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Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking II
Continuation of http://www.voy.com/214955/

Subject Author Date Msgs
Spanking OverheardLesley11:04:23 12/12/18 Wed7
Christmas Parties and Spanked Hiney'sLesley08:39:02 12/12/18 Wed28
Dee, Confused, other momsMaddie08:35:48 12/12/18 Wed39
How to decide?Lesley08:04:25 12/12/18 Wed3
Holiday fantasiesMaddie Christmas04:31:33 12/12/18 Wed8
Home aloneAudrey04:25:33 12/12/18 Wed27
I'm sorry, please......Lesley16:28:10 12/11/18 Tue10
The absolutely unimaginable...Shelby13:42:12 12/11/18 Tue26
Not want to put underwear back up?Lesley11:46:18 12/11/18 Tue30
My funny CaptchaMaddie08:02:41 12/11/18 Tue4
Baking cookies and Red Hiney'sLesley07:44:47 12/11/18 Tue5
Happy Krampus Day Everybody!!!Maddie05:53:39 12/11/18 Tue4
Someone else knows...Shelby05:46:02 12/11/18 Tue14
An awkward apologyShelby11:56:14 12/10/18 Mon18
Miss Dee and MomsMaddie05:47:42 12/10/18 Mon28
In the newsLesley07:39:49 12/09/18 Sun16
Does anybody wonder...Maddie06:58:33 12/09/18 Sun45
Embarrassed by the undies???Shelby06:54:37 12/09/18 Sun28
Army Navy gameAudrey14:53:07 12/08/18 Sat1
Still SpankedAdult Girl05:58:24 12/08/18 Sat41
Does size matter?SJ03:35:50 12/08/18 Sat28
Teenage spankingKathy06:19:14 12/07/18 Fri30
Favorite FantasyQuestion15:49:10 12/05/18 Wed48
Does A Spanking Make You Feel CloserLouise Vancisic05:42:23 12/04/18 Tue3
Only Child or SibllingsLesley15:56:22 12/01/18 Sat15
Two spankingsMaddie05:54:25 12/01/18 Sat21
Public WarningLesley11:46:00 11/30/18 Fri12
What does this mean?Maddie04:47:19 11/30/18 Fri8
Another stupid questionMaddie04:25:34 11/30/18 Fri4
Suprised ?Karin_ven04:07:08 11/29/18 Thu16
The Life of a Still Spanked DaughterShelby09:42:55 11/28/18 Wed44
Mr. SJMaddie07:20:55 11/28/18 Wed7
Lying vs Back talkingLesley06:40:42 11/28/18 Wed3
To the wives who want to get spankedBodack04:52:19 11/28/18 Wed3
Was a bare bottom spanking right ?MissMM (confused)20:25:40 11/27/18 Tue66
Humiliation - is that ever good?Spencer17:50:52 11/27/18 Tue83
My new neighborLesley17:15:58 11/27/18 Tue12
Schools that paddleAlfred17:14:36 11/27/18 Tue38
Spanked by someoneJenny16:50:43 11/27/18 Tue5
How Many, ReallyDoubter16:46:06 11/27/18 Tue25
Getting spanked togetherMaddie16:36:58 11/27/18 Tue16
Maybe Spanked?Lesley12:33:32 11/27/18 Tue24
Regional MethodsLesley11:50:27 11/27/18 Tue12
The lectureLesley08:44:07 11/27/18 Tue3
Knowing it's overLesley05:33:33 11/27/18 Tue3
Can you learn to effectively spank?Maddie16:57:56 11/26/18 Mon46
Stained Panties QuestionReluctant Mom07:49:08 11/26/18 Mon125
Watered Down CousinLesley04:47:14 11/26/18 Mon7
Happy Thanksgiving to those Celebrating.Lesley22:03:23 11/25/18 Sun6
Seeing a real spankinLesley20:35:07 11/25/18 Sun31
Thanksgiving Day SpankingsKathy13:17:32 11/25/18 Sun4
Questions for those receiveing punishment spankings from partnerJenniAnn09:53:49 11/25/18 Sun9
Who's Job Is It?JD07:33:15 11/24/18 Sat6
School BehaviorKathy21:05:26 11/21/18 Wed8
Being a 'know-it-all'Maddie04:15:25 11/21/18 Wed14
ResponsibilitiesLouise Vancisic19:57:29 11/20/18 Tue15
A spanking that is suggestedLesley12:23:02 11/20/18 Tue3
A broken washer and a red hineyLesley07:38:35 11/19/18 Mon5
Thanksgiving Day spankingLesley05:58:39 11/19/18 Mon3
Love Our LurkersDJ13:10:13 11/18/18 Sun3
Differend viewKarin_ven07:05:28 11/18/18 Sun3
TearsLesley11:02:35 11/16/18 Fri13
Clothing PreferenceLesley10:41:48 11/16/18 Fri8
Public SpankingLesley10:29:05 11/16/18 Fri14
Is There a Time Limit you Allow your Child/ Teen to cry after a Spanking (NT)Jennifer04:57:50 11/16/18 Fri9
School Grades and SpankingLesley06:07:17 11/14/18 Wed14
But, I'm too old....Lesley05:34:47 11/14/18 Wed7
Spanking LaterLesley07:16:52 11/13/18 Tue1
Neighbor UpdateLesley05:43:42 11/13/18 Tue8
Secret or publicSJ04:56:23 11/13/18 Tue23
Embarrassing questions before spankingGina04:52:12 11/13/18 Tue7
Spanking positionLesley20:12:13 11/12/18 Mon13
A question for wives that are spanked.Rafael19:21:52 11/11/18 Sun55
Rituals That Enhance A SpankingLouise Vancisic11:00:03 11/10/18 Sat40
What's in a nameSJ10:40:49 11/10/18 Sat13
Glad you were spankedKathy10:27:48 11/10/18 Sat16
Re: Has any one experience from being birched?isombard04:04:54 11/10/18 Sat7
Spanking inventedLesley12:48:43 11/09/18 Fri14
A strange way to remember someonebodack15:23:35 11/07/18 Wed2
I'm claiming victoryMaddie06:14:29 11/07/18 Wed3
Home from college and spankedGrumpy15:30:00 11/06/18 Tue4
A car spankingLesley13:41:58 11/05/18 Mon7
Waiting your turn for a spankingJessica14:06:36 11/04/18 Sun22
Spanking Impact on GroomingChristine21:14:10 11/03/18 Sat5
Did you ever fantasize about other girls being spanked when you grew up?JenniAnn20:38:28 11/03/18 Sat22
Second Hand NewsDavis15:25:50 10/31/18 Wed6
To MaddieLesley06:07:04 10/31/18 Wed9
I don't fit inMaddie05:06:31 10/31/18 Wed21
Should I be spanked?Maddie00:12:02 10/31/18 Wed13
Are good girls more likely to be spanked?Louise Vancisic00:10:11 10/31/18 Wed47
Please answer !Mandy to Jana & Others20:28:27 10/29/18 Mon4
Trick or SpankLesley10:20:00 10/29/18 Mon6
What does it mean?Lesley10:11:22 10/29/18 Mon13
How LongKathy02:44:54 10/29/18 Mon9
RubbingKathy14:19:05 10/25/18 Thu7
Too busy to spankMaddie05:56:30 10/25/18 Thu9
Corner timeJessica22:28:14 10/22/18 Mon10
Happy WeekendLesley05:02:19 10/22/18 Mon9
What would your Parent or you doKathy06:44:55 10/21/18 Sun23
Pretend QuestionLesley05:04:53 10/20/18 Sat42
What happened to ShelbyKathy10:21:09 10/18/18 Thu20
InterruptedLesley06:23:25 10/17/18 Wed24
QuestionsLesley05:35:06 10/16/18 Tue37
Feeling in your tummyJessica198222:41:36 10/15/18 Mon18
Questions, Please be honestI Wonder21:59:08 10/15/18 Mon11
Niece's Bad DayLesley04:42:38 10/15/18 Mon13
Still in their house?Lesley02:45:06 10/15/18 Mon4
Back and Forth?Lesley11:27:52 10/13/18 Sat37
For those of you who got spanked in HS. Did your friends knowbodack11:54:04 10/12/18 Fri7
Update?Lesley to Maddie06:23:42 10/12/18 Fri5
Miss Rebecca UKMaddie05:11:59 10/12/18 Fri9
Spanking orgasmMaddie08:16:35 10/09/18 Tue34
OMFG!!! FML!!!Maddie06:47:35 10/09/18 Tue37
After the spanking endsLesley18:16:34 10/08/18 Mon11
Someone else in troubleLesley16:53:33 10/07/18 Sun20
Privacy, pleaseLesley07:54:13 10/05/18 Fri12
How to stay in position for a caning?Sarah05:41:44 10/03/18 Wed40
Back to schoolConfused04:52:14 10/03/18 Wed46
Staci, Joe, Bob or Whatever Your Name IsO.H.M.09:36:09 10/02/18 Tue12
A Message From Your ModeratorO.H.M.06:48:19 10/02/18 Tue6
Underwear up or downLesley23:48:06 10/01/18 Mon8
For the spanking momsLaurenSB19:26:48 10/01/18 Mon10
Have you ever......JD12:19:59 09/30/18 Sun9
Wearing the belt that spanked you?Lesley10:24:08 09/30/18 Sun7
Credit Card BillLesley07:36:39 09/29/18 Sat11
To Kelly from Master MikeMaster Mike09:37:33 09/28/18 Fri2
I love Maddie’s postsLaurie (wants to adopt Maddie)04:20:50 09/28/18 Fri32
Weird questionMaddie06:22:39 09/27/18 Thu8
Do you know that kid?Maddie06:06:52 09/27/18 Thu6
Saying hi and a little about meShelby09:47:54 09/22/18 Sat53
Story / ConfessionCharlotte (Contrite)06:56:41 09/21/18 Fri10
New to postingAudrey13:16:36 09/19/18 Wed9
Lesson LearnedLesley05:51:31 09/18/18 Tue8
Faking SicknessKathy18:26:10 09/17/18 Mon6
Spankings still have an effectRachel9910:37:40 09/17/18 Mon7
Did you ever learn ?Wondering07:08:01 09/17/18 Mon6
For Lesley,Meghan, Charlotte and othersLisa S04:54:17 09/17/18 Mon13
How would you?Lesley02:35:13 09/14/18 Fri12
Hispanic Halloween yeah sort of off topicBodack05:54:08 09/13/18 Thu5
A small off topic storyKsenia05:49:00 09/13/18 Thu8
Conversation with my Neighbor FriendLesley12:10:55 09/12/18 Wed16
Back to school and spankingMaddie05:35:53 09/10/18 Mon5
Out of the mouths......SJ00:57:23 09/10/18 Mon5
The Dreaded WalkLesley15:16:55 09/06/18 Thu33
Pouty and SpankedLesley13:34:50 09/06/18 Thu26
Summer is comingConfused05:56:58 09/06/18 Thu156
Maybe I came on a little too strongMaddie06:05:01 09/04/18 Tue119
Why?Denika13:58:43 09/03/18 Mon24
I need a spanking.Maddie18:47:03 09/02/18 Sun16
Red Hiney TonightLesley18:26:47 09/02/18 Sun42
A serious questionLesley18:21:34 09/02/18 Sun34
Question for Spankos.Maddie21:47:47 08/31/18 Fri22
Alternative to groundingDenika11:02:35 08/31/18 Fri44
Neighbor updateLesley13:44:07 08/30/18 Thu6
Spanked GoodLesley07:16:22 08/30/18 Thu17
I apologizeMaddie14:52:26 08/27/18 Mon6
Age cap for spankingConfused13:28:50 08/27/18 Mon40
Asking for a Spanking?Ivy19:34:44 08/26/18 Sun7
Curious about enemasDenika14:39:03 08/26/18 Sun7
Who would you not?Maddie14:22:28 08/24/18 Fri17
Spanking strengthLesley12:59:20 08/24/18 Fri20
Vibrant forumSJ12:36:50 08/23/18 Thu3
How QuicklyLesley12:01:46 08/22/18 Wed8
Your clothesMona06:00:02 08/22/18 Wed3
Slamming Doors and Red HineysLesley04:54:32 08/22/18 Wed20
Archives: 1234567 ]

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