt blown away by anybody, but the best, IMO, were NH, VT and OH. The platforms seemed a bit more generic last night, it seems like they were more conceptual and you did get some generic answers.

Evening Gown
IMO, last night was SO much better than night 1. The dresses were more original, had a lot of color, and you saw a bold variety of styles.
MEStarted the group very generic, very generic white gown. Okay presentation 5-6
MOIts funny, I pictured her to have something in blue, but she chose a red satin gown and she looked fantastic. It suited her hair color and she had a tall, statuesque look 7.5 to 8
ILHalter top royal blue gown with a ruffled bottom. She looked very nice, elegant, had a classy walk 7.5 to 8
PRA silver top with a flowing white bottom. I usually dont like that style of dress, but she made it look very nice. She had a nice, classy presentation 7.5 to 8
WAA pretty red beaded dress. Its similar to what you have been seeing the last few years. I thought it suited her hair color very well. Just an okay presentation, though 6
WIA pretty silver top with a black bottom. It was basic, but it was one of those that it just made a very nice statement. Nice presentation from Courtney, she glowed and walked nicely 7
WVI LOVED this look. A simple yellow gown with her dark hair and tan, she just looked regal. Her presentation was a bit reserved but so classy and I loved it. 7 overall presentation
MDOnce again, she looked tall, sophisticated and sleek. A beautiful FL ballgown and she looked ready to win Miss USA. 9.5
KSAgain, hard to follow that, but she looked very nice and regal in a satin sleeveless royal blue gown. She looked elegant, classy and made a very nice statement 8
MTA very pretty teal gown. I would loved to have seen some more energy from her, because she looked great 6
MIFrom no mans land, this looked similar to SCs gown except in all white. However, I understand it was actually a pants suit with a wraparound train. I thought she looked very nice, but I think a bold original choice should have scored her well. I loved that she took that risk. I would say 7 as I saw it, but the judges may or may not like the bold choice. Hard to tell.
UTA cutout neck line white. She wasnt memorable 6
DEI LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this gown. It was something I would choose for myself save the really big bottom. I am too short for it not to make me look stumpy. But I digress. It was a burgundy ballgown, strapless, VERY nice, great presentation. Her walk wasnt perfect but it was great. 8
FLI believe this was her state gown and it was very pretty. Either a gold or copper long sleeved top with a white fitting bottom. She was simple and elegant, looked regal. 8.5 to 9
KYThe gown was a bit generic, but she had a nice smile, good confidence and had a nice presentation 7
MAIt was a white gown with I believe something like Miss TX had last year with that large ruffle in the midsection. She looked nice, not a lot of energy. 6.5
SDKind of generic white satin with a flared bottom. Okay 6

I would say once again, MD had this by a mile and then came FL, DE, KS, IL, MO and WV. But a very nice group.

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Date Posted: 01:19:18 09/06/16 Tue

Technically, the day is here! It's early in the morning, but the onstage competition starts tonight! I am so excited. In a way, it doesn't seem like it's here already. But that's okay, we'll adjust ;)

These will likely change after preliminaries, but I wanted to post my thoughts about each contestant and what struck me most about them. Here goes:

ALI am pretty sure she ends up in the top 15. She seems very articulate and this is Alabama, after all. They know how to get it done. I think Hayley seems mature, level-headed, and ready to go. If you click on that link that I noted, you would likely feel like I do. Thats the kind of Miss America that I want.
AKI am going to wait and see what happens with preliminaries before I call this one. If anything, I think she will be the top 3 swimsuits in her group. If GA doesnt win SS tomorrow night, I think Kendall is a strong possibility.
AZThis one is hard to say. Shes a VERY good speaker, very articulate, very intelligent. The big problem is that AZ always faces an uphill climb. And shes in a very tough preliminary group. On the flip side, AZ made the top 10 in 2011 and 3rd runner-up in 2012, so they do have some idea on how to prep their contestants.
ARI am going to comment more about this later, but shes definitely one of the cute contestants. AR has been consistently making the top 15. In fact, except for 2012 I cant remember when they didnt at least make the top 15 for the last 6 or 7 years, or whenever it was. If the rest of the contestants can, so can Savvy. Shes got a bright smile and so cheerful. I would possibly say if they fall in love with her personality, shes your winner. But its just going to depend what the judges are looking for.
CAI realize a lot of people are dismissing Jessa. But I think thats premature. This is a state that still can get it done. She beat a lot of good competition at Miss CA, including a former Junior Miss. I know that her talent is purportedly weak, but when has that stopped anyone before?
COI think Shannon has potential. She is a very good singer and I think she will be in the top 5 talents in Alpha. Also, consider that they had a very good year last year with Kelley Johnson and they are undoubtedly know what worked for her. CO also made the top 12 in 2010. The state is showing signs of life and I think that Shannon should be taken seriously.
CTI think shes a very strong contender for preliminary SS. I am hoping for good things from her. I was impressed with her video with the OT. When she was asked about her year, her first response was that she wanted to help her teen. I thought it was a great response. I thought she presented herself well and speaks well.
DEAs always, shes got an uphill climb. She has the experience as an OT and competing for several years likely helped her. If shes got good talent, DE has been doing well with NFT awards.
DCI didnt realize she was such a good singer. I would say she will be near the top of her group on Wednesday night. Im not quite sure that she has enough to win a preliminary. But she does have experience competing in GA and theyve been very successful. The only drawbacks is that she wasnt able to crack the top 10 there. Also, DC has been on a downward trend at Miss America of late. I wouldnt be surprised to see her and I wouldnt be surprised not to see her.
FLShe is no doubt one of the prettiest contestants this year and I think she would win SS in Mu. And again, her state has a wonderful record of late. If shes got something, she will be right in the middle of things.
GAI think shes a strong contender for the win. I think GA could repeat this year. Patricia is not quite as strong in talent as Betty was. In fact, seeing her classical ballet, I think she would have been just fine with that. But, Patricia has a KILLER swimsuit presentation AND she can speak to boot. Shes both cute and glamorous at the same time, and from what I understand, she was Miss Congeniality. Whether she wins it all or is a runner-up, I know shes going to do very well. It would be interesting if she won, only 2 states winning in 5 pageants. I dont think that has happened in USA, though TX won 5 times in a row.
HII liked Allison from the moment that she was crowned and shes not disappointing. Shes very delightful. Plus, she is intelligent and talented. I wouldnt consider her rendition of O Mio Babbino Caro in the same category as Katie Harman, but shes certainly respectable. I was concerned about her chances in Mu, but I think her personality will get her very far.
IDKylee was one that really jumped out at me once I saw the videos. Whatever Idaho is doing at Sweetheart, they are certainly doing something right. Last year, I thought Kalie had the goods and she was on the bubble for me after the prelims were over. But I like what I see out of Kylie. She has a naturalness about her that might bode very well for her. I know of late Sweetheart success has not reflected at Miss America. But I do think shes got real potential. As with anyone else in Sigma, the competition is going to be tough.
ILI love her. Shes one of my favorites this year. In addition to her looks, there is just a certain warmth that she projects. I am not sure what her interview is like, I found that short clip but it didnt really show me a lot either way. I know wed all be happy looking at her for a year. I can tell you one thing, though. Nurses are a compassionate group and I think that she would bring that to the table if she were to win.
INAnother doll from the Midwest. I would be thrilled if she won. Like many, she is just so damned cute and I remember liking her immediately. She also seems very sweet and humble. As with anyone else in Sigma, its going to be a hard fight out of that group. But I am hoping that we see her in the top 15.
IAThis state has totally got it figured out short of having their first Miss America. I understand that Kelly has strong talent. She comes across to me very well in pictures. As I said in the lottery post, I think that she will stand out in Alpha, though it is shaping up to be a very competitive group as well.
KSShe is another favorite of mine. I think she is a natural beauty, she seems very approachable and she is very well-spoken. I imagine that she would give a thoughtful, intelligent interview. Also, like IL, she is in a compassionate profession. I think shed make a wonderful Miss America. She reminds me of a young Jill Biden in looks.
KYI didnt see her SS, but I saw her talent, and if entertaining wins this year, she will be your prelim talent winner. I actually think she is stronger than her predecessor Ramsey Carpenter and that worked out well for Ramsey. From what I am hearing, the folks in KY are very confident about her chances. Given the strong record for the state and her strong talent, I think she advances from that group.
LAHer talent is fantastic. And shes got the same DNA as Crystal Lee  No doubt she is helping her cousin, shes got a lot of great advice to give. Plus, LA is just one of those very successful states. Maybe Sigma talent goes to LA for 2 years in a row. Its a strong possibility.
MEI think shes young and very striking. What concerns me about her is that everything is against her. First interview, and despite their lovely young women, ME just doesnt have the record at MA as they do at USA. I am hoping this may be the year. If she makes it to the 15, its a whole new ballgame for final night.
MDAs I said the other day, shes going to go far in this competition. Truthfully, it would not surprise me if she won the whole thing. She is young, striking, and well-spoken. Shes already won two awards and the competition hasnt even started. Shes got a great mentor in her older sister who was very successful in her own right. With the final night judges especially, I think theyre going to go for young and modern. This will bode well for her final night.
MAI am sad that she is getting such negativity. She is a BRILLIANT musician and I dont think she feels the need to fry her hair and put up an unrealistic image of who she is. Thats confidence. When I started to research her, I learned about her background as a child musician. And what I get from her is that she is a true artist. When I listened to her music, she puts her heart on her sleeve. I think this pageant is just the beginning for her. Maybe I am a bit biased because I just love passionate musicians. And she is certainly one. If anything, she will at least get an NFT. I would say its either her, KY, or MI for preliminary talent in Mu. It just depends if they reward entertainment value or technical ability. She reminds me of the lovely and talented Rosie Savageau where she lives her music.
MILOL when I posted my wish list, I said that I wanted the runner-up from last year but I forgot her name. Sure enough, Arianna won! I liked her the first time I saw her last year. She is a very talented pianist. More importantly, I was taken by how much class Arianna has shown in her short time as Miss Michigan. It must be devastating to hear people calling you ugly from your own community. I hope you all get a chance to listen to her interview that is listed down below. She handled it with so much class. Arianna didnt speak in a sing song pageant voice. She maturely responded with no ill will or anger. If she handled herself this way, I think she would make an excellent Miss America. Especially with the explosive presidential election and some sentiments regarding immigration, I believe Arianna could bring a peaceful, powerful voice to sanity. People would listen to what she says. I am a fan and I know that she is going to let the judges see exactly what many of us did.
MNMadeline is a doll. I am hoping that she shines in interview. I was so impressed with that radio interview that she did. She clearly showed that she could be comfortable in any situation. She is very articulate and intelligent but yet has that personable factor. It was said about Teresa Scanlan that she made people feel like they were Miss America. I think Madeline has that quality. I think if the judges would fall in love with her she could be our next Miss America.
MSI have always felt that she would have been perfect in the 1980s. Shes so old school pageanty, its hard to relate to her. Her introduction at the AC was a perfect example of that. I have no doubt she will be in the top 15 and I think she could win SS in her group, though she didnt win at Miss MS this year. My advice for MS is thisyour titleholders show up like Laura Lee this year and Chelsea Rick the other year theyre going to stall. If they show up like a modern young woman like Hannah Roberts and Jasmine Murray to a certain extent, they will do very well. I dont know why they dont get it. I am not sure that Laura Lee would change, but I just dont find her to be very relatable. I do know, though, that she probably wants to be Miss America and will be highly motivated.
MOWhat a transformational contestant. After Kara Mitchell did not win Miss OH a few years ago, I was kind of wondering when someone would come along that had a strong chance at being the first openly gay titleholder. Keeping it real, I am not sure that Erin will be the next Miss America. She is very reserved and she doesnt have that personality that some of the others have. I know her talent isnt the greatest, either. But I do think she will win the public vote. Whatever she does, Erin has accomplished something amazing. Only one person can win Miss America, but she wont be forgotten anytime soon.
MTI am afraid I dont know enough about her to form an opinion either way. She was one of two that I couldnt find any information about. I believe it was her first try at Miss Montana.
NEPay attention to Nebraska, folks. In the last 10 years they have had a preliminary SS winner, a preliminary talent winner, a top 10, top 12, Miss America, and an NFT award. From what I have seen, Aleah has enough to be consistent throughout the competition. And lets face it, shes coming from a state that is starting to really figure it out. Im keeping an eye on her.
NVShes very pretty. Take a look at her videos and see her transformation over the past few years. Based on her speaking skills that I have seen, she made a good TED presentation. It will just remain to be seen how she resonates with the judges. I am not sure that she has enough to be competitive this year, but you never know.
NHTo me, Caroline has presented herself as very strong about her platform, perhaps the most passionate about it in this class. If she can really connect about her platform, I think she could have a chance at the top 15. I have heard a lot of good things about her talent. I think she is solid but not outstanding in her talent.
NJI am sooooo hoping for a top 15 for Brenna. Shes worked very hard at this and it didnt come easy. I am sure she has learned some very valuable determination. Shes strongest in swimsuit and interview, so she will make her mark early and end on a good note. I would say her weakest competition is talent, but when has that stopped anyone before? To be honest, I am not sure if she is dancing or singing. Of those, she is only average at both. But I think she would be a popular Miss America and a lot of people are impressed with her.
NMStephanie is very pretty and I think she is USA pretty. She won both preliminaries at Miss New Mexico this year, so it was a decisive victory for her. I am hoping that she can parlay that into victory at Miss America. Like with many in Sigma, shes going to have to stand out.
NYI realize that the video of Camille is from her OT days, but that was a good interview. It was a bit pageanty and a bit young, but she was a teen back then. Notice how she leaned forward and looked in the eyes of the judges. Very engaging. Coupled with strong talent, I am positive she will have a good showing and make the top 15.
NCI dont know. Shes a good dancer and I think she has a possibility of a preliminary SS in Alpha, but I dont expect much more. We will see what she brings to the table, but just the impression that I get is that she may not stand out in this class.
NDHer talent was interesting. I would rather see something like it than a lyrical dance to an inspirational song, to be honest. I just think she has an uphill climb.
OHIn my opinion, one of the most remarkable contestants this year. She has a LOT of poise for someone that is 18. She presented herself very well during the AC and shes got strong talent, too. I think she would truly be a next generation Miss America. If we ever want to make this program relevant to young women, I think Alice would be a great choice. Shes got a relevant and timely platform. While I dont think that the non-photoshopping of pictures is a complete platform, I think that the overall message could be used. If they want to pick someone relevant and modern, I think Alice would be an excellent Miss America.
OKShe seems to be a controversial contestant. Id like to say that I dont know why, but I do. And thats just sad. At any rate, she is very strong across the board. Listening back to her talent, I could easily see her with a preliminary talent win. I could see her with a SS win as well but there will be some stiff competition for that. I still think that Sarah is a great example of perseverance and I think those of us who are her fans are just happy for her. I could realistically see her in the top 5.
ORI still dont get why nobody is mentioning her. Although, I think she could be one of those that just kind of sneak in and do very well. Purportedly, her talent is strong and she looks like she will do well in swimsuit.
PAShe had a convincing victory at Miss PA winning both preliminaries. But shes kind of this years best guarded secret. I couldnt find any interviews, and she doesnt have much web presence. I was impressed with her during her introduction at the AC. And shes very pretty. I dont know enough about her to say if she would be competitive or not. Well see.
PRI always seem to like who Puerto Rico sends save Miriam Pabon. This year is no exception. I love her zest and I love her originality. I think shes got a great platform and career goals. Like many of her predecessors, I think shes got an uphill climb to the top 15, but theres got to be a first for everything.
RII thought her academics were impressive but didnt know too much about her. When I saw her interviews, I was thoroughly impressed. She is very personable, very articulate, and has a great academic background. And her life story is very interesting as well. As far as her talent, it won for at least one Miss America. I am not sure shes the next Miss America, but I feel she is a strong candidate for the top 15.
SCUpon seeing her state talent, I think it is either her, LA or TX for the talent win. At first, I thought that her pick was risky. However, it could pay off for her if she is the last energetic talent of the night. Energy wins. If this was even 10 years ago I would see an opera singer winning, but entertaining is winning. I am not the only one who feels that Rachel is not that engaging. Thats why I dont see her as the next Miss America. Do I think shes evil personified? Not at all. She seems like a sweet teen, anyway. I dont think she turned nasty over the past few years. I guess I just dont get what the overwhelming fuss is about. I think she is pretty but not the most beautiful I have ever seen. Realistically, I see her in the top 10. Top 5 possibly, but I also see her as Victoria Cowen 2.0. Meaning, shes good in onstage competitions but does not have a commanding personality.
SDI thought she did a good job on her videos. I dont think she has an it factor, but she seems very well-spoken and intelligent. I think shes very pretty and I know she has strong convictions. Like many in non sash states I think she has an uphill climb, but well see this week. I think she is Sigma as well.
TNMy feeling is, if everyone else made it from TN, so will Grace. Whatever it is, TN has got a great prep team. Its nice to see that she didnt fry her hair and go the blonde Alderson route. She wont win talent but I think theres a chance she wins SS. At any rate, she will be consistent.
TXShe won interview in a big state and has very strong, entertaining talent. Aside from aspiring to be the first lady of Texas, she has impressed me. I think shes cute and engaging. If I was betting, I would give her the edge in Sigma talent, especially if she is Diana Reed type good, which I think she is. A lock for top 15 for me, and Im looking forward to a good week.
UTHer talent is beautiful. Utah always sends good talent, and this year is no exception. I havent been overwhelmed with her persona, she seems a bit reserved and Im not sure how she will stand out.
VTShes a pretty girl and she seems to have a decent swimsuit. The big question ishow much is she going to have to do to get noticed? I am not sure what her talent is like, but talent seems to be what made Miss VT 2009 win preliminary talent and garnered them a NFT award last year.
VAShe gets practically no attention whatsoever, but I like her. She seems to be very laid back and kind. This is Virginia after all, and if shes got enough to be competitive, expect to see her in the top 15.
WAI always learn to listen to the folks who know that they have someone competitive. WA seems to think she is their most competitive that they have sent in years. The last time they did something at Miss America was in 2012 when Brittney Henry won a NFT, so its not as if theyre out to the pasture. I am looking forward to seeing what Alicia brings to the table.
WVI think Morgans looks are being overlooked this year. I think shes very exotic looking. I also think she is very genuine and a very caring young woman. Theres only one thing that I object to. Its the name of her platform. I fully support her efforts against bullying. But the title is, I hate to say it, silly. I am hoping that she resonates with the judges, because I think shes the real deal.
WII wasnt overwhelmed with Courtney when she won. But she really seems to have a fun personality. I also consider that if Wisconsin has a strong contender they are getting it done at the national level.
WYI think Jordyn is really cute, but I dont know what she brings to the table as far as competition. I know she beat a medical student at Miss Wyoming.

Well, theres my long-winded opinion on all of the contestants. The ones whose stock went up for me was ID, RI, WI and DC after seeing their videos. Thats why I like to post the videos. I realize this year that there were a few short clips on Facebook, but they were all pretty standard fare. I think a longer interview gives insight into the real personality and communication abilities of a particular contestant. One thing to remember, too, is that while some of the regulars will no doubt be around this year, I dont think anyone is particularly out of it. We have seen some states like Wyoming, who last placed 50 years before, in the top 5. NE is becoming a state to pay attention to, AZ made a comeback, CT did well the past few years. You just never know. The ones that seem like strong possibilities to me so far for the top 15:
AL, AR, GA, KY, MD, MI, MS, NY, OK, SC, and TX with MO as the public vote winner. I realize that most of these states we see on a regular basis, but thats the name of the game at Miss America of late. I am sure not all of these will make it, but they all seem like strong possibilities. As for who else, I dont know. And thats the fun part. We will find out soon enough!

What say you? Who do you think will do well, and why?

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Date Posted: 16:16:34 09/08/16 Thu

I think there has been some good debate among Miss America lovers about the talent wins in particular this year. I get last nights more than I do TN on the first night. But I think that with the high standards of the preliminary talent winners over the past few years, people legitimately have the right to high expectations. In the past few years we have had the likes of Rebecca Yeh, Amanda Smith, April Nelson, Betty Cantrell and Taylor Wiebers deservedly win talent awards. All of last years three talent winners were fantastic singers. And when you have the level of talent that is being passed over for entertaining and fun, people are going to legitimately criticize. But they have to be towards the top of their group, and I think thats what the frustration is. I thought that pianists were going to dominate this year; they are not. It just depends what judges like. In 1971, two ventriloquists won preliminary talent awards. Apparently the judges loved ventriloquism that year. There were more entertaining winners like Myrrhanda Jones and Ramsey Carpenter, but that was balanced by technically skilled performances. A few years ago, Miss NC (I forget her name) bested Arianna Afsar in prelimary talent by dancing to Soul Man. Arianna is now starring in a production of a Tony award winning play at the age of maybe 25 at best. (I forget how old she is) Sometimes these wins dont make sense, its nothing new. Sometimes truly deserving people get passed over for what feels good in the moment. I am really hoping for MA to win talent tonight but I am not going to be the least surprised if it doesnt happen. I dont know what will happen with talent at all. On paper, its either her, KY, or MI. If it is true that they are basing on interview then I suspect MI wins, but who knows? There are going to be some strong swimsuits in this group tonight as well. Nothing will surprise me after the last two nights.
As far as the two winners last night, I do see them as possibilities for Miss America. With Savvy, she is cute. Thats her claim to fame. She always has a smile on her face and that cuteness is part of what won her talent last night, IMO. I would encourage all of you to check out her interviews. There are some current ones. She is a good speaker, certainly effective enough to communicate for a year. In a way, she kind of reminds me of Kristin Chenoweth not only in looks, but in overall persona. My big drawback with Savvy is that she does kind of present herself more like a teen winner and has a youngish personality. But then again, you can say the same of Kristin and shes doing tremendously in her career. I could see Savvy working with CMN kids all year and charming people that she meets. On the other hand, Hannah is young, dare I say itsexy, and she commands your attention. She certainly looks the part of a Miss America and I know she would be very red carpet friendly with the Dick Clark appearances. And she can speak. Is she pageanty? Yes. Has anyone else ever won Miss America that was pageanty? Yes, maybe one or two ;) If it were me that had to pick, I would go with someone modern that fit into todays culture. I think Hannah could do that perfectly. On the flip side, I might think that the pageanty could turn some people off, I dont know. Her talent is not that strong but anything goes lately. Its nothing to be ashamed of. LOL people will complain no matter what, but its not an embarrassing talent or anything like that.

As for tonight, expect the unexpected!

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Date Posted: 13:17:49 09/07/16 Wed


When I think about onstage questions, these are my criterion:

1. Did they answer this question?
For me, this is the biggest factor. When you ask someone a question, you want a direct answer.
2. Did they answer it succinctly?
I want to hear a short, precise, logical answer. You don't want to get overly wordy and take twice as long to state your point. The shorter and more precise, the better.
3. Can you do it without endless statistics?
This isn't as prevalent the past few years, but you used to have contestants just randomly stating statistics without a logical conclusion.
4. Does the answer make sense?
Sometimes a contestant, particularly if they don't answer directly, it doesn't sound logical. You can give an answer and it doesn't make a lot of sense. Overall, I am never overly impressed with onstage questions because I don't find a lot of the contestants follow these guidelines. Here is what I thought:

MENice sentiments about her platform, wasnt anything remarkable. She has a girlish tone of voice.
MOVery genuine feelings about her platform (suicide prevention), she seems a bit timid and soft-spoken
ILSpoke about support for people with disabilities, decent but a bit pageanty
PRChild abuse platform, spoke with conviction about her platform but got a bit carried away
WAShe was well-spoken, gave a logical answer. Seems a bit cerebral.
WIShe wasnt the best answer but she had a nice smile on her face
WVOne thing I notice about her is that she seems to wear her heart on her sleeve. That came through well tonight. I think she rambled a bit but she was very genuine.
MDSpoke about supporting veterans. She was decent but the main thing that I took away from it is kind of an over the top pageanty persona. A lot of confidence.
KSShe spoke as she does in her videos and ACvery articulate, very well-spoken, although sometimes a bit cerebral with a topic such as distracted driving
MTVery soft-spoken
MISpoke very positively and informatively about immigration and her experience
UTHer answer was logical but she rambled a lot
DEI dont know, she didnt sound pleasant
FLNothing remarkable either way
KYGave a logical, well-thought out response to eating disorder awareness, one of the better ones
MASpoke about giving musical instruments to children. She wasnt overly energetic but effective. She did a good job answering the question.
SDNot bad, actually. She has some decent speaking skills, she just doesnt have a lot of charisma

To me, the best by far was Michigan. I also thought MA did a good job. MO and WV were the most, IMO, passionate about their platforms. KY was good as well. The others I kind of put in the same category. I still think to me DE didn't sound compassionate, might have been the least effective for me.

Evening Gown
Overall, a good night. You can't really screw up evening gown. As always, there was a LOT of white, and it gets boring, at least to me. Some black, not a lot of colors. Some of my favorites were some of my personal favorites.

MNA great pick for her, IMO. It was a nice burgundy which looked great with her coloring. It had a mesh top with a nice fitted body. She had a decent presentation 7
LABasically plain white, although she had a nice walk and looked elegant 7
NDAnother plain white. She looked okay, but as the same in swimsuit, not a lot of presence 5-6
AKAgain, white, although it had a high neck with a flared skirt and she wore it very nicely. USA roots showing here, she modeled it very well 8
DCWearing lucky yellow (worked for Caressa and Nina), kind of basic. She had a decent to good presentation 7
NJA goldish gown with a ruffled bottom. Nice and elegant, nice presentation 7
ARA plain strapless black gown. She had a nice presentation, she looked elegant 7

INThis was actually one of the better ones. It was plain white at the top and towards the bottom, but had nice full pink or mauve ruffles at the bottom, she looked very nice. Her walk was a tiny bit off, seemed like she didnt have complete control of the dress but very nice 7
NMAnother favorite of mine from the night. Very nice royal blue with a wraparound, some beading at the top. With her dark hair it looked very striking. Decent presentation 7
ALWhite with those back drape things. She looked very tall, statuesque, walked confidently 7.5-8
IDboring white, but she does have some stage presence 7
PAPlain strapless white, pretty girl but it was so basic and she just doesnt have a lot of it factor. I really want her to just break out, but shes just not doing it 6
TXLooked nice in a black gown. The bottom was a little bit too big for my liking, but she looked very nice. I would have thought with her coloring she would have looked awesome in a jewel tone but nice overall 7
GAI believe this was her state gown or something very similar. Very nice presentation, she should have scored well 8.5
HI--Very nice in yellow. It looked good with her coloring, a bit subdued but nice overall 7
NVBasic white, didnt make her stand up in any way, just okay presentation 6
SCI was thinking about this. Had it not had the wraparound train, this would have been a nice but ordinary gown. This is a great example of design just making something that much more dynamic. The top was beaded, although I thought the neckline was a bit risqu LOL. It was very original, not your typical fare. It complemented her color nicely. She still doesnt have a lot of energy, but this is about elegance, not energy 9
AZEnded the night with a basic white, okay presentation 7

I would say the best were SC, then GA, AK and AL. After that, I would have had NM and ID. No one was really bad, how can evening gowns be bad? I would say boring, but no one was really bad.

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Date Posted: 01:49:26 09/08/16 Thu

Top of the evening!

The competition is heating up figuratively and literally in Atlantic City. Theres going to be another heat wave. I dont remember it being this hot during past pageants, although Im sure that it has. Tonight was another competitive night, and like last night, at least one of the winners was another surprise. The other was one of the best swimsuit winners I have ever seen hit the Miss America stage. Hannah is not hot. She is smoking effing hot. Shes got legs for days and her presentation is just like a goddess. There was a lot of chatter when she came out. I hope to god she makes the top 15 Sunday night just so people can see it. And she was a runner-up for QOL. Shes having a great week. Congratulations to the lovely Hayley Barber for winning QOL. She was a very gracious winner.

Now, to the part I am sure everyone is curious to hear about, the talent winner, Savvy Shields. Once again, I had her about 5th or 6th in her group. Tonights talent wasnt as good as last night. I would have had LA or TX as my talent winner based on their overall presentation. Looking at this objectively, Savvy seemed like she was having fun. There were a lot of spins. Of course, Savvy had a nice smile on her face the whole time and again, fun. Even though she had fun, it wasnt an overly energetic performance. I find myself both nights now having to rationalize why three out of the four won when there were very strong contenders both standing. I dont have a problem with one or two occasional winners that dont make sense. But this year, the common denominator is that three of the four preliminary winners are not seemingly the strongest in their groups. I guess I could say that both talent winners werent over the top, they were generally pleasing. They were nice. I guess those of us wanting to see a little more are disappointed. You do get to have expectations of wanting the best at Miss America. You dont want to just see nice.

And here lies the larger problem. By tomorrow night, we will have seen the contestants in, what is my opinion, the two heaviest competitionsswimsuit and evening gown. As far as Sigma goes, I would say that the most consistent non-winners have been Georgia and South Carolina, though as I always said, South Carolina is lacking in energy. Her talent was one of the better of the night and her swimsuit was good last night. She just still very much lacks energy. Patricia Ford has the energy. Of the two Sigma winners, one was just fine in swimsuit (AR) and the other was just fine in talent tonight (DC). But I dont see a real frontrunner AT ALL. I couldnt even begin to tell you who REALLY stands out. I am waiting to see what TN does in swimsuit tomorrow night. If she has a good night she could end up having a great competition. As far as MD goes, her weakest competition is tomorrow night. But hell, the way things are going maybe she will be a double preliminary winner. I am just having a hard time really saying who is standing out because nobody is. And with the way that the judging is going this year, its going to be very interesting to see the top 15. I have resigned myself to the fact that we might have a very odd year. Dont be surprised about omissions and WTFs in the top 15, I am telling you.

On a much lighter note, the evening gowns were MUCH better tonight. Much more color! I really, really liked a lot of them. A full report by midday, so keep your eyes out! Sleep well, I know I will. LOL I feel like a contestant by the end of the week.

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Date Posted: 12:45:44 09/08/16 Thu

Good morning everyone!

Isnt this week moving quickly? Sunday night will be here before we know it. I am still looking forward to it. Although, after last night, my wood got wet (there, I am paying homage to all of our Southern readers lol). But there was still plenty of good competition, so lets dish!

It was indeed a strong night. Leading up to it, I was really looking forward to this group and they did not disappoint. And what was even better is that there really wasnt a weak one in the whole group. Here is what I thought:

MENot bad at all. She seemed to have a nice build and had some confidence. She wasnt that strong to lead off the group, but not bad at all. 6.5
MOShe was actually good. You can tell she has a nice, solid figure. The only thing I would say is that she didnt have a tan and she wore white, and she kind of looked drowned out. But her presentation was good. 7.5
ILHot! She has a slamming body, very nice presentation and her overall look was great. I would have scored her very well in this group. Solid 8 for me.
PRHer presentation was a little over the top, but she was good. 7
WADecent, she looked very fit. Sort of like I am getting to see with her, she doesnt have a lot of energy. 6
WIOne of the weakest of the group. She didnt walk comfortable or natural, it was one of those you see a hundred times over where you wish theyd go back to the 80s stiff walk 5
WVNot bad at all. She looked very striking with her dark hair and tan. Her presentation wasnt that strong, with some more energy it would have looked even better. 6.5 to 7
MDI said in my post yesterday that you rarely see perfection at Miss America. We saw it last night. She had legs for days, confident, sexy, you name it. It was perfect. 10
KSHad to follow that, but she looked good as well. Nice body, good look overall, nice presentation. 7.5
MTShe looked very pretty. I would have liked to see a little more energy, because if she did, she had all the makings of someone like IL 6
MINot her strongest competition, that will be tonight. But she did okay 6.5
UTNot bad, she just lacks energy 6.5
DEAgain, not bad. She had a little more energy, although her walk was a bit off 6.5 to 7
FLOne of the strongest in the group. My only issue is that her presentation was a bit manic. I think she would have given MD a run for the money if it had been more focused but it was a bit over the top. It would be a good example of trying a bit too hard 8
KYNot bad at all. She had a nice body, good presentation, nowhere near as manic as Florida and made a very nice statement 7 to 7.5
MAJust didnt have a lot of energy but she had a decent walk 6
SDAgain, not a lot of energy, but not bad 6
I would have said the tops in the group were MD, followed by FL then IL, then KS and MO. I said a lot lacked energy, and that was true. Their presentations werent bad, I just wanted to see a bit more sass or confidence.

It wasnt as strong as Tuesday night, and there were some entertaining performances. There werent any real bad performances. Here were my impressions:
MNSang and accompanied herself to What A Wonderful World. It reminded me of a later years AI singer/songwriter performance. I thought it was very nice and heartfelt. With this judges panel its hard to say how it went over, but it had a nice feeling to it. Because it lacked energy, I would have to give it an overall 6.
LAFantasie Impromptu. Very well executed, displayed a lot of natural talent, very energetic. 9
NDShe did not do the same performance as on her video, this was more of a regular performance. It was pretty, lacked a bit of energy, though 5-6
DCSang Natural Woman. It was fine. I wouldnt say it was as good as or better than some of her singing clips that I posted. It wasnt inspiring, but it was certainly decent enough to support her win on Tuesday 6.5 to 7
NJShe was better than her performance at Miss NJ or the webcast made things sound worse than they actually are. She had a solid performance, looked very pretty in a purple gown. 7
AKA piano piece I think it was classical. She did a decent job with it. 6-7
ARDanced to They Just Keep Moving the Line. She seemed to have fun with it, a lot of spinning. Some energy and she had a big smile on her face. Overall, I would just call it fun 7
INTap dance, and I believe it was to the same song as she did at Miss Indiana. It wasnt a Mallory Hagan performance, but it was a lot of fun and she brought a lot of charisma to the performance. 7.5
NMSang Feeling Good. I love Stephanie, but I am getting so sick of hearing this song at pageants I kind of tune it out. I almost feel I cant be objective because it is always about the singer adding life into the last few seconds of the song. She did about the same as everyone else Ive seen do this. 6 to 6.5
ALJazzy tap dance to Big Noise. I would say the music was better than her tapping ability, but it had a good entertaining value 6.5 to 7
PAA combination of acrobatics and ribbon dancing. If you remember Christy Neumans performance in 1997 it was reminiscent of that minus the hoop and energy. It had potential, but again with her, she just lacks energy. I would say 7 on presentation but 6 with the lack of energy
IDBallet to Don Quixote from Man of La Mancha. It wasnt the best performance of this song that Ive ever seen, but it was decent. 7
TXI was really looking forward to this one, and she did not disappoint. She wasnt quite the level of a Diana Reed but had a great performance 8 to 8.5 on entertainment.
GASame song as at Miss GA. Same energy. I go back to wishing that she did a classical ballet, but it was certainly entertaining enough 7.5 to 8
HISang O Mio Babbino Caro, same as at Miss HI. Overall, a nice presentation. Nowhere near as strong as Katie Harman, but nice, great costume 7
NVShe was actually quite good. I didnt recognize the song, but it had a jazz theme. Very energetic, really worked the stage. 7.5 to 8 with energy and entertainment factor
SCLyrical dance to Somethings In The Water by Carrie Understood. This is the first time that I have seen her dance live. I thought it was good. The only thing I would say is that it seemed a bit manic in a few spots. 8
AZI hate to compare her to TX, but it wasnt near as strong. Okay, just didnt quite have the natural energy that TX had. 6

Overall, you had some decent talent. I would have had LA and TX as my guesses for the win. As far as the dancers, I would have had IN and NV over AR.

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Date Posted: 14:44:40 09/07/16 Wed

I am really looking forward to tonight's competition for a few reasons. First, I am looking forward to some of the talent and I can't wait for SS. Technically, whoever wins SS tonight will win big, because I think Mu has the stronger concentration of strong swimsuits than Sigma this year. I would say that IL, MD, KS and FL are the obvious choices, but that didn't win last night. So, we'll see!

About last night. I think at least those of us who saw Patricia's swimsuit knew what she had, and there was the surprise. I never saw Oklahoma in person, but I know the folks that did thought she had talent. I knew she would be strong by her video and seeing her live did not disappoint. You can always see things going a couple of different ways throughout the evening. That's not a surprise. Even when you have one obvious choice and maybe not the best in the group wins the other group, yeah, you'd be surprised. But with the two winners last night, they just didn't seem the strongest. Again, I go back to interview. Were these strong interviews and being rewarded? I am going to say no. The overall trend at Miss America the last few years is that the competitions have been judged constructively. Mallory probably SHOULD have won talent on her night and she didn't. Points were not thrown at Kira in swimsuit. Maryland beat both of them in preliminaries in their respective years. Could the trend be changing? It could be. Here's more on that.

Could the SS competition be changing?

The last two preliminary nights produced surprise winners. Usually, when I think of who wins swimsuit it is usually someone with an awesome presentation and body. I think of very confident, has a very confident walk and a slamming body. I would say that both Taylor and Cierra were comfortable in their own skin and didn't come out and walk dramatically. They had a more natural confidence. Maybe the days of the killer body and walk are coming to an end. Maybe it is becoming more about natural confidence and not an over processed walk. I would say Georgia Frazier last year had more of the Patricia Ford presentation like this year. I had both of them pegged to win their groups that night. But that's not what the judges were liking. No one was surprised at Daja Dial's win last year nor were they surprised at Mary Katherine Fechtel's win. I am just wondering if the way that the judges are looking at swimsuit competition is changing. Maybe that will be a nice change.

Is talent changing?
Well through the mid to late 90s and up until a few years ago, instrumentalists and classical talents like opera won. Now, the trend is toward entertaining and "Do you want to see it again?" Last night's win did not really fit either of that criterion. It was a nice, controlled, pleasing performance. I am really curious to see who wins tonight. It will likely help explain what they are looking for, also swimsuit.

Preliminary Winners and the eventual Winner
Statistically, there have never been 4 out of 5 years where a non-preliminary winner won Miss America. This past run of Miss NY winning matched 2002-2004 as the time that three years in a row the winner was not an onstage winner. Similar things happened in the late 50s/early 60s when you had several winners not winning a preliminary. At this time in the competition, I can't say whether I see someone standing out that isn't winning preliminaries. We've only had one night of competition. I think by the end of tonight we will have a better idea of who is doing well. I think with interview counting so much, there is a possibility that another non-preliminary winner wins the whole thing. However, statistically, it just doesn't seem likely. So, we need to consider the preliminary winners.

DC--I think with a solid talent night she's in the top 15, and she will likely have it. Do I think she's the new Miss America? I think there's a possibility. She beat out some strong competitors last night and that is usually the sign of a good interview. And if she gains even more confidence from her win last night, I think she will end up strong during the week. Cierra is very confident in herself. The only clips I have of her are speaking to children, but she seemed energetic. The real question mark for me is this. You can't judge on past performance. It's possible that she grew enough to be where she is. But competing Georgia right now is like competing in Texas. You have a top 10 in those states that could rival that at Miss America. If she couldnt crack the top 10 there, I have serious doubts whether she could best the best of other states. A good example: Kira was in the top 10 only when Acacia Courtney was 2nd runner up to Nina D in NY. The next year, Acacia only makes the top 14 and Kira wins the whole thing. In that scenario, different night, different judges, different outcome. Neither were flashes in the pan. And Kira likely grew that next year as I am sure Cierra had the opportunity to do. I will wait to see how the rest of the week goes, but I do consider that she might be our next Miss America.

TNIt was another surprise for sure. Talent I would say is more objective because there is such a variety of talents. Some might enjoy a moving opera performance; others might enjoy a high energy baton routine. I said last night, she reminds me of a Laura Kaeppeler or even Pam Eldred type. She doesnt have the biggest personality in the room, but shes very kind and warm. Grace has always been classy and seems genuinely grateful for her experience. With this win last night, TN is starting to be a powerhouse at Miss America. And their last win was 30 years ago. With interview counting so much, I dont think shes the next Miss America. I just dont think she has exceptional communication skills. But she is strong in swimsuit as well, and I know with that shes a lock for the 15 and very likely top 10. I have been wondering when TN will have another Miss America. The closest they came was 15 years ago with Stephanie Culberson. I really like Grace and I would be THRILLED for her to be our Miss America. I just dont know if she has the it factor, but there have been winners without it.

Thanks to all of you who have been posting, and we will talk soon!

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Date Posted: 13:00:24 09/07/16 Wed

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone is recovering from last night. I think there were some surprises, and I will address that as well. Thinking about it this morning, I stand by that neither winner seemed like the dominant one in their group. But, they presented something about themselves that resonated with the judges.

The current scoring for Miss America is:
7-9 Above Average
4-6 Average
1-3 Below Average

I try to follow this scoring to the best. When I scored this, some of these fell between and I gave them a .5 score. Truthfully, you're not going to see a lot of 10s. Rarely anyone is perfect. When you get to this level, you don't see a whole lot of 1-3. A good example in that category would be Kristi Glakas' singing.

Overall, this was a good night. A lot of "good" above average talents. Here's a complete rundown:

NHI Dreamed A Dream. She had a very solid presentation, moreso than Joanna Guy a few years ago. Powerful voice that filled the hall. 8
WYJazz dance to Ive Got a Feeling. It was okay. She had fun but it wasnt anything memorable or difficult 5
NEbaton to Ive Got the music in Me. Good performance, her costume was sparking gold and it added to her performance 7
ORSolid opera, I didnt recognize the song. She looked greatregal black gown and she had a good performance 7
NYEnglish/Spanish version of Sway. I still think she did a good job with it, though I think a different song would have showed off her powerful voice. I think this was more about picking the song that would best show off her vocal prowess 7.5-8
CAA Little Less Conversation. I hate to say this, but the costume was kind of tacky for a young woman. It really did look like Elvis. The music had more energy than the performance. This was clearly her weak area. 5
COSang Somethings Got a Hold on Me. Of course, she will be compared to Jasmine Murray. I thought she did a very nice job with it. You can tell shes got a great, powerful voice. I thought it was a good song choice for her. 8
IAEnergetic ballet in pointe, I didn't recognize the music. She had a lot of energy, had a lot of spark. I took ballet as a child, so it's been a while since I could speak to the technical aspect, but the overall energy and entertainment was strong. 8
VTShe recited a poem. I would say that she did it well, but these kinds of performances are a bit mediocre compared to what we saw tonight. 5-6
MSSame song as Miss MS, and basically same performance as well. Pageanty, but she sounded better in person than on video 7.5
OKClassical piece. She looked amazing. A very spirited performance. Lots of energy, strongest in this group 9
RIVery similar to Nina Ds style. Her costume was beautiful, decent performance 7
TNIt was a solid, pleasant performance. Voice filled the hall very nicely. Subdued but very nice 7.5-8
VABaby Im a Star. Sort of like CA, the music was kind of bigger than her performance, but she was decent 7
NCVery pretty lyrical dance, I didnt recognize the song. 7 to 7.5
CTBringing up the rear with Proud Mary. I will be honest, I hate this song done at pageants. Leave some things to a legend. Its usually done poorly, and while I guess you could say this was entertaining, it left a lot to be desired. I know she was a dance major, and I think she could have done so much better. I hate to say this, but no more than a 5. I had high hopes for her this year but I think this could hold her back.
OHSang Astonishing. She has a very musical Broadway tone to her voice. Strong performance, she looked great and I might have had her for the win 8 to 8.5

To me, the best in this group were OH, OK, NH and IA. The weakest, IMO was CA, VT and CT.

Overall, a solid night. There weren't that many bad swimsuits or presentations. I have seen Sigma SS other years and I have seen a spread over the years. I wouldn't say it was loaded with killer swimsuits, but it usually never is. Here is what I thought:

MNShe didnt have a comfortable walk, just didnt seem naturally confident 6
LAShe wasnt bad at all, just not outstanding 6
NDNot bad but somewhat reserved 5
DC(Just my opinion at first sight) decent confidence 7.5
NJNice fit body, decent presentation 7.5
AKTall, leggy, very striking presence onstage 8.5
ARNot bad at all, nice presence 7
INCute but presentation not remarkable 6.5
NMVery pretty, her presentation wasnt spectacular 6
PAVery nice body but I wish she would have been more confident 7 (just based on her overall look)
ALSolid presentation, nice body, natural confidence 7.5 to 8
IDnot bad, but nothing memorable 7
TXokay 7
GAhot! Very fit, very confident, great walk 9-10
HIhard to follow GA, she didnt seem comfortable 6
NVone of the weaker ones in the group, she just didnt seem comfortable 5
SCSolid presentation, nice body although she still needs a little more energy 8
AZNot bad, actually. Ended the group nicely 7

I had Georgia by a mile, followed by AK and AL, then SC. Most were in the "good" category. I would say the weakest were NV and ND. They weren't awful, just they lacked a lot of energy and confidence.

I am going to post OSQ and EG in the next post because I don't want this to get too long.

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Date Posted: 01:28:01 09/07/16 Wed

Hi everyone!

It was a great first night in Atlantic City save the return of Hermine. The competition was really good! I have to say, the eventual results were a bit of a surprise. But thats the fun of this. I think a lot of people including myself were surprised with the results, so Ill get to that right away. I just did a quick scan of the pageant chatter and I think other people were surprised.
I guess I am heading to the tattoo parlor since I said that I would get my least favorite Miss Americas tattooed on me if Patricia Ford didnt win swimsuit. I was absolutely certain that Patricia had the makings of a swimsuit winner at Miss America. Right off the bat, I would say that Cierra was good but she wasnt anything remarkable. Although, I would say that she was a better presentation than last years surprise, Taylor Wiebers. I would have had GA, AK, SC, and AL ahead of her. I would have had her right around NJ. So, it wasnt as if she was way off the radar but I had Ford as the runaway winner. I will say this muchCierra is confident. She has a natural confidence and apparently that shone through to the judges. Now, to talent. I saw Grace sing this watching the Miss TN webcast. It sounds a lot more dynamic in Boardwalk Hall. Like Katie Harman 15 years ago, her voice just filled that hall in a sweet but dynamic way. I thought that it was OK or IAs to lose, but I totally get this win. It wasnt the most dramatic presentation of the evening, but it just had a natural appeal. The only thing that was a bit much was she did hand movements like you would see in the 70s and 80s lol. I would say about OKs talent is that it wasnt quite as dynamic as on the video I posted. Maybe it was a bit of nerves, but she was still pretty good. As in the case with SS, I would have had maybe 3 or 4 ahead of Grace. Those would have been OK, IA, OH, NH, and I would have had MS, CO, and NC in the same neighborhood.
My conclusion with all of this is that neither of the winners tonight seemed to be at the top of their groups, but they werent totally out of left field. I just think that both winners were outperformed by others in their group. But then again, Im not a judge. This is not the first pageant that I have seen where someone might seem like they arent the top of their group and end up winning a preliminary. I would encourage all of you to go back and take a close look at the DC and TN videos because part of me wonders if this is about their respective interviews. I didnt know much about DC initially but when I did, I saw that she had a decent talent. And she presented herself well at the AC. I said that it wouldnt surprise me to see her in the top 15, but I am pretty sure she will be after tonight. I have, however, followed Graces journey to Miss America, so I have to say, Im pretty excited about her win tonight. I am hoping this means we see her Sunday night. Being objective, I am not overwhelmed with her speaking skills, but it is also about what you are saying rather than how you are saying it. She reminds me of Laura K in the fact that she is more introverted but has something special about her. Im not 100 percent sure this about interview, though. What is more curious to me is what happens tomorrow night. I would say generally, both winners tonight were not over the top, neither of them. And maybe thats what the judges like. Depending on what we see tomorrow night, this may be a pretty cool judges panel. Maybe they are looking for something different this year.

Now, onto the other categories. OSQ was no better or worse than every other year that Ive seen. There were some good platform questions. As in her other interviews, Arianna Quan did very well. Some of my favorites, MD and IL, I hate to say this, sounded a bit pageanty, MD much more than IL. I can tell you straight out just by seeing her tonight MD has a bit of that pageanty persona. Besides MI, I think MA sounded very intelligent and WV sounded very passionate about her platform. Some rambled, PR and UT especially. Others were okay. KS was well-spoken and articulate.

In evening gown, I would have CLEARLY given the win to SCs gown. Im pretty sure she won gown tonight. That dress was in a league of its own. I would say that GA scored well, AK had a good presentation and her USA background was showing. A lot of the same old same old gowns that you have seen before.

I will post a full, complete rundown by midday tomorrow. Overall, a great first night and there is some great contestants this year! Looking forward to night 2!

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Date Posted: 21:12:54 09/06/16 Tue

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Subject: Hello. Just curious if you'll be tweeting live from MA all week?

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Date Posted: 09:14:25 09/06/16 Tue

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Subject: THE 2016 LOTTERY

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Date Posted: 20:43:12 07/19/16 Tue

The competition is set! GAME ON.

Overall, I think this was a great lottery. I saw many good moves, some iffy, and a few poor choices, but very good overall. And I saw THE gutsiest pick Ive ever seen in the time that the lottery has been online. I am REALLY looking forward to Mu SS. In a way, I wish some of those contestants had chosen Alpha, but Miss America will rise from her group, no matter what. Sigma is going to have some really good talent this year, and some really strong ones are in Mu as well. Sigma is usually strong, the contestants have been picking it and with good reason. There have been a lot of contestants come out of Sigma these past few years. I dont think many of the readers here are new to the system, but in case you are, here is the rundown. Most years, the top 10 usually balances out to 3, 3, and 4 for the different groups. Some years, like in 2012, Mu only had one contestant in the top 10, Alpha had 4, and Sigma had 5. But thats kind of an anomaly. And heres how Miss Americas since Jennifer Berry came out of their groupings:


The taking from this? We need an Alpha winner to make it even again ;) Actually, it is to say that the winners are pretty much even over the years. So, to the lottery. Heres the best, the worst, and everything in between. But first, I must give props to the BOLDEST move I ever saw before in the lottery.

Jaryn Franklin, Miss Illinois. She wasnt in the last seven or eight to pick and was forced to pick a lousy spot. She had the third pick of the entire lottery and chose MU 3. Damn! Now, Betty won from Mu 2 last year, but many of us were lamenting that she had to go so early. She had no choice. Jaryn could have picked the best spot anywhere and chose to lead the pack. Damn girl! I love it. I love that she has that much confidence in herself. I would have NEVER chosen that, just because judging can go slowly in the beginning. But I love that confidence. She is in an ultra tough SS group, but I think she could win it. Its a risky move, believe me, but it was made out of sheer confidence. I am impressed.

Now, down to the good:

IAI dont know much about her other than her talent, but she seems to be strong across the board. IA in Alpha has been working out very well for them. It worked well for Aly Olson and it couldnt have worked any better for Taylor Wiebers if she had tried. (Well, had she won Miss America, of course, but the preliminary judging couldnt be any better)
If it works, dont fix it. And its been working. More on this later, but I think that Sigma is once again going to be loaded, so I think that if Kelly is strong in Alpha, she will stand out in the group.

OHAnother strong talent, and Mackenzie Bart won talent at just about this same spot in 2014. Alice will have some other good talent in this group, but I think she has positioned herself well. The only thing I worry about is being the last interview of a long day, but she should be okay.

MSShe is clearly not winning talent, not in a group that includes NY, OH, and some of the others, but she has a chance of winning SS in this group. I also think this bodes well for her overall as I said with IA. I think she is plastic, old-school pageanty but this is MS after all and they know how to get it done at the national level.

FLAgain, if it works for the state, dont fix it. Fechtel won Mu SS last year, Jones won talent in 2013. Shes later in the group for interview and shouldnt have to worry about that. The only drawback is that shes got some fierce competition in SS in this group.

MNI have to say, I just think shes adorable, more on that later. I saw a fantastic interview of hers and I didnt think a whole lot in the beginning. But, WOW, when I saw her. Not only does she remind me of Shailene Woodley, she has a spunky, wonderful personality. If they liked Teresa Scanlan, they will LOVE Madeline. She had a later spot and there were only a few choices left. But I like that she is leading Sigma. Thats going to be a good way for her to start out.

TNI like this pick, they have been going Sigma, and its been working for them. But as I said with some of the others, she has the ability to shine in this group. In Sigma, I think she might have gotten a little lost. I dont see her as a strong lock for a preliminary win, but shes consistent and should do well in Alpha.

I wish they had chosen another group:

NJSS is her strongest competition, but I am afraid she will get overlooked as some of the stronger competitors are later in the group.
INSee above. I think shes a doll and I still think she could do well, but still.
MD, KS, FL, ILAll of these, IMO, were possibilities for a preliminary SS win.
HIThey keep choosing Sigma every year and its not working for them. I wished Alison had chosen Alpha, talent is her strong area and I think she gets lost here.
MOShe was one of the last to choose, but she still could have chosen Alpha. I wish she had done that, because shes not the strongest in other categories, and I think she might get forgotten along the way. (Yes, I want her in that top 15 despite the fact that she will be Americas choice)

Risky, could have been better:

SCI wont even get into the hype here, we know. And as you have read before, Im not a big fan. However, if you read this board you know I am objective. This was a risky one for her and she had the opportunity to pick much better. She is the second to last interview of the entire pageant, and interview is purportedly not her strongest competition. She did not know who would pick next, but I think that LA or TX could win talent in this group. And I have seen her SS, it probably wont stand out against someone like GA. I know that there have been contestants like Deidre Downs who interviewed later in Sigma and went on to win it all. However, that just hasnt been happening as of late. I have no doubt she makes the top 10, but I also dont think shes going to register in interview.

ALSee NJ and IN. This is a pretty heavily loaded group and I know shes good, but she also might have a hard time breaking away from the pack.

ARSee above. Shes very cute but it may not bode well for her.

It doesnt matter, theyre going to be fine no matter where:


Preliminary win predictions:

TalentMI, KY, or MA

SSOR, possibly CA (she won a prelim in CA), MS, OK, CT
I could also see an outside chance of VA or NC, even NE
Talentstrong bet on NY, OH, possibly NE, baton twirling goes over well as it often does, OK a possibility

SSIf it isnt GA I will get a tattoo of the last names of my least favorite Miss Americas. However, if that doesnt happen, I could see NJ or even AK
TalentLA, TX, or possibly SC, but I am betting on either of the first two.

Some considerations for talent: Entertaining has been winning, that is why in particular I have TX and NE as considerations. And if KY is entertaining, she will be in the mix as well. MI and LA are very strong pianists.

This year in particular, even though three non-preliminary winners won three times in a row and I dont necessarily see that happening again, I could see it as a possibility this year. I think some of the groups are so heavily stacked that you might see someone come out who has been consistent. And with some groups having their best candidates that could have won another group, like Mu SS, you might see something like this happening. Fun note: There has not been an Alpha SS in FOREVER. I cant even remember the last time. I think Tara Holland was a Sigma, I remember French and Baraquio were not. Whitestone was a Mu, Aiken didnt win anything. Could it have been Carolyn Sapp? If not, then you are REALLY taking a long look back.

So, who do I see coming out of each group?

Strong betsFL, KY
Good chance: WA, KS, MI
I hope: IL

Strong betsNY, OK
Good chance: CA, IA, VA, TN, MS
Possible: NE, CO, OH

Strong betsLA, TX, GA, SC
Good chance: AL, MN
Possible: NJ, AR, IN, ID, HI

And there you have it! Agree, disagree, please let us know your thoughts.

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Date Posted: 16:44:25 09/06/16 Tue

For those of you who are new here, I will post a general rundown later on tonight. And then tomorrow, and the next two days, I will post a complete rundown of the preliminaries. I will make sure and keep an eye out for the talent selections, as people have requested them in the past.

I am not sure what swimsuit music they are using, but I am kind of hoping it is Cake By The Ocean. I know the song is loaded with euphemisms but I think of all the popular songs from this year, it would be best for swimsuit.

See you all tonight, and stay tuned for a complete report later!

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Date Posted: 19:43:18 09/05/16 Mon

I lost these two during the crash. But here they are:



Evening Gown/Talent


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Date Posted: 22:09:21 09/04/16 Sun



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRrZ-6SRbbQ (short PSA)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3RUXFGvkOI (in Spanish)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DTsDu_P1Vo (PSA)



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Date Posted: 15:12:48 09/03/16 Sat

Happy Saturday everyone!

Lots of activity at the Jersey shore. The contestants are busy in rehearsals, and Hermine is getting closer. It is projected to make landfall soon, and its bringing a lot of wind. Supposedly, it is stalling over the Carolinas and it is not moving. It could be that it still is there for Tuesday and Wednesdays preliminaries. For those of you who might never have been there before, take a huge umbrella or some kind of slicker if it is going to rain. If you are hiking back to a hotel on the boardwalk or if you are staying somewhere else, it's a long walk to the parking lot in the rain. Its never a bad idea, anyway.

Now, to the opening ceremony. I am glad that it was finally posted. I am going to be honest. Im not sure what it was, but the morale seems off to me this year. Some years the contestants are really close and have a great camaraderie. If it comes out that this years class was not that close, I would not be surprised. I could be off or wrong, but in years past, you saw contestants looking happy and interacting. I know you cant sit there and smile 24/7. And it would be rude to talk during the ceremony. But overall, the contestants just didnt look happy at all. Sometimes the contestants force a smile, but some of the contestants looked downright miserable. I am not going to say who, its kind of obvious. I first noticed it when the contestants were lined up to come onstage behind the stage. They could still be seen. I think you have to understand that by this point, everything you do can be caught on some kind of camera. And some of them in the back looked downright miserable and frowning. They all pulled it together by the time they introduced themselves, but still. I didnt get a lot of good energy from this group.

The thing that I am taking away from this group is that there are a lot of articulate speakers. The ones that stood out to me the most were the following:

ALI have no doubt shes going to do well in interview. I liked her presentation. It was right on, succinct, and articulate. I could easily see her walking into a room of businesspeople.
DCShe was very confident. In fact, I found it bordering on being overconfident. But she did have a strong presence about her.
HISuch Aloha spirit. She exudes a lot of happiness.
MDI can see her going far in this competition. She just has a naturalness about her and you notice her. Dare I say it, I think shes got more of the it factor than Nicole, and we know she did well when she competed.
MII thought she was very natural and real. She seems like one of those people you cant help but like. I liked that she really seemed in the moment and not rehearsed.
MSWhile her trite saying at the end was very pageanty, she had a strong presentation.
OHvery well-spoken and animated.
PRshes so full of zest. She rambled a bit but I love her spark.
RIVery confident, very self-assured.
WILoads of personality. I had kind of written her off before, but look at Paula Mae Kaiper. Nobody expected her to do well but she made the top 12.

The ones I considered good:
AZShes very articulate and had a good presentation
ARI noticed her smile first thing. And then she smiles with her eyes
GAeffective speaker
KSshes a very deliberate, articulate speaker
MNvery articulate and her personality shone through. And I realized one thingnot exactly, but something about her reminds me of the 80s goddess Martika
NEseems very happy. I dont know why but something about her reminds me of Kate Shindle
NYshe is a good speaker and effectively communicated her platform
PAshe made a good presentation. I am trying to figure out who she reminds me of, maybe Maggie Bridges? Or a former Miss PA? At any rate, shes very pretty
TXI thought she was full of energy and well-spoken. Sometimes when I see her I see a little bit of Shawntel Smith. But I get Marcia Cross a lot.
WAconfident and articulate
WYcute, showed a lot of personality yet spoke well of her platform

In the next tier:
IDshe seemed very confident yet in a humble way
INShe just exuded a natural warmth and spirit. She seems like one of those people that you would naturally gravitate to.
LAshes very cute, not the loudest contestant, but she just has a cuteness about her and behind all of that is an obviously bright young woman
ORvery articulate and focused
SDI wasnt really connected with the words that she said as much as I felt a personal warmth from her. Also, it doesnt hurt that she reminds me of one of my favorite actresses, Maggie Gyleenhaal
VTI liked her quiet confidence
VAIt wasnt that she had the best presentation I ever saw. But she exuded something, thats for sure. She isnt an egomaniac but she seems to have a quiet confidence in who she is.

The following I would put into the Just fine but nothing remarkable either way category. Their greeting was perfectly fine, not overwhelming but certainly good enough:
AK, CA, CO, CT, DE, IL (a bit pageanty, if I must), IA, MA (and I figured it out. She reminds me both of the uber talented actress Felicity Huffman and she also reminds me of Nastia Lukin), MO, NH (She reminds me of a young Judi Evans, from Days of our Lives), NJ, NM, OK, SC, TN

The following seemed to have some issues that just didnt resonate with me:
FLI cant put my finger on it, but something seems off in her presentation. I loved her dress, but she kind of seems pageanty yet not sure of her overall persona. It might be a lack of confidence, I cant tell. But something about her seems off to me.
KYI love her platform and career goals and I like her as a person. But her look and presentation fell flat for some reason. I think she was a bit too chatty for one.
MTI was very impressed with her scholastic ambitions but she gave us a lot in a short period
NDI loved her ambition and she seems like a go-getter. But she was very laid back
Speaking of chatty, I think that NC and WV gave the longest presentations. They both, IMO, said too much.

The following few just seemed very reserved and didnt really resonate with me: DE, ME (she was very reserved and hard to hear), NV, UT (just no spark whatsoever).

This is just me, but I am not overwhelmed in general with the dresses that are in style this year. Its nothing to do with the contestants. Its just that they are very boring, they all kind of look the same. I am from the era of you went into the Deb shop (RIP) and you had racks and racks of dresses in every design available and every color under the sun. Rarely did you see a plain colored, form-fitting dress. The only good thing about that is that you can get away with a huge accessory, like a big necklace. I dont look and say, Wow, thats a great dress! Theres hardly anything to it. I am kind of glad that I saw a lot of royal blue because I went and bought myself a few things in royal blue for the fall this past week. One of my favorite dresses was Florida. I thought the color was great for her and it seemed a bit more glamorous than some of the others.

In other news, I will be posting the clips tomorrow. I had hoped to have them all up today, but my family Labor Day plans have been moved up due to the impending weather. I am in the path of the hurricane, so I will have plenty to keep me chilling the next two days.

Who were your favorites in the opening ceremony? Let us know!

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Date Posted: 00:49:57 09/05/16 Mon




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z82M4wG2kig (speaking begins at 6:45)






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Date Posted: 20:41:03 09/04/16 Sun

Calling this one for Florida right now. Nice to see some familiar faces back :)

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Date Posted: 19:55:57 09/04/16 Sun

Hi everyone!

I had a problem and part of my list vanished. I am working to restore the links and the very good news is that they are still marked. But just in case something weird happens again, here is the list with all of the completed states.

I have a favor to ask any of you who might be reading this before I am completed. I usually go around to the state voy boards and let them know the videos are up. I won't be able to get to them until I am finished here. If you happen to be visiting your state voy board, would you mind posting a link to the board here? I will put it at the top of the page as well, but can you let them know that I will be live posting as well starting Tuesday? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Good news is that Hermine did not really make landfall but it made some issues. Rip currents and waves are still high at Atlantic City.

(The above is a must see, its adorable)


With Evening gown and short talent
Swimsuit, talent, and evening gown


Photo Shoot
OT Interview
OT Talent

http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/article87462667.html (short clip of talent)

http://kdvr.com/2016/06/28/miss-colorado-2016-shannon-patilla/ (Shannon sings live during this video)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK96-zHNC50 (also talent in the background)
Shannon stars in a video below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNS3eh6WABg (first interview starts at 1:20)


Tribute Video


Swimsuit starts at approximately 17:50, OSQ at 35:05
Note: The second half of the pageant is blocked due to copyright issues
Speaking/Tribuute Video


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXusAmDAS0s(Patricia speaks at 2:30)
Talent and Evening Gown
Patricias Youtube account

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJU41WKb-fg (From Miss Hawaii)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1RBfAqQPrQ (starts at approximately 2:50)
Allisons Youtube Channel

Talent and Evening Gown
Speaking/Tribute Video

Jaryns Facebook page, several short videos are there


Speaking/Tribute Video

Teen Interview
Briannas Engagement Video as official titleholder appearance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uv9Kxt_ZjE (Narration)



http://www.thenewsstar.com/story/news/local/2016/08/24/justine-ker-prepares-miss-america/89199360/ (With a talent clip)
Crowning, talent and interview starts at approximately 22:00 below
Commercial featuring Talent
OT Interview


Tribute Video/Evening Gown

The above is a great link, it has a list of Alissas original music
Alissas Youtube Channel
Alissas Facebook Page
Alissas Website

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfSfmDx-hVQ (her interviews start after 3:00)



(Interview starts at approximately 3:45, 23:20)

Short clip of talent as well
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXQpBLSezec (very short PSA)



Evening Gown


Carolines Youtube Channel

Brennas Vine:



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Subject: HERMINE!

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Date Posted: 23:44:28 09/01/16 Thu

Hermine threatens to make the weekend a miserable one in Atlantic City. Just be thankful it is not next weekend or there would be no parade. I am hoping that next weekend does not repeat. There have been parades canceled in the past because of a hurricane. 2003 was the last year. Of course, they weren't in AC 2005-2012, so it's hard to say it happens every so often. Before that, Georges spoiled the fun in 1998.

Stay dry, contestants! Hopefully they didn't plan the shoots around town for Sunday.

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Date Posted: 15:35:37 08/30/16 Tue

Quality of life:

Women in Business (this is new):
Rhode Island

Maryland is already off to a good week :) With QOL, I hate to say this, but this is almost getting into the top 15 same old same old. I know not every state participates, but these states are the same ones we see again and again for QOL.

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Date Posted: 13:49:15 08/30/16 Tue

Follow ThePressofAC on Snapchat to watch the @MissAmericaOrg intro ceremony! @MissAmericaAC #acpress @ThePressofAC

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Date Posted: 13:26:17 08/30/16 Tue

Reporters @ACPressSchweder @ACPressDeRosier and photographer @ACPressPernot are covering today's #MissAmerica arrival ceremony. Follow them!

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Date Posted: 12:45:29 08/30/16 Tue

Hi everyone!

Last year, Sara Tracey covered the opening ceremony and she kept it very up-to-date with the QOL and STEM winners. She was most valuable and kept everything up to date as it was happening. According to the Press of Atlantic City Miss America coverage, she is covering again. So, I wanted to share this link and hopefully it is beneficial again this year.


Also, if the radio station 96.9 is covering the event, they may broadcast live. Here is there link as well:


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Date Posted: 02:30:00 08/30/16 Tue

WHAT: A chance to meet the 52 beautiful and talented contestants competing for the coveted crown in the 96th Anniversary Miss America Competition at Boardwalk Hall on Sunday, September 11th, at 9:00 PM ET LIVE on ABC.

WHO: Joining the contestants for this ceremony will be a host of organizational and governmental dignitaries, including:
The Hon. Kim Guadagno, Lt. Governor of New Jersey
The Hon. Don Guardian, Mayor of Atlantic City
John Palmieri, Executive Director, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
Larry Sieg, Director of Marketing, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
Marilouise Venditti, MD, Chief Medical Officer, AtlantiCare
Robyn Begley, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer, AtlantiCare
Sam Haskell, III, Executive Chairman & CEO, Miss America Organization
Lynn Weidner, Chairman of the Board, Miss America Organization
Josh Randle, Chief Operating Officer, Miss America Organization

Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell will speak as the Ambassador for Atlantic City, and the Quality of Life, S.T.E.M., and Women in Business scholarship award finalists will be announced during the ceremony.

WHERE: Kennedy Plaza, The Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ

WHEN: Tuesday, August 30th at 2:00 PM ET

ENTERTAINMENT: Join Lite Rock 96.9 on the Boardwalk in Kennedy Plaza from 12:00 5:00 pm and enjoy live music by Slippery Band during the 2017 Miss America Arrival Ceremony!

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Date Posted: 02:05:55 08/30/16 Tue

Hi everyone!

The contestants have arrived! They all look great. I am really excited to see the competition starting in a week FROM TONIGHT! And remember, I will be writing up a full synopsis each and every day! This weekend I will post the clips. If any of you have a great clip of your state, please post it. Id love to have as many as possible.

Back to the Betty dilemma. Part 2 of this is relevant to whoever will win the pageant next Sunday night. In my opinion, I dont think Betty is evil personified. I think she was having a bad day and/or getting tired of her job. She is hardly the first Miss America to feel that way. Heather Whitestone said that she didnt like her job at first. She said that during the 1998 pageant when they had the gathering of former Miss Americas. Heather said that she was constantly exhausted and people had such high expectations of her. She said she learned to love it, but I think it was very hard on her. In his book, Frank DeFord wrote that Pam Eldred felt that being Miss America cost her a chance at a career in dance. And that was in 1970 where any Miss could walk onto any stage and get any job that they wanted. He talked about how awkward it was with her and her travel companion. They were of different life stages and had very little in common. In her book, Marilyn VanDerbur talked about feeling sexualized in different appearances. William Goldman, who wrote Hype and Glory, said that seeing Kaye Lani in action was a bit uncomfortable. I forget exactly how he said it, but in other words, either she was going around kissing everyone on the cheek or everyone was kissing her on the cheek. He said that it almost seemed too passive and like she was in some kind of a role. In the book Boardwalk in Disrepair, Amy Feller talks about how Lauren Nelson was not supported when she faced backlash over appearing on AMW. Thats an interesting book, by the way. I have not read Kate Shindles book, but I understand that she totally disclosed the difficulties she encountered with the current administration. The job of Miss America has always been challenging and it will always remain difficult. The difference is Betty didnt learn the lesson that you cant trust a reporter with an agenda. Lesson learned now, I am sure. I still think that Bettys head is in the clouds and she is thinking about the rest of her life, a possible career in music. At the end of the day, the article did not make Betty look good. Of course, Betty is responsible for her words. You cant report what is not there. If Betty does have a career, she will remember this and understand that you have to control your image or else there are plenty of people that will.

And that comes to the larger issue. In the last few years, we have had controversy immediately after the pageant. I will not mitigate the Nina tape issue again. The thing that was more disturbing to me was the racial comments that she purportedly made. If all of those things were true, and no one knows for sure if they were, it would have been a large scale disaster. I know at least the fat comments were confirmed by several people. Lets face it, if that was Trump he would have released the tapes himself. Still, Nina caused a lot of problems that could have been avoided. In my opinion, I dont think there would have been anything wrong with telling the judges that it was not in their best interest to allow her to win. But it didnt happen. Then there was Kira and her hazing allegations. Those allegations were a lot uglier. And she was allowed to win. The truth is, right now, the powers that be do not care about controversy and if their winner could bring down the brand. Thats why I doubt they saw any problems with Bettys commentary, save the comments about Ribkoff. Last years Miss Maryland had legal problems and a purported DUI and was able to keep her crown. In my opinion, that would have violated the morality and good conduct clause. It wasnt always like this. Miss VA 1995 was not allowed to keep her crown because she fudged her academic record. It was in 1998 when Cheya Watkins was allowed to compete despite the same issue that I think the program lost some kind of integrity.

I think we have to differentiate between actual controversy and Internet fodder. Last year, Kelley Johnsons talent was controversial. It was discussed because people didnt think it was talent. Everyone had an opinion about it but hardly anyone watched the pageant. The same goes for Kira with her talent. I wish everyone that commented on it had actually watched the pageant, that would have been great. This is the day and age we live in. On the flip side, people went gaga over Alyse Eadys talent, earning her guest appearances on Letterman and Rachel Maddow. Mackenzie Bart also got some as well. If there is a talent that is either good or bad, it will be all over the place. If there is a bad answer, it will be all over the place. Internet video fodder is one thing, but the things mentioned above are quite serious. If those things are allowed to continue, then come to expect some kind of controversy with the new Miss America. Welcome to the Internet age. Interestingly enough, there was no uproar on the Internet. There was just an uproar on a few pageant boards. I do legitimately think this is a serious sponsor issue, however. I hope that she was made to apologize.

One last thing. I hear conspiracy theories every year about who is wanted by the powers that be. Believe me when I say, the things that I mentioned above are just one of 100 problems with the current group. But I do not think for a minute Sam has it rigged for who he wants. He clearly was enamored with C. Brunnell her year and she didnt win. He was wild over Betty Thompson and she got close. But lets face it, he had two opportunities in the last ten years with MS and neither won, although they got close. So, lets discontinue the conspiracy theories.

And that's all I have to say about that. When is the arrival ceremony? If the same reporter is doing live twitter from the arrival ceremony, I will put the link at the top of the board.

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Date Posted: 19:49:02 08/20/16 Sat

Hi everyone!

The time is getting closer and closer. Only three weeks, the contestants should be arriving in around two weeks, it looks like weve got a pageant going! But of course, once a Miss America, always a Miss America. And until your reign is over, you are still very much Miss America. Like many, I read the online article about Betty. Anyone who reads this board knows that I value honesty and objectivity. So, I will give my opinion on this article truthfully. It will come in two parts because I want to address the larger whole.

I wanted to be a journalist when I was a teenager. I loved reading the newspaper and I loved writing (I still do). Sadly, I was discouraged by family members who told me journalists were poor and never made any money. They told me that it was a dead end career and you never had a chance to move ahead. That is the farthest thing from the truth, but unfortunately, I was who I was back then. I didnt know any better. I have known a newspaper journalist for close to twenty years now who prides himself in his work, and he is an excellent journalist. Real journalism is something that is truly needed in our society. Gotcha journalism and infotainment has taken over and nobody seems to care. Good, unabashed journalism answers the following questions: who, what, where, when, why and how. Good journalism shows both sides of a story if there is one. Good journalism holds peoples feet to the fire and asks thoughtful questions. Our founding fathers had the idea that journalists were to informally be the fourth branch of government. It could be argued about the role of blogging, internet journalism and social media in todays society. Like many things, I would say it has its good and bad. The Internet has given the opportunity for many people to have voices. You can do it anonymously through a blog. You can have your own website with its own name and its own blog and put your opinions out for the world to see. Or, you can take the Katie Couric route and move to Internet news.

Even though I have this board, I have found the Internet a draining place of late. I recently read a tragic piece about a young 13-year-old boy who took his life due to bullying. There were a few kind comments from well-meaning people. But the majority were arguing, blaming the parents, fighting with other people, blaming the victim and saying all sorts of horrible things. Id like to say this is an isolated incident, but its not. I can regularly go to any article and in the comments section, I can read someone tell someone else to go die now, you can go kill yourself now, I hope you are killed, go drown yourself in the ocean, etc. Thats not even what you read in political articles. It is no surprise, then, that you find all sorts of stories on the Internet. Gotcha journalism is motivated by making waves, no matter how fair or biased your story is. It is created to stir controversy. The goal is to go after the subject of the story and if you can, make them look as bad as possible. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times is one of my favorite journalists. He said a few years ago, If I dont like you, I can go online and five minutes later, I can completely ruin you. And thats a fact that I have seen play out many times over. It seems like our current Miss America, Betty Cantrell, ran into one of those such gotcha journalists. I will be honest, I did not bother to research the background of the author. Her article did not tell the full story of a Miss Americas life. If it was her intention to talk about the negatives of the job, a good journalist would realize that it is not all bad. He or she would have tried to balance the good and bad. She would have asked WHY are you so frustrated with the job? WHAT can be done that you feel more supported? HOW can any future Miss Americas experience be improved? Yes, we know why Betty was frustrated. She made that abundantly clear. There is nothing wrong about trying to bring to light the frustrations and challenges that a Miss America faces. But do it in the way that is thoughtful and compassionate. This article was full of snark and in no way was meant to bring anything positive. This wasnt even a smoking gun where generations of frustrated Miss Americas finally spoke up about things that we suspected were happening. I would wholeheartedly challenge the journalistic integrity of the author of the article. There was nothing positive to be gained about this article. And I dont know Betty personally. But I am very frustrated that we are ever increasingly as a society wanting to constantly bring others down in any way possible. It did not seem to matter to the author whether or not she painted one side of a very multi-faceted issue. She was out to do a hit piece, and she did one.

Now, to Bettys role. If indeed there was a traveling companion and publicist present at that interview, BOTH should be fired immediately. I cannot believe that either, particularly the publicist, did not see how this could go down. Their job is to put out fires when they need to, not create one. I do realize with anything, be it journalism or reality TV, you can take part of what happened and edit it to make your storyline. But the truth was, Betty sounded like a loose cannon. There are two things that concern me the most. I dont care if she was picky about her food. When she complained about not having a professional for her hair and makeup, yes, I get it, but its not the end of the world. From what I understand, Miss Americas are having to wash their undergarments in hotel sinks. Totally non-acceptable, no matter what. When the USA girls travel, they still have an apartment base in NYC (or at least used to. Im not sure where they are past Trump). Miss America does not have a base, does not have a professional hairstylist. But, they do have a wardrobe sponsor. And a very generous one at that. From what I understand, Joseph Ribkoff donates the money for Miss Americas $50k scholarship. I know people have complained about the dresses, but they dont look bad to me. Then again, what do I know? I dont care much about fashion anymore. I dress for comfort and I like how I dress. Thats not important, though, what I think, or anyone thinks. That includes Betty. I had a friend who worked in a famous sport which is known for its sponsorships. After one of the sponsored athletes had an interview, either the athlete or the reporter did not mention the sponsor. My friend said that someone from the corporate office was on the phone fifteen seconds after the interview was done. Sponsors DO care and I have heard Miss Americas mention Ribkoffs name during national interviews. Joseph Ribkoff has been very generous in a time when we can barely keep sponsors. Nothing should be done for that relationship to go sour. And by Bettys comments, it could very well go sour. I would hate to lose the sponsor that pays for Miss Americas scholarship. Its very possible that it happens, and that would be very bad and very sad. Whether or not his fashions are your cup of tea, he has been a very generous sponsor and Bettys complaints could jeopardize that. I am sure he is well aware of the situation. Betty should be made to apologize.

The other thing that bothered me is about Bettys comments about the people in the parade talking to her. I wholeheartedly agree with Betty that she should have been provided with water. If that parade was 90 degrees or more, and youre out in the late morning or mid-afternoon sun, it can get damned hot and dangerous. It would be worse if you were marching, but everyone should be given proper water and cooling when possible. What was bad is how she complained that everyone kept wanting to talk to her. There is the idea that when you meet a Miss America, she should make you feel like the only one in the room. Thats true for anyone. If you meet someone new, you want to feel like that person enjoys you, enjoyed speaking to you, etc. If I saw that article and I was that person or persons that Betty spoke to that day, I would feel like I was really a pain in the ass. Or maybe not. Maybe I would realize that she seemed to not be feeling that well that day or was having an off day, or whatever. But regardless, I dont think Id trust her. And thats not how you want to be remembered. No one wants to feel like someone is doing them a favor by taking time out of their day to talk to them. People want to feel valued, not like a beauty queen with a crown is doing them a favor out of her precious day by talking. And thats where I see the larger problem. Anyone who met Betty this year may be suspicious of her.

As far as the boyfriend stuffI am not sure after Nina verbally attacking the person a few years ago changed talk about boyfriend policy, if there even was one. I think most of us who have been around the block know that shes young and in love (or thinks she is) and even five years down the road from now, she wont be singing his praises on Twitter or wherever it is. I think that a Miss America should be allowed to discuss the fact that she has a boyfriend within reason. If she is asked, I think she should respond politely that she does. If asked, she should address it (how long you have been in the relationship, etc) but thats it. But if they are restricted on posting about them on social media, I dont think that is a bad idea. It does seem a bit immature to be posting about a boyfriend when your job is being Miss America. I suspect that Bettys head is in the clouds with her relationship, and that is where a lot of this is coming from. I am assuming this is a serious relationship, I have heard that they are engaged but I cant confirm. If she is serious about it and is thinking wedding bells, yes, it seems much more glamourous that her present duties. Jennifer Berry was the same way. It seemed like once she became serious with and engaged to her now husband, she seemed to lose interest in her duties. This isnt anything new. I heard numerous stories about her being disinterested at appearances, being on the phone constantly, and not really taking her responsibilities seriously after that.

I think that is where I will leave this for now, and part two I will post tomorrow. Maybe I wouldnt make a good journalist, I get too long winded ;)

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Date Posted: 21:06:36 07/17/16 Sun

If you are like me, you are spending this weekend either trying to beat the heat or work on your tan. But Monday awaits. And tomorrow is not just any Monday. Jojo meets the families of her final four men. Oh wait, theres something else going on. The Miss America lottery!

There is a lengthy post that I did last year about picking your competition slot. It can be found on page 6 of the archives. Last year, Betty was Mu 2. Like many, I considered it the kiss of death for her. But, I can confidently say now, its not going to matter where you are. If you are Miss America, theyll find you. I dont know if this year will have one or two panels. I think that bad lottery picks are more forgivable with two panels, and that was especially true of last year. I have a feeling it will only be one panel this year, just by virtue of the fact that judging changes so constantly of late they wouldnt dare go with the same things two years in a row. And Georgia Frazier (OK) IMO picked a bad slot because talent was certainly not her strong area and she still made the top 10. So, strategy isnt as important as other years.

As far as who picks what this year? This year in particular, there are a lot of contestants who are strong in both swimsuit and talent. Those contestants really dont have to worry about their placement. I think that if I wanted to win a SS preliminary I would stay completely away from GAs group, possibly MD or KS as well. But who knows? I will post my predictions as far as who I see out of each group for possible winners after the lottery.

I will be working tomorrow afternoon but watching, anyway. I will be sure and post my complete thoughts tomorrow night. Have fun in the meantime, have as good of a Monday as you can and remember, this is actually a fun Monday for us MAO junkies.

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Date Posted: 18:17:29 07/02/16 Sat

Happy Independence Day weekend, everyone!

Tonights pageants are of interest to many of us. These states have done extremely well over the past 10-15 years at Miss America, so its safe to say you will see at least three of the top 15 at Miss America crowned tonight. Here are my thoughts:

CAIzamar, PLEASE. That is all. No, actually, that is not all. Nicole Renard, former Americas Junior Miss, is competing in CA this year. I definitely see a state crown in her future. The last national Junior Miss to win Miss CA did very well at Miss America, Tiffany Stoker in 1995. I am really hoping for Izamar as this is her last year. She is beautiful, sings like an angel, and would likely get CA back to the top 15. \

\FLIt is hard to say who will win this year, there arent a lot of notable returnees. A lot have aged out. However, it is safe to say that whoever wins is a good candidate for the top 15 at Miss America. I am not too familiar with anyone competing this year, so it should be exciting. If anyone has any commentary, please share!

KYThere are a lot of notable returnees, such as Talia Horn, Annie Franklin, and double preliminary winner Laura Jones. I would look for your winner to be one of these three.

MAI think Brianna Bostick is a former OT and has done very well in past competitions. I also know that Samantha Hawkins is considered a front-runner. My money would be on Brianna at this point. I hate to say it is her turn, but it kind of is. Truthfully, though, I dont think they have anyone as strong as Meagan Fuller this coming year. I dont see any possibilities at Miss America in this particular group, sadly. Best of luck to Meagan in all of her future endeavors.

ORIm afraid that I dont know much about anyone competing this year. And with their record at Miss America of late, its not a state that stays in the national spotlight, so its hard to get good information. But I do hope they crown someone that sends them back into the top 15. This is, after all, the state of Katie Harman, Emily Orton, and many more.

TXWhoever wins is at least in my top 15 at Miss America. After last year, just consider Texas a regular, no matter what lack of singing or star power they have. As far as this years contestants, I think the outstanding teen winner Madison Fuller seems like a favorite to win. She kind of looks young to me, but I havent seen her compete, really. I am not familiar with the double preliminary winner much, but the overall trend in Texas is not for them to win, anyway.

WAThe most notable competitor is the younger sister of Lauren Kuhn. I am sure she has some good advice for her younger sister. Although, nothing is set in stone. These crowns are not family lifetime achievement awards. Like many of the others tonight, you have to take a close look at who is competing, because if WA has national potential, you will see them in the top 15, no doubt. Id love for them to have a Miss America someday.

I will post more commentary, including a complete synopsis state by state of the wins this year. But now, I have a previous engagement which may or may not be a lot of fun this evening. It is why I probably won't see the Miss CA webcast, but best of luck to ALL of the wonderful competitors competing tonight!

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Subject: JUNE 25 PREVIEW

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Date Posted: 18:34:57 06/25/16 Sat

Nothing like getting it in under the deadline ;)

This week has been extremely crazy, but I wanted to offer my insights into tongiht's competitions:

AZOff the bat, it looks like Katelyn Niemec is the one to beat. She is the perennial runner-up, a former OT for the state. However, she hasnt been able to seal the deal. Brittany Mazur, also from AZ, had a similar experience. Maybe like Brenna Weick, this is finally her year. From what I understand, there is another former OT contestant that did very well at the national competition. Arizona is not always a predictable state, so well see what happens! Congratulations on a great year, Madison Esteves. Or, a younger version of Jami Gertz ;)

LAI am a big fan of Laryssa Bonaquisti (if thats not how you spell her name, good enough). She won a preliminary, and she did very well the first time she did Miss TX. She may or may not take it, shes pretty young yet. I know there is a lot of buzz around the first runner-up from last year and talent winner Justine Ker. Last year, LA sent strong talent and it worked out well for them. April Nelson was one that won me over last year. I wasnt a fan at her crowning, but her amazing voice and interviews won me over. I am sure the future holds good things, and I am sure we will only be hearing more from her. Future contestants, take note-all you have to do is take a simple song and sing it beautifully.

MDOn paper, this looks like a showdown between two former contestants that did well, Stephanie Meadowcroft and Ebony Sherill. Ebony placed higher than Stephanie over the years, but I think Ebony has been a bit more inconsistent. In fact, I think she missed the top 10 last year. I would say Stephanie has a slight edge, especially with her win. But Maryland has been known to produced some real surprising results.

MSOf course, Laura Lee Lewis can usually be considered a frontrunner, and this year is no exception. My biggest issue with her, and I will be watching tonight, is that she is too glorified patty. That hasnt been winning this year, at least from what Ive seen. Molly May has a good reputation as an OT, but I felt like when I saw her last year, she was still a little green. I absolutely see a future Miss MS, maybe this is the year. Whoever wins is a good guess for the top 15 at Miss America. Speaking of, congratulations to the first runner-up in a very strong class at Miss America, Hannah Roberts. Much like Courtney the previous year, she just kind of snuck in, did her thing, and won $40k. Best of luck to a great young woman.

NCThe only name I really recognize this year is Mackenzie Faggart. I hate to say this, because this is the state that gave us the likes of Michelle Warren and Kirstin Elrod, but those days are long gone. I hope whoever wins tonight can become competitive at Miss America, its been too long for NC. I cant think its for lack of quality contestants. Who knows, but I hope it can retain its former glory.

PARight off the bat, this looks like it is Julia Rae Schlucters to lose. Sometimes that has been true this pageant season; other times not. She competed against a former Miss America and was first runner-up last year. I didnt see the pageant, so I cant say what held her back. Aside from SS, what I saw of Miss PA at Miss America was not overwhelming, so I am not sure what held Julia back. It could have just been different night, different judges. However, Samantha Lambert is a double preliminary winner. That hasnt been really working out this year, as hasnt in years past. I am not familiar with Samantha but she is a pretty girl. She looks like she might be competitive in SS at Miss America. Is Caroline Collins competing? I dont think I saw her in the list.

PRThis is usually the best kept secret in the MAO. I am not even sure who is competing, so its hard to say.

SCThe biggest newsmaker is obviously former MAOT winner (headscratcher for me, like many of them) Rachel Wyatt. Statiscally, none of the MAOT winners have won their state pageants on their first try. So, its safe to say the odds are against her winning this year. I am not familiar enough with who is competing to say who it might be that beats her. Full disclosure: I have never been a fan of Rachel. I saw her compete the same year that Ali Rogers won. Obviously, it was my opinion, because they both went on to win and get first runner-up at their respective national pageants. But I just saw no personality there whatsoever. I remember that the second runner-up that year was an excellent opera singer and she lost overall talent to Rachel. Maybe she had a good interview, who knows? Unless she has grown a personality over the past few years, I wouldnt expect her to pull off a win tonight unless there is no other competition.

VAThe only real recognizable name is Veronica Robertson, and I think she is a double preliminary winner. I am not too familiar any more with Virginia, as many of their strong competitors over the years have aged out. But, I think it is safe to say, based on their performance the last few years at Miss America, pay attention to who wins tonight. Also, a shoutout to the lovely Desiree Williams for her well deserved top 10 placement at Miss USA.

WII am not too familiar with the state, but it looks like a lot of newbies this year. It worked out well last year. Even though she didnt place at Miss America, Rosalie was certainly lovely and I hope she tries the USA system. Shes got plenty of time and plenty of beauty.

WVThis one is hard to tell because they keep a low profile on their competition as well. But best of luck to the amazing singer and top 15 finalist Chelsie Malone. I am quite sure we have not heard the last of your powerful voice.

WYIts safe to say that Lexie Maddens only come along every so often in WY. I am not sure what is happening, but I wish all of the contestants much success tonight.

I have a feeling we will see some pleasant surprises, some sure things, and the occasional WTF? Tonight. Heres to a fun evening!

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Date Posted: 22:19:03 06/25/16 Sat

Taryn Foshee looks fantastic as ever. Wasn't overly impressed with any of the talents except Moore. Leaf River Valley's expression were outrageous.

I think this is Lewis' to lose, but it is kind of underwhelming. She wins by default, no one really stepping up the cocmpetition.

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Date Posted: 18:43:19 06/25/16 Sat

Mississippi, free of charge. Starts at 8 PM Central time:

South Carolina, $7 for final night competition Starts at 8 P.M. Eastern

Miss West Virginia, free of charge, tonight's preliminary, tomorrow final competition at http://livestream.com/accounts/368712/events/5658082

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Date Posted: 14:39:41 06/18/16 Sat

Well now that the preliminary results are in, I have a better of idea what might happen tonight. I have also been keeping up with Miss TN all week, so that should be fun. My commentary will be a bit more detailed about that. But here goes:

CTIf I understand correctly, there are two double preliminary winners, last years 1st runner-up Jonet Nichelle being one of them. It should be interesting! Congratulations to Colleen Ward, who was just so damned cute in Atlantic City.

DCNo one can replace the fabulous Haely Jardas, but technically, shes gotta pass along the crown. It looks like there are a lot of newbies this year in DC. I dont think a lot of them have much experience like some that have competed over the years. Meaning, you often got a lot of transplants due to job opportunities, etc. I dont think there are that many this year, and a lot have aged out. So, lets welcome all of our newcomers.

GAObviously doing something right, and it looks like this years class is going to be strong once again. I hope that Adeline comes back and competes for Miss GA next year if she still has time. I was always a fan of hers. This year, another favorite of mine, Patricia Ford, has won double preliminaries and is looking very strong. Coming off of Bettys success, I have no doubt that whoever wins will be ready for the top 10 in Atlantic City.
See the webcast tonight: http://wrbl.com/tag/miss-georgia-pageant/

IDHas the reigning National Sweetheart, as they did last year. It is pretty safe to say that Kaylee Carlesberg wins tonight. But you never know, do you? I was such a huge fan of Kalie Wright and I wish her nothing but the best in the future.

ILI was wondering what happened to one of my favorite runner-ups from last year, Kristen One. It seems like shes crossed the state line. She hasnt won a preliminary, but that doesnt mean much. I am not too familiar with the others that are competing, but I wish them the best.

INI think the lovely Rose McClimans is the frontrunner, and I hope that she wins. She already won a talent preliminary, so she is looking good to the judges. Best of luck to all the young women competing tonight.

MIMy memory is bad, but I liked the first runner-up from last year and I forget her name. But I hope she is competing nonetheless lol. Im afraid I dont know much about Michigan any more these days. In fact, I dont know if Kaye Lanis daughter is competing again this year. I hope she becomes Miss Michigan someday. Too much DNA to go to waste ;)

MNLike Michigan, I am also not familiar with who is competing again this year. I think a lot aged out and I dont know that there are any strong front-runners. But I wish the best to the beautiful Rachel Latuff in her future. Try USA!

MOLots of new contestants this year, and there were a lot that aged out, too. One of my favorites, Kelby Zwerwonka, is not competing again this year. I would hope that she does in the future, though I dont think she has that many years left. Katie Moeller is a double preliminary winner. However, in MO in particular, I wouldnt hold my breath there. Thats almost a curse. Conventional wisdom says she is the one to beat, especially since shes been around a few years and it just might be her time. But who knows?
See the Miss MO webcast tonight. It is $7.00 to view: http://portal.stretchinternet.com/jcproductions-missouri/

NJThis should be an interesting showdown between two former outstanding teens, Kaitlyn Schoeffel and Brenna Weick, both of who won prelimnaries this week. Kaitlyn has a good history at Miss NJ, as does Brenna. My fear isI think this is now or never time for Brenna. I just think if she is not able to work out whatever was holding her back over these past few years, its not going to happen. I am a huge fan of hers, but you know I dont pull any punches, either. Lets hope for the best!

FYI, NJ is usually webcast, but it is always announced last minute. It can be found at:

NMI havent been able to find any good information about what is happening there. But I was cheering for Torres last year. If she is competing, I hope she wins. Also, I liked Stephanie Chavez. I would love for Miss NM to get some prep help as they have been doing something right at the pageants the last few years. 2 NFI awards is nothing to sneeze at. There are such lovely contestants every year and Id love to see them in the national spotlight more than once every 20 years or so.

OHAnother state where it seems like there are a lot of ageouts and newbies in the waiting. I think the only notable returnee is Sarah Clapper. Best of luck to all!

SDI dont know much about what is happening there this year. If anyone has an updates, please let us know.

TNOh what the heck, a separate thread is in order.

UTWhoever it is, expect some great talent at Miss America There are several returnees, including Liz Palmeri and some previous OT winners who have won preliminaries. It should be a great showdown tonight! Best of luck to Krissia and I am sure we will hear from you in the future

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Subject: BRENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date Posted: 23:00:46 06/18/16 Sat

And Patricia Ford AND Sarah Klein last week. I am getting spoiled! This is going to be a GREAT class.

I am ready to dance. Throw in Jeannette Morelan, who is there to win, and I will go to pageant heaven tonight.

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Subject: MISS TN

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Date Posted: 15:20:39 06/18/16 Sat

What a competitive year at Miss TN. I could see this going several ways tonight. Last nights SS competition in particular was fantastic. I didnt see one bad swimsuit in that whole group. Half of them looked like they could go to Miss America and win a preliminary. Even the talent isnt as egregious as previous years.

Night 1I had either Nashville as my talent winner and Collierville as the SS winner and I was right on. Both of those were the clear choices in each of their group. Sullivan County was a decent dancer and Music Grove/Row (whatever that is) wasnt bad, either. Other good SS were Parsons, Decatur Co and TN Valley. EG I had Johnson City, Shelby County, Mt Empire and MTSU as very strong. Was Hannah overcome with emotion when she was playing New York State of Mind? I can understand. After 9/11, I cant hear that song either without becoming choked up.

Night 2I had either Nashville or Historic Jonesborough winning SS and Lexington winning talent. I fully agree with Desperado winning, though. It was a thoughtful performance and it was simple, the way the song is supposed to be. Very sweet. Some other good talentsEase On Down the Road was very energetic, I could have seen her as a possible winner. The Rhythm Nation dancer started out okay but then half of the song ended up being pirouettes. It seemed very pageanty. In EG, I had Parsons and Decatur Co as the top 2.

Night 3Damn! That SS competition was spectacular. As I said earlier, I could see half of them going on to take a prelim at Miss America. I could have seen that going to either Johnson City, Queen City, TN Soybean Festival, or Shelby County. TalentTN Valley to me was the clear choice in talent. But I was afraid that Snipes would take it because it was entertaining. To be honest, I think it was completely overdone and it would be Youtube fodder for a national pageant. Shes got ability but I think the performance is just over the top.

In general, I see this going to either Grace Burgess or Jeannette Morelan. If it wouldnt be Jeannette this year it would be next year. Both have different strengths and I could see both doing well at Miss America. In fact, I could see Jeannette in the top 5. I am biased, though. She, Olivia McMillan and the current OT are the only ones I have ever had any use for. My big drawback with Jeannette is that she is a bit too pageanty and not quite present, if that makes sense. She has incredible stage presence that would make her stand out at Miss America. But her confidence can come off as distancing. Its one of those where yeah, you know shes got it, but you dont really know her. It could be the difference between her winning and losing this. I really like Grace Burgess as well and she is very strong across the board. I have a feeling this could be hers tonight. She has a quiet confidence, shes a pretty young woman and I think she has a lot of class. I think shes got plenty to offer in Atlantic City. And whatever you think of the leadership, they have been getting it done. I would be happy with both and I would be disappointed with the one that did not make it.

The others who have been strong across the board have been:

Shelby Countyshes a very good competitor, very pretty, and she seemed like fun during her onstage interview. I am hoping for good things from her I think there are two frontrunners at this point, but I could see her in the top 5. I think talent is her weakest category but when has that ever stopped anyone before?

Johnson Cityshes been sold across the week and shes got great educational credentials.

TNSoybean Festivalhas also been solid this week.

TN Valley and Chattanooga should be in good shape, especially with their preliminary wins. I expect to see both in the top 10 and maybe top 5 if they perform well.

Decatur Countyshes got potential and I could see her 11-15. I think shes got big potential for the next few years.

KnoxvilleSame thing. Shes got something sweet and natural about her, I dont know if we see her this year, but shes got real potential for the future.

Tipton CoShe just reminds me of a young Kylie Minogue. This year, I dont think we see her, but shes young and I hope she comes back.

ParsonsShe was strong except for talent, and that talent was pretty bad. I gave it a 3. Although, again, it probably wouldnt hold her back I dont have her in the top 5 but I could see the top 15.

Im sure there are some I forgot, but those stood out to me. Who is the new Miss Tennessee? Well find out soon enough! Tune in tonight, for free at:


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Subject: HELLO!!!!!!!!

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Date Posted: 13:53:04 06/18/16 Sat


I am embarrassed about how long it has been. I had been wanting to post for the past almost three weeks but Voy had been down. I was contemplating what the next step would be had this not come back up. I will tell you, though. These boards are a wealth of information. I found it very hard to keep up with the pageants that were going on and who was winning what. Last weekend, I did find that the Pageant Junkies Twitter had great, up-to-date information. So, if you find yourself at work or not able to keep up with what is happening, please visit their Twitter page. It is still a bit touchy with being able to log into the Voy admin. By next week, I am hoping to post any links for webcast information. If your state is being webcast, please let me know and I will post it as hopefully, the owner login becomes more workable.

A great big THANK YOU to those who have been posting in my absence. Thank you in particular to the historian who has been posting all of the fun facts and trivia. Please continue! I love pageant history. And with Ric Ferentz no longer with us in the physical realm, we need to keep talking about the history of the pageant.

As those of you who read during pageant season last year, I got some bad news about my job. I had to pick up another one to make ends meet. For that reason, I have been just completely drained of energy and time. I have always been close in spirit, though. Once again, I thank all of you who have kept up with the board. I promise it will get even more interesting as the weeks go on.

I wanted to post a preview of the upcoming season, but I can still do that for tonight.

Please stop back often and I will be providing lots of commentary!

Oh, AND......look for commentary FROM ATLANTIC CITY ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

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Subject: How come no one posts here, anymore? I love this board...but I seem to be in the minority??

No name
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Date Posted: 06:39:47 04/08/16 Fri

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Subject: Coming soon to this messageboard.....

No name
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Date Posted: 11:25:24 10/16/15 Fri

Countdown to 100 !!!

Historical facts and trivia, historical articles. We thought of creating a book for the 100 Anniversary, but no one was interested in it. So for the next 5 years watch out for some trivia facts right here!

Everyone is welcome to contribute - the more information the better.

Thank you!

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Subject: Countdown to 100 - (1925)

Answers what happened to the Golden Mermaid trophy
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Date Posted: 13:37:02 10/21/15 Wed

Atlantic City, NJ, Sept. 12 (UP)
From sunlit California beaches came the 1925 Miss America, Fay Lanphier, golden blonde from Oakland, winning the annual beauty tournament.

And so that the state in which Professor Mack Sennet led the culture and training of bathing beauties might have its cup filled to overflowing, Adrien Dore, otherwise Miss Los Angeles, received second honors.
Fay is tall and 19; Adrien short and 17. Other statistical information regarding the winner and runner-up, tending to prove that the judges who scanned the sixty-six fair entrants clad in one-piece bathing suits were not searching for a type, follows:
Miss Lamphier: Blonde hair, hazel eyes, five feet, 6 inches high, weight 138, bust 34; hips, 37 1-2; waist 26 1-2; arm, 22; thigh, 21 1-2;calf, 12 1-1; ankle, 8.
Miss Dore: Hair, brown; eyes, gray; height, five feet, 4 inches; weight, 116; bust, 33; hips, 32; waist, 25 1-2; arm, 21 1-2; thigh, 17 3-4; calf, 13 3-4; ankle 8 1-4.
Every girl in the contest received a gold or silver cup for some particular item of pulchitrude in which she excelled the others and all of them were almost as radiant as Miss California,

Miss Lanphier, who last year was an entrant from Santa Cruz, announced to those who surrounded her that she was a nice little home body of a girl, spending most of her time in a kitchen when she was not being an amateur beauty.

Mary Katherine Campbell of Columbus, Ohio, Miss America in 1922 and 1923, was given an ovation today at the distribution of prizes won during the 1925 pageant on the million dollar pier.

Miss Campbell was given the original golden mermaid trophy reported to be worth $5,000. Miss Lanphier received a replica of the trophy worth $2,000.

Trophies similar to the one given Miss Lanphier are to be awarded to Miss Margaret Gorman of Washington, D.C., winner in 1921 and Miss Ruth Malcolmson of Philadelphia, last years selection, who did not compete this year because she alleged commercial beauties were entered. Neither of the girls was in the city and the trophies will be sent to them.

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Date Posted: 19:58:48 09/21/15 Mon

Jaimie Alexander:

I can see where people wouldn't like this, I like the jewel tones and I like that it's different. It works well with her coloring.

Sarah Hyland

To me, this was the gown of the night. Sheer red carpet perfection.

Sarah Paulson

I liked the overall concept, different, you notice it yet it isn't overpowering the star. Just very classy.

Aubrey Plaza

Like Acacia's Miss America gown but with sparkle. She's not exactly a fashionista, she does her own thing with regards to the red carpet but this one was a hit.

Kristen Schall (who?)

I still don't know who she is but I love this dress.

PLUG: Speaking of Emmys, if you have not seen Olive Kitteridge yet, pick an afternoon this weekend and see it. It is every bit as good as the wins suggest. It isn't a "feel good" kind of movie, but that's why it's excellent. I saw some of the best acting I've ever seen on the small screen. Just excellent.

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Subject: Countdown to 100 - (1926)

No name
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Date Posted: 12:48:31 11/02/15 Mon

From 1923 thru 1927 the inter-city contestants were divided into 5 regions to compete for Roller Chair Parade judging and Bathers Revue judging. The top 3 from each of the 5 regional divisions in Bathers Revue became the 15 semi-finaltists to compete for Miss America.

All the inter-city contestants competed together for the Most Beautiful Girl in Evening Wear competition. (ie there were no regional divisions)

Roller Chair Parade
1 - New York
2 - Lockport
3 - Yonkers

1 - Philadelphia
2 - Orange
3 - Union City

1 - Baltimore
2 - New Orleans
3 - Huntingdon

1 - Duluth
2 - Lansing
3 - Battle Creek

1 - Wichita
2 - Tulsa
3 - Tacoma

Bather Revue
1 - New York
2 - Bridgeport
3 - Yonkers

1 - Philadelphia
2 - Newark
3 - Orange

1 - DC
2 - Dallas
3 - Norfolk

1 - Lansing
2 - Kansas City
3 - St Louis

1 - Tulsa
2 - Denver
3 - Seattle

Evening Gown
1 - Tulsa
2 - New York
3 - DC

Top 6: Baltimore, Elizabeth, Kansas City
Top 18: Bridgeport, Dallas, Denver, Lansing, Newark, Norfolk, Orange, Philadelphia, Seattle, St Louis, Utah, Yonkers

Parade (Grand Prize)
New York

Totally separate from the Inter-City competitions include the following Bather Revue winners:
Amateur Division:
1 - Miss Kirby
2 - Margaret Sullivan
3 - Helen Boyle
Professional Division:
1 - Rose Host
2 - ?
3 - Ruby Stevens, Miss Beaux Arts Caf
1 - Marian Ryan, MNiss West Atlantic City
2 - Mary Mavretic, Miss Brigantine
1 - Annete Kellerman's Bathing Girls
Professional Group:
1 - Naught Riquette

The third place Professional winner was Ruby Stevens who went on to be the movie star Barbara Stanwyck

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Subject: Has California dominance ended?

No name
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Date Posted: 14:05:42 09/18/15 Fri

3 out of 4 now have failed to make the top 15. Ernie is here, do you think it is because of the internal Miss California problems? What happened? Bree had a great personality, Marina was beautiful and talented. I could see Leah being out, she wasn't that outstanding. But the other two I don't get. What's going on?

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Subject: Betty's Lipstick

No name
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Date Posted: 16:50:23 11/13/15 Fri

Silly question, but does anyone happen to know the brand or name of the lipstick color Betty is wearing in the crowning/press conference photo at the top of this page? It is so beautiful! Thanks in advance.

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Subject: Coutndown to 100 - (1926)

No name
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Date Posted: 13:22:04 10/20/15 Tue

Who was the first Miss America to appear in a major movie?

Fay Lanphier. At the Miss America pageant in 1926 a separate set of judges judged the 15 Miss America semifinalists to pick the Most Photogenic who would win the prize to appear in the major movie American Venus. It was totally separate from the Miss America judging and the director of the film Frank Tuttle was one of the judges of the Most Photogenic contest.

Later Fay also won Miss America and a newspaper of the time claimed that the pageant had been fixed. The newspaper later retracted their claim. The film American Venus was a success. The pageant scenes were filmed in color at the actual pageant and the rest of the movie was filmed on Long Island New York. The film is considered lost but the color pageant scenes exist on file at the Library of Congress.

For winning the Most Photogenic contest Fay also received the two foot high bronze American Venus statue trophy created by Belgian artist Helene Sardeau.

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Subject: Countdown to 100 - (1921)

This is the earliest article I have found concerning M.A.
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Date Posted: 07:56:37 10/21/15 Wed

Newark Sunday Call, April 10, 1921
Atlantic City. Pageant Day in Atlantic City hereafter is to be a municipal holiday.

Mayor Edward L. Bader after a conference with the officials of the roller chair parade, made that decision and September 8 is to be the citys specified fete day. To that effect a proclamation will be issued by the Mayor the first of September, with the request that all commercial houses shall close and give their employees a holiday.

The arrangement committee has been busily at work and the outline of a program for this fall has been prepared, with details to be filled in from week to week. There will be five big divisions in the pageant, with prizes plentiful for the best displays.

The first four divisions will lead up to the fifth and main divisions, the imposing Bathers Revue which has been divided into sections A and B. In section A will be girls who are not actresses, or in professional theatrical work of any kind. Section B will take in stage folk, movie stars and professional swimmers, and in each section a huge loving cup will be awarded the girl acclaimed to be the most beautiful by the judges. Then in the evening another choice will be made of the most beautiful girl, this time popular approval to be the influencing factor. Whoever captures the honor will receive the grand prize of a golden statuette, The Golden Mermaid. And a $5,000 bond will have to be furnished by some friendly backer to ensure the winner will not dispose of it for one year.

The winner of The Golden Mermaid will receive the honor of being classified as Americas most beautiful bathing girl and her picture will be sent broadcast on posters and pamphlets and all correspondence to advertise the pageant for 1922.

For Section A, Annette Kellerman has donated the prize cup and she will be one of the judges. Flo Ziegfeld has also consented to serve as a judge and other eminent persons will be secured to round out the jury panel of beauty. The entries in division B already make up a formidable list and by fall this portion of the parade. It is certain will be prepared as one of great proportions.

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Subject: Does anyone know the dates for MAOT 2016

No name
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Date Posted: 18:13:17 09/16/15 Wed

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Subject: Is this a dead board now?

no name
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Date Posted: 08:34:22 10/12/15 Mon

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Subject: Golden Mermaid

No name
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Date Posted: 12:36:26 10/01/15 Thu

Someone on another message board stated that the MAO offices have one of the Golden Mermaid trophies, but they don't have any real information concerning this. Does anyone know or have any information if the MAO actually owns one of the Golden Mermaids? Or does anyone know where and who has a Golden Mermaid other than Norma Smallwood's niece(who has Norma's).
Thank you.

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Subject: Were the Non-Finalist Talent Winners and Non-Finalist Interview winner ever announced?

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Date Posted: 12:36:36 09/16/15 Wed

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Subject: This used to be such an upbeat positive board...what happened?

No name
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Date Posted: 23:02:48 09/20/15 Sun

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